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Video:  Breeze Through The Holidays With Savings On Two Special Packages!


Lynn discusses two great specials for the upcoming holidays…Holiday Detox and Holiday Harmony! Holiday Detox contains Detox Relief, Healthy Gut and New Tech Frequency Relief. Holiday Harmony will surround you with the energies of Energy Balancer, Harmony Support and Anxiety Relief.  Find out how to order on the video.

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And then, she switches gears and talks about clothing and what is in some of today’s clothing. That leads into intention and how you can make changes in your life according to Raymon Grace, a dowser from Virginia using intention in many interesting scenarios. And he emphasizes you can do it too! Don’t miss Lynn’s blog discussing all this—and be sure you are signed up for her emails to receive all her specials and blogs.

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The ABCs of Plasma Energy Solution Waters:

Watch the newest video below of Lynn speaking to Sean from USAMedbed.com. Specials referred to in this video are no longer available.

Here is a link to a recent video with Sean, USAmedbed.com, about Sole Support and Detox Relief.

Plasma Energy Water for Health the Soul and Environment

Lynn Stephanie and Sean from USAmedbed.com discussing various issues regarding plasma energy water in the video below.

How Can You Share Your Plasma Energies With Others? 


Steph and Lynn talk about ways to set up and share your plasma energy combinations with family and friends.  There is no loss of effectiveness of the energies when you share some of the energies that you have already set up.

Energy Fields: Are They Restricted By Distance?


Lynn shares information from Raymon Grace who has been an energy worker and healer since the early 1970s.  Raymon shares his ideas on intention and demonstrates energizing water with dowsing.  Water carries memory and water carries intention. 

Our recent interview with Sean: Plasma Energy Water –What is Plasma Water and Assisting with Diabetes, Autism and Inflammation


A Question For Lynn:  What Is Plasma Energy Water and How Does It Become What It is?


Lynn answers a question today about Plasma Energy Water.  What is it?  How does it become Plasma Energy Water?  Water carries memory and water carries intention.  Are you drinking quality, living water that carries your intention of a healthy, energetic you?

The Basics:  Lynn, Steph and Foodgoddess50 Discuss Plasma Energy Solutions


Lynn, Steph and Angie, known as Foodgoddess50 discuss how plasma energy works with your body and your body’s energy fields and give some great testimonials.

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1109-2022—How Can You Build And Use A PVC Pyramid In Your Home? 


Lynn discusses the benefits of pvc pyramids as taught by Charlie Ziese.  Dr. Paul made one that we have used for several years for enhancing and balancing energy fields. 

Here are Charlie Ziese’s instruction videos on making PVC Pyramid:

Charlie Ziese on parts and pyramids:

How to Build a PVC Pyramid:

Here is the latest video of Sean Callahan at www.USAMedBed.com interviewing Steph and Lynn

Want The ‘Cliff Notes” on Plasma Energy Solution Products?  Sean with http://www.USAmedbed.com and Lynn go through the products list and discuss many of the products

And here is another link to an interview with Sean with www.USAmedbed.com about EMFs and how you can help people, pets and plants.   

July 1, 2022 interview with Sean  www.USAmedbed.com talking about Swelling, Pain, Inflammation, Various Eye Conditions, Protecting your Living Environment and more…

Want to share your plasma energy water with others? Watch video below:

Make some pads for others to put around a water pitcher to charge their water with plasma energy, also use pads when you travel.  For more information on making pain pads and peace pads click to read our blog “How To Make Pain Pads and Peace Pads”


Plasma Energy Solution has some important basic combinations for you, your family and your pets and plants…

ANXIETY RELIEF:  Just look around you today…how many people do you see that are filled with anxiety from what is going on in their world?  How many pets are suffering because of the anxiety in their people?

Be sure to add your intention to the water for the changes you wish to bring about. 

The Vial containing Anxiety Relief has the plasma energies from the GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) of:

  • ZnO2
  • CO2
  • Plasma Energy Station Water
  • CH3
  • CuO2
  • Hemoglobin and
  • Amino Acids

Instructions: The Vial or pad of Anxiety Relief GANS water can be taped or glued onto or placed within a large clear glass or plastic container filled with filtered or distilled water. Let set overnight to change the filtered water to Anxiety Relief plasma energy water. Drink only the changed filtered water not the GANs water in the vial. Never open the vial. Use this vial over and over to make more plasma energy water for yourself and friends.

How Else Can You Use Anxiety Relief?

  • You can add it to your water bottle for the day as well as to any coffee or tea that you make during the day. 
  • You can also wash any of your bedding, blankets and clothing and then do an additional rinse and add a cup of the Never Ending Plasma Energy Anxiety Relief to a second rinse in the washing machine. Let everything soak for about two hours in the rinse water with the plasma water, then spin and dry as usual. Once you have laundered these items in the plasma energy water you don’t need to repeat it. The plasma energy does not ‘wash’ out and it does not ‘expire’.
  • You can put some of the water in spray bottle and spray it around the area where you sleep as well as your favorite reading or TV chair. 
  • Spray some of the water on yourself after you bathe or shower and put some of the plasma energy water in your bath water
  • Make a set of pads (remember triple thickness on one of the sets, and single thickness on the other) by soaking the pads in the plasma energy water for anxiety relief and put them in your hat..
  • or just spray your hat with Anxiety Relief! 
  • You can also soak scarves in the plasma energy water for anxiety relief, let them dry and they are ready to wear.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Anxiety Relief for Pets

Anxiety, with or without aggression, in pets can be effectively dealt with by using plasma energy as an aid. 

  • It has been shown that using a mixture of Zinc Oxide GANS water, CO2 GANS water with a small amount of CH3 GANS water and a few drops of amino acid of CO2 and ZnO2 GANS has a very beneficial effect on pets who are overanxious, fearful and/or aggressive. 
  • You can have them drink plasma energy water that is ‘changed’ by the GANS waters and use this ‘changed’ plasma energy water to spray or rub on their fur, and spray on their bedding, seasonal clothing such as vests, jackets and boots. 
  • If your pet sleeps with you then spray your bedding also.  You and your pet will enjoy the benefits of the plasma energy water.
  • By spraying the Anxiety Relief water your pets are influenced by the plasmatic fields of the plasma waters.  The ZnO2 has a calming effect on the brain and the CO2 makes the connection with the carbon in the body of your pet.  The CH3 is a potentiator or a booster to the plasmatic energy fields of the CO2 and ZnO2. 

Lynn and her daughter Stef discuss how Anxiety Relief can help both people and their pets in this video below.  A non-toxic, non-habit forming way to address anxiety. 

Anxiety Relief Testimonial

Hi Lynn,  Just wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate you along with the amazing products you offer. Recently we received the Anxiety Relief, which we used for my granddaughter. Her parents are divorced and our daughter and grandchild moved back home a little over 3 years ago. The little one has been suffering separation anxiety from her Mom ever since she has been having overnights with her Father.

As time went on her anxiety has slowly increased. Within the last several months it has accelerated in a fast pace. Early on, her anxiety outbursts lasted maybe one or two days, but during the last several months she has displayed her anxiety behavior almost every day. She seemed angry and would lash out at us; her screaming fits would last for hours until she was completely exhausted and her voice was horse.

She didn’t want to get up in the morning, nor did she want to go to bed at night. We also had difficulties getting her to eat and drink fluids. We implemented some natural remedies, which influenced her behavior slightly, but her anxiety level was just too high. We were running out of options on what to do to alleviate her symptoms and as a last resort considered seeing a child therapist.

Then I came across Plasma Energy Solutions and after talking to you (Lynn) we decided to try the Anxiety Relief. As advised we sprayed it on her clothes, bedding, toys, her hair, added to her bath water as well as her drinking water along with the Plasma Energy Station water and also cooked with it. To our total amazement within hours we had our sweet little grand-baby back.

She is now once again cheerful, playful, laughing and even has jokes for us as well as giving us plentiful hugs & kisses, which we have not received in a while. Even though she still doesn’t want to have overnights with her Dad, she no longer displays anything of great concern. She is more accepting of her circumstance regarding being away from her Mom.

I can say with certainty that we can attribute this positive change to the Plasma Energy. All I can say is: Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! I am now a believer and I’m looking forward to see what the other products will do for us.  Blessings,  Jenn & Family

DETOX RELIEF: Do you see a lot of people filled with anger who didn’t used to be? Are you aware that your liver is affected by not only toxins but by anger?  Give your liver the support it needs and use Detox Relief every day. 

And remember, many of the foods you eat as well as the water you drink are filled with toxins!

The Vial containing Detox Relief has over 150 plasma energy ingredients and took over 4 months to develop and includes:

  • Homeopathic remedies, oral chelation remedies that include Vitamins C and E, B6, B12, Magnesium Oxide, Selenium, B-acetyl Choline,
  • EDTA, Calcium Disodium, Timatheglycine, Bromelain, Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium, Silicate, Silica Dioxide, circumin, lipase, cetyl myristoleate, over 80 seeds, berries, roots and herbs;
  • Essential oils, teas, Swedish bitters, salmon fish oil, saffron, fulvic and humic acid, plasma energy station water, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, C-60 oil, certain South American herbs
  • And Detox energies include the plasma energies from Never Ending Plasma Energy Inflammation Relief and Clean Mouth

How Can You Use Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief?

The combination is meant to support the body while also detoxing the body.  The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others. 

Remember that these are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state. 

The unopened vial will be placed in or on a large clear glass or plastic container. Either distilled or filter water is added to the container.  As you use the water from the container just add more distilled or filtered water and let it change overnight and you’ll never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief.

Be sure to add your intention to the water for the changes you wish to bring about.

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief and how you (and your pets) can benefit in this video below.


The Vial containing New Tech Frequency Relief has the plasma energies from the GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) of:

  • C60
  • Silver Gans
  • Epazote energies that can improve metabolism, protect the immune system, reduce menstrual discomfort, and more
  • Green tea energies help to detoxify the liver, boost metabolism and brain health and reduce anxiety
  • Star of Anise energies help control mood swings and settle nerves
  • Nutmeg energies help strengthen cognitive function, reduce degrading of neural pathways and eliminate liver and kidney toxins
  • Milk thistle energies help improve insulin sensitivity and is anti-inflammatory
  • Shungite energy with additional energies help to restore balance from the adverse effects of EMFs and Wi-Fi energies
  • and more.

With the roll-out of 5G many people are suffering ill effects and unexplained anger.  This combination is important for people, pets as well as plants. 

Those who are using the New Tech Frequency on their plants and gardens are seeing how the plants are benefiting.  Remember they live in the same electronic soup that you live in.  And don’t forget your pets!  They are in the same boat as you when it comes to the ill effects from the EMFs and 5G.


According to researcher Valerie Burke, Shungite has wide-ranging health (and industrial) benefits stemming from its extremely unique molecular structure.

It is touted as offering everything from radiation protection to treating infections, allergies, inflammation, blood pressure, osteoarthritis, digestive problems, and skin conditions.

In Russia, shungite has been studied extensively for the treatment of depression, trauma and all sorts of mental/emotional problems.  Shungite is the world’s oldest hydrocarbon-based rock.  It’s not a mineral in the strictest sense of the word, although it’s often referred to as one.

Shungite comes from only one place on Earth—an area known as Karelia, which is a geographic area divided between Russia and Finland.  In 1887, shungite was named after the village Shung’a in Russian Karelia, near the shores of Onezhskoe Lake. The Karelian rock formation, known as the Zazhoginsky deposit, contains about 35 million tons of shungite and shungite rock.

What Are EMFs Associated With?

  • Reproductive effects (e.g., reduced sperm count and motility, reduced fertility)
  • DNA damage and oxidative stress
  • Brain cancer
  • Cognitive problems (impaired reaction time, memory, brain fog)
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue and malaise
  • Tachycardia
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Cataracts

To learn more about the health risks of EMF exposure, Ann Louise Gittleman has an excellent and very readable book on the subject, Zapped.

Can plasma energy, shungite, silver Gans and magnets balance conditions caused by glyphosate, 5G and WiFi? And, what about ‘organic’ foods?

STRESS AND DEPRESSION RELIEF-Why do we now have Stress and Depression Relief? Could this be helpful for many people right now?

Are the Following Issues Depleting Your Energy and Causing Stress on Your Body and Depression?

  • Watching the news  
  • Chemicals in the food, water and air
  • Fluoride in your water-a toxic chemical that clogs your pineal gland (which helps you sleep)
  • Heavy meal combination of PM2.5 (found in the US)
  • Electronics, TVs and cell towers emitting frequencies
  • Reduced oxygen intake due to wearing the mask-breathing of your own exhaust fumes
  • Shallow breathing

To support your well-being- (physical, mental and emotional). That is why we have developed Never-Ending Plasma Energy Stress and Depression Relief. These energies are from GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) which give filtered or distilled water these energies to be used by your body. 

Here are supportive plasma energies contained in Stress and Depression Relief:

  • ZnO, CO2, CA, CH3, amino acids, hemoglobin, B9 Korean salt, Shungite, Silver, Gold, twelve varieties of mushrooms, CBD, C60, 70+ minerals
  • Vitamins C, multiple B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, hepezine A, Alpha lipoic acid
  • Marshmallow root, elderberry, blue butterfly pea flower, elderflower, lavender flower, hibiscus flower, fractionated coconut oil
  • Camu camu energies that work to balance mood swings and support cognitive function
  • Chuchuhauasi energies work to relieve inflammation and restore vigor
  • Osha Root with energies that help with the lungs and respiratory balance
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1) energies that helps balance in the presence of a beriberi that can also masquerade as a virus due to increase in consumption of alcohol, sugary foods, coffee, and tea resulting in high calories malnutrition
  • Epazote energies that can improve metabolism, protect the immune system, reduce menstrual discomfort, and more
  • Green tea energies help to detoxify the liver, boost metabolism and brain health and reduce anxiety

Directions for using your Never Ending Plasma Energy Stress and Depression Relief vials or pads:  

  • Place the vial or pair of pads on the outside of a clear glass or clear plastic jar with a lid.  You can also place the vial inside the jar.   Do NOT open the vial and do NOT use an opaque glass, plastic, metal or crockery container only clear.
  • Use filtered or distilled water and fill the jar.  Let the water sit for 8 to 12 hours the first time you fill the jar.  Then the plasma water in the jar is ready to use and you can drink it, spray it on masks, bandanas, clothing, whatever you decide needs the water.
  • Drink the water.  Once the water is set up you can use some of your ‘mother source’ and share with others.  They can do the same.  That is why we have named this Never Ending Plasma Energy Stress and Depression Relief.

Additional Suggestions for Using Stress and Depression Relief: Breathing Device


  • Get 7 to 8 feet of aquarium sized tubing and coil it into a large clear plastic or clear glass jar. 
  • Leave both ends hanging out the sides of the jar; one end is in the air in the room, the other end is the end you breathe with like sucking on a straw.
  • There is no water IN the tubing; it is only AROUND the tubing after the tubing is coiled up in the jar. 
  • You don’t have to continually empty the jar; just add water as you need it and then put protective covering over it when you are not using it.
  • Breathe…suck the air in the tube and exhale into the room (not into the tube)
  • Star of Anise energies help control mood swings and settle nerves
  • Nutmeg energies help strengthen cognitive function, reduce degrading of neural pathways and eliminate liver and kidney toxins
  • Milk thistle energies help improve insulin sensitivity and is anti-inflammatory
  • Gingko biloba, grape seed, Vitamins A, C, D3, E, biotin, niacinamide, iodine and B acetylene choline energies help improve mood stability and mental clarity
  • Propolis, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, chamomile, lemon, eucalyptus,
  • Ivermectin, Fenbendazole energies help with inflammation, balanced blood pressure and stimulate the immune system
  • Shungite energy with additional energies help to restore balance from the adverse effects of EMFs and Wi-Fi energies

How to Use:

Be sure to add your intention to the water for the changes you wish to bring about. 

  1. Drink at least 3 times a day
  2. Add the water when you wash pillow and head coverings as well as sheets, towels, and clothing.  Add the water to the rinse cycle and let the clothing sit for an hour.  Then complete the cycle.  You only need to do this one time.
  3. Put the water in a nebulizer and breathe the vapor from the nebulizer.  

Be Patient and Be Persistent! 

Remember that in the case of Dr. Paul successfully getting rid of his cataracts he stuck with the eye drop protocol 2 to 3x daily for a year and then continued using the drops to maintain his vision that was completely cleared of cataracts.  Be patient and be persistent with the daily usage of the Stress and Depression Relief and don’t give up.  Changes can sometimes be very subtle.  With various plasma energy waters sometimes changes are slow, sometimes they are not. 

What Are the Gifts in Never Ending Plasma Energy Stress and Depression Relief?

Lynn Schmaltz describes many of the energies that are in Stress and Depression Relief in the video below.  Some energies will be helpful for physical stress and depression and some for emotional stress and depression.  See the other recent videos that have been done by Lynn and her daughter, Stephanie, under Plasma Energy on www.Brighteon.com.


Lynn had someone ask her how she is preparing for upcoming ‘changes’….

Dr. Paul and I started prepping several years ago and I just continued.  Not just food, but items we take for granted that we can just run to get at the grocery, healthfood store or hardware store.

As Americans we are very wastefulthink about how many functional glass jars and bottles are thrown in the trash.  I look at many things through the eyes of the trading post owner’s daughter…many things have trade value as well as support value.  

Simply Clean Foods, Health Ranger Store and My Patriot Pantry all have long term food storage.  All of these are dehydrated–freeze dried so water has to be on hand.  How about beans and rice?  And some canned goods?  I like Simply Clean Foods because you can get individual packages of fruits and vegetables, whole or powdered.  You have to have variety if possible.  What about some chocolate treats to be doled out judiciously or traded?

What would you use for bandage material if you needed it?  Old sheets, towels clothing are all functional items with different uses.  Cotton bandage material is expensive when purchased in small boxes at the drug store ….but women’s sanitary napkins are not so expensive.  They can be used for wound dressing if necessary. 

Read what people have done in other cultures when everything went sideways.  What had value?  Certainly not the paper money of the country.  So what do people accept that has value? Silver, gold (jewelry, coins), cigarettes (which I couldn’t make myself stock up on), liquor which can be used to clean out wounds, ease pain, or trade.  Guns and ammo are out of my league so I don’t go there.  Many people do.  

Plasma energy with intention sprayed inside and outside and in 30 foot increments out to the property boundary.  Extra containers for giving others plasma energy combinations.  Paper towels to make into pairs of patches.  No paper?  Then use cloth…that’s another use for the old sheets and clothing.

What’s the weather where you live.  What do you need to stay warm or cool?  What if the electricity goes off?  Go online now and find out how to make little room ‘heaters’ with candles and clay pots.  Do you have candles, matches, batteries and such?  Do you have functional sources of heat if you don’t have gas or electricity?

What if you live in the northern 2/3rds of the US?  Even though we have the plasma energy combinations it wouldn’t hurt to have Vit D3 on hand as well as Vit C and Zinc.  I’m coming out with Never-Ending Immune Support this coming week or so…it has the energies of ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine in it.  Never-Ending Pine Plus is also ready.

person lighting the candle

There are many plasma energy combinations that will be useful:

  • if there are no antibiotics such as cold and flu remedy
  • The first aid vials with the chart of the many applications for those 5 or 6 energies is something to consider.
  • There are so many good energies that have been made available whether in all the Healthy Gut, Healthy Heart, Healthy ‘other combinations’ or things like Lung Support, Life Force, Kan-Sir. 
  • For the emotions Peace and Anxiety Relief are helpful. 
  •  We can’t leave out the EMFs and other frequencies–New Tech Frequency Relief and the Shungite magnets can play an important role.
  • Any of our combinations with copper, gold, silver plus CO2 and ZnO are useful to have on hand. 
  • What about skin issues?  We have Eczema Relief for you. 
  • With food supplies degrading it would be a good idea to have Detox on hand.
  • Don’t forget about Arthritis Relief, Inflammation Relief (ancient sacred plant) and Pain Relief.
  • Eye drops can play an important role not only for cataracts and floaters but for irritation from smoke and pollution or dry eye.
  • With all the mask mandates you want to keep up your dental health with Clean Mouth.
  • And what about Clear Mind to keep a clear head with all the nonsense spewing forth from the media all day.
  • Parasite Cleanse could be an important tool.
  • Look at the combinations that have been made available for you since the madness started in December, 2019—Virus Relief, Positive Energy Support, Stress and Depression Relief, DNA Support, and Sole Support.
  • And Mosquito Relief could be important not only in the summer but to spray inside and around doors and windows for all the flies and other insects that want to move indoors in the fall.

What about entertainment if no electronic devices work?   Books, games and playing cards are a good idea to have on hand.  That’s what people did before TV.  Many people will spend time reading the Bible or other religious texts that are meaningful to them.  What about crayons, paper, water colors, clay and other craft items for the kids?

It finally boils down to staying out of fear and staying with intention of what you want, not some freak on tv from the ‘government.’  So the daily practice of prayerful intention is important.  …would you want to have a supply of rope, twine, clothes line, fishing line, screws, nails and glue?  What about seeds for your garden?  Can you grow things indoors?  What do you need for doing that?

If you had all this and nothing drastic happened just consider that you invested in more things with today’s dollars rather than fewer things you’re able to purchase with tomorrow’s dollars. Do you have something you can produce music with if there are no electronics?  Much to consider!

Be Prepared… 

man listening to music with headphones

Plasma Energy Solution has created Preparedness Kits and Upgrade Kits to add on to your plasma energy station available at the Shop Link. 

Don’t forget to appreciate the beauty around you everyday and those you love…Give Thanks Daily For All The Blessings In Your Life!

Be mindful of coming shortages and trucking slowdowns that could happen…Be proactive and cover your needs sooner rather than later……

What is Plasma Energy?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present the Best Way to Start Using Plasma Energy. They also talk about placing energy fields around your home for a ‘dome effect.’

Dr. Paul on Plasma Energy:

Plasma energy is the energy of the universe.  It is what balances the planets and keeps them in their position so that they do not collide with each other.  The solar system is in balance with itself with all the planets.  The solar system, then in turn is in balance with all other solar systems which in turn are in balance with the universe, which in turn is in balance with the other universes.  This goes on and on.

This is the energy of the universe.  Plasmatic/gravitational fields are what we see in the aura around people, plants and pets.  This field can be influenced by the environment and also by the emotion of the animal, plant or person.  We are developing plasmatic fields into the product that we call GANS which is Gas in nano atomic solid state.  We use this in combination to balance and influence the plasmatic fields of the plants, animals or humans.

Plasmatic energy is new to doctors and veterinarians and actually they know nothing about it because there are no medical books that use this knowledge.  Plasma Energy is currently defined by a nuclear physicist, engineer and researcher as the “water” of the fields of the universe.  Accessing these fields means tapping into that “water.” Plasma energy fields emanate like ripples in water and they have wind-like waves that ebb and flow.

Plasma energy has potential difference in magnetic gravitational strength when descending from a higher level to a lower level. It creates the same release of energy seen in hydroelectric dams.   It has the same power as the nuclear essence; it has everything which we have tapped into according to this place in time and our current intelligence —and it has given us the ability to use it constructively. 

It goes by several different names such as zero point energy torsion fields, magnetic and gravitational fields and others.

Plasma energy fields can be demonstrated with magnets. When these magnets are pulled together that is the attraction of their plasmatic gravitational fields. When magnets repel each other they are sending magnetic energy.  When they reach equilibrium the repelling stops. 

This action of the magnetic gravitational plasma fields is apparent throughout the physical world.  It is what balances the position of the planets and keeps them from colliding.  The molecules and atoms in the bodies of plants, pets and people act in accord with planets by attracting and repelling each other, always seeking a balance of plasma energy. 

It is taught that the addition of non-toxic plasmatic fields to people, plants or pets that are out of balance due to disease or injury puts the body in the proper plasmatic environment so the body can restore health and reduce pain. The body only uses what is needed to restore and maintain balance. When attraction and repulsion stop balance is achieved and the body remains in natural homeostasis or balance.


Here’s a more in-depth video of Paul’s Workshop explaining how to use plasma energy.

More than 90% of the bodies of people, plants and pets are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen — all of which have plasmatic fields.

When addressing support for various illnesses, various elements are used to make GANS, an acronym for Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State.  These GANS which have very powerful plasmatic fields, influence the imbalance caused by disease or injury in people, plants and pets. In doing so, biological balance is returned, allowing healing to occur. 

To utilize plasma energy in health issues it is necessary to break down matter into a mono-atomic state where all chemical bonds of compounds and molecules are broken and atoms that would normally be connected to other atoms in a molecular compound are now alone. 

Atoms in this state send out a magnetic gravitational field trying to fulfill their electrical orbit that influences other atoms, molecules and compounds in an attempt to complete themselves.  It is this magnetical, gravitational field of influence that we use to influence certain aspects of the human, animal or plant body to bring about a change in conditions that is beneficial to the human, animal or plant. 

This concept is applicable to many areas of our life such as travel, agriculture, athletics and support for health conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and other eye issues, arthritis, wound healing, lung conditions, hormone conditions and many, many more.

To learn more about plasma energy and how it can be used watch our videos, listen to our interviews, and read our blogs, FAQ and Testimonials.

Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions

Please click this testimonial link for the ways in which everyday people are experiencing success with the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  Read how many people from all walks of life are using and benefiting from the plasma energy water for themselves, their plants and their pets! If you have questions read through our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Can Plasma Energy Be Used by Farmers?

Plasma energy has been applied to the fields by one farmer who then has increased production, healthier plants, fewer pests and decreased use of pesticides and herbicides.  But as one farm has improvements, the plasma fields spread to neighboring farms whose farmers may not understand why they are having a ‘good year.’ Search YouTube for many videos that are posted there by successful gardeners and farmers using plasma energy.  Also see the good results gardeners have had in the Testimonials section of this website.

University Tests

Recent university tests have shown the effectiveness of balancing plasma energy with certain GANS materials and liquids that have been shown to be non-toxic.  The tests have shown success in lab animals and human beings by altering conditions of cancer, AIDS, diabetes, malaria, Ebola, Ecoli, high blood pressure, brain issues in adults and children and other imbalances in the body. Continuous testing is underway in using plasma energy to restore neurological balance caused by injury, disease, cataracts, Alzheimer’s and post-natal depression.

In the teachings by the nuclear physicist, engineer and researcher he stresses that standard therapies overlook the role that emotions play in the manifestation/contraction of all diseases. Use of certain GANS materials are shown to be effective in balancing the emotions, which helps promote healing.

Plasma energy has been successfully applied to agriculture by increasing crop yields without dangerous pesticides and toxic herbicides. Many scientists are using plasma technology to successfully cleanse contaminated rivers, lakes, ponds and land in different parts of the world. Plasma technology scientists are also effectively controlling flies and mosquitoes by changing the environment with plasma energy — making it inhospitable to these insects which then leave that environment.

All of the foregoing plasma energy technology has been developed to assist man in traveling into deep space and coping with the environmental changes and viruses found in deep space. Additionally, some countries are now using plasma energy devices and plasma energy water provided by plasma technology scientists as first responders in emergency conditions such as devastating earthquakes.

It is important to understand that the Never-Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state. The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

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From Paul and Lynn Schmaltz: “Our intention is to bring information to people about the benefits of plasma energy for themselves, their children, their plants, and their pets. 

Paul has combined his knowledge of plasma energy, his scientific background, his many years in veterinary medicine, along with his knowledge and experience in working with energy fields in acupuncture.

We are among hundreds of thousands of knowledge seekers around the world who have studied plasma technology taught and developed by a scientist who taught over 200 public workshops that are available to anyone willing to invest the time to learn. 

The scientist and his foundation have asked us to clearly state we are NOT associated with the Keshe Foundation in any way, shape or form.  Our sharing publicly available basic plasma technology information, shared by the scientist in more than 200 weekly workshops, is for the purpose of assisting people who wish to know more about plasma technology and is not meant to imply that we are members of his foundation or endorsed in any way by him.

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