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We are giving away lots of valuable products to 13 lucky winners!

Our Grand Prize will be our 16 vials contained in our Basic Preparedness Kit-also known as our Plasma Energy Station vials. 

These 16 vials contain the GANS waters from various herbs, minerals, metals, foods, vitamins, and more.  If you are new to this site then check out our videos and blogs about Plasma Energy and our Plasma Energy Station to learn more of how to use the water once you set up your own station.

You can use these individual vials we are giving away to help benefit you if you are suffering from inflammation, if you need help clearing the fuzzy brain, detoxing the body or creating more peace within and around you and your home.

Thank you for entering and have fun!

  • 13 winners
  • Value: 718.00 total value of giveaways
  • Prize: First Place winner will receive our Basic Preparedness Kit, Second Place winner will receive 1 Detox and 1 Inflammation Relief Vial, Third Place winner will receive 1 Clear Mind Vial, Fourth through Thirteenth Place winners will receive 1 Peace Vial. Enjoy your winnings! For more information on each prize go to our Shop page by clicking the link in the menu above and click on each product thumbnail image.


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  • Ends: February 23, 2019 12:00 am GMT-0600
  • Winner Announcement: February 24, 2019 12:00 pm GMT-0600


All prizes will be shipped in plastic vials if within the United States or pads will be sent if outside the United States.

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