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***Thank you for your order. Our Montana nights are now below 20 degrees. Our glass vials will sometimes freeze and break at these lower temperatures. So here is our solutions: Enjoy the benefits of plasma energy now without having to wait a couple of months for warmer weather conditions.

We can combine the glass vials into larger plastic containers OR….You can receive 2 sets of plasma energy pads, one larger and one smaller, that contain all the energies from the vials.You will receive only 2 pads, not 16.

In either case you should get something that is not ‘broken’ when it arrives. We have tested the plastic by freezing the station water in it and then throwing the frozen container on the floor. In that ‘test’ it did not break and when we pack it, there will be bubble wrap and more around it. So, just let me know your choice for your order: the plastic vials or the pads. They will be sent priority mail.


For now I will continue to send out the glass vials on the single orders and the medium and large preparedness packages.  When/if I am no longer able to get glass I will send the plastic vials.  When/if I am no longer able to get the plastic vials all orders will be sent as the overseas orders with the pairs of pads. Thank you for your understanding.

***All orders shipped outside the United States will receive pads only. Thanks,Lynn

How to Order For Delivery Outside of the United States

Pads, not Vials are mailed outside the United States and during cold winter months.

Please note that we do not send vials outside the country.  What we do is send 2 pads with the same plasma energy water that is on the vials.  They are dried thoroughly and then encased in a plastic bag and taped securely with clear packing tape.   Plasma energy does not ‘wear out’ or have an expiration date.  Should the plastic become worn, you simply put the whole pad and original plastic into a new bag and tape securely.

Your order will be sent in a first class letter envelope.  We have sent these pads to England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,  Sweden, Austria, Germany, Holland, and Tasmania successfully.

Lynn explains how you can make pads and how to use them to change water into plasma energy water in this video.


Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal account or United States Postal Money Orders Only.  If within the United States payment may also be made with a check drawn on a United States bank.  To pay with a credit card or debit card check the PayPal button where you will go to the PayPal page to enter in your credit or debit card information.


If paying by United States Postal money order make it out to the name Lynn Schmaltz only as seen in the sample below.  We can not accept any other types of money orders besides United States Postal Money Orders.

For detailed information and instructions on how to use each product click on the thumbnail image of each product below not the Add to Cart button.  For a complete list of all of our products together with their videos click this link to go to our Products List page.

***Some people have reported that they found this page worked better for them using google Chrome versus Explorer which didn’t show all of the products.  Using the search button worked best and brought up products which were not showing as a list to be easily navigated even using Chrome. 

**These products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and do not diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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Showing all 95 results