Pendant Shungite + Magnet + Silver and Amazonite Available in the US Only


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Comes with a leather cord


Health Benefits of Amazonite:
1.  boosts self confidence and courage
2.  helps handle stress effectively
3.  dispels anger (then clear the stone)
4.  helps to create strong boundaries in relationships and self respect and esteem
5.  helps to manifest your goals (hold at throat and speak your goals)
6.  prevents hair loss, relieves muscle spasms, cell regeneration, gout, arthritis, fragile nails
7.  helps stop self-destructive behavior
8.  self-expression and communication
9.  dispels negative energy, The Stone of Truth
10. helps dispel EMFs
11. helps calm nervous system
12. brings wealth
13. balances thyroid
14. helps heal ear and hearing problems
15. increases energy

Plasma Energy Solution offers the following combinations of magnets and pendants:

  1. Plain shungite, silver gans, and magnet pendants for electronic devices, phones, as well as breaker boxes.

  2. Amazonite Pendants

  3. Fluorite Pendants

  4. Lapis Pendants

  5. Sole Support Pendants that have shungite, silver gans, all the energies found in Sole Support and amazazonite, fluorite, lapis, rose quartz in both a smaller pendant and a larger pendant.

Be sure to check the following videos about shungite magnets and pendants:

  1. Dr. Paul and Lynn explain shungite pendants and magnets

  1. Lynn and her daughter Steph discuss shungite pendants and magnets

  1. Lynn discusses shungite phone magnets and pendants and the various benefits from several semi-precious stones for helping against the imbalance brought to your body from EMFs, WIFI and the ‘electronic soup’ that we are living in.