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Detox Relief took over 4 months to develop and has over 150 plasma energy ingredients contained in the Vial or Pads that include:

  1. homeopathic remedies,
  2. oral chelation remedies that include
  3. Vitamins C and E,
  4. B6,
  5. B12,
  6. Magnesium Oxide,
  7. Selenium,
  8. B-acetyl Choline,
  9. EDTA,
  10. Calcium Disodium,
  11. Timatheglycine,
  12. Bromelain,
  13. Magnesium Stearate,
  14. Magnesium, Silicate,
  15. Silica Dioxide,
  16. circumin,
  17. lipase,
  18. cetyl myristoleate,
  19. over 80 seeds, berries, roots and herbs;
  20. in addition there are certain essential oils,
  21. teas,
  22. Swedish bitters,
  23. salmon fish oil,
  24. saffron,
  25. Fulvic and humic acid,
  26. plasma energy station water,
  27. zeolite,
  28. diatamaceous earth,
  29. C-60 oil,
  30. certain South American herbs and
  31. energies from Never Ending Plasma Energy Inflammation Relief and Clean Mouth.

The combination is meant to support the body while also detoxing the body.  The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others.  Remember that these are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state.

Put the unopened vial inside or on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container to drink all through the day.

Super Immune Support and Pine Plus Support  is a combination of the two products and the following energies are included:

  • Querccitin, perilla frutescens extract, fisetin, luteolin, nettle, Butterbur extract, Hypromellose, leucine and
  • Magnesium: magnesium as mag. Oxide, dicalcium phosphate
  • Humic/fulvic powder blend with trace minerals, activated charcoal, zeolite, silica and
  • Vitamin C, elderberry, zinc, sorbital, xylitol, Enzyme blend, Gingko biloba plus Vitamin B1: thiamine as thiamine hydrochloride and
  • Vit C as ascorbic acid, Vit E as natural D Alpha tocopherol succinate, biotin, magnesium as magnesium oxide, zinc as zinc oxide, manganese as manganese AAC, chromium as nicotinate glycinate chelate, taurine, licorice root extract, cinnamon bark extract, yarrow aerial, cayenne pepper, juniper berry fruit, gymnema sylvestre leaf, banaba leaf extract, bitter melon fruit extract, white mulberry leaf extract, alphalipoic acid, vanadyl sulfate and
  • Pretandum: calcium as dicalcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, milk thistle seed extract, bacopa whole herb extract, ashwaganda root extract, green tea leaf extract, turmeric rhizome extract and
  • Siberian Pine Oil, Osha Root, Flower Rescue Remedy, Argentum nitricum, cinchona pubescens. Conium maculatum, delphinium staphisagria, stychnos nux-vomica, piper methysticum, acena sativa, panax ginseng and
  • Barium carbonicum, calcium jodatum, helianthemum canadense, conium maculatum, ecinacea angustifolia, gallium aparine, jugalans regia, scrophularia nodosa and
  • Chinoanthus virginica, Cynara scolymus, iberis amara, lycopodium clavatum, mandragora e radice siccato, pemus boldus, phosphorus, taraxacum officinale and
  • Acidum, benzoicum e resina, acidum nitricum, apis mellifica, berberis vulgaris, colchicum autumnale, dactylopius coccus, solidago virgaurea, capsella bursa pastoris and
  • Osha root, lungwort herb, lobelia herb/seed, mullein leaf, plantain leaf, peppermint leaf, Lomatium dissectum root, Blue spruce needles , Douglas fir needles and
  • Additional energies include stinging nettle leaves, black cumin seed extract promote healthy level of histamine to bind to its receptors and management of a healthy immune system response to allergens as well as binding ingredients including contaminant-free zeolite and
  • More ingredients include: humic acid, surfactant blends, citric and ascorbic acids, Vitamins C and A, magnesium, Elderberry, zinc, gingko biloba, Vitamin B1, Siberian Pine Oil, Osha root, hydroxychloraquine, fennel seed, chaga mushroom, ivermectin, lemon, cinnamon leaf, Moroccan rosemary, cloverbud, eucalyptus, grapefruit, teatree oil, bergamot oil, lime oil and
  • Fenbendazole, shungite, C60, Silver Gans, epazote, green tea, star of anise, nutmeg, milk thistle, C60 plus more energies found in Clear Mind, Anxiety Relief, Peace, Detox, and Parasite Relief and Lung Support and certain flower remedies. Also included are muscadeen grape seed.

Also included are the following are the energies from Never Ending Plasma Energy Pine Plus Support and the ingredients are as follows:

Ponderosa Pine:  Resin and Pine cone–

Pine resin is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, effective in easing muscle and joint pain. Pine resin can increase circulation, which also explains why it helps with pain relief.Ponderosa pine was valued  for its antiseptic and vulnerary properties, using it to treat a range of skin problems, cuts, wounds, burns  and valued for its beneficial effect upon the respiratory system and was used to treat various chest and lung complaints. The turpentine obtained from the resin of all pine trees is antiseptic, diuretic, and as a valuable remedy used internally in the treatment of kidney and bladder complaints.  It is used both internally and as a rub and steam bath in the treatment of rheumatic affections. It is also very beneficial to the respiratory system and so is useful in treating diseases of the mucous membranes and respiratory complaints such as coughs, colds, influenza and TB. It is a very beneficial treatment for a variety of skin complaints, wounds, sores, burns, boils etc and is used in the form of liniment plasters, poultices, herbal steam baths and inhalers. The branches are used in herbal steam baths as a treatment for muscular pains and plant tops have been used in the treatment of internal bleeding and high fevers. An infusion of the dried buds has been used as an eye wash.

Blue spruce oil applied topically have been known to relieve tense and stressed muscles, while the woodsy aroma of this oil invigorates the senses, brings peace to the mind, and relaxes the body. Its aromatic influences may also help open and release emotional blocks, bringing a feeling of balance and peaceful security. Spruce infused oil is wonderful for sore muscles and various skin conditions. To make an infused oil, you need enough twigs and needles to fill your jar and an oil of your choice. I prefer sunflower oil as it is great for the skin, high in vitamin E and has little fragrance.

DMSO  comes from trees as a by-product of paper-making process and is a colorless liquid that gained notoriety for its ability to penetrate skin and other biological membranes.  Some doctors began to use DMSO to treat cases of skin inflammation and diseases such as scleroderma because of its ability to penetrate skin. Scleroderma is a rare disorder that causes your skin to harden. Some studies have found that DMSO may also be useful for treating certain side effects of chemotherapy extravasations such as tingling, burning, pain, and swelling.

Osha Root is a perennial herb that’s part of the carrot and parsley family found on the edges of forests in parts of the Rocky Mountains and Mexico that grows up to 3 feet (1 meter) tall and has small, bright green leaves that look like parsley. It can also be identified by its small white flowers and wrinkled, dark brown roots.  Also known as bear root, Porter’s licorice-root, Porter’s lovage, and mountain lovage, osha has traditionally been used in Native American, Latin American, and South American cultures for its purported medicinal benefits.  It is considered an immune booster and aid for coughs, pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, and the flu. It’s also used to relieve indigestion, lung diseases, body aches, and sore throats.   Osha root is thought to treat respiratory illnesses, sore throats, and lung diseases. However, no studies currently exist to support these claims.  Osha root extract and its plant compounds have antimicrobial effects, which may help protect against.  Osha root has been administered topically to disinfect wounds. It has also been used to treat some viral and numerous bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureusE. coliEnterococcus faecalis, and Bacillus cereus.  Other potential benefits include reduced blood sugar levels and protection against stomach ulcers.

Siberian Pine Nut Oil with Pine Resin: Benefits of pine nut oil are distinguished from other well-known curative oils by its enriched content of various kinds of healing elements. Clinical tests of pine nut oil demonstrate the healing effectiveness of a given product in both internal and external applications such as ulcers and pine nut oil has an anti-inflammation effect in treating cholecystitis and hepatocholecystitis.

Pine Bark Extract: Maritime pines are known to contain health-promoting plant compounds like vitamins, polyphenols, and other phytonutrients. Procyanidins. A type of flavonoid that acts as an antioxidant and appears to have medicinal properties such as catechins that protect cells from oxidation and damaging free.  There are also phenolic acids that are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have the potential to improve conditions like cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s

 Pine Nuts are edible seeds that are high in non-saturated fats and pack a variety of nutrients essential to your health, including vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats. Healthy fats, protein, and fiber in pine nuts can help keep blood sugar levels stable, help with diabetes management,  support heart health and brain health.  They can increase energy levels due to their protein, iron, and magnesium. The antioxidant power of vitamin E contained in them may help keep your skin healthy and young in appearance.

Additional energies are from  silver, copper, zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, potassium glutathione

Super Immune Plus Pine Support is meant to support the body. The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others.  These ingredients are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state.  The unopened vial will be placed in or on a large clear glass or plastic container filled with distilled or filtered water.  Add the distilled or filtered water and let it charge overnight and just continue to add filtered or distilled water when the container is down 1/3rd of the way so you never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Immune Pine Plus Support.