First Aid Vials or Pad with Plasma Energy Station Water


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  1. CO2,
  2. CuO,
  3. ZnO,
  4. CaO,
  5. Plasma Energy Station (Basic Preparedness Kit) water and
  6. CH3.

There are six (6) separate vials or 1 pad included.

Amino Acids and Hemoglobin are added to each vial or pad.  There are many uses for the vials found in the Plasma First Aid Chart created by the scientist and his foundation members.

Watch our video here to learn more 

The unopened vials with liquid plasma water from the GANS of CO2, CuO2, CH3 and ZnO plus the Plasma Energy Station water vial are each put on the inside (with closed lid) or to the outside of a large clear glass or plastic container and fill with distilled or filtered water.  Use separate jars for each vial.  Let the jars sit overnight and the plasma waters are ready to use the next day.  For more information on uses for these vials read the various protocols offered on the weekly Knowledge Seekers Workshops regarding various conditions in the body that can be improved with plasma energy.  Remember, plasma energy water is not “medicine.”   The plasma energy water can assist the body in changing various conditions by changing the plasmatic fields of the environment and balancing the plasmatic fields of the body, allowing it to return to its normal condition.   Be sure to read our disclaimer.  Read the blogs and articles and watch the videos on  our website for more discussions on using these as well.  There is aPDF of the various uses of the First Aid Vials on the website.