Never Ending Pain Relief Plasma Energy Gloves


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Never Ending Pain Relief Plasma Energy Gloves-small, medium, large-specify size in the order notes when checking out.   

Gloves are treated with the plasma energies contained in the 16 vials of our $237.00 Never-Ending Plasma Energy Basic Preparedness Kit, plus

  1. CO2,
  2. ZnO,
  3. CuO,
  4. Magnesium,
  5. CH3 plus
  6. Hemoglobin 
  7. Amino Acids
  8. Arthritis Relief

Plasma energy does not ‘wash out’ so your gloves can be laundered without losing the effect of the plasma energy.

The plasmatic fields bring change to the environment of your hands and serve to balance the plasmatic fields of your hands bringing relief of pain.

Specify in the notes section when ordering the size- small, medium or large.


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