Parasite Cleanse


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This Vial or Pads contain the plasma energy water from the GANS made of the following ingredients:

  1. black walnut hulls and leaves,
  2. clove seed,
  3. pumpkin seed,
  4. cramp bark,
  5. peppermint oil,
  6. thyme leaf,
  7. Chinese rhubarb root,
  8. oregano leaf,
  9. fennel seed,
  10. wormwood,
  11. quassia,
  12. male fern,
  13. vidaga fruit,
  14. neem leaf,
  15. Halarrhena bark,
  16. celery seed,
  17. amla fruit,
  18. belleric fruit,
  19. myrobalin,
  20. checulic myrobalin fruit,
  21. long pepper fruit,
  22. garlic bulb,
  23. black pepper fruit,
  24. ginger root. 

According to statistics parasites are an undiagnosed issue for 60 percent of the people in our country.  The change in the plasmatic fields of the environment makes it inhospitable to the parasites so they leave, seeking a more hospitable environment.

Put the unopened vial inside or on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container to drink throughout the day.