Mosquito Repellent


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The Vial or Pad is filled with the plasma water from GANS of

  1. CO2 and
  2. CH3. 

This combination will change the environment that mosquitoes have loved so well.  Spray it liberally around doors, windows, around the house and on yourself and your pets.  It is completely non-toxic and changes the environment so mosquitoes and other flying bugs look for a different ‘home.’ 

The Vial is placed inside or outside a clear glass or plastic container.  Then you add distilled or filtered water into the container and let it change overnight.  Once the distilled water is changed continue making and filling as many spray bottles as you like to place around your home.  Fill smaller spray bottles to take in your car or your purse your purse or baby’s diaper bag.

The Never Ending Plasma Energy Mosquito Repellant is non-toxic and will provide relief for for pets and people.