Never-Ending Plasma Energy Pantry Plus Basic Preparedness Kit


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This Preparedness Kit includes the Sixteen (16) vials or pads of our Basic Preparedness kit PLUS the following 25 products.

  1. Anxiety Relief For People
  2. Anxiety Relief for Pets
  3. Arthritis Relief
  4. Bath and Hot Tub
  5. Clean Mouth
  6. Clear Mind
  7. Cold – Flu Relief
  8. Detox Relief
  9. Eczema Relief
  10. Eye Formula
  11. Hand and Body Sanitizer
  12. Headache Relief
  13. Insomnia Relief
  14. Mosquito Relief
  15. Parasite Cleanse
  16. Peace
  17. Pet Itch/Odor Relief
  18. Plant Relief-indoor and outdoor
  19. Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief
  20. Toothache Relief
  21. CaO, Amino acids and hemoglobin
  22. CO2, Amino acids and hemoglobin
  23. CuO, Amino acids and hemoglobin
  24. ZnO, Amino acids and hemoglobin
  25. CH3, Amino acids and hemoglobin


Orders outside the US will be fulfilled with Never Ending Plasma Energy Pads Not Vials. 

As of November 2018, **Due to winter cold temperatures freezing the waters in the vials all orders will be fulfilled with the Never Ending Plasma Energy Pads made with the same GANS and waters that are in the vials which we mail only in the spring, summer and fall.

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  1. Claudia Sanchez

    Thank you for your work and dedication, greatly appreciate it and admired!

    • lynnschmaltz

      Hi Claudia,
      And thank you!

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