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Do I have to Use Paypal? Can I send a money order or a check?

USPS sample money order

Q: Is there a way to pay for Never Ending Plasma Energy Products without using Paypal, credit or debit cards for my purchase? 

A: If you do not wish to use Paypal, debit or credit cards on line we have some other options.  You may pay by using a United States Postal Money Order or Walmart Money Order (please do not send any other type of money order) mailed first class or priority mail to Paul or Lynn Schmaltz PO Box 1827 Red Lodge, MT 59068.

Include a copy of your order or write your order number (which you’ll see after you finish the checkout process) on the memo section of the money order. Make the money order out to Lynn or Paul Schmaltz.  Be sure you have a tracking number. Then email the tracking number for the money order you have just mailed to us.  As soon as we get your email with your tracking number we will send your order right away and provide you with our tracking number.

If you wish to use a personal or business check you may use the same checkout process as above with the money orders. Make your check out to Lynn or Paul Schmaltz and send it first class or priority mail to Paul or Lynn Schmaltz PO Box 1827 Red Lodge, MT 59068.We will ship your products as soon as we receive your check and it clears the bank.

By the way we know this takes a few more steps on your part so we will send you a Never Ending Plasma Hand Sanitizer vial or a Never Ending Plasma Mosquito Spray (also good for other flying unwanted house guests).  Just let us know your preference when you check out.  Thank you for choosing Plasma Energy Solution!