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184th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

This is a magical workshop being not only the week after 198 nations signed for Peace on the planet, and getting some more insights into what a peaceful planet looks like, but also  getting an inspiring presentation from Giovanni on how he combined the plasma technology with his soul connection to his daughter Naomi and how she is now waking up from her one year coma with her old cheeky attitude and remembering everything!

MK gives lots of revelations about how things are organised in the One Nation Planet under the different languages; KF is no longer based on nations but based on languages. The world has been split up into the Chinese and the others as the Chinese have been trying to make a peaceful word ever since they built the Great Wall.

The court case outcome in Belgium has turned out exactly as was wanted and the Belgian’s fraudulent case against EU certified technology now goes to the International Court of Justice to open up an even bigger can of worms than anyone imagined! Entering zero time travel and communication is not like being on a spaceship or shuttle, and MK exhorts everyone in closing this work shop to begin practicing soul and emotional level communications with each other across the planet …

183rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop was a continuation of the Declaration of World Peace.  This workshop has not been transcribed.

181 st Knowledge Seekers Workshop

This is a massive workshop– This workshop also marks the  third week of continuous 5 days a week daily teachings on the ‘Blueprints for World Peace’, coordinated by Carolina de Roose MK’s wife and partner in the Peace Process, along with a few hundred stalwart supporters making up the Kf Core group, the Earth Council, and the Universal Council along with a few supporters and knowledge seekers who had the time or inclination to follow the process.

MK himself has also been traveling, making his best effort to bring the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of Iran to Mt Carmel, to sign the world peace treaty. He himself  knows that this will not be possible, but is setting an example by putting all his energy into bringing in Pope Francis along with the Israeli and Persian leaders.  This is why this transcription is of the afternoon session of July 20th, as MK was very busy in Rome that morning, visiting the Vatican and the Israeli and Iranian embassies… trying to coerce, entreat, do anything he could to get these world leaders on to the steps of Mt Carmel, with the countdown now being only 12 to 14 days to the WPT signing on 2nd August.
At the same time as he sets an example for all the knowledge seekers by talking to the present bunch of world leaders, it is evident that MK knows that this effort, though necessary in the plasma universe to elevate their souls, will not be immediately successful. This is clear as in this  workshop he also delivers the technology, in detailed diagrams, of how to disarm any army for a few dollars,and make the metal tools of destruction fall out of the sky or become useless floating metal blocks, as was done to the USS Donald Duck by the Russians a few year s ago.
That particular example was child’s play in the matter state he reveals in this workshop, but this new technology uses the plasma applications –not reversible – and this technology  has the ability to permanently disable anything that depends on the copper connections of the microchip technology that is not only at the heart of modern
military technology, but also ALL the applications of 21st century civilization – as revealed in the section, ‘I think Man will go back to Sword and Arrow’.
So, it is now up to ALL the knowledge seekers and others out there to now build these systems, disarm the armies, and bring this planet into a condition when we can rejoin the Universal Community, some of whom are also revealed in this workshop to be lending us a helping hand in getting there.


Knowledge Seeker Workshop 180 marks the end of the second week of continuous teaching and discussions on the Blueprint for Peace for Humanity, with 3 weeks to go to the Signing of the World Peace Treaty on Mt Carmel. It appears that the discussions and questions have stimulated a new depth of teachings, and in this workshop MK puts his Nuclear Physicist’s hat on and reveals historical teachings on the interaction of neutrons, protons, and electrons, so much so that he specifically asks for the workshop to be transcribed immediately and shared freely with the world. Lots of questions from various people also bring out and clarify some of the basics of nano and GaNS making and plasma technology in general.

One week into the count down for the signing of the World Peace Treaty at Mt Carmel, Mr. Keshe has been online about 6 hours every day with the blueprints for World Peace… a small dip into that on the day of the usual medical workshop showed a glimpse of a Core Team of 12 or 14 members around the world, interlocked with the structure of the Earth Council of 6 continents, and the Universal Council of about 33 (of 144) world languages – a beautiful vision manifesting on the world wide web with several
thousand lucky people tuning in, and the vast mass of 7 billion completely oblivious… This workshop marks the first anniversary of the death of Fabio and critical injuries to Naomi, who recently emerged from her coma rewarding the efforts of Giovanni her father to wake her up with the plasma technology and repair her damaged brain and body… As a kind of a present for Fabio and Naomi their friends Stanley and Ella present the new sharp and beautiful Keshe foundation website.

178th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

This is a landmark workshop, with Mr Keshe’s call for a final push and total focus on the Blueprints for Peace from now on. For the next 5 weeks (19 days from the date of publication of this transcript) there will be teachings every day on the Blueprints for
Peace. MK announces that World Leaders will meet to sign the World Peace Treaty in Israel on the 2nd and 3rd of August, on Mt Carmel at the Seat of the Baha’i Universal House of Justice, and on the steps of the Shrine of the Bab on Mt Carmel.  In this workshop, he exhorts everyone to get in touch with their presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, or leaders of their nations, to elevate their souls and send invitations so they come to sign the Peace Treaty on Mt Carmel. There will be teachings every day from 10am to 5pm about this process on this channel from now till then…
For sure this sudden surprising announcement will make some people pause for thought and head scratching  –  at first glance it looks impossible that any world leaders might break their schedule and come to Mt Carmel with 30 days notice!
However, we have seen surprising moves from Mr. Keshe in the past, and with surprising results; for example, the time He lambasted Sterling Allan without seeming evidence, which had the eventual effect of having him locked up for life AND resulted in the breaking open of a massive high level pedophile network around the world.
So, it is now up to anyone and everyone , and there are millions out there now, who has seen the evidence and efficacy of the beautiful plasma technology, and come to believe and have faith in these teachings,to do their best to achieve this…  At the very least I am sure we are in forsome big surprises! Perhaps one reason for thefinal push is the fact that we have Mr. Laureyssens gloating aboutthe fact that MK and Carolinawill be imprisoned in Belgium, and we have MK saying that he welcomes imprisonment because this is the only way these criminals will be brought to the International Court of Justice!  After the update on the Belgium court case and the announcement of the Blueprints for Peace, the teachings appear to be in a newvibration of beauty and clarity, bringing more revelations about the destiny of the soul of the man, and an announcement of MK’s last book, The Book of the Soul , coming soon.   Lots of questions and other topics were covered as per the headings and links. *****
This is another massive workshop, covering a large number of topics. Starting with another look at the Blueprints for Peace in the Islamic world, and getting all sorts of comments on this from the UC the EC and other people around the world, MK then goes into how this might be achieved by elevating the souls of the war makers. Then there are developments in Togo and across Africa with the beginning of KFG -Kf Global. Finally, there are presentations from Romania and Arizona taking us deeper into GaNS of GaNS , space technology, and the creation of space fuel and the skin of your craft in tritium, deuterium and hydrogen GaNS, etc. The workshop is divided into linked subject headings. *****
In this workshop the Universal Council, the Earth Council, and the Keshe
Foundation Core Team collaborate and make calls, statements, and letters
to the Islamic world to unify in order to avoid the bloodshed and warfare that is
planned for them, and in this way, they can bring peace to our world.   The
statement from the Earth Council is particularly powerful, and gives us excellent guidance and a way and method to bring this about.
Mr. Keshe reflects at the end of the workshop: thank you very much for today. Please reflect on the work that it does not matter anymore what path of belief we believe in but as a whole we elevate the soul of the Islamic World that they come to understand that peace is the only option and the life of the man is worth more than a few guns. *****

175th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Mr Keshe does a ‘back to the basics’ discussion on washing plates of the caustic used, understanding acidity and alkalinity and a simple explanation of what the GANS water is.  He then discusses how the plasma technology helps to strengthen the soul and physicality of the man and elevate the soul of another man.  This then gives the opportunity to reach every soul.    In another section he discusses how we can absorb the energy of plants without eating them.

Finally he discusses the diversion of the problem from China and North Korea and how weapons have found their way to the Middle East and states that Keshe Foundation technology is the technology of peace not only on this planet but across the universe because you understand the essence of creation.  The time of the war mongering people and cultures is over and that the biggest problem we have as humans is that man has never understood that the soul is within him. *****

174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

This is a workshop with more deep teachings by Mr. Keshe on the soul. Also described was the first meeting of the Earth Council and detailed instructions for treating
Alzheimer’s, MS, and ALS, among many other topics. *****

The 173rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

 This workshop was several days after Mr. Keshe’s interviews with Sean Maguire and Kerry Cassidy, in which he disclosed how KF insiders in the Vatican discovered a plot to
foment warfare and terror in China and how this tied them in with high -level pedophile and criminal networks.  Also discusses was President Trumps trip to the Middle East and Europe in order to deliver the news of those with the China plot were caught red handed and would now have to mend their ways…  Even the author of blockbuster fiction would have trouble making this up!  The rest of the workshop about more understanding of the the interaction of soul and emotions.  *****

172nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

In this workshop several members of the Universal Council and Earth Council give input.  Mr. Keshe states he will be appearing on several news media channels in the next few weeks especially for telling the inside story of why  President Trump is traveling to the Middle East and Europe and and how this will prevent WW3.  Several interviews over the next week with Kerry Cassidy of Camelot and Sean Maguire on Out of the Bag radio, May 24th.  The interview with Sean Maguire is at the end of the workshop transcript.  *****

171st Knowledge Seekers Workshop

There are two parts to this workshop.  Part 1 is the regular public workshop.  Part 2 is a large detailed Disclosure from Mr. Keshe covering the background of his own history and the struggles against those who would use his technology for warfare instead of peace. He focuses on the opposition that has tried to stop the birth and expansion of the Keshe Foundation as well as attempts on the life of Mr. Keshe and his family.   In Part 1 the new structure of the International Keshe Foundation with the Universal Council and the Earth Council.  Mr. Keshe also focuses on more teachings about the soul.  The original notes were typed by Lynn who said“JasonBourne has nothing on Mehran Keshe, this one will take you for a ride!”  *****

The 170th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Mr. Keshe begins by discussing different GaNS to use for conditions of brain damage and diabetes he gave last week, and also for high blood pressure. Then Mr. Keshe discusses the conception, birth, relationships between man and woman, marriage, post natal depression, menopause, and how to balance these on a plasma soul level. He also discusses the creation of a new entity from the combination of the sperm and the egg from the point of view of plasma physics, plasma chemistry,  and plasma biology.  He discusses how  we started life as the ‘fish’ or in the liquid environment, and then in a fraction of a second, or in a short time, we converted to gas breathers.  Our breathing is the main way of feeding our emotional body. *****

169th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

The first part of this workshop was the 3 hours of ‘Cancer Blueprints Day 2’ and other health applications. The rest of the workshop concentrates on more understanding of the crystallized photographs of GANS materials, and how different elements and salts are associated with creation of different parts of the body of the man.  Mr. Keshe also gave a short history lesson on the true history of religion and the relationship between Italian (Catholic) and Persian (Zoroastrian) religion.  (there was also information presented on this in the last section of Knowledge Seeker Workshop 33, October 23, 2014.*****

The 168th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Mr. Keshe teaches from Europe after the Rome Conference a couple of weeks before and the Cancer Blueprints were released.  Architectural drawings of the new Ghana center that is funded and construction will start in a few weeks. Klaus D’s remarkable photographs of his crystallized GANS are presented and discussed.  Mr. Keshe also discusses that going into the depth of the soul of the man helps with the discovery that life can be much easier without all this pain. *****

167th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Mr. Keshe announces the upcoming Cancer blueprints day as a day of Freedom of
Cancer for the People, in exchange for World Peace!  Then he discusses space technology making the point that human beings are themselves spaceship entities made up of body, emotions, and soul, and how these interact so we become Universal citizens.  Mr. Keshe answers questions on the difference between space travel and dying.  Carolina teaches and shows photos of becoming Transparent, or Invisible. The Blueprint for Cancer will announce simple and cheap changes of condition of ALL cancers.  In an upcoming workshop there will be a Food Blueprints day regarding a way to end ALL hunger and starvation on the planet. *****


The 166th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Mr. Keshe delivers the teaching from the Middle East where he is paying a visit to the Earth Council member for that continent, Dr. Parviz.  There are plans to release information on cancer following the results of international university trials. Mr. Keshe also reveals that during the Rome Conference one donor not only donating the 25 Million needed to build the space center in Ghana but will move to Ghana to build it himself.  Also is the discussion of the the technology of manifestation of gold.  Other topics discussed are the details of the biggest pedophile network on the planet with the ex-King of Belgium involvement.



It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

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