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How GANS are Made

How GANS are Made for Liquid Plasma Energy

A Brief Synopsis

Plasma Energy provides solutions to major global problems in the fields of health, agriculture, energy, transportation, raw materials and more.

Specially developed plasma reactors and devices allow the application of plasma science, allowing people to effectively treat illness and imbalance without paying into a broken medical/pharmaceutical system. Plasma exists throughout the entire universe. It is everywhere and it belongs to everyone. Our research, development and understanding of how plasma works have progressed to the point of enabling everyone to benefit from the process. Become a participant in harnessing the processes of the universe for the good of humankind.

Plasma, GANS and Nano Materials

The use of Magravs, Nano materials, GANS, liquid plasma, field plasma and other plasma technology have come as a new dawn for humanity to evolve and work in harmony with the universe. Conventional technology applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution to the planet and all living beings. Plasma science offers wellness solutions while improving existing treatment methods. It maximizes the use of resources in ways that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the Keshe Foundation as the entire content fields which accumulate and create matter and is not defined by physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with plasma science we understand how we can convert matter back to the fields.

According to Mr. Keshe, Magrav stands for magnetic gravitational which means that plasma absorbs or gives. Every plasma field has reciprocal properties of both give and take. When a plasma field can’t find balance, it will distance itself until it can find a way to contribute to another field and so it can receive what it wants to receive and give further. Certain atoms and molecules release and absorb magnetic gravitational fields. Released fields are available to be absorbed by other objects

The Keshe Foundation has developed a way to gather these free-flowing fields from the environment within a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter which MT Keshe named “GANS.” The first step of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS is nano coating metal. This is carried out by either chemically etching steam coating with sodium hydroxide or thermally heating with fire coating via gas burner.

During either coating process, gaps between the outermost layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often referred to as nano coating defined by the structured layers of nano material which build up during the creation process of the coating. 

The coils are used in different applications such as medical units. The coils within the tubes are known as health pens — designed for reducing pain by directly aiming the pen at problem areas for extended periods. Nano coated metal in interaction with various metal plates in a salt water solution creates Magrav fields. These fields then attract available elements to form a specific GANS which collects and settles at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent energized molecules, which, like little suns, can be used in various applications for their radiating properties.

Water from the liquid plasma is applied to various patches used for health and healing. They are also used to produce patches that are taped to the outside of a large clear glass or plastic container to create plasmatically charged water for health and well-being. These patches radiate magnetic fields (GANS) — providing relief and balance to painful or traumatized areas. 

Making a Plasma Energy Station

Small vials with plasma energy water used for the plasma energy station are filled with the clear liquid taken from the top of the various jars making up the 16 vials on a plasma energy station. All the GANS for the energy water was made from one of the processes described above. Making the GANS is a process that can take up to 3 months. The vials are affixed to the outside of a plastic tup using super glue, tape or both. The tub is filled with purified or distilled water and withing 12 hours it is ready fo consumtion, as it has absorbed the GANS radiating from the plasmatic fields of each vial. 

You can find out more about the assemblage of the plasma energy station here:


About the food plasma energy in your plasma energy station:

The following list is the plasma energy that is in each of the vials attached to your plasma energy station:

1.  CO2 and vitamins              2.  CO2, CuO2, Zn, CH3, CONH      3. Iodine with cobalt & Iaboga


4.  calcium       5.  CuO2 (copper oxide)         6.  Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu, ZnO, CH3


7.  herbs, oils, vitamins    8.  Au  (gold)       9.  ZnO2             10. CO2 with CH3


11.  Ag (silver)            12.  CH3         13.  Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu, ZnO, CH3


14. Thundergod Vine, Ayahuasca, Minerals (80+ minerals), hydration formula with Vit C, potassium, silica,  oleic acid, crystalline energy, shiaga mushroom, hemp oil  (you can look these up on the internet)


For arthritis:  15.  CO2 and Vitamins A, B’s, C, D, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Sodium, Potassium, Cayenne, Garlic, Rosehips, Papain, Bromelain, Chinese Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Kelp, L’Methionine


16.  Himalayan Salt