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Plasma Energy Testimonials


Tommy Lee: ” I gave my son a healing pad and after several weeks he hadn’t used it.  Tommy’s sister called Tommy’s  son to tell him she had been depleted of everything–vitamins, minerals and her doctor wanted to put her in the hospital.  She went in for a blood test after she had been using plasma energy water for 7 weeks.  After one month she went for a blood test and all her vitamin and mineral numbers had come up.  Her doctors were surprised and told her to keep doing whatever she was doing.  She told the doctor she wasn’t doing anything but then in talking to Tommy he reminded her it was the water.  She has a liver disease and has had constipation for a long time.  Now she has no problems with constipation and is doing much better all around.”

Tommy Lee:  “I use Popsicle sticks/ I wash them after I use them and then I put in a container in plasma water for 2 to 3 weeks.  Then I dry them in the sun and give out the Popsicle sticks (plasmerized).  I have people write their intention on the stick for peaceful sleep or put it on their water jar to add plasma to the water.  You can write the intention on them such as writing ‘peace’ on them  Push them in the ground when there are disruptive people around.  I notice that people don’t walk on my side of the street.  The only people that come on my side of the street know me or come by to talk to me.  I wrote peace on all the sticks and had some disruptive neighbors move on.”

Darlene:” my vegetables are so crisp and good and this is after they have been in the refrigerator for a week.  I have some small glass jars filled with plasma water and put in the vegetable bins.  Also I have a quart jar on the top shelf.  The vegetables are better than when I bought them.”






“We were skeptical about the water and once I saw what it did to plants that were nearly dead it changed my whole way of thinking about it. We got an energy station and we drink it everyday. I make 3 gallons a day for our animals and ourselves. I make another 150 gallons for gardening and animals. It will get your chickens laying eggs again and bring your plants back when they are half dead. It has made us feel better. It’s amazing. It’s hard to put into words; it nothing real strong…it just happens.”

— Bob and Helen, Indiantown, Florida

“I have neuropathy and it will be 5 weeks since I have been on the plasma water. The first week I sprayed my socks because it was still cold here. I felt the difference with my socks on and then I started spraying my body and feet during the day. At night I would spray my feet and use magnesium oil and I was able to sleep through the night the first week without the needle pins that wake me up at night. Now I sleep through the night without any pain and in the beginning it was 40 to 50% improved and now it’s hard to tell. I don’t really feel it anymore. It’s probably 70% to 80% better … It’s amazing. It’s difficult to deal with neuropathy. I have tried everything; I’ve tried every type of oil—you name it. It never corrected the problem as well as this water. The intention makes a big difference.”

— Lara

“I used 3 [GANS pads] on my back where the pain was and 1 in the front on my stomach and made a ‘sandwich’ out of the pain. I have a spray bottle with ‘plasmerized’ water in it and I took 3 paper towels and sprayed them until they got wet. Then I hung them out to air dry. When they were dry I made 3 pads the same size and one small one. I put the 3 in one plastic bag and cut off the ziplock slider on the bag and folded it and taped it shut. I did the same thing with the smaller pad. I just put it on my back. It was almost like it was magnetic because it adhered to my skin on the front and the back. Anyway that is what I did; I just wore them. I took off on the third day but the pain was gone before the third.”

— Grace

“I watered my Ivy on the front porch and the leaves on the ivy are huge. I hope you understand that I am not a person to exaggerate … I took a cutting and added plasma water to it. That is the healthiest looking ivy and it’s not even in dirt; it’s just rooting in the water. I spray the flowers, my body, the sheets and pillowcases with it and I can honestly tell a difference. For me personally … it’s very relaxing and it takes the edge off. If any of you have the feeling like if your organs feel like they are on high alert…this calms all the organs down. It is really amazing.”

— Pam

“A few months ago, I was barely able to walk with pain in my knee, leg and hip and feet. I went to the chiropractor and even went to the emergency All they could say is maybe it was a baker’s cyst and gave me a prescription for pain meds that I did not take. The pain was such that I had to use a cane or crutches. I received two pain pads from Lynn and Paul and eventually started to use them, (to tell the truth, I was a little skeptical) experimenting with different ways of applying them, but in a few days I realized I was not reaching for my cane, so was not in pain( fact forgot where I put it!) Later I received an energy station from them with which to make gans water. I have been drinking gans water ever since and I feel better than I have in years I even lost a few pounds!”

“I then started making pain pens and pads and giving them to friends and family along with a few ounces of gans water. WOW! They started to make their own gans water, pain pads and pain pens and then doing the same for others.”

“I could write a small book of all the experiences I have personally witnessed from those I have shared this technology with that had no knowledge of the technology, except for the fact that IT WORKED!”
— Joyce, Alaska