What is Plasma Energy?

Our intention is to bring information to people about plasma energy and in no way implies an endorsement for the information we present or of any products tht we have created by the Keshe Foundation or Mehran Keshe. 

Plasma energy (PE) is currently defined by Mehran Keshe, a nuclear physicist, engineer and founder of Keshe Foundation as the “water” of the fields of the universe. Accessing these fields means tapping into that “water.” Plasma energy fields emanate like ripples in water and they have wind-like waves that ebb and flow. Plasma energy has potential difference in magnetic gravitational strength when descending from a higher level to a lower level. It creates the same release of energy seen in hydroelectric dams.  It has the same power as the nuclear essence; it has everything which we have tapped into according to this place in time and our current intelligence — and it has given us energy.

Plasma energy fields can be demonstrated with two magnets. When these two magnets are pulled together that is the attraction of their plasmatic gravitational fields. When two magnets repel each other both are sending magnetic energy.  When they reach equilibrium the repelling stops.

This action of the magnetic gravitational plasma fields is apparent throughout the physical world. It is what balances the position of the planets and keeps them from colliding. 

The molecules and atoms in the bodies of plants, pets and people act in accord with planets by attracting and repelling each other, always seeking a balance of plasma energy. Mehran Keshe teaches that the addition of plasmatic fields to people, plants or pets that are out of balance due to disease or injury puts the body in the proper plasmatic environment so the body can restore health and reduce pain.  

Mehran Keshe shares through public teachings with anyone willing to learn his research and his patents on plasma energy. Keshe Foundation offers many websites of instruction on plasma energy as well as hundreds of you tube videos on how to bring plasma energy solutions for people, plants or pets.

Here’s a short video from Paul and 6 other videos from the Keshe Foundation explaining Plasma Energy:

More than 90% of the bodies of people, plants and pets are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen — all of which have plasmatic fields.

When addressing illness, Mehran Keshe and his colleagues use the above elements to make GANS, an acronym for Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State. These GANS which have very powerful plasmatic fields influence the imbalance caused by disease or injury in people, plants and pets. In doing so, biological balance is returned, allow healing to occur. Plasma energy is non-toxic to people, plants and pets whose bodies use only what is needed to restore and maintain balance.  When attraction and repulsion stop balance is achieved and the body remains in natural homeostasis or balance. 

Here’s for a short video on using plasma energy for anxiety relief in pets.

University Tests

Recent university tests have shown the effectiveness of balancing plasma energy with certain GANS materials and liquids that have been shown to be non-toxic.  The tests have shown success in lab animal and human beings by altering conditions of cancer, AIDS, diabetes, malaria, Ebola, Ecoli, high blood pressure, brain issues in adults and children and other imbalances in the body. Continuous testing is underway in using plasma energy to restore neurological balance caused by injury, disease, cataracts, Alzheimer’s and post-natal depression.  

Mehran Keshe stresses the fact that standard therapies overlook the role that emotions play in the manifestation/contraction of all diseases. Use of certain GANS materials are shown to be effective in balancing the emotions, which helps promote healing. Plasma energy has been successfully applied to agriculture by increasing crop yields without dangerous pesticides and toxic herbicides. Scientists with Keshe Foundation are using this technology to successfully cleanse contaminated rivers, lakes, ponds and land in different parts of the world. Plasma technology scientists are also effectively controlling flies and mosquitoes by changing the environment with plasma energy — making it inhospitable to these insects which then leave that environment. 

All of the foregoing plasma energy technology has been developed by Mehran Keshe and other plasma scientists to assist man in traveling into deep space and coping with the environmental changes and viruses found in deep space. Additionally, some countries are now using plasma energy devices and plasma energy water provided by plasma technology scientists as first responders in emergency conditions such as last year’s devastating earthquake in Italy.

Please see the testimonial section for the ways in which everyday people are experiencing success with plasma energy solution.

Watch this video about everyday uses of plasma energy at Paul’s 1st Montana Workshop here:

Can Plasma Energy Be Measured?

A.  Many people measure plasma energy fields by the use of dowsing rods or pendulums.  See the interview on this short video by Alan Polanski, Aura vision expert and the effects of the plasma energy on the auras of people.  Alan Polanski uses a machine developed by a scientist in the U.S.  In the video that was recorded during 1-st Keshe Technology Conference in Skaryszow, Poland – 21-23 Apr 2017, the machine is being used to measure the effects of plasma energy devices on people attending the conference. The effects are shown before and after use of the plasma energy devices.  When we drink the water daily we become walking plasma containers.  As we balance our plasmatic fields think of the effect we have on those who are around us coming in contact with our plasmatic fields. 

This is well demonstrated in the plasma energy application to the fields of one farmer who then has increased production, healthier plants, fewer pests and decreased used of pesticides and herbicides.  But as one farm has improvements, the plasma fields spread to neighboring farms whose farmers may not understand why they are having a ‘good year.’ 

See http://www.keshefoundation.org/ and https://www.spaceshipinstitute.org/.   http://en.kfwiki.org/index.php/Introduction_to_Plasma_Technology_in_Agriculture

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Lynn has taken notes for over a year on the weekly Knowledge Seekers Workshop Videos on You Tube.  They are edited and screen shots are added from the videos by Cornelius in New Zealand and Michel who hosts the website www.transformacomm.com.  You will find a wealth of information on plasma energy in these workshops.

Also be sure to look at the information submitted by plasma energy scientists from around the world on https://peswiki.com/directory:keshe-foundation

People who are using the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station often share their experiences with plasma energy on the testimonial page.  See Testimonials at  https://plasmaenergysolution.com/testimonials-2/ . Read how many people from all walks of life are using and benefiting from the plasma energy water for themselves, their plants and their pets!