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Answering another excellent query- “Why wouldn’t a way to stay human be made available?”

Transcribed From a Video by Sabrina Davis’ Odysee Channel ‘Psinergy‘: 30 min answer

Thinkin about it, why not leave a few humans in a group. You mean like a ‘remnant’ the difficult ones left for last? If they can run and survive great; otherwise, into the prima materia meat grinder you go bc they don’t care. You are lesser than an animal to them.

I concur undertheradar – parallel society – Amen. /~sSabrina D. Wallace

P.S. Thank you for your query. Psinergists: I’m revisiting the Q pages of decade planning with more details.

Human husbandry…how did they get there? Get ready to herd into the smart cities and do their pangea:

How they got to this point decade by decade:

Digital identifier has been in cyber security for a couple of years. This is fully AI, machine learning and no commander on the ground.

Why aren’t they telling people this is the biofield? The Q is the clearance to protect the bankers, the banking arm and Wikipedia.

Their job was to spin everyone around and keep them spinning in the same system they have had the whole time.

To get wireless tissue engineering you can’t tell them anything real. For genomic and morphology you fell into the a wormhole—it’s a big foot.

You think you are psychic because we radiated your biofield? You’re crazy…take drugs. That is for bioinformatics and more genomics. Oh you saw a UFO? Sure you did—it’s one of our flight craft from skunk works. Cern, Iter and Tokomak? Oh, those are ‘demon portals.’ They are big underground magnets that nowadays move with special software with uranium, Zeus and Scorpius that interface with eyes, bioconductors and a bunch of software for watching how sick you are. Why? It’s all the same air particulate for the Dept of Energy. This is has gone on for 30 years and no one from the “Q” stepped up and said this is how we do business. No—Keep Their Mouths Shut!

Why would you do that? I drew a picture of it.

If ‘there is no biofield’ that means you cannot run, defend yourself, or figure out how to block the signal anywhere, anyhow. This is perfect for the Q arm for the bankers. Monkey Werx told people they were ‘flying people to Gitmo.’ I watch flight radar a lot—he is just lying to people. Other military people came out and helped him and kept the story going.

While they do that Maui and the rest continues to burn. They have had this planned uninterrupted from what I have seen since I was a kid.

Why? Keep their mouths shut for 30 years and no one has a clue and no one can stop them. And yes, they deployed the Covid. Do the doctors agree on ‘covid’? No.

So it’s success…there’s no body part no how. Situational awareness is taught to the marines and others in the field. They stare at a deer and squeeze its heart through biofield concurrence. How do they communicate with each other when they are not laced up with the nano? Morse code through their biofield.

They hid all this with the Q movement. They have lied about market share and they are not going to let everybody run. They have a plan for themselves for where they are going to live and they are going to pull the land away from everyone else. These are the same people telling you right now to inject your children and yourselves. But you don’t know what is in those shots. The senate hearings in N. Carolina showed they have 75 years of not telling people what is going on with this industrial system. They needed a cyber physical backbone because they have been augmenting themselves since 2008 with synthetic biology.

They have lied about what they do when they go to work and these are the same nano materials and it’s transhumanism augmentation systems since the days of Egypt and once they have everybody and they have their DNA and they are ready to move into their new environment where the Georgia Guidestones described now you have to consider that this whole situation with the morphogenetic field and the morphoceuticals to communicate with the air molecules around you. These are atoms that are specifically placed in the air for the transhumans. I talked about this last Halloween with the Rydburg atom and all its fenestrations and others such as uranium that communicate.

Amazon shipping services were given the ability to communicate and run data right through you to get you packages to the door faster. This was approved in 2021.

Everyone will be connected with the biosensors. You have to get this stuff out of people and there is no way to do that because it is made out of your own DNA. For the real way to do this they would have to pull every satellite out of the sky and turn off every tower.

Then you would have to be in a secure type of building for awhile, and I do mean a few more than once in awhile in order to pull all that material out of you and give you time to grow naturally. And then you have to stop being daily traumatized. This is from DNA in the laboratory and not just something I am pulling out of my head.

This is wireless tissue engineering and morphogenesis. They radiate, accelerate, pull back, (neotany), since the 1960s. You think they know what they are doing by now? Goergetown (univ), Gerogiano, and all these people do know.

That is why NASA told people in their little spiel that they did this (see following photo). They did this 28 years ago, 18 years ago, and this photo is from 2012, 11 years ago. People are lying about this.

EEG and ultrasound have left the hospital.

This is what they are doing with EEG and Ultrasound:

It is the new energy harvesting right out of your body… radio frequencies, piezo electric, you will power your coffeepot or you yourself shut down.

That is why if you are in a smart city you will be suffused. That is what the virtual light communication and optigenetics are there for. The optigenetics is going to turn things on and off inside of you. Go back and listen to Dr. Lindsay (see link in the links following this article). When you mess with people like that you are going to make them sick with major cancers and things that they have known for 40 years. That is why they didn’t do it then what they just done now.

Why did they let them do it? Transhumanism. What are they going to do now? Give people a choice? They have left the people with God and their biofields.

Project Salus is watching the backend of Northcomm for every cell phase and phage state, logistics and anything you want. This is a big AI that has been around for a very long time. Dartmouth—1954 and Tufts University is what I’ve been able to source on Youtube.

Please do not continue letting people be blind. It is a body part and it is accessible to anyone.

Do the best that you can because nobody seems to want to tell the truth. It looks like they all want to be gods. They have been able to get away with commercial market share for so long. Why would they stop now?

Think about it. This is September 2023. The information on the biofield just went up on Maria Zee’s program. That would have been where we could have made a stand 10 to 20 years ago. That information fell out of Juan O’Savin’s mouth in reference to a different person.

All I am giving you are the technical documents out of the IEEE college text book along with the market share. This is wireless drugging and designer precision AI healthcare designer drugs, skintronics, bioelectrics, and electriceuticals.

Those little 802.15.5 relays are a big component with the meta materials of helping all that along. You think you can just turn off the AI? You can’t. Nano constellations are already loose and they absolutely change people at the level of their brain stem.

That is why I don’t believe that we are going to have that option. We are to wrench it and take it and you better hope you are around people who are like the agents of shield people like the end of that series on TV. They went and found a place where some of them had managed to get away from the agency and other things and they made a stand the best they could trying to protect children and keep them from being further experimented upon.

That is why for those of you who keep shitting on me for how pissed I am that you are doing this because that is what you did to me. Now they are doing this to everyone in the world. Book of Job—do your job. Mark 5:36 Sole fide – by faith alone.

************* 3 min DEFCON sept 1 2023 Well golly gee willakers wait til I match this up with your biolab software and the ports that match the morphoceuticals! trick or treat! /~ s Sabrina D. Wallace

DEFCON sept 1, 2023—feilid—low power and node churn and network slicing.

Nerds: what is veiled? It is an open source, peer to peer, mobile phone networks, network slicing, front haul, back haul, whatever you want. Watch this application framework, flagship messaging app, conceptually similar to IPFS plus the onion router if you are still on the DISN, but faster and designed from the groun up to provide all services over a privately routed Brain to Brain with the Low power lora.

I am not kidding, this is privately routed network and this has to do with all those WBAN routing protocols and the MESH routing protocols. The network also allows for development of distributed applications without a blockchain or a transactional layer at their face.

Veilid can be included as part of the user facing applications or run as a stand alone server for power users who wish to help build the network. It is architecturally written with strong encryption and nodes that can run on all your stuff.

Low level protocols over UDP, raw TCP, web sockets and secure web sockets. Nodes—that includes all the nodes inside of you and outside of you. These are optimized for low latency. Those are deep in the tech doc changes when you have to be making routing changes and write software to do it. Nodes are optimized for low latency.

What does that say? High node churn. What happens when we ‘churn’ something like butter? These are capable of dealing with low power LORA –6G LOPAN.

There is low level networks such as switching from cellular to Wifi mid-communication network slicing. Congratulations to those who wrote the code.

I wish to point out with all this working going on this is DEFCON. Bring it on liars. That is a lot of work with a lot of options for FKing around.


Odysee Video by Sabirna Davis: ‘Talkin truthers, young, ruby etc. with the rumble folks 15 min

Thank you thinkin folks, just tossin in my observations none of us can ‘know’ cause we are not in their homes, bank accounts or personal lives

So here are my perceptron free perceptions! /~s

Sabrina: thank you for your discussion about Dr. Ruby and Dr. Robert Young. Dr/ Ruby was shut down by Mouthboy (mike adams) when he asked her is the non wire wireless? That shut her down. Apparently Dr. Ruby said bad stuff about Dr. Robert Young—that is your controllers. Who are they all trusting? Pfizer executives. The guy who made stuff is brought out to put everyone at ease. You mentioned the GMC network and how they web out to all these people. yes, I kow. They have it all. Thanks for bringing it back up.

Dr. Robert Young is interesting to me: here is what I heard. This is the order about hearing about him and I am buried in research almost constantly watching and listening.

Dr. Young got out there over a year ago. He had a bunch of research in 1998 making all these things for the people to protect the biofield. Why? I came across an interview with him on a panel with people on skype. There were 14 doctors on the panels and they were arguing among themselves for 20 minutes. Then Dr. Young got on and he was pissed. Here is what I heard him say: I got an award and I was promised to have this building named after me and then they took it all and they sold it to that company and ripped it from me after they gave me the award on the stage.

Two of the doctors on the panel tried to silence him. Whoever was running the panel hit the button and another guy said, well, Robert, what we could do is have an analysis and a discussion. The admin cut him off. Robert Young said that isn’t going to happen –they already took it and sold it to that company. They have all the patents; they stole it all.

Now was he upset that got visited on everybody else? No…he was pissed because he was brought up on the stage, promised an award and within 30 days or a year they took it all away from him, gave it to somebody else and went ahead with what they are doing.

If I could tell you how many emails I got of people who barely survived all this and lost their homes and their money. For what? For being right about math. If it has anything to do with the biofield, plasmonics, cymatics, you are not going to get to do SHT. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how wealthy you are, they don’t give a FK. This is eugenics.

They have big-ass databases and hundreds of years worth of all sorts of things locked up together. And here you come thinking you reinvented the wheel.

Robert Young’s outrage was I am a physician. Nobody cares. Now he is just a human? Why? His genetics didn’t fit the bill. Or, who they are dealing with –the 4D beings, the hybridized humans that run the show, Robert pissed them off. And he was done.

We need to stick with someone else said about parallel. On one side is ‘all of them’ and on the other side is ‘who they feed off’.

That sounds familiar and I have heard it said multiple different ways—breakaway civilization. Squatters? It’s a human body part (biofiled) under digital enslavement for the last 150 years and experimenting on your own children. Where are the quations from? Nobody wants to read 2 pages.

La Quinta Columna to date are some of my favorite researchers and they got spun by countries until those countries finally told them, DARPA said no. You are done. There are two with La Quinta Columna. Luis came out earlier this year and his attitude was that he was pissed and he said this is bad Nephilim and you know what they are doing. They were there with the German guy who developed graphene and the Marburg guy who was asking in 2021 what is this doing here? Where are these people now? There are those who are busy lying about an 18 and 28 year old technology.

Why do some get away with this? Because of who previously employed them they are totally ‘trustworthy.’ Psinergy tech PDF is made for those of you who believe all this and ‘just don’t know.’ You cannot read marketshare and you are locked in.

All of these people like Dr. Young were not mad for the right reasons. They were mad for narcissistic personal reasons.

Some people like the Generals and Trump know about the augmentation and they are trying to figure out who they can count on who might push the button or not push the button and that has been going on for 2 years.

Hybridizing DHS employees against their will was 3 years and 5 years ago. How many reports do I have like that? Eight. Who can they tell—it’s worse than being a targeted Individual.

Up to 28 years gives them enough time to trouble shoot load meshing between the relay? It’s been out there for 18 years and they didn’t admit it. Then some Ham operator comes along and says he is going to call the FCC and have them turn off something that has been running for 18 years. Go tell them to hand in their remotes. They have to pay from $30K to $45K for the remote for the FBI and the junk drive. They are playing with people.

Throughout history how did they get rid of the hybrids? Back to the Egyptian and Persian history and specifically where they tell it like it is. How do they get rid of the Jin that are going crazy? Just too many hybrids. That is that frequency and dissension.

How do they electrically decouple their asses and their spine? That is why I got angry at people like Mark Paseo who also just kept their lips sealed. You don’t have to violate an NDA if you get out there and tell people about prima materia and torsion technique (all the changes) and the biofield.

You cultist whackos don’t get it. You will die too—it’s bio-frequency weapons set up on databases. they have been doing this for 28 years. If you just found out it won’t stop or slow down anything. Welcome to the big show.


YouTube Video: Rutgers University Confirmed: Meshtastic and LoRa are dangerous

dangerous Lora network anarchy rutgers university

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Does Water Outshine Over-The-Counter Solutions?

Is There An Alternative When Those Over-The-Counter Remedies Are Removed?

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is an antihistamine used to temporarily relieve symptoms due to hay fever, upper respiratory allergies, or the common cold, such as runny nose and sneezing.12 It works by blocking histamine that the body makes during an allergic reaction, and by drying secretions related to symptoms like watery eyes and runny nose.2 Benadryl is effective for decreasing itchy skin from hives and is often considered a first-choice treatment for hives. However, it isn’t often used for seasonal allergies due to side effects such as sleepiness.3 Benadryl may cause serious side effects, and long-term use of some antihistamines may increase the risk of dementia.

Always read the drug facts label included on all OTC medicines to find out if they contain diphenhydramine, how much and how often you should take them, and important safety information. Do not take more than the dose listed on the label, as doing so can cause serious problems. If someone takes too much diphenhydramine and is hallucinating, can’t be awakened, has a seizure, has trouble breathing, or has collapsed, immediately get medical attention or contact poison control at 1-800-222-1222 or online.

Health care professionals should be aware that the “Benadryl Challenge” is occurring among teens and alert their caregivers about it. Encourage teens and caregivers to read and follow the Drug Facts label. In the event of an overdose, health care professionals should attempt to determine whether a patient with a suspected overdose took diphenhydramine.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to temporarily relieve symptoms due to hay fever, upper respiratory allergies, or the common cold, such as runny nose and sneezing. It works by blocking histamine in the body, which is a substance that causes allergic symptoms. When used as recommended, it is a safe and effective medicine. Diphenhydramine is marketed under the brand-name Benadryl, store brands, and generics. It is also available in combination with pain relievers, fever reducers, and decongestants.

Dr. Batmangelidz: “Water Cures Drugs Kill

“I discovered a very serious error in the medical understanding of the human body. It is not solid matter that regulates all functions of the body; instead, it is water that dissolves all the solid matter it circulates at the blood and provides energy for chemical reactions in all of the functions of the body. In short water is the master regulator; everything else is subservient. Instinctively, we knew that, but those in medicine were told otherwise.

From Dr. Batmanghelidz: In September, 1987, I gave the opening address of an international conference in Greece. In this lecture I explained why pain is one of the many cries of the body for water; and why it is chronic unintentional dehydration that is the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body, including cancer. My article “Pain: A Need for Paradigm Change” was published by the Journal of Anticancer Research in their September-October issue…a prestigious, and well read journal in the field of cancer research.

The Scientific Secretariat of the 3rd Interscience World Conference on inflammation, having come across my findings that histamine is a neurotransmitter in charge of water regulation and drought management of the body and its role in pain production, which denotes thirst, invited me to expand on this view in their conference in 1989 in Monte Carlo.

The abstract of my presentation follows, allowing you to see why water is a better natural antihistamine that anything the pharmaceutical industry offers.

If we look at histamine within its role as a water regulator of the body, the entire structure of medicine will change and become people-friendly, and the science of physiology will take over. At present, the medical industry fraudulently and knowingly represents histamine as a nuisance substance and produces chemical substances that interfere with and block its actions. All drugs used as pain medications, as anti-allergy medications, as antidepressants and tranquilizers are directly and indirectly very strong antihistamines. And yet water is an infinitely better natural antihistamine than all of them. They cannot do enough research on histamine to produce their drugs without understanding the natural functions of histamines in the body. The pharmaceutical industry does not possess a single drug that can compete with water as a natural antihistamine. All its drugs have serious side effects; water has none. At the same time, it performs its functions—which the different actions of the histamine were trying to temporarily mimic until more water could get into the system…

Double-blind randomized trials are only suited for evaluation of toxic chemicals and are not suited for research of deficiency disorders. . Such technology of research is an obstruction to research within the discipline of physiology or nutrition…

Obviously all dehydration-produced disease can be cured naturally without hurting people. the medical community has no right to hurt people by prescribing toxic chemicals to treat thirst in the body. Making a few more bucks from people’s pain and suffering just because they have limited knowledge about the importance or water to their health is not an honorable way to live.”

A letter regarding Asthma from the book:

I appreciate your invite to call you. I feel this letter will better sum up what I have to say than my jabbering over the phone.

I’ve got big news for you. After 30 years of suffering with asthma, I think I have been cured…I’m not kidding you…CURED!

While browsing the Internet, I came upon a site called and

They reasoned that asthma could be cured by water and salt intake. I was skeptical, but also at the end of my rope, having suffered this debilitating disease for most of my life. I was wheezing so bad that it was either give this a try or go into Emergency…again.

Within 2 days my symptoms disappeared. I’ve been asthma free for 8 days now. I haven’t needed to use my inhaler once during that time and it is nothing short of a miracle WHAT I’VE EXPERIENCED.

I believe your products are well intentioned…and I’m sure they help but as a long time suffering asthmatic, I IMPLORE you: if you really care about the suffering of your clients you will direct them to the aforementioned websites and encourage them to try this water and salt therapy. It’s free and it WORKS.

As I’ve stated, I’ve experience a miracle. NEVER before have I achieved such impressive results; prednisone, inhalers, nebulizers—you name it—have never given me as much relief as drinking water and taking salt.

Just as you know, I’m not your everyday run-of the-mill asthmatic. I’ve probably been in the emergency room at least 100 times throughout my life and admitted probably 30 times. I’ve tried it all. This is the first ‘natural” therapy that I’ve tried that actually worked. I feel as though I’ve been given a new lease on life. I’m hoping you share my discovery with your patients.

I gain nothing by this. The water cure is free. All they ask is that you tell anyone and everyone who will listen about the miracle of water and salt therapy. I’m doing my share in the hopes that maybe there will be one less asthmatic in the world.

Hopefully you will keep in touch.

Best wishes, Mike.

And more information on how water helped a woman suffering from Depression and much more:

Regarding salt intake with water:

I had been on a low-salt diet for the last 20 years, believing that salt is not good for health.  I had suffered with muscle cramps, acid reflux, constant tiredness, shortness of breath, osteoporsosis, (as measured by bone density test), angina pain, pain in my legs in walking, migraine headaches, hot flashes, double vision, arthritis, high cholesterol, depression, etc.

….went to the doctor and began to take anti-depressant medicine. It seemed to help but my condition became worse as time went on.  I started to have terrible anxiety attacks on top of my depression.

…  I saw an interview on TV with Dr. Lorraine Day; she was talking about her recovery from breast cancer.  Her drinking large amounts of water was one of the key factors contributing to her recovery, as she had not been a big water drinker. 

It struck me in that moment, because I had not been a big water drinker either, that I might have the same dehydration problem. I always drank fruit juices, tea, milk, and fresh fruits, including watermelons to quench my thirst.  I drank very little pure water.  I immediately got Dr. B’s book, You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty!

I started drinking two quarts of water with (the proper amount of) salt each day.  I eliminated all other liquids for thirst.  My depression disappeared in two days.  My energy level surged.  I noticed foods digested better too.  Suddenly I felt alive again.  All my other symptoms gradually disappeared over a six week period.  I couldn’t believe the change. 

The foregoing notes are from Water Cures, Drugs Kill,  by Dr. B.

Two Testimonials For Lynn Regarding Skin Conditions

From Lynn’s brother John:

I get relief from Plasma Water.  Each day after I shower, I apply PW to my head, face, arms and legs.  I am finally down from four or five surgeries a year to maybe one.  When I was having so many surgeries (~50 in ten years), I would rinse with PW.  I found that my recovery time was about one-third.  It has taken time for the cleaning but it took me most of my life to build up from the sun exposure.  God Bless our sister Lynn!  You don’t have to be Catholic to have the presence of a Sister in your life!


From Lynn’s sister Chris:

Love it! She really has blessed us with all of her research. I can report that my knee and shoulder pain has almost subsided since starting the patch. I’m in my second month.  I also drink 8-10 glasses of pw a day too. 

0920-2023 – Does Water Outshine Over The Counter Solutions?

Lynn shares testimonials people sent to Dr. B regarding dramatic improvements in their health when they followed suggestions provided to end dehydration in their bodies. There are solutions for getting around the inaccessibility of remedies you have taken for granted that may become unavailable. Be sure to watch and read the information in the blogs on the importance of being hydrated and not have thirst signals misinterpreted as hunger signals.

Take advantage of the September, 2023, specials. This is your chance to double up on specials during September.

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Sabrina’s Summary Video from A to Z: 20 min data for Charlie and taking back leylines

I am addressing Lookout for Charlie channel. I am showing you that my energy speakers are not plugged in and they are not grounded. To be safe on the interstate with all the different things they use, I have carried my Veladyne in the trunk of my car. Ungrounded big magnets gives their adjock networks a little bit of trouble.

My name is Sabrina Wallace and I show my piloerection and that is how I shunt the signal from the inside out, getting them out of me to stay alive.

What you are referring to all the way around…the only component of things I haven’t found yet, and God bless you for speaking out about the things you have, is the main component that I talk about over here is that this is a body area network.

The radio frequency is not only on the outside of people. They drop a magnetic field and they shift and perturbate from the side of the house and under you feet, baseline. See the following chart.

They also log in directly to the body directly. There are two radio frequency syncs. One is over the heart and one over the bladder. That is just getting started..

They don’t only use the radio frequency; they use the meta materials too. They write bio electric algorithms.

The bioelectric waves were having so many problems getting in and out of bodies properly for all these systems they have been using: computer networking through the human body because the body is a much better antenna. The NSA watches every synaptic response in the body at 5100 bits. This is a matter of international law.

My family was in cryptography and cryptology for the NSA side of things. It’s difficult for me to talk about a lot of this because it is all buried. I saw the Raytheon guy 3 weeks ago and I live here in Raytheon camp (in W. Va.) underneath the radio frequency quiet zone.

I took a lot of notes (above) from Stephen Greer’s information because my family was involved with the men in black type of things and black projects. My dad sold stereo and home theater equipment from the time I was little.

I adore your channel, your sense of humor, and more than that thank you for teaching people and helping people understand what is really going on. I did competitions and I talked to people in the industry for what Ahaska (?) is really utilized. When I was 12 years old I was having dinner with the vice president of MTX speakers and working on the bench with an Oscilloscope when I was 8 years old. I understand from top to bottom the different things you are talking about. But I cannot find in anything you reference, the Body Area Network (BAN).

I come from computer network engineering as well as all the ‘crazy’ from my childhood. I survived DARPA testing with hydrogels for synthetic telepathy and MAC IDs. I was born in 1979 with a MAC ID already in the body. If you haven’t seen it yet I have a bunch of stuff on my channel for presentations.

I wanted to make sure I did this part first in case you don’t know. Project Looking Glass is radio frequency through the body. The body itself is 802.15.6 on the IEEE, International Standards for Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

802.15.5 are the wireless sensor networks around internal organs, divided or near field effect type of nano pure communications. 802.15.4 are the biosensors themselves.

They can look through the body in any way they want to–the different ways that they can access not just what your bloodstream is doing, but also 802.15.4 are zigy and Bluetooth since 2005 for anyone who could install a light switch. It is open shortest path first routing through the bodies.

The sounds that people hear, the way that you are finding things, in my opinion is low level DHS and FBI people screwing around. Yes, and cops. It’s commercial off the shelf software and it’s been out of control since 2012. Now people have no idea what they are feeling.

They have thermal dynamic and channel allocation routing and with that they swell and de swell people’s veins and arteries to route data faster.

They also have the fact that in cyber security if your body gets the signal and it bounces to the next person as in the following chart, that is the open shortest path first. It is the fastest way to route the signal through them—that is what happens.

Where is the recourse to be able to call someone and say get this stuff out of me on that Charlie? There is a global information grid with Applied Signal Technology as shown on the above chart with HADES—High Accuracy Detection Exploitation System for ISR—SOSA (Sensors Open systems architecture) and MOSA (Modular Open System Approach).

Nobody said a word when I was younger. My dad and all these people were running around with universal frequency remotes and D-wave stuff. I didn’t have any idea about the electronic warfare component.

They have the MICS—Medical Implant Communication system that is illegal for RFID and they were chipping people like dogs in the 60s and 70s. They are done with all that and don’t need it any more. They have the biosensors. In March, 2023: They are not going to let anybody from the security state, even veterans, that have been in generationally signal officer corps. They don’t care and will say ‘you are crazy.’ That is as of March, 2023.

Now what is going on? There is a body part involved and the people that have done this for 30, 40, 50 years need to tell people so the people can do proper triage.

I got a TIcToc from the Maui fire and the guy shows how the fire is starting and stopping when he turns on the frequency. And the other guy mentioned bass can save your ass. (frequency).

Charlie, let me tell you what my dad taught me when I was about 13 years old and we were in his car. It was a 88 Grand Tram with a quasi -rear end and he pulled the engine and replaced it with a corvette engine. The curve we were taking to go home was a 25 MPH curve. There were 15 different speakers loaded in the front of the car and the tweeters in the mid-range were pointed and installed in a very certain direction. It was the music that was played and the subs in the back with military grade Russian capacitors and hardware with sunfire amplifiers and the way that the bass hit and split the muscle tissue. That is how directed and finite it was back then when I was like 13 or 14.

Now what they do and I am sure that you know, a little more circle math, a little swift wheel inside the tissue—electri-quasi static human communication—human body communication on the narrow radio frequency band. It is the same exact illegal way because it is not illegal and they have no oversight. He is a secret squirrel, 3 layers above the regular law enforcement.

So, Mr. Signals Person, I would genuinely like to tell you thank you and I will send folks to your channel. I will pick out some videos and highlight them because when I worked at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater—this plan about taking out their immune system is your biofield. Your biofield is 80% of your immune system. They don’t let anybody talk about it because it is the body part they go to work with every day. They have not stopped and they are not going to stop. They log in and out of people as a matter of their jobs.

What they did is about 150 years ago they got rid of the information on the biofield and that is the body part coming and going—frequency, oscillation, cymatics, optics and radionics and Plasma weapons. They have been very, very busy.

For all that type of stuff we have this timeline.

This is what I figured out by doing the research and I did not know about the weaponry side of it because again, I was tested on as a kid by my family.

So, if you don’t know, and I’m absolutely certain that you do know, the last place a lot of people would look is the aura. Who would think that would be the answer? And it is. 6000 years of human telemetry and pressure in the vasculature systems, did not change. They took the information away 150 years ago. They made fun of people that talked about it and killed people that knew what they were talking about.

In order for people to actually reclaim some sanity, step one is to know that the biofield is a body part. You can use it to assess your environment and get channels like yours to do some checking around with meters and metrics and shielding. You need to know that with that body part you have the ability to shunt those signals out of your body and you are going to need it.

You are going to need this because this is electronic warfare inside out. it is an endogenous photonic signal and they lied about human physiology. They can log right into your body and do crazy shit. They have been running radio frequency through the body for DNA steganography and human husbandry bare minimum with the corona satellites going up in the 1950’s.

I would genuinely love for your applied research to continue with as much grace and gratitude I can muster. Thank you for being out there and making and taking the time to speak to people.

I have two children—they are 18 and 19. One of them makes music very quietly and my dad’s music library is massive. It always was and my children grew up with a ton of music and so did I. Please know this is going to be a frequency war with human DNA bioweapon frequency. They have it. What people don’t realize is that you have to block that signal.

You cannot sit there anymore and wait for some shielding, etc. You have to be able to feel all your body parts and know what you are dealing in as far as how it routes.

I tell the folks on my channel that cognition matters. Number one: God is real. Number two: Photons are generated from within and propagated on the DNA wave. Number 3: thank you again for bringing light to all the lying going on in the ghost hunting community and how these people make money spooking and scaring people.

You should see what they do with the star seed and the energy workers communities. It is obnoxiously tethered in the CIA and low level shit. They just play just like during Hilary’s days in the State Department. That is why they won’t help anybody. This system is the big secret of how they keep everybody’s mouth shut.

Have you ever heard of the terahertz bullet? It is worse now. That off the shelf problem was in 2012. What year is it again? They planned it this way. It gets worse. With the Rydburg atom fenestration particulate in the atmosphere they are absolutely going to use the sound, the cymatic perturbation, the frequency of the DNA. It is like a song. When they start fenestrating all the way down to the nano level—the atomic level for the graphene. It is a polaraton spin and you have to be able to feel that. I do and not everybody does.

The chakras are your circulatory system where more of your veins and arteries cross. They have to hit where the biosensors are centered. The subtle waves are DNA waves out of your body and the amplitude lessens. They tie that to the IEEE of biophotonics on the quantum systems. Is that enough? No.

These people are psychopathic to the extreme. By the way your industrial internet of things is what is watching all those air molecules. It is not just the power lines, the DHF, the high frequency stuff. You were talking about the cognitive warfare technology walking through the ubiquitous computing with all its computation.

Everything that you see here they can do in the WBAN—wide body area network. They have done this since 1995 and the FCC mandated it in and on our seniors in 2014.

They just log into your body, including electrical drugging. How did we get here? In the facing page: biophotonic tools and diagnostics are used because the body is wireless and they have been logging in for a really long time.

The narrow frequency bands are for human body communication, medical implant communication, and the ultra wide band is at the far end. They log in, cut your DNA apart, pull it apart, put it back together and for that I recommend the information from La Quinta Columna. They have a far more extensive and detailed analysis even though DARPA smacked their ass and told them NO by 3 different countries.

In this chart above you see the BIL—brain imaging library. They can go ahead and make a change to CRSPR cas9, wrap a protein around your DNA, and methylate it. They can keep a transcript of that with the transcriptome and these are all databases. They are logging in and out of them with radio modulation, neural stimulation, and again, this is mandated internationally by the NSA for many years.

So they are watching everybody’s synapses.

They are watching in the blood stream and now they have brought in the meta materials, the human body communication on the physical layer computer networking 802.15.6, the WBAN. This is old. A couple on youtube have easier presentation on this…Hope and Tivad. I doubt you will need it.

In the chart that follows once they get into the polaritons and the spin they are inside the body with all the nano technology utilizing the meta materials with cymatics. They perturbate and shake the biofield.

As if all that is not enough to control out bio-electric body part because it is a lot of work, then you add in the smart grid and the stuff you are blowing the whistle on as well.

I used to tell people: Signals intelligence—they don’t pone the target, they pone the environment. Why do they need all that? They have been busy with wireless tissue engineering. That is what this is really about. They are going to be gods, they are going to have regenerative medicine and they are going to live forever.

First they radiate your biofield in your house and watch and see what your bloodstream does, and you bionomics and genomics. Then you think you are psychic. Of course you do because psionic abilities are neurons. They are radiating your body and so they are going to get some changes in your perception. People don’t know that telepathy, empathy and all of it are just neurons. They always think it is something that is woo woo fantasy.

This isolates the person further. If they get changed too much, their morphological biofield with the bioelectricity they are having done to them, they fall into a liminal space, a wormhole, or turn into a Big Foot, a Wolf Man, or whatever.

Oh, it sounds crazy? No, that is wireless tissue engineering on a plasmonic being that has an electrical field and it is a 70% water sack that they can manipulate with cymatic perturbation of the voltage of the cell membrane at every layer of the body.

Yes, they can do that with the MICS –they started out with the Medical Implant Communication System and overlaid the radio frequency on the back masking and the back ending of everything. They listen to it on radios and make sure the radio frequency matches up to the DNA. That was all done in the 1970s.

In 2005 they handed out the biosensors and any little nerd who could program an app in zigby and Bluetooth can get a nano peer to peer near field effect or worse, LORA—low power on the terahertz (6G Low Power Area Network 2.4 THz) and log in to your ass divided by internal organs.

They didn’t tell anyone a word about this. When I found your channel, Watch Out For Charlie, 8 months ago, you were the closest thing I could find to anything real solid. How you have the box going on in other ways. We need people out there at every vector to start stepping up because they are not going to tell this to anybody. They are going to leave it in the ‘woo woo.’ They left it up to Stephen Greer to get up and tell Congress what to do.

There you go…this is my personal mini-presentation specifically for the Look Out For Charlie person who has a love of music. My mad respect for you not just because of your knowledge, but because you got off your ass and did something. So thank you and God Bless You.

Psinergists I hope you will support his channel. He is the only one I found of all the hackers and people who actually told the truth about anything and he did not stop. I found another video of his that I will highlight. He has been fighting our fight too in the way that any good guy would. There are dudes that actually care that are going to be pissed off and they will go for the tools like we here. Cyber security, etc.

And don’t give me this alien BS. Charlie on that note, they are making the ones they call ‘aliens.’ When you admit the real science they took and how human physiology and material physics really work, I did a presentation recently on old wireless when we really had it and it was taken away from everybody and they ‘buried it.’ Then they write all these equations for bioelectric magnetic algorithms that stunt people’s growth and all sorts of stuff. This is called human husbandry.

In order to deal with directed energy weapons (DEWS) defense, I teach biofield practice so people can shunt the signal out of them. They don’t even know that body part is there and that is how it works. I also teach different methodologies of shielding, looking for gear and obviously testing for things.

I don’t talk about it as much and I refer them to channels like yours where they can go and get the tech metrics. I am just one person. I do cyber security and show my pilo erection and you can look that up on the NIH (national institute of health) as well as frisson, when you do the pilo erection with music so people understand this is a body part.

It did not show up yesterday and they have had it hidden away. They are not going to give it back. They are going to have your 6th sense be the AI. Nobody has any idea what is going on because we have gone so long without anybody talking about human physiology, material physics, advanced signals electronic processing technology with the body electric. That is so they can play video game remotes with people like SIMS.

Using the biofield and pilo erection is going to be what blocks a puke ray by the math and the metrics for a short time. That is why I teach it because no one else is and no one cares that I was tested on as a kid. They don’t care that the biofield is a body part and it is available to them. This is absolutely electronic warfare at every level.

God Bless You and thank you for all you do. Amen.


Here is an interesting channel: Juxtaposition’s Maxims (My Channel’s Purpose)

Bank Anthropology becomes planned and funded societies.
No such thing as democratic self-rule.
There are no Presidents, Governors, Judges, Congress people. Only crisis actors on a stage.
Smart Cities are NATO Prison Detention & Cremation Facilities
Hiding in plain view arrogance
Masonic symbols, handshakes, numerology, deadly oaths and murder.
Popular commercial music is fake and Military Bank sponsored.
Satanic Churches are fake and Military Bank sponsored.
Cult beliefs are both authentic and disturbing: Nike Lance Pharmstrong to Jim Jones to COVID.
There never was a Manson Family.
Chem Trails are not contrails.
NATO Operation Gladio murders are international and include the USA.
CIA runs the fake media and cover stories for NATO crimes and Bank funded Eugenics. Never fall for the potato in your tailpipe trick.

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Water and Salt!!! A Free Special Report

This 39 page PDF is free: scroll to the bottom of our Special Free Reports page and enter your first name and email address and you will have instant access to this full report which you can read online and download to print it out.

From Dr. Batmanghelidj. Author, Medical Doctor and Research Scientist:

20th century medicine is based on 4 false assumptions. The entire monument of medicine including this beautiful structure of Jefferson University Hospital Medical School is based on 4 false assumptions.

  1. Dry mouth is the only true indicator of thirst. It is not. In order to be able to chew and swallow food that is a primary function for the body, we produce ample saliva even though the rest of the body may be dehydrated. Dry mouth is not an explanation and people who have just eaten a heavy meal often start getting heartburn within half an hour of eating. They were able to swallow that food even though they were thirsty.
  2. The second false assumption is that water has no direct metabolic role in the body and no direct chemical effect, and the body is regulated by the solutes—the elements that dissolve in the human body. We have taken the science of chemistry and rammed it into the human body when we discovered the human body is made up of all the similar elements that we tested in the discipline of chemistry. We assumed automatically that water had no role. That is a wrong assumption.
  3. Water intake regulatory mechanisms of the body are efficient throughout the life span of a person. We egin to lose our perception of thirst as we grow older and we allow dehydration to settle in our bodies.
  4. The 4th false assumption is that all fluids can replace the water needs of the body. This is wrong. Water is water. Others fluids do not necessarily act in the body in the same capacity as water. For example, milk is not water. It is food.

Caffeine in Beverages:

  1. Dehydrate the body; effect is on the brain and kidneys and produces a lot of urine. It flushes more water out of the body than there is in the beverage so when you drink a cup of coffee that is 200 CCs, your body will lose between 230 and 350 CCs of water depending on how dehydrated you are and how the body is trying to conserve its water content.
  2. Caffeine does something else that is detrimental to any living matter. That is that it inhibits brain enzyme PDE –phosphodiesterase. It is most essential to expand memory. Dr. Patel just know told me he was one of the original discoverers of PDE activity.
  3. It has been discovered in fruit flies that they totally forget their ability to fly off and the art of camouflage is lost and they become easy prey to whatever is about to eat them. the coffee plant uses caffeine as chemical warfare because once any predator ate the coffee bean that is supposed to create the next generation of the coffee plant in the soil, the enzymes remember when to camouflage, when to be alert, responsive, quick and agile, and that ability will go. That creature that eats the coffee bean will become prey to its own predator. That is how the coffee plant defends itself for its next generation of the species. We take the seeds, extract their caffeine, concentrate it and give it to our people in the form of coffee and strongly brewed coffee. One cup of Starbuck coffee contains 180mg of this poisonous material.

On top of caffeine diet sodas are now being produced that contains aspartame and it creates false hunger and is the cause of excess weight. There is a false assumption that anything that doesn’t have energy and is sweet is okay because the body stores energy in the form of sugar when we drink these beverages.

We are not fooling the body; we are fooling our pockets and our health and our understanding of the human body. The human brain is a magnificent computer; it calculates and computes the intensity of sweetness to the nearest energy unit. It calculates the energy that has arrived by the sweetness of the element that you have swallowed.

It has been shown that up to 90 minutes after taking artificial sweetener when the sugar or energy that was ‘promised’ is nowhere to be found, there is a physiological panic in the body by the brain and the liver and the person is compelled to go and eat and make good the promise of energy that was given to the body by the sweetness or the intensity of the sweetness….more in the free report….

As a result of 100 years of medical research based on false scientific assumptions:

  • Modern ‘voodoo’ medicine insists on the use of biohazardous chemicals as medications that kill hundreds of thousands a year and make millions sicker than before…
  • We have produced cost-intensive and cost-escalating ‘sick-care’ systems bankrupting social systems in advanced societies. The system can only prosper and survive if people are sick…more in the free report…

If we change the paradigm and understand dehydration as the origin of pain and disease, we can reduce the healthcare costs of this society by no less than 60% in a matter of 10 to 15 years and have a much healthier nation of clear-thinking and be more elevated in our thoughts and behavior.

Q: Why do water and salt act as medications in so many health problems?

A: Because they correct persistent dehydration inside all cells of the body…more in the free report…

Salt is Vital

  1. To nerve cells’ communication
  2. To absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract
  3. For clearance of the lungs from mucous plugs and sticky phlegm
  4. In asthma and cystic fibrosis

More in the free report…

Dehydration Manifests in 4 Major Ways:

  1. Perceptive feelings
  2. Water rationing programs
  3. Crisis calls for water
  4. Disease complications.

The brain becomes aware of dehydration first and produces its own markers of dehydration which we never understood. These 4 stages of dehydration in the body are now understandable and we need to be more aware of them. You will come across people with these problems and you can tell them they are not sick, they are just thirsty.

Thirst Perceptions

  1. Feeling TIRED
  2. Feeling FLUSHED
  3. Feeling IRRITABLE
  4. Feeling ANXIOUS
  5. Feeling DEJECTED
  6. Feeling DEPRESSED
  7. Feeling INADEQUATE
  8. Feeling a “HEAVY HEAD”
  10. AGORAPHOBIA …more in the free report….

Exercise Has Another Function.

When you use your muscles you burn up the amino acids that are competitors to tryptophan and tyrosine for passage across the blood/brain barrier. When you take these branch chain amino acids out of circulation by burning them in the muscle, you allow the tryptophan to go across the blood brain barrier more readily and easily to manufacture serotonin, tryptomine, melatonin, and endolamine that are the amino acids.

The tyrosine will go across the blood brain barrier and manufacture adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. These are vital elements against depression and so on….more in the free report…

From Lynn: Now stop and think what happens to Hoover Dam when Lake Meade drops too far. There will be no more production of electricity.

So in our bodies when we are not drinking enough water, it is like dropping the level of Lake Meade. When we don’t have enough salt the conductivity of electricity lessens. Our bodies are a water grid and for all parts to function there has to be enough intake of water.

0905+2023—What—I Need To Drink This Much Water Every Day?

Lynn discusses how much water we need to drink every day. And, she tells why coffee, tea, juice, sodas, beer, alcoholic beverages do not count as the water you need to drink daily in order to avoid dehydration.  She also talks about savings for you in September, 2023.

What if all disease is really the lack of sufficient water in our body?  Our brain is 85% water; our bodies are 75% water.  What happens to you when you drink liquids all day that are not water?  Coffee, tea, soda pop, and juice do not do what water does in your body.  And what if you don’t have enough salt in your body?

And take advantage of the September, 2023, specials.  This is your chance to double up on specials during September 2023.

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Many People Are Lining Up In The Scramble To Buy A Home Before It’s ‘Too Late’

Who Might Want To Take Advantage of 25% off Plasma Energies in August, 2023?

Many People Are Lining Up In The Scramble To Buy A Home Before It’s ‘too late’….

A Lesson In Home Ownership follows and why Plasma Energy Solution offers plasma energies such as Anxiety Relief and many more….

So what does Lynn with Plasma Energy Solution know about home ownership and why would she even discuss it? Many issues people have with their physical and mental health have to do with their financial decisions. Then they are looking for Anxiety Relief or Happiness Support, or maybe Clear Mind or Insomnia Relief.

A recent survey showed that some people are paying up to 80% of their monthly income for house payments! An ‘old rule of thumb’ used to be 25% of your monthly income for house payments that included taxes and insurance.

So back to home ownership. For starters many people are afraid the home ownership ‘train’ is pulling out of the station without them. Interest rates are going up. Media and others are telling them that there is scarcity of homes. This is not a discussion about whether that is true or not!

The best way to understand home ownership is to understand the process of losing a home in foreclosure. Let’s go through a Notice in the Montana Legal Classifieds. Supposed home ownership is spelled out for you. (Note: names, addresses, town and county, are changed to provide privacy to a homeowner named in the Legal Classifieds).

Notice of Trustee’s Sale:

To be sold for cash at a trustee’s sale on November 20, 2023, at 0200 PM outside on the front steps of “Noname” County Courthouse, 456 Main Street, “Hiddentown”, Montana 12345, the following described real property situated in “Noname”_ County, State of Montana:

Legal description: that part of the west 62 feet of Lot 2, Block 34, of First Addition in the city of “Hiddentown”, “Noname” County, Montana, described as Certificate of Survey Number “24689” on file in the office of clerk and recorder of said County under Document # 444, more commonly know as “123 Somewhere Street, “Noname”, Montana.

Lynn’s note: pay attention to the language in this next section. Are they talking about a house?

Daffey R Duck as Grantor, conveyed said real property to ABC Title Company. as trustee, to secure an obligation owed to Mortgage Electronic Systems as designated nominee for ABC Bank beneficiary of the security instrument it’s successors or assigns by Deed of Trust dated August 1, 2019 and filed for record in the records of County Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, Hiddentown, Montana, on August 7, 2019, as Instrument 12141618 of Official Records.

The Deed of Trust was assigned for value as follows:

Assignee; ‘Streetview’ Loan Servicing LLC

Assignment: Dated: January 10, 2022.

Assignment Recording information as instrument No. 1234789.

All in the records of County Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, Montana.

What? Daffey R Duck conveyed the said real property to the title company? As Trustee? To a 3rd party who is designated nominee for ABC Bank? Is this all mumbo jumbo? The Deed of Trust was assigned for value…not the house. Huh?

“Sam S. Shylock,” is successor trustee pursuant to Substitution of Trustee recorded in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Noname County, State of Montana on July 7, 2023.

Lynn’s Note: Okay, wait a minute. Did Daffey R Duck qualify for a bank loan for purchasing the house? Wasn’t the house the collateral? No. A Deed of Trust was assigned for value. What’s all this talk about grantor and trustee, title company, systems and ABC bank, beneficiary and security? Doesn’t Daffey R Duck own the house, and doesn’t Daffey pay ABC Bank for the loan on the house? Why is there a Deed of Trust with assigned value?

The Beneficiary (remember, ABC Bank?) has declared default in the terms of said Deed of Trust due to Grantor’s () failure to make monthly payments beginning February 1, 2023, and each month subsequent, which monthly installments would have been applied on the principal and interest due on said obligation and other charges against the property or loan.

By reason of said default said Beneficiary has declared all sums owing on the obligation secured by said Trust Deed due and payable immediately.

Wait a minute. Did you think the house was security for the bank loan?

They are foreclosing on a Trust Deed. Then, who the heck owns the house? If Daffey R Duck doesn’t ‘own’ the house, and the bank doesn’t have a security on the house, but on a Deed of Trust, WHO OWNS THE HOUSE?

Okay, now this is going to get better.

  1. Daffey R Duck was a grantor on a Deed of Trust.
  2. On the closing papers was most likely listed as the Tenant. Tenant? Huh? Wasn’t Daffey the Buyer? Why was the Seller, Donald B Duck, not called ‘Seller’? Was Donald B Duck, the Seller just selling the interest in a Deed of Trust to Daffey R Duck?
  3. In the closing papers there is never a bill of sale so there was no document stating that Donald B Duck sold the house to Daffey R Duck for a certain amount.
  4. In the closing papers there was never a quit claim deed where Donald B Duck conveyed his interest in the property (quit his claim on the property) to Daffey R Duck.
  5. Who owns the house? Now you can do some homework. See if there are any records in the county where the title company trustee conveyed the property to State of Montana (or your state where you live with the house you think you bought).
  6. Why do you think you pay property taxes? You are paying rent to the real owner of the house…the county/state.
  7. What a sweet deal—you don’t own the house, but you pay the bank, the property taxes, the insurance, the utilities and the upkeep. You paint the fence and mow the lawn.
  8. Now you know why someone who ‘owns’ a million dollar house and falls behind on taxes is foreclosed on by the county/state that keeps the house, even if the past due taxes were $20,000 and the house is worth a million. That someone who ‘owned’ the million dollar house gets booted out of the house with nothing for his/her so-called equity.

The bank never had access to the ‘ownership’ of Daffey R Duck’s house until the foreclosure sale when they gave the trustee of the sale the check for the ‘winning bid’ on the house. Now they finally ‘own’ the house and can sell the house to someone else, who actually never buys a house, but buys interest in a Deed of Trust. The bank bought the house from the county/state who owned the house all along.

Now, if Marge and Jim Buyer ‘purchase’ the house, they will be called Tenants, or Tenants in Common on the closing documents. They will not be called Purchasers or “New Owners.” They will not ‘own’ the house; they will be granted a Deed of Trust by the seller.

Ponder all this if you are in a panic to buy an over-priced home with funds from a lending institution at a high interest rate. And remember, you won’t own the house…but you will purchase the new furnace when the old one quits.

There could be an upside to going through this process if interest rates are low, property prices are reasonable and there are fixed rate mortgages. Then buyers can purchase ‘known monthly overhead’ for the house and maybe even have a ‘nest egg’ of the so-called equity of the house when they go to sell. Notice the words ‘could be’ and ‘if.’ That ship sailed a few years ago. This is all a part of business cycles created by the bankers.

Oh, one more thing.  If the house wasn’t collateral for the bank loan where did the Deed of Trust get the value for the loan that was issued?  It’s just a document.  Daffey R Duck signed a promissory note to the bank.  But how can a signed note have value?  It’s just a piece of paper.  

Did Daffey somehow create the funds for the loan?  How?  Maybe Daffey’s mother kept a copy of a hospital birth certificate with Daffey’s little foot prints on it.  Was this the first time Daffey signed ‘loan’ papers?  Did Daffey somehow become collateral for the debt of the country Daffey was born in?  Was a birth certificate created on the Daffey and then sold into the money markets to raise funds for the treasury of the country?   

Now do you understand if birthrates are falling in the US why there are so many people flooding into the country through open borders? The treasury and the banks need more collateral for creating more ‘money’!

So, If you insist on going ahead with the so-called purchase of a home…

just remember that Plasma Energy Solution has some combinations that may be helpful for you: Anxiety Relief, Be Brave, Clear Mind, Healthy Brain, Headache Relief, Insomnia Relief, and Super Sleep Plus.

Pay attention to what is going on around you. Put down the TV remote.

Jeffrey Prather, Todd Callendar…prepare for Marburg

0816-2023—What Does Plasma Energy Have To Do With People Lining Up and Scrambling To Buy a House?

Lynn has a new blog that tells you exactly what you are purchasing when you think you are purchasing a house.  And then understand why we have specials this month that will help you add Anxiety Relief, Happiness, Harmony and Peace, Insomnia Relief, Headache Relief and much more!  You can find a great August special found on the home page, .  Look carefully at the video titles as one tells you about a second Secret August Special. This is your chance to double up on specials for big savings during August 2023. 

Lynn’s blog goes out this week to people on her mailing list.  If you want to receive a copy you will want to sign up for mailings from Plasma Energy Solution.  The best way to do that is to go to the website and select Free Reports.  Scroll to any report and put in a first name and an email address.

Here is the link for free reports:

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I AM The Storm

Why Is Lynn Practically Giving Away The Newest Combination From Plasma Energy Solution?

Lynn Shares Some Recent Notes:

Joy in the face of adversity is our act of rebellion. What you need is cognition. The truth will come out eventually and when it does, those who are stealing the very energy from our bodies and biofields (energy fields) will be on their own. They will need to answer for what they have done.

Eventually those of them who do understand what Sabrina has been saying are going to realize that she does not lie because of her telepathy. She is way too honest and is told: you shouldn’t share those things! She calls it a Midwest mind set: say one thing and do another.

Those damaging their fellow man have been lied to about Jesus, the bible and languages in general. Sabrina quotes the Dead Sea Scrolls commission saying this world was handed over to these creatures and all their stupidity.

And she says, Our job is to believe in God, by faith alone. It is our job. Just like in the book of Job, the oldest book we have for those of you addicted to the Torah, the Babylonian Talmud.

For those of you who forget, the Tuapa da Dan and the ones from Egypt that ran from the crazies when they did this before, and we are supposed to forget technology in other parts of the world that all end up looking like Ankh and the open portals.

So how do you open the portals? You sing them open with your chakras, your circulatory system, making sound out of your own body. What does it say in the Psalms? Praise! What does it say in the Dead Sea Scrolls for exorcszing a demon? Sing! Praise! And mock them.

And there is David (David and Goliath) naked with a slingshot? He used his biofield, the electrical body part that returns the signal and kicks their ass. Oh we can’t have that? It’s a ‘demon field’ according to Karen Kingston and all is controlled by SQL Hive, Curbernates, Haduploop (?), Spark, and Microsoft Open AI Azure Ingest and Subsume on the KABAN with Supernet and Nippernet. Magical technology?

Find out more by going to Free Reports found on a tab on the right side of the home page and scroll down to the end to Book 5 of Sabrina Dawn. It is a PDF explaining the technology being used against all men, women and children worldwide in pictures and charts:

Why does any of this matter? Do you know people who are in a stuck mode in their lives and can’t get out of it? Such as depression? Or such as not being able to follow through on what they say they are going to do?

Could someone else have a remote device controlling these people? Is that because bit by bit people’s energies are being siphoned off, organ by organ in their bodies? Do you know that people have been able to control family members for decades with these remote devices?

Energy workers are telling Lynn that many people are dragging around with low energy.

The intention of our newest combination, Never Ending Plasma Energy Love, Protection and Vitality, is for supporting the energies in your body’s organs, your energy field (biofield), your spirit and soul.

In Lynn’s way of thinking, forewarned is forearmed. When the gates go down and the bells ring to let you know a train is coming, that is giving you forewarning. Now you are forewarned and forearmed. When you ignore the bells and the gate, and sit on the tracks when the train is coming, that is ignoring the warning. You know the outcome.

If you truly pay attention to news and headlines, you can see that the intention of those so-called ‘elites’ who are ‘running things’ does not support you or your family’s well-being. So this might support why you might want Love, Protection and Vitality to support and protect you and your family’s bodies and biofields while adding the love. Why love?

Lynn’s insight about love is a description of Dr. Paul helping another. In the description there was a part about his smiling and giving a burst of energy with the smile. It was followed by his laughter.

I think he was not laughing at the one he was helping but laughing with joy that he could be helping someone with the healing energies of love and joy.

In Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Sabrina Dawn we are being shown how to push out energy for the inside of our bodies and our biofields (energy fields). This could magnify your intention of love, protection and vitality.

Some years ago I read a theory about the early humanoids that were genetically modified to be a slave race for mining gold for another race for their world and themselves.

Allegedly this modified race were big and joyful, they sang a lot and did elaborate paintings on the walls of the caves and mines (more elaborate than the petroglyphs we see in western America).

The race that modified them couldn’t stand ‘all the racket’ of the singing and killed them off. But maybe there was more to it. Maybe their joy was a way of healing themselves naturally. What if the race that modified them couldn’t do that themselves? Would they fear them?

The Native Americans use singing, dancing and drumming in their feasts and ceremonies. It may sound strange to those with ‘city ears’, but it is their song to the earth and their Creator.

Today all men, women and children in our world are being assailed with the negativity and dark energies that can dampen their energy and steal their joy. Are the ghouls who refer to themselves as the ‘elite’ afraid of love and do they despise joy?  They cannot create; they can only cause fear through repeated acts of hatred and destruction–over and over and over throughout the history that they constantly change and distort ….ad  nauseum.  You don’t have to believe Lynn, Sabrina or anyone else. Just do your own research.

Many things to ponder, Love and joy to you!  

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Where Are We Headed?

Lynn shares information she has studied for over twenty years that may help you understand the following short articles.

So how do you prepare for these things? Getting back to the basics—we are over 70% water. To maintain good health you want to drink water that supports your body and brings it into balance so it can heal itself.

You cannot do that with water laced with fluoride, chlorine, venoms and more.

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Video: 06-15-2023—Where Do We Go From Here?

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Where Do We Go From Here?

The Following Articles are not for those who put their faith in the main stream news and the faint of heart. If you are happy with your knowledge of history and what is going on around you skip to the end past the articles.

So why is there Heavenly Protection? What is that for anyway? First you need to understand the world we live in. Not all history taught is true.

1.Your tap water is good for you:

From the 40 min. mark this is the discussion between Dr. Brian Ardis and Stew Peters:
Ardis: “When I saw this I knew I was right, I knew I was supposed to see that because it was confirmation to me that other people had planned this all along, which we’ve known…this is a plan. The FBI actually figures out that it’s peptides found in crate venom that poisoned Reddington.”

The show Blacklist reveals that the poison was in the drink. And then I realized how covid has been spread.

The CDC has 400 water surveillance sites in 37 cities (on the covid tracker site). What no one knows is the data from the CDC between 1/2020-9/2020 in relationship to their water testing for these cities. They only let people know they were treating in 9/2020 and are releasing that data.

Two weeks ago, they are Upping their water testing and have been reporting to media outlets how it works is that they are PCR testing our waste water. Our poop will supposedly tell a city when there are high amounts of covid in the water. They can actually tell that city 4 or 5 days later when there will be an outbreak in that city. But….that’s backwards.

If a community has had an outbreak, the testing would reveal covid AFTER they already had symptoms and have pooped out the virus. By the time the water shows there is an outbreak, you no longer have symptoms because you’ve already felt it and it’s leaving your body after it’s been there already.

How could they know and then confirm in the future 4-5 days AFTER covid has been in the water? It’s not because there’s an outbreak occurring 4-5 days after testing from shedding.

It’s just like in the show Blacklist. One thing that’s been common is the loss of taste and smell that lasts for months or years. They already knew it did this to people that drink the snake venom.

For natural healers who got bitten by the snake and sucked out the venom and then spit it out they have this loss of taste and smell that can last 12 months – 18 months just from being exposed in their mouth.

The thing about the water is this: They are using the water systems because they can target specific demographics. They are absolutely confident that the peptides they’ve chosen for covid circulated throughout the world. Specifically targets in the mRNA vaccines organs like spleen, pancreas for diabetics, brain tissue, lung and heart tissue. So, if you already have a disease process in those areas, they are the targets.

Peters: Do people working at the water treatment plants know this is going on?

Ardis: No. The CDC is in on it. And the CDC is working with contracting companies to make sure they do it.
Nicotine receptors in the brain control the diaphragm. The diaphragm has to contract in order for oxygen to enter your lungs. They are using crate venom and cobra venom calling it covid 19. You’re drinking it, it’s getting into your brain stem and it’s paralyzing your diaphragm’s ability to breathe.

HUGE FACT: The least reported demographic during covid 19 was smokers. Around the WORLD less than 5% of everyone in hospitals were smokers. That’s odd BECAUSE IT’S A RESPIRATORY VIRUS. Smokers should have had the worst cases but didn’t. Fauci was telling people that smokers should quit smoking. But that’s a lie. Various medical studies have found that nicotine STOPS the spike protein from binding to covid 19, which shuts down breathing. It’s not that covid 19 causes respiratory shut down, but the venom. Various studies are shown in this video that state these facts.

So, once you enter the hospital with covid because you can’t breathe, they give you Remdesavir and then it just gets worse. 80% of New York’s patients that are put on ventilators ultimately die and some doctors are trying to stop using them. They also put you on heavy sedation drugs that also shut down your breathing once you’re on the ventilator. The cocktail is dialed in. The 9th day is the day most people die on Remdesivir.

Corona definition: Gold ribbon at base of miter. The Pope’s venom. Corona means crown. We see kings with crowns. Maybe it’s King cobra’s venom. It’s perhaps a religious war. How perfect to use a name (religious depiction) to get the evil one’s dna into us all. Does this make us a hybrid of Satan?

There’s an article written 7/6/2021 written by the cofounder of Moderna. The title is: Moderna cofounder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites. It goes on to say the cofounder is creating a company called Opherics, based in San Francisco. It will solely work on creating anti-venom drugs for snake bites. Funding is from: The US Department of Defense, The Wellcome Trust, and the United Nations.

All people with the snake venom have elevated D-Dimer tests. Ardis quotes an article from the internet using Medscape: What are doctors trained to know with elevated D-Dimer testing and what it may mean? Snake VENOM poisoning. Not snake bite victim. It says snake Venom poisoning. This is worsened by boosters. That’s why they want people to get them.

2. The history we are taught in school is true…or is it?

WHAT DOES “THE RULE OF LAW” MEAN? The Crown rules all nations!


Lately, I have been seeing and hearing this “RULE OF LAW” phrase everywhere. Sometimes it is distorted into “rules based order” or something similar like the “rules-based international order;” at other times the “international order” or “rules-based system;” or occasionally the “rules-based international system,” but now we may add “international law-based world order” to the mix.

Are you confused? I certainly was! So I decided to find out what are the origins of this mysterious yet variable phrase and what it actually means.

I discovered that there are quite a few interpretations which suggested to me that this latest soundbite was just another trite 3-word globalist cliché used by politicians, think tanks and media pundits but the actual meaning is ASSUMED or GUESSED, even deliberately obscured. Or maybe….. none of the talking heads really know what this vagueness conceals.

Take Iain Davis and James Corbett for example: Here they agreed that this new catch phrase refers to the threatening advent of technocracy but they strung their chat out to last an hour if you are curious.

Whitney Webb did her usual intensive, forensic and exhaustive investigation, which wears your eyes and synapses to a frazzle (if you can spare the time) here.

Was I enlightened? Not a bit. I felt as if I was being given a degree course in geo-political interpretation without breaks for expressive dance, but the illusive truth lay buried beneath a mountain of intellectually itchy wire wool.

Lucky for me, earlier this week, I had serendipitously stumbled across an astonishing article called: The Crown Temple by Rule of Mystery Babylon by Michael Edward of the Ecclesiastic Commonwealth Community (ECC) July 15, 2003

I had included a reference to it in one of my articles but I doubt if anyone opened it so I reproduce it in full for you here with a few minor edits for clarity. I hope you are as staggered and impressed as I was. Buckle up, get refreshments, you are in for a wild ride through some obscure but enthralling history!


The Crown Temple

The governmental and judicial system within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power.

Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different “Crown” and is specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown.”

The Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar in two parts: the Round and the Chancel. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 and modelled after the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Chancel was built in 1240. The Temple Church serves both the Inner and Middle Temples and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment on the River Thames in the City of London. Its grounds also house the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row.

All licensed Bar Attorneys in the U.S. [and Barristers in UK] owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realizing this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane behind Fleet Street in London.

city of london obelisk.jpg

The Inns of Court to the Crown Temple use the Banking and Judicial system of the City of London – a sovereign and independent territory which is not a part of Great Britain (just as Washington DC is not a part of the north American states, nor is it a state) to defraud, coerce, and manipulate people.

These Fleet Street bankers and lawyers are committing crimes under the guise and colour of law. The present Queen of England is not the “Crown,” as we have all been led to believe. Rather, it is the Bankers and Attorneys who are the actual Crown or Crown Temple. The Monarch aristocrats of England have not been ruling sovereigns since the reign of King John, circa 1215. All royal sovereignty of the old British Crown since that time has passed to the Crown Temple in Chancery.

Since the first Chancel of the Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar, this is not a new ruling system by any means. The Chancel, or Chancery, of the Crown Inner Temple Court was where King John was, in January 1215, when the English barons demanded that he confirm the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta.

This City of London Temple was the headquarters of the Templar Knights in Great Britain where Order and Rule were first made, which became known as Code.

By what authority has the “Crown” usurped the natural sovereignty of the American people?

Is it acceptable that the U.S. Supreme Court decides constitutional issues in the U.S.A?

How can it be considered in any manner as being “constitutional” when this same Supreme Court is appointed by (not elected) and paid by the Federal U.S. Government?

The legal system (judiciary) of the U.S.A. is controlled by the Crown Temple from the independent and sovereign City of London. The private Federal Reserve System, which issues fiat U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, is financially owned and controlled by the Crown from Switzerland, the home and legal origin for the charters of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and most importantly, the Bank of International Settlements.

Even Hitler respected his Crown bankers by not bombing Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland controls all the central banks of the G7 nations. He who controls the gold rules the world.


The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn.

These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200’s. The Queen of England is a current member of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated – for a definite and purposeful reason: You can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public “front door” unless you’re a private member called to their Bar.

While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America. This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

From THE HISTORY OF THE INN, Later Centuries, [p.6], written by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, we can see a direct tie to the Bar Association franchises and its Crown signatories in America: “Call to the Bar or keeping terms in one of the four Inns a pre-requisite to Call at King’s Inns until late in the 19th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, students came from the American colonies and from many of the West Indian islands. The Inn’s records would lead one to suppose that for a time there was hardly a young gentleman in Charleston who had not studied here. Five of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence were Middle Templars, and notwithstanding it and its consequences, Americans continued to come here until the War of 1812.”

All Bar Association licensed Attorneys must keep the terms of their oath to the Crown Temple in order to be accepted or “called to Bar” at any of the King’s Inns. Their oath, pledge, and terms of allegiance are made to the Crown Temple.

It’s a real eye opener to know that the Middle Inn of the Crown Temple has publicly acknowledged there were at least five Templar Bar Attorneys, under solemn oath only to the Crown, who signed what was alleged to be an American Declaration of Independence. This simply means that both parties to the Declaration agreement were of the same origin, the Crown Temple.

In case you don’t understand the importance of this, there is no international agreement or treaty that will ever be honoured, or will ever have lawful effect, when the same party signs as both the first and second parties. It’s merely a worthless piece of paper with no lawful authority when both sides to any agreement are actually the same.

In reality, the American Declaration of Independence was nothing more than an internal memo of the Crown Temple made among its private members. By example, Alexander Hamilton was one of those numerous Crown Templars who was called to their Bar. In 1774, he entered King’s College in New York City, which was funded by members of the London King’s Inns, now named Columbia University. In 1777, he became a personal aide and private secretary to George Washington during the American Revolution. In May of 1782, Hamilton began studying law in Albany, New York, and within six months had completed a three year course of studies, passed his examinations, and was admitted to the New York Bar.

Of course, the New York Bar Association was/is a franchise of the Crown Temple through the Middle Inn. After a year’s service in Congress during the 1782-1783 session, he settled down to legal practice in New York City as Alexander Hamilton, Esqr. In February of 1784, he wrote the charter for, and became a founding member of, the Bank of New York, the State’s first bank. He secured a place on the New York delegation to the Federal Convention of 1787 at Philadelphia. In a five hour speech on June 18th, he stated “an Executive for life will be an elective Monarch”.

When all his anti-Federalist New York colleagues withdrew from the Convention in protest, he alone signed the Constitution for the United States of America representing New York State, one of the legal Crown States. Later, as President Washington’s U.S. Treasury Secretary, Hamilton alone laid the foundation of the first Federal U.S. Central Bank, secured credit loans through Crown banks in France and the Netherlands, and increased the power of the Federal Government over the hoodwinked nation-states of the Union.

Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America.

The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have sworn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys Rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but “legal”, Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts, our so-called “judiciary” in America.

This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.

The biggest lie is what the Crown and its agents refer to as “the rule of law”. In reality, it is not about law at all, but solely about the Crown Rule of all nations. For example, just read what President Bush stated on November 13, 2001, regarding the “rule of law”:

“Our countries are embarked on a new relationship for the 21st century, founded on a commitment to the values of democracy, the free market, and the rule of law.” – Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President Vladimir V. Putin on 11/13/01, spoken from the White House, Washington D.C.

Do you think President Putin knew what “THE RULE OF LAW” really meant?


What happened in 1776?

1776 is the year that will truly live in infamy for all Americans. It is the year that the Crown Colonies became legal Crown States. The Declaration of Independence was a legal, not lawful, document. It was signed on both sides by representatives of the Crown Temple. Legally, it announced the status quo of the Crown Colonies to that of the new legal name called “States” as direct possessive estates of the Crown.

All “Constitutional Rights” in America are simply those dictated by the Crown Temple and enforced by the Middle Inn Templars (Bar Attorneys) through their franchise and corporate government entity, the federal United States Government.

The Crown Temple was granted Letters Patent and Charters for all the land of New England by the King of England, a sworn member of the Middle Temple. Since the people were giving the patent/charter corporations and Colonial Governors such a hard time, especially concerning Crown taxation, a scheme was devised to allow the Americans to believe they were being granted “independence.”

Remember, the Crown Templars represented both parties to the 1776 Declaration of Independence; and, as we are about to see, the latter 1787 U.S. Constitution. To have this “Declaration” recognized by international treaty law, and in order to establish the new legal Crown entity of the incorporated United States, Middle Templar King George III agreed to the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783, “between the Crown of Great Britain and the said United States”.

The Crown of Great Britain legally was, then and now, the Crown Temple. This formally gave international recognition to the corporate “United States”, the new Crown Temple States. Most important is to know who the actual signatories to the Treaty of Paris were. Take particular note of the abbreviation “Esqr.” following their names as this legally signifies “Officers of the King’s Courts”, which we now know were Templar Courts or Crown Courts.

This is the same Crown Templar title given to Alexander Hamilton.


The Crown was represented in signature by “David Hartley, Esqr.”, a Middle Templar of the King’s Court. Representing the United States (a Crown franchise) by signature was “John Adams, Esqr”, “Benjamin Franklin, Esqr.” and “John Jay, Esqr.”

The signatories for the “United States” were also Middle Templars of the King’s Court through Bar Association membership. What is plainly written in history proves, once again, that the Crown Temple was representing both parties to the agreement.

What a perfect and elaborate scam! It becomes even more obvious when you read Article 5, which states in part: “to provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights, and Properties which have been confiscated, belonging to real British Subjects.”

Now, here’s a real catch-all in Article 4: “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”

Since the Crown and its Templars represented both the United States, as the debtors, and the Crown, as the creditors, then they became the creditor of the American people by owning all debts of the former Colonies, now called the legal Crown States. This sounds too good to be true, but these are the facts.

So then, what debts were owed to the Crown Temple and their banks as of 1883?

In the Contract Between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America, signed at Versailles July 16, 1782, Article I states: “It is agreed and certified that the sums advanced by His Majesty to the Congress of the United States under the title of a loan, in the years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, and the present 1782, amount to the sum of eighteen million of livres, money of France, according to the following twenty-one receipts of the above-mentioned underwritten Minister of Congress, given in virtue of his full powers, to wit…”

That amount equals about $18 million dollars, plus interest, that Hamilton’s U.S. Central Bank owed the Crown through Crown Bank loans in France. This was signed, on behalf of the United States, by an already familiar Middle Templar, Benjamin Franklin, Esquire. An additional $6 million dollars (six million livres) was loaned to the United States at 5% interest by the same parties in a similar Contract signed on February 25, 1783.

The Crown Bankers in the Netherlands and France were calling in their debts for payment by future generations of Americans.

The City of London Crown Corporation Flag

The Fiscal Agents of Mystery Babylon

Since its beginnings, the Temple Church at the City of London has been a Knight Templar secret society. It was built and established by the same Temple Knights who were given their Rule and Order by the Roman Pope. It’s very important to know how the British Royal Crown was placed into the hands of the Knights Templars, and how the Crown Templars became the fiscal and military agents for the Pope of the Roman Church.

This all becomes very clear through the Concession Of England To The Pope on May 15, 1213. Charter was sworn in fealty by England’s King John to Pope Innocent and the Roman Church. It was witnessed before the Crown Templars, as King John stated upon sealing the same: “I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templars.”

Pay particular attention to the words being used that we have defined below, especially charter, fealty, demur, and concession:

“We wish it to be known to all of you, through this our charter, furnished with our seal… not induced by force or compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and by the common counsel of our barons, do offer and freely concede to God and His holy apostles Peter and Paul and to our mother the holy Roman church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances… we perform and swear fealty for them to him our aforesaid lord pope Innocent, and his catholic successors and the Roman church… binding our successors and our heirs by our wife forever, in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be chief pontiff at that time, and to the Roman church without demur. As a sign… we will and establish perpetual obligation and concession… from the proper and especial revenues of our aforesaid kingdoms… the Roman church shall receive yearly a thousand marks sterling… saving to us and to our heirs our rights, liberties and regalia; all of which things, as they have been described above, we wish to have perpetually valid and firm; and we bind ourselves and our successors not to act counter to them. And if we or any one of our successors shall presume to attempt this, whoever he be, unless being duly warned he come to his kingdom, and this senses, he shall lose his right to the kingdom, and this charter of our obligation and concession shall always remain firm.”

Only the Templar Jesuit Switzerland and the Vatican city have square flags

Most who have commented on this charter only emphasize the payments due the Pope and the Roman Church. What should be emphasized is the fact that King John broke the terms of this charter by signing the Magna Carta on June 15, 1215. Remember; the penalty for breaking the 1213 agreement was the loss of the Crown (right to the kingdom) to the Pope and his Roman Church. It says so quite plainly.

To formally and lawfully take the Crown from the royal monarchs of England by an act of declaration, on August 24, 1215, Pope Innocent III annulled the Magna Carta; later in the year, he placed an Interdict (prohibition) on the entire British empire. From that time until today, the English monarchy and the entire British Crown belonged to the Pope.

By swearing to the 1213 Charter in fealty, King John declared that the British-English Crown and its possessions at that time, including all future possessions, estates, trusts, charters, letters patent, and land, were forever bound to the Pope and the Roman Church, the landlord.

Some five hundred years later, the New England Colonies in America became a part of the Crown as a possession and trust named the “United States.” By agreeing to the Magna Carta, King John had broken the agreement terms of his fealty with Rome and the Pope.

The Pope and his Roman Church control the Crown Temple because his Knights established it under his Orders. He who controls the gold controls the world.


The Crown Temple Today

The workings of the Crown Temple in this day and age is more so obvious, yet somewhat hidden. The Crown Templars have many names and many symbols to signify their private and unholy Temple.

Take a close look at the one dollar $1 private Federal Reserve System (a Crown banking franchise) Debt Note. Notice in the base of the pyramid the Roman date MDCCLXXVI which is written in Roman numerals for the year 1776. The words ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM are Roman Latin for ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH OF THE NEW ORDER OF THE WORLD. 1776 signifies the birth of the New World Order under the Crown Temple.

That’s when their American Crown Colonies became the chartered government called the United States, thanks to the Declaration of Independence. Since that date, the United Nations (another legal Crown Temple by charter) rose up and refers to every nation as a State member.

Mystery Babylon Revealed

There is no mystery behind the current abomination of Babylon for those who discern His Truth: “And on her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Revelation 17:5) God has reserved His judgment for the great idolatress, Rome, the chief seat of all idolatry, that rules over many nations with whom the kings have committed to the worship of her idols.

The Pope and His purported Church; sitting on the Temple throne at the Vatican; ruling the nations of the earth through the Crown Temple of ungodly deities are the Rule and Order of Babylon; the Crown of godlessness and the Code of commerce.

One may call the Rule of the world today by many names: The New World Order (a Bush family favourite), the Third Way (spoken by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), the Illuminati, Triad, Triangle, Trinity, Masonry, the United Nations, the EU, the US, or many dozens of other names. However, they all point to one origin and one beginning. We have traced this in history to the Crown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200.

Because the Pope created the Order of the Temple Knights (the Grand Wizards of deception) and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London, it is the Pope and his Roman Capitols who control the world. “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.” (Revelation 17:4) This verse appears to be an accurate description of the Pope and His Bishops for the past 1,700 years.

The idolatries of commerce in the world: all the gold and silver; the iron and soft metals; the money and coins and riches of the world: All of these are under the control of the Crown Temple; the Roman King and his false Church; the throne of Babylon; attended to by his Templar Knights, the Wizards of abomination and idolatry.

Where do we go from here? Now that their false Temple has been exposed, how does this apply to the Kingdom of Heaven? To reach the end, you must know the beginning. For everything ordained of God, there is an imitation ordained of evil that looks like the genuine thing. There is the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. “The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.”(Revelation 17:9)

The false Crown Temple and its Grand Wizard Knights have led the world to believe that they are of the Lord God and hold the knowledge and keys to His Kingdom. What they hold within their Temples are the opposite. They claim to be the “Holy Church,” but which holy church? The real one or the false one? Are the Pope and his Roman Church the Temple of God, or is this the unholy Temple of Babylon sitting upon the seven hills?


I hope you found this easy to understand. I admit I had to read it several times before the full impact of it settled in my mind and replaced the nonsense I had previously been deceived by….. I asked myself: Who established the Holy Roman Empire and built the Vatican? Of course, I said to myself, it was the descendants of the Roman Senate who were chased to the swamps of Venice in 476AD and rebuilt covertly. It is true to say that all roads lead to Rome, but also that Rome never fell. It simply relocated and rebranded.

3. If this version of history is true then does it explain why the following would be done to us and our world?

The following is from 0608-2023—

Sabrina: you’ve been there for years on the 90 corridor… I didn’t know what you were doing but now I understand it even more. This I95 shielding structure broke apart and we tracked it every step of the way in real time…when I started cross correlating every year up until Sept 11, the nodes and ley lines were not disturbed. This track goes out to Seattle.

In 1993 it was the Seattle ley line project. Synergy…there is a list. We were trying to pull together ways that you could protect yourself by using your natural biofield and listening. We didn’t understand what they were doing.

Wisconsin is the eastern ‘front’

That is what Obama was working on in the Seattle project. It was all up in here by nodes and ley lines.

Once I found out that Lockheed was running that through human consciousness it was easy.

Oklahoma is the central communications point for something called The Corridor. The Corridor runs throughout this space, not in the way you know it to be.(midway across the US) and not in the way you know it to be.

Up here on the horn (upper Africa look for her white arrow) where they are going to blow it apart with what they have been anchoring in Nigeria. It is consistently Nigeria.

Look for her white arrow near the bottom of the western bulge of Africa.

The Azores is what pulls it up.

This right here goes under(see the white in the cluster of yellow dots in Europe) when this blows. –see the white arrow in the green area to the right of the yellow European cluster that follows:

That is what is actually laced in that green area.

Everybody who is living up here knows that—see below.

The other thing about the US is that California lowers like a stair step.

That is why so many in Mexico are pissed off, because this all got shoved and screwed up and the idiots went up into California and did really bad things.

That is why the island of Japan was closed.

Look how close California and Japan are on the same corridor. No matter what they do to Nippon (Japan) she is going to survive some more.

It is a straight line and the main anchor points are in Tibet.

Look for the white arrow in the gray space above the yellow dots. Anchor points in Nepal run that same parallel all the way across the Pacific, the US, the Atlantic opening up into Atlantis here on the horn of Africa

That is why they are going to sink all the prima material of Europe (the heavy yellow dot area and the green area just to the right of it).

That is why they are blowing up Ukraine. That is why everyone knows there is nothing you can do.

I bet there is a biblical link with the Black Sea that will tell you that is exactly what they are up to.

The islands of Greece, Malta will pop and float like they always do. That is why the Templars and all that repeat. Then the islands will come back magnetically when the earth crust settles.

Welcome to your 2000 and 18,000 year turnover for Atlantis. It is not the same thing as the 500 year political power turnover. It is not the same as when the crusades happened 2000 years ago to re-permeate the prima materia needed by the soil structure.

That was the March of Bataan in WWII and the knowledge of the real Sushima Wars between Russia and China. As long as the prima materia and the electrical control is permeated to locale they can do whatever they want.

It is the same thing with St. Patrick’s stuff (Ireland). When they got hold of the deep underground Vatican corona masseur stuff they did it to the whole world. Before they had only been allowed like the Mongols to do chunks of it at a time. That is because they needed 12,000 years and not 500 years.

Here in my neck of the woods in the Great Lakes area of Wisconsin, not only did I work here but physically from Ashland to Permilab in Shaumburg, Illinois directly connected to the I94.

I94 is my shielding structure all the way. I follow her all the way through Michigan, but I stop at Gary, Indiana and unload data. Then we come all the down to Indianapolis.

That is because of the serpent mounds. They are magnetic. It’s not bones. The reason people think that is because there is a lot of bone material there, but not bones. It’s magnets just like St. Patrick’s. They bring the resonance and ‘off we go.’

At the end of WWII they buried all their crap in Bermuda and they take it up when they run the storms with HAAEP and they rearrange the atmosphere to whatever particulate they need locally. Now you are in the 4D, inter-dimensional ‘apartment structure’ of the corridor.

It is anchored out of Oakridge (Tennessee) in order to ensure appropriate skiff translation for prima materia and re-allocation.

When they are talking about the bounce points from Chicago it goes straight across the top of Pennsylvania and the kinetic energy from the interstates supports a lot of the additional Gestalt they use and this is natural, mathematically.

Where do you end up? Watch: it’s Rome.

So your inter-dimensional telescope that is at Mt. Graham in Arizona, belongs to the Vatican. My mother and dad worked on the eastern side of Italy in the boot heel.

When you screw up Turkey enough their island of Greece breaks off and goes away. Everybody knows that. All that is because of what they are doing in Ukraine.

What this does is open the corridor at our level of soil in the US. Above us and below us it all comes together in one dimension for a certain amount of time because they keep ripping holes and they have been at it too long.

When I was doing energy work, not knowing any of this weirdness, they were all around me because they couldn’t figure out what was going on. I didn’t know what was going on. The point is for the area in Wisconsin where Eau Claire is, where the white markers are, like Stewart Swerdlow says, is their new base and that is how they open up Greenland.

It is already set to happen. Unless you think you are going to peel back all this and it is not going to happen.

This was all seeded and you have the rat lines that connect to Antarctica. It is because of what is laid beneath the Interstates.

All you need is kinetic energy and plasmonic architecture and they can turn all sorts of tissue into whatever they want into enough prima materia.

They went to Antarctica and mined all the ice cores; it was no different than when St. Patrick went to Ireland and smashed up a bunch of relics of Nephilim bones and blew it into the earth and vibrated it with a scepter and a plasmonic staff. That was because out of Exodus the people that didn’t want to be involved but were already hybridized, showed up in Ireland and they called them the Tuatha de dan (?sp) because of their airships and all the flooding.

They repeated that a few times and they hunted them down –the evil people do because they hate them. The rat lines are all about seeding it and breeding it. When Atlantis comes up you can see it and they will pop it right back together and Greenland is ready to go.

Antarctica has already been cleaned out and unloaded and is ready to go inside of the Hoover Dam that has already been connected down to Lucifer that is in Mt. Graham. That anchors the corridor for primary communication access in Oklahoma due to the installation in the 1900s in Texas.

The libraries for everything are stored in New York so that when all the death happens and all that area breaks away everything is hooked through the main corridor system that anchors right here. That is why they built White Sulphur Springs in W. Va. the way they did. This was in the Washington Post in 1996. I am not telling you anything new.

Why is Indiana so critical? The serpent mounds are magnetic. The family members, all their prima materia like vampires are buried underground. That is why they got so ‘whippety’ like they are doing in Louisiana. When they blow that apart, that is where you get the flood maps of the US.

Again California goes down like a stair step and Alaska reconnects with Russia so those people get their land back.Then we are back with another stupid base and doing another Tower of Babel in our faces.

4. The human body is the best electrical antenna there is.

Would corporations posing as governments and other giant corporations want human bodies for managing large volumes of data? We were born with a biofield, granted by our Creator.

What was it for?

In the account of David and Goliath did David only have the skill of using a slingshot to place rocks? Did early armies have more than swords and spears? Was it their biofield, their energy field?

Consider that your energy field is your first defense. Did you ever get a creepy feeling or were you ever ‘repelled’ by someone else’s energy? Did the hair on the back of your neck ever stand up? Did you ever get goose bumps all over…and not from being cold? This is that energy field, that biofield, at work.

What if those who consider themselves superior to you laced your biofield and your body with sensors that they can control remotely? To understand this you would need to read Books 1,2, 3 and 4 of Sabrina Dawn that are pdfs you can open under Free Reports at

Do you know someone who is in a ‘stuck’ mode in their lives and can’t get out of it? Such as depression? Or such as not being able to follow through on what they say they are going to do? Is that because someone else has a remote device and can control what is going on with them? Is that because bit by bit their energy is being siphoned off, organ by organ in their bodies? Do you know that people have been able to control family members for decades with these remote devices?

Did you ever hear of the Stepford Wives…supposedly fiction?

Heavenly Protection supports the energies in your body’s organs and well as emotional energies. Did you know that someone with a remote control can affect your immune system? Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your energy field, your biofield? Did you know someone with a remote device can give a person cancer and always take it away in 15 minutes?Is this all just baloney?

In Lynn’s way of thinking, forewarned is forearmed. When the gates go down and the bells ring to let you know a train is coming, that is giving you forewarning. Now you are forewarned and forearmed. When you ignore the bells and the gate, and sit on the tracks when the train is coming, that is ignoring the warning. You know the outcome.

Is this just all conspiracy theory stuff? Time will tell.

As you have read the foregoing articles you can see that the intention of some ‘running things’ does not support you or your family’s well being. So this might support why you might want Heavenly Protection. For what? To support and protect you and your family’s bodies and biofields.

Heavenly Protection is created with intention to support your body and your biofield: Energies that support your brain, collagen, ears, eyes, joint, heart, gall bladder, genes, gut, kidney, liver, lungs, pancreas, skin, thyroid and uti-vag. There are more energies found in various plasma energy combinations such as detox, dna support, energy balancer, glutathione, harmony, happiness, healthy man, healthy woman, heavenly thunderbolt, inflammation relief, life force, new tech frequency relief, parasite relief, peace, protection 5 with pine plus, positive energy support, sole support and vitality along with B9 Korean salt, amino acids and energies that make up hemoglobin.

Please note that normally a combination such as Heavenly Protection would be around $327. Because of the importance of protecting our bodies and our biofields Lynn has made this a special price (no other coupons or discounts apply):

  1. Heavenly Protection: on sale for $127
  2. Heavenly Protection and the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station: on sale for $347

How do you use Heavenly Protection? Set up your ‘mother source’ jar (clear glass or clear plastic) with your vial inside or taped to the outside. Use filtered or distilled water. Once it sits overnight for the first time, you can just add more distilled or filtered water as you need to and it will be changed within an hour as long as you still have the container filled halfway. Lynn does not suggest using spring water from the grocery store as her spring water comes out of the side of the mountain…quite a difference! Drink the water and spray some around as often as you wish –your biofield extends above, below and around your body. Write your intention for what you want Heavenly Protection to do for you and tape that to the side of your mother source jar and your spray bottle.

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Now what? Venom in our Food?

Lynn discusses a recent article about venom in our food. Watch the video to see how this was discovered and who is affected by it. It’s time to revisit Never-Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt.

Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed that his unvaxxed wife, Jayne, just tested positive for scorpion and snail venoms…

And he traces their origins to the poisons in our food supply! 

When scorpion venom populated in her body, I then knew Monsanto and their use of insecticides that are made from scorpion venoms, maybe it’s found in Roundup or in glyphosate.

Dr. Ardis then purchased and tested Roundup and Roundup Plus (the more concentrated version)… And confirmed his worst fears:

So just so you know, this is what we’re up against. They have been utilizing glyphosate, which actually has every published side effect identical to snake venom in the human body. It does three things. Established in 2003, glyphosate, the worldwide most used herbicide, insecticide, sprayed on all your food you’re eating. It mimics the same action of all venoms with these three minerals.”

I couldn’t believe my ears when Dr. Ardis revealed the sheer number of deadly venoms sprayed on our food crops…

So I’m gonna read to you what they found in Roundup. Venom from Scorpions was the first venom that was published.

Inside of Roundup was also found a venom called Snake Venom Metalloproteinase Inhibitor. This is what makes the cells of your body destroy or deplete you of copper and zinc. Metal proteinases from venoms do that and it’s in Roundup glyphosate.

King Cobra venom was found inside of it.

Scorpion venom called myoxocephalus scorpius somatostatin that’s manufactured in E. coli bacteria around the world, which is how they make these insecticides.

That specific scorpion venom is in Roundup and was the same one we found in my wife’s body. And then they found cone snail venom specifically from the virgin cone snail called Conotoxin 10.

They found Malayan krait venom in Roundup, which is the actual origin of COVID supposedly.

Chinese researchers in January of 2020 confirmed bungalow toxin, which is the venom of a krait snake, is the origin of COVID and it’s inside of Roundup.

Now how much Roundup’s been sprayed around the entire world that you’ve been exposed to in your food as it’s sprayed on all your farmsdrawn up into your plants and you eat it, and then how much of it is sprayed on farms around the world and then irrigation and rain takes those venom sprayed all over your farms all over the world, like Roundup and glyphosate, and then it gets into your water tables and then you drink it or shower in it. It’s just disgusting.”

Dr. Ardis is not the only doctor calling out the poisons in our food supply… Even though the others aren’t talking about venoms (yet)…

Scientists at the University of Iowa just released a study demonstrating that there really are no “safe” levels of glyphosate… 


Because despite what the “officials” tell you, even small amounts of glyphosate can disrupt the gut microbiome… Which is where at least 80% of your immune system is found.

Shockingly, “venom biodiversity” is actually recognized in agriculture, and it’s becoming increasingly common!


What on earth is our world coming to when scientists tell us: 

Agriculture, environment, and society are benefitting from this use of venom biodiversity and biotechnology.”

Are these scientists blind to the rampant diseases and deaths caused by venoms in our food supply?

Or do they look at them as “collateral damage” in pursuit of “advancements” in science and technology?

What I do know is that we MUST do everything within our power to get the TRUTH out to everyone we know… 

Tell them to eat only organic foods… And teach them how to detox their body the RIGHT way…

By working together, we CAN save lives.To your health, Jonathan Otto

0807-2022—We Have A New Plasma Energy Combination For You! Find Out More About it:

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt was formulated when the information started coming out that certain injections contained the venom of poisonous snakes and insects. It took almost 4 months to complete and contains the following ingredients and much more:

  • Valerian Root, passionflower herb powder, Kava Root powder, Hops Root powder, Skullcap herb powder, L’tyrosine, St. John’s Wort Herb powder, Rue herb powder (herb of grace), Rhodeoloa Root powder, L’Theanine, Selenium as sodium selenite;
  • Lactoferrin
  • Lumbrokinase —Lumbrokinase acts similarly to nattokinase, in that it has been proven to prevent and disperse blood clots.
  • Sarracenia purpurea otherwise known as the pitcher plant—late 1800’s the Micmac Indians used this botanical –based remedy for smallpox;
  • Organic Sea vegetables
  • Nattokinase — Nattō has long been used in folk medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases NK has potent fibrinolytic activity, antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, and lipid-lowering, antiplatelet, and neuroprotective effects;
  • Artemisia has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for fevers, inflammation, headaches, bleeding, and malaria. A. annua, may be effective for protozoal infections including leishmaniasis;
  • Magnesium — support healthy cardiovascular function, promotistrong bones and teeth and maintain body’s healthy production glutathione;
  • Chloride– maintains body’s fluid balance and supports healthy muscle function and relaxation;
  • Sodium– helps maintain fluid balance in the body;
  • Potassium– facilitates muscle contraction, signal transduction (nerves) and protein and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Aloe, garlic bulb, barberry root, ginger root, senna leaf, cascara sagrada bark, turmeric root, clove bud—cleanse the body of harmful substances and also promote circulation, support healthy bowels and cleanse the colon, small intestines and bile ducts;
  • NAD-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide– found in all cells, bathes the brain’s cells in nutrients and is a coenzyme central to metabolism found in all living cells; the decline in NAD+ levels during aging and is that are related to atherosclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, cognitive decline: Organic blessed thistle herb, malva leaf, organic marshmallow leaf, organic marshalmallow root, persimmon extract, organic green tea, white tea, sarsaparilla root, moringa leaf, ginger root all help maintain health, cleanse body and maintain a healthy colon and digestion, helps maintain ideal body weight;
  • Elderberry –a traditional remedy for colds, flus, and other infections and help relieve rheumatism, tumors and skin cancers; often used as a diuretic as well as for wound healing and bone fractures;
  • Osha —a plant used as medicine by native Americans and Hispanic cultures for sore throat, bronchitis, cough, common cold, influenza lung cleanser;
  • Ashwaghanda—helps normalize cortisol levels thus reducing stress response and it also helps reduce inflammation, reduce cancer risks, improve memory and immune function and has anti-aging properties;
  • Manuka honey– can be helpful when it’s used on top of wounds and leg ulcers, may shorten healing times in mild burns and surgical wounds; it may also help prevent gingivitis and other periodontal disease by reducing plaque buildup;
  • Essential oil energies from a combination that includes ylang ylang, and bergamot and more that neutralize negative energies and give a feeling of wholeness; also included are the energies from frankincense, black spruce, blue tansy, camphor wood, geranium help balance emotions, treat wounds and burns, plus reduce pain and sore muscles; also helps with better sleep; additional essential oil energies include clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, rosemary, black pepper to help the immune system;
  • Star anise—kills off bacteria and fungus, boosts heart health and providing antioxidants plus keeps blood sugars steady and is used for the extraction of shikimic plus AA and hemoglobin;
  • Includes some of the Energies found in Never Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave, DNA Support, Healthy Joints and Skin, Healthy Collagen, Clear Mind, Detox, Dewormer, Energy Balancer, Gold, Inflammation Relief, Alzheimer’s Relief, Healthy Brain, Arthritis Relief, Glutathione, Healthy Pancreas, Healthy Heart, Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain, Healthy Super Human, B9 Korean salt, Silver, Protection 5 Plus With Pine, Silver, Sole Support and Shedding Relief.

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We Are Having Crazy Weather–Does Plasma Energy Provide Protective Energies Around Your Home?

In the same year as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Dominica in 2017, there were tornados in Mississippi. Following is information of what happened to one family during the tornado who had been gifted with plasma energy from Tommy Lee:

The family had contacted Tommy earlier in the summer because of the severe heat and because they had no air conditioning. Tommy Lee soaked sheets of paper in plasma energy station water and once they were dry, he mailed them to the family.

His instructions were for them to tape the papers in the windows of their house with the intention of having the house maintain a cooler temperature. The family called Tommy sometime later and told him their home had never gotten warmer than 72F.

Several months later the family once again contacted Tommy. Their town had been devastated by a tornado. This family’s home was untouched by the tornado, while the surrounding homes were flattened.

Lynn has often mentioned the protection of a property in Dominica at the time of Hurricane Maria that destroyed 90% of Dominica. One home and garden remained intact despite 200 mile an hour winds because of plasma energy their son had made and placed in their garden the previous year.

The Photo above is a screen shot from a video Tom Salas posted after he arrived in Dominica at his parents home 3 weeks after Hurricane Maria.

Within a 30+ foot radius of a jar of plasma water he placed in the garden everything was intact. The home was untouched. They did lose a couple of tool sheds outside that 30+ perimeter and all the plants and trees were stripped bare. What is important to realize is that plasma energy water carries memory and intention. Tom Salas had his plasma water intention for the well being of the garden and surrounding area for his parents’ home in Dominica.

In June, 2022 there was ‘the thousand year flood’ in Lynn’s town, Red Lodge, Montana. See the crude drawing below dated 08/24/2018 showing the placement of jars of plasma energy waters around where she lives. In 2021 Lynn had also taken a garden sprayer full of plasma energy water and sprayed the exterior of the buildings. The energy combinations she used were the Plasma Energy Station, Peace and New Tech Frequency Relief. On one side there are large evergreens and she couldn’t reach the building with the sprayer so she just sprayed all the trees. The small text at the bottom states: Used small jars 1 inch deep. 50-cent-sized lid filled with plasma energy station water.

Following is information from a blog Lynn wrote after the flood.

Lynn’s Report From Her Flooded Neighborhood in Red Lodge Montana North of Yellowstone.

Lynn discusses the June 12th, 2022 flooding in her neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana, one of the summer scenic gateways to Yellowstone National Park.

Rock Creek, 2 blocks from where she lives, flooded most of her side of town. Find out what happened and see some photos that she shares.

On the day before the flooding Lynn posted a video, ’06-12-2022—DO PLASMA ENERGIES HELP PEOPLE, PETS AND GARDENS?‘ Wow, was that prophetic.

Lynn’s video from June 12th, 2022 about whether there are protective qualities to plasma energies:

The link below shows many scenes from Red Lodge. Look for one with a green ‘gingerbread’ house with white trim and a white picket fence on the corner; it’s a block away from Lynn

You may have heard the expression, ‘don’t be scared…be prepared.’ When you know you have done the best you can to ride out a storm by having the proper supplies you don’t have to ‘run to somewhere.’

Obviously there are some conditions where you do need to get your bag and leave. But take inventory of what is happening and your situation. Ask yourself who or what feeds off your fear if you get into a panic and ‘run’.

Below are some pictures all within a block of where Lynn is. Neighbors were out helping neighbors and there were people coming from surrounding, unaffected areas to pitch in and help. Nobody asked them to do that…they just loaded up what they had that would be helpful and showed up.

0615-2022-Photos From Red Lodge Flood

The bridge 2 blocks east of Lynn held; it’s just to the right of the white roofed townhome see yellow arrow…the 2nd flooded street is ½ block east of Lynn…red roofed house midway on the right edge is at the corner by Lynn’s house…see red arrow.

½ block east of Lynn’s house on 06/14/2022 as flood waters start to subside:

If you made it to the end of this blog and are planning to order something from our website, use the coupon word ‘plasma’ for 15% off any products not on sale. This is the only place you will find this!

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Birds, Steers and Sole Support

Why Does Plasma Energy Solution Have Sole Support For You?

Two Reasons Follow:

First A Tale of 3 Birds:

    Mrs. Eagle: Honey, it looks like a good day for nest building!

    Mrs. Eagle: okay, keep bringing more…these are good!

    Mr. Eagle: Are we almost done? Weather’s getting crummy….

    Mrs. Eagle: We’re almost done…let’s go get a couple more…..

    And while they are getting a couple more……

    Mr. Raven: I’m from the government and I’m here to inspect and to help you:

    Mr. Raven: hmm, this is nice, I think I’ll take it with me…..

    Don’t you sometimes wonder how things seem to slip through your fingers?

    Why Does Plasma Energy Solution Have Sole Support For You?

    Reason 2 Follows:

    Fast Food…what Dr. Paul learned about bartering with crafty ranchers and another good reason for Sole Support: Fast Food….Was It A Good Trade?

    “I’m going to be a veterinarian because I like animals, and I don’t want to have to mess with people.“

    These immortal words were uttered by Paul in the mid-sixties when he decided to go back to college and get the requirements necessary for applying to veterinary school. He now admits that those were probably the most uninformed words said by anyone during the sixties, and they launched him on his twenty-seven-year veterinary career in learning all about humans.

    “How in the world did it think those animals were going to arrive at my clinic? By themselves with a credit card attached to their collars and their cab fare held carefully in their teeth?”

    Paul started his pre-veterinary training in September, 1965, the week after we married. He studied hard to bring up his grades from the wonderful time he had enjoyed in his college years before he was drafted into the Army. The studying paid off and he was accepted to Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After he graduated, he opened his own practice in our hometown, Gallup, New Mexico. He was one of a handful of students who went straight from school to his own practice, since he wanted to be his own boss.

    Not all our clinic inhabitants were docile creatures. About a year after he started his practice, Paul went out to a local ranch one Sunday to do some pregnancy testing on the cows. He had arranged with the rancher to take a yearling steer to fatten up for our winter meat supply. We were used to the docile 4-H calves our neighbors had raised in Ft. Collins, and we figured we’d just put the steer in one of the pens in the clinic yard in front of our house.

    I was indoors, feeding our three kids, Stephanie, Anthony, and Luke their lunches. Or should I say, I was supervising the placement of more food in mouths than on each other and the floor. Stephanie was four years old, Anthony was two and Luke was one. Those were the days I longed for a showerhead over the kitchen table and a drain under the table. A fire hose and a set of carwash rolling brushes would have completed my requirements for cleaning up this crew! (I had to settle for putting all the high chairs in the shower once a week to get rid of all the stored gummy stuff in the handles, etc.) Scooter, our Labrador was standing guard under the table waiting for whatever was dropped accidentally, or on purpose, that was edible. I heard Paul drive up and went out to investigate.

    To say this steer he had acquired reminded me of those docile, sweet-faced calves I remembered from Ft. Collins would be an outright lie. His eyes were rolling, his sides were heaving and he stood stiffly amid the restraining ropes in which he had been cross-tied for the trip from the ranch.

    “That ranch must be one of those New Mexico ranches that raises race cattle; they have to race from one tiny patch of grass to another just to stay alive,” I thought. Our New Mexico high desert plateau is well-suited for raising cedar, sagebrush and an occasional sheep.

    Paul backed our horse trailer to the corral gate. The trailer was a standard two-horse, covered trailer with about an 18-inch opening along the upper sides. Before the steer was unloaded, Paul decided to give him a vitamin injection, and then just to be prudent, a mild tranquilizer. While the tranquilizer was taking effect, I ran back into the house to check on the kids and was barely inside when I heard a horrendous racket and Paul was hollering, ”Lynn, come quick!”

    I ran outside with Stephanie and Anthony scrambling out of their chairs to follow me as far as the front door with their sandwiches. Luke was hollering in his high chair because he’d been left alone on top of having his lunch fed to him in my erratic fashion. As the screen door slammed shut behind me, I saw the steer crawling over the 18-inch opening on the side of the horse trailer with the loosened ropes trailing, and leaping to the ground.

    “Hurry, close the front gates! I’ll try to keep him in the part of the yard!”

    I was wearing wooden clogs at the time and the entire driveway area in the clinic yard was covered with large, chunky red gravel. As I ran stumbling past the horse stalls to the gate, I’m sure I looked like a cross between an ostrich and a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s ill-fitting shoes. I got the chain link gates closed and was fumbling the lock and chain when I heard the steer crashing into the back fence by the house. I could hear Luke faintly from the house. Stephanie and Anthony were munching wide-eyed on their sandwiches at the front door watching the action. Scooter stood next to them, eyes darting greedily from sandwich to sandwich. As the steer hit the fence again, it bent severely.

    Paul was running towards the steer flailing his arms and hollering to distract him from going over the fence, or worse still, ramming the house. The steer turned abruptly, fixed his maddened eyes on the gate, and headed in my direction.

    “Head him off! Head him off!”

    I came running awkwardly from the gates and began waving my arms and hollering at the steer. It looked as though he and I were going to play the classic game of chicken as he headed straight for me. I decided it was a good time to head for the sidelines, and stumbling in the clogs, got as close to the clinic as I could. The steer hit the front gates and they sprang open as though they were paper. He went careening down the street, heading for the interstate, which was about a mile and a half away.

    “Lynn, go call the police and tell them we’ve got a steer loose! Tell them to try to head him off before he gets to the highway!” Paul hollered as he led his old black roping horse out of a stall.

    I stumble-clumped to the house as Paul was throwing a saddle on Blackie, and called the police who were about a mile down the road from us I was being bombarded by questions from our little spectators.

    “Mom, where did that cow go?”

    “How come he ran away?”

    “Is Dad going to go roping out on the street?”

    “Yaaa,” was Luke’s angry contribution to all the questions.

    The dispatcher at the police station answered and my words tumbled over each other as I said, “This is Redrock Animal Hospital. We’ve just had a steer escape and he’s headed down the road, your direction, to the Interstate!” I added hastily, “Dr Schmaltz just headed out the gate on his black horse and he’ll try to catch him—could you get a couple of cars out to try to divert the steer?” As I was talking to the police, I could see Paul and Blackie disappearing down the road, Paul coiling his rope as he went.

    “Hurry up kids, grab your sandwiches and we’ll go follow Dad!” I exclaimed as I was gathering up Luke and a piece of sandwich. “Hurry, get in the car!”

    We slammed the house door shut, leaving the feast behind for Scooter. I staggered across the driveway with the protesting Luke under one arm. I jerked the door open to our low-slung red Olds we had bought recently from a friend and thought, “So much for the ‘no food in the car rule,’” and dumped Luke unceremoniously into his car seat with some sandwich hastily jammed into his hands. “Hurry everyone, buckle up!”

    I backed out of the driveway throwing chunks of gravel right and left as we went. A motley crew of dirty faces, puzzled looks and half-eaten sandwiches in tightly clenched fists comprise the back seat inhabitants of the car. “I need to go potty,” Stephanie wailed.

    “Okay, in just a few minutes,” I roared down the road towards the police station. As I came over the hill, there were two police cars with lights flashing, a car with a U-Haul trailer and a couple of other cars. People were clustered around the U-Haul as the apparent driver talked to the policeman, gesturing towards the trailer. I pulled up near one of the policemen.

    “Did you see Dr. Schmaltz or the steer anywhere?”

    “He just went chasing it over that hill. The steer charged into that trailer over there and then took off towards the Hogback. I’d say he’s got a half-mile on the doc.”

    I decided to drive to the east side of town near the Hogback, a rocky ridge that separated the east side of town for several miles, but only by the Interstate and the railroad. I knew Paul was hoping to catch the steer before he got beyond the Hogback because then he’d have hundreds of miles to roam.

    “Where’s Dad, Mom?” asked Stephanie.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Didn’t he want to eat his lunch today?” she persisted.

    “Yes, I’m sure he did,” I replied. Anthony and Luke sat quietly, munching on their sandwiches, taking in all the action.

    We turned off the road a couple of times where I estimated a lone horseman chasing a berserk steer might be at that point, but there was no sign of Paul, Blackie or the steer. There were homes very sparsely situated in the area and lots of open country dotted with sagebrush. I tried one more turn-off by the old Peritti Dairy, which was mainly deserted ramshackle pens and came up on Paul sitting on Blackie, looking at the broken fence in front of him. Blackie’s sides were heaving from all the cross-country exercise.

    “What can I get for you?“ I hollered from the car. I was nearly drowned out by the chorus from the back seat.

    “Dad, how come you’re riding Blackie way out here?”

    “Don’t you want to eat lunch today?”

    “Can I ride Blackie, huh?”


    “You should see how Mom was driving.”

    “Wouldn’t you rather go roping at Larry’s?”

    Paul rode Blackie closer to the car. With a pathetic smile, he said, “Hi kids. Not right now.” His expression quickly changed to his stubborn look for special occasions when things aren’t going exactly as he planned.

    “I lost one of my ropes, so bring me another one and bring my rifle. If I can’t rope the damn thing, I’ll shoot him before he loses another hundred pounds. We’ve been through seven barbed wire fences and at least ten people’s yards. We went tearing through someone’s yard just as they were all bringing their lunch outdoors to eat. They looked up and presto, here comes a steer through their yard, followed by a maniac on a black horse.”

    ‘Oh no, what did you say?”

    “Nothing. At this point I had the steer on the end of the rope and I was trying to hang on and let him run down slowly. Besides, I didn’t’ want him charging like he did that car and U-Haul by the police station. I lost him and the rope at the last fence because I didn’t want Blackie to get cut up.”

    “Well, I’ll get your stuff and come back out here and see if you’re anywhere to be found.”

    “Hey, Lynn, bring me some spurs, too,” Paul hollered as I started backing up. “Blackie’s getting a little tired of this whole exercise.”

    The kids and I sped on home and gathered up the spurs, rope and rifle. Stephanie got her break and we headed out the gates once again.

    “Is Dad going to really shoot the cow? He can’t shoot the cow! I’m going to tell Grandma!” wailed Stephanie.

    At Peritti’s Dairy all I saw of evidence that Paul had been there were two broken fences. By this time it was about 2:30 and everyone was getting cranky and had quite enough of being bounced around on bumpy dirt roads. The four of us went home to wait for Paul. We waited, and we waited.

    Finally about 5:30 I heard someone in the yard. A very bedraggled Paul and Blackie were out by the stalls.

    “The steer is down in the ditch across the road,” Paul said.

    “Is he still alive?” I queried

    “Other than a broken horn, a cut up chest, and a sore foot, I think he’s all right. But he’s worn out. I’m sure he lost any fat he had on him in the afternoon.”

    “Now what are you going to do?”

    Paul suggested, “Let’s call Eddie and have him come down and ride Henry and we’ll herd the steer across the road. I can’t leave him there for long because of the wild dogs.”

    Henry was the young roping horse who had been laid up for the last month with a sore shoulder, that he got from banging into his feeder one afternoon when someone didn’t arrive at 4:37 with his grain. He’d learned that raising a lot of racket usually produced food at an earlier time, so he practically tore his stall apart when he thought his humans were behind schedule.

    “Isn’t Henry too sore to ride?” I ventured.

    “If Henry’s not able to make it, I’ll shoot him and the steer and leave them both in the ditch!” sputtered Paul, whose patience had vanished several hours ago.

    Paul and Eddie spent about 45 minutes getting ropes under the hindquarters of the steer and coaxing him up with both horses leaning on him to keep him from failing. Finally at 6:30 they came slowly through the gates and got him into the corral. What a pathetic sight he was! One horn was hanging garishly and he looked as though he’d been in the Boston Marathon with no training.

    Paul stood looking at his prize steak dinners. “He ought to dress out at about two hundred pounds of beef jerky. That’s no yearling—he’s a four-year-old pygmy that breaks fences. That’s a good lesson to having someone else pick out your steer,” With that he and Eddie went to the house to clean up and eat a belated lunch.

    We kept the steer, who acquired the name of Elmo, for another three months, feeding him the best hay and grain. Anytime someone got ready to leave our house, Stephanie would pipe, “Walk verrry carefully past Elmo! We don’t want to have him get scared and climb out of his pen!”

    Everyone trod carefully past his pen as we certainly didn’t want any repeat performances of his great escape attempt. When he was finally butchered, it was about the worst beef we’d ever head. We made lots of hamburger, chili and stew with what we didn’t give away.

    One day, several months later, after the whole escapade was fading into oblivion, a pretty, soft-spoken red-haired woman came into the clinic with her new kitten. I helped her fill out the records on the new kitten and took her back to meet Paul so he could examine and vaccinate the kitten.

    “You know,” she said, “I might have sort of met up with you before. I just moved here from Colorado Springs a few months ago. My boyfriend was driving and I had just awakened as we drove into town. Right after we turned off the Interstate, we had a steer charge into our trailer.”

    Paul was looking very sheepish, ”I‘ve tried to find out from the police who that was. I’ll be glad to reimburse you for any damage he might have done.”

    “Oh, that’s all right. It wasn’t that noticeable, and I showed it to the dealer when we turned in the trailer and told him the story. He said that was a new one on him, but the damage was so slight there wouldn’t be any charge.” She continued, “I really had a lot of misgivings about moving here, and after this steer came lunging out of nowhere and rammed into our trailer, I told my fiance to just keep on driving south to Phoenix. I’d never been greeted anywhere like that!”

    I left the room before I started laughing. The escapade of Elmo was still not Paul’s favorite topic. In fact, it only took seven years, four months and sixteen days to even get him to smile about Elmo. But I knew that I’ll never forget the sight of Paul and Blackie tearing out the front gate of the clinic in hot pursuit of an angry steer!

    Sole Support would have been good for the whole Schmaltz family that day!

    It was 43 years before Dr. Paul and Lynn were formulating plasma energy combinations…

    See our Specials for April, 2023 on our home page

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    Notes From a Video by Katherine Watt: ‘Public Health Has Been Militarized’

    The following notes may demonstrate to you why you might want our plasma energies of Clear Mind, Anxiety Relief, Super Immune With Pine Plus, Plasma Energy Station, Heavenly Thunderbolt and Peace, and many more for you and your family’s well being.

    After you read this article, Notes from a video by Katherine Watt, Public Health Has Been Militarized, you may have more understanding why there appears to be deliberate wrecking of the food supply, the land, the crops, the supply chain, the dollar and the economy.

    Lynn’s family had a close family friend who was a public health nurse from the 50s through the 2000s. Because she understood and spoke many of their languages, she traveled to all the Indian tribes in the US including Alaska. When the public health service shut down many of the services they had provided the various Indian tribes, her best advice to them when they asked, “What are we going to do,” was to find their elders and find out the old remedies people used for their health before Public Health Service. In the 2000’s Russell Means, Lakota Sioux, warned Americans, You are the next reservation.

    Kill Box – public health has been militarized

    On January 24, 2023, a press conference took place discussing the ongoing military deployment of bioweapons. One of the attendees was Katherine Watt, Pennsylvania paralegal and law researcher. Here are her findings in her own words.

    Katherine: the basic idea is that public health has been militarized and the military has been turned into a public health front or Potemkin Village. They are using public health language and public health law to carry out their own military campaign. I would not call them DOD vaccines; I would call them DOD weapons.

    They call it the kill box. The first lead I had was Todd Callendar’s January 30, 2022 on Elizabeth Eads weekly podcast called Truth for Health. He described it as a kill box, a military term for establishing a geographic space, or 3-dimensional area, for a military attack by air and by surface to kill the people that are in it and dismantle the framework and move on to the next campaign.

    What the DOD and WHO intend to do, and have gotten quite far into doing, but have not completely reached their goals, is to set up the entire world as their terrain and their target is all the people in the world. The duration of the campaign is permanent. The weapons they are using are informational, propaganda piece, censorship piece.

    Secondly is psychological and that is the fear and terrorism piece of telling people they need to be afraid all the time and they need to listen to the government. The third piece is the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons that are called in their campaign, pharmaceuticals and vaccines but are actually toxins and pathogens.

    So after I heard that interview I started to track down some of the things Todd Callendar talked about in his interview and figure out what the legal frameworks were and how they were set up, and what the financial coercion mechanisms were.

    My finding that many others have found from various angles is that this project has been going on for centuries. It is basically globalist central bankers and lots of related organi-zations trying to get complete control of human beings through banking programs and through military programs.

    They kicked it into higher gear in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and then they kicked the public health aspect of it into higher gear starting in the 1930s and the 1940s. Before the 1960s they mostly did it through orchestrated armed conflicts and financial depression and wars. These are loud, messy and destructive to infrastructure and it makes it difficult for them to have plausible deniability and legal impunity for what they are doing.

    So in the mid-60s they got much better at inducing suicide and homicide by fraudulently labeling poisons as medicines or vaccines or prophylactics and telling people that committing to that and submitting to that poisoning process was their civic duty. We saw that in covid with the shorthand of do this or you are going to kill your grandma.

    The pharmaceutical method is useful to them because plausible deniability and legal impunity are much easier. They can achieve the same goal of killing lots of people without their fingerprints being all over it.

    I looked into the coercion cascades, mostly financial. I am not going to go into a lot of detail for that. It starts at the top with the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, and they can use their control of other federal banks’ access to the financial systems and all the way down through state governments, national governments, local municipal school districts, hospitals, everything.

    If you comply with what they tell you to do as far as masking and testing and separating yourself and getting injections then you will get the financial access that you need to run your business or have a job. If you do not comply, they can cut you off from services. That is one of the main mechanisms through which the whole thing was carried out.

    On the legal side I trace it back farther and that is on my website. I will start at 1969 when the US Congress passed a law to set up the biological and chemical warfare program and in that law that is 50USC chapter 32, there are very important key terms. They include protective prophylactic and defensive. This is how they justify what they are doing. They are using those words because the international community of ordinary, non-insane people were concerned about biological and chemical weapons and they were working on international treaties to prohibit them.

    They needed to build in loopholes. The loopholes they built in were “we are not going to do biological and chemical research for weapons development except for protective, prophylactic or defensive purposes. That is a false characterization because all biologically active products are intrinsically aggressive, toxic and lethal.

    That is the thing that disciplines like toxicology, pharmico-kinetics, geno-toxicity, drug interactions are all related that everything that goes into the human body or any living body has some effect that can be toxic. That was the way they tried to get around that.

    And then the foundational public health emergencies platform in 1983 when Congress passed the Public Health Service Act Amendment and that set up the Public Health Emergencies Program under the 1944 law that had originally set up the Public Health Service and it is a branch of the military.

    Also in 1983 congress and Reagan set up a $30 million slush fund. That has continued and has a different name now but it is still being funded as recently as the NDAA –National Defense Authorization Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act in December 2022.

    The other thing that they did in the 80s was to set up the 1986 National Vaccine Program and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That last act set up the liability exemption for manufacturers and funneled anyone who was injured by a vaccine into a different compensation program. That has been used as a model since Covid started for the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.

    The international cornerstone is the WHO, world health organization. It is not a health organization—it is a military organization because of the merger I am talking about. It is the military arm of the One World Government they are trying to set up. They did a set of amendments to the IHR, International Health Regulations in 2005 that entered into force in June, 2007.

    Its basically the IHR that is going through another round of amendments to make them worse, called on national governments to strengthen their own domestic laws and fund more programs for surveillance testing, detention and quarantine, physical control, and forced treatment of international outbreaks of communicable diseases.

    The pretext that they used because it was bankers who were doing this, was that they needed to protect international trade from disruptions caused by disease outbreaks. But the real intent was to set up these legal systems that transfer sovereign government from the nation state to the WHO and the BIS automatically when a public health emergency of international concern has been declared and Congress, the US Presidents and the cabinet complied with the demand from the WHO.

    Two of the key years were 1997 and 1998 and that was when the beginnings of the emergency use authorization program was set up and when they transferred the CBRN weapons stock payout from DOD classification to HHS or CDC classification and control. It was the same products as far as I can tell. It was just a relabeling and a re-homing. The E-way was kind of a two step at the time the public was really upset about the use of unapproved use of anthrax vaccine on military troops and the horrible adverse effects they were having.

    Congress passed a law in November to revoke authorization for testing and using unapproved products on military troops. But, 3 days later in a different law they made it so that the same programs could be done but the target population would be expanded from just military troops to the entire American population.

    Then around 2000 to 2002 using the momentum from 911 and the anthrax attacks on Congress, they set up through the statutes again program management structures. They did it through the 2000 Public Health Emergencies Act and the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force.

    People talked about this at the time and it was construed as putting the country in a permanent state of war, the global war on terror with every other country in the world. There was no geographic or time limitation. There was no identified enemy other than ‘terror’. I think people figured this out at the time and then it got sort of suppressed. It made everyone in the world into a presumptive combatant or enemy target.

    It was essentially a defacto, covert global marshal law by the US Government. Then in the early 2000s you got the Patriot Act, the Public Health Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act and the Homeland Security Act. Those were more of the merging of the DHS, the DOJ, the HHS, the DOD and all of the cabinet agencies.

    So since then from 2003 to 2009 there have been lots and lots of executive orders on these things, lots more statutes, and appropriations, plus lots of agency regulations. Also guidance reports were circulated to state, local and tribal authorities and law enforcement so that they would know that under a public health emergency they are subordinated to the federal military.

    FDA issued a lot of guidance for industry documents and sent those to Pharmaceuticals, the academic organizations, the NGOs to let them know about how FDA was going to handle experimental products like vaccines, gene therapies, biologics and they did more test runs like the SARS in 2003, MERS in 2006, and H1N1 in 2009.

    That brings us up to the other transactions authorities and this was revealed through Pfizer’s April, 2022, motion to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s false claims act case. They said this was not a vaccine; it was a DOD prototype and Pfizer was never obligated to do valid clinical trials and they were never obligated to prove safety or efficacy to anyone. They never had to get FDA authorization through any of the normal guidance for industry channels because it was a prototype.

    On October 4, 2022, the US government endorsed that view and filed a statement of interest in support of Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the claim that they were acting outside standard regulatory practices when it comes to vaccine distribution. They said clinical trials were never material or necessary for DOD to pay the contractors for producing and distributing the bioweapon known as Covid 19 vaccines.

    All this became visible from 2020 to the present when the WHO secretary general issued Public Health Emergency International Concern at the end of January, 2020. The HHS secretary immediately triggered the domestic frameworks through the determination that a public health emergency exists. This was followed by PREP Act declaration for medical counter measures that are the weapons.

    Then congress and Presidents Trump and Biden passed several additional congressional acts funding and reinforcing the incentivizing the structure of the Kill Box. They issued more executive orders under the Defense Production Act, under the Stafford Act, under the National Emergencies Act to sort of build out the program.

    Basically what it built is a huge public and private funding stream for military led bioweapons research and use. It eliminated informed consent by reclassifying people who could potentially be carrying disease as presumptive national security threats. That means they can do anything they want to these people because they are on a war footing.

    And, to shield the products and weapons from product liability and to shield all the people involved from criminal liability and civil liability the under current ‘legal framework’ supported by the continuation of emergency declarations. All liability for private interests and governments’ harms is shielded from investigation of prosecution. This shielded the government regulators from criminal prosecution under the other laws that are in place and are now superseded by this framework for use of bioweapons and chemical weapons, terrorism and things like that.

    I see it as a joint project between the US DOD (dept of defense) co-ordinating committee of the Federal Reserve, the WHO and the BIS. That includes the UN as the WHO is a subsidiary of the UN.

    There are things that the globalists do not like such as constitutions. Militarized globalization can be thwarted by state constitutions, town charters, neighborhood association charters or conflicting statutory frameworks around bioterrorism, war crimes, torture, and genocide.

    They don’t like when states and provinces and counties and towns pass their own laws protecting informed consent and protecting people regarding consumer safety. They actually put out a report in October, 2022 regarding state laws limiting so-called protections that are hazardous to our health. There are a bunch of things in there that they have started doing that the globalists do not like. It is bringing more control back to the state, more use of Article 10 of the US Constitution to reclaim state authority and shore up state’s rights. Those are all extremely useful.

    I do think it is going to break and there is going to be a tipping point and the criminal prosecutions are going to start. We have all the evidence and every time they try to answer what we are talking about with ‘National Security’, they reinforce that this is the right way to go. They are doing war crimes.

    Comments after video:

    ⚠️FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever⚠️

    🆕⚠️Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination [PDF DOC]⚠️FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever⚠️

    🆕⚠️Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis afte r anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination [PDF DOC]⚠️

    ⚠️What is in the so-calledCOVID-19 “Vaccines”? Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity:⚠️

    ⚠️Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines⚠️

    ⚠️Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G⚠️

    ⚠️Case Briefing Document and lab report, shows GRAPHENE OXIDE FOUND IN ALL MRNA INJECTIONS, 11/02/2022⚠️
    This report, ref AUC_101_Report, which was commissioned by EbMCsquared CiC and prepared and published by UNIT relates to initial findings and forms a strong case for continued further scientific investigation.

    ⚠️On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Smartphone and WiFi Radio Frequency Radiation [PDF]⚠️

    MIRRORED FROM: Credit to, checkout their content/follow/support if you see fit:


    On January 24, 2023 Katherine Watt was an attendee at a press conference that discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as Covid vaccines. She discussed the legal framework for which this is happening and provides ways to circumvent the WHO/BIS/DOD initiatives that undermine sovereignty.

    To follow her work and ongoing research, please go to:

    Click here for the document describing the kill box:

    The original press conference can be found here:

    Please also take a look at this document from Silent Partner Media:

    ⚠️MORE UP TO DATE CONTENT HERE:⚠️:$/invite/@SixthSense-Truth-Search-Labs:0

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    Grounding: A New Meaning of ‘Go To Ground’

    Visit this site:

    Clint Ober and Lewis Howes:

    Lewis: So what is grounding?

    Clint: grounding is an electrical term and the earth has a negative charge. Everything connected to the earth –trees, animals, plants, everything that lives on the earth has a negative surface charge. When you stand barefoot on the earth, your body is conductive and it’s electrical first and chemical second. Everything in your body is electrical—your brain, muscles, cells, everything that takes place in your body is electrons moving around. When you ground on the earth your body is negative.

    Lewis: when your feet are barefoot on the ground, your body is negative.

    Clint; yes your body equalizes with the earth.

    Lewis: when you are not on the ground then what happens?

    Clint: then you start depleting your free electrons. When you are standing barefoot on the earth, you are one and the same electrically with the earth. You are grounded.

    Lewis: you are a negative.

    Clint: you are earth potential. I asked myself I wonder if there is consequence to humans no longer being naturally grounded. That’s not a question many would ask unless they had installed or been involved with installing millions of ground rods. In the cable industry any time you run a cable into the house you have to drive rod, cut the cable and put in a ground block so if there is lightening, static or anything on the cable lines or an electrical event then it goes to ground whether it goes into the house, or goes to the tv. That can create a fire in the home.

    Clint: it’s all about fire, so inflammation in ‘fire.’ I didn’t know that just lifting my arm up will create static electricity if I am not grounded. We are in different environments where we are not grounded.

    I found in the bedroom there were really high voltages on my body charges. If you have a foam bed, there is static electricity from the foam. If there is any polyester in the blankets or coverings there is static electricity.

    My mind focused so I went to the hardware store and bought 3 inch wide metal duct tape like you would wrap around furnaces. I laid it across the bed, connected a wire to it, threw it out the window and connected it to a ground rod. I did the same thing with the meter. I knew when I laid on it I would be grounded and I could confirm that with the meter.

    The first night that I did that, I woke up the next morning and the meter was by my side. I was 54 and I was a cowboy. I had every kind of ache and pain you could think of. I skied for over 30 years and played tennis. I have done everything that you can imagine that you can injure yourself with. I had a lot of pain in my body.

    For me to go to sleep I had to take advil or something. That night I just feel asleep. I woke up startled in the morning. I had not taken advil because I was messing with the meter and just fell asleep. I didn’t really understand because I had fallen asleep without the advil. I did that for several nights. So I had a couple of older acquaintances who didn’t sleep well and they tried what I was doing.

    A couple of days later one of the guys came over and asked if this could help his arthritis in hands because they were better. Then I realized my pain level was down.

    Back then all I had was AOL or Nexus Lexus for data retrieval. There was no information out there on grounding affecting the body except when you have open heart surgery, they have to prevent static electricity from creating a cardio event. It was unknown.

    Telephone, cable and power you have to ground everything to maintain electrical stability and to prevent charge or to prevent fire. I didn’t know where to go as I had no background in biology. I had a significant background in electrical.

    I went out to UCLA and I ended up connecting with the Sleep Lab. I told them what I was doing and they said you mean to tell us if you put a nail in the ground, tie a wire around it and then around someone’s toe on the other end they are going to sleep better? I said yes. They told me I was crazy. We joke around a little bit, but they knew nothing about electrical. According to them the body is not electrical and they do not know the cause of pain.

    Go to medical libraries and look up the cause of pain, the cause of lupus, the cause of MS, and all say ‘cause unknown.’ They treat the symptoms and they do not know the cause. Or if they do know it wasn’t in the literature 20 years ago.

    A couple of the students were intrigued and I got a couple of them to design a study since everyone said I had to have more proof. I went to Ventura, Calif and they helped me write the study. We got 60 subjects and I had to design a mechanism to ground people for a number of days. Half of the subjects would be grounded and half would not, so it was a blind study.

    We had to get 60 people and that was the hard part. I was getting a haircut one day and heard two ladies talking about not sleeping well because of pain. That is who I needed. So I went to the woman who owned the salon and told her I was doing a study on pain and sleep and needed people to be in the study. She started gathering up subjects and then I went to a few of the other hair salons. We ended up with 60 subjects who were not related and not known to each other. Over a month 30 of them were grounded and 30 were not grounded.

    They were not told if they were grounded or not. We wanted to see if there was an effect with pain and sleep. We did the study and we had significant results. It was an anecdotal study and it was enough information to create interest. What happened everyone felt better and had less pain. The ladies with PMS issues had less PMS issues when they were grounded.

    TMJ started disappearing for people who had it. There was a host of different issues. This was only in the grounded group. This published study is at .

    So there were significant results and the 80% of the people had improvements. The placebo group had from 10 to 20% improvement. I didn’t know anything about studies so I learned everything along the way.

    We thought that it was the electrical fields and the static electricity that was causing the problems. In the study we learned otherwise. I went to see a man who had heart surgery who was elderly. I went into his bedroom and it was in an adobe home with a brick floor with one lamp in the room. The bed had a metal frame on the brick floor so there was no EMF and no static electricity to speak of.

    That afternoon I went to the home of an 80 year old woman with arthritis in both hands and could not hold the meter so I could test her. I was talking with her son. I had put a patch on each hand and connected one to ground and one to the meter so I could make sure she was grounded when she was on the pad. Suddenly she said it wasn’t working on one hand but it was on the other

    I didn’t know what she was talking about and I realized she was feeling something with the arthritis with the patch with the grounding cord. I swapped the cord from the meter to the grounding cord and then it was working on both hands. This was within 5 minutes. The hot burning arthritic pain was going down.

    On the way home I stopped at the medical supply house and bought some electrode patches and gave them to people with arthritis and bursitis and asked them to try it. Over the next 2 or 3 days they all called and I heard the words, ‘magic pain patch.’ It just made pain disappear in minutes.

    The bottom line was that when the study was done there were the same results. One had no static electricity and no EMFs and the other woman had horrific EMF and horrific static because of all the stuff she had around her bed. They both had the same result so I thought there was something ‘amiss.’

    I did a lot of testing and then I realized it was just being connected to the earth. It was being grounded to the earth and not environmental factors. What happens when you are grounded to the earth? You have earth potential and you equalize with the earth. And the reason we ground everything to the earth is to prevent fire or an electrical event. 14.34 min.

    At that time the word inflammation was not in the English language. This was back in 2000 and there were no papers on inflammation. Inflame means ‘on fire.’ Back then it was just ‘pain.’

    So everyone’s pain came down and then I didn’t know what to do from there. I met a newly retired anesthesiologist in San Diego and he said he was interested in what I was doing and ‘didn’t think there was anything to it, but he would like to test it even though he thought I was wrong.’

    So we put together 10 or 12 subjects and measured cortisol in saliva every 4 hours for 24 hours so we could have a profile. We did this on each subject and grounded them. We did this for a month with a 12 x 24 inch ground mat that we used for directing static electricity on electronics. So we have pre-grounding and post-grounding cortisol profiles.

    The cortisol in the before tests were like spaghetti and not co-ordinated. Most of these people didn’t know each other. When we did the profile at the end, the cortisol was high at night and low in the morning. Afterwards it went into a synchronized secretion profile. It was lowest at midnight and at 4AM it would skyrocket until about 6AM and that is what gives you the energy to get out of bed. Throughout the day it would drift back down to zero.

    The younger women had high cortisol profiles because of stress and the older women with chronic fatigue and other issues from exhausted adrenals had very low cortisol. Afterwards everyone’s cortisol went into a nice synchronized band and everyone slept better, had less pain and they had more energy. So, you cannot have charge in a grounded object.

    Lewis: what does the science say about walking barefoot and healing the body and reducing chronic inflammation? 17.58

    Clint: with the nice synchronized band of cortisol people have less pain and more energy. So you cannot have ‘charge’ in a grounded object.

    Lewis: what about walking barefoot for healing the body and reducing chronic inflammation according to science?

    Clint: we learned along the way that if you ground someone with arthritis buy putting an electrode patch and a coil cord connected to a ground, the pain goes away in 5 to 10 minutes. Nobody will believe this until they experience and then they want to know why no one told them about this.

    In 1960 we were either barefoot or we wore leather-soled shoes. Leather soled shoes hold moisture, they hold perspiration and body salts, so they are conductive. Going barefoot was common. I was born in 1944 I was from rural Montana and we wore leather shoes to work and to church.

    But generally when you got out of school for the summer you ‘lost’ the shoes. Barefoot was common. If it was raining you carried your shoes so they didn’t get wet and ruined. You wore shoes ‘on purpose.’ Back then you weren’t allowed to wear shoes in the house.

    Plastics were invented in the 1960s. The first thing we did was put them on the soles of shoes and create those ugly green, yellow, orange or red shag carpets. Everyone carpeted their homes and started wearing rubber soled shoes. They were great because now everyone could afford shoes and you didn’t have to worry about water. They were inexpensive. People could afford carpeting now; before it was wool carpeting over wooden floors.

    We started to lose our ground in 1960. Television came and we started spending more time indoors and less time outdoors. When we did go outdoors we had shoes on. Over the next 60 years 95% of all shoes sold are plastic-soled, synthetic material shoes. Everyone lives on the computer, TV and no one goes outdoors anymore.

    If you want to go outdoors and get grounded, where would you go unless you have a home with a yard and that is more rare these days. Parks are for pets. So we lost our negative charge over the last 60 years.

    I didn’t have a clue of any of this and now this is my story for the last 20 years. We have produced 25 to 30 peer reviewed published studies on this subject and they are all at and we have produced a couple of videos, and movies.

    The Earthing Movie is on youtube and other locations. We have a book we have not fully marketed but we have sold over a million copies and it’s published in over 20 languages: Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. We say that because what is in it free and it’s important.

    We didn’t know until after writing the book, we found information from Europe and over the last 100 years ago. I was at a convention in San Diego and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist from back East, came out and was at the convention. The doctor who did the first study with me said we needed to visit with Dr. Sinatra because he was a cardiologist and the ‘heart is electrical and he will understand what we are talking about.’

    We schedule time with him and he said if this is affecting pain, you need to be studying inflammation because pain is about inflammation and that word is not in the literature. It was to researchers, but not generally. Inflammation to me was like twisting an ankle playing tennis and having it swell up. He said he was talking about chronic, lowgrade inflammation.

    I took it from there and started doing more research and came across how the immune system works. The white blood cells, nutrifils and microphages, when there is a pathogen, injury or a damaged or wornout cell that needs to be replaced, the immune system sends the nutrifil that encapsulates the pathogen or the damaged cells and releases reactive oxygen species.

    As soon as I heard the word reactive then for some reason it meant to me it was electrical. Reactive means that it is electrically charged and it has a strong enough charge that it can pull an electron away from a pathogen and kill it.

    That was the first clue. I couldn’t get help from doctors and no one understood this because it was too bizarre. As time went on we did the next study. But on the way I figured that when you ground yourself to the earth it is like a garden hose with water.

    When you have the ground wire, the electrons are coming up the wire by force because everything will equalize with the earth. If you have a ground pad that you are lying on it is grounded. When you lay on it you are grounded. It’s the same if we put a patch on your hand and you are grounded.

    It’s like cutting a hole there and pouring water, but it’s electrons pouring into the body. The body equalizes and as soon as it becomes negative it immediately stops the inflammation. The pain stops. When the pain stops you know the inflammation stops.

    In the early days the only people I could get for subjects were the rheumatologists and it was women with lupus, MS or fibromyalgia. They cannot help these people so they gave them to me to start grounding. As time went on a woman came in one day and had to hold her hand next to her chest because of the pain.

    She was totally stressed. She wanted to be in the study and couldn’t because she had to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Because she had come I said I would ground her for awhile. I put her in the chair and put patches on her arms. She was moving around, but she was interested. Her coloring started to pink up, her demeanor calmed down.

    She kept talking and all of a sudden after 40 minutes I asked her if she needed to go to the restroom and she said she was doing okay. An hour later the loss of control of the arm stopped. She took the patch off, went to the restroom before she left. She came out of the bathroom almost in tears and said, “look at me, I’m like my old self.” Her pain was down and her demeanor changed. Most of all she still had the damage done to the arm.

    As time went on I could tell a woman after she had been grounded for 5 to 10 minutes, I could honestly say, you no longer have MS. What you have is damage from MS. How you will recover is unknown to me, but there is recovery. The body is a self-healing mechanism. When you put the fire out and stop the inflammation, it can heal.

    You cannot have MS when you are grounded because the body is flooded with free electrons. When the nutrifils are in there taking care of the damaged cells where the myelin sheath would cause the problem, then that stops. The electrons reduce the remaining reactive oxygen species. It stops it dead.

    This sounds bizarre. That is how confident I became. I know that lupus, MS, arthritis, bursitis, any kind of flaring disease, –if the term has …itis…it is inflammation.

    Lewis: so it puts out the fire and you might have the remnants of the challenge you are faced with if you have had it for years. So it may take time to heal arms and hands that have been cramping and ‘curling’ for years.

    Clint: you are not going to have the hot, burning pain. There could still be ‘leave me alone’ healing pain.

    Lewis: how easy is it to ground yourself and how long does the grounding last?

    Clint: it is cumulative. If I ground someone for 30 to 40 minutes they will have their blood viscosity normalize. As soon as you ground a person the blood before grounding is sticking and sticky. That is why so many people are on blood thinners. So as soon as you ground the red blood cells have a surface charge so they equalize with the earth. Now they have a negative charge.

    The more negative the red blood cells are, the more they repel each other like negative magnets. Now the blood is thin and not sticky and the cells can get in and out of the capillaries, reduce the inflammation and return the body to normal. Thirty minutes will get you on the way. It will reduce enough inflammation to let you know there is something going on.

    Lewis: so it lasts a half a day, or a day?

    Clint: it depends; I have grounded people who had chronic arthritic knee inflammation. I grounded them for 30 minutes, they got up and the pain went away forever. I have people with MS and they have a challenge ahead.

    Lewis: what are the benefits of walking on dirt, laying on the grass, or putting your hands on the ground. Are there different benefits?

    Clint: animals that live in the wild are grounded 24/7. They don’t have cardiovascular disease, MS, lupus, arthritis, and cancer rarely exists in nature. The only animals that die from cancer in nature do so because we have contaminated or destroyed their environment.

    Lewis: so cats and dogs die because they are in the house.

    Clint: all the animals who live indoors with their owners manifest similar health disorders as their owners from diabetes to you name it. Diabetes is an inflammation related disorder. 50% of indoor domestic animals die from cancer just like their owners. So it’s environment and it’s about being connected to the earth 24/7 and then you can’t have those disorders.

    In nature your feet are the most conductive. We know this by measuring the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet—those are your ‘ground paws.’ We have used our hands forever to touch living green plants, trees, and so we were naturally grounded. These are the most conductive areas of the body.

    Your body is always going to have autoimmune response, the immune cascade. You are going to have oxidative radicals in your body to reduce pathogens and damaged cells. The oxidative burst is what causes inflammation. Inflammation doesn’t exist in nature. You need to get grounded until the pain goes away. You don’t have to go to a lab—when the pain stops you know the inflammation stopped.

    You cannot have pain without inflammation, but if you have pain you have inflammation.

    Lewis: so it might take an hour being on the ground. Is touching grass or plants better than touching dirt or sand?

    Clint: I try to tell people it doesn’t matter because you are not grounding an electrical system. You are grounding a human body. And earth has a universal ground.

    Lewis: what about the sand or the ocean?

    Clint: if you take sand, an inch of it, it’s damp. It’s great if you are in wet sand or in the ocean and you will be well grounded. You are going to be grounded in palm springs if you are sitting under a palm tree because there is moisture in all sand—it holds moisture. It is rock and you have the nighttime condensation, so there is moisture everywhere.

    It’s going to be better if you have a grass yard—and I tell everybody—but if I can convince you to put your bare feet and your hands on the earth, that’s great. If you can’t do that, take a chair outside, take your shoes off and put your feet on the earth and just sit there. Your respiration is going to calm down, your oxygen saturation is going to rise, your color comes up because your blood viscosity normalizes.

    Your pain will diminish and when that happens you are reducing inflammation in your body, or you are only left with the healing pain but the burning, oxidative pain will go away.

    Lewis: what are we missing out on by wearing shoes all the time and not being connected?

    Clint: whenever you are grounded you cannot have inflammation. When you are not grounded you start losing your redox potential and you’re bleeding off your free electrons just by breathing oxygen, eating food or all the environmental stressors. Eventually you become short of electrons and you become gaunt or grey and your energy drops, and you are fatigued.

    If this goes on too long and you don’t recover, you go to bed with this damage and in the morning you get up and you are stiff and you don’t have energy. You have to have coffee to ‘wake up.’

    Lewis: does grounding support extending your life span?

    Clint: we did a rat study in Canada in Alberta. We took 60 breeder rats. They have their litters and then they are euthanized afterwards. So what I wanted to do was to let these rats live out their lives and monitor them. 30 were in grounded cages and 30 were not in grounded cages.

    At the end, the ungrounded rats had lots of alopecia—hair loss. That’s the ungrounded rats. These were ‘middle age female rats’ in rat time. As they got older they developed lots of alopecia and a lot of biomarkers that are indicative of metabolic syndrome. This is all these inflammation related disorders.

    But the number one thing—the difference in age was very little. All the rats in the study ate the same thing everyday and had the same amount of water. They had healthy food and healthy conditions so there weren’t the normal environmental stressors.

    The rats that were grounded were 14 to 20% less weight than the ungrounded rats. This was healthier weight. Being grounded you are less likely to have metabolic syndrome health disorders and this is inflammation. Alopecia is inflammation. That study is available at the Earthing Institute. Quality of life was better for the grounded rats and they were not obese.

    People can live to be 80 or 90 years old, but they will be in pain. The average age (of longevity) for a man is 75 and I am 78.

    Lewis: but you want to live healthy.

    Clint: I can get up out of my chair with ease; I can move, I can dance for 3 hours if I want to. I can walk 5 miles, and prefer to walk barefoot and that is not easily done, so I wear grounded shoes. I can’t walk 5 miles in a regular shoe like everyone else. I lose my energy after a mile and a half.

    Lewis: so you wear the grounded sandals and keep your energy throughout the day?

    Clint: I walk between 2000 and 10000 steps depending on what is going on—barefoot or in grounded shoes.

    Lewis: are there grounded tennis shoes?

    Clint: the only thing we have is the grounded foot cloth.

    Lewis: why do the sandals work?

    Clint: there is a piece of carbon that comes along the top, through the shoe and along the bottom. When the shoe touches the earth, it is conductive and your foot touches the carbon so it’s like standing on the earth. You don’t have to worry about stickers, glass, etc. Ladies will go barefoot.

    Lewis: when I walk on grass with my shoes off I always feel more energized and connected.

    Clint: when your body is grounded, your body is full of free electrons and full of this earth energy. Now you cannot have inflammation and your metabolism is ‘cooking along.’ If you are not grounded then you are bleeding off these free electrons and getting fatigued and you’re body can’t function.

    As soon as you ground yourself you have a greater range of motion. You have more energy and your oxygen saturation increases. Our bodies evolved to be grounded. We are always connected and whatever period of time, we are grounded. When you are grounded you don’t have inflammation.

    If there had been inflammation along the way, we wouldn’t be here as a species because we wouldn’t have all these pharmaceuticals to keep people alive.

    Lewis: so we had other types of pain, but we didn’t have the inflammation.

    Clint: pain was hunger and injury. In 1960 90% of general medical practice was for infectious disease, acute injury and child birth.

    Lewis: so there was no MS, arthritis, when you were growing up?

    Clint: maybe one in 10,000. But now it’s like autism. Autism is an inflammation related health disorder—oxidation of the brain stem. Diabetes started to increase in the 50s? It’s exacerbated by sugar and foods today, but what caused the problem was inflammation. There are studies on the Earthing Institute that explain all these. Diabetes is an inflammation health disorder. If you are grounded the sugar is not going to be quite as bad, but you’ll put weight on.

    Sugar is not good for you because it’s not a natural thing in the type of sugars we eat. Processed foods are not natural. So those are going to challenge and stress our bodies and create inflammation. But if you are grounded you can reduce the inflammation to get you through this. If you are not grounded it will be exacerbated.

    Lewis: how does grounding support weight loss or increase metabolism; does grounding help the gut microbiome?

    Clint: if you have inflammation in your body, your immune system is using all its resources to fight the inflammation that it is feeding. So it’s a vicious loop because the immune system doesn’t know that one day we would put shoes on. Or that we would be disconnected from the earth.

    Lewis: what is the difference from barefoot indoors versus barefoot outdoors?

    Clint: barefoot indoors you will have less static electricity and things like that but you are not grounded.

    Lewis: is there a way to have a grounding tool that you plug into your outlets that make you feel like you are grounded?

    Clint: yes. Over the years as we did the studies, in order to them we had to create ground points. They are anything from an electro-patch—an EKG patch. You put one of those on the body and you connect it to a ground. That grounds the body and the electrons can get through the skin.

    Lewis: we have the grounding pad that we got from you. I put my feet barefoot on that. Is that the same thing as being on the earth?

    Clint: yes. What we did in order to do our research and ground our subjects, we would use 12 x 24 inch conductive fabric or rubber like you would use in the electronics industry. It was connected to ground. When you were on it you were grounded.

    In many cases we put these in the home so that people had them for 30 days. At the end of the studies a lot of people had great benefit and wanted to keep them or wanted one for their mom or whomever. As time went on when we had scraps left we finally asked what was the best thing to give people. We knew that people would not comply.

    It’s really hard to get compliance in studies. So people may not even finish a round of script if it is not part of their daily routine. So we needed to give them something they could sleep on, put on their bed one time and ground it and there was no effect on their routine. They go to bed as they normally do and there is no work.

    Lewis: we put this on our bed last week and it’s like passing out right away.

    Clint: so we developed. They were accidental products. Remember I was the first guy to put data over a satellite from a personal computer. I was retired, so this is really interesting. There became a huge demand; we did not advertise. This was all word of mouth with relatives. Anyone who got grounded wanted one for their mom and so on.

    We kept improving and we have carbon mats you can sleep on directly or put a sheet over them. We have the little mats to put under your computer on your desk and have under your hands while you are working. You can put it on the floor and put your feet on them. The patches are for acute situations.

    It’s really simple and we have a pillow cover that you can put your pillow in. It’s grounded and you put your pillow case over it. A lot of people love that product. It’s something again that you don’t have to do anything once you set it up.

    Lewis: what is a daily habit, a routine for people to think about with grounding? What if they have 20 minutes a day.

    Clint: I tell a story that helps answer that. When I was young, I was babysitting cows. You look at them to see if they are healthy and happy. If you see one that looks different from the herd, acting strange, bawling, looking glassy eyed, you take them out of the herd and put them in a pen. Then you have to go ride the pasture to make sure the water is okay, there are no noxious weeds coming up, the grass is okay. Normally there is something wrong so you move the herd to a different section of pasture and fence off the other area.

    Clint: so I have this prevention background and I always ask what caused this? What is the root cause? Not, do I need this pill or that pill. I was raised that way.

    Clint: some years you would have an infestation of jackrabbits. Or you would be driving down the road and it would look like there is a lake out there (and there’s not that much water in Montana). It was the light reflecting off the jackrabbits’ eyes. That is how many there were. During the day it was fun to watch them; there would be a coyote sneaking up on them. Once the rabbit was aware of it, it could spring 10 feet up in the air. The rabbit zig zags over the pasture and generally the coyote would run out of energy and lay there panting. The jack rabbit would run just a little bit further. Conservation of energy is everything in nature.

    The rabbit goes a little farther and if you are close enough you can see the rabbit quivering. Then all of a sudden there will be a visceral shake. Then the rabbit goes back to eating as though nothing ever happened. Then the coyote wanders off. Now I know that the rabbit was grounding out the cortisol. The shaking was the inflammation created from the cortisol from the chase by the coyote. The rabbit was burning adrenalin and creating inflammation in the body.

    So you ground out the inflammation. The grounding reduces the excess radicals that will otherwise oxidize and create inflammation. I tell this story because most women today over 30 have some kind of inflammation disorder. They are healthy but they are doing everything. They exercise too much and that creates inflammation.

    I learned this from the MS ladies and I always asked what happened in their lives prior to MS developing. In the beginning they can’t tell you. Then they may say I lost my house in 2008 and I lost my job. Then they went into a chronic elevated fight or flight state and a body flooded with cortisol. Then they couldn’t get out of it and that created pain. The pain created more cortisol and then they ended up with lupus, MS or whatever.

    The reason I tell this story, 99% of who I work with are women. Guys are not going to buy earthing products. They are: I’ll do it myself; this can’t be true. Or whatever. Women are different and they know intuitively they are connected to the earth.

    A woman gets up in the morning and has slept on a foam bed with normal covers that create static electricity. She gets up and is stressed, fatigued. She has to get the kids off to school and if she has a mate she’s feeding her mate off. 80% of all women over the age of 30 sleep alone because of inflammation, heath issues, anger, all the things that go with not being well.

    They do all these things that are rushed. Then they have to take care of themselves and then get dressed, drive to work never having grounded. Then she gets to work and has to put up with the boss, the clients, whatever stresses are there. It’s traffic coming and going and when she gets home she’s ready for a drink. Then the stress of all that is still in the body when she goes to bed.

    I call this cortisol ‘coyote juice.’ Everything in her life is a coyote—the kids in the morning are the coyote, the husband, the boss, the traffic and the coyote causes the rabbit to trigger fight or flight. Cortisol is secreted in to the system. It’s chronic all day long and you have these spikes of cortisol that builds up in your body You end up with a lot of anxiety, irritability, and sometimes pain or depression. It’s relentless.

    When you get home at night you are full of coyote juice—cortisol. I don’t care if you don’t do anything else, go outdoors with a chair when you get home, put your feet on the earth, and sit there for 30 minutes and drain all that inflammation. You can think of it going out of your body into the earth—that’s fine. It’s the earth coming up and releasing electrons. It doesn’t matter how you think of it.

    You need to drain this and reduce the inflammation in your body. Then you can enjoy the kids, go to bed and wake up in the morning and feel better. If you wake up with aches and pains and you don’t feel good you need to consider sleeping on a grounding pad. In nature you would always have been grounded. So start there. If you can’t do anything else, this routine is free and it will change your life, I guarantee it.

    Lewis: what is your routine on a daily basis? Are you barefoot a lot, are you using the sandals, are you using the mats?

    Clint: I have been grounded for most of 20 years or longer. I have done studies for 23 years. I started out with the grounding pads I was using on the subjects. I have lots of pain and I kept the pain down. I grew up on a ranch. I skied. I had more injuries. I remember one day when I was around 53 or 54 I looked up at the sky and said God, why did you make my body with so much pain in it? I was in chronic pain just from all the injuries and whatever. I realize it was me that caused it.

    I sleep on a grounding bed cover and I have a grounded pillow cover with a pillowcase over it. I have a mat under my computer and a bigger ground mat under my chair and desk and I am barefoot all the time. I am generally barefoot when I go out of doors and I have a house that has nice Saltillo tile floors so they are grounded. I am grounded most of the time.

    When I go outdoors in summer there are certain areas you can go barefoot, but generally I wear the grounded flip flops. I don’t like to walk as much as I used to because of the seasons. There are certain seasons that I love to walk and you can walk forever. You have the wind and heat… I am grounded 90% of the time. I don’t have any pain and no inflammatory pain.

    Lewis: what is your diet like?

    Clint: in the morning when I get up, I generally will have 2 to 3 eggs, an avocado, some keto toast. Some mornings I have the keto type bread with nut butter such as walnut or almond butter and some organic jam. I do try to cut out the excess bread carbs. I don’t divert from that much.

    I usually have soup at lunch and I’ll eat soup before I eat anything. At dinner I will have fish, vegetables, maybe 4 oz. of meat. I don’t eat a lot of meat because my body doesn’t crave it. I loved bananas a bit on the green side. I like blueberries and I snack on frozen blueberries or raspberries. But I still like sweet treats. Keep the cookies out of the house or they’ll be gone in half an hour.

    Lewis: I grew up right before video games came. They started to come when I was 5 to 10 but I was still going outside. I got into sports at an early age…soccer, basketball, football at the gym, or being in the back yard and playing and climbing trees. That doesn’t happen with kids now; they grow up with their ipads and their iphones or tv. There are multiple screens in front of their faces, inside and ‘protected.’ They have soft things around them, carpeting and not going outside as much. What is your advice to parents raising kids for the future about the importance of grounding and being outside? What are the bad things that will happen if they don’t do those things.

    Clint: we already know that 40% of the kids have some level of diabetes. They have chronic allergies, and those are inflammation and health disorders. They are full of anxiety, ADD, ADHD and I used to call that chemistry-it-is. I don’t do that any more so I don’t get in trouble with the…….

    But, think of it this way. Health is your most natural state and you can see that with the animals in nature. If you don’t have health then something is interfering with your immune system’s ability to maintain and restore health. If a child has health issues of any kind, it’s generally because of the immune system. The only way you can maintain and keep them healthy is to get them grounded some portion of time. Sleeping grounded is easy. Put it under the sheet and they don’t even know.

    When kids are over 7 and into video games you are not going to change that. It is not possible. So we have ground mats and a lot of the gamers use them. you have to use artificial grounding. Electrical is conductive.

    Lewis: is it better to be outdoors in the grass or have a grounding mat? It’s better to be outdoors on the earth breathing fresh air with sunshine coming down. The other problems are fresh air and the indoor pollutants. And we have the loss of sun with the roofs over our heads. We are short of vitamin D and our health is compromised. Grounding is not the cureall but its loss of sun, fresh air and grounding are the causealls.

    Something in the environment is challenging your immune system. If you are indoor and the air you are breathing is challenging, your immune system has to deal with everything you breathe. If you don’t get enough sun and vitamin D that is going to affect everything in your body. You need oxygen. It’s not one thing—we stepped out of nature and we need to put our toes back in nature.

    I try to work with the young moms. They are the ones taking care of these children. But the moms themselves are in trouble. We try to ground them first and then she can ground her mom so she can be freed up a little. She can get her own life back so she can take care of her family and so on.

    You have to find ways to entertain these children. We used to love to go play in the creek, build caves, and the last thing we wanted to do was go in the house until tv came along.

    Lewis: I remember my mom had to call me in at night. We wanted to be out playing.

    Clint: we used to sleep in the barn. I don’t have the answers. If you can’t do it any other way. If we ground a child in the house, the animals are going to gravitate towards it. The children will start using it. Children know when they are grounded or not and they miss it when they don’t have it. They feel better when they are grounded.

    I tell the moms that what feeds a lot of the cortisol into the body is mental. A lot is environmental, but there is a lot that is mental—psychological –and that causes the fight or flight to trigger. That is what is causing the cortisol.

    You can take a child, adult, someone who is angry, take their shoes off and put them outdoors for 30 minutes. The anger goes away and the demeanor changes. They are different. The pain comes down, the circulation comes up. The demeanor shifts, there is a smile. It’s hard to experience all these things in the home if you are not in nature. It is getting rid of inflammation in the body and then the immune system can go back and the body is restored. You have more oxygen and more energy.

    Lewis: what about growing up with a lot of native Americans …what were the greatest lessons that they taught you? I feel that community has not been as repected in recent years. Are you still in contact with them?

    Clint: I’m 78 and most of the ones I grew up with are gone. I think the younger Native Americans have a sense of this and are trying to pull it back. The thing I learned about being with these Native Americans is they are not like us. Back then they didn’t understand ownership—how can you own a tree? How can you own the land? It belongs to everyone. You had the tribes were on the government created reservations. But they would go down low in the winter and move to summer pasture in the summer.

    Clint: I grew up in Montana and the Pryors (mountains) would be the summer camp. They lived more in tune with nature. Most people wouldn’t know Earl Biss was a Native American from Hardin, Montana, Crow Agency. I bought a lot of his paintings and I kept a lot of his. He did one especially for me that was in the Bitterroot near Missoula, Montana. There are 2 little riders on horses and then all this scenery. The idea behind it was the horses and the humans were just a piece of all of it. They weren’t prominent. The concept is that they see themselves as being part of everything. A blade of grass is your cousin. You don’t kill anything or destroy anything. Anything you take, you honor it. It’s a peaceful way of life; they aren’t angry and they take care of each other.

    I can’t imagine not having the essence of what I learned from them in my being because it makes me like a boyscout half the time. They care for their environment and don’t waste life and take what they don’t need. They don’t go sport hunting. It’s a way of life that is earthy and makes you feel good inside.

    Lewis: I ask everyone this question at the end of our interview. It’s called the 3 truths. So I’d like you to imagine that you continue to live as long as you want to live and you continue to accomplish and fulfill what you want to in your life. But at some point it’s your last day on earth. That last day you have to take everything you created with you—anything that you have ever shared. It has to go somewhere, with you or somewhere else and we don’t have access to that information any more. You get to leave behind 3 things or 3 lessons and that you can share and this is what you will be remembered by. What are the 3 truths that you would leave behind?

    Clint: number one is family. You have your own personal family, your community and your bigger community out there that is not taken care of the way we would a family. I think we …are all the same, we are all one. I think it’s important that we need to take care of each other rather than beliefs such as politics. It’s innate. Truth is in the heart. There is something there, but it’s about family and taking care of each other.

    But money is evil. If your life is about money, you do not have a life. Money is a by-product. You don’t need to worry about money—you need to provide benefit and things that help people and improve their lives. But if you go to work just for money that is evil because you don’t have a conscience and you lose yourself. You are out there working, taking care of your family and all the things you do in life, and you forget about yourself. Most people do; I did.

    I almost lost it and that scared me more than anything else. It’s important to learn rather than at 60, 70 or 80, but to go back and find yourself. Take care of yourself. Take care of that little boy and be grateful. It’s hard to understand life and it’s a challenge to figure it out.

    It takes years because it’s about learning what not to do and it’s about getting rid of all those bricks of beliefs that you are encased in. In doing all this it is so you can see and some people call it ‘finding God,’ finding whatever. One day you will find it—it’s there. When you experience that sometimes you won’t ever be able to explain it. It helps you to know that you are a piece of this. You are not suffering from it. It’s about being happy with yourself and putting yourself first and taking care of your health.

    Lewis: that’s beautiful, Clint. I want to acknowledge you for the incredible transformation you had in your life and the journey you had. I think it’s amazing that you grew up on the land and essentially went into the ‘make money business mode’ in the cable, electrical side of things. You lost your health and came back full circle and you used the different skills you developed over time to now help heal and find solutions and get back to what we are supposed to be doing as human beings—being in nature. I acknowledge the journey you have been on and to educate, to teach with these products to really heal. It’s an amazing journey and I am glad that you are an example at 78 without the inflammation and pain and you’re flexible and thriving and being the example by living this way. How can we support you and where can people go for products?

    Clint: is where we parked all the studies, links to the movie and book. The Earthing book is on Amazon and free when people buy any products. Theearthinginstitute is a good resource. There are 20 years of research there and untold amounts of time and money were invested in that. There’s no advertising and it’s not political. is where the products from $29 to $199 plus for grounding yourself and your family. I remember in the early days I was talking to California Health Services. They said ‘we understand what you are doing but before you go out and tell people, they need a no-cost solution and they need a low-cost solution. The no-cost is simple. Go outside. If you have chronic things then you need the low cost tools. They are just extension cords to the earth and the products themselves don’t do anything except conduct earth energy to your audience.

    The Earthing movie is on youtube and there are other videos. There is a short version of the Earthing movie went viral with over 60 million people.

    Lewis: what is your definition of greatness?

    Clint: I think greatness is a personal thing and it’s not that something thinks I’m great. It’s to touch people’s lives in ways that helped or made them better. I remember doing a little project that probably touched every home in America. It saved money and industries. More importantly I had a vision that I could see the future 20 years ahead and I could pull together data, put it on a satellite, feed it to a computer, and all that filtered into the internet and so on. The internet couldn’t be here if we had not built cable the way we did. I was a piece in a part of this thing called life and it’s all connected and it’s all one thing. I was a piece and part of it and I think I did good. I think greatness is being grateful that I was part of it and able to contribute. Greatness is being able to go on your way out with a smile on your face.

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    Can Plasma Energy Water Help Purify The Contamination in Ohio?

    Lynn was asked by several people if Plasma Energy Solution water combinations could purify the contaminated water in Ohio. Her initial answer was that the plasma energy waters help people’s bodies come into balance so their bodies can heal themselves but she wasn’t willing to provide the guarantee that people are looking for in mitigating the problems by that contamination.

    Lynn has had time to reflect on the entire incident and her short sightedness in a solution and offers the following based on her belief system and her experience with Plasma Energy Solution water combinations. You are invited to make adjustments compatible with your belief system. The Creator of All knows your heart. Now for some paraphrasing:

    It is said when two or more shall ask it shall be done by my Father in heaven for when two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in their midst.

    Lynn has no intention of splitting hairs over Bible interpretation so let’s move forward with her suggestions. Adapt this information for your belief system. If your intention is to help in any way you can, your Divine Creator knows your heart. If there is one of you and no one else, be earnest with your intention. Lynn’s opinion is that one earnest petitioner is far more effective than 3, 5, or 10 half-hearted petitioners.

    Water has memory and water carries intention. The water in Ohio as well as the air, the ground, the living occupants have been traumatized by the chemical contamination. But more than that is the contamination from the hatred and contempt of those who intentionally caused the damage. And now there is the additional contamination from the fear and the anger of the people affected by this hateful act. That is exactly the energy the haters want along with the damage incurred.

    So, here are Lynn’s suggestion:

    • Write your prayerful intention on a piece of paper
    • Print a map of the affected local and downstream areas
    • Tape your written intention to the outside of a jar or glass of the Plasma Energy water of your choice
    • Set that on your printed map
    • Speak your intention out loud

    How will Lynn speak her intention?

    I ask my Divine Creator to hear my prayer and intention for healing and blessing the water, the land, and all living things affected by the poison in the name of Jesus. I thank my Divine Creator, Jesus and all unseen helpers for the healing of the water, the land, the people and all living things in the affected areas.

    After Lynn does this she will drink some of the water to carry that intention with her. Then Lynn will give daily thanks for the healing of the water, the land, the people and all living things in the affected areas.

    It is Lynn’s belief that we were created by our Divine Creator ‘in his image.’ That means we are gifted with the ability to create a better outcome in Ohio and other areas that is not buried in fear, depression and anger. Heartfelt prayerful intention is a much higher energy than hatred and contempt of lower beings.

    Lynn has added a copy of the words to a timely song along with the invitation to join the Intention for Peace written by Lynn and Dr. Paul several years ago.

    This is a good time for all of us to be mindful of the energy that surrounds our bodies and our homes. Lynn has spoken in many videos about creating energy fields around your body and extending it out from your body into your biofield. And use your plasma energy waters to create energy fields around your home.

    For those of you who don’t know what the biofield is, it is the energy field surrounding your body that controls 80% of your immunity and 40 to 60% of your hormone activity. For more information about that you can go to the Free Reports on the home page of . Click on that and scroll to the very bottom of the reports for Books 1 and 2 Sabrina Dawn. As Lynn always recommends be thoughtful and use discernment when exploring new information.

    0219-2023—Can You Balance Your Body and Your Environment with Plasma Energy Water and Intention?

    Water carries memory and water carries intention.  Lynn discusses Intention and how it affects our bodies and our energy fields.  What about the energy fields around you and around where you live? 

    Artist: Dana Winner (Chantal Vanlee)


    There shines a light in the heart of man,

    Defies the dead of the night,

    A beam that glows within every soul

    Like wings of hope taking flight.

    A sunny day, when a baby’s born,

    The little things that we say,

    A special sparkle in someone’s eye,

    Simple gifts, every day.

    Somewhere there’s a paradise

    Where everyone finds release,

    It’s here on earth and between your eyes,

    A place we all find our peace.


            Come – open your heart,

            Reach for the stars,

            Believe your own power.

    This is the hour

            Now – here in this place,

            Here on this earth,

    It’s just a place we call paradise,

    Each of us has his own,

    It has no name, no, it has no price,

    It’s just a place we call home.

    A dream that reaches beyond the stars

    The endless blue of the skies,

    Forever wondering: who we are?

    Forever questioning: why?


    There shines a light in the heart of man,

    Defies the dead of the night,

    A beam that glows within every soul

    Like wings of hope taking flight,

    Like wings of hope taking flight.

    Our Intention and Invitation

    All plasma energy that originated from Paul and Lynn’s efforts

    joins every other bit of plasma energy that originated from

    Paul and Lynn’s efforts wherever that plasma energy is in

    the world—on the land, in the waters of the rivers, lakes

    and oceans, in the air and in the clouds above. All that

    plasma energy brings Paul and Lynn’s intention every

    where on, above, around and below the surface of

    Planet Earth that all living beings are filled with

    love, peace, joy, freedom and well-being with

    the ethics and morality to support the love,

    peace, joy, freedom and well-being of

    all living beings on Planet Earth

    including the living being, our

    home—Planet Earth. All of

    like intentions are invited

    to join this Intention.

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    Dr. Gene Kim- Nephilim | Fallen Angels, UFOs, Giants, Mermaids, Vampires

    Notes from the following video:

    Nephilim | Fallen Angels, UFOs, Giants, Mermaids, Vampires – Dr Gene Kim – Day 4 – Australia

    Nephilim is coming from the Hebrew word and the King James Bible (KJB) makes it simpler. It says giants and this makes things simpler.

    Genesis 6: Nephilim is the offspring of an abomination combined with the fallen angels and mankind. The fallen angels start to marry with the daughters of men and when you combine humans with fallen angels, you get the Nephilm.

    Genesis 6: 1and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, the sons of God saw the daughters of men and that they were fair and they took them wives all that they chose; there were giants on the earth in those days. Also, after that when the sons of God came unto the daughter of men and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old—men of reknown.

    Some people will say this refers to the Canaanites and the Sethites combining together. However, there is a problem with that teaching. Notice that daughters of men in verse 2, is referring to all of mankind. How do we know that?

    Look at verse 1: when men began to multiply daughters were born unto them. Notice that the daughters of men category is referring to all of mankind. The sons of God, is not referring to line of Seth or anything like that. Those are angelic beings.

    Angelic beings combined with humans – at verse 4 this is why it makes sense why there are giants coming out. when the sons of God cohabitate, they integrate with the daughters of mankind. That makes a lot of sense. Notice that giants were born as a result.

    When we look at this Nephilim category, it can go endlessly. There are a lot of interesting things when we study our history and the current conspiracies that are coming up. This is all predicted from the bible. A lot of what you hear in history and current views is just basically old news repeating from what the bible talked about.

    Don’t be surprised if 10 years later you come across some blue-blooded face. Don’t be shocked. It is something the bible talked about a long time ago.

    Whatever you hear on the news—it’s not really new news. They call themselves news to make it new, but it is not. So you get giants born. Notice also that you get legends—super heroes are born. Notice mighty men of old; men of renown in the same passage about the giants. You hear about Cyclops and Hercules, the famous comic book heroes of today.

    Where do they get the idea about aliens from outer space and you look at movie posters of Martians or aliens grabbing human women for themselves. Where did that come from? Where did it come from about Zeus coming down and supposedly committing fornication with a human and then Hercules was born as a result. “god’ intermingling with humans.

    Where did the Greeks get their mythology? I took mythology class in a liberal college and they say mythologies don’t just come out like that.

    Mythology happens because there was an actual event, a thing that occurred, and then in a generation it was stretched to somebody’s imagination. So it takes a generation or two for mythology to be born. Something has to actually happen first.

    So then the Greeks with imagination stuff are getting that idea from something actual. They say every mythology has to come from a source. Where did it come from? Genesis 6 of your bible.

    It’s not just that the fallen angels intermingled with humans. They also intermingled with animals. Look at the book of Jude. Where do we get the centaurs—half animal, half human. Where do you get satyrs, some that are half goat and half man. Mermaids? Merman? Where do you get all this weird stuff. Succubus—female vampires. Where do they get all the animalistic features combined with the human features that has some kind of angelic power feature. Where does that idea come from?

    Remember, people can’t just talk about a vampire like that; every mythology and legend comes from a source, some kind of actual thing.

    Look at the book of Jude: 7—even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities like them giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth for an example, setting the vengeance for eternal fire. Notice that Sodom and Gomorrah was sin and that sin was homosexuality and giving themselves to fornication. But when it says ‘strange flesh’ it is not limited to homosexuality.

    So Sodom and Gomorrah practiced an integration, a sexual unity, where it was with strange flesh. What does strange flesh mean? Strange means ‘other’ or ‘another’ and it is something that is foreign to normal and it is different. If we see it that way, it is other, different flesh.

    Does the bible talk about another flesh or a different flesh? Yes, Corinthians 1:15. Animals.

    They say the ‘old man’ (?) was bat crazy. When you look at his book Black is Beautiful you thought he lost his marbles. Then when 2020 hit, all of a sudden people were like, wait a minute…he talked about that.

    People who call themselves truthers or conspiracy theorists when they find out about this book, his Commentary on Revelation was long before Alex Jones and Infowars. Where did this guy come from?

    He being dead, yet speaketh. He wasn’t bat crazy –that man was a genius. Talk about a prophet predicting the future.

    Corinthians 1:15 verse 39: all flesh is not the same flesh but there is one kind of flesh of men; another flesh of beasts; another of fishes; another of birds.

    Now go back to Jude: the abomination occurred when the fallen angels did it with animals as well. That is how the Nephilim was born.

    Jude verse 6: notice this is referring to Noah’s time:

    And the angels that kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation…isn’t that Genesis 6—the sons of God left their plane to come onto the earth.

    Notice yet ever reserved in everlasting chains into darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Notice that what the Lord did in Noah’s day was to wipe them out. He wiped out everything—the sons of God, the humans and all the abominations in Genesis 6. That is how they ended up in hell at the latter part of verse 6.

    It says: he hath reserved the everlasting chains of darkness unto the judgment of the great day. In verse 6 we see this matches with Genesis 6. Those are those fallen angels.

    How do we come to the conclusion that they intermingled with strange flesh? Keep reading: Verse 7: even as Sodom and Gomorrah…going after strange flesh.

    What does ‘even as’ mean? It means in like manner; following the example of… that is why we can see from the conclusion here that the fallen angels followed the example where they were doing with Sodom and Gomorrah, integrating and the unholy unity with animals. That is where you get mermaids, centaurs, vampires, strange creatures. People don’t just come up with this stuff out of thin air. It comes from something somewhere.

    Another big evidence: why is it, use your head, that nearly every culture, or most cultures, when they talk about the origin of their nation, the beginnings of their story, why do they always talk about gods intermingling with humans and with animals? Even Korea has that of a god intermingling with a bear.

    Where do they get this and why is it that all different countries share that story and Christians have a hard time believing in that. And they use the same argument talking about all different cultures talking about a flood. They say that is true but when it comes to gods intermingling with humans and animals they say no, no that is made up.

    All right. Evidence builds. Notice how the heroes are edified today. Go to Genesis 6: so we see this unholy unity. What God says in verse 7 makes it very plain; why would God say it this way, if the angels were not integrating with humans and animals. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, the creepy thing and the fowl for repenteth that I made them.

    It is not just man sinning—it is also the animals. Is that plain? It matches up with history and makes way too much sense to me. That is why God wiped out everything, including the animals. We never saw them again.

    Go to Deuteronomy 2 and Genesis chapter 11: you would think that should solve everything but something went on. What would cause God to take action and do a huge annihilation of human kind and punish all of mankind? Why would the Canaanites be wiped out including the offspring? The famous argument by atheists—why would God do this? That is so horrible. It’s the same thing with Noah’s flood; why would God do that? Unless the offspring is corrupted and devil is involved with the offspring. God wants to clean it out because it is contaminating and spreading.

    Maybe that is why he did the same thing with the Cananites, because they still had Nephilim coming out.

    Deuteronomy Chap 2, Verse 20: that also accounted, a land of giants. The giants are back and giants dwelt therein in old times and the Amanites called them Zamzumen People many, great and tall as the Amakins. But the Lord destroyed them before them and they succeed them and dwelt in their stead.

    Do you see that? Even though the Lord wiped it out, with Noah’s flood, they still came back again. That would explain why God wanted the Israelites to wipe out the inhabitants of Canaan for what they did. It is because of demonic activity that is integrating again.

    Genesis 11: think about this. Why would God do such a mean thing by dividing mankind? Why can’t we just get together and get along? United Nations…isn’t our world better? Look at this year…arent’ we doing so much better than years before and we are living so prosperously because we are making a big deal about integration and making sure minorities get more attention. What a wonderful world we live in, right? So what is wrong with that?

    Think about this: what was the devil’s goal that time? Integration. That is what caused that wipeout. What is wrong with integration? The thing is we get so used to that and things ‘bend a little more’ where you can do 20,000 different genders and then you can unite and unify with anything out there that you want to. And there is nothing wrong with that. Then when ‘they’ come down again, no one would speak out a word because that is discrimination.

    We are so used to seeing that as a ‘loving thing’ and to speak out against that is hateful. It is discriminatory. Do you see how the devil built this up with the United Nations? He is already programmed us to do that. The devil is so clever. The devil doesn’t see just right now; he is trying to prepare up ahead. Every action has a consequence. You cannot just see the present, but you have to see the future and what it will lead up to.

    Genesis 11: this is what happened. Verse 4: let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto Heaven. Let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

    So they knew that God wants them to scatter out and not to integrate and be together.

    Verse 6: and the Lord said, behold the people as one and they have all one language to do. And this they begin to do

    Verse 8: the Lord scattered them.

    So God sees something wrong with the unity and integration. Why is that? What is wrong with building a tower? Come on. What is wrong with building a big tower and making a big name. Doesn’t everybody do that now? They build tall towers. They put their name on it. God never did another Tower of Babel and split the languages. Why is it here? Because they said of the tower whose top may reach unto Heaven. They meant that.

    Secondly, God did not say that was impossible and did not laugh it off. No God saw it as something serious. He said at verse 6: This they begin to do and now nothing will be restrained from them which they had imagined to do.

    God sees that nothing is going to stop them on that. Why? What is going on? Maybe if you believe what an historian (Verotadid) said during ancient times and he mentioned the civilization where the tower of Babel once resided, the Acadian Sumerian culture.

    Do you know what they say? They say that when you build this tower and after the Tower of Babel they had ziggurats. I went to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and when they talk about the Tower of Babel they talk about the ziggurat thing. So it has stairs that go around the outside of the tower.

    Verotidad said there are stairs because they put a beautiful virgin up there and at the top it is supposed to conjure up the god out of heaven and then the god out of heaven and integrate with that virgin woman and thus they can bring the gods down to the earth again. What brought the gods down to the earth? Did you forget Genesis 6:2? It is the women.

    Why do you think the devil is trying to get women to dress immodestly today? To glamorize the flesh—you are food and you are prey for them one day. He is going to get your daughters when they have children to dress like that and you think that is normal. What a way to teach about modest dressing when you are talking about blue-blooded aliens.

    Even in deep doctrine there are some important things to learn here and there. It’s eye opening about where the world is heading for and why we do the things we do. That is what was going on. By the way, God has a sense of humor. He called it Babel and in Hebrew it means confusion. Do you know what was meant in their Acadian or Sumerian language when they built the tower of Babel? It meant “Gateway to the Gods.”

    The full intention in mind in building the Tower of Babel was to build the gateway to the gods. Imagine about how genius our God is. I will Babel right back at you. In Hebrew he confuses them. God is such a genius. Don’t mess with God, He is such a genius.

    So you see this with the Canaanites and why the Israelites had to drive them out. The children of Israel were wiping them out. Notice 1st Samuel, 17.

    From the timeline we go from the flood to the Tower of Babel, to the timeline Joshua to judges the land of Canaan and the land of Canaan, the giants were getting wiped out. The Jews were going to warfare, wiping out the giants and the different enemy nations trying to obey the command of the Lord. God said not to let a single thing survive and to wipe out everything there because of all the mess and the integration that the sons of God were doing with humans.

    So then because the Jews were doing that, David was pretty much the man who drove out all those enemy nations and he was able to build the successful nation of Israel. It is interesting that during his reign you hardly hear any mention of giants again. So you can see that during David’s time the giants are becoming rare, becoming extinct.

    The Nephilm is becoming more extinct and the evidence is Samuel 1:17 and there are still remnants of the Nephilm but it is more rare. In Verse 4: and there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines named Goliath of Gath whose height was 6 cubits and a span. He had a helmet of brass upon his head and he was armed with a coat of mail. The weight of the coat was 5,000 shekels of brass. He had greaves of brass upon his legs and target of brass between his shoulders. And the staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam.

    This was some Nephilm to have this amount of armor. But notice here that his height is shorter than the giants of Canaan. The giants of Canaan they say that we are like grasshoppers to them and they were carrying grapes (grates?), where 2 men had to carry one sack of grapes. It was like that during Deuteronomy. Notice here that they had shrunk and their numbers were more rare when you look at Samuel 1:17.

    So what is going on? Use your head if you are going to think of what the Nephilm will do. After a world wide catastrophe like the flood, do you think the Nephilim are just going to come out in public again? No, they are not going to do that, especially if some of them survived after the flood.

    Notice in Deuteronomy 2 there were still some Nephilim that carried on after the flood. What happened? Some either survived and there are some interesting accounts that they either went underground which is where hell is. You know who is underneath hell…you will see Nephilim soon. We will come across verses on that.

    Secondly they made ships and there are accounts from India that talk about during that time of Noah before the flood, there gods and humans and they were riding on ships. Doing war with each other and this is why Genesis 6 says there was violence on the earth during those times. Maybe they built a UFO or some kind of ship and survived. Either that or they came down again; those are the 2 possibilities.

    So they have to do this more discreetly then if they survived a huge public incident like that. Mankind tried to do it again at the Tower of Babel, but notice it did not work. If the Nephilim is the offspring of the sons of God (the fallen angels) and the daughters of man, they have to survive and continue. So what they have to do is they have to do it discreetly. So, they all went to Canaan, but then the Jews were wiping them out.

    Let me tell you something interesting. Canaan was part of the empire of Phoenicia and that was a powerful empire during Israel’s day. Egypt and Phoenicia were the two big powers. It is truly of God that he destroyed both of them through the small remnant of Jews.

    Continuing on, it is part of the Phoenician empire, so the giants and Nephilim were through that kingdom of Phoenicia. But because of the Jews wiping them out, and David doing the job, isn’t it interesting that you don’t hear any mention of that after David’s rule. You don’t hear any mention of them. He got them out of the Phoenician empire.

    If you are the Nephilim where are you going to go? Why not go to the furthest land mass. The next time you are going to hear about any Nephilim activity, is through ancient sources and accounts. How you will hear about them during the Roman empire is the Celtic druids. These Celtic druids have a lot of spirits and devils in them. That would be a nice place to go to and is the furthest land mass away from Isreal (at the time). You go to an island. In England you hear accounts of strange Nephilm activity—King Arthur at that time. Lots of strange stuff there.

    Who built the Stonehenge and stuff like that? But then the Roman’s civilization is growing. If mankind’s civilization is growing and you are the Nephilim would you be comfortable sticking around humans and marrying them? You would not be—remember Noah’s flood.

    As civilization grows and expands, Arthurian legends fade away, you don’t hear accounts of the Nephilim again until you hear about the Americas. The Native Americans talk about legends of giants. The Aztecs of Mexico built their pyramids or tower…same stuff.

    That is the next time line after the Arthurian legends. South America (and Central America) and that is where you hear the next account of the Nephilim. Isn’t it strange that they found Phoenician coins in South America? Isn’t it strange that they found pyramid like structures in the Americas? Isn’t it strange they saw the Nazdac lines that can only be drawn from an aerial distance if you were flying above and looking down.

    Too much strange stuff. But then civilization grew again and as they colonized the Americas the stories of that faded away. Then comes the 20th century and people started flying around and claim they saw some weird activity—some Nephilim-like creatures flying around. Then 2020 hit where everyone is not caught up with civilization, but stuck. And they just keep looking up at the sky because they are so bored. And, they get video recordings.

    This year and last year there are over 100 accounts of what they call UAP because they don’t want to call it UFO. It is called Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Strange. What is going on?

    Daniel 2 and Revelation 12:

    Is it strange that in this modern century they are normalizing about trying to go up to Heaven? This is Genesis 11 again—building space ships and some weird accounts of what they said about the moon and did it happen or not. It was an operation where they fired up rockets but they can only go up so far.

    Then Elon Musk was building satellites and now he is building some kind of space station in Texas. Then everybody is trying to go ‘up.’ World Economic Forum claimed by 2030 we will be in contact with some kind of alien activity out there. Then you get scientists, Stephen Hawkings, normalizing evolution so much to say that it is possible there could be ‘life out there.’ Scientists are trying to normalize that. The Degrass Tyson is normalizing that. I am telling you scientists are normalizing that. Strange stuff.

    There are movies talking about aliens and humans, super heroes and gods living among humans…isn’t that so cool… who wouldn’t want to marry Superman or Wonder Woman? Who wouldn’t?

    They are normalizing this in popular culture and intellectual culture. What in the world is going on in this modern century? It is paving the way for Daniel, chapter 2. Genesis 6, it will happen again. Believe it or not. You don’t have to believe, but you will believe it one day.

    The bible at Verse 42, this is the last kingdom before Jesus Christ conquers it. So we can see this is the anti-Christ kingdom. It says: and as the toes of feet were part of iron and part of clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with mirey clay…

    So God is talking about iron mixing with clay –what is that supposed to be? What is iron when it is clay? They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.

    Clay is seed of men. That means this is all of human kind and they cannot be humans then. You have seed of men here. Something nonhuman is going to combine with human in the future of the anti-christ kingdom.

    What is that? Isn’t it strange if you look at old alien movies they put them as iron men? Twilight Zone and stuff like that.

    Revelation 12 gives the answer: Satan and his minions: the fallen angels come down again on the earth with mankind. Notice the bible reads here at Revelation 12, Verse 9: and the great dragon was cast out. That old serpent called the devil and satan which deceiveth the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.

    They are coming down to the earth again, Ladies and Gentlemen. Movies and science is prepping the world for that. The government has already been doing this a long time ago…prepping thing.

    Revelation 9: the anti-Christ is a Nephilim figure. He is either the devil incarnate himself or he is a Nephilm figure.

    Think about it: the President of So and So, or the United Nations have this integrated marriage too. Wow…I want my kids to be like that and I want to follow that example too? If the President of whatever of whoever this anti-Christ will be, had a union such as that, wouldn’t everyone be encouraged to follow that lifestyle? Don’t they glamorize the Obamas life style? Don’t presidents always go on celebrity TV and talk shows so that it can normalize the popular culture to follow along with that? Why are they doing that? What are they trying to do to people these days?

    Revelation 9 Verse 2: and he opened the bottomless pit and there rose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace. Verse 3: and there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth.

    Notice that out of the ground came locusts. This isn’t locust—this is Nephilim. Notice monstrous, animal-like human features…Nephilim. Verse 7: shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were crowns of gold, the faces were as the faces of men, human hair as the hair of women, human teeth as the teeth of lions. Verse 10: animals—tails of the scorpion.

    There you are…animal. Who is their king? Verse 11: they had a king over them which is the angel of the bottomless pit. In the Hebrew tongue this is Abadam and by the Greek tongue the name is Apolleaon.

    Who is Apollyon? John Bunyon knew who he was because he put that character and that is Satan right there. Satan is king of this Nephilim. Do you know what Apollyon means?

    Thessalonians 2 Verse 3: let no man deceive you by any means for they shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition who poseth and exalteth himself above all that is called God.

    See, he is worshipped as God and he sits in the Temple. That is the Anti-Christ. He is known as Son of Perdition. He is the son of somebody. Notice that? He comes from some kind of integrated offspring. He was an offspring of someone. Son of Who? Perdition. Who is Perdition? Apollyon means Perdition.


    Video 2:

    99% Christians Hide this alarming video—Dr. Gene Kim This is one of the most important teachings ever.

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    Notes: Dr. Jane Ruby and George Webb Legalized Murder: Prep Act, Big Tobacco and Robert Malone

    Notes from the following:

    Dr. Jane Ruby (JR) and George Webb (GW) Legalized Murder: Prep Act, Big Tobacco and Robert Malone After talk with Jane Ruby and George Webb

    Mon. Jan 16, 2023:

    JR: after 911 your government treated itself to two new laws: Project Bioshield and the Prep Act claiming they were going to protect you from future bioterrorist attacks. What they were really doing was funding the stockpiling of millions of poisonous injections, never tested for human safety. Enter the Covid pandemic. And how does a little known company called Alchem Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Robert Malone play into this?

    Award winning investigative journalist and reporter, George Webb, has the goods…the evidence is a government turning on its on people and the mass genocide of the shots to poison the American people is a front and center DOD operation. As huge and as overpowering and daunting as that may seem to you, the initial answers are simple. Don’t comply and buttress yourself with small and local alliances and parallel services in your family and your community.

    ….there is a great deal of proof that is undeniable in the public domain for you to use as you yourselves go out and spread the word.

    Tonight’s guest will expose what is behind these government actions but just know that the 2004 Project Bioshield Act was essentially a power grab enacted after 911 under the disguise that they were protecting us from future bioterrorism acts.

    That act ushered in the pilferage of billions of dollars of Amercian taxpayer money to actually fund the killing of Americans and others world-wide. This was proposed under the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The Prep act stands for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act.

    It not only gives the US government the power to force these poisons on the citizenry but it also absolves them of any legal liability. Is that the way this is going to shake out? … will it hold up in a court of law when there is criminal intent? Lawyers and other legal experts tell me no, not in normal courts. We have a problem – we have courts that are bought and paid for. There are very few left that can be of assistance and as I have also said using and appealing to the very institutions that are conducting these crimes against us is not a smart move.

    …very few people have the background and the instinct with a proven track record of George Webb. We are going to look at how our own government that includes all the agencies and the military leadership including the pentagon, DOD, and numerous companies under them they have created under the disguise of public/private partnerships to pilfer many billions of dollars of tax payer money that actually fund this mass genocide. The evidence is mostly in plain sight. George Webb joins me now…

    GW: I love the background you have there with the heart now that I have been diagnosed with myocarditis. I am not joking; I went through a multi-functional cardiogram that is 3rd generation EKG and there are 12 tests under advanced mathematics on all 5 tests from myocarditis across the board…

    JR: you took the shots?

    GW: I took one…

    JR: I recently saw you in an airplane hanger in an undisclosed location with some heavy hitters on the front lines who I think are controlled opposition…tell me about the meeting and who was there and how did you get into that?

    GW: it came out of this multi-function cardiogram where people have private jets or public aviation. It is not like the airlines where you get the EKG testing every 6 months and now you are flying to Davos and you’ll hear Greta Thunburg talking about climate change. You are going to fly across the Atlantic ocean with your G6. You are afraid that your vaxxed pilot could have a heart attack and there is not a double situation as you have in commercial. So there is single point of failure here.

    They are actually asking Steve Yoder, who put this event on for unvaxxed pilots – can you get me an unvaxxed pilot …

    JR: that is what this meeting was about?

    GW: yes. Steve Kirsch was the impetus from this saying that we should be testing private pilots. Steve Yoder was on stage. He had this thing at the Jacksonville Airport.

    JR: how many people were there?

    GW: 25 or so—there were 7 presenters…cardiologists…

    JR: who were the presenters?

    GE: Judy Mikovitz presented on immune systems, plants, animals, and humans; Brian Ardis did the Watch the Water, Ryan Cole presented slides of myocarditis damage. There was Dr. Levy who talked about hardly any incidence of myocarditis until 2021 that a practicing cardiologist would see. Then it shot up to 16,000 cases and the next year it was 14,000 cases. I am one of them.

    JR: you didn’t have the famous cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough who pushes Paxil, Novavax, …

    GW: all I know is I did one show with him (McCullough) and said the spike protein went to the parasites in the heart and that turned out to be right. The jury is still out there, but the jury is not out as far as I am concerned with Bob (Dr. Robert) Malone who I will talk about later and who I think is tagging on to these guys. I am not sure about this.

    JR: we will get to that … I want to mention that Dr. Ryan Cole has come out on the white fibrous clots I introduced a year ago with the embalmer Richard Hershman. Cole has consistently come out to dismiss them and he has called them cholesterol. He sat on Hershman’s samples for 12 weeks and did not do anything. That is when and why I brought in Mike Adams to do some mass spectrometry because Cole refused to do anything about it. That is very worrisome to me. I don’t know what Steve Kirsch’s agenda is but we will get there. He has interfered with my investigations with some of my witnesses when I brought in other embalmers. I have had a challenging time with that and he has never reached back to me. Who was the organizer?

    GW: … Josh Yoder

    JR: Josh Yoder is the founder of US Freedom Fliers and he is an American Airlines Pilot on leave.

    GW: when I first heard about the story about the clotting…

    JR: the white fibrous clots…let’s keep that separate from blood clotting that does happen from these shots.

    GW: Dr. Jane Ruby was the first person who broke the story about the fibrous clots and I flew to West Palm Beach to meet with her to get as much information as I could. I did the drill down on the background and Jane passed with flying colors. We met a second. I was shocked when Stew came out and you were not in the credits.

    JR: yes, of the documentary, Died Suddenly. This has been a huge issue and the public has noticed it. Mike Adams came out with a story, Where is Jane Ruby? I don’t know why…that goes to the documentary film makers and Stew Peters. I was the story and there is no question about that.

    GW: I mention this to get it on the table with total transparency and I am not hyping anything; I went right to the source as soon as I heard about the story. There were 2019 clips in the documentary that were not part of covid. You were not a part of that.

    JR: if I had been consulted as a background consultant since it was my story and I don’t say this from ego, but whoever is first is the story. Some doctors did put me on their Zoom. These front liners who come out and even Dr. Malone who came out with someone named Sasha Stone did a taping and started talking about how they were cross linked and what the material was… to my knowledge Dr. Malone has never been given samples and he doesn’t even have the capability to examine it under microscopy and mass spectrometry and the chemical processes that Mike Adams put them through…with lactic acid and more. I don’t know anyone else out there who has done this yet there are so many experts out there who think they know and they are telling the public. But I listen to what they are saying about what they think they know about these white fibrous clots and it is not right. They will use terms like amyloid or human —part of the blood vessel. Those have all been ruled out. They have nothing to do with human blood and chemically with the metals in them they are the extreme opposite of human blood.

    GW: one postscript to that is at that event with Josh Yoder, Ryan Cole did pass around a sample in a sample jar. This could be the story that someone is feeding them to wrong information to get away from your story that was the blood based clotting. We will see.

    JR: there are 2 types of clots that the shots are connected with: microclotting that eventually that throws a clot and someone gets a heart attack or stroke. What is also happening since 2021 is the embalmers pulling out these white fiberous clots and they are not coming out of the bronchial tray. It’s a different illness and we have ruled that out. These are originally from veins. Dr. Malone said from that recent interview that they were coming primarily from arteries—Hirshman said they were very rare in arteries when he first started pulling them out. They were coming out of veins and eventually they were being pulled out of both arteries and veins. It is always telling who IS NOT at a meeting like that.

    GW: I ‘crashed’ the meeting and it was on the ‘downlow.’ I got in as the ‘secret’ investigative reporter. I was upfront and let them know. These people are all part of huge mega-view documentaries and that is why it is important to get the story Watch the Water has 12 million views: Died suddenly had 14+ million views. I want to put everybody’s heads together and get all the information on the table.

    JR: I appreciate that and some of the wrong heads were there and heads that should have been there were not there.

    Let’s talk about the evidence you have come up with that ties in with Sasha Lapa— with Team Enigma’s work, Todd Callendar and a host of other experts. This is a US government …whatever it has turned into…the US government is gone and they have subsumed all the alphabet agencies, they work through the DOD, and this is a DOD operation to take out Americans. I want to first talk about the PREP act that gave this government and it’s entities carte blanche.

    GW: the full flight of the arrow goes back to 911 and before 911 and being ready for a bioterrorism attack. So you had a series of live exercises called Dark Winter by James Woolsey in 2002 after the anthrax attacks with Robert Cadlick. They were pushing for a bio-agents act..let’s prepare for all the bioagents and bioweapons that came out of the old Soviet Union. Let’s prepare these counter measures. So it was a funding bill.

    There was the Bio-shields Act in 2004 and there were a few breakouts (Pearl Harbors) to encourage us with the SARS 2003 with Matt Pottinger and Henry Kissinger SARS 2004 to encourage the Bioshields Act. That Act was passed and then PREP Act is the funding of the counter measures. This is when Michael Callahan of DARPA and others go to all these bioweapons factories in the Soviet Union and they brought all the scientists and agents to Odessa in 2005 to set up this testing against plants, animals and humans for the ‘full refrigerator’ of all the things in the soviets’ bioweapons program and it was called the BioPrepper Act. Ken Allabeck ran that and was a big part of getting the Bioshield Act and the PREP Act.

    Fast forward to Robert Malone and Latapova and you had a great interview with Latapova (Team Enigma) that broke down these public private partnerships. Alchem is the one that Robert Malone is associated with.

    JR: let’s talk about that. It’s a tiny little ‘shack’ outside of Gainsville.

    GW: its in a little town called Alatchuwa (?) that has turned into a big biohub and there is a huge amount of money that came from a billionaire (can’t remember the name). Usually when this happens near a major university it is so they can use that university talent to test these things. It is usually a bio tech park they put in. They usually bring in a group of people that have shady visas that they cannot get in any other way. All these Ukranians and Russians are there in Alatchuwa working with Dr. Robert Malone. I couldn’t believe it when I went there. And I’ve gone there several times and they are working on things like nano particles and things that would form long line clots in veins.

    JR: how did you learn that? Did they disclose that Robert Malone was part of their organization?

    GW: No, I actualy read a Washington Post article about Robert Malone at the Chief Medical Officer at Alchem evaluating natural solutions to coronavirus in January, 2020. He was the key guy at the switch that would determine whether HCQ or Ivermectin would be okay as a treatment. If you have an available, repurposeful drug with clinical trials behind it you do not get emergency authorization and you don’t get mRNA.

    JR: correct; that was an illegal move and they just did it.

    GW: the key at the switch was Robert Malone at Alchem …he literally is the last stop before runaway mRNA vaccines are approved in America. He had evaluated HCQ previously in his career with either Zika trial or Ebola trial that he did with Michael Callahan. He also evaluated Ivermectin and he had given glowing reviews for both Ivermectin and HCQ.

    Why now when he is the last guy to flip the switch mRNA yes or mRNA no, he flipped the switch to yes and he picked the ‘blind dog’ of Pepsid AC to evaluate rather than HCQ or Ivermectin. It made Trump look bad and they picked the mRNA. He came out like he was against mRNA vaxx and he was the guy who flipped the switch for mRNA.

    JR: who do you think this guy really is?

    GW: I think he has been working a long time with big tobacco. Vaprbar is one of his key partners; Virginiabio is an organization that he is a fixture in. It is all about Big Tobacco getting in to Big Pharma.

    JR: what does that mean? Are they going into drug development? Make the tobacco industry more ‘medical?’

    GW: yes. You could actually grow vaccines, bioagents and counter measures in the tobacco plant. If your revenue like Philip Morris in Holland is cut back on smoking you go to vaping. Vaping doesn’t have as high a temperature as smoking so you use a polyethylene glycol bubble around your vap bubble and that goes into your lungs. It is the same exact process as the virus and the vaccine that Robert Malone developed.

    He is also is a partner with Lados that goes into the lungs and it leaves residuals like tar and that can be seen in a Lado scanner that you go through the airport when you fly. They are also doing synthetic tobacco and the FDA has ruled that all tobacco VAP has to be synthetic and it is Robert Malone and Alchem all the time.

    JR: Have you ever heard from him or his lawyers? You and most of the public knows that he is suing me for $25 million for defamation. One of the major things in the complaint that he published in his own substack was that he had an issue with me associating him with the CIA. In spite of the fact he has said in many interviews, many times, on January 5, 2021, maybe 2020, he got a call from CIA director, Michael Callahan at the Wuhan lab, to ‘get my team spun up because there is a new virus.’ He has said that many times.

    It caught my eye…you are in association. I am not trying to litigate the case, my lawyer would kill me. But you are tying together some critical things. Let’s tie Michael Callahan at the Wuhan Lab with what you have learned about Dr. Robert Malone, Alchem and this whole movement with Tobacco.

    GW: I have never said Robert Malone is in DTRA and that is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and that is the key agency that does all the counter measures. Rick Bright’s BARDA spun out of that. They sit there on the vaccine side. Robert Malone addressed the progression of vaccines 10 years ago and how we should be moving to mRNA. So he was one of the biggest proponents of mRNA in front of the WHO.

    Leopards are not allowed to change their spots in this game. Michael Callahan is on the other side. He is on the DARPA side and they are the people that do live exercises for the US State Department. US State Department does these programs through USAID Predict. They can literally predict what kind of things are going to be released because they are in the business of doing that.

    The idea is that they release an attenuated virus and go through all the steps you would go through in an outbreak response so that you are readying your response level. If an outbreak happens in Ghana you will build a BSL lab in Ghana. The result of these live exercises is that these BSL labs are built all over the world including satellites of the Soviet Union, Africa and the Middle East.

    JR: these are Level 4 Bio Safety Labs (BSL). That is the highest (designation) and they have universities involved that don’t have the highest security infrastructure.

    This is the second segment of our show. You and I literally got this breaking news before we started this show. The title is Cicero and Dr. Robert Malone—What Do They Have In Common? The former spoke about the enemy within and the latter is the enemy within. He knows it, we know it and Malone is a Grifter, Fraud and I Tried Silence. This article is from Dr. Paul Alexander who was with HHS (health and human services) under President Trump.

    I am suspicious of him as a character and we can get into that. My antenna go way up as yours do. This guy wrote tons of cover from President Trump pushing that big, beautiful shot. It’s a little suspect and he should be held to account we just looked through his breaking substack. What do you think this is really about?

    GW: I look for ‘juice’ in articles. I look for titles, dates, companies, proof, documents, trials for companies. If I was talking about Jane Ruby I’d be saying she did the I-Cardiac Flomatadine whatever from this date to this date. Here was the opinion she published and none of that is here. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some sticks in this article.

    JR: to be honest with you I think this is a bit of theater. That should garner Malone suing him for something that is potentially defamatory. Calling someone in the title a grafter and a fraud…. What do you think?

    GW: full spectrum dominance when you put out a message as the Defense Intelligence Agency, you put every person and spokesman all along the spectrum—all the way from left to right. You have your heroes all along the way for everybody to give money to. You want your operatives to get the money and you don’t want dollars going to investigative journalists. They are going to get the story out and that is the last thing you want. You don’t want to cut off the Jane Rubys or George Webbs.

    So I think this is what it is about. Who comes out and says he owes me $10,000? First of all you must have been doing something that required a $10,000 transfer.

    JR: He says of Malone in the article I divorce him! Well, what were you doing in bed with him and ‘married’ to him to begin with? He names other people who also could be accused of grifting and that is all going to come out. That is in God’s purview.

    GW: These CIA guys, the Robert Cadlacs of the world who are associated with the anthrax scare that ended up in a huge windfall for Robert Cadlac who was also in charge of the corona virus. This goes back to anthrax. They created an anthrax scare after 911 investigations started getting going in Congress. Everybody in Congress got locked down…does that sound familiar? Who was the key beneficiary of all the millions that went to anthrax vaccine? Robert Cadlac. This Paul Alexander is a good friend of Robert Cadlac.

    They are what I call ‘the anthrax kids.’ So let’s get the

    Anthrax ‘band’ back together again. This time for SARS and what will it be this next time? Oh, it will be MERS this time. Then it will be corona virus. It’s the same kids and Vladapova named the public/private partnership on this in your interview with her with the Bio PREP Act of 2005 and the Bio Shield Act of 2004 . This really unlocks everything.

    JR: Wow. Let me ask you a question I’ve always wanted to ask you from the DC days when I would clam on to the studies you put out. Are you ever afraid for your life? These are well endowed entities, they are mean. If they can take out Kennedy they can take us out. Are you ever concerned about that?

    GW: I had a research assistant who was working with me with a lot of JSOC—joint special operations command in Ft. Bragg. She had a lot of inside reporting and she died in 2018. Brian Lloyd was an attorney who was working with whistle blowers at DTRA and he died of an early heart attack. So I have been close to people who have died but again that is like the point man in Viet Nam. You don’t want that guy to be the one hiding in the back. There is some responsibility with this job and it means that you have to lead from the front. If that happened I just ask that somebody behind me picks up the flag and keeps the march going.

    You are right about the CIA connections. Robert Malone has talked in interviews about father and father-in-law being involved in the CIA. He decided not to do that because he wanted to help people and do vaccines. Great. He pushed vaccines for 25 years, going into the WHO and lecturing them about mRNA and how that was the future. You cannot turn this around now and be the hero and you are against mRNA. It’s a hypocrisy to begin with as there are some intelligence connections.

    Robert Malone just put out a book and admits in 2009 he was introduced to Michael Callahan as a CIA operative. You don’t have to name it CIA on the building if it has to do with counter measures. You call it Defense Threat Reduction Agency. What difference does it make? It is taking the old refrigerator of bio-agents the Soviet Union had, releasing them in live exercise and then doing counter measures and making big money doing it. 9 million.

    JR: 9 million for his consultancy?

    GW: 9 million for his counter measures. He did the counter measure for Zika and for Ebola. There was a lab that got built in Rwanda because of the 2014 Ebola. 2016 — Zika got up as far as Miami. There was an outbreak at the games in South America before that.

    So this is the way to do it—in a high profile way at a high profile event like the 2019 Military Games (in Wuhan) and now the fear goes and now you need to fund the counter measure.

    JR: Wow. Let’s go to the PREP Act and the BioShield Acts.

    GW: Go back to 2005 all the way back to where this thing got funded. This was get all the soviet scientists and move them to Ukraine and get them away from the hinterlands or Russia. They will get them in an area of Ukraine and then carve off Ukraine as an independent state and that will kneecap Russia in the future. That was the whole idea.

    Christopher Steele was very much involved with his company, Orvis, getting these people integrated into the West. He brought them to the Port Endown (?) facility in England. This has been a long term bio-strategy of NATO and 5 Eyes since 2005.

    JR: it is every bit of what Dr. David Martin said in the beginning. There are privateers and many companies behind the guys in the front like Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J. It is so much more than that and my first suspicion was the lockstep nature of this. In 2020 I was in DC and my doctor literally ran and hung up on me and said he couldn’t do anything for me.

    Then I saw them blocking HCQ that came out first. I kept thinking they are going to stop this; it’s insane. They aren’t going to force this. Yet every industry and every country continued. Did that give you a clue that this was a very large operation that was higher and higher than we knew?

    GW: We had a group nine days after the WHO declared Corona virus as a pandemic. It was a group of citizen journalists from all over the US come to be on the Potomac. We called it the Potomac Group and we looked at all the information that was available.

    People don’t realize that there were two reports already out in the early days of February and March that said that there were 5 variants in North America and only 3 in Asia. This led me to believe the meta-data that came from the US and North America.

    The other piece of data that we had was that there was a big breakout in Japan in December and January. Then we had the Chinese Foreign Ministry after Bob Redfield said they didn’t put out the right kits for detection in 2019 and the CDC was totally dark. He came out and accused the Americans of bringing it to China. That is where we picked up the story.

    We said that we are only going to look at people at the highest levels. We are not bringing Joe Averages into the story and we are only bringing people that are at the top level of NATO or people that work directly for the US State Department.

    All I can say is that we found a US State Dept. Services diplomatic person who was armed who usually travels with the higher ups. We placed NATO, the top level, the top guy and their career entourage in Wuhan in October before the outbreak. Now that is pretty big and is like shooting Archduke Ferdinand in WWI or Pearl Harbor in WWII.

    JR: how are we ever going to stop this and then bring justice?

    GW: truth is a lion and all you have to do is set it free. The sunshine is the best disinfectant and remember that little Toto pulled the curtain back on the great and powerful OZ. That is who we are and we do that rather than having huge 2nd amendment type of revolution in our country.

    It is much better and much higher international ground with people watching us. If they see the truth and then it happens by itself.

    JR: we are seeing lots of examples of this and more people seem to be aware instead of MSM trying to bury it. More people are getting involved. ‘They’ are saying that the uptake on the boosters was only 1/10th of what they were hoping to get. They are scrambling and made a lot of mistakes. The PCR—we are going to recall it but then give you 50 other versions of it. The public is seeing things like this as ridiculous.

    Where is this going with Dr. Robert Malone? You have information about a suit against him.

    GW: the suit is really about that case of the armed diplomatic services person working for the highest levels of NATO being at Wuhan. We did not characterize that person in any way as perpetrating anything. We said vaccinated and the person was not contagious. Dianne Sullivan of CNN completely reversed that story.

    I think we need to find a whole new category of search and destroy journalism and call it story reversal where you attack the victim. You could call it ‘storyreversalfull.’ That is what they do. They turned around the attack on Nick Sandman the kid at the Lincoln Memorial. He won that lawsuit and this case is much worse.

    This is me running down a story with 12 other journalists with a lead from the White House just trying to find out who from the Dept of State of NATO is there. Plus, the Americans were being blamed. This person was not born in the US and had been brought in from Holland to be an armed diplomatic individual for the State Dept. I didn’t want to see the US taking the blame from China and going into WWIII.

    I think we diffused the situation and we are also getting to the truth and this is why you are seeing the Paul Alexanders come out of the woodwork and say Robert Malone owes me $10,000 because I ‘put a new engine in Joe Biden’s corvette.’ Oh by the way I just happened to get some classified documents while I was working on the engine. I think that is why these crazy distraction stories are coming out.

    JR: so these rats are jumping ship. They are not all innocent when they are calling out ‘grifters’ and a lot of them were in bed with the bad guys they are now brushing off.

    GW: yes and you take a couple of key perpetrators and key conspirators and you make them heroes on the left and then a couple more key conspirators and put them on the right. By splitting forces or hair pulling between the two groups and it’s 50/50 he said, she said, and people move on to the next story. This is a classic defense mechanism for any covert operation and you get funding for this. People give money to both sides as well.

    JR: there are so many details and hundreds and hundreds of players. Maybe you will take a good chunk out of CNN in this lawsuit. What role does Dr. Robert Malone play in your suit?

    GR: I am charging that a live exercise was conducted beginning on Sept 11 in 2019. The State Department was conducting a live exercise either on a nano particle or an attenuated version. There was lockdown situation. Andrew Huff from Eco Health Alliance said this was the case; the digital protection was there for a breakout. He thinks it is as early as June or July up further on the Yangtze. But the digital detection is using the satellite imagery, the lookups on google, all the things that would happen if there was a real emergency or breakout.

    I’m saying and he, somebody that was there working with Peter Dazack of Eco Health Alliance, that we were in a live exercise. I am saying that the person who had the Harvard chair with MIT…remember this is a Harvard MIT professorship in Wuhan since 2009 was one Michael Callahan of DARPA.

    Now that means Robert Malone was working with him during the 2014 Ebola and the 2016 Zika and he knew he was DARPA and Callahan had been introduced as a CIA operative in 2009. So Robert Malone was introduced to Michael Callahan because Michael Callahan had a Harvard MIT chair in Wuhan. The history between them in Wuhan goes back to 2009. It is critical that the American people need to know what happened between Callahan getting the chair in 2009 and in Jan 4, 2020 when he supposedly got a phone call out of the blue from Michael Callahan.

    If we fill in that history and I will try to call both of them as witnesses, we will have the answer. We don’t need to go farther than those two people and what really happened with the corona virus.

    JR: wow…we are going to continue our discussion in the Aftertalk extention of the Jane Ruby show. We will continue this discussion. Talk about your book Citizen Journo…

    GW:the gloves are coming off in the Aftertalk. I am realgeorgewebb1. I wrote that book with Addy Adds and I wrote a couple more with a deceased associate. I have substack georgewebb. Also a Rumble channel.


    Aftertalk with George Webb and Jane Ruby After talk with Jane Ruby and George Webb

    GW: Alchem is all these people from the old soviet bioweapons program called BioPREPPER Act. These are a lot of Ukrainans back in 2004 and 2005 moved to Odessa and now you have the Odessa people that you rinse with the ‘red, white and blue’ rinse and bring them here. Who better to work on counter measures for the old pathogens than the people who did the pathogens in the beginning.

    That is all part of biodefense, but where this takes a turn is when you say let’s deliberately put this stuff out in a live exercise and we can cash in on the mRNA vaccines. We will have the insider, Michael Callahan of DARPA to do the live exercise and we have the insider at the Defense Strategy Reduction Agency, Bill Boar (?) and it’s an inside game here and not a public bid situation with Robert Malone. That is what has happened since 2005.

    JR: you have said that Alchem is involved in some of the nastiest part of gain of function and that is to create the antibody enhancement and that is the planned destruction of human immunity.

    GW: yes; the way it works is that I can come in with a pathogen like corona virus that is relatively 1% pathogenic. But as my submarine attack I go not for head of the spike protein or antigen, I go for the stalk and that is the functional constant part of the protrubances from the cells from your T-cells. This is the same attack that HIV made against your T-cells.

    What is really pernicious about this attack is that once it goes into your T-cell and the T-cell is trying to respond to the first light attack from corona virus, it is making more of the really bad thing. It is a secondary attack and could be the HIV virus. We say the 5 proteins from HIV being delivered and again, this is how HIV attacks the T-cells in the F-C pathway and it is called the functional constant pathway.

    When I saw this I said that this is weaponizing HIV and aerosolation of HIV because you come with the corona virus balloon but then you immediately do the submarine attack to this F-C gateway. This is autobody dependent enhancement. This is ADE and there is no guessing and that is what Alchem does.

    JR: it is to fatigue and burnout the entire immune system.

    You have validated so many medical counter measures analysis of 2019….

    Alchem Laboratories Corporation dedicated to excellence in custom synthesis

    Medical Countermeasures Analysis of 2019-nCoV and Vaccine Risks for Antibody – Dependent….Enhancement ADE

    JR: this is unbelievable and this company should be shut down and raided and cleaned out.

    GW: holds up sign: say hello to nicotine 3.0

    JR: you mean they are going to poison people through nicotine? I have always said this is why they want you to take more and more and more. They are priming you with many different things.

    GW: this say hello to nicotine 3.0 is on the Alchem website and that is their product. That is Robert Malone’s product. This is going to inhalable vaccines. DARPA was working on inhalable vaccines. Go back to 2009 and look at the inhalable Anthrax vaccine. Look at Ebola and MERS and they are looking at testing people who are not informed. This is the terrorist situation where you want to go put this in the Hookay of the Tora Bora terrorist with Osama Bin Laden. Then when they go through a body scanner they can say, ‘hey this is the 3.0’. They are repurposing the war on terror to now bring it to DHS for tracking and tracing you. This is the real story here with Alchem.

    JR: Whoa, George!

    GW: holds up the phone showing the partner page: here is ther partner page. This is Robert Malone’s partner page and you can see Virginia Bio, Alchem, Vapor Bar, Leidos, Reliance—another DOD DARPA contractor.

    JR: this is mind blowing. I knew there was more to this Alchem company. Dr. Robert Malone claims that he left the company. What does that mean?

    GW: to me Robert Malone goes from company to company like a spokesman. It’s time to commercialize that product, go public with the product and make a lot of money. He is sort of like Ronald Reagan was in the old GE Theater.

    Malone is the one who said now is the time for mRNA. He is the fixture that they screwed in at the key switch whether to go live with mRNA or not and whether there was an existing solution and natural like HDQ or IVM. He is the one who pulled the switch to go mRNA.

    We are just saying it is time to tell the truth. (holding phone up 8.48 min) Here is the F-C pathway: the s domain may enable an alternative infection pathway via the F-C mediated receptor. I am reading from Alchem’s own paper. This may be the gaining event in immune response disregulation.

    This is exactly what happens in HIV and in Ebola. They take over the T-helper cells. When the body is trying to respond to fight back the first minor infection, it actually creates a much worse pathogen in secondary reaction by creating a bunch of T-cells to fight the first infection. They are talking about doing this study for SARS, MERS and SARS2 CoV. This has been since the 2004 All PREP Act and Bio-Shield Act that Alchem has been involved in every step of the way.

    The whole clade of Corona Virus is SARS, MERS and SARS2 and all the variants that have come along thereafter. This is all Alchem and you cannot hide from your scientific papers. This is why I say I kind of like Robert Malone and his interesting personality…

    JR: how could you like someone that is responsible on so many levels for the mass damage, maiming and destruction of humanity?

    GW: until I knew that …up until you tune in to the Dr. Jane Ruby show, you don’t know. You just think Robert Malone is the most interesting man in the world like the Dos Equis guy.

    JR: I have had a crawling feeling in my body since the moment I first heard him speak on Bannon a year and a half ago.

    GW: when I saw him on Bannon then I knew that this is more than controlled opposition. This is the splitting of the conspirators…left and right…to get full spectrum dominance using both sides. That is who Robert Malone is. I have nothing Robert Malone or science of any of the things like developing counter measures for the US of America. But profiteering is bad enough from something that killed so many people. But then turning around and trying to be the savior and take money is a bridge too far.

    JR: I see it slightly differently—I see it as from the beginning understanding that you are not only going to be profiting hugely but it is going to be at the cost of maybe 100s of millions of people around the world and 1/3 to ½ of the US population.

    Let’s just stick with America for now—to me that screams Treason. I am not accusing and I am not bringing an indictment yet, but call me crazy. It wasn’t about drooling and salivating over making $10 billion as a single human being. It was in order to propagating somebody else’s agenda and it is becoming my interest to kill and maim maybe 100 million people in the US.

    GW: I do think there is an agenda here for heart damage. We started the show and the PQRT wave in the logo behind you is what EKG’s measure. There is a controlled set of spikes. I had a partner who said this was going to happen in 2017. She said it was going to be influenza spikes, but there was a series of influenza where there was vaccine fatigue. The next series was just close enough that it would use the old antibodies and wouldn’t be a specific response and the macrophages would come in and cause the damage.

    Through a series of vaccine fatigue responses, you would have a little scarring on the first one, a little more on the second one, third one, fourth one, reducing your stroke volume for your heart, causing more heart attacks and remember if you scar the heart you reduce the electro-conductivity between the SA nodes and that can cause these sudden heart attacks.

    This is where you were going and why I liked your research in the Died Suddenly into the heart.

    JR: it wasn’t in the Died Suddenly. I want make that really clear that I was not invited to be part of it and I had nothing to do with it but what you mean is the white fibrous clots on which I broke the story after working with Richard Hershman for many months. Screenshot of JR Show: Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled With Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots

    GW: you were heading in the heart direction is what I am saying and the pulmonary lung damage area. I think something happened and I love Stew, but I think somebody got in there and hijacked this thing away from the heart…

    JR: There you go George! There you go! When somebody messes with the narrative of the truth, I knew what the truth was, because I was working with Hershman. When it comes out a little differently or fills in with other stuff, I think to myself ‘antenna’—who is qui bono!

    GW: yes, this was a plan I think unfortunately and I don’t know if it was Kissinger or his key lackey, Matt Pottinger who was in Wuhan as well running the China desk for the National Security Council. He was the one who did not tell Trump about this thing until after Nancy Pelosi had her huge potluck for the New Year’s Day of the Chinese New Year. Who does that in the middle of a breakout? The next day they went to Trump.

    You were on this heart and you have the heart symbol there and this is the key attack vector at the heart and the lungs is secondary. I think you nailed it and I think my partner nailed it. I think somebody has hijacked this train to keep you away from the symbol that you represent.

    JR: if that is the case it’s a race against time to get the truth to people in terms of stopping them of continuing with boosters. And it is not just boosters for the C19; what you have laid out is so much broader than that—the Nicotine 3.0 that then maybe they can make an excuse for inhalable vaccines. My God why would you want an inhalable vaccine?

    I want to know what your thoughts are on…millions of people who have taken 2 shots and 2 to 3 boosters. We know from the Pfizer documents that something is transferred and I agree with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny—that is the appropriate term—transferred. Not shedding…but we call it shedding colloquially. We know that something is transferred.

    Are hundreds of millions of people around the earth contaminating the earth? The world, the water the air by concentrating this stuff?

    GW: I think initially it is what they call vectors. Air is vector. Vape is a much better vector because you have 20,000 times the viral load from normal breathing like the air. You mentioned food and Bill Gates is talking about vaccines that you can eat with meats. Robert Malone and his folks have a long ambition of people growing tobacco to also grow vaccines as I mentioned before. Those are initial ones.

    In Watch the Water with Brian Ardis I don’t think he articulated to himself as well as he should have in the documentary. I later clarified with him and he was saying the homology of the GP120 protein that is what attacks the F-C Pathway and is the submarine attack vehicle and this is what they were trying to emulate with spike proteins of the venom.

    He wasn’t saying snake venom was in there; he was saying they put in genes that made a snake-like venom that also look like GP-120. Guess who made his career on attaching GP 120 to anything? It was at Vi-Cal and before that. Dr. Robert Malone.

    JR: OMG…all roads lead back.

    GW: all roads lead back to Dr. Robert Malone and you look at how he suppressed his GP120 research. He has tried to erase his name off everything he did with GP-120. Go all the way back to his original work at Cal and the Salk Institute and it’s all GP120. He in Murray Garther’s lab at Cal for the HIV lab that used GP120 to infect the cell.

    Murray Garther brought him back on a plane from Luc Montaigne in France. He was at the ground zero of the HIV thing and he completely erases this from his history.

    JR: why has nobody noticed that? That he has erased that?

    GW: I think you have some very powerful vehicles to amplify false narratives. Joe Rogan for whatever reason just doesn’t dive and doesn’t do the deep dive. So he ends up being the biggest spreader of all the kind of false narratives.

    JR: there is a reason for that George in my opinion..i’m glad you asked. My second PhD is in psychology research and I am not a therapist. However, understanding advanced psychology I just think that …. I don’t believe anybody flips 180 degrees in their values. In order to go from being a progressive far left wing lunatic to being ‘oh I get it now’ … I don’t get it. They jumped on the Trump train in 2016 because that is where all the parties were in DC. I think Joe Rogan was the perfect vehicle.

    GW: he also moved to Austin where Alex Jones is.

    JR: so that is for the ‘countering.’

    GW; yes, these are the train jumpers who take over the Great Train Robbery. They take over the truth trains and derail them to mRNA. Robert Malone was in where ‘Casey Jones was in the boiler of the train.’ He is the guy who turned the switch away from HCQ and IVM –he had experience with them and he had published papers about them. he made the train go toward mRNA.

    That is really important—this train jumping thing is jumping the track and getting hold of the narrative and make sure Jane Ruby doesn’t talk about the heart. She has the pqrst wave behind her (the show logo); make sure she doesn’t talk about the heart.

    JR: I am also a cardiac nurse practitioner, I have a big mouth and I am not afraid to talk. It’s a bad combination for them.

    GW: I also want people to know that you wanted to be a nurse practitioner in the critical care heart setting where you are dealing with cardiologists every day and you know the language of cardiology. This was the insider threat. I have a couple of relatives that are in the medical arena. But you were on the inside and you have the network and you were at Rochester, NY and it is a big hub now for medical cardiac.

    GW: Dr. Malone, Steve Hirsch, they are all going to Rochester in March again? Why? You had the inside track of that knowledge.

    JR: the first part of the narrative when the cardiac damage was coming out was that it was ‘mild’ and this will be fine. This has a 5 year mortality rate with myocarditis whether you are 1 year old or a hundred years old. It does not matter.

    People do not understand that cardiac tissue does not regenerate.

    That is why a heart attack—eschemia in the heart—that tissue is gone forever and you better hope you have collateral circulation around that dead tissue. It doesn’t regenerate. When you damage it with tons of inflammation from the reaction of the heart to protect itself, the inflammation itself damages the cardiac. They are going to take out a lot of people over the next 5 to 10 years.

    It will be slow and people will say, oh he had a heart attack. He had that myocarditis. They are just not putting it together George.

    GW: I’ll throw in another one that you just won’t believe. Stephen Bansell (?), the CEO of Moderna that was the number one beneficiary of mRNA he was the guy who built the lab in Wuhan. He was the key beneficiary for that lab to leak. Now he is coming out with a heart vaccine that transfers the genes you need for vascular endothelial growth factor–the EGF to rebuild part of those heart structures. It is ancillary cardiovascular development to go around the things that have been scarred. Again he is the key component and the key beneficiary to the thing you have behind you (the show logo of the heart).

    Can you see why “I need to take out Dr. Jane Ruby” off this train? They cannot have you on the truth train on that. They would have taken it and said wait a minute, the key beneficiary is Stephen Bensell and he just came out with a heart vaccine. That is 2 for 2 in 2 years with the mRNA and that is too close.

    Now I will throw a third one in and he has also come out with a cancer vaccine. They are talking about all these ancillary cancers.

    JR: yes, I did a story on it. Tell me what you know.

    GW: that is 3 for 3. It’s like fortuitous arson. It’s not like two liquor stores competing or 2 gasoline stations. This is a worldwide business and its with mRNA. He has done a trifecta on these with crazy coincidences.

    JR: absolutely. George this is so deep I just worry… we will attack it piecemeal and we won’t get the dog pulling the curtain back in the wizard of oz. We need more of that and it’s just the beginning.

    GW: there is a dearth of content and there are a million people out there that are doing shows. The quality and this kind of content is not there. What they will do is steal all your stuff. That is ok because it will multiply everything times a thousand.

    JR: I never minded that George. I never minded someone for ripping this up and putting it on every other platform you can think of. What I have resented and what I am concerned about is not telling the whole story that I have laid out it is not about an ego thing of me being first. It is about me being early and where are those other doctors like Alexander and Mccullough? They are trying to pretend that they just discovered all this stuff about Malone.

    That is the disingenuousness and the danger and that is what it is about.

    GW: I am with you about Malone 100% and the picture behind you is why they didn’t want you on the train. It is that simple and I think we are going to get the message out. There are too many good people like you. Well, there is not enough but there are too many people who want your ratings and want your content. They will steal this and put it out.

    JR: you are very kind…

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    Planned Kill Off Of The Vaccinated To Begin!

    Guest Dr. Bryan Ardis

    Notes: 0123-2023—I talked with Dr. Tal Braun for the first time right before my Stew Peters interview that became the Watch the Water Documentary. Listen to this guy; we have filmed a one hour interview documentary about my realization that Covid 19 and the spike protein is nothing more than snake venom peptides. We have been lied to about what is causing the weird novel side effects of this ‘virus.’ They are all side effects of venom that they have learned how to weaponize, isolate and synthetically make in factories.

    That was one thing that I disclosed in the Watch the Water documentary and also my concern that the venom is in the Covid 19 shots. When I went to film, the first time on my own there was 5 hours of research on that I had done 16 hours a day. I ripped the covid narrative apart and then it was time to tell the world.

    Stew Peters did not believe when I talked to him 2 weeks later. I printed all the documents I had. I typed the word ‘cobra’ in my documents as I would email everything I found to myself in researching. I had 2 pages of articles in which cobra toxin is the spike protein causing covid 19. I had 2 pages of king cobra research papers and publications.

    At the end of the 2nd page was the C19 group –a group of scientists, doctors, and others around the world.

    I opened the email and it was Dr. Tau Braun and this was July, 2021 and I was printing it out in March, 2022. There was a copy of the letter he had written the FBI and he had shared with the C19 group. The letter was to ‘attention Alex’ an FBI director: I know the world continues to say this is a respiratory virus/disease. It is not; it is envenomation. What is the FBI doing to research the Wuhan lab and their testing and using venom peptides? What about your investigating the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s gain of function weaponizing with Ralph Barrick in venoms. If you don’t have the resources to look into it, I will help you.

    I didn’t know about the letter; I just knew there was someone who knew this was venom before I did. No one had responded to his email. It just went dead. He had the FBI letter in the email and 2 infographics and they were a picture of king cobra venom and every part of cobra venom that causes every single symptom related to covid 19. There were 2 of them: King Cobra symptoms and diseases and Covid 19 symptoms.

    He had already figured it out and I emailed him back since I was a recipient. I didn’t know I had this email. I hit reply and said I need to ask a question: did the FBI ever respond. He replied and asked to call. We talked that night before I flew to see Stew Peters. Did the FBI respond to his letter? He said yes: 3 days later he got an email back that said received. Thank you. nothing else.

    I didn’t know why he sent a letter to the FBI but under his name on the letter he sent, it has his name followed by US Counter Terrorism Unit. He contracts with agents of CIA and FBI and his job is to prevent mass killings and educate those agents how to recognize even with biological weapons: what has caused the killing and how to prevent it is his job.

    If Tal knew this why did no one respond? He said they did and Dr. Peter McCullough replied privately as a result of sending your information to the C19 group I can no longer let you contribute to the group. Dr. McCullough kicked Dr. Braun off the group. He couldn’t converse with anyone in the group and around the world.

    What did he do after the FBI ignored him? He went to his buddies in the counter-terrorism unit and said he had to take this public and we have to warn the world this is venom. His counter-terrorism buddies told him you know if the FBI doesn’t want to converse with you about this there is a reason. You have a one –year old son and a wife. All of them told him separately that he’d better put himself in the witness protection program before he went public.

    He was intimidated so he went home and started working on antidotes to prevent the mass killings world wide that he knows are the vaccines that have venoms in them.

    I was still talking to him an hour before I filmed Watch the Water. The only thing different about he and I is that I, am 100% convinced the entire covid pandemic was orchestrated by putting venom peptides synthetically made in the factories for decades in your water supply; you are drinking them and getting sick and I am convinced that is how they orchestrated making people sick even on lockdowns in their homes.

    They can direct through RFID valves that they have under your city and your neighborhoods. They can send to your home, your neighborhood, your city anything they want in the water. They can even do it to one house or one apartment and they have that built into the infrastructure. Read the book by Janet Fellon who actually educated the whole world on this 20 years ago. She testified before the Swiss and US governments that there is a second water system under every city that has remote controlled valves for every home. There is a secondary water main parallel to every water main that is being used. She said this is a perfect set up for a pandemic organized by all the governments around the world. Put any poison you want and direct it to the house.

    I was convinced immediately when I was learning about the venom aspect of covid, for example, about Zev Zelensko’s Jewish community …you don’t think this isn’t a eugenics program? The fact that they targeted a Jewish community of 10,000 people in one neighborhood? How did they do that? You don’t think they dropped it from a plane and depended on the jet stream to blow it somewhere. In my opinion they put it in the water, directed it to the neighborhoods and they all got sick.

    Dr. Braun knows they can put venom in water and do this. He thinks it’s a respiratory thing and believes it is a corona virus that they put the venom peptides with and then released it into the populace. He believes it is aerosolized; I don’t and it doesn’t matter. We are both right about the weaponizing of venom. If you don’t know what the weapon is, and it doesn’t matter how it got in there, if you medical professionals around the world don’t know what the weapon is and what is making people sick, or toxic, how in the world are you going to fix it? How are they going to treat it?

    Dr. Braun knows there is venom in the shots and said watch the adverse events that are being reported. I can tell you by the adverse events that are being reported whether they have bee venom in their covid 19 mRNA shot, scorpion venom, spider venom or snake venom in the shot. He takes you through all of them.

    As a result of the only 2 humans on the planet who have been brave enough to tell you the truth, I decided since Watch the Water Now is world wide, I have done about 600 interviews.

    A month ago I got the impression it is time to take the 2 guys, Dr. Braun and me, and film a documentary that can be downloaded by anybody that gives as many antidotes that we know that are successfully researched, peer reviewed and published—all natural substances that inhibit the neuro toxic, blood toxic, and cell toxic effects of all venoms.

    We did this and in a few weeks the documentary will come out. It has screen shots of all our research documents. It will be on my site and I will push it out as many places as I can. Why? My goal and my intent is one singular thing—to keep you alive while they try to kill you.

    Host: we interviewed Dr. Braun and he backed up the venom. It was so interesting and he said: look at what happened to people in the US who are having respiratory issues and are going in and being put on ventilators. If it is aerosolized, and that is indeed how people are being infected by the spike protein (and that is the venom) the virus is just one of the delivery mechanisms. He said that because in China you did not see the respiratory aspect; you just saw people dropping dead. All this makes more sense…perhaps there is more than one delivery method.

    Dr. Ardis: yes and the reason I am doing this, Dr. Braun was really pissed that I had come to the same conclusions without ever knowing him. He felt slighted that I was giving the information that he had been trying to give all of us anyway. He was just dismissed. He said, there must be some reason that God gave this to you and maybe there was some timing that was necessary.

    I never wanted this stuff and I couldn’t believe what I was uncovering. For Dr. Braun he said that there is something very specific about this and you are going to help me get this information out to the world and then when the fall of next year comes…and his concern comes from someone who fights, battles, researches mass killings using biological weapons. His main concern is that the next weaponizing of the venoms is what is going to create the die-off that everybody thinks they are seeing. He is saying this is not the mass die-off they are expecting.

    The die off has not even started yet. He says that we are seeing casualties but the die off has not started. The next wave of how they are going to kill a large percentage of people on the planet is that they have primed a huge percentage of the world to have the venom injected in them called the covid 19 shots.

    Those who are vaccinated –in the fall, they are going to start aerosolizing venoms and they will release them over populated areas, subway trains, planes, middle, elementary and high schools, universities, work places and hotels. They are going to do this in the air systems and they are going to release vaporized powder forms of venoms.

    He says that what is going to happen is that only those that are vaccinated when they inhale the venom into the lungs, it is going to hit the blood that is inside their bodies that already has the venom injected into them. The air that contains venoms will hit the inside of your lung tissue called the alveoli sacs. The alveoli sacs draw oxygen in from the air. There is blood sitting inside the alveoli sacs to receive the oxygen. So the blood on one side of the alveoli sac and the air inside the lungs will meet. When those two venoms hit each other they are going to shred the alveoli sacs and you are going to bleed internally in your lungs.

    Your lungs are going to immediately start laying down scar tissue, because you are going to start drowning to death. You will develop pulmonary fibrosis or cartilage scar tissue and only the vaccinated will die. This is how they are going to do it.

    In March of 2022 he said that he could go online and buy a spray can of aerosolized king cobra venom. That will walk on airplanes and spray the stuff that looks like disinfectant and it is not…it is actually venom. When only the vaccinated inhale it they will develop signs and symptoms of lung fibrosis. If they do not get lung transplants1 they will all die. This is how they are going to kill the vaccinated and leave the unvaccinated alone.

    Host: what is the purpose of a commercially sold venom spray?

    Dr. Ardis: I’d like to know; I cannot think of one. Right now you can go on the US Dept. of Justice website and type in US Department of Justice Cono-toxins….weapon of the sea.

    This is a snail that lives in the ocean and in 2012 they state that the amount of snail venom they have made in factories around the world, this snail venom (showing an abstract at 23.53 minutes) and their concerns are that it could be stolen by terrorist and used as a bioterrorism weapon. The most lethal effect of cono-toxins to humans is muscle paralysis of the diaphragm causing respiratory arrest. Cono toxins are at risk of terrorist use including alpha cono toxins and o-cono toxins …but most are not a bio-terrorism threat.

    When you open the article they state that they will just drop the venom from airplanes (picture a crop duster) and you will breathe it. Terrorists will use it over populated areas. When people breathe it in, it will go into the lungs. It will cause respiratory arrest. Just so you know, that cono-toxin I just mentioned is from snails in the ocean. They have a venom they inject in fish that cause immediate paralysis and respiratory arrest. This leads to the death of the fish.

    The cono toxins referred to on the US Dept. of Justice site they ‘fear could be used’…they say most cono-toxins cannot be a bioterrist threat. But they differentiate it in the article that alpha cono-toxins are the ones they are worried about. What is amazing about that is that in Italy in June, 2020, Italian researchers found that in the blood and feces of every covid 19 patient, they found the cono-toxin venom in the blood and feces. They published this in July, 2020 and this is the 7th month of the pandemic.

    They found 16 different shell fish venoms including alpha cono-toxins that the US Dept. of Justice says can be a biological weapon that causes respiratory arrest. They found it only in covid 19 patients and not in covid negative patients. Along with the 16 cono-toxins, the snail venom from the ocean, on land in covid 19 Italian people they also found 20 different snake venoms in the blood and poop of every covid 19 positive patient. That included Chinese Krait (snake) venom, Chinese King Cobra venom, spitting cobra venom, coral venom, brown snake venom, Russell’s viper venom, Chinese water moccasin venom. It’s all in there.

    How did 36 different animal venoms get inside of all of Italy’s covid 19 patients? The snail venoms are in the ocean. The world doesn’t know this until I told you through a Mike Adams interview I did after Stew Peters. I talked about cono snail venoms they found in 1975 was more deadly to humans that king cobra venom.

    In 1979 we (in the US) started producing synthetic cono-toxin to use to make drugs. Look this up—who has heard of the WEF (world economic forum)? On the WEF you can type in cono-toxins or marine snails and drugs. They have several pages of how the WEF is using scientists and investing money into scientists to figure out how to turn drugs out of cono-toxin venoms from these snails.

    They have a drug right now that 40 million Americans are swallowing everyday that is made from snail venom and it’s on the WEF website. It is called Pralit. It is used to combat pain. It is a patented drug made from those snails and people swallow it every day. That is just like when I said you are swallowing venom in water.

    People are swallowing these drugs on the WEF listed on a whole page called Life Saving Drugs from Snake Venom. Then they talk about all the drugs they are making from snake venom that you swallow like the high blood pressure drug called Liosinapril after that drug that 22 million Americans wake up every morning and swallow. It is made from snake venom from a Brazil viper. That has been sold as a little white tablet since 1981. It goes past your stomach acids, into your intestines, gets absorbed into your blood stream and is the first every isolated ace-inhibitor found in this viper venom in Brazil now turned into drugs.

    They have learned how to get people to take these drugs. WEF also has another page that talks about all the drugs I am talking about now on this article. They also disclose about drugs from snakes, scorpions, gila monster. They are using the gila monster venom for diabetes. Captipril is another drug that is half of the drug in Liosinipril. Merck owns this and it’s out of the viper in Brazil. Prialt2 is another drug derived from the venom of cono-snails. This is for severe and chronic pain. They love using venoms.

    Host: no wonder people getting on these blood pressure drugs and others have such horrendous side effects. Really it is just a direct effect. Why are they using deadly toxic venoms in drugs?

    Dr. Ardis: people have no idea. Lisinopril is half of a water pill called HCTZ and the other half is the Captipril from Merck made from the snake venom. Lisinopril is the most widely used drug in America now for high blood pressure. I ask people in lectures I do how many know they are swallowing snake venom every day and how many of them know that snake venom by itself (and it doesn’t matter what component you isolate in a tablet to swallow) has 2 factors called nerve growth factor and epidermal growth factor that cause cancer in every animal they put it inside of including you.

    Nerve growth factor and epidermal growth are tumorous growths of your nervous system tissue and all other tissues in your body called cancers. The guy who figured those out was Dr. Stanley Cohen in 1956. He identified snake venom that causes nerve growth factors and tumors in the brain and he won a Nobel Prize for that. In 1976 he started a company called Genentech ( Right now his company has 7 anti-cancer drugs that you either swallow or inject and every one of them are made from snake venom. So he figured out he could cause cancer growths with snake venom. Now they are isolating components of other venoms to try to reduce the growth of those tumors?

    It is my impression and I am convinced that the cancer industry is based on venoms and their ability to cause cancerous growths and then they manipulate and isolate venom peptides (components of venoms) that will target from other animals the growths they are creating from other venoms. They are just manipulating our physiology with venoms. They are doing this by having you take drugs every day made from venoms. On the WEF right now the site shows they are investing in scorpion venom. They are making drugs to treat cancer from scorpion venom.

    Right now England is making so much scorpion venom synthetically in labs and then they dry it out into a powder form. They are not dropping that from crop dusters on every farm in England and they are using it as an ‘insecticide’. They just spray scorpion venom from the air to land on your plants. When bugs get on the plants to eat them, scorpions eat insects. Scorpions inject venom into an insect and that kills the insect. So when they go to eat the venom they die. It’s no different …venom is still poisonous and toxic.

    To think they are not using venoms is outright ignorance. I wrote a text to a bunch of medical doctors and said that anybody that wants to remain ignorant…you can remain ignorant, but ignorance is not bliss.

    Host: how does the mRNA technology tie into the venom in the shots? They are calling it gene therapy. This is why you have antibody enhancement and your body cannot fight illnesses…how does this tie together?

    Dr. Ardis: this is from Dr. Braun today—it’s going to take another 6 months before the medical community realizes that mRNA technology is just venom technology like you and I already know.

    The other day I was with Peter McCullough and I told him I wanted him to type into his phone snake venom and mRNA research. He did so and showed me his phone and said, doc, there are 444 peer reviewed, published articles on mRNA and snake venom research. I don’t have time to read all those.

    I went like this: I didn’t think you did; I just want you to know that I already have. So when you guys talk about “I don’t know if Dr. Ardis is right or I don’t know if I can be at an event where he is speaking… Just because you haven’t looked at it doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t looked at it.

    Just so you are aware, I am concerned like Dr. Braun is that the mRNA technology they are using in these shots is actually venom mRNA from snakes or scorpions, bees, or spiders. If you look at research that most people don’t, go on to or type in google type in unusual stability of mRNA and snake venom. It is the most stable mRNA in the world. It actually will not corrode or die, even if you store it in a jar for 38 years. They figured this out in 2012. They figured out that mRNA by itself exposed to air, temperatures, it doesn’t matter, it is still stable.

    Guess how they figured out that mRNA was still stable. The study brought up (around 38 min) …click on DOI and in that study they actually show you it is the most stable venom in nature and did not degrade. Guess what technology they used to identify if mRNA of venom is still present 38 years later? They have used PCR tests for 30 years. Of course they did. I found research that PCR tests are solely used in venom research to identify venom genes.

    Why did they force the world to have to use venom detecting PCR tests? Why—because they had snake venom peptides they were throwing on the whole world. Every medical doctor was saying they never used PCR tests. “This will not diagnose any viruses ever”…Cary Mullins the inventor of the PCR test. He is now dead (August 2019). They needed him gone because he was vocal.

    Host: the people that have the shot and they aerosolize this, what about the people who are taking medications? Will the vaccinated be more exposed than people taking venom based medicine.

    Dr. Ardis: in January, 2020 there was a group called Genentech that published an article that they had spent 20 years mapping out all the gene sequences in the venoms. They state that they have found of the 139 toxins in the King Cobra venom. They have mapped out 19 specific venom targeting toxins (COVID 19?) that affect various organs. All snakes make these 19 to target and kill their prey. They found the 19 venom genes that identify the core of venom toxins. They have separated them from the rest of the venom, isolating just one component. Like the drug that lowers blood pressure.

    They isolated the 19 venom specific toxins to the one that relaxes blood vessels that is called an ace inhibitor. Genetech was purchased by Giliad that makes Remdesivir in 2011. This is why I was so concerned that they are just using venoms that Genentech uses and makes drugs out of venoms. They used venoms in the drug called Remdesivir. It is just as toxic as every aspect of cobra venom toxins.

    I am convinced that all the research with mRNA with snake venom because it is more stable than anything else in nature, it was easy for them to take that mRNA knowledge of the research study of 2012 and then I found research papers and articles in 2014 where they took snake venom mRNA and wrapped it in nano-particle hydrogel and made it more stable. What do you read about in these shots? There is this nano-particle gel component inside the shots. That is encapsulating whatever mRNA they have inside of it.

    Then they took that mRNA hydrogel and they wrapped it with a substance called dynabeads. For everyone in the world who was wondering why people who got the shots were suddenly magnetized, dynabeads were used. Dynabeads are patented by a company called ThermoFisher Scientific Dynabeads. This is what the people who created the Covid 19 shots have published in their research studies.

    They wrapped dynabeads in the hydrogel and wrapped mRNA with it and dynabeads are called super paramagnets. They are like charged so they can wrap any genetic material with these magnets and when you inject it into somebody, because they are all like-charged they repel each other. This is dynabeads and in the research papers by Cataline Carrico and Drew Wiseman who made the Covid 19 mRNA injections. It wasn’t who you thought it was. Type their names and dynabeads together and you will in 2009 they used dynabeads with mRNA to do mRNA gene editing therapy paid for by Anthony Fauci’s department since 2009.

    They used dynabeads in the studies. Do you know what they used to cleave the RNA and DNA to do their gene editing therapy using mRNA? They used snake venom phosphdiesterase. It is in all their papers.

    How many of you have heard of Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD from Canada. He said that of all the patients that he gave mRNA injections to, 60% of them came back with all these complaints of fatigue, myocarditis symptoms, lethargy, brain fog, and more. He ran the D-dimer tests and he said 60% of all of them had elevated D-dimers. He educated the world that elevated D-dimers are used to look for blood clotting.

    Type in Med-scape 2019 How To Interpret Elevated D-Dimers. I didn’t know what that meant. What are medical doctors and lab technicians supposed to look for when you see an elevated D-dimer test that only the Covid 19 patients are having who are injected with the mRNA Covid 19 shots. Imagine my shock to read what it says. I showed it to Peter McCullough and he asked if I wanted to contribute to his next book. First 5 bullet points: what to look for with elevated D-dimers:

    • Blood clot, thrombosis
    • Rule out deep vein thrombosis in the leg
    • Any kind of anti-coagulant to break down a blood clot
    • Disseminating intravascular coagulation
    • Cause for blood clotting is snake venom poisoning.

    There was a lot of pushback and people said I was wrong because covid and vaccines caused blood clotting and snake venom doesn’t cause blood clotting. Look at the report: when you see blood clotting all over the body, look for snake venom poisoning. Ignorance is not bliss and it makes you look ignorant without studying.

    Snake venom causes elevated D-dimers.

    My next question was who created the covid 19 mRNA shots? Imagine my shock it wasn’t Robert Malone, but 2 scientists at the University of Pennsylvania: Drew Wiseman and Cataline Carrico and snake venom research. I told McCullough to type these names into his phone now that he knew that elevated D-dimers mean that you need to look for snake venom. He found that on his phone and said he was going to come out with another book on vaccines and did I want to contribute to it?

    No, not really—I think I will write my own book. This just takes time and you have to show people stuff. Wiseman and Carrico are getting royalty checks every month on these shots. Their names are on the patents for the mRNA covid vaccine. They are the only ones who were funded by NAID of the NIH, Fauci’s department since 2009 to do mRNA gene editing therapy and they used snake venom in every study to do it—2009, 2012, 2014, 2017—every study they used venom phosphdiesterase.

    This venom phosphdiesterase isolated is actually the component of venom that pre-digests the animal’s organs so by the time the snake gets to the prey, the venom has started digesting the internal organs. That is what they are using? Did they figure out how to master control that substance to only cleave or cut RNA. There is no way. To me it’s only going to create massive amounts of harm.

    I have done a lot of zoom calls with medical doctors. They ask me now that I have brought this to the world, how does this fit in with the narrative with covid in the vaccines. They really want to know how to wrap this up. It’s easy: Ryan Cole, the Idaho pathologist asked this question in one of the first meetings. There were 30 MDs on there—Richard Fleming, Dr. Barlett, Lee Merritt—they were all there doing an ‘intervention’ with me to reel me in because I had ‘fractured the movement.’

    Ryan asked me to sum up this now that you have done all this. How does this fit into the narrative of covid that we are seeing? I said there was something none of them wanted to acknowledge but I had been doing it since October, 2022. They are specifically targeting diabetics. This is the eugenics program of covid in the vaccines and none of you are talking about it.

    You all say that the vaccines per the CDC stated at the end of 2020 that 94% of everyone that died with covid died with 4 other co-morbidities. The truth is the majority of them are diabetics. They figured out how to target diabetics with a poison and a venom and it did not affect other people to kill them. It will only kill the diabetics.

    How does that fit into the narrative? Well, back in October of 2022, I came out and I called the CDC racist. I said that they continue to report to the media that Blacks and Hispanics are overwhelmingly targeted by this covid 19 virus, and only Blacks and Hispanics are the number 1 and number 2 races ending up in hospitals and dying from covid. I showed the articles in Wall Street Journal and the NY Times that the CDC is relaying this information.

    Then I show on the days of the articles printing, I pull up covid 19 data tracker on CDC website. Are they being honest? When I pull it up, it shows that Native Americans are the number one dying race in America, not the Blacks and Hispanics. But they never, ever, ever once acknowledged that Native Americans are dying more than any other race and they are.

    Every week of the pandemic until now, Native Americans are the highest percentage of race dying from covid and they will not acknowledge that. Why? Because they hate them. They are racist, they are killing them with their ‘program’ and now they want to kill, poison, target, victimize, scare the crap out of Blacks and Hispanics. This makes up the eugenics movement.

    Ryan Cole got it. I said they are targeting diabetics. If it is Native Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics who are dying as a percentage of a race in America, then go online and google it. I made every doctor do that. What race of people in America have the highest percentage of diabetes. It is Native Americans and Eskimos.

    Ryan Cole started shaking his head as I continued talking. I said that now I would explain to them how they are killing the diabetics. Put in the link …Native American, Indians, Eskimos, non-hispanics, Blacks, and Hispanics. That is the order of the diabetics. The ‘whites’ are not on there.

    This is how they did it and they are doing it. In 2015 they did a research study and took 100 albino rats and they separated them into 2 groups. There were 50 albino white rats they did nothing to. They took the other 50 albino rats and injected them with a drug that induces diabetes in the animal in 48 hours or less. Before I go any further I need to make you aware: notice in the study they inject something into the rats to cause them to be diabetic.

    I have said for 20 years that with the CDC schedule of childhood vaccines, they are creating diseases with those shots to actually sell you drugs to manage symptoms over time. When you look at the relationship of this massive genocide program called covid 19, and the WEF, committee of 300, Club of Rome attempts to depopulate the planet by the year 2050 and that is the actual goal…they need to get to a billion people. In order to do that they knew and were doing the studies the whole time, that if they could induce diabetes in mammals like rats with a drug, they could do it to you and your children with vaccines.

    They are inducing populations of people with the CDC vaccine schedule and they are injecting with chemicals that cause diabetes and other diseases. Then they can sell insulin, gluophage, metformin and the rest of them for the rest of your life. If they can do it with a shot and they know how to do it with animals, they know how to do it in life with humans. They experiment with animals and take it to humans. This is all nefarious and evil.

    Then they took these diabetic rats in 2015, 50 with diabetes, 50 healthy, and they took a sub-lethal dose of king cobra venom, crude, raw king cobra venom—nothing isolated, the whole mixture. They injected them in an amount based on weight that will not kill a rat they injected every single one hundred rats with king cobra venom with a sublethal dose.

    The healthy 50 rats all broke out with a cough, respiratory hypoxia, low oxygen levels, diarrhea, fever, chills, rashes. Within 72 hours they were all better. They overcame all the symptoms and were healthy; they did not die.

    The other 50 diabetic rats they had just created the diabetes in, had the same amount of sub-lethal dose of king cobra venom. Guess what happens to them: 30 minutes later they had hyper insulinemia and the actual venom targets the actual pancreas and then there was a massive swing of insulin. Then glucose bottoms out and the rat goes into cardiac failure, neurology coma, diabetic coma and the rats die.

    There were 2 swings that happened within one hour. The insulin went 3 times the normal and blood glucose drops out. All of a sudden this rat cannot breathe and they are about to die. 30 minutes later their immune system shut off insulin production to keep it alive and the blood glucose went out the roof. That is when they all died. That is exactly what happens for diabetics with covid and the vaccines.

    This is because they figured out how to weaponize venoms to target specific groups. It doesn’t look like a eugenics program. So what have they done for decades? They have sent lots of vaccines to Indian Reservations that are not the same that they are sending to Dallas, Texas. But they are sending those same ones to El Paso, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and they all create diabetes among the groups they want—Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. All of you that have been targeted and racially profiled forever. Remember Darwinism—all indigenous species need to be eliminated…all of them…in order for the human race to perpetuate.

    This is no different than a massive global holocaust than what was experienced in a smaller scale in WWII. They are learning how to weaponize venoms to target us. The WEF article I just showed about the snake venom, it talks about different components and how they can target different receptors and specific organs by isolating those components of the animals venom that target and stop specific organs inside the prey and that is human, mammals, you name it.

    Ryan Cole shook his head the whole time and I asked him why. He said I think God gave this to you because you are a chiropractor. He knew us medical doctors would think we knew more than He did. He said, I just want you and the group to know that two days ago I decided if there is really an orchestrated attempt like a planned attempt to cause massive harm on the world, and the vaccine agenda is to create harm, or there is some nefarious plan being orchestrated, I had a feeling I could find it in research studies by defining what it is they are researching as covid goes forward.

    If you release a weapon, don’t you want to keep track of the data? If it is working or not. Ryan Cole continued: I went on the pubmed website and typed in covid 19 and… that is all I did. It populates every research study and the numbers assigned to specific words tied to covid 19. Of all the things being studied around the world do you know the number one researched published word is in correlation with covid 19 researchers and scientists around the world? Diabetes. And number 1 and number 2 are twice as much as the third word. So I know you are right. The second most researched and published word with covid 19 is blood glucose.

    They want to see how the bodies of people are reacting to their venom weapon. Is it working? Is it doing what we wanted it to? Yes. Even if it is diluted in the air and in the water the real goal is to specifically inject into you in a more concentrated form just like they did these rats in 2015 and figured out their weapon works.

    Then all the doctors thanked me for the information and they held up their nicotine packs and said, we knew you were right all along. They said they knew it all along and just needed me to tell them…like I was some lone gun John Wayne.

    I am really confident and sure this is what is going on. You can’t fight it…you have to look at it. You will see what the Chinese researchers in 2020, the French scientists and geneticists in April, 2020, and the Italy researchers in June, 2020. They all found the same thing and they all said it was all venom from snakes that makes up covid 19 spike protein. The only thing different with Italy researchers is they said it wasn’t 2 snake venoms…it was 20 snake venoms, and 16 different shellfish venoms. One of these venoms …google toxin like peptides, Italy.

    Host: the WEF says you will own nothing and be happy. That includes property and land. Those Native Americans just happen to own, if not the most valuable land on earth because of the resources and water tables they sit on. Why would they target Native Americans…total coincidence?

    Dr. Ardis: Toxin like peptides, plasma, urine and fecal samples…DOI article published October, 2021 and it took them 1 year and 3 months to approve this article because it exposes the 36 venoms in covid 19 patients. The study shows 4 charts and those charts have the 36 venoms in them. (around 108 minutes).

    Table one: look to the right on the chart…Malayan Krait and they tell you what component of that venom is in the urine, feces and blood of the patient. You see protein name column—that is a kunits type searing protease. This is one of the things covid 19, actually krait venom, does in the human body. Go back to the right and it shows the names of the venoms they found: banded krait venom. This is only in the covid 19 patients. Chinese Cobra, Malayan Spitting Cobra venom (how did that get into patients in Italy??).

    Look at the spitting cobra and go all the way to the left. In the middle you see phospholipase A2. It is abbreviated PLA2 that is a component of king cobra venom. That is the one enzyme they found in every single covid patients that died in hospitals. They found that element in the king cobra and the Italy patients. That is the one marker that killed the patients.

    Don’t forget PLA2 and look at more names in the Italy patients: coastal Taipan, Eastern brown, Juraca, water snakes, Chinese water moccasin, king cobra. Starfish venom from the crown of thorns starfish—you will see the phospholipase A2. Now the next one…remember the US Dept of Justice, they found 15 kinds of cono-toxins in the feces and blood. These are marine snail venoms. How did all these venoms get into only covid 19 patients and not in any PCR negative patients.

    Focus on the PLA2…now google University of Arizona Like Venom Coursing Through The Body. The Univ. of Arizona Contacted two health systems last summer –2021. They got the blood from 300 people who died from covid and they ran the blood to see what there might be in common that was killing people. they figured out one thing in the blood that was 20 times the normal level that you would ever see in a human. Look at the article: they said it looks like venom…researchers identify the mechanisms driving Covid 19 mortality. The key molecular is an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom.

    If covid 19 is not venom why are they finding this stuff? Look at the key mechanism in rattlesnake venom found at 20 times the normal level: this is what we found…it looks like venom coursing through the body.

    Look at the Italy article title: Group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 is associated with the patho-biology leading in Covid 19 mortality. In this study they tell you that the PLA2 was a component and in this study they disclose that PLA2 was first ever isolated and studied in king cobra venom. Cobra toxin was listed as number 1 and spike protein on SARS cov 2. Spike protein is another word for snake venom peptides. Spike proteins are snake proteins.

    They literally took out the NA in snake and put in PI and called it spike proteins.

    Snake venom depletes sodium from the human body and shuts down the kidneys and heart from functioning. That is what it does to damage the kidneys. Imagine Remdesivir. It shuts down the kidneys. Take sodium out of the body when venom is introduced. The period table symbol for sodium is NA. They took the NA out of snake and replaced it with PI. It’s actually snake protein. It has always been snake protein.

    Host: you have all this data and nobody will debate you.

    Dr. Ardis: you want to know why? They are all writing books and now their narrative is wrong and they feel embarrassed and humiliated. They don’t need to feel humiliated. We didn’t start speaking out to sell books or to build a social following. We were taught to save people’s lives who are being bullied, coerced and absolutely lied to…and then poisoned. Why not acknowledge that you are wrong about something?

    If I am found out to be wrong about the water so what? You only get poisons in your body by eating, drinking or breathing it or slapping it in your skin. They get this weapon into you and they figured out how to do it.

    Host: if clotting is a major issue is anti-clotting important>

    Dr. Ardis: in the covid 19 awards they state that heparin does not stop the blood clotting cascade and heparin is an anti-coagulant. They also figured out in research that king cobra venom doesn’t react to heparin. They are seeing heparin not working around the country. What does the anti-clotting is NAC…n acetyl systine. Used in surgery it works better than heparin and warfarin for anti-clotting in surgery. This is better than heparin and warfarin. In May of 2020 FDA said they were going to stop allowing supplement companies to sell NAC. They said they were going to change the registration from a supplement to a prescription drug. They knew the venom weapons caused blood clotting and the vaccines were going to have venoms in them. They had to take that out of circulation. It didn’t work and all the companies that sold NAC sued and they backed off.

    Snake venom absolutely causes clotting. King cobra venom has 2 components: a coagulant and an anti-coagulent. They just have to isolate the coagulant and call it a spike protein and inject it. They can put it in the water and the air. My personal feeling is that I do not think a virus is involved at all. I think it is weaponized venom. What is the latin historical definition of virus is venom. What if they are just using venom and calling them viruses and injecting them all around the world? They have been mass producing these in the bioweapons labs around the world since 1975. They don’t even need real snake venom. Now snake venom can be made in a lab. CNN reported on this in 2020.

    The WEF is making drugs out of snake venoms. Insecticides are being made out of snake venoms. It is the most toxic substance on the planet. There is a lot of money coming to snake venom research… and ‘life saving’ drugs.

    Nicotine is the number one most effective agent against these venoms; number 2 is macuna prurines (an extract of the velvet bean plant) and number 3 is vitamin C and NAC, and selenium at 200mcg. Ivermectin is inhibitory to snake venom. HCQ since 1975 has been known to inhibit snake poisoning. That is why they wanted to prohibit the use of these.

    They are causing diabetes, cancers with venoms and experimenting on us and poisoning the planet. Don’t buy into the experiment. Go to and most of my interviews are on the site. I have all the documents laid out in the Adam’s interviews. I cannot wait to tell the world what I found out this week about remdesivir that will answer the question that it is venom. And third is how I came to the conclusion of how the vaccines have venom in them and all the adverse reactions.

    There is NOT a single side effect or symptom that you get with covid that is not answered by venom. There is no side effect or adverse event to the shots that are not 100% related to venom side effects. It is the only thing that explains all of them. Did you know the loss of taste and smell is a published side effect of venom after snakebites that can last for years? It is on the NIH website. That is not a virus side effect; that is a venom side effect.

    They are showing pictures of people after the vaccines that appear to be hallucinating when they look around and go into a catatonic state. It looks like they see demons. Do you think the vaccines are cursed…I am asked that on interviews. I say, NO, look it up, Mike. Visual hallucinations after viper bites. It’s a published side effect of venom and the moment it hits the blood brain barrier and crosses into the brain, you get hallucinations, paralytic effects and you see people fall over, paralyzed and die.

    Every rat or rabbit that gets hit by venom roll over and go into a catatonic state with their arms and legs straight out. Visual hallucinations is a public side effect of venoms and not just the Russell’s viper. There are studies in Bangladesh that show that schizophrenia is a result of snake venom bites and they say it creates hallucinations, psychosis, depression, PTSD and all these are published psychological symptoms after a snake bite.

    It answers the question about what people are swiping at when they die. They are hallucinating and that is called hallucination and these venoms do this. And now I wonder as the WEF talks about the life saving drugs from venoms…what if people being given anti-depressants or high blood pressure drugs…what if they start seeing crap and hallucinating and then are diagnosed with schizophrenia and are being put in institutions or psych wards? What if that is a side effect of venoms and they know it.

    It’s disgusting. Avoid the pharmaceutical industry…it is all sorcery and it is all evil. Avoid it unless you have a bullet or your arm is cut off … only go to the ER, let them stitch you up. Vitamin C isn’t going to fix a bullet wound—go to the ER, trust them to save your life and then go home. They can do amazing things to save your life in a short, acute situation. But after that don’t trust them for anything else, and I mean anything.

    From now on any time a medical doctor opens their mouth assume they are lying to you even if they are not. First assume they are lying, then go home and do your research and then pray to God and have Him tell you what is right for you. He knows you better than anyone else. Have faith in God…ask Him, do I need a drug, surgery, supplement, what? Trust in God, put your faith in God and listen to the still, small voice, peaceful feeling, trust your gut. Put more faith in yourself and God than in science all day long.

    1 (Notetakers note: my friend who lives in the south has been offered lung transplant (one lung) for his lungs damaged from COPD. They would required that he live in the hospital for a year. He doesn’t know if they would require the jab. Are they eyeing his lungs or eyeing his bank account as he owns several rental properties and acreages?)

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    Conservative stalwart, journalist and podcast host Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review recently asked this question in private dialogue with a long list of doctors, researchers and investigators regularly discussing the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19: “Has anyone written a good explainer on what is behind the crazy medicine shortage?”

    In that thread, I answered the question and now, I’m sharing that answer with all of you because the explanation is far more nefarious than you may think.

    Let’s begin here. This is the current list of medicine shortages in the United States and it is a substantial one. I captured the full page but the platform hosting this site will not permit me to post that image and perhaps because it’s too large.

    As we get into the particulars, it’s important to note several recent developments that I’ll expand on in more detail. One is that peak flu/pneumo, which the CDC recognizes beginning every December 1st and running for two months, was preceded by higher than normal respiratory illnesses; especially for children. This includes the connections between the mRNA “vaccinations” that are evidenced to cause infection and reinfection in the vaccinated in alarming rates, the emergence of RSV as a resulting illness due to the mRNA vaccinations and, of course, a new supposedly deadly variant coming out of China – again – and right on time as I accurately projected. Consider all of this to be elements of the COVID-19 “pandemic” as a construct of enterprise fraud as I’ve been evidencing since early January 2020 and as found in a volume of work exceeding 350 articles.

    This is from the New York Post and begins to address the particulars [emphasis added] in a piece entitled: US faces shortages of children’s antibiotics and flu drugs amid ‘tripledemic’:

    America is facing a shortage of four key medications used for common illnesses in children as virus season comes back in full force.

    Officials have declared a shortage of first-line antibiotics amoxicillin and Augmentin, which are used to treat bacterial infections. Tamiflu, the most common flu medication in the US, and albuterol, an inhaler for asthma and to open airways in the lungs, are also in short supply, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

    NY Post

    Let us not forget that COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud involved harvesting infection and mortality data primarily from the data reservoirs of flu, pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease and obesity and then fraudulently propagating it as COVID-19 data. I revisited this fact again in yesterday’s article, which includes graphic illustrations succinctly making the point and revisiting the accurate projection that I made: THESE PEOPLE PLAY INSIDE OF A BOX: Another accurate COVID-19 enterprise fraud projection manifests on schedule.

    Relative to the NYP extraction, consider that if one wanted to exacerbate naturally occurring flu/pneumo as it presents every single year, shorting the most common treatment for the flu would be critical and extremely beneficial to that objective.

    Respective to “tripledemic,” as included in the NYP article title, which has also been previously referred to as a “tridemic,” my article from yesterday is the linkage to a projected “tridemic” pandemic that is arriving exactly on the projection timeline I referenced. One of the best ways to have a “pandemic” is to make sure there aren’t available OTC [or prescription] remedies just as we saw with HCQ and Ivermectin.

    From the NYP article [emphasis added],

    “In my 25 years of being a pediatrician, I’ve never seen anything like this,” pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Stacene Maroushek of Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota told CNN. “I have seen families who just aren’t getting a break. They have one viral illness after another. And now there’s the secondary effect of ear infections and pneumonia that are prompting amoxicillin shortages.”

    The reason for shortages is due to increased demand, especially with a surge in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and flu cases. The combination of RSV, flu and COVID circulating has been called a “tripledemic.”

    NY Post

    I recently addressed the “combination” referenced above in an article by stating, “Tridemic” is the new fraudulent vernacular and brand for the context of the enterprise fraud being committed and propagated as a “pandemic” arising out of COVID-19. The “tridemic” stems from the uptick in a cocktail of illnesses including flu/pneumo, which begins its annual appearance, infection and mortality at this time every year, and COVID-19 and RSV, both of which are attributable to the mRNA injections, but are medically coded otherwise in an extension of the enterprise fraud construct.

    As a result and in places where this is being seen like Oregon and New York City, and in the case of the latter, the call for arbitrary and capricious masking is being made again despite 70 years of preexisting reliable evidence proving and further contemporary evidence showing irrefutably, undeniably, reliably and veritably that masking does nothing to protect against viral transmission or infection; no matter the type of mask.

    Political Moonshine

    Now consider the linkage of RSV to the pharmaceutical company Arbutus. I revisited this in a recent article as sourced from Bloomberg,

    Investors have been speculating that the Arbutus patents, directed to a more stable lipid nanoparticle, will entitle the company to royalties from the mRNA-based vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer Inc. Moderna has a license to the Arbutus patents, but it’s limited to the areas of a respiratory virus known as RSV, Influenza A, and the mosquito-transmitted viruses Chikungunya and Zika.

    Political Moonshine quoting Bloomberg

    I expand on Arbutus, which held the patents for the lipid nanoparticle envelopes, the rights to which had to be acquired in order to manufacture the COVID mRNA “vaccines” in this piece, which expands on earlier work: It’s All About the Lipid Nanoparticle Envelope: Wilson Sonsini and the Moderna Case Against Pfizer and BioNTech.

    In short, no rights to the Arbutus patents means no stabilizing lipid nanoparticle envelopes to deliver the fragile mRNA genetic payload. No LNP envelopes means no mRNA “vaccines.” No mRNA “vaccines” means no COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud that is being perpetuated by the “vaccinated.” Get it? Like I said, this is nefarious beyond all imagination.

    This is from ABC News [emphasis added],

    Over the past few weeks, reports have emerged of sporadic shortages of over-the-counter children’s medications including Children’s Tylenol, Motrin and ibuprofen in some locations.

    It comes amid a respiratory virus season that started earlier than usual with the highest number of flu and RSV cases seen in years.

    Experts said that due to an earlier and unprecedented demand of certain medications, some stores may have little to no supply of these products.”

    ABC News

    This is my take and it’s a simple extrapolation: The initial uptake rate for mRNA “vaccines” was 79.5% of the U.S. population. The medical evidence is clear in that the mRNA payload via reverse transcription causes an augmentation of DNA resulting in the vaccine recipient becoming an autonomous producer of the S1 spike protein and glycoprotein.

    The glycoprotein disregulates the blood so much so that studies have found that in the vaccinated, blood clots occur in blood samples even after platelets are extracted from the sample thus leading to the significant clotting issues we’ve seen and the starvation of oxygen to critical organs and body systems.

    The S1 spike protein causes rampant inflammation throughout the body, is a toxin and is responsible for causing a wide slate of ailments and conditions including RSV, recurring COVID infections and many more.

    *Image source

    The 79.5% initial vaccine uptake includes children and therefore, “vaccination” has induced an earlier than normal flu/pneumo season as evidenced and where associated respiratory illnesses are leading to the shortages for treatments of those illnesses and the secondary illnesses resulting from them.

    Moreover, this doesn’t account for any impropriety on the part of Big Pharma or the federal apparatus where ulterior motives might possibly account for any designed shortage to exacerbate this scenario, which they certainly knew would occur.

    From the same private dialogue, Mathew Crawford elaborates on this,

    The shortage of raw materials is being engineered by the U.S. It’s the American Navy that controls almost all shipping lanes. We know here the raw materials come from before they get to China. We could just buy them ourselves. This is all one big charade.

    Mathew Crawford

    We latch onto the raw materials aspect as sourced from overseas and shipped to America. Conservative Treehouse offers perspective on the supply side of the shortage:

    In a general sense the issue is mostly an outcome of the U.S. outsourcing drug ingredient procurement and manufacture to China and India. Many companies in both of those countries have been struggling with operational interruptions as a result of COVID-19. As supplies in the U.S. rapidly dwindle, local news media outlets are now starting to pick up on the issue.”

    “According to federal health officials, intermittent or reduced availability of certain products can occur for many reasons, including manufacturing and quality problems, delays and discontinuations.

    However, Glatter said that the problem is in part because the U.S. is currently facing challenges in obtaining raw materials. For instance, source materials for manufacturing the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the majority of drugs come from China, which is dealing with limited production and output of raw materials involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing due to rigid lockdown measures, Glatter said.

    The U.S. is also dependent on India for a significant number of generic medications, but India also relies on China for the raw materials used to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients, he added.”

    Conservative Treehouse

    Concluding Remarks

    If the corrupt and criminal federal apparatus as extended down to state and local levels we’re looking for another reason to shutter schools and sow more fear in an extension of the patently fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic,” this concocted scenario would serve as an excellent mechanism for doing so.

    It stands to permit governors like my former governor [I left the State of Oregon] Kate Brown to re-institute mask mandates or even close down schools again at the same time they continue driving their heavy vaccine campaigns and vaccine mandates, which ultimately make the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 a perpetual one as I began stating and evidencing in January of 2020.

    Like I keep saying: 1-COVID-19 is never going away and 2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop. Dead horses kicked. Again.

    In the end, it all comes down to the same old tune – COVID-19 – and COVID-19 is patently a construct of enterprise fraud ergo this medicine shortage is most certainly something that at worst, they constructed and manufactured and at best, they knew would occur.

    Did the federal apparatus take preemptive steps to intercede on this? Of course not. It’s exactly what they want to happen so the boot can remain on the backs of our necks as we continue on living under medical tyranny.

    The medicine shortage can be lumped in with the energy crisis, the food crisis and all other crises and whether or not the American people know it, it’s by far more nefarious that what is being reported.


    Follow link to read the entire article:

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    Sabrina on High-Jacked BioField

    The Following is a transcription from one of Sabrina Wallace (Davis)’s videos found at the link above.

    “This channel belongs to a disabled American 40 plus year old woman who vlogs daily about her knowledge in multiple disciplines including vocational experience and psionic experience that was tested as a child and ongoing into adulthood.”

    This is from a Saturday broadcast of Infowars with Alex Jones and Steve Quayle:

    Quayle:…if you are a follower of Jesus stand up for Jesus and don’t let those scumbags mock you.

    Sabrina: so, we agree on that. Stand up for Jesus and don’t let people mock Him.

    Quayle:…just stand up…just put up one of those articles on fetal stem cells. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are being hybridized. We are being absolutely de-humanized. Bill Gates and others have talked about wanting to get rid of the part of the human Genome that relates to the living God.

    Alex: there is a mainline study that 5G and magnets can block the area of the brain that is connected to higher consciousness, contact with God, and trigger violent and destructive behavior when those waves block that just like they tell us in the Kingsman where they send the sequence out through the cell phones, through the 5G and everybody starts killing each other.

    Sabrina: they send the what? One more time…what did he say?…. block the area of the brain that is connected to higher consciousness, contact with God, and trigger violent and destructive behavior when those waves block that just like they tell us in the Kingsman where they send the sequence out through the cell phones, through the 5G and everybody starts killing each other.

    Sabrina: so, they send the ‘sequence through the 5G’. Now, here I am coming out here every day trying to show people exactly that. You are in a paired, native sequence…that is what it is called. If it is an industrial, scientist or military band for a satellite and I sell satellite phones (as do Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, and Mike Adams and others) I have to know that by law and that means I also have to understand a sequence coming through the cell phone towers. What radio frequency international standard for electronics and engineering for RF work was used to send a signal through the wireless into your phone into your biosensors that are in your body?

    802.15.4—as usual Quayle and Adams cannot be bothered and no one can tell you anything. But they can ‘tell’ you in a movie and in passing in their interviews. Big problem—huge problem. They know it and that is why they are never going to tell anyone anything real.

    Sorry folks, it’s very obvious that it is very engineered. All I can tell you is that if this is how it is going to stay, clearly everyone is pay for play.

    If I were you I would download my videos because I delete them fairly often. I am trying to shorten them so people can use them more effectively. Why? Where else are you going to find out about this? Like, actually in order, this is how it works so you can take care of your own business.

    You are not (able to take care of your own business). They are going to give you a partial truth, another partial truth. You know what that does? That kills people. Psinergists, do the people you love a favor. If you honestly have someone who is truly trying to figure out how this system works, so they can apply intelligence and metrics to their own situation, I have yet to find another source that has been completely honest. If anyone else has one out there, please drop it here. But that is how it works; I am telling the truth.

    Everyone else is saying, Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth? Oh I have never heard of that, no. We do a 3 point pulse. Biosensor? No, that is a bioweapon. What do you mean satellite? I have no idea what a sequence feeder grid is.

    We use this word on the Psinergist channel—it’s a sequence grid issue. I said, you are feeding your people to something bigger than you. They will leave you alone, but anybody who is connected to your community … they are dead.

    You told them it was electro-magnetic field theory. You did not tell them it was 802.15.4. You told them it was a demon field…you told them somebody else was going to come and save them. You didn’t tell them our government is who uses 802.15.4.

    You told them their digital ID works differently. You did not tell them their digital ID works with 802.15.4 with an MQ9 reaper drone on Pentagon Statement 3000.09 as per the college textbook of doom and the Pentagon:

    You didn’t tell them any of that. You didn’t tell them they have a body part so they can actually get back in touch with their own body and make decisions. You told them complete BS and you are getting away with it because nobody is making you accountable, except right here on my channel.

    I am going to make you intellectually accountable. Hopefully instead of being pissed off and acting like a 2 year old, you can turn around and say, this is the new digital ID:

    This is a 6G LOPAN (PAN = personal area network). A 6G PAN is the same radio frequency IEEE and that is 802.15.6. 6G LOPAN is 802.15.6. The biosensors themselves are 802.15.4. The wireless sensor networks they run on acronym is WSN and the technical writing is 802.15.5.

    They have been running your body with data, commercially selling your body routing data, since 2005. But Quayle, Adams and Alex Jones don’t know? Like I continue to tell you, you have been listening to these people for 3 years, lying right to your face. They are still doing it. Feeder grids are called sequences.

    Once again and it is not a maybe, ‘natively paired sequencing.’