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Plasma Energy–Introducing How To Make Gans Videos 09/08/2019

How GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) is Made. For more information on making GANS click here

Want to share your plasma energy water with others? 

Make some pads for others to put around a water pitcher to charge their water with plasma energy, also use pads when you travel.  For more information on making pain pads and peace pads click to read our blog “How To Make Pain Pads and Peace Pads”

Here’s some ways we and other clients have used the plasma energy water for ourselves, our plants, and our pets. 

We show how we make plasma energy gloves, scarves and other wearable items.  We also show how we placed the vials around a tub and around a water dispenser to make a plasma energy water ‘station’ to use the water as it is inside the container and also how to ‘reverse engineer’ and extract certain elements from the station to create various formulas.