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Preparedness Kits:

1.  Basic Preparedness Kit:  Plasma Energy Station 16 Vials – $237

2.  Medium Preparedness KitPlasma Energy Station plus any 8 Vials – $657

3.  Large Preparedness Kit:  Plasma Energy Station plus any  12 Vials – $877

For those who already have a Never Ending Plasma Energy Station:

4.  Preparedness Kit – No plasma energy station; any 8 vials:  $427

5.  Preparedness Kit  – No plasma energy station; any 12 vials: $647

Specify the vials you want in the preparedness kit when you fill out your order

First Aid Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials including CO2, CuO2, ZnO2, CH3, and CaO, Amino acids, hemoglobin and Plasma Energy Station Water – $177

Single Vials:  CO2 – $37   CuO – $37    CaO – $37   CH3 – $37    ZnO2 – $37

SINGLE Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials:

Anxiety Relief For People – $77

Arthritis Relief – $77

Healthy Bladder – $77

Clean Mouth – $57                              

Clear Mind – $77                    

Cold – Flu Relief – $57                             

Detox Relief – $77                              

Eczema Relief –  $57              

Eye Drops – $97                                 

Pain Relief Gloves  -$37                      

Pain Relief Glove Vial -$57

Hand and Body Sanitizer – $27                      

Headache Relief– $77            

Herpes Relief–$77                       

Inflammation Relief -$57                   

Insomnia Relief – $47             

Life Force – $77

Lung Support – $97                             

Memory Support – $57                       

Mosquito Spray Vial  – $17           

New Tech Frequency Relief – $77      

Parasite Cleanse – $77             

Peace – $27                             

Plant -indoor and outdoor- $47               

Toothache Relief – $77

For our pets:

      Never Ending Plasma Energy Dog Food Vial – $37     Never Ending Plasma Energy Cat Food Vial – $37      Anxiety Relief for Pets -$57    Parasite Cleanse – $77              Pet Itch/Odor Relief  – $57

Shungite Products

Shungite Magnets with Silver Plasma Water for phones, computers, TVs, microwave ovens, Wifi routers, wireless printers and more – $27

Shungite Pendants – $27

Shungite Magnet Pendants with Amazonite – $37

Shungite Magnet Pendants with Lapis – $37

Shungite Magnets for electric breaker boxes – large – $57

Shopping Information

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  • Special codes from affiliates apply to these prices.  You must use the code for the discount.
  • All foreign orders must request an invoice and pay through Paypal.  Pads, not vials are sent for all foreign orders.
  • Orders not paid through Paypal can be paid by sending a US Postal Money Order made out to Lynn Schmaltz and mailed to PO Box 1827, Red Lodge, Montana 59068

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