woman eyes closedEvery part of the GANS making process has been done with intention.  When you receive Vials for a Never Ending Plasma Energy Station or Pads or other products they have been created, packaged and mailed to you with the intention that they are there to assist with better conditions for people receiving them as well as their plants, pets and surroundings.  As you assemble the container for your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station or other products magnify this intention with your own intention of the outcome you wish for.  Your wish is your intention and when it is stated it becomes your command.

Intention is one of the most powerful gifts we have been given by our soul’s Creator.  The scientist who has shared his knowledge and patents of plasma energy freely with anyone in the world with a desire to learn has spoken often of always using intention with the plasma energy.  As a nuclear scientist he always used prayerful intention before starting work on nuclear reactors.

Religious texts and books have been written for centuries on intention and imagination.  Many authors have written and spoken on intention and imagination including Wayne Dyer, Norm Shealy, and Louise Hay.  Neville Goddard was a radio and television personality in the 50’s and 60’s who taught about the power of your imagination and your intention.   Masuro Emoto is the author of the best-selling books Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water that all describe how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

Mr. Emoto documented molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He froze droplets of water and then examined them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.  His books and you tubes show photographs of the crystalline structures of water from clear mountain streams and springs as well as the deformed and distorted structures of polluted and stagnant water.  Water he exposed to classical music had  symmetrical crystalline shapes and the water in the bottle with the words “thank you” had a similar shape to the music composed by Bach out of gratitude.   Water samples that were bombarded with heavy metal music or negative words, thoughts and emotions did not form crystals at all and displayed chaotic, fragmented structures.   Water treated with aromatic floral oils had water crystals that mimicked the shape of the original flower.

Intention has been visually demonstrated by Masaru Emoto’s photographsSometimes when we don’t see the immediate results of our affirmations, intentions or prayers, we think we have failed and we allow the thought of failure to be represented in the physical objects that surround us. Even when immediate results are invisible to our eyes, they are still there. When we love our own bodies, they respond. When we send our love to our children, our pets, our plants and the Earth, they respond.  When we use our intention with our plasma energy water it enhances the quality and strength of the water.


Our bodies are well over 60 percent water and the earth’s surface is more than 60 percent water as well.  The water in our bodies and on the earth’s surface is alive and responsive to our every thought and emotion.   When we add intention to our plasma energy water we can begin to really understand the awesome power that we possess, through choosing our thoughts and intentions, to better conditions for ourselves, our loved ones, all that surrounds us and the earth.


Explaining more about intention can be done through teaching of Neville Goddard.   Man, by assuming the feeling of his wish fulfilled alters his future in harmony with his assumption.  For assumptions though false, if sustained, will harden into fact.   “When you pray, believe you have received and  you shall receive.”  When I say this, I anchor with my emotions of joy and gratefulness that it happened.   We simply accept into our consciousness the desired outcome, state that outcome and stick with that outcome no matter what appears to be happening.


Here is an example of how one individual held the outcome for Neville as described in his book, Five Lessons:

            It was back in 1933 in the city of New York, and my old friend Abdullah, with whom I studied Hebrew for five years, was really the beginning of the ending of all my superstitions.  When I went to him I was filled with superstitions.  I could not eat meat, I could not eat fish, I could not eat chicken, I could not eat any of these things that were living in the world.  I did not drink, I did not smoke and I was making a tremendous effort to live a celibate life.

            Abdullah said to me, “I am not going to tell you ‘you are crazy’ Neville, but you are, you know.  All these things are stupid.” But I could not believe they were stupid. 

            In November, 1933, I bade goodbye to my parents in the city of New York as they sailed for Barbados.  I had been in this country 12 years with no desire to see Barbados.  I was not successful and I was ashamed to go home to successful members of my family.  After 12 years in America I was a failure in my own eyes.  I was in the theatre and made money one year and spent it the next month.  I was not what I would call by their standards nor by mine a successful person.

            Mind you when I said goodbye to my parents in November I had no desire to go to Barbados.  The ship pulled out, and as I came up the street, something possessed me with a desire to go to Barbados.

            It was the year 1933, I was unemployed and had no place to go except a little room on 75th Street.  I went straight to my old friend Abdullah and said to him, “Ab, the strangest feeling is possessing me.  For the first time in 12 years I want to go to Barbados.”

            “If you want to go Neville, you have gone,” he replied.

            That was very strange language to me.  I am in New York City on 72nd Street and he tells me I have gone to Barbados.  I said to him, “What do you mean, I have gone,  Abdullah?”

            He said, “Do you really want to go?”

            I answered, “yes.”

            He then said to me, “As you walk through this door now you are not walking on 72nd Street, you are walking on palm lined streets, coconut lined streets; this is Barbados.  Do not ask me how you are going to go.  You are in Barbados.  You do not say ‘how’ when you ‘are there’.  You are there.  Now you walk as though you were there.”

            I went out of his place in a daze.  I am in Barbados.  I have no money.  I have no job.  I am not even well clothed, and yet I am in Barbados.

            He was not the kind of a person with whom you would argue, not Abdullah.  Two weeks later I was no nearer my goal than on the day I frist told him I wanted to go to Barbados.  I said to him, “Ab, I trust you implicitly but here is one time I cannot see how it is going to work.  I have not one penny towards my journey.  I began to explain.”

            You know what he did.  He was as black as the ace of spades, my old friend Abdullah, with his turbaned head.  As I sat in his living room he rose from his chair and went towards his study and slammed the door, which was not an invitation to follow him.  As he went through the door he said to me, “I have said all that I have to say.”

            On the 3rd of December I stood before Abdullah and told him again I was no nearer my trip.  He repeated his statement, “You are in Barbados.”

            The very last ship sailing for Barbados that would take me there for the reason I wanted to go , which was to be there for Christmas, sailed at noon on December 6th, the old Nerissa.

            On the morning of December 4th, having no job, having no place to go, I slept late.  When I got up there was an air mail letter from Barbados under my door.  As I opened the letter a little piece of paper flickered to the floor.  I picked it up and it was a draft for $50.00.

            The letter was from my brother Victor and it read, “I am not asking you to come, Neville, this is a command.  We have never had a Christmas when all of the members of our family were present at the same time.  This Christmas it could be done if you would come.

            The letter continued, “You are not working. I know there is no reason why you cannot come, so you must be here before Christmas.  The enclosed $50.00 is to buy  a few shirts or a pair of shoes you may need for the trip.  You will not need tips; use the bar if you are drinking.  I will meet the ship and pay all your tips and your incurred expenses.  I have cabled Furness, Withy & Co. in New York City and told them to issue you a ticket when you appear at their office.  The $50.00 is simply to buy some little essentials.  You may sign as you want aboard the ship.  I will meet it and take care of all obligations.”

            I went down to Furness, Withy & Co. with my letter and let them read it.  They said, “We received the cable Mr. Goddard, but unfortunately we have not any space left on the December 6th sailing.  The only thing available is 3rd Class between New York and St. Thomas.  When we get to St. Thomas we have a few passengers who are getting off.  You may then ride 1st Class from St. Thomas to Barbados.  But between New York and St. Thomas you must go 3rd Class, although you may have the privileges of the 1st Class dining room and walk the decks of the 1st Class.”

            I said, “I will take it.”

            I went back to my friend Abdullah on the afternoon of November 4th and said, “It worked like a dream.”  I told him what I had done, thinking he would be happy.

            Do you know what he said to me?  He said, “Who told you that you are going 3rd Class?  Did I see you in Barbados, the man you are, going 3rd Class?  You are in Barbados and you went there 1st Class.”

            I did not have one moment to see him again before I sailed on the noon of December 6th.  When I reached the dock with my passport and my papers to get aboard that ship the agent said to me, “We have good news for you, Mr. Goddard.  There has been a cancellation and you are going 1st Class.”

            Abdullah taught me the importance of remaining faithful to an idea and not compromising.  I wavered, but he remained faithful to the assumption that I was in Barbados and had traveled 1st Class.  ….

            Feast on the idea, become identified with the idea as though you were already that embodied state.  Walk in the assumption that you are what you want to be.  If you feast on that and remain faithful to that mental diet, you will crystallize it.  You will become it in this world.

            I remembered what Abdullah had said to me, “After you have proven this law you will become normal, Neville.  You will come out of that graveyard, you will come out of the dead past where you think you are being holy.  For all you are really doing you know, you are being so good, Neville, you are good for nothing.”

            I came back walking this earth a completely transformed person.  From that day, which was in February 1934, I began to live more and more.  I cannot honestly tell you I have always succeeded.  My many mistakes in this world, my many failures would convict me if I told you that I have so completely mastered the movements of my attention that I can at all times remain faithful to the idea I want to embody.

            But I can say with the ancient teacher, although I seem to have failed in the past, I move on and strive day after day to become that which I want to embody in this world.  Suspend judgment, refuse to accept what reason and the senses now dictate, and if you remain faithful to the new diet, you will become the embodiment of the ideal to which you remain faithful.

            If there is one place in the world that is unlike my little island of Barbados, it is New York City.  In Barbados the tallest building is three stories and the streets are lined with palm trees and coconut trees and all sorts of tropical things. In New York City you must go to a park to find a tree. 

            Yet I had to walk the streets of New York as though I walked the streets of Barbados.  To one’s imagination all things are possible.  I walked, feeling that I was actually walking the streets of Barbados, and in that assumption I could almost smell the odor of the coconut lined lanes.  I began to create within my mind’s eye the atmosphere I would physically encounter were I in Barbados.

            As I remained faithful to the assumption, somebody cancelled passage and I received it.  My brother in Barbados who never thought of my coming home, has the commanding urge to write me a strange letter.  He had never dictated to me, but this time he dictated, and thought that he originated the idea of my visit.

            I went home and had three heavenly months, returned 1st Class and brought back quite a sum of cash in my pocket, a gift.  My trip, had I paid for it , would have been $3,000, yet I did it without a nickel in my pocket.

            “I have ways ye know not of.  My ways are past finding out.”  The dimensionally greater self took my assumption as the command and influenced the behaviour of my brother to write that letter, influenced the behaviour of someone to cancel that 1st Class passage, and did all the things necessary that would tend toward the production of the idea with which I was identified.

            I was identified with the feeling of being there.  I slept as though I were there, and the entire behavior of man was molded in harmony with my assumption.  I did not need to go down to Furness, With &Co, and beg them for a passage, asking them to cancel someone who was booked 1st Class.  I did not need to write my brother and beg  him to send me some money or buy me a passage.  He though he originated the act.  Actually, to this day, he believes that he initiated the desire to bring me home.

            My old friend Abdullah simply said to me, “You are in Barbados, Neville.  You want to be there, wherever you want to be, there you are.  Live as though you are and that you shall be.”

We are conditioned not to trust, not to believe, to be confused and fearful.  We don’t need to be any of those when we know to the core of our being that our assumptions hardened into fact.  We do not plead, beg or whine.  We simply accept into our consciousness the desired outcome, state that outcome and stick with that outcome no matter what appears to be happening.

Remember, Abdullah did not say, “Neville you are going to Barbados and you will go 1st Class.”  He said that Neville was in Barbados and got there 1st Class.  He never wavered and he held the space for Neville.  And, Neville assisted by engaging his senses in walking through New York City as through he were walking, seeing the sights and smelling the scents of Barbados and not New York City. And Neville’s Divine Creator did the rest.  We are conditioned not to trust, not to believe, to be confused and fearful.  We don’t need to be any of those when we know to the core of our being that our assumptions hardened into fact.

Lynn sent the Neville Goddard information above to their son Luke over a year ago when they were talking about his friend who had been diagnosed with protein losing autoimmune enteropathy.  The only available support for his friend was to call Luke when he was in agony to be taken to the emergency room for pain meds and IV fluids which was often on a weekly basis.  We talked about holding the best possible outcome for his friend in our intentions, imaginings and prayers.

When I sent this I said, Don’t call and ask me if you think everything will ‘work out okay.’  I will ‘slam the door to my study’ as Abdullah did.  We are conditioned not to trust, not to believe, to be confused and fearful.  We don’t need to be any of those when we know to the core of our being that our assumptions will harden into fact.

So what happened to his friend?  He now has his own Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  He is drinking the water.  It has been many weeks since he has called Luke to be taken to the emergency room.  He can call for meals from his station and let his intestines rest and heal.  He came up with alternatives to the opiods he had been given for a couple of years.   It appears he is once again a man of  hope.  And now an update on his friend many months later:  I was asking Luke about him and he said as a matter of fact he rode by here on his bike awhile ago and waved…he’s an avid cyclist and puts in hundreds of miles of cycling now.  He came to one of the shows where our band was playing recently and stayed for the entire show.  He used to have to leave early because he didn’t have the stamina to stay for the whole show.

Luke and his friend demonstrated the power of intention:  Luke was there for him when he struggling to survive and his friend’s intention was to survive, no matter what the top medical opinions were.  And our intention was to provide what we could to help both of them and to help someone far away whom we have never met.  How great to hear that someone who had to go to the ER almost weekly is now off opiods, drinking his plasma energy station water throughout the day and in such better physical condition that he can bicycle hundreds of miles!

It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state. The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

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