Never Ending Plasma Energy Preparedness Kit Instructions

Vials of the following products will be sent to addresses within the United States/Pads will be sent elsewhere.

  1. Choose your Preparedness Kit from the Shop page
  2. Click the Add To Cart button
  3. Click the View Cart button, add quantity desired and add coupon code if available
  4. Click the Proceed to Checkout button
  5. Add your selection numbers # from the products listed below to the Order Notes section on the check-out page.

For example, if your kit allows 8 vials of your choice and you choose Anxiety Relief for Pets, Clean Mouth, and the First Aid Kit you would place #3, #7 and #13 as your chosen products in the Order Notes box on the Checkout Page. Note: First Aid Kit Includes 6 vials.

  1. Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief
  2. Anxiety Relief For People
  3. Anxiety Relief for Pets
  4. Arthritis Relief
  5. Breathing Device
  6. Celery GANS
  7. Clean Mouth
  8. Clear Mind
  9. Cold – Flu Relief
  10. Detox Relief
  11. Eczema Relief
  12. Eye Formula
  13. First Aid Kit: Counts for six (6) Vials or Pads: CO2, CuO2, ZnO2, CH3, CaO, Plasma Energy Station Water, (Amino acids and hemoglobin added to all six)
  14. Hand and Body Sanitizer
  15. Headache Relief
  16. Healthy Bladder
  17. Healthy Man
  18. Herpes Relief
  19. Insomnia Relief
  20. Knee and Wrist Pain Relief (Pads Only no Vials)
  21. Life Force
  22. Lung Support
  23. Lyme Relief
  24. Memory Support
  25. Mosquito Spray
  26. New Tech Frequency Relief
  27. Parasite Cleanse
  28. Peace
  29. Pet Itch/Odor Relief
  30. Plant Relief-indoor and outdoor
  31. Thyroid Support
  32. Tinnitus Relief
  33. Toothache Relief
  34. UTI-Vag Relief for Women
  35. Dog Food
  36. Cat Food
  37. CO2
  38. CuO
  39. ZnO
  40. CH3

**These products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and do not diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.