Testimonials Regarding Use of Plasma Energy


How Did You Hear About Us?: I first heard something about plasma water last year by an ex Secret Space Program insider that came out publically late in 2017. His name is Emery Smith and among the many, many topics he discussed once or twice he did mention this special plasma type water that he witnessed saving a relatively young man’s life that was diagnosed with huge toxic levels of mental poisoning in the brain and body (from his work) and he was sent to hospice to die being told he only had a few more days to live.

Apparently someone that was a friend of or on Emery’s team sent this guy “this fourth state of water” as they were calling it and told the fellow to drink loads of it the next few days – the fellow did and very soon after he was totally fine and discharged and was tested again for metal poisoning and had actually no traces of any toxic metals in his body at all which is almost unheard of.

So for me I dreamed of having access for such water and not knowing any more about it really wished to use it for general detox personally and help my family and friends with such if anyone was interested (not all are open to those things) . So jump ahead to two “middle of the nights ago” I saw a link to a Sarah Westall interview on YouTube with the word Plasma in the title and that peeked my interest – I listened and was so excited because it sounded like something very similar to the water I heard Emery Smith speak about and then I did research much of yesterday on it following links from Sarah’s page (then I wrote Lynn a couple questions and here I am today ordering some pads to be sent to Spain. (Thank You so very much for your quick reply to my inquiry) I never imagined I could get something like this here overseas. I do not know for sure if your product is the same or similar to what this ill man was given – but my intuition is giving me the big ‘green light’ to order these things and I can’t wait to start taking, sharing and experimenting with them. My energy field is so excited since I ran across this – a little like a kid near Christmas – so I am just thrilled – I want to thank you for all your efforts and research to create and then provide these items for all. MUCHO GRACIAS

Z to Lynn

Thank you Lynn and Paul for all you are doing to help uplift the planet and all who journey upon her that are ready to receive of this gift.  My dogs and I are already feeling better from the 16 vials water station.  I will as I afford it, acquire the other gans, most applicable first.  I earn my keep as an alternative Health care practitioner for over 34 years now and am happily sharing your website with all who have ears open to hear.  I have always priced my services below market standard with a sliding scale for those of minimal income as my heartfelt offering back for being a consumer on this planet.  Thank you for how you are doing what you have been working on and at and your making it available in such an affordable manner.  Blessings in the Oneness of it all!   Zxxx

Plasma Energy Pads and Paper

Hi Lynn, 

I was hoping instead of posting the energy pads as kitchen paper/towel, would it be possible to post it as paper instead as my mother Pauline  ordered some energy pads off you in kitchen paper/towel form and they went missing in the post. As I said my mother ordered your energy pads and I’ve noticed a massive difference, I’m a practicing healer and therapist and I’ve dowsed the plasma water and wow!! also I’ve a noticed a massive difference health wise, so a big thank you to Paul and yourself 🙂



Lynn, I will always try new things and see if there is anything to it. Kinesiology or the use of a pendulum is exciting in Figuring out plasma. You can for example check a pattern in A piece of cloth or paper before you spray plasma on it, Then check the pattern afterwards. The same if you wash Your cloth in plasma water, test it and see if it is still there after Multiple of washings. I also checked my good drinking water, It is left turning only when it  comes out of the faucet, the tubes actually Squeeze lots of energy out of it, and is then balanced and energized Thru the plasma. I also sent plasma to a friend on the Canary Islands, first on cloth, The letter disappeared, then I just sprayed it into paper and dried it. I wanted to make sure that she actually gets the plasma, so I activated a jar over night to see if it worked,…she got it .

From Lynn of Plasma Energy Solution: This is from Karen in Canada.  We don’t mail our plasma energy station vials out of the country.  In her case I sprayed our plasma energy station water on printer paper and let it dry.  I mailed that to Karen and this is what she wrote:

“Hi Lynn and Paul, I just wanted to say Thank-You, and show you how effective your Plasma Energy Paper is:

I have grown a few basil plants in my window over the years, and they grow OK indoors, but they’ve never looked this good before. The pictures were taken before and then after 3 days with PE water, I can hardly wait to start my garden this year!”

Miracle 2 Soap

I also played with miracle 2 soap and their moisturizer. I have two rose bushes which get immediately eaten by mites As soon as the leaves come out. So this spring I put a little soap into Plasma water and sprayed them for a week everyday, and only here and there during the summer,….they are unblemished until now. The moisturizer of miracle 2 is great as a base . I enrich it with plasma, Or herbs which I steeped in plasma water, or add essential oils, or Schuessler (highlands) cell salts to my liking.

Lyme Relief

I got bitten 6-7 times in June, I had the Lyme plasma already. By holding the vial I could actually see if I needed it or not, Which is another cost saving way, no need to send your tick in To find out. I tested positive and had a few little symptoms, During the first month, and now it’s 3 month and have zero signs. Wow,…no antibiotics, difficult herbal or homeopathic protocols

Cold Relief

I purchased a number of your products several weeks ago, one of which was your “cold ” remedy. I have been using it for my dog who has been suffering from severe upper respiratory congestion and frequent infections. These had begun to obstruct her breathing and led to panic episodes and often small seizures on a daily basis. I used the cold plasma to soak a cloth which I let dry and tied around her throat. I have been delighted with the result. Within a few days she was 85% improved. Unfortunately she had a bad episode that led to a seizure yesterday– this one started with her spitting up a lot of mucus. (I think she may have GIRD.) I am planning on getting your ” inflammation” and your “anxiety” products but wondered if Dr. Paul might have any other suggestions? Also, can I put these together with the cold formula and place around her neck? I wondered if they might interfere with one another. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping my beloved dog when no one else was able to.  Cathleen By the way I am finding other applications for the water and having good success especially with the pain formula.

Thanks for your message Cathleen.  I’m glad to hear the Cold Relief has helped your dog!  Inflammation and Anxiety can be added to the combination of what you give her to drink and also to be worn as added energies in her scarf.  You might look at Lung Relief

If she has long-standing lung issues.  Thanks again,   Lynn

Never Ending Plasma Energy Lung Support contains the plasma energy of the GANS  of CO2, Zn, Inflammation Relief (Ancient Sacred Plant), Korean B9 salt, Amino Acids, Hemoglobin and leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, tea from various plants including Yam, Kelp, Lily, Mulberry, Tangerine, American Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and more.  Once you set up your jar of Lung Support water with the unopened vial placed inside or attached to the outside of the jar, let it change overnight.  Then it’s ready to use.  Drink some of the water several times a day. Put some of the water in a small vial and put inside a spray bottle and use the spray on your chest throughout the day.  Spray your pillow and let it dry thoroughly.  Spray any shirts or tee shirts you wear.  Be creative!  The energy doesn’t wear out or have an ‘expiration date.’

How Can You Use Plasma Energy to Support Lung Heath?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss how to use Never Ending Plasma Energy Lung Support to support lung health

MJ: I do non emergency medical transport. I will place water bottles under the van seats so myself and the clients are in plasma fields as I work.  [I just must remember to take them out at the end of the day as I drive a different van every time I drive.]

MJ: I’m excited about this new found freedom. Not been a fan of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals.

From Cary Ellis: Yes, we are living in a day when many new higher frequency systems are becoming available. Surrounding ourselves with these can raise our quality of life, is preventative and can help us get & stay well. 

SUGGESTIONS from Cary Ellis:

Once you get your station set up & potentized, put a plastic cup or bowl of your station water in the freezer. Plasma water takes longer to freeze than regular water. Once it freezes, remove from container (can use water) and allow to melt a little to see the fields. Be sure to take pictures of them, and one of these days we’ll have ice sharing and interpreting. 

Skin Cancer

From John: I have been under treatment for skin cancer for over 30 years.  Each quarter I have about fifty spots burned from my face, head, and arms as well as three or four biopsies.  Each quarter I have at least two surgical procedures, the most radical being the removal and reconstruction of my nose (after 15 surgeries).  Two years ago I began daily treatment of my affected areas with plasma water.  This quarter I walked away from the doc with only four spots burned off and no biopsy.  I also drink the water regularly.  Plasma water has been good for me.


Hello this is Jodi and Travis. We came to your home to get our plasma water.  This is a picture of my Chihuahua, Loki.  She is 14 years young.  She was just starting to get cloudy eyes.  She is drinking the plasma water.  As you can her eyes are clear and beautiful soft brown.

From Miriam:  ” I have been using the GANS water faithfully every day drinking a liter or more.  I’ve placed both sets of pads of a 4 litre glass jar and drink freely.  The first few days I noticed I had a surge in energy and I was in a VERY positive mood.  I felt like I couldn’t help smiling.  Anyway, as it’s the busy season for gatherings and partying I caught a cold.  However, it was noticeably different from colds/flus in my past.  This time the cough was fleeting (3 days) whereas normally (7-10 days or more).  I needed rest and took it liberally.  The last couple of days I felt almost clear except my mood was unexpectedly and uncommonly BAD – that’s it.  Within a week I would say my health is back to about 90-95%, and the result is that I’m back to feeling my normal balanced self.

It’s hard to say whether the GANS water is the reason I cleared up so quickly but I believe it was. 

Thanks so much again for your tutorials and bringing this knowledge and the products to us!”

Clear Mind

From “A” overseas:

I used the “clear brain” activated water yesterday. I had a class from 9 until 4p.m. and I had no problem at all to stay with it or loosing concentration. It felt like my brain was always online – in a good way 🙂  Actually I only realized this when others in the group mentioned that they had a hard time staying concentrated and taking in all the information… This is super amazing and I am very happy about this!! I myself know how even more straining it is to try and follow something when the brain is foggy and in overload. Thank you for your amazing product!

Now a question: have you thought about making a plasma product to help people with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease? I have someone in the family who is affected by it and I have looked into many ways to try and help. I have found an alternative which will hopefully show some good results….

From Lynn:

Thank you “A”, for your comments!  When we made Clear Mind we did include ingredients said to assist with dementia.  You might want to see what your Clear Mind water does for your family member.  The big challenge will be compliance so make the water very accessible and easy to use.  Clear Mind seemed to us to be a good description without stepping on ‘toes.’   thanks again,

Pain Relief

I would like to buy the new pain relief but I would like the vial so maybe you could send it to me when it gets warmer so the glass doesn’t freeze and break.  It reads amazing.
By the way, I took a pretty bad fall on the ice yesterday and landed on my low back/hip bone area and my right wrist and palm where the bone is close to the wrist.
I immediately went in the house and put a energy pad on the low back/hip area and a small one in the front, plus, I wrapped a large pad 3/4 around the wrist lower palm area and a smaller one on top to make a cast.  It really saved me from a lot of pain.  I was and am so grateful for the plasma energy.  I woke up this morning with only a little bit of bone soreness in both areas.
What an amazing gift.  Thank you for all do and provide for humanity.

Lynn: Thanks so much for sharing how the plasma energy water helped alleviate your injury from the fall you took.  I can send the vial now and you can just transfer the water in your glass vial.  The plastic vial contains 45cc of water; the 2 dram glass vial has 9cc.  I’ll bet you can think of something to do with all that plasma energy

0528-2018   Paulette:

A horse stood on my foot the other day,, Mother’s Day Present !!! Ha Ha . The first picture is day one about 2 hours after it happened. I wrapped a Plasma Patch, which I made from my Energy Station,  around it. The second picture was taken about 36 hours after it happened. I had very little soreness.. Amazing Healing. Plasma Technology is wonderful.  Lynn I don’t know how these photos come through. But the first one is the DSCN2305. But I am sure you can see the first black and blue toe from the second. It truly was amazing. Never had hardly any pain.

Right after it happened                                        Picture 2-  36 hours later

Also from Paulette:   I have a lilac bush, cherry trees and azalea that every year get a disease that kills the leaves and blossoms. They start browning on the edges which is followed by completely dead leaves. I have used the spray from the garden shop, which I hate, and it barely keeps them alive. Near the end of last year and continuing this year I have been putting plasma water from my Energy Station in a quart bottle and walk around spraying their leaves. Not even able to get all the leaves but just spray what I can. The plants are beautiful. Full of blossoms and fruit and looking so healthy. I spray about every couple weeks.with my little sprints bottle. Amazing. Beautiful. I haven’t figured out how to water their roots with plasma water yet as these plants are quite large. Any ideas on that would be helpful.. At any rate, for now, I have healthy beautiful plants and the bees love them

Lynn’s answer:  Plants really like being watered through the leaves. I do that with a large house plant that I have.  It always had only 5 leaves and when a new one would start, one would die off.  Now it has 5 large leaves and 5 more small leaves and they are all healthy.  I spray the leaves every other day and give the plant that is in a large pot 1 to 2 cups of water once every 7 to 10 days.  Mr. Keshe stressed that in one of the workshops.  So don’t worry so much about soaking the roots.  As far as the roots getting water one thing you might try is driving pvc or galvanized pipe (1 to 2 inch diameter) at an angle towards the roots.  I used to do that when I planted trees and then I would put the water in the pipe to get the roots to go downward rather than spreading outwards.  I did this in New Mexico where it was really a dry climate.  Another thing I did was to use those black soaker hoses that just ‘weep’ the water into the ground really slowly.  Rose bushes loved that kind of watering.  I had a whole system of soaker hoses that were then covered with bark chips and would just have to turn on one or two hoses and water slowly.

May 2018

Morgan:  I assisted my friend who had breast cancer surgery with the (Never Ending Plasma Energy Station) water through her surgery.  She misted the tissue and placed plasma watered-cloths over the tissue as she could.  During the day she wore two sets of pads.  And of course she is drinking her water from the Energy Station she bought. The Dr. was speechless when she went back for first check-up – saying that she was 2-weeks ahead of schedule in terms of healing compared to his other patients.  Now she can spread this story to those she shares with.  Just wanted you to know . . .  and later Morgan wrote:  My friend went to her surgeon for 6 wk check-up;  As his PA said 2 weeks ago – he is thrilled and in disbelief at the progress re. her healing. Got her spritzing her body all over with water and now she also sprays her dog.

and more from Morgan:  In addition to this I made appointment with a Chiropractor near her that now uses a homeopathic healing system which he expanded from research of German doc.  I became a believer last July when I  went to visit Sheree and out of the blue – as had never happened before – my feet and ankles swelled up.  I was alarmed and she suggested a session with Dr Tony.  He never touched or spoke of my feet but did his protocol.  Next morning all swelling disappeared and has never recurred.  So I see him when I visit her and  last week spoke to him about plasma water.  He was very crazy that day (so will tweet in his ear next time) but he DID test water for frequencies. He had 3 different commercial bottles of water in the office which all tested flat for any frequencies.  No surprise.  Then he tested the plasma water I brought him.  Of course he was skeptical but alas the water tested strongly positive for TWELVE frequencies.  Will ask next time.  Fascinating news?  Then by using his “process’  he kept asking the water its field.  The answer was No for 20 ft and No for 40 so he started counting backwards from 40 and the bar flattened at 36 ft – so there you have it – the plasma has a 36 ft. field.

March 2018

Sandy:  I got flowers for my birthday on the 28th of February.  They were a type of lily.  I didn’t make it home for about 4 hours to get them in water.  They were looking a little droopy by the time I put them in the plasma water.  They perked up within a couple of hours and now a week later they look as fresh as if they were picked today.  Amazing…….if the plasma water can do that for a cut flower what can it to for our bodies?

Q:  I have a couple of questions.
1. if i infuse a pair of gloves and need to wash the when they get dirty, will the plasma energy wash out?
2. my lovely cat is allergic to fleas; what would you recommend for her?

A from Lynn:  Plasma energy does not ‘wash out’ or expire.  I have gloves I wear when I do prolonged typing.  I have washed them several times and they work fine.

For your cat you are going to want to change the environment so the fleas want to live somewhere else.  Mosquito spray might work for fleas…we have not personally had the need to try it.  Our cats drink the plasma energy station water exclusively.  What I noticed with our cat, Ren who was rescued as a kitten in below freezing snow storm is that she was very skittish and ran for cover when people came to the house.  Now that both cats drink the water, she is less likely to run and more likely to check someone out.  She probably will never be a ‘lap kitty’ but she is much better.  And I can report plasma energy station water does not change mischievousness in the other cat, Otter.  (About a month after I sent this answer our cat Ren started sitting in both our laps when we are reading….she must have ‘read’ my response!)

You might want to read the FAQs and the Testimonials on how people are using the plasma energy station water on people, pets and plants.  One couple with animals report that the animals preferred the trough of water in which they hung a plastic water bottle filled with plasma energy water so they added the same to the other watering troughs.  You could use the energy station water on gloves.

There is a video about how to use the energy station about 28 minutes long and another one about 13 minutes long on how to use the water on gloves, scarves and patches for family and friends.

from Paulette in February 2018:  Here is one for the testimonials if you want.  Please feel free to edit this to make it better for the testimonial page if you want.

Hummingbirds–I live in SW Washington state and had a few hummingbirds winter over so I kept feeding them. I mixed 4 cups of plasma water from the energy station to 1.5 cups of sugar. Boiled it until sugar was dissolved. Waited for it to cool and then pour it into my hummingbird feeder. Birds love it AND It didn’t grow any mold !   Always had a mold problem But not any more!!  Love my plasma station!

Q:  Some people talk about using Miracle II Soap with Plasma Energy Water; where do I find out more about Miracle II Soap?

A:  Miracle II Soap is Nature’s Supernaturally balanced PH products Concentrated, Biodegradeble & Eloptic charged Minerals that Clean, Deodorize and can be  used Safely for the Whole Body and wherever cleaning is needed.  The PH of Miracle II soap is 9.4.   There are thousands of ways to safely use Miracle II for people plants and pets.  And while it is tough enough to clean a motor it is gentle enough to bathe a newborn baby.  The difference is how you dilute it.  Many people using Miracle II soap with Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water are finding that they are increasing the strength of the soap and being able to use a smaller amount.  Send an email to lynn@plasmaenergysolution.com to find out where you can purchase Miracle II soap.

from Candi: Want to report: 95 year old woman with fractured hip is healed in 2 weeks! Had X-ray yesterday doctor said it is healed and can start walking. Used Homeopathy for first 3 days and sprayed with your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Water everyday several times a day. She drank the water throughout the day and wore calcium patches front and back for only one week. Her original prognosis was no walking for six weeks!

1101-2017 from Hope:

A quick questions, I give my sweet dogs (8 years old) but, very healthy – the GANS water from my station and some of the parasite GANS water. Do I still need to get the animal GANS?  I tell everyone about your wonderful plasma energy products – I am so grateful – they have changed my life.  Many blessings,   Hope

Hi Hope, thank you for you kind words! The parasite gans water works just fine for your pets as well as for people. Also remember that parasites have a life cycle so generally you want to repeat the parasite every 30 days for 2 or 3 days for two or three months.

10-12-2017  from John:

I have been going to the dermatologist for over forty years (for skin cancers).  I go quarterly and always have at least twenty spots frozen each visit and about ten biopsies a year.  This year I have had about fifteen surgical procedures with sutures from one to three inches.  I have been using plasma water (from the plasma energy station) on my sutures and they literally disappear in a week.  This week I went in for my quarterly appointment.  For the first time in about forty years, I was clear – no keritoses, basal cells,  or squamous  cells.  Of course, I avoid the sun, but also each morning I put a mixture of plasma water and olive oil on my face and head.

10-3-2017 from Paulette:

We have been drinking the water from the energy station since about the first of July. Plants doing
well so I know it works.  My orchid is still blooming??Crazy I think it flowered in May and is still
holding it’s buds. Looking beautiful as the day it started. This is the orchid you have a picture of.
I also had a deer pull up a petunia and it laid exposed roots to the air for a good day or two. 
Looking very dead when I found it with just a smidgen of life in it, I  planted it back into the ground
and started watering it with plasma water from the Energy Station.  it is vibrant green now and might
even flower if we don’t get a freeze.  Amazing.

0826-2016 from Matt:

I hope it is alright if I send you a email as I had just a few more questions after I have read furthermore on your site about the Energy Station that I received, and the full testimonials.

Q: I was wondering the plastic container that you are using is it a food container or a normal storage/clothing/item container as I was having a problem finding a food container (Walmart or Target) that was like that and only saw normal storage containers but they don’t state they are BPA free or if I need to worry about that (BPA)?

A: many of the plasma energy fields in your plasma energy station water are the same fields to clean up land contamination and polluted rivers.  If you are especially worries about BPAs then get a glass container for your water.

Q: From my understanding and the testimonials, if I wanted to make some pain/health patches would I simple just use a folded paper towel and then fully wet it with the water that was plasmatized / energy charged from the container and then put it in a zip lock bag, or does it need to fully dried out and then put it in a zip lock bag and then that is all there is to it?

A: I always dry the pads completely and then put them in the baggies and tape them securely shut. See the link on the website on how to make the pads.  Many people have experienced that they get mold in the wet bags unless they add a little CuO energy water and seal the bags with a food sealer to get the air out.

Q: If one has health issues / cancer can you make a health / pain patch to put on that area with that CO2 + ZnO (kind of like I was mentioning above)?

A: yes, make two pads, one that is 3 times the thickness of the other so that you have a gradient.  The greater pad will give to the lesser pad to balance the energy and balance all the energy in between.  Be sure not to use any CH3 in the pad for cancer issues.  Also read the following page:

You can scroll down to More Uses for the Water and find out how to ‘reverse engineer’ from your plasma water into single jars or various waters that are part of the plasma energy station.

Q:  I have heard that CO2 and ZnO is really good for health issues or to fight cancer, is the Energy Station able to make the energy charged water to be this type (intention)?

A: see above and also read the section on the Website about Intention.

Q:  Do you and Paul have the actual separated individual CO2 and ZnO gans that I could purchase or you could make for me to buy as people are recommending to have that actual one (in jar Gans at bottom and water above it) and to then take teaspoons out of the jar (never the actual gans sand like material) and to take that 2-3 times a day for cancer (if the Energy station would not work or the same)?

A:  Your plasma energy water that you separate as described above will give you the plasmatic fields that you are seeking from the gans water you are talking about.  You want the energy fields.  You could make a breathing device once you have the separate jars of plasma energy water.  What is important to realize is that even if your water container completely was out of water, all the energy fields are still there.

Q: When I was checking out the testimonials there was discussion about the Miracle II products but it mainly sounded like the Soap or the Gel in combination with the Energy Station water, I happen to have the Miracle II Neutralizer would I just take energy charged water from the Energy Station and then pour it in my cup and then also pour some Miracle II in the cup as well? or does it need to both be in the Energy Station and to fully charge / energize and then to take it for the overall better effectiveness of the combination?

A:  As the testimonials tell you some people like to fully charge the whole bottle by putting in on or next to the plasma energy station.  Other people prefer to add the plasma water to the liquid soap.  For information on where you can order Miracle II soap send an email to lynn@plasmaenergysolution.com

Q: how do I make a breathing device?

A: you can purchase a hookah and put your plasma water in it.  you are breathing the fields of plasma and not the water.  Or you can make  your own breathing system as described below:

Use the water that addresses the conditions you are trying to improve.   You will add this water to the breathing device (hookah) of your choice that you can purchase locally or online.  The charged water is then placed in the bottom of the device and you breathe the air through a tube that passes through the water (you don’t breathe water, just the air).  The air you are breathing that is charged with plasma energy then goes to the lungs to support the emotion.  The center for the emotion is in the brain..   This method of breathing is being used for relief in various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and mental issues such as those brought on by stroke, Alzheimers and brain conditions in children.  This is non-toxic and suitable for any ages.  There are no medicines in the air or the water in the breathing tube but only the plasmatic fields.  See articles on these conditions from the scientist who developed them on our web page How to Use Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  

water droplets

0825-2017- Paulette and Ted:

I thought I would let you know that my orchids have held their blooms now for 3 months and they look as good as the first day—Amazing!  This is from watering with plasma water from the energy station.  (this is the same orchid from the testimonial from Paulette on 7/10/2017)

paulettes orchid

Also, we found another use for water from the energy station.  Our horse started to itch around his tail. This is something that can be hard to stop. Well, I started to spray water from the energy station on the top of the tail and underneath of the tail and it hasn’t itched him any more. I don’t even do it every day, but about once a week.

0725-2017–Dr. Tenczr

Comment: I am grateful for the energy station that was received last week. I am impressed. The water has a totally different texture from the energized water I already drink.


I have an orchid that was given to us about 4 years ago. It would only bloom once a year. Well this last winter I bought a health cup and have been drinking water from it since. But I also would water the orchid with the same water from the cup. Well, besides it is blooming for the third time this year the blossoms on it this time are huge.  Can’t believe it. Amazing.
paulettes orchid.jpg

Besides the huge blossoms it use to only bloom once a year. I am now spraying the leaves.  I have a fungus of some kind going though my yard and instead of spraying chemicals I have put the water in a spray bottle and spray as many leaves as possible on my cherry trees, blueberry bushes and flowers. I don’t get all the leaves as I can’t reach them but it looks like it has stopped the fungus and the leaves have turned dark green. I will know more in a couple of weeks but this is truly amazing if it will stop the fungus as I have been fighting it for years. So a little spritz here and there and it is gone.

0630-2017–sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Pam has had her Never Ending Plasma Energy Station for several months.  She has embraced what we say in using the plasma water for people, plants and pets.  As you can see she has one happy garden!  She not only waters with the plasma water but got a fertilizer gans that Tommy Lee has made from bat guano and worm castings.

Testimonial from W:  Lynn spoke to W. today (6-16-2017).  W’s family member has been in federal lockup over immigration issues.  Family members soaked cotton bond paper in the station water and let it dry thoroughly.  Then they wrote to this family member with intentions for her overall health and her return to the family on the ‘plasmatized’ paper.  They also told her to use it as her ‘portable’ station with her food and water.  She got MERS infections 3 different times while locked up and also had respiratory and adrenal issues.  She has taken care of 90% of these issues by drinking the water much to the bafflement of the medical staff and never took their medicine (Note:  those who are incarcerated have to pay to see the doctor and get medications and may not have the funds to do so).   NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of the plasma energy no matter how it is ‘packaged’!   And she is set to be released in the next couple of days through family efforts and intention.

plasma energy station patches
Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials placed around a container of distilled water. Pads made from container water resting on top.

Testimonial from the scientist who developed plasma energy processes and this one is for peace:  We have a remedy for all the wars and guns and it’s the gans water of CO2 and Zinc.  Run crazy with it and you will understand that the magnetic fields of the same reach the same magnetic fields from across you country, across your continents.  You have produced CO2 and ZnO (Notetaker: you have CO2 and ZnO in your energy stations). Start linking up and elevate the souls of men to stop this mayhem.    We cannot do anything but use what we have.  When we release the soul of the man who is going to pull the trigger then his soul is elevated.  This is how we don’t fight but we elevate.

You all have the tools of peace in your hand.  Buy a ping pong ball and leave it on the motor of the single rotating computer cooling system. (Notetaker: Drill a hole in it and fill the ball with 10% CO2 and 90% ZnO.  You can also make a ‘peace’ pad from a paper towel soaked in the same water—let it dry and then wrap it in plastic and tape it shut and write “Peace” on it).   Both will do the job of linking up with other balls or pads that are on the computer fan.  These are the tools of peace.  As I said knowledge in exchange for peace and there are enough who can afford $5 to $6 for a ping pong ball and computer fan and fill up with pure ZnO and nothing else except a little bit of CO2 in it to reach the soul of the man around the planet.

and from Lynn: HOW YOU CAN DO THIS:
Our PEACE FAN is up and running…for those of you with plasma energy stations or plasma energy pads, put some of the water you have made from them on a jar and write “CO2” on the jar and fill it with filtered or distilled water.  Put some more water in a jar and write “ZnO” on the jar and fill it with filtered or distilled water.  After this charges for several hours put the water of the ZnO on a paper pad and wait about 30 minutes and add a few drops of CO2 on the same pad so you have a proportion of 90% ZnO and 10% CO2.  Let the pad dry and then wrap it in plastic and tape it shut.  Put it on your fan motor and now you are ‘linked’ into the peace system around the globe!  Make more of these pads and spread them around to the people who need peace in their lives.  If there’s contention going on with the city council, go put a peace pad under a rock outside the building….put a couple of them.  Let the plasma energy do its work.  Tommy Lee uses Popsicle sticks that are soaked in the plasma water. When they are dry he writes his intention of them (such as “Peace”).  Be creative!  There are no ‘wrong’ ways to use the peace energy!

0615-2017-testimonials–Tommy Lee:  I gave my son a healing pad some time ago and he hadn’t used it.  My sister called my son to tell him she had been depleted of everything–vitamins and minerals–and the doctor was going to hospitalize her to rebuild her with fluids if she didn’t get better.  About that time she started using the plasma energy water and has now been on the water for 7 weeks.  After one month on the water she went for a blood test and all her vitamin and mineral numbers had come up and he asked her what she was going.  She didn’t even think of the water and told the doctor she wasn’t doing anything but then in talking to Tommy he reminded her about drinking the water.  She has a liver disease and as a side effect she has had constipation for a long time.  Now she has no problem with constipation.

Tommy Lee uses ‘plasmerized’ Popsicle sticks to hand out to people.  He washes them after he uses them and then he puts in a container in plasma water for 2 to 3 weeks and lets them soak.  Then he dries them in the sun and he gives out the Popsicle stick (plasmerized).  He has people write their intention on the stick for peaceful sleep, healing, or whatever or simply put the Popsicle sticks  on their water jar to add plasma to the water.  You can write the intention on them.  Tommy Lee wrote peace on several sticks and pushed them in the ground where he had some disruptive neighbors.  Now he notices that people don’t walk on his side of the street.  The only people that come on Tommy’s side of the street know him and come to talk to him.  Some of his disruptive neighbors have moved!

Darlene: my vegetables are so crisp and good and this is after they have been in the refrigerator for a week.  I have some small glass jars filled with plasma water and put them in the vegetable bins.  Also she has a quart jar on the top shelf.  The vegetables are better than when she bought them.

06-13-2017 — From Pam who says her flowers love the plasma energy water!    Your plants will love the plasma energy water!  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  See how these morning glories have thrived with the plasma energy water.  Plants love to have their leaves sprayed with the water as well!  Pam says her whole garden is thriving.

smaller morning glory picture


Gordon: Tommy told me to look at 1st Montana meeting. It was intriguing and I ordered the station.  I was lucky!  I had this old ceramic water filter invented by a Japanese man in 1890.  In the 1990s a Japanese doctor improved the design and came up with a way to treat granite and lava rock.  He got 19 minerals to have the right polarity.  You put a teaspoon of the minerals in the top and pour a gallon of water and the minerals act like a filter.  I hadn’t used it in 3 years.  When I got the station I got the filter and put it together.  It is made of clear medical grade plastic with 16 ribs and it holds 3 gallons.  It drips from the top and will hold a gallon at a time.  Then I super glued and taped the vials to it.

I have a 6 oz glass and I drink the water several times a day.  Sometimes I program it and sometimes not.  I drink less water than I used to.  It is so easy to program the intention into your water.   I have used intention in helping other people.  I have been doing a 5-2-2 eating plan where you eat regularly 5 days a week and eat only 500 calories 2 days a week.  I decided to do the fast for 3 days without food and I would program every other glass of water from my energy station to be a taco meal or a steak and tater meal or something else.  I would hold the glass and get the mental picture exactly as I want it to be.  That intentional energy goes into the glass.  I experience light energy to go in the water.  I was not hungry at all when I did this and I felt fine.

After that I programmed the water to get rid of some knee pain that I’d had for a couple of days.  That worked so well that I ‘screwed up’ with the intention to fix and repair everything that was wrong with my body.  That was a mistake—it was doing everything at once!  I was in the Marines and in a few fights and ended up with injured legs and hands and other damage.  Everything I did was 35 years ago.  In this last week I have been reliving the back injury, the broken leg, the hand pain. It’s an energetic thing.  I don’t actually have anything wrong with the wrist.  I have to go through this to repair everything.

I haven’t made any ganses.  I got some plasma energy pads from Tommy and the day I got them my wife’s  shoulder was hurting.  I set one on her shoulder and one on the other side and she fell asleep for a few minutes and then got up and walked away.  The energy pads were still in her chair.  It got rid of the pain.  It has relieved 80% of the pain on my knee in 15 minutes.  What I did was to surprise my wife with a nice scarf.  She won’t wear one this time of year but I took water out of the station and I programmed it for her and put it against her solar plexus that whatever energy she needed would be in the scarf.  I sprayed the scarf and let it air dry.  She has it in her locker at work and can put in on.

She ends up walking about 6 miles a day with her job so I have also done socks for her.  When she starts feeling sore or tired she gets that scarf, puts it on and finds her condition and energy improve very quickly.

Rita:  When I first received the station I had an epiphany to simply rest the vials as you shipped them on the sticky pad right up against a glass gallon container of charged harmonetic water (structured water found around DNA and within cell microtubules). It’s produced using a simple open-sourced process developed by G.W. Hardin that includes an MP3 player and Tesla caduceus coil.  Resting the vials against the jug is not as cool a set-up as Sandy’s large glass energy station, but apparently it works.  I couldn’t wait to try a glass of this very special water. I drank it after dinner the next day stating an intention for healing and balancing. I didn’t experience anything and must admit to being disappointed but hoped I might notice something over time — time being weeks or months.  The noticing came a bit sooner. About 1/2 hour later I was sitting working on my laptop when I had a – I’m trying to think of a dainty way to say this – gushing nasal release. . .  took me totally by surprise.  I was aghast as I stared down at the mess on my laptop, then started laughing.  Talk about an impressive cleansing reaction!  Haven’t had another occurrence since (thank goodness!), but what I’m now noticing is more energy. For the past two days I’ve been getting at least 30-60 minutes of yard work in after a long day in a stressful job.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this energized and motivated to get out and do some physical work on a weekday evening.  I’m thrilled and looking forward to experimenting more with my station — including intention around meal replacement. Very inspired by the idea of nourishing myself in a way that does less harm.  Thanks again to you and Paul!  I hope some day to meet you both and convey my thanks in person.   Kind regards,   Rita

Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials placed around a water dispenser

Pat: Chris told us how he used the packing materials from his plasma energy station under his pillow and got an incredible night’s sleep.  It also gave him lots of energy for a job he is finishing.  I have an interesting experience with packing material.  Tommy sent me some of the new energy pads he’s been working on and told me to try them on.  I didn’t know what Chris had done and I took the packing material which was a manila bubble envelope and I put that between the mattress and box spring because I had heard someone who had done this and her husband has been sleeping better.  The patches have so much energy and I went to bed at 8:30 and I was very tired.  I forgot I’d put the envelope under the mattress.  At 2:00 AM I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong because when I went to bed I was tired.  Then I remembered the packaging and I took it out and it took another hour and a half before I went to sleep.  That energized the whole room.  Now it’s turned the bedroom into a ‘think tank room!”

Pam: I put the pads under the glass pitcher since I got them Monday.  I feel better; the foggy thinking has improved.  When I got this I said lord let this do what my body needs.  I just drink plasma water with my Berkey filter water.  I have had positive results from using it for 3 days.  I got my plasma energy station and took the packing pads off and I put them on the dresser.  I slept for 7 hours last now.  It feels like everything is coming to another level.  My neighbor hurt her knee and nothing was helping and she knows I do a lot to take care of my health.  I ended up making her some pads in a ‘saddle bag’ arrangement to put over her knee (when she’s sitting down.  She says she notices the pain is lessening and she can’t get over it.  The hardest people to help with any of this are family members.  I really am having fun with this.

Darlene: I just got my system.  I don’t know if I’m doing this right and using my intention right.

Pat: there is no right or wrong with plasma energy.  And you have the intention of the people who have made this for you.  You can’t do anything wrong here.

Darlene: I am trying to make some of the CO2, the ZnO and more separately.

Tommy: write the name on the outside of the bottle and that is your intent.  While you are drinking it say CO2 repeatedly.  You don’t have to put it in the container.

Darlene: so what I say makes it so.

Pat: just relax about this; it’s going to be the easiest thing you have ever done.

Darlene: I love this kind of science; it’s right up my alley.

Pat: we can put the things we soak in the dryer; try it and see how it works.

Bob: we are like everyone else and we are using the energy station water for anything and everything.  We use in for ourselves, around the house, water our plants with it and give it to the animals.  The animals will tell you that they would rather have this than regular water.  They will drink this water first. I want to let my intention be more specific about the needs we have.

Lila:  everything is going well; my feet with neuropathy are good now.  And I’ve been noticing my nails.  They are hard now.  I can never grow my nails and now my thumb nails are getting round and hard and not splitting.  They used to have dibbits in them and those are getting better.

Pam: is that just from drinking this water?

Lila: yes. I’ve had this condition for years with my thyroid.  It will be seven weeks this Saturday since I got my plasma energy station.  It takes time to turn some of these things around. The nails are amazing.  My indoor plants are getting bigger leaves; I should have taken before and after pictures.  I feel good and I have energy. I’m very happy with this and it’s fun to see what you can with it and incorporate it into your daily lives.  It’s water for the cat, the rice cooker, my coffee and I’m also giving it to my 93 year old mother.  I coated some ponytail wraps that I got at the dollar store and sprayed them with the water and dried them.  Then she put them on her arthritic hands so we’ll see how she does.

Pat: I have a suggestion for you; does she put cream on her hands at night?

Lila: not really.

Pat: get those little beauty gloves, the white cotton ones, and saturate them and let them dry and let her sleep in those.  I haven’t bought any lately so I don’t know what they cost.

Various GANS settled at the bottom of the jars. Wearing gloves soaked in plasma water may help with aches and pains.

Laurel: after you have done the water and you want to store it, I had an issue this week with our pump because I’m using well water. I didn’t want to use that rusty water so I got a bunch of bottled water.  I have some glass bottles I have saved—after I have done the water can I put it in a wine bottle and just cork it to save it?

Tommy: yes.  (Lynn note: When you set up your plasma energy station with the vials you want to be sure to put the vials on a clear glass or clear plastic container and not use an opaque container).   Fill up those bottles!

Pat: she doesn’t need to wait for corks; she can just put some plastic wrap over the top with a rubber band around it.

Deborah:  I have a new testimony.  I have been having a problem sleeping.  I have a bottle of water that I ‘plasmerized’ and I put it under my pillow.  I was having some crazy dreams before and now I am sleeping much better.

Tommy: do you have your energy station Andy:

Andy: yes.

Tommy: how are you doing with it?

Andy: I put some of the Miracle II neutralizer in there and made some eye drops because my eyes have been hurting and they are better now.

Tommy: I have been making different gans lately and I’ve come up with about 14 different gans.

Pat:  I didn’t know your patches were in the mailbox.  We have a bank of 80 mailboxes where I live. I put the key in and the key was vibrating; I thought that was weird.  There’s no source of electricity so I took the mail out and came home.  I got the new pain patches from Tommy and the energy is really high on them.  Thank you Tommy.

Tommy: I made some different gans of some vitamins and minerals that I use that are bio available.  Just like Paul and Lynn I started making different gans.  I made them into a gans and when they were done and all cleaned up I started working on more.  Now I am working on a gans of worm castings, rabbit manure and bat guano. This can use this in a plasma state on their gardens.  The plants will pull in what they need.

Pam: Every one of us has different issues and it seems that when we drink the plasma water our bodies will pull in what they need.  Everyone has a different situation and if you are making gans you can get more benefit.  I heard someone talking about their fingernails and I’ve had horrible fingernails all my life. They have started growing since I’ve been on this water for over a month.  I hadn’t even thought about it.

Tommy: when I was cleaning the gans I noticed with one of them my body responded as though I was taking the vitamins just by handling the gans.  These new pads are really strong energy.

Pam: are you more comfortable making these gans now?

Tommy: I’m more comfortable; you have to realize that you go through a lot of water cleaning all these gans as you’re making them.  There’s a lot to it.  Laurel can tell you the same thing with her gans.  You have to wash the gans because you start out with a pH of around 16 and you have to keep washing until you get it to 7 pH.  You will rinse it 7 to 12 times.

Laurel: I have been rinsing a lot and I’m down to 8.2 pH on the first gans I made.  I’d say it’s about 10 times.

Tommy: I’ve had some that I’ve washed a lot and the water is clear but the pH is at 9.5 so I keep on with the washing.  Paul said sometimes if the pH won’t go lower you may have to leave it where it is.  That’s what I’ve found out.  You are trying to wash the caustic soda out of it.  But I’ve put together some amazing things in mine.  You cannot ‘OD’ on plasma energy and your body will pull in what it needs.  They are different than what Paul has made.  Pat’s body is responding as though she’s taking large doses of vitamins.

Pam: what is the pH of the water supposed to be?

Tommy: you want to get the gans to a pH of 7 which is neutral.  I have noticed when I clean the gans and I put them in plastic containers with a lid on it; it starts sweating in the container.  I thought this stuff must be ‘alive.’  The more I clean the more I see this on various containers with the lids ‘sweating.’  The energy is really alive.  I use water with a more alkaline frequency and I’m making better gans.  I’m getting excited for these farmers so I’ll let you know when I get the fertilizer gans ready.  I’m going to make a gans of garlic and another of hot pepper.  The insects don’t like garlic.  We are trying to use this as a natural safe insecticide.  You can spray it around your home if you have snakes.  Snakes hate the garlic.

Q: how about mosquitoes and wood ticks?

Tommy:  I don’t know about that.  If we do garlic gans your body will use what it needs and you won’t have the odor from eating lots of garlic.

Laurel: can the bottles of gans be in close proximity to each other?

Tommy: my agriculture stuff goes out in the shed.  I needed to ground it up and I found an old fashioned blender that I hadn’t used.  It will be the shed blender and after that the trash.

Q: what if I put intention on these various jars; can I put them near each other?

Tommy: every container has its own intention.


Lynn: I want to share something with you.  My son in Colorado has a friend who has been very ill for several years and my son took him to Mayo Clinic a couple of years ago to get a diagnosis.  The best they came up with was protein losing immune enteropathy and I asked my son what that meant.  He said it means we don’t know what it is so we’ll give it a bunch of big words!  So what would happen is he would get a call almost every week from his friend because he had to get the hospital because of intense pain.  It was very difficult for him to eat.  They put him on opiods for pain and give him weekly IVs in the emergency room.  This has gone on for quite awhile.  I asked my son if his friend would use one of the energy stations and he thought he would so I sent the vials and he put them together on a station.  He hasn’t had a call for a lot of weeks to go the ER.  He is turning the corner.  It was really painful for him when food would pass through his system so he can at least use the energy station for some of his ‘meals.’ Evidently that is also helping.

Lynn:  one more thing.  You talked about washing the sheets and spraying your legs for better sleep.  I’ve had a lot on my plate getting this website up and still doing the transcripts I do.  I did that the other night and it worked great—thanks Pam!  I’ve washed the sheets and we had changed to a different set of sheets and now that they are washed my sleep is much sounder.  Thanks Pat and Pam for sharing that.

Pam. I am sleeping much better now.  When I laundered the sheets and started spraying the water on my body and I have been amazed at how I’ve been sleeping.

Lynn: sometimes Paul will get leg cramps at night so I suggested that he try spraying his legs and he’s done that the last few nights and he hasn’t had any cramping.  It’s good for us to remember that our biggest organ is our skin.  It can be effectively treated.


Tommy: tell them about the plastic and the carbon.

Lynn: yes, when I was typing the weekly Thursday workshop notes Mr. Keshe does and he said that some of you have asked why I use plastic on the patches.  He uses it because the plastic baggies are made of carbon and so are our bodies and they are very compatible.  So that is something to keep in mind when you are thinking of different things to use.  I was glad to hear that.  There was another suggestion when you have a sore knee or shoulder she uses a ‘star’ formation with patches.  The patches she makes are smaller than post-it notes.  If you have a sore shoulder you would put one by your spine in your upper neck.  Then another would go on the back of the shoulder and one on the front of the shoulder.  The 4th one would go on the outside of the upper arm.  You are getting a whole field and you can use the same approach on sore knees.  This is just another approach to use.

Pam: does she use tape?

Lynn: yes and you could put them under an ace bandage, but it depends on your life style.  My brother has a rotator cuff issue and he has an energy station.  I told him to make something that looks like a saddlebag like Pam has talked about.  If he made a wider saddle big he could rig the saddle bag with the 4 patches.  Do whatever you have to do to keep things in place.  One issue people have is a reaction to tape so watch that inflammation isn’t from the tape.  I have that issue.

Pam: I can use the fabric tape and its okay but I’m allergic to latex.

Lynn: you have to experiment.


Pam: I continue to have adrenal health issues that affect my energy.  If I just stay on the plasma water, and that is all I drink, is it possible to improve those issues or should I use the plasma water with adrenal supplement.

Lynn: try making a gans with the adrenal supplement and then you add that vial to your station.  When you take the plasma water from the station your body will use what it needs.  You can’t overdose on the plasma water.  Your body will use what it needs at the time you drink the water.

Viola: I’m just here to learn and where do we get the plasma water?

Lynn: the plasma water came from Paul working for the last 1.5 years and studying for the last 1.5 years.  He learned how to make gans (gas in atomic nano state) out of different elements and compounds.  They end up as a powder in the bottom of a jar and we add water to those jars.  The powder (gans) in the bottom of the jar charges the water in the jar.  Then he made 16 different vials that go on the outside of the energy station.  This charges the water in the station and we put a station together a year ago.  We’ve never dumped all the water out; we only add water to it as we need to.  We don’t have to clean it out and scrub it out because part of the energies in there is being used to clean up polluted rivers and contaminate land.  We just about have our website together and we have an explanation of plasma energy and what is in the vials.  I will always send reading material when people are interested.  What we have found is that the energy has increased our stamina.  Paul uses combinations of certain kinds of the plasma water with olive oil and has reduced his cataracts by 85%.


Lynn: I have a nephew in New Mexico who is a robust healthy athlete and has worked with golfers.  He got pancreatitis about a week ago.  I didn’t know anything about it and my brother called to tell me my nephew was in ICU and it was touch and go.  They induced a coma for the pain with pain killers.  I asked them to please get some plasma water on my nephew.  Sometimes it’s hard to introduce new concepts in that situation so my brother took his water bottle with plasma water and would rub my nephew’s feet and hands and head with the water.  The 104 temperature that had been there for days went down to 102.  I just heard from my brother and they want to take him off the ventilator now.  Three days ago a specialist told them his chances were 50/50.  when this started I got my Arizona sister, my brother and me and each of us put a jar of CO2 and ZnO water, and a few more things with a picture of him and we all put our intention for his well being and best possible outcome.  We’re not making the medical shots so we just have to use the intention in the best way that we can.  These are things we haven’t been taught that we can do and the water helps magnify this.


Lynn: Paul put together a new, bigger station and we wanted to test the energy fields.  Our original station and the new station both had energy fields of 48 feet and then I ran out of room because there was a wall in the way.  I heard the question about having the gans close together and if you’re a purist and you have lots of room and want to separate them that would be perfect for you.  In our situation all the gans are ‘buddied up’ to each other in Paul’s work room.  The important part of all this is your intention: My gans are in the best possible circumstances and they are all satisfied with their present existence.   I appreciate the question because that has come up on calls.  Where they manufacture and establish designated consistent outcomes they will address this but we are using this on a daily basis with ourselves, friends and family.

I took ounces of neutralizer in sprayer and we have had a lot of rain.  My squash and morning glories and roses have all put on more blooms.  It boosted their production.  I did that with one gallon.  Would you explain what that does for the plants?  Also, when I drink the water I have used the pads on am I getting the nutrition or the plasma enriched nutrients?  This is water and it messes with my head!  I’m drinking water instead of popping pills.  When I drink that liquid plasma water am I taking in nutrients?  Something good is happening.  I do better when I know what it is doing for me.

Lynn answers: when we take a bite of food we start breaking it down in our mouths by chewing and mixing with saliva.  Then it goes to the stomach where it is broken down further.  As the process continues the final result is the delivery of plasma energy to the cells that started out as the bite of food.  When you drink the water you are taking the plasma energy from the nutrients that were present in various components such as the food, the herbs, the vitamins and the minerals.  All of those were broken down to a GANS (gas in atomic nano state) and then had water added to that GANS.  The vials on the plasma energy station are filled with plasma water from the top of the jar with the GANS that rests in the bottom.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads and Pain Pads
Different sized pads made from plasma energy water.

Doris:  is it necessary when we make the paper towel patches to have one larger than the other?

Lynn: it’s a good idea and the way I do it is whatever towel size I’m using I use ¾ of the towel for one patch and ¼ for the other patch.  They can be any size from a post-it note up to a lunch napkin size.  With the lunch napkin you could just use 3 in one patch and one in the other.  I’ve made large pads to put under the bottom sheet.  You can layer these before you seal them in the plastic.  My son rammed his elbow and we were there for dinner.  I made him a patch really quickly with his station water and made the 3 to 1 patch with paper towels.  We put it wet into the baggies and sealed them as there wasn’t time to dry them.  He got relief right away and said the patches felt like he was icing his elbow.  People who make the wet patches use a vacuum sealer to seal them and put a little copper oxide in with them to keep them from getting moldy.   The magnetic gravitational works by having the patch with more energy give to the patch with lesser energy.  In doing that everything between the two patches is also balanced.  If you think of the bigger patch as the giver and the smaller patch as the receiver, the giver will give to the receiver so the receiver can balance and then also give to the giver.

Viola: do the patches heal the problem?

Lynn: it depends on your intention.  If you are asking if there is more of a placebo affectt then you might wonder if it will help for awhile with just a placebo effect.  Let me go back to my brother; he had a torn meniscus on his knee and has problems with the other knee.  The doctor said he’d have to clean the knee with the torn meniscus and my brother wanted to hold off and do something else for awhile.  He sees an acupuncturist regularly and drinking the station water.  When he went back the knee with the torn meniscus was perfect with nothing for the doctor to do.

Viola: that sounds like healing to me!  Thank you.

Lynn: me too and you’re welcome.


Grace: I’ve been drinking the water exclusively.  I had a cough for over a year because of nasal drainage.  All of a sudden the cough got better.  I think the more people just drink the water like they drink bottled water; the water will correct whatever is happening on their body.  I make it a habit to drink the water and when I go out to eat I take water in a container and ask for a little ice and cool my water.  Sometimes restaurants have water that tastes like mud so I take my own plasma water.  My coughing has gotten better and so has the nasal drainage. I just say before I drink it whatever is wrong is now corrected.  Drink the water and you will things getting better.

Tommy: that is good with the intention you use.  That is a good intention to write down and use it:  Whatever is wrong is now corrected.  And you see that Grace is not coughing any more.   Thank you.

Regina: I have made 3 healing pads and I put one under my pillow when I sleep and I rest better.  I have been drinking the water.  I had a small cyst on my leg and the doctor was going to send me to the plastic surgeon.  I just kept drinking the water and all of a sudden it’s gone.  I didn’t want them cutting on my leg, so I’ll keep drinking the water and state my intentions.


Tommy: if any of you have questions or testimonies write them down for us.  We don’t have any proof that this works until we hear someone’s testimony.  You will hear a lot of thing that are happening for people.  Their legs and knees don’t hurt anymore.  It’s a very unique product.  The think I do is to make colloidal silver, gold and copper and my products are stronger.  Now that I am making gans I am waiting to make the gans.  I learned how to make them from Paul.  When you use the caustic you do everything safely.

Lynn: the main thing I would say about the issue of safety when making food or vitamin gans is to just handle the lye carefully like you would if you were using it in the household.  Be aware of what you are doing.  Gans making goes back to those who originally started making soap.  That is making gans.  The Chinese had made gans for thousands of years by making a food gans in their woks.  If we can keep the mystery of plasma energy more people will be encouraged to try.  There are a lot of instructional videos out there and for those of you having nice weather there is a lot you can do with your plants. After you talked about the plants are reacting to the water and the leaves are sticking up straight I looked at the pathos plant again that I’ve had for years that is now getting the water.  Those leaves have standing up since I put the water on it.  They are standing right up like they are waving to the crowd.

plant spray

Pam: can I put the Miracle II gel in my station to ‘plasmerize’ it?

Tommy: get some distilled water and add 2 to 3 teaspoons and shake the gel up and let it sit over night.  Do this with the neutralizer and the soap also.  It works better to add the distilled ‘plasmerized’ water in the gel.

Bob and Helen—Bill is here with us and had open heart surgery.  As soon off they took off the dressing he sprayed plasma water from the station with miracle 2 soap and then wiped it off with miracle 2 gel.  He did this 2 ½   weeks twice a day.  He is completely excused from seeing the doctor.  There was another man who had surgery the same day and is in pain from infection at the incision site.  Bill is active and still has healing time but he doesn’t have discomfort at all.  Cleaning the site with everything set Bill free from any infection problems.

Tommy Lee: how’s everything for you and your animals?

Bob: we use it on our plants, animals and ourselves. I wanted to share last week that we have goats and they get parasites.  You can take 1.4 oz of the soap and squirt it down their throats and it clears out the parasites.


Blake:  I have inflammatory autoimmune condition of the skin—the pain is inexplicable most of the time.  I am getting draining lesions that are massive in the groin area and under the arms.  And I am trying to get new technologies.  I have some gans water.  I have tried many things from pharmaceutical and medical and I’ve been on colloidal silver.  He will get plasma water from Walter.

Paul: you can try a mixture of CO2 and ZnO and you might have some infection so you add some CuO and to strengthen it you would add a small amount of CH3.  Get 4 jars. Take clear glass or plastic and take the water from what Walter is sending you.  Label one jar with CO2, the next with ZnO, the third with CuO and the 4th one is labeled CH3.  CH3 is a building block of all sugars and is basically energy and will add a boost to what you are already using.  Then I would take 50 ml CO2 water and put in a spray bottle; 50 ml of ZnO added to it; 20 ml of CuO and 10 ml of Ch3. All that goes in a spray bottle and always spray the affected areas with the water.  Spray your sheets that you sleep on and your pillow case.

pet spray itching skin-odor

Blake: I have this on the base of my neck.

Paul: take doubled over paper towel and soak with the water in your spray bottle and put over the affected areas under your shirt, your underwear and your cap.  Let the sprayed paper towel dry completely and then wrap it completely in a plastic baggie.  We use zip lock bags and just cut the zipper portion off.  Then you can seal the baggie shut with clear packing tape. You can wear these pads in your underwear and in your hat during the day.  (Lynn’s note:  the scientist who developed this uses plastic baggies because they are made of carbon which is compatible with the skin.)  Spray yourself after your shower as well as your sheets.  When you use this your intention is very, very important. Put a prayerful intention on the pads and the water that it will do the highest and best good for your body.  Research in KF has found that 99% of all body diseases are caused by the emotion and your state of mind.

Blake: it definitely gets worse with high stress.

Paul: drink the water in everything—coffee, tea, in your cooking and basically you want to saturate yourself and your environment.  Spray around the house and in your bedroom and let the energy permeate.  I don’t know how soon you will see results and you may notice improvement within the first week.  How long have you had this condition?

Blake: it’s a disease you are born with and it showed itself drastically in freshman year of college and now I am 29 years old.  It’s gotten terrible and I’ve had surgery to remove lesions and add skin grafts.  It’s gotten debilitating and has lead to blood poisoning.

Paul: you have nothing to lose in trying this.

Blake: I’d like to become fully functional.

Paul: give it a try and come back to the call and let us know how you are doing and how it is or is not working.  The ZnO carries the plasma energy field that influences your emotions.  Even spray your clothes with it’ you want it in all your clothing; wear those patches in your clothing and your hat.  Drink the water and use as much as you for everything you can thing of.  We even use the water for the plants and the cats.  We put ZnO in it and it’s helped their attitudes and they have mellowed out.  Just be sure to consciously put your prayerful intention on the water and every time you use it say this water is going to do the highest and best for my body and I am healed.  Let us know how you are doing.

Blake: is there anywhere in the Florida area that have the plasma energy station.

Tommy Lee: how about Miracle II soap?

Lynn:  that a great addition, please go ahead and explain to him Tommy.

Tommy Lee: lather down with the soap and stay in the tub for 45 minutes.  Leave the water in the bathtub and let me know what color the bath water is… white, yellow, green, gray, blue or black.  You can use the spray and the miracle II and that will open your pores and push area out of the bath water.  Use a little bit of soap and gel and cover with plastic which will push into the infection and cause it to break down.  They dissolve the disease and helps stop the itching.  You will notice the bathwater will become less filled with color as you continue to do this.  You add the plasma water to the soap and it will be 6 to 7 times stronger.  Pam will tell you what the soap and the plasma water have done for her.  The miracle II soap and plasma water go hand in hand.

Walt: I want to give a little Christian advice…don’t eat unclean meats that are full of toxins.  I quit eating pork 40 years ago because you can get parasites, toxins and more.  Cat fish is the same source of toxins.  You can eat the clean meat and don’t eat the unclean meats.

Pat: Blake, I have a story to share about skin and Miracle II soap.  My husband died 10 years ago.  An advanced cancer patient loses the integrity of his skin.  I have used Miracle II soap exclusively.  When we were at the hospital an oncology nurse said she had never seen a patient with this beautiful skin.  I put the miracle II soap on it.  The other thing I did was to use the best quality olive oil and added lavender oil (one drop) in the olive oil.  We rubbed that on the skin.  That might be something to add to your ‘medical kit’ and this gives your body ways to heal itself.  What works for Paul in his dimension may be a little different for each of us.  We are experimenting with what works for all of us.  We wish you the best and we want you to be in perfect health and comfortable.

Pam: add the plasma water to his bath while he is using the miracle II soap. I experienced that it was pulling more from my body in a shorter amount of time than using the soap alone.  Use a jar of plasma water and hold that jar between your legs.  Later I added a gallon of plasma water in the tub water as well as the jar of water.  The water pulled more out of my body in 20 minutes than it had in 45 minutes.  Adding the plasma water to the miracle II bath will bring it to another level.  Pam:  I have an aqua chi detox foot bath.  It pulls out different colors.  It works with it really well.

Pat: I believe the foot bath is ionizing and what I would do is plasmerize the filtered water.  Use what you would normally use and ‘plasmerize’.  Then it won’t interfere with the array.  I can’t wait to hear your results.


Miss Adams: This is Grace and I’d like to know if you have a choice of alkaline and distilled water, which would you choose.

Paul: Grace the alkaline water would be preferable with a pH of 8 to 9 which is desirable.  9+ might be too alkaline.  Dilute it down and get some pH paper and check it.

Tommy Lee: when you add water to Miracle II add plasma water with the distilled water.  I would say to used distilled water.  The plasma water causes the pH to be more consistent.  A friend of mine was shocked that the plasma water would hold the alkalinity much longer.

Grace: I use nothing but plasma water for drinking and cooking.

Tommy Lee: then alkaline water would be fine.

Grace: I put some plasma water in quart baggies and hung them out on the underside of the porch.  The mosquitoes, wasps and flies avoid this like the plague.

Lynn: the scientist who developed much of the research on plasma energy used some plasma water with the family swimming pool. They had a lot of bugs around the pool all the time.  After doing that the bugs left because the plasma water combination used made the bugs seek a more favorable environment.  His wife put CO2 plasma water spray in a bottle and sprayed all about the house because they had such a problem with mosquitoes.  That cleared up the problem as the mosquitoes left to find a more favorable environment.

mosquito spray backup photo

Tommy Lee: I made gans of layer pellets for my 4 chickens.  I get 4 eggs a day now. I told my about how they were producing eggs every day and I gave him a vial of this for his 12 chickens.  He was very skeptical and pooh poohed the whole idea.  He got it on Saturday and he put the vial in the water.  I called him on Wednesday to see how they were doing.  He called me back at 9:30 and he said he didn’t want to tell me but every chicken laid an egg that day.  Then his wife admitted she had been getting that many eggs (12) for 3 days. I asked him if he saw this with the chickens laying eggs could he imagine what his garden is going to do.  I told him I hope he has someone to help him pick the vegetables.

Grace: you are saying CO2 and all in milliliters. Can you break it down to cups?

Lynn:   you are going to use a lot of this so put in a cup of ZnO and a cup of CO2; then add about 1/10th of the total amount with CH3.   Once you have that combination as you use it every day just be sure to add more distilled or filtered water to it at night time so it’s ready to use the next day.

Blake: thank you and I appreciate the input and the knowledge.  It’s late on east coast, so I’m going to get off the call now.


Anonymous:  I made a pad and washed sheets, pillows and pajamas and I never go to bed before 2. I didn’t wake up until 1 o’clock; that was phenomenal.  My sleep is so much better and now I sleep 6 hours through.  Lynn sent me gloves and I gave them to a woman with crippling arthritis and she has real flexibility and doesn’t have pain in her hands.  My plant is sprouting and hasn’t done that for a year and a half.

Tommy Lee (later) She also said she put the intent ‘peaceful sleep’ on her water bottle.

Lynn:  give the woman with arthritis some pads to put on a drinking pitcher and then she can also drink the water.

Laurel:  I have been on the water for 8 weeks; my nails are getting so long!  They have always been soft and bend easily and now they are hard as rock.  Because of thyroid my thumbnails are messed up with dips and just look horrible all the time and now they are better.  I have never had long nails, so I know I am getting benefit.


0511-2017 Testimonials

Gwen: I might have a testimony.  I got on the call and I kept looking at my arm. I have had a sore on my arm for a year or more and it would ‘fester up’, bleed and scab over.  And this just kept going on.  It is about 90% better.  I have just ignored it and not put anything on it.  I gave up because I tried everything. All I have done is drink the water and I didn’t apply it topically.

Pam: I love telling that story; I am doing this all the time.  I actually added a gallon of the plasma water to my bath water.  I like to soak in the bathtub in the Miracle II soap because it feels so good and it detoxifies me so well.  Tommy told me how to put the plasma water into the Miracle II soap to make it work even better. So I use a quarter of a cup in the bath tub.  Before I put any plasma water in the tub I used just the Miracle II soap and I noticed that in 15 minutes time it had taken more out of my body in 15 minutes than I was used to seeing after 40 minutes.

Pam: By the time the hour of soaking was up I could hardly see my hand under the water and I was excited about that.  Then I decided to take a 24 ounce olive jar I had saved and I filled it with plasma water and put the lid on it while it was filling.  When I got in the tub to keep the jar from moving around I put it between my legs. I told everyone last week I noticed a sensation going up and down my legs and all around my legs and I realized it was the plasma energy.  It felt like the water was moving and it was the most relaxing feeling and it just kept going and going.  As long as I kept the jar between my legs I felt the energy going up and down my legs and it was like I was getting a massage.  Pam: every time I soak now I have the same thing that energized plasma water.  Then I started adding a gallon of plasma water to the tub and I sleep better.

TOMMY LEE: did you hear that Lita?

Pam: I spayed my self down with the plasma water last night and then I also sprayed a bit of magnesium oil spray.  I put my sheets in the laundry and on the rinse cycle I added a gallon of plasma water.  I have plenty of it all the time.  I let them sit for an hour I went back in there and put them in the dryer.  I didn’t use the hottest setting and I just used the normal setting to dry. They come out very soft and I put them on the bed. Last night I sprayed myself with the water after I had soaked in the tub.  I got into my ‘plasmerized sheets’ and I slept 7 hours last night!  I’ve been talking to you for a year about the sleep issue. That never happens.  This plasma water is amazing.  Pam: I watered my ivy on the front porch and I have never seen leaves so big.  They are as big as my hand, not my palm but my hand.  The water that I had left in the tub last night I took out 3 gallons at a time and watered my garden with it. My flowers and everything I could with the water that was left.  I can’t wait to look at them tomorrow because you usually get results over night.

Pat:  the color of the leaves gets deeper; it’s like they are audacious and saying Hey, look at me!

Pam: yes, it is like they stand at attention.

Pat:  Yes!

TOMMY LEE: they look like they have their hands raised to the sky!

Pam: that is exactly what they do. They just come ‘alive.’


Pam: I told you my mother is 96 and she has that shingles pain she has had to deal with. Well I had sent her 4 smaller patches and she had a hard time using them because they were so small.  Today I made some bigger ones and I left about 3 inches in the middle of the bag so she could put them over her shoulder like you would do with saddle bags. So they drape down in the front and down in the back of the right shoulder on her back where the shingles pain is.  She also has pain in her knee. She called me after she got it in the mail this afternoon.  She put the set on her shoulder and wrapped the other one around her knee and she is getting relief. The larger pads are just doing wonders for her.  (Notetaker: these pads are made from the water from the plasma energy station.)

Pat: let me make a suggestion:  what does she wear to sleep in and what does she wear in the day time?

Pam: I have talked to her about that and she just wears tee shirts in the day time and sleeps in a gown at night.  She does not have shingles; she just has the nerve pain that is left over from the shingles.  She has had that for 9 years and that is what this is relieving.  This is relieving the nerve pain that is associated with shingles once it is gone.  That is what she is dealing with.

Pat: I dealt with that for a long time and I ‘plasmerize’ what I sleep in.


Pam: I told her how to do that and I was going to get her a station and she was just so overwhelmed that she can’t add one more thing to her life.  She is retired and lives in Texas and I live in Alabama and I can’t do it for her.  So, I made the big pain patches and sent them to her and they are working wonders.  She can wear it under her clothes.  She took the little pain pads I sent her and she is putting them under her glasses of water around the house so she has plasma water all the time.  She has 4 or 5 of them.  She can sleep in the ‘saddle bags.’  I told her to spray her legs before she goes to sleep and wear the patches to sleep in and tell me how she is in the morning.  She has already gotten relief from having them on for an hour and a half.

Pat: doesn’t that make you feel wonderful?

Pam: it’s tremendous. I have tried everything under the sun to help her with getting some relief. She is drinking the water all day.

Trina: I have diabetes and I have poor circulation in my legs and I have a pinched nerve in C4, 5, 6 and 7.

TOMMY LEE: have you tried any of Grace’s water yet?

Trina: she just told me about it. I am in Georgia.

TOMMY LEE: tell her to send anything she can ‘plasmerize’ to you, sheets, towels and whatever and start your water and use it on your body.  Everyone on the call has the plasma energy stations.  Get plasmerized towels and washcloths and start making water.  This will make millions of gallons and it never loses its strength.  It is the same strength as it was when it left Lynn and Paul’s house in Montana.  We have been talking about this plasmerized water and we have energy stations and ours have the same energy theirs has up in Montana.

2 sizes of station pads

Pam: we need to remind people that they can take a clear plastic water pitcher or glass and take those pads and tape them to either side of the pitcher.  That will ‘plasmerize’ the water over night. You don’t even have to have a station.  If you have something that was charged by the station water you can set a pitcher on it and it will charge overnight. YOU have plasma water that has been charged in a very short time.

Tommy Lee: I have been passing out popsicle sticks that have been plasmerized for 3 or 4 days now. I tell them to put a popsicle stick on either side of the pitcher and it’s plasmerizing the water.  Leave it there as long as you want.  Or make another gallon.  Once you make your first gallon of plasmerized water then make healing pads with the water out of your sheets and towels and anything you’ve got that you can lay down and put a container with 2 or 3 gallons of water on it.  That will be your energy station.  A healing pad won’t break.

TOMMY LEE: Miss Adams’ sister sent me 2 little footie socks and a wash cloth. I took them and left them in water overnight and then wrung them out and hung them over the line. I mailed it to her and she started using it.  She said, I have a hard time believing in this Tommy so I’ll send you a pair of socks. And she sent a towel too.  She started making her own plasma water using the towel before she ever got her energy station.

Pam: Tommy I have those 5 gallon plastic bottles you buy at Walmart.  I make the pads and put 3 pads on one side of a bottle and 1 pad on the other and it plasmerizes the water.  I can’t run out of water because I’m doing this right and left.

TOMMY LEE: if you have a plasmerized energy station and you need another station, the energy is still in the one you’ve got.  Go buy another tub and put your bottles of already plasmerized water in the new one.

Pam: I see what you are saying.  I can just get another container and put the plasmerized water in that one without the bottles of plasma water in it.

TOMMY LEE: without the bottles; the energy is still in the station.  You see, we can make millions of gallons of water from just one idea.  It multiplies and we can expand our minds into what this can do.

Pam: Tommy I have those 5 gallon plastic bottles you buy at Walmart.  I make the pads and put 3 pads on one side of a bottle and 1 pad on the other and it plasmerizes the water.  I can’t run out of water because I’m doing this right and left.


Pat:  remember you saw the pictures of Lynn at the Senior Center up in Montana.  She used her dousing rods to measure the influence of the water from a station, and from the pads.  It was plasmerizing everything within 30 feet of the pads or the station.  So think of this; I have my station set up with the room that is in the apartment which is 22 feet long.  That means I am plasmerizing everything in this apartment whether I know it or not.  That is why I am feeling good.  I’d like to tell you I got thinner, taller and look younger but I do feel really good and this is the only thing I can give credit to really.

TOMMY LEE: we have a problem we want to work on and make the pads look better when we send them out.  If they are laminated they are water proof.

Pam: if you laminate them, they will never wear out.

Pat: Tommy, think about this.  Everybody knows about the Messages in Water by Dr. Emoto. He discovered water has energy and he put a hateful sign on a glass of water and on another glass he put the word love.  The next day he and his crew took microscopic of the frozen water from the different containers.  The difference of the frozen water was very dramatic.  He said you can take a plain piece of paper and write a message to the water on the plain paper. Put it under the container of water.  You can say things like Thank you for making the journey to come and help me.  Thank you for peace, love, joy and prosperity and whatever your message to the water is you can create from that water anything you want because it is your intention.  We can do that message and put it near the water and plasmerize the paper with the message.  Then laminate it and you have an incredibly powerful situation.

Grace:  you know the water people carry around to drink?  You can plasmerize that overnight can’t you?

TOMMY LEE:  yes.

Pam: my husband buys bottled water and takes it with him.  I put as many bottles as I can in my station and charge them.

Grace: what I am asking is if you would take one bottle of plasma water and pour ¼ cup into a gallon of distilled water and let it sit over night. Then those gallons are plasmerized, right?

TOMMY LEE: if you have a small station then make some energy pads to set the bottles on.


Grace: if I bought 10 gallons of distilled water, and I have plasma water in my station so then I can pour out ¼ cup of the distilled water and add ¼ cup of the plasma water to the gallon of distilled water and leave it overnight.  Then it is plasmerized, right?

TOMMY LEE: right.

Grace: if I want to send Trina two bottles of water and send it to Trina.

Pam: do you want to know an easier way to do this?  I remember when Lynn was on the last call; she talked about the essential oil bottles.  You can fill those little vials with plasma water to Trina and you don’t have to send bottles of water.

Grace: that is easier for me to send the little bottle and then she plasmerizes her water from that little bottle.  That’s right isn’t it?

Tommy Lee: Yes.  I ship colloidal silver and colloidal gold and run into all kinds of problems with broken bottles.  But you can send a plasmerized towel that she can wrap around.

Pam: I agree.

Tommy Lee: I would rather send a laminated towel and let her cut it up however she wants.  I asked Lynn and she said there is no difference in the energy fields from the plasma energy station or the little pads made with water from the energy station.  The energy is still the same.

Grace: so whatever is convenient for the person who is sending it?

Pam: yes.  if the person who gets it wonders how they know it is plasma charged have them put a piece of thread on a paper clip and hang that over the container and if it goes clockwise it’s charged and if it goes counterclockwise it isn’t charged.  That helps people understand they have charged water.

parasite cleanse

Tommy Lee: Laurel and I are both working on Gans and we know how much time it takes to make a gans. It’s a lot of work and you have to wash and wash to get the caustic soda out of there.  I found out there is one lady who says I making Amish water.  I found out the Gans I am making right now, I can feel the energy coming into my body.  My body is picking up the attributes of those vitamins.  I only had these vitamins in the plasma form and your body absorbs that energy. That is in your energy station.  You can test with pendulum, rods or muscle testing.  Once you get your energy station and have plasmerized water for healing pads, make as many gallons as you can.  Put there pads under everything.  If you don’t want to make healing pads, make popsicle sticks—anything you can do that can hold the energy.  You can make a dousing rod with copper wire or a wire hanger out of your closet.  Straighten it out and bend it to an ‘L shape.’  Then put the short end of the ‘L’ into a straw so you are not touching the wire; you are just holding the straw. (Lynn:  you can also use small pvc pipe instead of the straw).   You can find water, energy lines and you can find the energy.

Pat: these are called dowsing rods.  Go to Youtube and there are instructions.

dowsing close
Lynn testing the plasma energy fields with dowsing rods

Tommy Lee: all the information for making this technology is on you tube.  In the last month I have made 6 and then 7 gans.  They are not easy to make.  

Ms Malone: the best thing I have experienced is pouring some plasma water into my lotion.  I’m trying to put more plasma water than lotion in the bottle. Then I use this after I bathe. It just removes all the aches and pains. I am really enjoying this.

Tommy Lee: you only have to add ½ to 1 teaspoon to your lotion.

Ms. Malone: yes, but I like to use the water to rub all over me.

Tommy Lee: get some coconut oil and add plasma water and it makes it smooth and it will stick to your skin.

Pat: let me explain how we became interested in this.  Remember back in October when Italy was hit with some bad earthquakes? Eventually the people who had plasma water and the scientist who has been involved in Europe for a long time, finally got permission to come in with the pain pads and the water to help during catastrophes.  His foundation is now on the same level in Italy as the Red Cross and they are allowed to go in and help.  We have been warned for a very long time that things in this country are not going to stay great forever. If you have pain patches made and water stations you may be the only person in your area that is actually able to give real help to your friends and neighbors. This is not some kind of voodoo we are playing with here.  When I tell you that this paper towel that I put in water is going to help your pain, I know that sounds strange but we really need to do this with the intent that we may have to help other people. That is why Tommy is encouraging people to make a lot pads and be prepared and keep your heart open.  Those of us who are called ‘preppers’ and try to be ready don’t know when we will be needed.

Tommy Lee:  you can go to the website of Keshe Foundation and find out how this technology came about.  You can go to Youtube and learn how to make the Gans and healing pads.  You can go to EBay and buy the pain pens and healing pads.  There is a lot of technology out there and you can make it yourself.  Nobody makes it as well as you will it for yourself. That is why I am making my own Gans.  I made some that was so strong I could feel the energy in my hands.  I’ve been doing this for over a month so it’s all over my house now. I am noticing different things happening.  It takes quite a bit of product to make what you want with the Gans. 

Paul’s process of making GANS

Pat: be sure to tell everybody if you have a testimony to write it up and send it to lynn@plasmaenergysolution.com.

Pam: I have a question about plain old tap water. For years we had well water and now we have drinking water like everybody else. If I want to plasmerize the tap water, what happens to the chlorine?

TL: the plasma water is removing gmo from seeds.  When you take Gans which is Gas in the Nano State you can use it on the tap water and just leave it longer and see what that will do for you.  You can use tap water and it might just take a little longer.



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