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Where to Start If You Are New to Plasma Energy

Q: I am very interested in trying plasma energy. I’m not sure which one to begin with.  Thanks.

A:  The best way to get ‘immersed’ into the plasma energy that most people have found is to get started with the Plasma Energy Station.  First read about How to Use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station. Sign up for our free report on how to use plasma energy here

Q: I missed the October special which seems like a good place to start.

A: Hi, thanks for contacting us. Every month there is a special of some type. Make sure to sign up for our emails to get notice of our new products, videos, blogs and specials.

Q: When I look through the individual formulas I get confused on the rhyme or reason on how they were put together. I do not understand why the substances were put together the way they are.

A: What is presented in the formulas is more like a pantry of ingredients.  The body will only take the energies that it needs and ignore the rest. Using plasma energy is not like using things in the ‘matter state.’  What you are trained in is the ‘matter state.’  Plasma energy is using energy fields that are made available. A good place to start is with the plasma energy station.  You can add to that as you see fit and learn more about the plasma energy.  Go to our home page and select the side heading that says ‘free reports.’  It will bring up several reports.  To access them you will have to enter your email on each heading you want to read.  Also look at the ‘Buy Products Here’ title at the top of the home page and select ‘PRODUCTS LIST’.  You can scroll through that page and look at various videos we have done on many of the products.

Q: What would I need to order to have the broadest spectrum of health benefits?  I know this is a very hard question to answer, but which vials would have the least overlap and have the widest spectrum of benefits?

A: If I were ordering for the first time I would start with our Never Ending Plasma Energy Basic Preparedness Kit with the 16 vials.  Those include hundreds of plasma energies in those 16 vials.

Then I would read through the blogs, the FAQs, the testimonials, and the information on each of the rest of the items we offer as well as the products list page which has videos of each product.  You might want to consider ordering some of our kits which are groups of 8 or a group of 12 vials- you get a price break on buying them as a kit instead of individually.  You can order any of the vials we offer, no matter what the cost, as a group of 8, 12, or the plasma pantry of over 2 dozen.  Again, you pick and choose what you want. 

There are some things that overlap…Life Force is contained in New Tech Frequency Relief along with several other GANS. So the NTF Relief might be a choice you would make.  Pain Relief contains Arthritis Relief, Inflammation Relief and more, so again that might be a choice you might make.  The Pain Relief can be used as pairs of patches, you can make sets of 3 cloth bandaids to wear on sore knees, etc (two bandaids on one side and one on the other….wear until they fall off and then use another set).  You can use it on gloves if people have arthritic hands. 

The rest of the vial choices you will need to discern according to your needs and the needs of your family.  We cannot ‘prescribe’ for you.

I would suggest that after you get the vials set up on your plasma energy station that you watch the 13 minute video on making the pairs of pads.  This is what I send for orders outside of the US and my feedback is great from people who are using them.  You can send the Plasma Energy Station pads right away to your family.  Just make the pair or pairs of pads and mail them in a first class international letter.  You are mailing paper so no need for a lot of red tape. These products are meant to share so you may want to get together with others to share in the costs and those who get the vials can make pads for the others to use.

Q: How long of drinking 2 quarts of Basic Plasma Water per day, does it typically take a person to feel some effects? Do you have a sense of an average length of time?

A: A health practitioner today with a medical computer able to analyze cell function says that within two months with everyone using the plasma energy station water she always sees improvement in cell activity with an improvement from 2 to 3 up to 6 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Q:  Many topics seem to repeat themselves.  For example in Eczema Relief and Pet itch relief.

A:  People looking for items for their pets are more likely to look specifically under the pet section.  People looking for skin relief items would not be looking for them under pet items.  That is why they are separate.

Q: You mentioned there is overlap between Life Force and New Tech Frequency Relief and between Arthritis Relief and Pain Relief.  Are there any other products that overlap?

A: Yes Virus Relief, Super Woman and Kan-sir all have multiple formulas.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief ($157) includes plasma energies of CuO, ZnO, Shungite, silver, gold, amino acids, Hg, CBD and C60.  There are additional energies of minerals, precious metals, salts, leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and tea from various plants to help the body bring balance to itself and maintain beneficial frequencies.   

Also included is B9 Korean salt that Dr. Paul discusses that in a video done in summer 2019 on Cold and Flu Relief that you can find under “COLD” under the PRODUCTS heading on the home page,  Korean B9 salt has over 70 minerals and there many studies done in Korea show the efficacy of the B9 salt. Dr. Paul made a GANS of it and when checked, the energy fields were found to be over 50 feet.  

There are also some ingredients also found in Lung Support which is a gans that was formulated from ancient herbs costing over $1,000. These GANS were added as some viruses are also shown to have pneumatic plague characteristics.  In addition there are certain Gans plasma energies found in Anxiety Relief and Life Force, one of which is star anise which has been used by Asians for centuries for addressing symptoms of viruses. 

The combination of shungite and silver GANS can help to address frequencies such as those found in wifi, radiation and 4G and higher.  Dr. Paul addressed this combination in a video.  0916-2019  Plasma Energy–Can plasma energy, shungite, silver gans and magnets balance conditions caused by glyphosate, 5G and Wifi?  And, what about ‘organic’ foods?

 ***********  another combination:

Super Woman Plus ($297)

Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Woman Plus is a GANS combination made of Estradiol Gans plus more herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, teas, and roots.  Added to that are the following GANS:  Healthy Genes, UTI-Vag Relief, Healthy Gut, Healthy Thyroid, Peace, Clear Mind, Kan-Sir and Parasite, plus Amino Acids, Hg, and the GANS of B9 Korean Salt.  What makes B9 Korean Salt special is that before Dr. Paul made a GANS of it, it was been baked nine times in Bamboo. Korean Salt is said to contain all that is found on the periodic table. Then Dr. Paul made a GANS of that.   

************   another combination:

Kan-sir Support GANS  $177  Ingredients:    Mushrooms:

·      Agaricus blazei·      Chaga·      Cordyceps·      Lion’s mane·      Enoki·      Maitake·      Polyporus·      Reishi·      Shiitake·      Turkey tail·      Enokitake·      Meshema·      Temella

Additional ingredients:·      Vitamin C with rosehips·      Carrot·      Mushroom blend           (reishi, shitake, maitake)·      MSM·      Spirulina·      Chlorella·      Probiotics·      Enzymes·      Calcium·      L’Methionine·      L’Arginine·      Thiamine HCl·      Methocobalamine·      Glutathione·      Chromium complex·      Silica·      Red Clover·      Bloodroot·      Galangal·      Sheep sorrel·      Folic Acid  

Plus the GANS of Anxiety Relief         Detox           Dewormer 90%         B9 Korean Salt Amino Acid    Hemoglobin (not blood but the minerals in blood)

Q: I wanted to ask you if there are any vials that are NOT SAFE to drink or spray on your body? I made some Insomnia water the other night and took about 2-3 TBS, and slept like a baby. It was so great! But I was thinking about maybe vials like the 5G – and others that aren’t just “normal health-type vials,” even though I realize that 5G has EVERYTHING to do with our health, or lack of, but I was just wondering if there were any vials that specifically ARE NOT safe to drink or take a small amount orally, and/or spray on the skin.  Thanks so much,

A: Generally your body will use what it needs at any given time.  I’m glad you had good results with the Insomnia Relief! I have dozens of separate jars of GANS, separate spray bottles and separate vials.  I also have what I call my ‘whole enchilada’ plasma energy station.  It has everything on it but Insomnia which I have kept separate so I don’t decide I need a nap in the middle of a busy day.  And, I drink it every night so I get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  That didn’t always happen for me in the past. I just let my body sort out what it needs at any given time. 

I have addressed the issue of CH3 that has been raised in connection with the corona virus in 3 videos.  I haven’t called out the scientist for throwing the baby out with the bathwater because I’m not going to poke the bear with a stick that might be too short.  That scientist is the one who taught everyone how to make CH3 and publicly taught that it helped make the connection of plasma energy with the body and the soul. Some doctors have publicly stated the virus is really the ‘trash truck’ in your body hauling outthe trash of toxins and more that need to be released.  As I have stated VERY OFTEN in my videos 90% of the truth is not 100% of the truth.  I have seen it happen over and over in different fields with different ‘gurus’ who get a big following of people and put out really good information.  And then their real agenda comes out once they have the big numbers.  Start slipping in the lie even if it’s 2% or 5% of what your teaching.  The people will never suspect it. I had a researcher whom I worked with for several years give me an interesting compliment one day.  He said I had the best BS detector of anyone he had ever seen. That took me years to develop because I had to learn to listen to my ‘gut  brain’ and not always the ‘blah, blah, blah’ of my head brain.

Download the files below to read a transcription of a live call for more frequently asked questions.

The Following Questions and Answers regarding specific issues are listed alphabetically. Here is a list of the contents:



Ancient Sacred Plant, CBD, Inflammation Relief

Anxiety, Insomnia



Breathing Device




Children, babies, pregnancy

Clean Mouth

Clear Mind, Dementia, Memory Issues

Clothing, Laundry, Home

Co2, ZnO

Colloidal Silver




Eye Issues

First Aid Vials

GANS-gas in atomic nano solid state



Hand Sanitizer

Headache Relief

Healthy Gut

Healthy Man



Lyme Disease



Mental Clarity

Miracle II Soap

Mosquito Relief


Natural Disasters

New Tech Frequency Relief

Pads Using Paper Towels and Writing Paper



Payments for Products


Plant Support for Gardens

Plasma Energy Explained

Plasma Energy Station, Preparedness Kits



Shungite Magnets and Pendants



Skin Issues


Super Woman Plus

Tap Water

Thyroid Support


Uterine Tract Infection

Virus Relief

Well Water, Pumps, Hydroponics

Winter Wellness, ZnO


Q: could you please provide me with affiliate information please?  thank you!

A: Go to the bottom of the home page in the blue section and click on Affiliates.  For those who become affiliates, I offer a 15% discount to their contacts who use their coupon name and 20% of the contact’s sales to the affiliate, but not for their own purchases.  In other words if you heard about us from Sarah, Cary, Erin or others you would use that particular coupon word on your orders.  We would set up the coupon word ‘Your First Name’ for your contacts and when they use that they would receive 15% off their purchases-excluding sales or other coupon codes.  You will have a link to provide them that would also let me know they used your affiliate information but I find that a lot of people forget to use the links and will remember a word associated with you as their coupon.  If you decided to do that, after you sign up send me an email and I’ll have my website genius set up the coupon word. 

Q: Does the affiliate discount apply to more than one order?  For this month and other items next month?

A: Yes, your clients can use the affiliate discount over and over except for sale items or with other coupons.

Q.  What is your best price for basic preparedness kit for your affiliates?

A:  Affiliates always use the coupon code of the affiliate that referred them which is 15% savings.  

Alkaline Water

Q: Once my station has charged-can i add alkaline water to it?

A: I would add alkaline water to my glass of drinking water and not to the station.  You are introducing something in the ‘matter’ state to all your plasma energies in the station.

Q: In the Q&A section of your website under the heading  ‘ Alkaline Water ‘ the Q asks  ” Once my station has charged – can i add alkaline water to it ? ”  and the  A  states ” I would add alkaline water to my glass of drinking water and not to the station . You are introducing something in the ‘ matter ‘ state to all your plasma energies in the station ” . Lynn, I just wanted to be absolutely sure that using my santevia gravity water system with the PH increasing mineral rocks on the bottom of my filtered water reservoir is OK , as long as I first tape my pads or vials to the outside of the filtered water reservoir to make the water plasma energized  ?

A: Your water set up is just fine.  And yes, you are correct about taping the pair of pads to the outside of your filtered water reservoir.


Q: If a person is allergic to something in one or more of the solution – does the plasma water eliminate the allergy condition and if so, I’m guessing that would apply to cats?  One of my cats has food allergies. She cannot have beef, fish or anything with feathers.  One of your solutions has green tea, I cannot have caffeine at all – it triggers bad headaches.

A: Allergies are to things in the ‘matter state.’  Other people as well as we have not experienced any allergic symptoms to the plasma energy fields in the waters.  The same would be true of your cat and I would suggest you try a small amount of plasma water in your cat’s drinking water to see if there are any issues.  Our cats drink our plasma energy station water exclusively and have for several years.   As far as the caffeine, again that is in the matter state.  Paul and I have not felt any detrimental effects of caffeine in the plasma state.  I do not drink coffee after 1 in the afternoon….or any drinks with caffeine as that will keep me awake.  But, I drink the water and use it in cooking meals and do not have any ‘caffeine effects’. 

Q:  Which solution helps food allergies? I have a few the cause weight gain and elevated cholesterol. 

A: Again, I cannot diagnose and prescribe for you.  When seeking balance in the body for myself I start with the Plasma Energy Station water and then add to those energies as I see fit for my body

Ancient Sacred Plant, CBD, Inflammation Relief

Q: I have your ancient sacred plant pads. Does the same protocol work with the pads? Does one set of pads have a set percentage? If I wanted to change the percentage of CBD, would I have to set up another set of pads with another jar? I was assuming a set of pads would have a set % of CBD, that is why I was curious what was the percentage set for my current set of pad?  Or, is it that every time I fill my jar with the current pads with new water, can I, at that point, set up my intention for % of CBD?   I hope I’m expressing myself clearly enough to be understood.

A: The percentage does not matter in plasma energy. Ratios are determined by you. For instance when using CO2 and ZnO plasma waters you may have a protocol that uses equal amounts twice a day and twice the amount of ZnO to CO2 at the end of the day. If you want the plasma energy of the ancient sacred plant to have a certain percentage of CBD and so forth, that is for you to determine when you set up your vial. You have all the plasma energy elements of the plant. Now you determine the ratios. You may have your main jar and then separate jars with different ratios. It is your intention.

Q- Does the Inflammation Relief also work on silent unnoticed inflammations?

A–  You will have to experiment with the Inflammation Relief on your body and see how it helps to balance it.

Q: MY sister underwent a double lung transplant about a year ago. I’m wondering if your Never Ending Lung Support plasma vial would work for her?
Just a little bit more information….She was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease prior to the lung transplant. She battles with inflammation in her lungs and of course, with rejection. I also know that she isn’t allowed to consume mushrooms because of the fungus. Her team pf doctors believe molds and fungi are what cause her lung disease to begin with. I noticed Reishi Mushroom is part of the Plasma solution. Would you believe that be adverse for her condition? Would you have any other product recommendations that I could buy for her?

A: Copper GANS water could be helpful for what you describe.  I can’t prescribe but if I had fungus in my lungs I would use the CuO2 (copper) water in the following ways:

            1.  drink it

            2.  set up a breathing tube and breathe in the air through tubing that is sitting in a   jar covered with the CuO2.  There is no water IN the tubing only surrounding the tubing as the instructions show.

            3.  use Inflammation Relief (Never Ending Plasma Energy Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief) and add that to the breathing set up and drink it. 

            4.  spray my clothing and bedding with the combined waters of CuO2 and Inflammation Relief.

            5.  for anxiety about the whole situation Anxiety Relief could be helpful.

CuO2 is sold in the First Aid Vial group.  If you only want the CuO2 then send me an email so I can make an invoice for you. Go to the Buy Products Here Tab on the top menu and select PRODUCTS and then scroll down to find out more on videos and descriptions.

Q:  Hello there, PLEASE, this is urgent! Since a couple of month I‘m drinking plasma water for inflammation. Could it be that inflammations flare up first? After starting to drink my body reacted with lots of inflammations, eyes, stomach, teeth … Should i stop drinking the water? Thank you for your fast response!

A:  What kind of water did you use to add your vial or pad to? Was it filtered or distilled water?  If it was not, please start over with the water you are using as we say to always use filtered, distilled or pure spring water.  Sometimes well water is okay but it depends on whether or not you have contaminants in your soils or mountain runoff. By spring water, I mean water that comes out of a pure mountain spring that you collect in person.  I don’t mean commercial water you get at the store that is labeled ‘spring water.’  Many of those waters are not pure mountain spring water. I have not had feedback from anyone until now of this type of response for inflammation relief.  Please let me know what kind of water you have used.

Response: I‘m living on the Canary Island La Palma. The water is mountain water, filtered.

A: The water should  be fine that you are using. I would stop drinking it every day and only drink it when you have specific issues.  I use the Inflammation Relief when something seems to require it…it’s good for bloating when I’ve eaten something that had dairy in it.  It’s good for sore muscles when I’ve acted like I am 26 and not 76 when moving furniture around.  So my suggestion is to not drink it all the time, but just when you have specific issues.

Anxiety and Insomnia

Q: Is there a difference between  anxiety and insomnia product? I Suffer  from both and wonder which product to order.

A: I only use insomnia for myself at night before I go to bed.  2 to 3 swallows of Insomnia water has helped me finally get to 7 + hours of sleep.  Anxiety works in a different way, although one might sleep better and go to sleep better if anxiety is lessened.  You might want to try that and see if it helps; if not then you could add the insomnia later.


Q: Do you have information about atherosclerosis,

A: We don’t have first hand experience with that so I would suggest the all around balancing by using the plasma energy station water. 

Arthritis Relief

Q- Does the Arthritis Relief also work as an ankle sock or is the effect from two sides (pad 1 and pad 2) better?

A: Experiment with this and see what works best for you.  We have used it both ways.  For arthritic knees, Paul resorted to soaking the gauze part of  fabric bandaids with the plasma water and letting them dry thoroughly.  He would do several dozen at a time and then store them and use them as he needed them.  He put 2 on one side of his knee and one on the other side of his knee leaving them on 24 hours a day.  When they fell off he would put on more.

Q: I have the Pain and Inflammation and Arthritis vials – would you go ahead and just add these to the Energy Station as well?

A: If it were me, yes, but I would still have the separate containers for making the bandaids that you place in a “x” on one side of a sore area and a single bandaid on the other side.


Q: I looked through many of the videos and website, but didn’t find anything on skin boils.  Do you have a suggestion?

A: You might try Eczema, Detox, Plasma Energy Station Water.  Many have found the Station Water to be effective on insect stings.

Breathing Device

Q: how do I make a breathing device?

A: you can purchase a hookah or make your own breathing system and put your plasma water in it.  you are breathing the fields of plasma and not the water. Here are instructions for making your own breathing system:

Use the water that addresses the conditions you are trying to improve.   You will add this water to the breathing device (hookah) of your choice that you can purchase locally or online.  The charged water is then placed in the bottom of the device and you breathe the air through a tube that passes through the water (you don’t breathe water, just the air).  The air you are breathing that is charged with plasma energy then goes to the lungs to support the emotion.  The center for the emotion is in the brain..   This method of breathing is being used for relief in various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and mental issues such as those brought on by stroke, Alzheimers and brain conditions in children.  This is non-toxic and suitable for any ages.  There are no medicines in the air or the water in the breathing tube but only the plasmatic fields.  See articles on these conditions on our web page How to Use Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  

Q:  my son ordered me some of your ganz water for my lungs.  I was life flighted several years ago for viral sepsis, which apparently caused some lung issues, as I ended up having to use oxygen since.  After testing, I was told I have hypoventilation syndrome and since have been told COPD.  I wear oxygen at night and my question is, will I get the positive effect of coiling a few feet of my oxygen tubing in a glass vessel with the ganz strapped to the vessel?  The tubing is a clear green.  Thank you in advance for any info you can share with me.  Delaine

A: Yes, go ahead and try that.  A friend of mine with 4th stage COPD uses distilled water in his machine with the lung vial attached to a distilled water container so the water that goes through the machine has the energy of the lung support.  He has done much better since starting that routine. Also, drink some of the water.  You could also put some in a diffuser in an area where you spend time to have that in the surrounding air you breathe.Several times during the day you could spend several minutes breathing through coiled tubing in the glass jar that is covered with the Lung Support water.


Q: Is the C60 in the plasma water sufficient to fully replace the C60 suspended in olive oil that we have supplemented with for the past year?

A: The C60 has been added to a couple of combinations after we did the Plasma Energy Station.  Life Force has C60 in it and  C60 is also in Clear Mind.   It is our intention that the C60 plasma energy is there for all of us the same way as our vitamin plasma energies are available to us. 


We have a new Never-Ending Plasma Energy Kan-Sir Support

Q: With all the contacts you have and testimonies you have received have you heard of someone using plasma energy for their cancer battle?

A: Select free reports on the right side of the home page.  Then pick the report about Mushrooms, Dewormer

Q:  I bought the plasma energy station from you a few months ago, and have been thoroughly been enjoying it.  We have a friend that is undergoing chemo for cancer of the esophagus. They are concerned about giving the plasma energy from the station due to the CH3 in there.  Do you think this is something that they need be concerned about?

A:  Your friend should use a plasma energy combination without CH3.  CO2 and ZnO2 would be good in this situation.  We can mix those in a single vial.  They generally are priced individually at $37 each.  It would be $74 for the combination and I would need to send an invoice as they are not listed separately on the website. 

Q: I have breast cancer, kidney weakness and PTSD and some cognitive decline.

A: I can’t prescribe but if I were in your situation I would want the plasma energy station and clear mind for starters.  Then I would look into Kan-Sir Support and put those two with my plasma energy station.  You can make patches with CO2 and ZnO2 which can be purchased separately.  They are part of the First Aid Vials and when sold separately are $37 each.  I would have to write up an invoice for you if you decide to do that.  Then you would make patches as I show on videos on our site.  One patch would be 3 times thicker than the other.  Then you would wear them on either side of the breast.  If that is too cumbersome you could take the combined waters of the CO2 and ZnO2 and apply them to cloth bandaids to the gauze portion.  You would place an “X” on one side of the breast and a single bandaid on the other side.  You just leave them on there until they fall off and then apply  more.  We make up 3 dozen bandaids at a time with the waters we want on them for pain relief or arthritis and then we have them available as we need them.

You can use the same method for your kidneys, applying a larger pad or set of bandaids on one side of your body in the area of the kidney and a single bandaid on the front side of your body. 

You can use this water and/or the plasma energy station water combined with others and add a cup of the water to the rinse cycle when you launder your clothing, sheets and towels.  Now you have the plasma energy in place near your body all the time.

Q: I know you must be overwhelmed with questions but I have a problem and no one else to ask.  I have had such great results with the products I’ve gotten so far that I really want to get the “station”.  The reason I haven’t done so is because I can’t get the 16 vial package in this weather.  I am sharing with my family- two of whom  have cancer and I would have no way to delete the “sugar” from their water  if everything is in 4 vials.

A:  Here are the contents of the plasma energy station:

Plasma Energy Station ingredients Updated October 17, 2019 by Dr. Paul

1. CO2, Vitamins

2.  CO2, Cu, Zn, CONH, with small % CH3

3.  Iodine with Cobalt

4.  Ca (Calcium)

5.  CuO2

6.  Food GANS with Amino Acids

7. Herbs, Essential Oils, Supplements with over 3 dozen Vitamins, MSM, prebiotics, probiotics, Inositol, Co-enzyme Q10, Boron, Organic Plant Extracts, Chromium, Potassium, Glucasmine HCl, Condroiton Sulfate, Selenium, Chromium

8.  Au (gold)

9.  ZnO2

10.  CO2 with small % CH3

11.  Ag (silver)

12.  B9 Korean Salt

13.  Amino Acids, proprietary ingredients from GANS of CO2, ZnO2, AA, CuO2, Hg, small %CH3, full strength hemp extract

14.  Thundergod Vine, Mega Hydrate, Crystal E, C60, Shiaga, over 80 minerals, and South American herbs and roots

15.  Vitamins, minerals, herbs with CO2 plus Iodine, L-Methionine, Cayenne, Garlic, Rose Hips, Papain, Bromelian, Chinese rhubarb, Licorice, Kelp

16.  Himalayan Salt

All the above listed GANS are found in all versions of the Plasma Energy Stations including the 16 vials sent out in the warm months, the 4 BPA free plastic vials sent out in the winter months and on the pair of Plasma Energy Station Pads sent outside United States.   

If you were to take all these ingredients one by one, you would have to designate a very large cupboard to hold all these single ingredients. But instead you can have a 2 to 5 gallon container with all the vials attached to the outside of it. Then all you’d do is add distilled or filtered water to the container daily and the plasma energy would pass from the vials into the water inside the container.

With the several hundred ingredients in the plasma energy station, the CH3 is only a small percentage.  Paul used it as a boost to other energies such as CO2, ZnO2, CuO2, and many more.  The disclaimer for CH3 is that it is not to be used when making pads that would go on either side of a tumor such as a tumor in the breast.  There are some protocols that call for using CO2 and ZnO in making pads to put on either side of a tumor, such as a breast tumor.  You would not include CH3 in this example.

Q:  My daughter is undergoing her second round of chemo for a very rare cancer of the appendix.   She elected to have the chemo despite an 8% chance that it would work.  I made pads for her with your water (Healthy Gut) and she has been able to eat normally for the first time in  3 months. 

Since that experience she is willing to try drinking the water and I believe that might be the only chance she has.  (I have no faith at all in the chemo.)   Some days I have been tempted to go ahead and get the station since the sugar couldn’t be as bad as the chemo but I thought I better check with you first.

A: Thank you for sharing that! Since you are reluctant to try the station water you might want to read up on Life Force and Kan-Sir Support. 

            Life Force: Includes C60 and the following:

Epazote: which has health benefits include the ability to reduce flatulence, respiratory conditions, prevent certain cancers, eliminate parasites, improve metabolism, protect the immune system, help with weight loss efforts, heal wounds and reduce menstrual discomfort. 

            Green Tea offers benefits such as better heart health, weight loss, and prevention of serious ailments like cancer and diabetes by creating better metabolism.  It helps lower bad cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis and boosts the effect of certain fat burning hormones as well as boosting metabolic rate.  It limits the growth of certain bacteria that cause tooth periodontal disease and detoxifies the liver.  It boosts brain health and helps produce an anti-anxiety effect. 

            Star of Anise contains anti-influenza compounds and has high levels of antioxidants as well as smaller amounts of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  It helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, boost skin elasticity, and cover up old scars and blemishes.  It is used to treat bacterial infections of the stomach and more parts of the body as well as being effective against some antibiotic-resistance bacterial strains.  It supports respiratory health and boost red blood cell production.  It also have anti-fungal properties and helps as a remedy for Athlete’s foot, and ringworm.  It helps with digestion, relieves bloating and excess flatulence and eases cramping in your gut.  It can increase sex drive, regulate menstrual cycles, and control mood swings.  It can help nerves to settle down and ensure a good night’s sleep.  It may also help with oral health, act as a mosquito repellent and aids in lactation.

            Nutmeg helps relieve pain, sooth indigestion, strengthen cognitive function as well as detoxifying the body, boosting skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function and prevent leukemia.  It helps to improve blood circulation.  It reduces the frequency and discomfort of constipation.  It can help to reduce the degrading of neural pathways and cognitive function in dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It helps eliminate toxins in the liver and kidney such as those from alcohol, drugs, pollution or food.  It helps dissolve kidney stones and increases function and efficiency of the kidney and the liver.  It kills the bacteria that causes halitosis and boosts the immunity of your gums and teeth.  It helps release serotonin and is great for sleep.  It can help reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin, promote hydration and a smooth appearance as well as reduce signs and marks from pox and boils.  It can help to boost the red blood cell count and reduce symptoms of anemia.

            Milk thistle helps to detoxify and heal the liver plus protecting the body from free radicals that cause cell damage.  It helps to stimulate bile flow  as well as helping to prevent and treat gallstones.  It helps raise glutathione levels in the body making the liver more effective at cleansing the body and eliminating toxic substances.  It helps decrease blood sugar levels and helps improve insulin sensitivity while decreasing blood sugar.  It helps reduce cancer growth and improve the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.  It also helps to prevent oxidative damage to the brain and is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties.  It stimulates bone mineralization thereby helping with osteoporosis.  It helps treat acne due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Kan-sir Support GANS Includes the following Ingredients:


  • Agaricus blazei
  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Lion’s mane
  • Enoki
  • Maitake
  • Polyporus
  • Reishi
  • Shiitake
  • Turkey tail
  • Enokitake
  • Meshema
  • Temella

Additional ingredients:

  • Vitamin C with rosehipsCa
  • Carrot
  • Mushroom blend (reishi, shitake, maitake)
  • MSM
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Calcium
  • L’Methionine
  • L’Arginine
  • Thiamine HCl
  • Methocobalamine
  • Glutathione
  • Chromium complex
  • Silica
  • Red Clover
  • Bloodroot
  • Galangal
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Folic Acid

Kan-Sir Support GANS also has the GANS of Anxiety Relief, Detox, Dewormer 90%, B9 Korean, Amino Acid, Hemoglobin

Anxiety Relief is made from the GANS of ZnO2, CO2, Plasma Energy Station Water, CH3, CuO2, Hemoglobin and Amino Acids can be placed on or in a large clear glass or plastic container filled with filtered or distilled water. Use this as your drinking water all day.  You can add it to your water bottle for the day as well as to any coffee or tea that you make during the day

Detox Relief took over 4 months to develop and has over 150 plasma energy ingredients that include homeopathic remedies, oral chelation remedies that include Vitamins C and E, B6, B12, Magnesium Oxide, Selenium, B-acetyl Choline, EDTA, Calcium Disodium, Timatheglycine, Bromelain, Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium, Silicate, Silica Dioxide, circumin, lipase, cetyl myristoleate, over 80 seeds, berries, roots and herbs; in addition there are certain essential oils, teas, Swedish bitters, salmon fish oil, saffron, Fulvic and humic acid, plasma energy station water, zeolite, diatamaceous earth, C-60 oil, certain South American herbs and energies from Never Ending Plasma Energy Inflammation Relief and Clean Mouth.  The combination is meant to support the body while also detoxing the body.  The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others.  Remember that these are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state.  The unopened vial will be placed in or on a large clear glass or plastic container. Either distilled or filter water is added to the container.  As you use the water from the container just add the distilled or filtered water and let it charge over night and never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Detox Relief.

Dewormer is made from a broad spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic that is used against gastrointestinal parasite including: giardia, roundwormshookwormswhipworms,  and some tapeworms, pinwormsaelurostrongylusparagonimiasisstrongyles, and strongyloides that can be administered to sheep, cattle, horses, fish, dogscatsrabbits, and seals. Other herbal GANS were used to form a substrate for the plasmatic fields to adhere to.  One will find in research that aside from the USA it is used worldwide by humans for parasitic infections.  There is an interesting article that can be found on the dewormer at

Q:  Would like to know if you know of others that have used the water while they are undergoing chemo .

 A:  I know of one individual who has used the plasma energy station water while having chemo.  He has reported no adverse effects.

Q:   I want to order the Kan-Sir vial.  Questions about ordering the Dewormer.  Do I need both, or do they overlap?  Which should I get if choosing only 1? (Only few skin cancers now).

A:  Kan-Sir does contain the Dewormer ingredients as well as more ingredients as listed in an answer above.

Please refer to our FAQs and testimonials on our website for more ideas and watch the videos we have done on many of the specific products.  You will find them under Buy Products Here above then click on PRODUCTS and then scroll through products to find the videos that apply to your situation.


Q:  Since I am studying with Mr Keshe now, he wants us to stay away from Ch3, so I want to be able to take those specific vials that contain a little Ch3, and not use them right now, until after the virus situation is cleared. Mr. Keshe says the Ch3 is a stronger energy and will feed the virus. So that goes against our purpose to deplete the energy of the virus. 🙂  Does that make sense? 

A:  Yes, I can send the individual vials. I am glad you are studying and I am going to say one thing BE CAREFUL OF EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE.

The CH3 in Dr. Paul’s opinion and experience is a connection made with the body.  Dr. Paul used very small amounts of it in certain combinations as one would use a booster or battery.  You will throw the baby out with the bathwater if you believe you should get rid of anything with CH3.  We discussed this last fall when we started seeing the ‘get rid of the CH3’ information coming out.

Dr. Paul did not agree with it and by this time had experience with results of dozens of GANS we had formulated.

Dr. Paul and I and others stepped away from KF when we started feeling that some of the changes/recommendations didn’t make sense and were disinformation.  We already had dozens of testimonials from people how things were improving in their lives. I suggest you find the videos by Dr. Buttar and Dr. Thomas Cowan regarding the corona virus.  Understand that the corona virus is not a living entity but an expression of toxins in your body.  Think about it….don’t a lot of people get the flu around the holidays or just after?  Many of them travel and breathe crappy airline bacteria laden air…..toxins.  They eat and drink more than usual…sugar and alcohol…..toxins. 

When Mr. Keshe said they were going to come out with a Keshe coin like bitcoin and your card attached to the coin account would be chipped that set off alarm bells for Dr. Paul and I.  When 95% of the truth is accompanied with 5% of a lie, you still have a lie.

Ask yourself why KF would offer Dr. Paul and I teaching contracts in a 7 page legalese document with no protection for the teachers and the phrase if we do not like the way you are teaching we have the right to confiscate all your materials….   I repeat…..confiscate all your materials. WHY?


Children, Babies, Pregnancy

Q: Are there any cautions or restrictions with any of your products for infants, toddlers, pregnancies?


  • Insomnia  
  • Super Sleep – Do you have any feedback regarding the these for babies to sleep?
  • cold
  • immune
  • etc.   – because of the herbal mixtures

A: Not that I know of.  We only get anecdotal information from people as feedback.  Having said that would one give an infant melatonin?  Or would one use peace energy or anxiety relief for a fussy baby?   Would one give a baby a strong herbal tea? 

The plasma energy solution usage needs to be left to the individual discernment and not prescribed in any way.  It is not my place to tell individuals or groups of people what to ingest or the amount to ingest in the manner of prescribing.

It is my personal opinion that many people have stopped listening to their bodies and their own inner wisdom, but go to outside people to find out how they are doing.  Suffice it to say that I went to the doctor in 1992…that was the last trip except for a chain saw accident that required some attention at the ER with Dr. Paul assisting.  But I digress…  I decided it was up to me to take care of my body and not turn it over to someone I might see once or twice a year who consulted a computer screen to see how I was doing.  It is up to me to seek whatever healing touch that is appropriate for me…massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and so forth.

Please remember that our bodies only use the energies they need at any given time.  Please do not confuse this with ingesting food, herbs etc in the matter state.  Stop and think…when people use the plasma energy station water on plants the plants take what they need and skip the energies they don’t need that may be more useful energies for mammals. 

It is my wish that common sense and discernment is running rampant with people using the plasma energy combinations!


Clean Mouth

Q- Is it best to rinse the teeth with the Clean Mouth and then swallow the water or is it better to spit it out?

A: I usually do a first rinse and spit it out and then do a second rinse and swallow it.

Q-Can I add mint or eucalyptus oil to the water for a refreshing taste?

A: I add a variety of essential oils to the water.

Q: Can I use it for a few days without pads in a plastic bottle or should it be fresh daily?

A- Always make your ‘mother source’ of the GANS water whether it is dewormer, healthy gut, clean mouth, and then just take the water from that source and place in a vial inside the jar of your mouth rinse.  Now you just have to add filtered or distilled water to the mouth rinse.  And you still have the separate jar of the ‘mother source’ if you want to share with someone else.

Q: Can I also use Clean Mouth as my daily drinking water?

A:  Yes and you can make a spray bottle of clean mouth water and use it as a spray on your toothbrush. I add it to the toothpaste and mouthwash that I make also.  Drink it along with your plasma energy station water.

Q: I heard both Cary and yourself say that Clean Mouth, while phenomenal, could cause fillings and root canal materials to break down which could cause big dental bills. Laura Joy and I are thinking of leaving it out of the diabetes solution. What do you think of that? Or is it ok mixed with the other solutions?

A: Wow…I don’t know how you came up with my saying fillings and root canal materials could break down with Clean Mouth.  What I have said is that Clean Mouth was created for people who could not afford to have mercury fillings removed and other extensive dental procedures

I am completely gob-smacked that you have said that I SAID CLEAN MOUTH would cause fillings to break down.  I DID NOT EVER SAY THAT.  I HAVE ROOT CANALS AND FILLINGS.  Paul and I developed Clean Mouth for people who could not afford extensive dental replacement therapy.

Magnetic-gravitational energy does not create breakdown like Comet being used to clean a bathroom sink.  It balances energies in the body that are out of balance. I had an instance where I had a fistula (swelling on the gum).  I was told I needed to come in and have a root canal and likely a crown.  I did not make the appointment.  I went home and used the Clean Mouth on gauze on the affected gum area.  The swelling went away.  When I went in a few months later the dentist and assistant kept looking at the area and the film they took of that area several months earlier.  They were mystified.  They said, ‘you never came back for the root canal.’  I just answered ‘that’s right.’  And I dropped the discussion.  That was a case of the Clean Mouth magnetic gravitational energy bringing balance to the mouth.

I broke a tooth in a fall (in the summer, not even on ice and snow) in 2012.  I had stopped to look at something and inadvertently had the heel of my forward foot on the toe of the back foot.  When I went to take another step I fell flat and did a face plant and broke my upper front tooth.  It was not broken all the way through.  Long story short…I didn’t like the treatment options … I had had that tooth for a long time so I had them bond it to the adjacent teeth until the tooth ‘died’ or whatever.  The tooth never see it in every video.  The last time I was at the dentist he commented to the assistant that the gum had grown over the fractured area and he had never seen that.  I drink the plasma energy water, I use the Clean mouth at least twice daily in my water pik; it is in my mouthwash and toothpaste that I make.

PLEASE DON’T EVER, EVER say that I said that the Clean Mouth causes fillings and root canals to break down.  Diabetics often have circulatory problems.  There is a huge circulation network in the mouth.   Paul and I put the diabetic protocol together.  Paul was a type 1 diabetic from the age of 44 as well as a veterinary practitioner who addressed mouth issues on animals.  I trust his judgment in what he selected for the Diabetic protocol.  Be careful of any shortcuts you decide to take. 

Clear Mind, Dementia, Memory Issues

Q:  My father who is 85 years old, since 2 months began to suffer of senile dementia.  He is suffering of heart (he is regularly assuming a medicine named Cumadin), he also has difficulty on his short-term memory, on the eyesight and he can hardly stand on his legs.

I have done by myself Gans CO2 and CUO.  I have started giving him 1 tablespoon each day of CO2 and noticed a slight improvement on his short-term memory.  I also gave him CUO for a problem he got on his shoulder, but didn’t get any improvement.

I strongly believe he can improve with plasma technology but I’m not so experienced and don’t have any feedback from Italian people that can help me with these kind of problems.  I would like to have an advice from you on which Plasma Energy is more appropriate to buy from your website for this kind of diseases.

A: Alessandro, for the dementia he might benefit from drinking 2 oz of CO2 with a little CH3 followed by 6 oz of zinc oxide gans water three times a day.  Mix the same proportion and put in a spray bottle and spray hair, bedding, hats he wears, add to bath water, spray body after shower or bath.  Make a breathing device and add the same mixture of water for the tube to rest in.   Breathing Device:  Buy 7 to 8 feet of 3/16 – 3/8 vinyl/plastic tubing.  Coil it up and place it in a clear glass or plastic 1 to 2 quart jar, such as a mason jar.  Fill the jar with the water.  Breathe through the tube 2 hours or more a day.

Q: I have Memory and have not yet used it. I also have Clear Mind.  I would like to see ingredients and protocol please. How is Memory intended to work to heal what causes memory laps.  How is it different from Clear mind? 

A:  first of all, let me be very clear.  Plasma Energy provides certain energies in the various formulas that help the body to balance itself and in coming into balance it can help the body to heal itself.  As Dr. Paul stated many times Intention is also an important part of using plasma energy.  He always used intention when making any of the formulas and products. 

Memory was formulated a year or so before Clear Mind which added the plasma energy of many more supplements, herbs, homeopathics, and minerals.  Here is a blog that was done after the development of Clear Mind:

Memory Relief Gans contains  CH3 in a small amount as a booster for CO2, Potassium, Magnesium, ZnO Gans, plus B9 Korean Salt Gans, Amino Acids, and Hemoglobin.

Clear Mind Gans consists of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnosine, Beta-Alanine, Betaine HCl,  Bitartrate, Blueberry fruit, B12, camu camu, chichuhuasi, circumin, CQ10, CBD oil, DMAE, fish oil with omega 3, folic acid, glutathione, HCl, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, lipofullerene C60, magnesium, NAC, n-acetylcesteine, Nicotinamide Riboside, Potassium, CO2 and ZnO.

Q: Have you thought about making a plasma product to help people with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease? I have someone in the family who is affected by it and I have looked into many ways to try and help. I have found an alternative which will hopefully show some good results….

A: When we made Clear Mind we did include ingredients said to assist with dementia.  You might want to see what your Clear Mind water does for your family member.  The big challenge will be compliance so make the water very accessible and easy to use.  Clear Mind seemed to us to be a good description without stepping on ‘toes.’ 

Q: Your Clear Mind product is made from fish oil, would it be possible to have this same Clear Mind product without the fish energy?

A; Absolutely not….these energies are combined, and take months to develop. You are going to have to use discernment about the energies in the Clear Mind. Do they have benefits for you or not?

Clothing, Laundry and Home

Q: I read about washing your clothes with the water but what if I place two energy pads in my wardrobe one high and one on the floor. I would think it would plasmarize all the clothes? Same with my house if I hang the pads on the walls (opposite of each other) then would it plasmarize my house?

A: To add plasma energy to your clothes it is more effective to spray the water directly on them or add a cup of water to your rinse cycle of your washing machine and let the clothes sit idle in the water for an hour or so and then complete the cycle and dry them.  

Q: You mention you air dry after soaking….can I dry sheets, etc in the dryer after soaking in energy water, or will heating ever negate the plasma (I looked for this answer in Q&A before bugging you, but couldn’t find it)

A: Yes you can put them in the dryer.

Q: I have been reading a article about temperature control. You place in the North a bag with CO2 plasma and one drop of CH3, CUO en ZNO, in the south ZNO and one drop of the other liquid water, in the east CH3 with one drup of the other liquid ganses and in the West CUO with one drop of the other 3 liquid plasma. Result should be that the temperature in the house raises tot 22-23 degrees. I am trying this but till now no result. Do you know something about this. I know in the plasma energy station all these ganses are available so I just think CO2 etc but maybe it is stronger when I have them seperately?

A: You can set up a ‘dome’ effect around your house as you have described by hanging pads on the walls opposite each other, side to side and front to back.  Then put a single pad on the highest place on the ceiling on the floor the pads are on.  If you have more than one level do the same on the upper level.  You can also place pads under rocks around your property.  The energy fields are 33 feet as I measured them and 36 feet as a chiropractor in New Jersey, USA measured them.  Read the November 2017 blog on my website about the dome effect on a property untouched by Hurricane Maria in Dominica because of the plasma energy jar placed in the garden.

Dr. Paul has tried the placement of the gans for helping the temperature in the house as you have described.  So far we have not seen much change.  However, we did use CO2 on our socks, mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves for the ‘winter protection’.  We placed a vial of CO2 water on our outside unheated porch all winter for the last two winters and the water never freezes. 

Q: Paul suggested in using plasma pads hanging in room (for energy flow) to keep sides not same. What ratio would he suggest?  2-1 , 3-1, ?  (hang 1 pad on one side, and 2 pads on opposite side) or how to not be symmetrical?

A: Do what feels right…3 to 1 is used most often except when we do the bandaids and then it’s 2 to 1.

CO2 and ZnO

Q: I have heard that CO2 and ZnO is really good for health issues or to fight cancer, is the Energy Station able to make the energy charged water to be this type (intention)?

A: Read the section on the Website about Intention.

Q:  Do you and Paul have the actual separated individual CO2 and ZnO gans that I could purchase or you could make for me to buy as people are recommending to have that actual one (in jar Gans at bottom and water above it) and to then take teaspoons out of the jar (never the actual gans sand like material) and to take that 2-3 times a day for cancer (if the Energy station would not work or the same)?

A:  Your plasma energy water that you separate as described above will give you the plasmatic fields that you are seeking from the gans water you are talking about.  You want the energy fields.  You could make a breathing device once you have the separate jars of plasma energy water.  What is important to realize is that even if your water container completely was out of water, all the energy fields are still there.

Q: Isn’t CO2 causing global warming?

A: All living things on our planet are made of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen plus small amounts of many other elements.  Without carbon none of these living things can exist.  See for an excellent discussion on this.

Colloidal Silver

Also see the Silver Section on this page

Q: Can I add some of the plasma water to my colloidal silver spray bottle, which I’ve made for over 20 years and use to spray for burns, cuts, rashes, and my face, eyes, etc? 

A: Yes you can.  I made colloidal silver for years and used much as you are describing along with my own mouthwash.  Because the plasma energy station has the plasma energy of silver in it, I don’t have to make the colloidal silver any longer.  I just use the station water for my mouthwash for example, and I add some essential oil to it. 


Q: Can I stick four pads in pairs opposite each other on one bottle?, I would like to alternately combine Healthy Gut, Dewormer or Detox with the Plasma Energy Station?

A:  Yes, you can do that but I always recommend making the separate containers first as I stated in the instructions.  Then make the patches that you want to add to your Energy Station or you can put that water in separate vials and put those vials on or in your energy station.

Q- Do you have a recommendation for the three detox pads (Healthy Gut, Dewormer or Detox), which order is best for the body?

A: This totally depends on your needs and your body.  Experiment with the use of them. 


Regarding Dr.Paul’s Passing: Hi Lynn, yes, a lot to be thankful for. Even though I’m in the same age group as Paul, I’ve only been with my wife for 40 years but hope I’m not wearing out yet. I thought Paul had really come back from the damage of diabetes so I’m not clear what didn’t work. I would think the plasma would have helped him more. Maybe it can only do so much at this stage in life.

Lynn’s Reply:The biggest issue Paul had was building up intolerance to the immuno suppressants he had to take everyday for his transplant. We worked with a gifted healer and naturopath to balance those every few weeks…he could get out of balance quickly.  His diabetes was well under control as was the blood pressure, but whenever he got symptoms of imbalance or a virus, his blood sugar would go out of balance.  He knew he was wearing down but that didn’t stop him from working 8 to 10 hours a day on the diabetes workshop he was putting together. As he has said many times, the plasma energy water bought him 4+ extra years as his transplanted kidney was showing signs of wearing out.  It’s remarkable that he was able to turn around the condition for over 4 years and see excellent lab results with the kidney.  And he was able to reverse cataracts.  As he was emphasizing in the diabetes workshop, diabetes is an insidious disease that wreaks havoc on the entire body. I wish I could explain the sudden reversal over a 3 day period but I cannot.  We had seen these episodes occasionally over the years and within a few days they would reverse.  This time a couple of ‘down days’ didn’t.  We were always mindful that he was at the mercy of medications he had to take over which he had no quality control. In the meantime the many emails I’ve received from people around the country and around the world emphasize how many people have and are experiencing improvements with various plasma energies formulas.

Q:    I have everything in the Diabetes support, except Exzema.  Is there any vial specifically for Diabetes?  I’m pre-diabetic. 

A:  Paul put together what he thought was necessary to support the condition of diabetes in the Diabetes Kit

Q: Looking at the diabetes relief. Laura Joy and I already have all but 2 of the solutions. Would it work to purchase those 2, potentize all together into one diabetes relief solution and take a vial from that to use for diabetes relief? 

A: Try that and see how it works…..Paul and I have always believed in experimenting and innovating….add your label and your intention. 


Q:  I recently acquired a spot of eczema on my arm that has slowly increased in size. But what I have found is that the Life Force plasma water works great for taking the itch away. I simply soak a half piece paper towel and lay it over the area for up to 5 minutes. Then I put some black seed oil on it. My question is: Is it ok to put the water directly on my skin like that? Is there a better way, and is there anything else I could be doing? Being 65 it’s kind of strange to get eczema, but research says it’s an inside job by the immune system. Any suggestions?

A: People often use the various plasma energy waters we have in a spray bottle.  So your idea is perfect.  You can also spray it directly on clothing and let that act as the ‘cover’ on the area.  You can drink the water, spray the water, bathe in the water, cook with the water.  The energy does not change with heat or cold.

Q: Is the Eczema for topical use or for drinking?

A: you could use it for both.

Eye Issues

Q.   Which are the appropriate Gans to improve the eyesight? Eventually can I use a Gans drop water directly on the eyes?

A: the eye drops are a combination of 50 parts (drops or cc, whatever) of co2, 1 part copper oxide, 2 parts zinc oxide  and 2 parts CH3.  These are all plasma energy waters.

Q:  How frequently would someone use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Drops?

When Dr. Paul started with the eye drops he used them 3x daily.  Now he uses them 2x daily (a couple drops in each eye) and has about 90% reduction of the cataracts.  Because you are using the oil you will not be reading fine print for anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour (seems to vary with people).  Dr. Paul and I both use the eye drops on gums if there’s ever a sore gum (I occasionally ‘forget’ that I can’t eat cashews or pecans because my gums get inflamed and it clears the issue up usually within 24 hours).  My brother uses the eye drop formula on the surgical scars from skin cancer removal and has avoided lots of plastic surgery.

Q: How do the Never Ending Plasma Eye drops work?

A: The Never Ending Plasma Eye Drops balance the plasmatic fields of the natural substances of the eyes thereby bringing about normal, natural balance of the eye and surrounding tissues. Testimonial by Anthony: I have dry eyes and these drops work better than the most expensive drops I could find. Testimonial by Paul: After using the drops for 8 months the cataracts in both eyes are reduced by 85% according to my estimation. I can see better to drive at night and read and thread a needle without glasses.

Q: Especially looking forward to using the eye GANS for cataracts.  If it worked for Paul, I am expecting the same result! 

A: It will work on the cataracts….just remember to be consistent and patient.  Paul didn’t throw in the towel after 5 months and say it didn’t work.  It started working in the 6th month!

Q:  Also, with the Eye Formula plasma energy water,  besides  making eye drops directly benefiting the eyes by drinking the eye energy water what is its benefit?  I read about eye drops correcting cataracts.  People ask me, when it works at balancing the energy fields in the eye,  does that mean  it could correct near and far vision issues?? 

AYes you can benefit by drinking the energy water but the best benefit is putting the drops in your eyes twice or three times daily.  The oil helps the plasma fields stay on the eye longer.  It corrected Paul’s cataracts and they are gone and he is able to read many things without reading glasses.  People would just have to try it and see how it works for them.

Q- Can I spray the Eye Drops directly into the eye or rather on the closed eyes?

 A-Experiment and see what you prefer.  We followed the directions I sent you for making the vial of the eye drop formula with 2/3rds of the eye formula water from your ‘mother source’ and 1/3rd with an organic oil of your choice.  We then put the oil in our eyes with a dropper.  Oil keeps the plasma energy in contact with the eyes longer than spraying the water.

Q. I have the EYE SOLUTION. I heard Dr. Paul say he used it in olive oil and over 9 months & restored good eyesight and got rid of his cataracts. I’ve tried several olive oils and found them peppery. What type of oil did he use?

A: We use Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Many of the olive oils have a pepper note.  In that case, good alternatives are organic avocado, jojoba, fractionated coconut, or another mild oil of choice.

Q:  Regarding the eye drop solution using 2/3 water and 1/3 oil.  Is the water for the eye drops taken from the jar with the eye gans taped on it or do I get fresh filtered water for the water/oil mixture and then tape the water/oil mixture to the jar with the eye gans already taped on it??  Since there are several water containers involved, I wasn’t quite sure of the directions….

A:  The water for the eye drops formula (oil plus water) is taken from the jar with the eye gans taped on it.  When  you need to add water to your eye drops formula jar containing oil, take the water from the ‘mothersource’-your jar with the eye gans taped on it. 

Q: My mom is almost blind and taking so many drops , she wouldn’t use the eye drops, any suggestions? Just reconfirming that it wouldn’t work to charge unless next to clear container, so putting her eye drops next to her prescription eye drop probably would not charge them?

A: You need to always use clear containers with any of the plasma energy waters.  We have not tried changing prescription drops. Here’s some suggestions that may help your mom: You can make a ‘face lotion’ by putting some of this changed eye gans water in a jar the size of a spice jar or small jelly jar.  Fill the jar 2/3rds with changed water and 1/3rd with a good quality olive oil (watch that it doesn’t have a pepper note), fractionated coconut oil or avocado oil.  You then shake it up and let it separate.  Once it has separated you now have a good quality oil to use in place of or along with skin creams.  Your mom could put some of this on her face around her eyes and continue to use her other drops. 

Q: There is only one product that puzzles me and my reaction to it….Eye. I’ve the start of cataracts, so I am really excited about the product and what it might do. I started out putting the single drops in at night. But in doing it during the day and night each time still with a single drop, I get the same reaction–watery eyes (which I could expect) but watering significantly all day and my nose was constantly dripping too. I even had a short bloody nose this last time. Also this last time I started itching a lot too–all of these are allergic reactions I’ve had to other things in my life through the years.  I used DoTerra fractionated coconut oil in the potenized water and I have used quality essential oils for seven years along with it and without any allergic reaction. Is it possible that there is something in the gans itself I am reacting too?  Have you had anyone else report a negative reaction to any of the other gans? I suppose it is possible but I was really surprised at my reaction and terribly disappointed too. This weekend I will make up a new batch with a different oil and test it out on me again.  I just wanted you to know and I’m hoping that you might have other suggestions–I don’t want to give up on this gans and the potential gains I could receive from it!

A:  I would suggest that the issue with the eye oil is the coconut oil.  People who have had any issues with stinging or reactions have found that changing the oil they are using eliminates the problem.  We use a light virgin olive oil.  But you have to experiment because some olive oils, even the light ones have a ‘pepper’ note and they will sting.  Remember once we set up our eye oil it’s something that we have continued to use for several years.  Paul’s cataracts were cleared up after a year.  The large floaters I had are gone.  Occasionally I see a small dot, but nothing like they were before.  Keep experimenting with the oil.  In the meantime the oil combination you have that irritates your eye might be just fine for skin application such as added to a hand lotion for example.

Eye drops: an idea for people who don’t like using drops in their eyes….put the drops on lids and under the eyes if you don’t want the drops in the eye.  You could also spray the Eye formula on an eye mask and wear that when you are sleeping.

Q:  I had mild face skin cancer 10 years ago, now okay but is that a problem about the 1 per cent you say In video might be dangerous ?

A: The eye formula was not an issue for either Paul or me as both of us had treatment for skin cancer. 

Q:  Sounds scary with oil in my eye will get foggy for ten minutes.

A:  I use the drops daily and just don’t plan to read fine print for 10 minutes or so.  This varies for different people.  You may get some of the drops on your face if you blink as you are putting the drops in.  That’s fine….use it as you would a lotion and spread it on your face.

Q:  sure it is safe?

A:  Dr. Paul and I both used it for several years and I continue to use it.  You’ll have to decide for yourself if it is ‘safe’ or not.

Q: will a glass Clear big mouth “ball” jar work ?

A:  That will work fine for your ‘mother source’ of eye formula.  Affix the glas vial to the jar or put it in the jar and put the lid on the jar.  Let it sit for 12 hours.  Then you are ready to fill your small eye drop container 2/3rd  with this water and 1/3rd with the oil. 

Q: Is the Eye Formula just for eye drops – or do you drink it as well?

A: We just use it in the drops

Here are the instructions for the Eye Drops that are sent to you when you order:

Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Drop Pads or vial will be taped to the outside of a clear glass or plastic jar. (if you have a vial you will tape the vial to the outside of the jar.  Do not open the vial).  Do not use a ceramic, metal or opaque container.  You never open the patches—leave them in the plastic.  Fill the jar with distilled or filtered water and let it sit overnight the first time you are going to use the water. 

Get a small clear glass spice bottle or something similar in size.  You will need an eyedropper.   Fill that small bottle to 2/3rds from the top with your water from your large container.  Then fill the last 1/3 with olive oil or any good quality oil such as fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil or castor oil.  If you use olive oil, be sure to check the olive oil that it does not have ‘pepper notes’ as that will sting.  We found extra virgin olive oil to be the best after experiencing a ‘peppery’ olive oil that stung.  If you happen to get an oil that stings, set that bottle aside and use it for skin scrapes, burns and so forth. 

Let your drops sit overnight the first time you make them.  In the morning you will shake the small bottle of eye drops you have made vigorously and then let them sit for about 10 minutes to let the water and oil separate.  When they are separated then place the eye dropper in the Oil part only (no water) and put 2 drops of the ‘plasmatic oil’ in each eye. 

You can do this 2 or 3 times a day.  When the drops get below 2/3rds of the original amount add more distilled water to it.  When the oil gets below 1/2 of the original amount add more olive oil.  You only have to leave the drops ‘charging’ overnight the first time.  Once you add water or oil, shake vigorously and let it ‘charge’ for about 1/2 hour.  Your vision may be blurry for reading for 15 minutes to over an hour.  Print these instructions out and keep with the eye drops. 

This combination has been used successfully by people with cataracts, dry eye and floaters.  Be consistent.  Severe conditions will take awhile.  Paul’s cataracts did not change for 6 months and then they started getting smaller until they were gone after using the drops twice daily for a year.  And, he was able to read the fine print without glasses.

Can You Enjoy Old Age Without Cataracts or Deteriorating Vision Problems?

Can You Enjoy Old Age Without Cataracts or Deteriorating Vision Problems?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Paul’s success in eliminating his cataracts without surgery by using Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Formula to offset blindness that often goes along with Type 1 diabetes.  Dr. Paul just had his 79th birthday and renewed his drivers’ license in April with no glasses, no contacts, and no surgery!

Lynn discusses success in treating floaters and their son’s success with dry eye with the same eye formula originated by Mehran Keshe and enhanced by Dr. Paul with the GANS waters of CO2, ZnO2, CH3, CuO2, B9 Korean Salt, Amino Acids and Hemoglobin in Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Formula.. 

First Aid Vials

Q:  I’ve always been interested in your First Aid Kit, but think it’s over my non-scientific head.  Unless I just use the vials same as others?   I’ve tried to copy that chart, but no luck.

A: I’ll send a PDF of the First Aid Chart.  There are some basic combinations that can be used on the chart by combining the first aid vials.

Q: Do the vials of gans water in the basic first aid kit contain any gans as well … or only the gans water? What is the reason for the inclusion of hemoglobin?

A: There are always microscopic particles of gans in the water.  However you are not receiving vials with an inch of colored gans. The hemoglobin is included because these first aid applications are for the body which contains hemoglobin. Hemoglobin gans is a gans made from CO2 and iron which are components of hemoglobin in our blood.

Q: I already have the Basic Preparedness Kit energy water station. Can I order just the 5 vials from the First aid kit? Or is it more economical to order the whole first aid kit? 

A: Order the whole first aid kit…you’ll save money that way.

GANs-Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State

Q: In order to give more energy to my father I would like to give him Gans of CH3 but I understood there are many ways to prepare it. Can you please advise me on the best way to do it?

A: As described by the scientists in his workshops he tells you exactly how to do that.  You will have to search on the Youtube videos.  It involves a Gans production using chicken wire mesh and a nano coated copper plate.

Q.  To assume calcium is it possible to prepare Gans food with veg food?

A: yes … the best way to get calcium gans is to use bones.  If you are using vegetables for the calcium gans use vegetables with high calcium content.  Mix this with equal amount of sodium hydroxide.  Pour hot boiling water over the vegetables and the sodium hydroxide.  Let it stand for at least 2 weeks, stirring it daily.  Then rinse thoroughly with distilled or filtered water 8 to 12 times until pH is 7 to 8.

Q:  We have seen dry Gans for sale and Liquid Plasma Gans. For dry Gans which kind of water should be added and what are the quantities? Liquid Plasma Gans can be used directly? And which kind of water should be used to add and for which quantities?

A: Use distilled or filtered water.  See the photos on our website that show the powdered gans in the bottom of jars of water and you will see how much water is added.

Q: I was wondering what it would cost to have Dr. Paul make a formula to stabilize mast cells.  More and more people are suffering with this and all main stream medicine can do for us is flood us with antihistamines.  There are some good natural stabilizers that I think would be much more effective in the plasma formula.  Is that a possibility?

A: Here is what we do when we make formulas for people.  You do the research and send us the items that you want in the GANS for Mast Cell Relief.  You send us what you want in the formula, making a list of what has been sent and why it is being used.  We will make the GANS and send you half of what is made when it is complete with your agreement that we can then make it available to more people through Plasma Energy Solution.  There is no charge for us to do this.  It can take 2.5 to 4 months to get the final GANS.

Q:  In one of your videos you stated that Dr. Keshe told you to never give away your Gans because that’s where the money is.

A:  “that’s where the money is” is an incorrect statement….he said that the GANS will last for generations and that is what is of real value to you and your heirs.  In other words it is more valuable than your grandmother’s heirloom silverware or your most prized piece of art.  It is the gift of an energy that can be used by the body to bring balance in the body.

Q: I would like to send you some wheatgrass powder, alfalfa powder and beet juice powder to make a GANS, also, broccoli seeds and chia seeds to make a GANS.  How much of each would you need?  Sprouts are more nutritious than the vegetables themselves and broccoli sprouts are full of collegian!!! Would you be able to make a GANS from sprouts?  

A: Paul will do a GANS of what you have requested.  He asks that you get the sprouts you want and dry them thoroughly and send them with the other powders.  Some other herbs or roots will be added by him to give the mixture some texture for the powders to ‘adhere’ to in the process.  So the sprouts will be combined with the seeds and powders that you send.

Q: I watched Dr Keshe’s  presentation and decided to add another GANS box to my others.  (We are making CO2, CuO and CH3 for our Margrave units.)  Sure wish Dr Paul were still here.  I was puzzled when Dr Keshe attached the positive of the battery to the nanocoated copper and the negative to the copper and zinc but I did it anyway.  I now have nanocoated zinc and a copper plate stripped of it’s nanocoating.  And what looks like CO2 GANS.  Going to try reversing and see if it will make what his one cups do.

A: Go watch Paul’s video on making the GANS and follow that.  He did that method successfully over and over for several years.  

Q: I’m about to start making my own Gans, but have to Nano coat my copper plates first. Question – can I nano coat my Zinc plate in the same container with my Copper plates?

A: Yes

Q: And for the CO2 Gans, does it have to be a green LED light, or can it just be white? I can’t wait to have my own Gans’ and to make my food/ supplement Gans!

A: Paul uses white light.  Some people are ‘anal’ about using green lights.  In Paul’s opinion and experience it doesn’t matter.

Q: I’ve watched the Understanding Plasma Energy series on the Keshe Foundation YouTube channel and am using Keshe wiki as a resource too, but was wondering if you have any other resources you’d recommend?

A: Dr. Paul has put together a FREE SPECIAL REPORT on nano-coating process. Here’s the link to the page to sign up, download and read. FREE SPECIAL REPORTS PAGE

Q:  I watched your interview with Carrie Ellis and followed up trying to get more info on the Kesh cup 1 and cup 2, or something like that.  It was mentioned important to use only glass and not plastic with some of the Gans due to concern about one exasperating Covid 19 in the red versus white tissues in the upper body.  I am unfamiliar with this concept and don’t know if this basically means we should switch the plasma station to glass to be on the safe side??? I assume this also means water bottles etc??

A: I have answered this in several videos below.  There was also information that the CH3 should be thrown out.  WHY?  Read the following that was stated by the same scientist:

With this technology, the self-healing powers of the organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up the organism itself. Therefore, the need for chemical agents and processes are not required because healing occurs at the level of Magnetic field interaction.

Again, the question is WHY?  Why would you want to cut off the connection to the SOUL?  We know some people who made an ‘accelerated’ form of plasma energy as with the Cup of Life using a battery and producing copious amounts of ‘gans’ in a 24 hour period.  When we sent them the Plasma Energy Station they said that what they had made didn’t have any of the energy qualities of what we had sent.  The GANS that Dr. Paul made took time and care throughout the process which often lasted for up to 3 months.  WHY was the cup of life changed 3 times?  Look at the information on Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief.

0301-2020-What Is Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief?

Lynn Schmaltz brings you information on Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief.   Please be sure to see the research Lynn did on the blog below

Q continued from above:  My husband and I are both are in our 70’s and have pre-existing conditions. Please comment on this as it is a major production to remake the station.  Fortunately, I did make individual mother sources in ball canning jars which are glass, but I guess the process would be to throw out the contents of the plastic containers and start over?  Would the glass vials on the plastic containers now need to be abandoned as well??  I put all of our vials including extras on the outside of our Big plastic containers with spigots.  Thank you for your thoughts on this. 

A:  If I were in your situation I would choose not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and throw plasma energy out.  When people talk about getting ‘rid of’ plasma energy in my opinion it demonstrates a lack of consideration of the gift of the plasma energy waters.  I spoke on plastic in this video:

0608-2020 What Exactly Are GANS and Shungite?

Lynn Schmaltz shares in the video above explanations of GANS (gas in the atomic nano solid state) which are the container for plasma energy, and the qualities of shungite. 

Q: Can you clarify GANS-Plasma Water & Liquid Plasma meanings and what the differences/advantages are or are not?

A: In the context of Plasma Energy Solution, liquid plasma only has to do with liquid plasma energy water.  Otherwise liquid plasma has nothing to do with what we are doing with plasma energy and the GANS


Q:  If i infuse a pair of gloves and need to wash the when they get dirty, will the plasma energy wash out?

A:  Plasma Energy does not ‘wash out’ or expire. I have gloves I wear when I do prolonged typing.  I have washed them several times and they work fine.

There is a video about how to use the energy station about 28 minutes long and another one about 13 minutes long on how to use the water on gloves, scarves and patches for family and friends.


Q: I’m still in the process of reading Cary Ellis’ ‘6 Amazing Plasma benefits Report‘  In the cover is says the plasma fields will reverse GMOs to their original state. That really got me excited. After one has consumed GMOs, I would think drinking the plasma water would correct damage.  And having the station in your house would create a field where everything is balanced to a healthy state.

Cary: Yes! And seeds soaked in plasma water often revert back to their original (before modification). 

Hand Sanitizer

Q: If the hand sanitizer contains no toxic chemicals how does it sanitize your hands?

A: the Never Ending Plasma Hand Sanitizer changes the environment of your hands so they are inhospitable to germs so they cannot multiply and expand. In experiments at the scientist’s foundation it has been found that the proper plasmatic fields have been shown to completely sanitize surgical instruments.

Q: Can the hand sanitizer be used for cleaning baby bottoms?

A: the Never Ending Plasma Hand Sanitizer is kind to baby’s skin as there are no chemicals or toxins for your baby’s delicate skin. You have a Never Ending Supply of plasma hand sanitizer for wiping cloths for your baby when sprayed on paper towels or your choice of material.

Headache Relief

Q: For headaches, are the same GANS included as in the base station? Is headache necessary, or is pain relief enough? Or the base station?

A: Headache Relief has a combination of GANS found in the plasma energy station.  Pain relief was formulated a couple of years after Headache Relief and the Plasma Energy Station and has many more energies than Headache Relief. Never Ending Plasma Energy Pain Relief ($97) includes: the plasma energies of  CO2, ZnO, CuO, Magnesium, CH3, Hemoglobin, Amino Acids, Ancient Sacred Plant, Plasma Energy Station Water, Protease, Bromelain, Citrus bioflavinoid Complex, Rutin, Boswelia serrata resin extract, Ginger, Mojave yucca root,Tumeric, Devil’s claw, L’Glutathione, Horsetail, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Garlic, Celery Seeds, Humic & Fulvic Acid, over 5 dozens minerals, vitamins, roots, herbs and essential oils, Iodine, Cayenne, Rose Hips, Papain, Chinese Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Kelp, Chromium, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil, D3, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA Acid, and DHA Acid.

Healthy Gut

Q:  I have a sister-in-law who is researching the plasma energy/water; She is peppy pen allergic to celery. Would she be able to use healthy gut anyway since it is in the energy state and not the material state?

A:  A vial of Healthy Gut is changing your water to contain the energies of many ingredients, of which celery is one.  These are in the plasmatic state and not the matter state.  If I were allergic I would try it slowly, drinking ¼ cup once a day to start to see if there were any adverse effect.  After several days I would try it twice a day and so forth.  As always the plasma energy seeks to bring balance to the body so the body can heal itself.  I would listen carefully to my body.

Q:  Will Healthy Gut address Parasites? I see the 2 solutions have only a few of the same ingredients. Can Healthy gut help to prevent parasites?

A:  There are many common ingredients to many of the formulas.  As they are proprietary combinations, Dr. Paul preferred listing some of the main ingredients and not all of the ingredients in the blends that he made.  Healthy Gut is not the best choice for parasites.  If I were addressing parasites I would look at the Parasite Cleanse Gans and the Dewormer Gans.

Q:  What ingredients are in each of these are probiotics?

A:  Ingredients in Healthy Gut include the gans of Magnesium, ZnO, L Glutamine, N-Acetyl-D Glucoasime, Magnesium Beta, Grape Seed Extract, Licorice, Wormwood, Cinnamon, Maitake Mushroom, Organic Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Tart Cherry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Cloves, Black Pepper, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Marshmallow Root, Zinc L Camosine, Berberine Bark Powder, plus Celery Juice which is packed with pathogen-fighting sodium cluster salts, gut-soothing digestive enzymes, endocrine-balancing plant hormones, immune-boosting vitamin C, cofactor micro trace minerals. I would suggest you spend time researching the ingredients to determine if the energies here are helpful for you.

Never Ending Parasite Cleanse Vial or pad contains the plasma energy water from the GANS made of the following ingredients: black walnut hulls and leaves, clove seed, pumpkin seed, cramp bark, peppermint oil, thyme leaf, Chinese rhubarb root, oregano leaf, fennel seed, wormwood, quassia, male fern, vidaga fruit, neem leaf, Halarrhena bark, celery seed, amla fruit, belleric fruit, myrobalin, checulic myrobalin fruit, long pepper fruit, garlic bulb, black pepper fruit, ginger root. 

Dewormer GANS is made from a broad spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic that is used against gastrointestinal parasite including: giardia, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms,  and some tapeworms, pinworms, aelurostrongylus, paragonimiasis, strongyles, and strongyloides that can be administered to sheep, cattle, horses, fish,dogs, cats, rabbits, and seals. Other herbal GANS were used to form a substrate for the plasmatic fields to adhere to. 

Q:  I’m auto-immune with Gut infections, extreme weight and energy loss, eye, teeth, mitochondria issues.  Any thoughts?   

A:  You might want to consider the Healthy Gut.  If you already have Eye formula then be sure to set up your drops as instructed and use the eye drops at least twice a day.  As far as the teeth issues you might want to look at Clean Mouth if you don’t already have that.

Paul always felt that
using the plasma energy station with the individual formulas enhanced the
overall effectiveness of the formulas for your body.

Healthy Man

Q: Can I drink a separate water with the vision and healthy man vials or can I make it part of my main station? 

A: Make the separate water first and then you can add the healthy man and eye energy to the plasma energy station. 

Q: Can women drink the water if I make the healthy man part of my main station? 

A: Our bodies will only use what they need from the plasma energy station, so that’s not a problem.


Q:  My sister-in-law is experiencing an enlarged heart. Doctor’s do not know what the cause is. Is there a solution for the heart? Or will Life Force work for the heart?

A:  Again, the plasma energies help bring balance to the body so the body can heal itself.  Can this particular condition be changed?  I cannot answer that as I don’t have personal experience with it or, at this point, any anecdotal information.  Life Force certainly has many beneficial energies in it. 


Q: I stay with a genital herpes outbreak or almost outbreak, 24/7
* I like the idea of putting the liquid on pads in underwear
* Can I also drink the water daily?

A: If I had that condition I would be using and drinking the water daily.  And I would add it to the rinse water when I wash clothing, towels and sheets.



Q: I was wondering if you would tell me what it is that Paul has been using for his kidneys? My sister has been on dialysis for 7-1/2 years and is now considering a transplant. I would very much like to know which GANS to use and how to apply for treating her kidneys. My hope is that she won’t need the transplant if we can get them to heal.  Thanks for all you do

A: Paul was on dialysis for over 8 years.  He did have a kidney transplant in 2004.  He now uses the plasma energy station water to support his body and the transplanted kidney.  The creatinine clearance on the new kidney was 1.6 the day after the transplant.  His labs now show creatinine clearance on the kidney at 1.4, which is even better.  His original kidneys were left in his body so perhaps this is helping them along with the transplanted kidney.  What I can tell you is that two years ago the transplanted kidney was showing signs of wearing out with creatinine clearances of 2.2.   When you get to 2.5 on those clearances the discussion turns back to dialysis.

I just asked Paul what he we would do if he had it to do all over and he would do the kidney transplant.  It certainly bought him time to learn about new ways to support his body.  Yes, he has to be on the anti-rejection meds permanently but he says it’s likely he wouldn’t be here without the plasma energy water.  There are several months after the transplant when the patient is on steroids at least at the time he had his transplant.  He was gradually taken off of them in the first year of the transplant.  I can tell you that he felt so much better after the transplant after being on dialysis that long.  Best of luck with your sister and her decision. 

We have a new plasma energy Healthy Kidney available here

Q:  I like the idea of the pads for the kidneys but also the full body plasma energy station.  Will any of this help my husband with weakness in his left leg (calf) brought on by a history of lower back injury/sciatica and made much worse with anxiety?  Will this help with elevated blood pressure too?  Also, as this is all so new to us we appreciate your detailed instructions on how to use

A: This is from Tatiana at 11:12 AM today (Sunday): I am drinking the water (plasma energy station) and my blood pressure is better. Your husband would wear the pads on his his back at belt on either side of the spine. The kidney pads for your daughter go in the middle of the back at the belt line and right over the belly button.  You may have to devise a cumberband (made of a silk scarf?) to hold the pads in place during the day.  You can use the water to spray the sheets and clothing that come in contact with these areas of the body or add to your laundry rinse cycle and soak for about an hour and then spin and dry as usual.  You only have to add it to the laundry once and it will stay in the clothing.   The Never-Ending Peace and the Never-ending Anxiety will likely help with the anxiety issues and can be added to the vials on your energy station.

As far as instructions we have provided an extensive amount of education material on our website.  There are blogs, Q and As, testimonials and many, many videos explaining more.  Please take the time to go through these

Lyme Disease

Q: Will Lyme Relief repel tics when sprayed on body? or just assist after in the disease process.Will it also work for tics when sprayed on self? 


A: The most feedback I’ve had is that people have used the Lyme to assist after the disease process. If you have mosquito relief I would make a spray of that with the plasma energy station water and spray that on your body and clothing.


Q:  This link is talking about zinc oxide masks. Can we spray the Zinc Plasma water on a mask for killing the virus or the Winter Plasma water on a mask?  I also hear of spraying masks with colloidal silver too.

A:  I would spray the masks with the Plasma Energy station water aka Basic Preparedness Kis and the Winter Wellness….you’ve got better coverage with silver gans, zinc, c60 and much, much more.  Go look at all the ingredients. Just remember that the difference between the quality of energy in colloidal silver and plasma silver gans water is the difference between the silver in a pre-1960 dime and a 5 oz. silver bar.  It isn’t necessarily the amount of the silver but the quality of the silver.  Colloidal silver is certainly better than nothing!  But we have stronger tools in our plasma pantries.  The zinc oxide GANS water is present in the plasma energy station and many, many of our plasma energy combinations.


Q: Just thinking that Paul should come up with a formula for menopause! So many women suffer before during and after. I myself am post menopause but still suffer from hot flashes and vaginal issues, I am in the natural health field but nothing seems to help me. Will try if he ever comes up with one.

A: We welcome the research of others.  Healthy Thyroid, Lyme Relief, Lung Support, Life Force, and our new Dirty Genes Relief (almost ready) are the result of the research of people who then sent us the supplements, herbs, teas, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and roots that supported the healthy condition.  I used the methods of Dr. Susan Lark when I started experiencing menopausal issues and got them under control, no longer having hot flashes, etc.  We have developed UTI Vag Relief and this was done by my research after having a urinary tract infection and not wanting to use antibiotics.  It turned out there were more issues to address, one being weakened vaginal walls that no longer supported the bladder properly, allowing small amounts of urine to pool, not be expelled and to then harbor bacteria causing the infections.  Kegel exercises are a necessary part of the overall routine. 

We have outside help with website and some product processing,
but between the two of us and what we already have to do, we just run out of time for everything we would like to do. 

Mental Clarity

Q:  In order to have more mental acuity which Gans is more appropriate?

A: Alessandro, for the dementia he needs to drink 2 oz of CO2 with a little CH3 followed by 6 oz of zinc oxide gans water.  DO this three times a day.  Mix the same proportion and put in a spray bottle and spray hair, bedding, hats he wears, add to bath water, spray body after shower or bath.  Make a breathing device and add the same mixture of water for the tube to rest in.

Miracle II Soap

Q:  Some people talk about using Miracle II Soap with Plasma Energy Water; where do I find out more about Miracle II Soap?

A: Check for it on the internet to purchase.

Q: When I was checking out the testimonials there was discussion about the Miracle II products but it mainly sounded like the Soap or the Gel in combination with the Energy Station water, I happen to have the Miracle II Neutralizer would I just take energy charged water from the Energy Station and then pour it in my cup and then also pour some Miracle II in the cup as well? Or does it need to both be in the Energy Station and to fully charge / energize and then to take it for the overall better effectiveness of the combination?

A:  As the testimonials tell you some people like to fully charge the whole bottle by putting in on or next to the plasma energy station.  Other people prefer to add the plasma water to the liquid soap.  For more information you’ll need to search the internet.

A:  Miracle II Soap is Nature’s Supernaturally balanced PH products Concentrated, Biodegradeble & Eloptic charged Minerals that Clean, Deodorize and can be  used Safely for the Whole Body and wherever cleaning is needed.  The PH of Miracle II soap is 9.4.   There are thousands of ways to safely use Miracle II for people plants and pets.  And while it is tough enough to clean a motor it is gentle enough to bathe a newborn baby.  The difference is how you dilute it.  Many people using Miracle II soap with Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water are finding that they are increasing the strength of the soap and being able to use a smaller amount.   

Q: I’d like to know if you have a choice of alkaline and distilled water, which would you choose.

Paul: The alkaline water would be preferable with a pH of 8 to 9 which is desirable.  9+ might be too alkaline.  Dilute it down and get some pH paper and check it.

Tommy Lee: when you add water to Miracle II add plasma water with the distilled water.  I would say to used distilled water.  The plasma water causes the pH to be more consistent.  A friend of mine was shocked that the plasma water would hold the alkalinity much longer.

I use nothing but plasma water for drinking and cooking.

Tommy Lee: then alkaline water would be fine.

Mosquito Spray

Q: How does the mosquito spray work?

A: Never Ending Plasma Energy mosquito spray is non-toxic and works by creating an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes who then leave to find a more hospitable environment. It can be used safely indoors and on your body. You can apply it generously to window screens, screen doors and around door frames as well as spraying throughout your home, your clothing and your camping tent and sleeping bag.


Q:  My concern is this.  My husband has lots of issues but the biggest one right now that has gotten worse is his Narcolepsy.  It has gotten quite bad. Is there something more we can do to help with this?

A: If you have not done so yet take a 1/2 cup of water from your station, put it in a jar and label it ZnO2 – zinc oxide.Take another 1/2 cup of water put it in a jar and label it CO2. Take another 1/2 cup of water, put it in a jar and label it CH3. Also, 2 more small jars with 1/4 cup water in each of them and label one of them amino acids and the other one hemoglobin.

After they sit over night take another jar of 1 cup of distilled water.  Add 3/4th cup of ZnO2 and 1/4th cup of CO2 but leave enough room at the top to add 1/4 teaspoon of CH3, 1/4th teaspoon of amino acids and 1/4th teaspoon of hemoglobin.  Then if there is room left, add distilled water.  Now label this jar “narcolepsy relief.”  Before you use any of the water in the jar, put a small amount in a very small jar that will act as your special vial of Narcolepsy Relief.  This is your ‘seed’ jar, just like all the vials on the energy station.  You can tape it to the side of the main jar you have labeled narcolepsy relief.

As you use water from the narcolepsy relief jar just add distilled water to it as the water in the jar and in your small ‘seed’ jar will always change the water you add to the energy of the narcolepsy relief water. Drink 1/2 cup of the narcolepsy relief water every day morning, noon and night.
This works because all the energy fields of the above are already in your energy station. You are using a majority of ZnO2 because that assists the emotions. You have to assist the emotional reason for the narcolepsy before the condition changes.You can make some patches to put in a hat that he wears (baseball cap?). You will make them small enough so that they fit inside the hat on either side. One patch will be 3 times the thickness of the other patch. See How to Make the Patches on our video page.

Soak the paper napkins or paper towels with your narcolepsy relief water. Also, wash your sheets and pillowcases and his shirts and tee shirts with an extra rinse to which you will add 1 cup of narcoplepsy releif water and let it soak for a couple of hours. Then do the final spin and dry the clothing. The energy will stay in the clothing. There is no ‘expiration date’ and it doesn’t ‘fade.’ Washing your clothing in the same laundry is fine as this combination is effective for emotional support in people and pets.

Q: I have washed out sheets in the plasma water and Ted uses a CPAP machine every  night so I have been filling it with plasma water every night also. But now I will change and use the narcolepsy water.  When I make the water for Ted, Do I need to keep the container away from (in another room) from the energy station?  I was under the understanding that the energy station and/or the water  from it would plasmatize everything around it.

A: Dr. Paul says it is not necessary to ‘separate’ them in different rooms. Your power of intention for the use of the Narcolepsy relief can be written on the jar of water. You are surrounded with plasma energy but remember the body takes only what it needs.

Q: May I order the vials for narcolepsy?

A: Dr. Paul has made two vials of the plasma energy for narcolepsy. You will place one vial in a large container that you will use for drinking water and it will be one ounce of the water 3 times a day (morning, noon and night) Once you have let your vial sit overnight in the large container that holds the vial plus the distilled water that you added to it, then you can take a cup of water out to add to your laundry. Wash the sheets, pillowcases, towels and clothing in the water. I do the complete wash cycle and then add an extra rinse. Once the machine is filled with water with clothes soaking I add a cup of the plasma water and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours. Then spin the clothes dry and put them in the dryer. The energy fields do not have an ‘expiration date’ and will not ‘fade’ or ‘wear out.’ It’s okay to do this more than once if you don’t remember which clothes have been done and which haven’t been done. It’s fine to do the laundry for anyone in the home in the water because our bodies only use the fields we need at any given time.

Take the 2nd vial and place it in a large spray bottle and add distilled water to it. Once it has sat overnight you can spray your environment, a favorite tv chair, hats that are worn and so forth. You can spray the car. You can make a set of patches by spraying paper towel ( I like Bounty half sheets). Spray around any room where a lot of time is spent.

Dr. Paul suggests that you make a breathing tube using the plasma energy. You will get a large clear glass or plastic quart jar. Then get some small diameter vinyl tubing at the hardware store or at a store that carries aquarium supplies. You will get several feet of the tubing and coil it inside the jar with the ends hanging out either side of the jar. Then you will add the narcolepsy relief plasma water from your large container of water to the jar and fill it almost to the top so that the vinyl tubing coils are covered with the water. There is no water inside the coils. The instructions say to put the vial in there, but you can fill it with water from the large container. A good time for breathing is anytime there is TV time. The more times the breathing unit is used during the day, the better.

Once you put the water in the plasma energy fields start dispersing.  I put water in the local creek and my expectations and what I have been told are that the plasma water for peace went from here to the Yellowstone River to the Missouri River to the Mississippi River and on to the gulf.  Eventually the energy fields will mingle with the oceans.  And many people are doing this around the world.  You’re doing fine with the drinking water system.  I’m glad to hear of you and your neighbor’s health improvements! 

Natural Disasters

Q: I am preparing to order one of the basic preparedness kits. I want to specifically add Gans that is for the prevention of natural disasters — such as hurricanes (I saw the video you posted on this). The area I live in is a high tornado area, so the prevention I am looking for is for tornadoes. Do you have one or more Gans that I can bury around my house and encourage others to do the same? Thank you — for your amazing work!

A: Our Basic Preparedness Kit is the Gans water that we have used for drinking, washing, laundry, pets, plants and cooking.  That means we often use several gallons a day.  I have sprayed it around the doors and windows of our house and on the thresholds.  We get very few insects in the house and once every couple of years might see a small spider.  I have buried small containers of the water around the perimeter of our house.  I’ve also sprayed the New Tech Frequency Relief water on the walls facing outside as well as the curtains, shades and doors and we have some of the shungite magnets around the perimeter and on the breaker box.  I mention that as the 5G and wi-fi is another not-so-natural disaster that is affecting people, animals, insects, birds….all of us.

New Tech Frequency Relief

Q: About the New Tech Frequency Relief.  Could I spray it on my wireless or tv for example or do I have to use it with the magnets?

A:  I would suggest that you make a separate container of the New Tech Frequency Relief.  Then make pads and attach to your computer.  When you do this you are missing the magnet and the silver gans water and shungite all work together as a team.  But you can spray the New Tech Frequency Relief on your outside facing walls, doors and window curtains.

Q: Are New Tech Frequency and Peace for external use only or can I attach the vials to my energy station for my daily drinking water?

A: Yes, you can attach them to your main station.  Before you do that make separate containers with the vial on separate jars and then you can make spray bottles with Peace and NTFR to use on spraying in areas of your house and property where you want peace and/or NTFR plasma energies setting up a dome effect around your home and property.

Q: Do you sell any covers for smart meters – that would be placed outside? My gas smart meter is not located near the electrical breaker that’s inside the house?

A: I would place everything inside the house as the electric company will often remove devices if they come around.  Also make a spray of the New Tech Frequency Relief and spray the inside wall and the outside wall where the meter is located. 

Q: I noticed in a testimonial on your email “I have had a huge change since using the water. I spin my water with shungite and then use this water to charge my Plasma station. It is amazing! I see that I am becoming younger inside and out. My totally white hair is now silver and parts are black. People see this and are just amazed.” What is referred to by “spin my water with shungite”? I have a shungite pendant. I have watched several videos and I see reference to elite shungite for shungite water. I am just not clear. Thanks,

A: The Shungite water is the New Tech Frequency Relief combination.  You can spin the water with a spoon or whatever.  If it’s a smaller jar you can pick up the jar and swirl the water. 

New Tech Frequency Relief has shungite, C60, Silver Gans, epazote, green tea, star of anise, nutmeg, milk thistle, C60 and more. Place the vial inside or taped to the outside of a clear glass or clear plastic container. Be sure to label your jar as the ink on vials could eventually disappear. If you have patches place them on either side of a clear glass or clear plastic container. Clear packing tape is a good choice for securing vials and patches. Add distilled or filtered water to the jar and let it sit overnight the first time you are going to use it. When you add water you can let it sit for several hours and then it’s ready to use. If you want to create a spray bottle or make more patches just use the water from your New Tech Frequency Relief. You can read more about shungite and how it offers protection from radiation from Wifi, 4G, 5G and more at Once you have set up the separate jar, you can always get a small vial and add that to your Plasma Energy Station if your have one.

According to researcher Valerie Burke, Shungite has wide-ranging health (and industrial) benefits stemming from its extremely unique molecular structure. It is touted as offering everything from radiation protection to treating infections, inflammation, allergies, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, digestive problems, and skin conditions. In Russia, shungite has been studied extensively for the treatment of depression, trauma and all sorts of mental/emotional problems. Shungite is the world’s oldest hydrocarbon-based rock.[11] It’s not a mineral in the strictest sense of the word, although it’s often referred to as one. Shungite comes from only one place on Earth—an area known as Karelia, which is a geographic area divided between Russia and Finland. In 1887, shungite was named after the village Shung’a in Russian Karelia, near the shore of Onezhskoe Lake. The Karelian rock formation, known as the Zazhoginsky deposit, contains about 35 million tons of shungite and shungite rock. See more information at

EMFs are now directly associated with the following:

  • Reproductive effects (e.g., reduced sperm count and motility, reduced fertility)
  • DNA damage and oxidative stress
  • Brain cancer
  • Cognitive problems (impaired reaction time, memory, brain fog)
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue and malaise
  • Tachycardia
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Cataracts

To learn more about the health risks of EMF exposure, Ann Louise Gittleman has an excellent and very readable book on the subject, Zapped.

1031- 2020 Lynn and Steph Tell You How Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief Can Help You

Pads Using Paper Towels or Writing Paper

Pads are sent outside the United States

Q:  I received two pads. In the product list it says that 16 pads are included in the Basic Plasma Station. Does this mean that the information of 16 pads is on the two pads?

A: The plasma energy station water is soaked on the pair of pads and contains all the information that is in the 16 glass vials. If we put them onto 16 pads as we do with the 16 glass vials or the 4 plastic vials you would have to have a huge container to hold all those pads.

Q: I have seen on Youtube the 1st Montana workshop where you are talking about some pads. I didn’t understand very well the use of them, how to use and to energize them.

A: The pads are made from the gans waters.  Soak the paper towel pads thoroughly and let dry completely.  Then place them in plastic baggies and tape securely with clear packing tape.  Click here to view a video we made on making your own and click here to read our blog on how to make your own pain and peace pads.

Q: I want to make plasma pads with paper towels but don’t understand the 3 to 1 part. Could you please help explain it?

A: Click on the links in the above paragraph to watch a video I made showing you step by step how to make pads as well as the article written about it.

Q: From my understanding and the testimonials, if I wanted to make some pain/health patches would I simply just use a folded paper towel and then fully wet it with the water that was plasmatized / energy charged from the container and then put it in a zip lock bag, or does it need to fully dried out and then put it in a zip lock bag and then that is all there is to it?

A: I always dry the pads completely and then put them in the baggies and tape them securely shut. See the link on the website on how to make the pads.  Many people have experienced that they get mold in the wet bags unless they add a little CuO energy water and seal the bags with a food sealer to get the air out.

Q: Love those colorful plastic spray containers.  Where did you find them?  Is there a plastic # that makes plastic qualify as “safe for foods/drinks”?

A: The colored spray bottles come from Family Dollar Store.  You are not drinking anything that touches the plastic in the ‘matter state.’  those containers are only holding the water that carries the plasmatic fields into your container of water that you do drink

Q: If one has health issues / cancer can you make a health / pain patch to put on that area with that CO2 + ZnO ?

A: yes, make two pads, one that is 3 times the thickness of the other so that you have a gradient.  The greater pad will give to the lesser pad to balance the energy and balance all the energy in between.  Be sure not to use any CH3 in the pad for cancer issues.  Also read the following page:

Q: How could I use vials for joint and knee pain to make pads that can be used for joint and knee pain?

A:   We can do a vial of the combination of the gans in it to make the pads with.  The easiest way to use it would be to place it unopened (you never open the vials) into a clear plastic spray bottle.  Then the pads can be soaked with the spray and once they are completely dry they can be put inside plastic zip lock baggies.  The pads would be made as a set of 2 with one being 3x the thickness of the other.  That way you have a gradient between the two pads so that the plasma energy seeks to balance the pads and everything between them.  The plasma energy in the vial does not ‘wear out’ or expire.

Q: I’m assuming that we DO NOT take the plastic wrapping off of the pads.  Please confirm.  We will figure a way of trying to make these ‘stick’ onto the kidney area.

A: You never take the plastic off.  In fact if it becomes worn, follow the instructions and put the whole pad inside new plastic and tape it shut.  I suggested you make a cumberbund with a scarf that you can tie on the side to wear around the middle.  Fold the edges of the scarf over the pads so they don’t fall out. 

Q: Was also wondering about taping a wet pad in a baggie directly to my body, if there is anything about that I should be aware of?

A: No problem with that….the wet pads often become moldy after a few weeks.  That is why I always dry them completely when I make them.   Don’t forget you can put some of the water in a spray bottle and use it on your body that way.

Q: How do I use the writing paper to make pads?

A: Just like the paper towel method. See above answers for videos. I enclosed the printer paper in your order because it has been treated with the plasma energy station water.  When some people in Ireland never received their plasma energy station pads, I treated some printer paper with the plasma energy water. Below describes how that works.  I put some in for you to send to your mother in a separate letter.  You might just write her a note on that paper.  But she needs to just take the paper and fold it into patches.  She can make several sets.

  1.  cut the sheet of paper in half.

  2.  fold each of the halves in half.

  3.  Cut one of the folded halves in half along the fold line.

  4.  Put one cut piece inside the half of paper that you did not cut again.

  5.  Keep the other piece by itself;  Now you have ¼ and ¾ and that is the ratio that you want.  Place the ¼ inside a plastic baggie and tape shut; The other ¾ inside a plastic baggie and tape shut.

  6.  Now you have a pair of them. 

Look at the patches I have sent and you will see that is the way I make them.  Your mother could even fold the paper smaller if she wants them the size of the well-being set of patches.  With plasma energy size does not matter!

Q:  I was going to give away patches but not sure now because people here wouldn’t be able to get the filtered or distilled water.  It is available as spring water but not in villages and the costs makes buying it unavailable. Is there an alternative solution that you know of?

A:  It’s better to have patches with the available water than no patches at all!  Give away the patches!

Q:  I’ve now bought quite a few of your separate patches and I am getting worried about putting them all together onto the station water ending up with not enough energy fields of each one so it might not help much for any of the fields that need healing. What is the best to do then?

A: It is up to your intention how this works.  If you think there’s too much and it won’t work then that is the intention you gave it.  If you think they can all work together then that is your intention.  If you sit with 3 people at lunch do you become one of the other people?  If you go to a party with 30 people do you become the other 29 people?  All your energies are together but you are still separate.

Q:  I’m curious… if I spray some paper towel with water from my station will those paper towels have the same strength of energy as my pads? I really want to share this with family and friends, but don’t know if it’ll be as effective. 

A:  Yes, you can spray paper towels with your station water and make patches for family and friends.  Plasma energy is the gift that keeps on giving.  It is not diminished in any way.  Always be sure to add your intention to your patch making, and encourage those who receive their patches to place their intention and appreciation of the patches when they get it. 

Q:  On making the patches with paper towels to share the waters–Is it necessary that I have the three layers and the one layer for charging or not as I watched a video where you send a paper sheet- does it not work with one pad also?

A:  The idea of the pads is to create the larger side giving to the smaller side and balancing everything in between as the plasma energy seeks to balance. When I sent the paper, they had instructions on how to use the paper in making their pads from that paper.


Q: The pads arrived today. I’m using the smaller set for creating an energy station, and I want to use the larger ones for my back, neck and shoulder pain. Would I place them side by side beneath my back, and lie on them; what would you suggest?

A: I would suggest making more patches from your energy station water once it has been set up and sat overnight to change the water.  Take that water and make another large set of pads  (similar to what you had or you can even use puppy training pads for a bigger size, but fold them after they are dry and seal in plastic so they don’t tear or shred.  Put the thicker under your mattress pad. Pin or tape the thinner to the top side of your top sheet.  Then when you sleep you are ‘sandwiched.’  With the large set of pads: Create a ‘sandwich’ effect and put the thicker patch on your back and the thinner patch on your front when you are wearing them.

You can also take some of the water from  your station and add it to the last rinse cycle when you launder clothing, sheets and towels.  Once you do that the plasma energy does not wear out or wash out.  Finally put some of the water into a spray bottle and when you have shoulder, neck or back discomfort spray the water on it.  Drink the water, drink the water and drink the water!

Q:  Do you have a neck roll to relive the stress and pain for those people who are suffering from long hours on the computer? If not, what do you suggest for this condition?

A:  We don’t make a neck roll but here is what you can do.  If you have a neck roll take some of the station water in a spray bottle and spray it.  I actually have sprayed a couple of different scarves with the water and keep them by my desk.  I just tie them around my neck when I get ‘computer neck’ and get relief. 

You can also keep a spray
bottle of station water at your desk and actually spray your neck (provided
your clothing is okay for being sprayed with water). If you have several
different vials choose what you would like to add to your spray bottle. 
It’s okay to mix them.

Q: Can I make a band-aid for the knee or hips with the plasma water from the station or do I need the Pain Relief gans? 

A:  Many people have gotten relief from the plasma energy station water for their pain.  Pain relief does have extra energies in it that help with pain. 

Q: Which product do you take with tense neck muscles on your scarf

A: The scarf I show has the plasma energy station water energy in it.  I did this a couple of years ago before we had pain relief or inflammation relief.  Any of these 3 would be helpful in my opinion.

Q: I was going to buy a Pain Pen or two. However, you have the never-ending plasma energy pain relief available.  Do you have an opinion on which might be the better choice – that is based on your vast experience.

A: Paul used to make the pain pens.  Then what he discovered is that with our pain relief he can put it on bandaids and used a group of 3 around a painful area such as a knee.  There is an “x’ of 2 bandaids on one side of the knee and a single bandaid on the other side.  We spray or use a dropper to put the pain water on the gauze part of the bandaids and then let them dry.  We do several dozen at a time and then just put them in a baggie and take them out as the bandaids wear out.  We are wearing them 24/7 and showering with them on.  The fabric bandaids will last one to 2 weeks depending on where they are and then they just fall off and get replaced.  That is soooo much easier than sitting and holding a pain pen especially if it is a shoulder or somewhere awkward to reach. We also put the Pain Relief formula in a spray bottle (and you can drink the water), I have my spray bottle by the desk and if I’m on a long typing binge I can just spray my knees.  Often I just spray the pant leg around the sore area and let it soak through I also have gloves that I soak in the Pain Relief water.  I use them for fatigued hands. When Paul is filling a lot of vials and his hands get sore or fatigued he will wear them. We keep a set under out pillows and have them to wear at night if we need them.  I cut the fingertips off the gloves so I can feel the keyboard better.

Q: If the pain patch takes away pain, don’t you run the risk of an injury?  

A: It is not Paul or my experience that using the pain relief on the bandaids causes any injury.  Walking is our main exercise and we have not experienced any injuries.  An athlete who uses pain relief to mask over-training may well experience some issues….that does seem to be a matter of common sense and the use of moderation.  I’d far rather use pain relief on bandaids than some of the drugs that are being handed out like candy to mask symptoms such as pain.  Those affect the entire body, not just the area such as a knee in which you experience pain.  Inflammation in the tissues doesn’t get recovery time when there is the constant presence of pain.   

Q: The new PAIN RELIEF vial covers both the INFLAMMATION -Sacred Plant  and the ARTHRITIS RELIEF?  Rather than needing both?  The details seem to imply that idea?

A: Arthritis is for joint pain, Inflammation for all kinds of inflammation from bloated stomachs, heartburn to inflamed muscles.  Pain relief overlaps the two.  Paul uses arthritis relief on his knee.  I sprained my thumb carrying something that was too heavy …. I have pain relief bandaids on my hand. 

Q:  I am confused as which pain relief product to order as my pain is full body due to full body herpes viruses and mold toxins and arthritis.
please make a suggestion. like drinking the appropriate water daily?

A: If I had your conditions I would consider Pain Relief which contains the energies for not only pain relief, but arthritis relief and inflammation relief.  


Q:  Will it matter if I use the parasite one daily?  I am pretty sure it is but just wanted to check as I know we still need some things to keep balance.

A:  Yes, remember that your body only uses the energies that it needs at any given time.  It’s like going to a restaurant buffet where you pick and choose, but don’t end up taking everything offered.

Q:  Is the Parasite Formula ok to add to food station or better kept separate (is it ok for pregnant women)?

A:  Use it either way.  The body will use the plasma fields it needs.  There has been no research on the pregnant woman and we don’t have a definitive answer.  Paul says if he were pregnant he wouldn’t worry about it.

Q:  I also got the Fenben parasite vial – should I keep it separate along with the other Parasite formula – or is it ok to put with the Energy Station?  I ask because it seems like it might be possible to have an adverse initial reaction to the parasite vials.

A:  Same answer as above.

Q:  I have used a couple of your Plasma energy waters(eye support and parasite)not sure if I notice anything with the parasite one because I continue to get parasites and drink the water every day.

A:  I am attaching an article on dewormer which was made from Fenbendazole and additional herbs and plasma energy waters.  What would be the difference between the dewormer and parasite one? Parasites and dewormer could be addressing different types of parasites.  There are some things about dewormer that we don’t go into detail that you might find interesting.

Payments for Products

Q: How can I pay for products?

A:  Never Ending Plasma Energy Products may be purchased in several ways.  The first way is to go to our shopping page, select the products you want and check out.  You will have the option to pay with United States postal money order or checks drawn on a United States bank.  If you choose to pay with postal money order To expedite receiving your products you can send us the tracking number and the copy of your postal receipt by email. As soon as we receive that we will send your order and provide you with our tracking number.  Please make money orders out to Lynn Schmaltz.

Pest Away

Q:  On the Pest Away waters will that keep the good bugs out of my garden as well or just the bad bugs–I was going to bury jars in my garden and fields with the pest water and a few others as well with it. 

A:  My opinion is that predatory energies…animals, insects, do not like the plasma energy combinations and leave. A beekeeper using the plasma energies sprayed all his hives with the plasma energy water we sent to him. He had lost a hive of 10,000 bees and sprayed it anyway. His bees loved the water and were ‘happy and dancing’ and flying further. When he opened the ‘lost’ hive he found 500 dead predatory beetles in it that had killed the bees that were living in the hive. 


Q: Could I put plasma water (for inflammation perhaps) directly in my dog’s food?  I am giving her plasma water in her bowl but she is not a very good hydrator.

A; Yes you could put the plasma water such as Inflammation Relief directly in her food.  Also spray it on her bedding and favorite sleeping spots.

Q: I desperately need help with fleas.  I have a toy poodle and a cat.  I am terrified of the regular flea collars, drops, pills and sprays so I only use natural stuff.  Starting last year, the stuff I used for years wasn’t working any more.  I really believe that something was done to make them more resilient.

I’m hoping you can give me ideas on how to use the plasma water to treat my pets and my home.  I do not see fleas around the house on on me, but I have to give my dog a bath every other day and the cat is flea combed every day.

I give thanks for multiple things when feeding my dog with added plasma water twice daily and I have sprayed throughout the house also.  My dog is very sensitive to the bites so I may have to start bathing her daily.  I also spray her with natural repellents every time she goes outdoors. Do you have any suggestions?

A:  Try spraying your dog and wiping down your cat with a plasma energy station soaked cloth daily.  If your dog doesn’t like to be sprayed, do the wipe down technique also.  Put the plasma energy station water in their shampoo and whatever else you spray on them.  Spray their beds and favorite areas with the plasma water.  Spray around the doors and windows….all entryways of your house…with plasma energy station water.  Spray the screen doors.  You can spray along the bottom of the walls.  You want to make the house, dog and cat undesirable to the fleas. 

My other suggestion would be that you use anxiety relief for them and you can make a separate jar of it.  Once it is made you can just make a vial of it and put in their drinking water dishes.  We also have the mosquito relief vials, but I would try the plasma energy station water first.

You can take some plasma energy station water and put it around the perimeter of your property every 20 feet.  I just put mine in small jars the size of carmex jars.  I dug small holes, put the jar in and covered it with dirt and rocks. If that doesn’t work take  your spray and spray the rocks or ground every 20 feet.  The energy will stay there regardless of the weather.

Q: I have a friend in California whose fur baby is in emergency surgery for pancreatitis and uterus removal. Which vial shall I recommend for my friends fur baby for ultimate recovery other than the Life Force Plasma energy vial?

A:  I would always suggest the Plasma Energy Station Water with any other waters that are being used.  You might want to look at Detox also.

Q: I give my sweet dogs (8 years old) but, very healthy – the GANS water from my station and some of the parasite GANS water. Do I still need to get the animal GANS?  I tell everyone about your wonderful plasma energy products – I am so grateful – they have changed my life.  Many blessings,   Hope

A: Hi Hope, thank you for you kind words! The parasite gans water works just fine for your pets as well as for people. Also remember that parasites have a life cycle so generally you want to repeat the parasite every 30 days for 2 or 3 days for two or three months.

Q:  Can my pets use plasma energy parasite also? I have a dog and a mini pig. I would be putting it on our 5 gl. jug that we all drink from.

A:  All of you can use the plasma energy station water….including your plants.

Plant Support, Gardens

Q- Do the Plant Pads work even if I stick them on a plastic rain barrel or watering can?

A-ALWAYS put the pads on a clear plastic or clear glass container.  You can then transfer some to a plastic bottle that you place in a larger barrel.

Q: How can I use plasma energy in my garden?

A: Here are the instructions for the garden.  Fill 4 clear plastic jars with your plant support or plasma energy station water.

            1. Jars 2, 3, and 4 are buried up to ½ to ¾ of the height of the jar placed in an equilateral triangle in your garden;

            2.  Take a 5’ to 7’ vertical pole and place Jar 1, a clear plastic jar at the top of the pole.

            The equilateral triangle with the vial on the top of the post creates a plasmatic field dome effect that will greatly diminish or eliminate plants diseases and pests and nourish your plants for healthier and more abundant yields.  There is no toxic energy.  The plasma energy is simply creating a condition that the insects aren’t attracted to and they prefer to go elsewhere.

            Fill a
plastic spray bottle with your energy station water and use it to spray on the
leaves and shoots of the plants since they get 80% of their nourishment from
the atmosphere and the plasmatic fields of the atmosphere.  Just refill the spray bottle from your energy
station water as needed. 

            When planting new seeds soak them 12 hours in this water before planting for healthy plants.   (Soaking seeds in plasma energy water was said by Mr. Keshe to removed any GMO engineering from them). 

Q: I just got a 275 gallon water tank, I have a rather large garden (1700 sq) as well as orchard and berries.  A 5 gallon container doesn’t go very far.   So I’m thinking if I tied the plastic vial inside of the water tank, than I’d have 275 gallons of Never-Ending Plasma Energy for Plants that I can water my plants with a garden hose.  How long would one charge, I assume it’s pretty much the same as the 5 gallons, so overnight?  My plants are thriving on the plasma water, thank you so much.

A: Make sure the vial you put inside the tank is clear glass or clear plastic.  Some people have used clear plastic containers and put them in their farm animals’ drinking troughs.  One couple experimented with one trough and all the animals started drinking from that trough only until they added the plasma water container to all the troughs.

To charge a 250 gallon water tank with a plasma energy vial
give yourself 6 days.  Once the water
tank is charged and you refill it with water, it will change.

To speed up the process add one 5 gallon containers to the
water tank with the vial in it,  and the
water will change completely in two days. 
If you add three 5 gallon containers in the water tank with the vial in
it, it will change the water overnight. 

Q: Can the Vials be put INSIDE the water in a waterproof bag or container? This way i could use a large food-safe metal barrel.

A: Once you have made your Plasma Energy Station or set up any of your individual vials on or in your clear glass or clear plastic container, you can then take some of the changed water and put it in a clear container inside your large metal barrel.  Our son put some of the plasma energy station water in his underground cistern.  Just be sure you use the changed water from your main source and not your original vial. 

Q: I purchased the Plasma Plant Energy vial, and sure as heck just stepped on it.  So I’ll be ordering another one :-).  What I’m wondering is can I place the vial on the outside of a large water tote, opaque, but holds maybe 200 gallons.  Than I won’t be juggling the vial, as it must have fallen off when I was moving the 5 gallons jug I have been using.

A: The vials cannot be placed on opaque containers.  What I would suggest is that when you order, you order a plastic vial and put it right inside your manageable 5 gallon container that I am presuming is clear glass or clear plastic.  You don’t open the vial; you just put it inside the container and it’s there to charge the water.  Any issues you might think there are with ‘plastic’ are altered by the plasma energy fields.  You could also put the glass vial inside the 5 gallon container but if it’s glass inside of glass and not handled carefully it could be an issue. I have both glass and plastic vials in various containers that I am using and have not had any breakage or issues with either.

Q: I do have a question for you since we are trying to switch over to planting our own garden etc.   My question is… if I take a half of gallon from my water station and place it in a gallon or 2 of tap water over night to water my fruit trees or start up my garden… will the plasma water with intention be the same … or do we need to take all my vials and place them around the bucket of water I want to use to garden overnight. 

A: Take some vials or plastic bottles filled with the plasma water of your choice and put it in the bucket(s) of water.  Let them sit overnight and they are ready to use in the morning.  Why not get some small plastic containers jars, etc., and tie 3 in each tree?  Then there is also a technique of putting a large container of the plasma water in the center of your garden on a higher level and then placing 3 containers of the plasma water on the ground (spread them out).  Remember the energy fields from the water go out more than 30 feet.  You can also put some of the energy water in a sprayer and spray the trees and garden.  Be sure to read the November 2017 blog I wrote about the garden and home in Dominica that had a container of plasma energy water (made by someone else) in the center of the garden.  Everything within a 30 foot radius including the home and the garden were untouched by Hurricane Maria that destroyed 90% of the island.   Outside the 30 foot radius the plants and tool sheds were destroyed.

Q: I had a question about how to prepare for flooding around our house, we did watch your video but not sure how to put the energy around.  The area around our house has flooded numerous times but never in the house or shop.  We are preparing for a big storm and I was going to try putting some mason jars of Gans water around the perimeter.   Should we dig them down in the earth or leave them on top, but they might either blow away or wash away.   Also should I use my Gans mixture of everything I have and use intention? Thank you,

A: Spray the perimeter of your property….go out every 30 feet from the center of the area where you have your plasma energy station.  Set up a jar with your energies in the shop if you haven’t already.  

Rather than using full mason jars that could end up leaving broken glass, why not spray some wooden sticks and then push them down into the soil?  I remember Tommy Lee using popsicle sticks around the perimeter of his property and unsavory characters never stood in front of his house again, and some not-so-good neighbors moved away.

The energy fields will work regardless of the size of what you place.  And yes, intention is important!  I took a garden sprayer and put plasma water in it and sprayed around the outside of my house and in the trees along the outside.  

Q:  Can I bury transulent bottles in the ground with no vials inside just water?

A:  Yes, or treated popsicle sticks, or whatever! Spray the tree trunks if there are perimeter trees; spray the fence if it’s a wooden fence. Be creative!

Plasma Energy Explained

Q:  Can you explain how plasma energy is formed?

A:  go to pages 83 through 97 of the 177th Knowledge Seekers workshop for an explanation with graphics.  3 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds: 177th Knowledge Seekers Workshop 22nd June 2017 177th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Q: Can you provide the simplest, one- or two-sentence way to explain the nano technology behind making plasma water? Perhaps using an analogy to something in daily life?

A: No-it will be helpful to watch the videos.  We don’t have cliff notes yet.

Q: Is plasma water controversial or is it looked at askance by the government, in any way?

A: I don’t know…I would guess if people don’t need pharmaceuticals someone will be unhappy.

Q: Can I use Plasma Energy Solutions if I am on medication?

A: Plasma energy is not ‘medicine’ and there are no added chemicals or medicines to plasma energy water. Plasma Energy water carries plasmatic fields (think of the fields of magnets) of the various natural elements. When laboratory analyses are done on plasma energy water all that is found is water with no toxins or chemicals. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes to promote well being of people, plants and animals (pets, birds, fish, horses, cattle, etc). Plasmatic fields serve to balance the body’s natural plasmatic fields. University studies have shown solutions for various imbalances without the presence of any chemicals or toxins.

Q: Does your plasma water/pads replace my need for  all vitamins/herbs?

A: We have had reports from people that they have discontinued their vitamins and herbs.  I was told by a naturopath that people don’t realize that vitamins should be taken intermittently and not constantly as the overdoing can cause digestive upsets for one thing.  We’ve all been programmed to take them ‘daily.’

Q: Will I still need to “cleanse” my organs, like I currently do coffee enemas and liver/gallbladder flush stomach/small & large intestine salt flush?  Or does plasma energy somehow restore/cleanse each organ overtime, bringing body to homeostatic state ? 

A: The plasma energy is magnetic gravitational energy that always seeks to bring balance to the body.  I don’t know if you will have to continue your cleanses as they may relate to the food you eat and the air you breathe.  We don’t have any research on this.

Q: I am super sensitive to supplements and have to dose extremely low to start. Will my body know how to take only what I can handle?  Or should I keep new vials separate and only add 1 vial at a time, slowly? The lists of ingredients would normally overwhelm my system.  Or maybe drink less of station water?

A: Use your judgement on this. Generally the body only uses the plasma fields that it needs. Remember this is all in the plasmatic state and not the matter state.

Q: How does the same plasma water work on people, plants and animals since they are all different?

A: 90% of all people, plants and animals are made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in different combinations to form the specific amino acids which make up the different proteins of their various bodies. Plasmatic fields restore the proper balance between the plasmatic fields of the various amino acids and return balance to the metabolic system.

Q: Is there printed information about Plasma Technology?

A: yes, over 70 public Knowledge Seekers’ Workshops (KSW) have been transcribed and can be found at The teachings from 130th KSW to 170th have been transcribed with screen shots from the video presentation as well as hyper links to various subjects in that workshop.

Q:  Can Plasma Energy Be Measured?

A.  Many people measure plasma energy fields by the use of dowsing rods as you see in the photo above or by pendulums.  An Aura vision expert showed the effects of the plasma energy on the auras of people  with a machine developed by a scientist in the US.  In the video that was recorded during a conference in Poland the machine was used to measure the effects of plasma energy devices on people attending the conference. The effects are shown before and after use of the plasma energy devices.  When we drink the water daily we become walking plasma containers.  As we balance our plasmatic fields think of the effect we have on those who are around us coming in contact with our plasmatic fields.

This is well demonstrated in the plasma energy application to the fields of one farmer who then has increased production, healthier plants, fewer pests and decreased used of pesticides and herbicides.  But as one farm has improvements, the plasma fields spread to neighboring farmers who may now understand why they are having a ‘good year.’ .

Q: What kind of medicine is plasma energy?

A: Plasma energy is not ‘medicine’ and there are no added chemicals or medicines to plasma energy water. Plasma Energy water carries plasmatic fields (think of the fields of magnets) of the various natural elements. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes to promote well being of people, plants and animals (pets, birds, fish, horses, cattle, etc).

Q: When I drink the water I have used the pads on am I getting the nutrition or the plasma enriched nutrients?  This is water and it messes with my head!  I’m drinking water instead of popping pills.  When I drink that liquid plasma water am I taking in nutrients?  Something good is happening.  I do better when I know what it is doing for me.

A: When we take a bite of food we start breaking it down in our mouths by chewing and mixing with saliva.  Then it goes to the stomach where it is broken down further.  As the process continues the final result is the delivery of plasma energy to the cells that started out as the bite of food.  When you drink the water you are taking the plasma energy from the nutrients that were present in various components such as the food, the herbs, the vitamins and the minerals.  All of those were broken down to a GANS (gas in atomic nano state) and then had water added to that GANS.  The vials on the plasma energy station are filled with plasma water from the top of the jar with the GANS that rests in the bottom.

My vial of Plasma Energy water was a bit wet on the lid but hardly noticeable-it is still okay to use?

A:  Yes, just tighten the lid…it’s fine.

Q: I understood that the water coming from the gans directly is much more energized than the water energized indirectly (vials placed next to a pitcher or jar). Yet your products (energised water) seem to be powerful even when you make health pads from it or share it with your family. How is it possible?

A: There is some talk I consider to be self-serving nonsense out in social media. Many of that nonsense comes from those who wish to sell ‘monthly or semi-annual’ subscriptions of plasma energy as people are being told that it ‘wears out.’ Maybe their products do. Ours do not. I am using the same plasma energy stations we set up 7 years ago and 5 years ago. I have never ‘emptied’ them to ‘clean’ them. That is unnecessary. Living water carries memory and intention. Our plasma energy products were made in intention and carry the memory of that intention. You may add your intention to that. Our intention never said the plasma energy was going to ‘wear out’ or have an expiration date.

Plasma Energy Station, Preparedness Kits

The link below is a great explanation of the Basic Preparedness
Kit which is our Never Ending Plasma Energy Station, why you would have one and how you would use it.  

“Got Plasma? What, Why & How”

From Cary Ellis: What our station looks like(see below) (not pretty) but pretty potent. We grab a bottle of what we feel the need of at the moment and add to drinking water or food making or whatever. We also have spray bottles around.

From Jonnie:  I found this 2 gallon glass jar below with spout and an insert called an ice tube which is my plasma and crystal tube. Needed some weight so selected rose quartz for love, green stone- i can’t think of the name right now, for healing and a clear quartz to magnify my intention. 




Q: You keep containers about 1/2 full, then refill. Oops….I’ve been letting station get down to spigot or lower level. I should change…I’m guessing…or overnight charging time might not be enough time?

A: Overnight will be fine.

Q: Instead of gluing each plasma vial individually around the water container could I place the vials in a nylon ammo belt with Velcro to hold it on?  Or do the vials need direct contact with the glass container.  Also, do they need to be equally spaced around the diameter of the container or is it ok if they are just on one side.  My container is 2 gallon glass with a spigot.

A: look at the photo of the glass containers above.  Those vials were placed in clear plastic and then taped as an extra measure with clear plastic packing tape.  Do not use anything opaque that interferes with the transfer of energy.  You want the energy to give from one side to the other so don’t put all the vials on one side.  they don’t have to be equally spaced, but you do need some on one side and some on the other if you aren’t going to put them all the way around the container. If you don’t want to glue then pull a big strip of tape and rest  some of the vials on it and then apply the tape and vials to the jar.  Do the same with the rest until they are all on the jar. Then run your clear plastic packing tape around the whole container over the vials to secure everything firmly. 

Q:  Will it be ok to tape the single vials of plasma energy products to the plasma station or should it be used by itself?

A: I would suggest that first you tape that vial to a separate clear glass jar so you have a separate ‘mother source’ in case you would want to share it with someone else. Then you can put some of that water in a vial and put it with your main plasma energy station.

Q:  I take a bottle with me to work and refill it with filtered water. Does information from the water also pass into newly filled water?

A: Just add some plasma energy station water to your filtered water.  I carry a water bottle with me and have a small vial in the bottom of the water bottle of the plasma energy station water so it can put the information into filtered water that I add to it.

Q: Regarding the Plasma Energy Station: I was wondering about vial 1 and 15 are the same, and 6 and 13 are the same.

A: Dr. Paul rearranged the vials when we added more energy fields to them. So even though it may seem they are the same, they have extra things added in. 1 and 15 have different vitamins and herbs in them, and some that ‘overlap.’ CO2 is going to show up in more than one as it is an anchoring item when making some of the GANS. Dr. Paul did two food vials on purpose. The main purpose of the station in the beginning was to provide the plasma energy of food in case of a disaster when there was no food in the grocery store or your pantry.  

Q: I have a question about this product please, it contains food gans (energy), was there meat or fish to produce this gans please? If so what type of meat?

A: Yes there is the energy from meat and fish. This was done about 7 years ago. You need to remember that you are getting plasma energies and not ingesting food in the matter state. The meat was mostly wild game. There is a tradition in our family to thank the game for providing for our family. And then we thank our Creator for providing for us.

Q: Do you recommend attaching all 8 vials to a large glass jar or a single vial to a single jar and experimenting with the effects the plasma energy water that way?

A:  Dr. Paul recommended attaching all 8 vials to the single large clear glass or clear plastic container as many of the energies in the combinations work synergistically with other energies in the combinations.

Q: I was wondering if the plastic container to the right that you are using, is it a food container or a normal storage clothing item container as I was having a problem finding a food container (Walmart or Target) that was like that and only saw normal storage containers but they don’t state they are BPA free or if I need to worry about that (BPA)?

A: Many of the plasma energy fields in your plasma energy station water are the same fields to clean up land contamination and polluted rivers.  If you are especially worried about BPAs then get a glass container for your water.

Q: How long does the plasma energy last in the solution I purchase?

A: According to the studies and information from the scientist who researched plasma energy has been shown not to decay or lose any of its plasmatic field energy over time.

Q: If I have a plasma energy station filled with water, do I need to empty it on a routine basis and ‘clean it’?

A: The water in your station contains plasma energy that has been used to clean polluted rivers. There is no need to empty and clean it. Just continually add water to it as instructed and use its benefits every day.

Q: If I make an extra “Station” to keep at another location, what would I do with my original unit for 2-3 months? House would be above freezing temps while gone…but empty.

A: Leave the water in the large container; it will be fine.  We have 4 plasma energy stations and a couple of them get very light use. You don’t need to dump out the water.  If you think it sat too long put it in spray bottle and spray around the house, or put it on the outdoor plants, or save it for adding to your clothing in the washing machine rinse cycle. The water is fine even if it freezes.  However sometimes the glass vials break when they freeze so just make sure the temperature is above freezing.

Q: Is there any place I can see more information about the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station?

A:  See 1st Montana Workshop  on You Tube by Paul and Lynn for more on plasma energy. Just go to you tube and enter “1st Montana Workshop.” Watch our video here.

Q: For the Station – do you have a preference for plastic or glass receptacle?  Glass is more organic?

A: It is your station and your choice….just make sure it is clear and not opaque. We have both kinds.

Q: Why do the containers or bottles have to be transparent?

A:  the containers must be transparent for the plasma energy fields to travel.  The fields do not travel through crockery, stainless steel, or opaque containers.

Q: I heard or read in one of your videos concerning stainless steel containers.   Is this water not supposed to go into stainless steel products.

A: What we say is not to try to set up your energy station in stainless steel or crockery or any opaque container.  Think about it….does sunlight travel through a metal building, a wooden building, or a brick building?  It only travels in through openings of clear glass.  It’s the same with the plasma energy in your vials traveling into a clear glass or clear plastic container.  Once the water is changed with the plasma energy then you can carry it in a metal drinking container or cook in a metal pot.

Q:  Am I  understanding correctly that the water that is indirectly produced, can be, in turn, given out to others to make more indirectly produced water just as powerful as the first?

A:  Yes.  Water carries memory , intention and plasma or more correctly is ‘plasma.’   

Q: And that even that water is capable of more “infused” water?  That it does not lose its strength?

A: That is correct.  The memory/intention keeps the strength of what it was originally given.   There is no expiration date.  

The sui is plasma energy; that energy is the same when the sun shines over North Carolina, Nebraska or Nevada. The only thing that changes the quality of the sunlight are clouds between the source of the sunlight and the earth.  

Q: Do you need light?

A: No you do not need to have them in sunlight or under a light.  The light in the room is sufficient.

Q: is there any problem that the sun also hits the water?

A: We do not put our plasma energy stations in sunlight. 

Q: What about the plasma water, what do you use to keep it in for small containers?

A: Once you have made the plasma water it can be stored in any type of container.  We store the vials we make up in small jars and keep them in boxes in a cupboard.   

Q: Can I transfer the water from the plastic vials I receive into glass vials?

A: The information below is for ordering the glass vials from Amazon if you wish to transfer the waters into the glass vials once you get the plastic vials from us:  I would caution you to do that in an area where you have a protective soft surface on the table or counter in case you drop one of the glass vials and break it.

Price: $4.99
Prime FREE Delivery

  • Borosilicate glass vials    Screw-on black phenolic caps    Capacity 2 Dram (1/4 fl oz)   Dimensions 17 x 60mm

Q: Is it important that I use large vials when I pass on something?  I only have small vials of a few ml.  They are definitely smaller than yours.  But I tested and a friend who can test tested very well also.   We both tested that the plasma information is 100% contained and that it is also 100% transferred to our super water tanks.  Our pads are also 100% informed.  I ask because a lady said the bottle might have to be bigger ???   Thank you for your answer, because I want it to work properly. 

A: No, they don’t have to be large.  Remember, Dr. Paul went from using the large knee rings filled with plasma water to using bandaids that had the gauze portion treated with the plasma water for his knees.  Size does not matter!!!

Q: Is it Okay to have a small glass pitcher for this (we note that you  have a very large plastic container in your video)?

A: Whatever is convenient …I like large pitcher/containers as we use a lot of the water.

Q: Pouring water into the blender – please confirm that this is the best use of our GANS.

A: You can use your changed water in the blender.  Blenders, hot and cold do not harm the plasma water.

Q: Just to let you know the order arrived.  It had been in the mailbox on the coldest night of the season so far so the plastic bottles had frozen but did not split thank goodness. I am setting them up now and had a couple of questions.  Since they are plastic bottles with pop tops, I assume they would be better taped to the outside of the jar rather than putting them inside the jar? 

A: Yes, it would be better to have them on the outside.  and yes, if you wanted them on the inside you could put them in glass vials.  I get my glass vials from Amazon.  They have lots of 12 or lots of 144.  You can put all the vials on one container.  Or you could set up a 2nd container ready for one who is ready for the gift.

Q: When I have the Never-Ending-Plasma water station and drink the water do I need other gans for example healthy gut because I have problems with my gut or is the plasma water from the station sufficient?

A: Many people like to add the extra energies as not all of them are contained in the Plasma Energy Station.  They set up a separate container with the other vial.  Often once they have that ‘mother source’ they will then add the vial of healthy gut, for example, to their main container.  Having the separate container with the ‘mother source’ of healthy gut gives them the ability to share that single energy with others.

Q: If the small vials are side by side or side by side in shipping, then can the energies mix, or does every energy remain in its vial.

A:  The intention of the energies is always maintained even though they are side by side.  I would think it is like Lynn and Martha standing side by side.  Our energy fields touch but we still remain Lynn and Martha individually.

Q: Can You take the informed water from a smaller jug, even if there is no bottom outlet from which to take it or does it matter that the water is always taken from below?

A:  It does not matter if you have the water in smaller jars and just pour it out of the top or if you have a container with a spigot. We just find it easier to have the spigot on the plasma energy station water since we use so much of it.

Q. Would you place your food close to the station? What about restaurant food?

A. Yes and you can do this in various ways. You can spray your food with Station Water. Or set it next to the station, or a bottle or glass of station water next to it. It’s also good to soak or spray all veggies and fruits with Plasma Water before putting in fridge. 

Q. Do you just put the specific solutions around the basic station and the station will be additionally charged so as to not have to drink them separately?

A. Yes. This is one way to do it.  Or depending on your space you can keep them in a pantry & make a small vial of them to keep by station. OR you can put each formula in a spray bottle and use it when you are feeling the need to support that area. If you potentize a jar of each formula you can splash that into your drinking water. 

Q: Will I need to write on each bottle the contents to “set intention” and/or a statement on the dispenser?

A: No you can just put your overall intention on your station.

Q:  Distilled water is good for enemas, but it’s not really that great for drinking. You could inform people of this because lots of people don’t know that they could be losing vitamins and minerals from the healthy bones by drinking this water…Here’s why: Since distilled water doesn’t contain its own minerals, it has a tendency to pull them from whatever it touches to maintain a balance. So when you drink distilled water, it may pull small amounts of minerals from your body, including from your teeth.

A:  When distilled water is used with plasma energy, the energy fields of vitamins, minerals, herbs, roots, and more are present in the distilled water to help the body balance itself.  Our recommendation has been that people use a good quality filter such as Zero water filter, Berkey, or some of the other good quality filters out there.  We discourage people from buying bottled ‘spring water’ as the real source of the water is not always in concert with the label.  Those who are lucky enough to have good quality well water or spring water from a source can use that.  Eating a balanced diet is always going to help but we have to also realize that even when foods say they are organic, are they really if there are chem trails being sprayed over the lands?

Q: Storing distilled water could be more of a problem. Distilled water can pull in minerals from any material it touches. This means it can absorb trace amounts of plastic or whatever substance is in the container that’s holding it.

A:  That is why we recommend the good quality filters or filtration systems for the water or the good quality well water or spring water such as we have from the side of the mountain outside of town.  But, keep in mind that some of  the plasma energies that are available in the plasma energy station are the same waters that are being used to clean up polluted rivers, lakes and land in many areas across the planet.

Q: I was wondering when I bought the plasma energy water station, did you “change” drinking water with real plasma,  and use “that water” to put into our vials? Or did you actually Make gans and pull the plasma water from the top and put them in the vials?  I almost have a feeling that you don’t even give us plasma water you’re giving us drinking water that’s been “changed”… 

A:  Paul always filled the vials from his 16 jars of gans waters that had the gans in the bottom of the jar he had made.  When you pull water from the top of the jar you are still getting nano particles of the gans.

Q: …Is it your belief that the “changed water” is just as potent as the plasma water? …

A: The changed water is just as potent as the plasma water.  That is why you can use water from your station to make vials or pairs of pads for friends.

Q: …and did you sell me, vials of “changed” drinking water?

A: We always send the vials that are made from the jars with the original gans.  I often show how to use spray bottles in the videos.  My spray bottles have some original gans water in them.  That adds the plasma energy fields to the bottle and the contents.  From then on I can add water to the spray bottle.  Paul emphasized many times that you have plasma energy fields of equal strength. 

Q:  …I wonder if YOU, Lynn, (not Dr. Paul as he is the one making the products), were actually selling the plasma from the GANS. I mean, if you believe the changed water is just as potent.. then why would you NOT just sell the changed plasma water? Why take all the time to extract .5ml from 16 different vials… you could essentially just extract as much drinking water as you want that is “changed” from the gans jars being around the station…. and if I UNDERSTAND you correctly, that IS JUST as POTENT, right?

A:  Yes, the changed water is just as potent.  It was Paul’s choice to fill the vials as he did from the individual jars of gans.  That is how he started doing them several years ago and that is how he continued.  Whether it was in veterinary practice or plasma energy Paul did not believe in cutting corners.  He believed in efficiency and always giving more than he promised. 

Q:  I don’t really feel that much from the station. It’s mostly in the head in belief. Sometimes I think I do, but the water from my tap freezes in the same type of patterns as my plasma water. There’s seems to be no difference.   I use artesian well water from a well, of my neighbors, that’s 1000 feet,  in my glass water dispenser as my plasma water station. 

A:  The artesian water you are using is likely of a much higher quality than the water that most people have access to and has more energy aspects to it than most municipal tap waters.  Consider the effects of being able to use water that is not laced with chlorine, fluoride, mercury and much more.

Q:  If having made yourself separate water stations for each vial,  you then attach each one to one main station, then I am assuming then that that water now has all of the properties of each vial? 

A:  Correct.

Q: So can you then take that water and place in a separate bottle and take with you to make more (having all of the vials properties in it?) in another water station?

A:  Correct.

Q: Reason I am asking is I travel quite a bit .  I would rather have the actual water to take with me, rather than paper towels. And if so, how large of a bottle would you need to do another main water station,  a pint?, a quart? 

A:  It’s your call on size.  Just make sure you have good quality water to add to that.  I suggest filtered or distilled water.  When we say you can use spring water, we mean pristine spring water out of the ground and not ‘spring water’ labeled water in the grocery store that is often tap water with a fancy name.

Q:  Also,  I took the vials and placed them in a clear baggie, then put into my glass container.  I am hoping that is alright?  I was just worried that the vial would get compromised being in the water. So they have to be at the bottom of the container? 

A:  That is just fine.  I have multiple vials right inside some of my water containers.  Some are at the bottom and some of them float in the container.

Q:  Is spraying sheets, clothing, furniture, well anything, as effective as soaking for couple of hours in rinse water, or is the longer time better?

A:  Yes, once the water is sprayed on or soaked on the plasma energy is present.

Q: Also,  if you do put say 30 vials around one main water station,  I know you say that your body will use only what it needs?  So is it safe to assume you can’t overdose on any of these supplements or what ever each vial has in it?

A: If your body only uses what it needs then that implies that it won’t overdose.  You are thinking of overdose in the matter state.  This is the plasma energy state.

Q:  I still have your 16 vial plasma kit from the very beginning, I only paid $20.00 for it!! Lucky me. I haven’t used it in quite a while.  

A:  So I take it that since the plasma energy station only cost you $20 that you think it has no value.  Why would you not use the energy water?  Now maybe you understand why this costs $337…you cannot get it anywhere else and it has nearly 500 energies in it for your body to select from to help it balance itself and therefore heal itself.   Often people who get something for free or don’t ‘pay enough’ for it don’t respect it for the amazing gift that it is.  Please don’t order anything if you are not going to use it.

Q:  when I select a package where I chose 12 remedies for example where do I list the 12 I would like?

A: You can either place them in comments in your order or you can put them in an email to me.

Q:  Also, if I fill a small vial with whichever plasma energy water and tape it to whichever clear container, do I only need to use 1 vial  versus using 2 pads ( 1 larger and 1 smaller ) opposite each other ?

A:  Yes, that is correct.

Q:  I believe it is OK to boil the plasma water to make coffee or tea ?

A:  Boiling, freezing, adding to recipes for baking is all fine.

Q:  And I like to sweeten my tea with liquid stevia drops which I assume won’t effect the plasma water in any way ?

A:  Adding stevia will not affect the plasma water.  Remember, stevia is in the matter state; plasma energy is not in the matter state.  

Q:  When I pour out a glass of water to drink or fill a water bottle to take to work-can I put charged water in stainless to take to work?  How long does my water stay charged once out of the station?  

A:  Yes you can put it in an opaque container, plastic, stainless steel whatever. Once the water is charged it doesn’t wear out. 

Q:  If I have the translucent glass amber bottles to keep my sprays in, can I tape the pads on the outside of those rather than put a vial inside?

A:  In my opinion these translucent glass bottles are too dark. The plastic spray bottles I use are translucent but it’s easy to see the contents of the container. I don’t use the dark amber, blue or green bottles in the way you are asking about.

Q:  Is there a limit to how many waters I can put on the outside of my charging station -like all 25 at once?

A:  No, there is no limit but I always suggest making a mother source first and then adding vials you take from your mother source to your changing station. Again, your body will only use the energies it needs at any given time. You can purchase these 2 dram glass vials with lids online. I have had to resort to Amazon for the most consistent source of them. You can also get the plastic vials we send during the cold weather. If you tape glass vials to the outside of your station, if it’s in a ‘high traffic’ area use clear packing tape and I put bubble wrap over them so nothing is accidentally broken.

Q:  Is there a way I can use my used Young Living oil bottles with the water as they are translucent? 

A:  You can use them for carrying water, but I would not use them on the outside of your station because they are not ‘translucent enough.’


Q: I would like to share with you the latest video with Marina Jacobi, author of books Nanotechnology and the Harmonic reactor:  The entire video is worth watching, my question about the plasma GANS comes at 27 minutes in. She talks about radiation in plasma water.  I was wondering if you and Paul did any testing that would show if there’s radiation in your GANS?

A: None of the ingredients we used in the Plasma Energy Station were radioactive. One cannot make material radioactive by breaking it down into mono-atomic elements if it is not already radioactive.  Our process cannot take an non-radioactive ingredient and make it radioactive.  One of the ingredients, cyanocobalamine, has cobalt in it that is not a radioactive form.  Cyanocobalamine is commonly called vitamin B12 and is available over the counter without prescription.  We did not do any testing as there was no reason to do any testing. We would not feel qualified to expound on a public forum on parallel time lines. We find it curious that someone with no experience of the Plasma Energy Station and the vast amount of information we have made available would expound on the Plasma Energy Station.   We have done no testing for radiation for the foregoing reasons.

Throughout the Knowledge Seeker and Medical workshops with Keshe Foundation of which we had copious notes, there was no mention of radiation in the process we learned and used for the Plasma Energy Station.  The Plasma Energy Station is for people, pets and plants.  It is not in the same category as any plasma energy devices being designed for space or time travel or ‘free’ energy. 

Shipping Products

Q:  Do you know if the Plasma Energy products that I’ll receive from USA will be going through the custom and will be x-rayed? And in the positive will the products be altered?

A: We don’t send vials of water; we send Pads outside the United States. The pads contain the GANs such of the items you order. You place the pads on the outside of a clear glass or plastic water jars.  That will be the water you can use. Watch this video to learn how Lynn makes and uses the Pads

Q: I am from Canada; can I get the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Vials?

A:  We do not ship any of the vials outside the US, but are happy to send a pair of  the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads so you can tape them onto your clear glass or plastic water dispenser.  We do the same for any vials that you order, for example the Never Ending Plasma Energy Insomnia Relief.  The pads will be made with the liquid plasma formula for the Insomnia Relief.  You can then affix them to the outside of the clear glass or plastic water dispenser.

Q: When you ship the vials, multiple vials at once, don’t the energies mix?

A:  If you are thinking of mixing as in the matter state when you ‘mix’ a cake, no.  When you, your friend, and your cousin sit together at a table, your energies fields may ‘mix’ but you are still separate people.  When you leave the table you are still separate people.  When you travel in a car together you are still separate people.

Q: I want to order the headache relief for my daughter who lives in Arizona and the insomnia relief for myself and I’m in pa. would you split two packages and how would I go about doing that?

A:  place a regular order.  In the comment section say the headache goes to your daughter and put her address in the comments.  Then say the insomnia relief goes to you and your address will already be in the order.

Q:  Are you able to ship to Australia?

A: Yes Pamela, I send the pairs of patches by international first class mail.  I will send them in several manila envelopes mailed every other day.

Shungite Magnets and Pendants

Q: I have precious shungite stones that I put in my water bottle. Can I do that when I stick on plasma energy pads?

A: Yes that is totally fine.

Q: Can Shungite Magnets be used for pain?

A: Paul suggested that a client use the Shungite-Silver GANS Magnet under her pair of Plasma Energy Gloves on her persistently sore place on her hand.  She had carpal tunnel surgery over a month ago.  She is wearing the gloves to sleep in and placed the Shungite-Silver GANS Magnet on her hand under the gloves.  She reported that the pain was gone the next morning that has persisted over the last month.  Her job requires a lot of lifting as well as typing.  She told us her hand was still pain free after already working 5 hours that day

Q:  I’m still studying this subject (EMFs and shungite) because of a high powered telephone line adjacent to my home.  My question today is “Isn’t shungite suppose to be conductive?” I’m talking about the shungite in the amazonite pendant.  I’ve purchased a Multimeter and set it to 200 ohms. The meter stays on 1, not going to 0 or -1 like the other conductive items I’m checking.  I’m very happy with the beauty of the pendant and am not complaining at all.   Just help me understand if this is supposed to be conductive or not.  I’m curious where the shungite came from.

A: There are claims that shungite is conductive.  The Russians have studied the torsion fields of the shungite and shungite in its pure form is conductive.  The way you have it in a pendant is that it is in an epoxy which does not conduct electricity and it also does not inhibit the torsion fields of the shungite particles and silver gans embedded in it.  A main benefit is that the shungite affects harmful torsion fields that are counter to  normal torsion fields that are beneficial to our bodies.  Altering harmful torsion fields is the main purpose for utilizing shungite, silver gans and magnets.  The pendant is constructed to inhibit the flow of harmful electro magnetic fields (EMFs) to your body.  Your pendant is not designed to conduct electricity. 

The shungite we use comes from Karelia, Russia.  It is readily available for those who have time to wait for it and are willing to spend more on postage than on the shungite.  Our last order of $126 for shungite had a shipping cost of over $140.  We are willing to pay that for the volume of shungite that we use and get the quality of shungite that we want.

Q: Shungite magnet for iPhone does not fit between back of my phone and inside case. Do I stick magnet on back of iPhone case – or does plastic case interfere with EMF protection?

A: I don’t know if the plastic case interferes.  How about making a smaller sticker by spraying with the New Tech Frequency Relief water you ordered? Then use the magnet on any other wifi device or electronic device.

Q: Do you use the pendants with the shungite and lapis facing out, or towards the body?

A: I prefer to wear mine facing out as some of them are rather ‘lumpy.’

Q: How do the pendants contain the plasma energy from the silver gans water, as well as magnets?

A:  The shungite is soaked with silver gans water.  When that combination dries it is crushed into a fine powder.  The fine powder is then mixed in an epoxy that is placed in candy molds for the round shape.  The magnets are put into the molds first and then the mixture is placed over the magnets. 

Q: I am awaiting the arrival of my 2nd order ( the Large Pendant ) and am wondering if I tape it to a clear container full of filtered water, would the plasma energy transfer from the pendant to the water ?

A:  I don’t have an answer for that.  I wear the pendants, I don’t tape them to jars.  Having said that here is some information about using the pendant:

Just checking in before I head to work.  I put the large pendant you sent me in the lining of Chy’s bed yesterday, and she laid there all afternoon and evening, then I took that same bed upstairs and she slept on it all night.  She is about 80% better today and the drain appears to have done a great job eliminating the fluid.  I know she will do much better moving forward.  Thanks for the suggestion of the pendant.

Q:  My necklace has a stone that was off.  It was like it was not pushed in the shungite far enough-I am going to try gluing it but will it glue on such a slick surface?  

A:  Use some super glue…it works perfectly.


Also see Colloidal Silver Section on this page

Q: I was specifically looking as to whether there is the energy of Silver in either the Clear Mind or Anxiety formula ..Do you know?

A: Silver is in the Plasma Energy Station Water and Anxiety Relief.

Q: thank you again for your energy vials and most, importantly your time that was the last question…just wanted you to know that when I can find someone in my area with a Geiger meter to measure radiation and EMF’s  I will test your formula and let you know of results…I suspect your formula might help to protect from EMFs    Dr Klinghart , German MD, once voted top MD in the world , teaches Functional Medicine MD’s…specializing in neuro like Autism and Dementias,  will not treat someone unless they protect them selves from EMF,s, such as wearing underwear made of silver , silver netting over beds, etc.  all so expensive..  Of course , its too expensive for most to do this,    I’m very excited about the possibility of the silver form in the formula for possible protection…I will  make a vial to  put  in  toilet  reservoir, so water can be treating the water overnight before it is flushed into the system, and will treat something I can put down into the soil around town , to help uplift the planet


Q: Do you have a water that holds the healing properties of prednisone? The reason I’m asking is that I have a severe case of sinusitis and nasal polyps. I’m past the point where I should go see a doctor and take prednisone and maybe antibiotics to shrink the polyps, which keep growing back. I was wondering if there is a safer way to take prednisone which does not have the side effects, such as shrinking the lining of the brain where it touches the sinuses cavities above the eyes.

 I am new to your website and your products, so please forgive me if I sound uninformed. I’m just reviewing your site now. If you have any suggestions on how to treat sinusitis and nasal polyps (and asthma, too), I’m all ears!  Thank you very much and looking forward to learning about your work.

A: Neither Paul nor Lynn has first hand experience with what you are describing.  If one of us was dealing with the issues our choice would be using the plasma energy station for overall well-being and helping to bring balance to your body. We would do this if we were in your situation.  And we would add the use of Inflammation Relief (Never Ending Ancient Sacred plant Inflammation Relief).  Once you have made the separate jar of the Inflammation Relief you could use that water in a spray bottle and spray into your nasal passages directly with the Inflammation Relief water. 

You could also make a breathing tube using the same
water.  You get about 8 feet of aquarium
vinyl tubing and coil it in a large jar with both ends hanging outside the
jar.  Then you pour Inflammation Relief
water over the tubing (not into the tubing). 
One end of the tubing is the air intake and you are sucking on the other
end.  If we were doing this we would do
it many times a day for several minutes at a time.  

You can also add both the station water and Inflammation Relief to your laundry, particularly pillow cases and head wear.  One other thing you could try is putting drops of the Inflammation Relief on small ‘spot’ bandaids.  When we use the bandaids we make several dozen at a time.  You fold the tape covering back to expose the gauze and add a couple of drops of the water and let the bandaids dry.  Once they are dry we store them in a baggie and they are ready to use as they drop off after several days.  Just wear them 24/7.  You’ll wear 2 on one side of your nose and 1 on the other side.  When you add new bandaids you switch sides and let the opposite side have 2 and the other side have 1. 

The other thing you will want to do is see if you can figure out the root cause of the polyps and sinusitis.  If it’s allergies both the waters mentioned can be helpful according to the many testimonials we have had from other people. 

Q:  Is there one of your products that works particularly well on sinuses? My sinuses stay completely  plugged. I am mostly a total mouth breather. I’ve seen a regular doctor and his Rx doesn’t help. I’ve tried sinus flushes and they make things worse. 

A:  For sinuses you might want to look into Detox and Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief.  Drinking the plasma energy water consistently helps bring your body into balance.

Skin Issues

Q: I use a lot of lotion because of itching skin. How can water make my skin not itch?

A: The Never Ending Plasma for Itching Skin balances the plasmatic fields of the skin and a balanced skin does not itch. Testimonial from Paul: My skin has itched for years due to diabetes. After using the Itching Skin spray for a few days it no longer itches; I spray my body after every shower and I no longer have to use lotion.

Q: My dog scratches all the time because of itching skin. Will the Never Ending Plasma for Pet Spray for Itching help him?

A: As a veterinarian for over 30 years, Paul always recommended a high quality balanced dry dog food. If that does not get results he would recommend the Never Ending Plasma Energy Pet Spray for Itching. Spray it liberally on your dog to balance the plasmatic fields of the skin. Testimonial from Pat: plasma energy water for Charlie the dog brought relief to his itching feet and he is no longer chewing his feet, and they are not bleeding!

Q from Blake: I have inflammatory autoimmune condition of the skin—the pain is inexplicable most of the time.  I am getting draining lesions that are massive in the groin area and under the arms.  And I am trying to get new technologies.  I have some gans water.  I have tried many things from pharmaceutical and medical and I’ve been on colloidal silver.  What would you suggest?

A: You can try a mixture of CO2 and ZnO and you might have some infection so you add some CuO and to strengthen it you would add a small amount of CH3.  Get 4 jars. Take clear glass or plastic and take the plasma station water.  Label one jar with CO2, the next with ZnO, the third with CuO and the 4th one is labeled CH3.  CH3 is a building block of all sugars and is basically energy and will add a boost to what you are already using.  Then I would take 50 ml CO2 water and put in a spray bottle; 50 ml of ZnO added to it; 20 ml of CuO and 10 ml of Ch3. All that goes in a spray bottle and always spray the affected areas with the water.  Spray your sheets that you sleep on and your pillow case.

Blake: I have this on the base of my neck.

Paul: take doubled over paper towel and soak with the water in your spray bottle and put over the affected areas under your shirt, your underwear and your cap.  Let the sprayed paper towel dry completely and then wrap it completely in a plastic baggie.  We use zip lock bags and just cut the zipper portion off.  Then you can seal the baggie shut with clear packing tape. You can wear these pads in your underwear and in your hat during the day.  (Lynn’s note:  the scientist who developed this uses plastic baggies because they are made of carbon which is compatible with the skin.)  Spray yourself after your shower as well as your sheets.  When you use this your intention is very, very important. Put a prayerful intention on the pads and the water that it will do the highest and best good for your body.  Research in KF has found that 99% of all body diseases are caused by the emotion and your state of mind.

Blake: it definitely gets worse with high stress.

Paul: drink the water in everything—coffee, tea, in your cooking and basically you want to saturate yourself and your environment.  Spray around the house and in your bedroom and let the energy permeate.  I don’t know how soon you will see results and you may notice improvement within the first week.  How long have you had this condition?

Blake: it’s a disease you are born with and it showed itself drastically in freshman year of college and now I am 29 years old.  It’s gotten terrible and I’ve had surgery to remove lesions and add skin grafts.  It’s gotten debilitating and has lead to blood poisoning.

Paul: you have nothing to lose in trying this.

Blake: I’d like to become fully functional.

Paul: give it a try and come back to the call and let us know how you are doing and how it is or is not working.  The ZnO carries the plasma energy field that influences your emotions.  Even spray your clothes with it’ you want it in all your clothing; wear those patches in your clothing and your hat.  Drink the water and use as much as you for everything you can thing of.  We even use the water for the plants and the cats.  We put ZnO in it and it’s helped their attitudes and they have mellowed out.  Just be sure to consciously put your prayerful intention on the water and every time you use it say this water is going to do the highest and best for my body and I am healed.  Let us know how you are doing.

Tommy Lee: how about Miracle II soap?

Lynn:  that a great addition, please go ahead and explain to him Tommy.

Tommy Lee: lather down with the soap and stay in the tub for 45 minutes.  Leave the water in the bathtub and let me know what color the bath water is… white, yellow, green, gray, blue or black.  You can use the spray and the miracle II and that will open your pores and push area out of the bath water.  Use a little bit of soap and gel and cover with plastic which will push into the infection and cause it to break down.  They dissolve the disease and helps stop the itching.  You will notice the bathwater will become less filled with color as you continue to do this.  You add the plasma water to the soap and it will be 6 to 7 times stronger.  Pam will tell you what the soap and the plasma water have done for her.  The miracle II soap and plasma water go hand in hand.


Q: My father had a bad stroke a few days ago. It was caused by a calcified carotid artery. An operation is no longer possible! So a new stroke can happen at any time again! Is there something you can recommend my father helping to cleanse his arteries! That would be very helpful for us!

A: If it was my family member I would combine detox, clear mind, peace or anxiety and the energy station water and anything else you think is appropriate for him to drink to make him more comfortable.  You could make a breathing device for him to breathe the energies in.  Look under the Breathing Device Section on this page for instructions. The lungs are what gives ‘fuel and messages’ to the brain.  Have your father do this as often as he can. Dr. Paul said what he would do if it was him would be to make some CO2 and ZnO patches or patches made of the station water.  He would place one patch 3 times thicker than the other.  He would put the pair on each side of his neck over the carotid arteries.  They are on both lateral sides of the neck and go up behind the ears.  Put the patches on either side right below the ear lobes on his neck. 

Q: Can you recommend what products are good for stroke?

A: We don’t prescribe but if I were dealing with stroke issues I would be using the Plasma Energy Station-aka Basic Preparedness Kit and I would consider Healthy Woman or Super Woman Plus.   

Super Woman Plus

Q:  My friend and I are looking at Super Woman. We were going to get Kan-Sir and then we saw it is in Super Woman. We are thinking that Kan-Sir separately would help anyone with cancer. Since we already have Thyroid, Clear Mind, and Healthy Gut and if we get Kan-Sir, would is suffice to get Healthy Woman and Healthy Genes?

A:  The plasma energies in Super Woman Plus include Healthy Genes, Healthy Gut, Healthy Thyroid, Healthy Woman, UTI-Vag Relief, Peace, Clear Mind, Parasite, and Kan-Sir.

Q: Super woman plus. Notice it has other kits in it like Healthy Genes. Would I receive everything in benefit as if I bought healthy gene separately?

A: Yes you would.

Tap Water

Q: I have a question about plain old tap water. For years we had well water and now we have drinking water like everybody else. If I want to plasmerize the tap water, what happens to the chlorine?

A: the plasma water is removing gmo from seeds.  When you take Gans which is Gas in the Nano State you can use it on the tap water and just leave it longer and see what that will do for you.  You can use tap water and it might just take a little longer.

Thyroid Support

Q- I have my thyroid gland checked at long intervals. Does my thyroid gland take what it needs from the Thyroid Support and can I not overdose?

A- I don’t have first hand experience with that.  Some have told me that they were able to use the Thyroid Support exclusively after some time.  You will have to monitor it for yourself and see what works for you.

Q. I see Thyroid has green vibrance in it. I take Green Vibrance. I’m intending that I will get most if not all of the nutrients through drinking the plasma water and will not have to purchase all those supplements. 

A. from Cary Ellis: YES! It is ideal to make our supplements into Gans. This will minimize our use of the physical products, as we get the benefits from the plasmatic fields of those supplements (potentizing our water or adding to our station). We’ll be going over how to do these in upcoming Plasma at Home member classes at our website.


Q: My father-in-law was being operated on for a benign tumor on the foot. Now the wound has to heal. Which GANS would you use to support this?

A: It might help to balance things with him by using the Plasma Energy Station Water.  Also if you use Inflammation Relief you could use that along with the station water.

Uterine Tract Infections

Q:  I’m thinking of using too:  Healthy Kidney or Healthy Bladder.  Or have I covered everything with UTI-Vag Relief for Women?

A:  Healthy Kidney is a separate formula that Dr. Paul did in November, 2019.  It was not included in Healthy Bladder or UTI-Vag Relief and is intended for men or women.  The same is true of Healthy Bladder.  Many of the Healthy Bladder energies are in the UTI-Vag which also has some specific energies for women.

Virus Relief

Q:  I’ve been buying supplements since the late 80s from Mr Mower out of Utah and he is a very good scientist. A few days ago I received a youtube from him where he had a suggestion re the current what’s its name one If you like I’ll send it to you— it is having enough fulvic acid In the blood stream he explains why. I know it’s in your Detox and Pain Relief.  But if it checks out correct might it be possible to include in the Virus Relief?

A: The fulvic acid is already there.  For me to add another fulivic acid, it will take 2 to 4 months to extract the plasma energy from that fulvic acid in order to do it properly the way Dr. Paul and I always do it.

Wells, Water Pumps, Hydroponics

Q: from Marilyn outside the US (regarding the plasma energy station pads she ordered):  How much energy water do I have to pour down the well?  For how long do I let it sit before I start pumping water again?  What effect would this have on my water?  Water starts at 240 feet, down to 425 feet.  Pump is set mid way between these two depths.  Water is processed through a conditioner, but the conditioner does not filter out iron (bacteria) sulphur (bacteria) or sodium bicarbonate.  It is considered soft, good for cleaning and laundry.  It is potable, but the high bicarb content is not so desirable.  I get RO water in 5 gallon containers for cooking and drinking.  I am energizing it with the 2 pads, and then sending it through the Berkey.  Should I put it through the Berkey before energizing?  My and my neighbor’s health is improving.  He is off Lantis.  My BP has dropped more. 

A:  My best answer on how much for the well….Jim and Lisa McDonald in Australia have hydroponic commercial lettuce gardens with several green houses and a fish pond.  When they started with plasma water in their circulating water system they hung one large plastic water bottle in the circulating water in the middle green house.  Their lettuce quality and yields went up significantly.  Look for their workshops on you tube.  I will eventually have their links on my website….eventually.

Winter Wellness, Zinc Oxide

Q:  I heard about zinc oxide masks. Can we spray the zinc plasma water on a mask for killing the virus or the winter plasma water on a mask? I’ve also heard of spraying masks with colloidal silver too.


A:  I would spray the masks with the plasma energy station water and the Winter Wellness….you’ve got better coverage with silver gans, zinc, c60 and much, much more.  Go look at all the ingredients. Just remember that the difference between the quality of energy in colloidal silver and plasma silver gans water is the difference between the silver in a pre-1960 dime and a 5 oz. silver bar.  It isn’t necessarily the amount of the silver but the quality of the silver. Colloidal silver is certainly better than nothing!  But we have stronger tools in our plasma pantries.  The zinc oxide GANS water is present in the plasma energy station and many, many of our plasma energy combinations.


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

Any and all features, articles, workshops, videos, and discussion of the benefits of Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products are intended for educational purposes only and in no way should be taken as medical advice.  We encourage you to make health care decisions based upon personal research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family. You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products. The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance. If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes in order to help change conditions in your body.


PLASMA ENERGY SOLUTION, PMA, has ORIGINAL SIGNED ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION  with Lynn Schmaltz, Trustee.  Signed DECLARATION AND TESTIMONIUM IN SUPPORT OF DECLARATION REGARDING ORIGINAL SIGNED ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION PLASMA ENERGY SOLUTON, PMA, are with Lynn Schmaltz, Trustee.  Grantor Trust of PLASMA ENERGY SOLUTION, PMA is Recipient 983142-341348-041035 Trust, No. MZ3210-111060-140057.   One dollar of a first time-purchase grants membership status to the purchaser.  The only membership requirement of purchaser/member is to use, enjoy and benefit from the Plasma Energy Solution products.