Frequently Asked Questions

Download the files below to read a transcription of a live call for more frequently asked questions.

Q:  Some people talk about using Miracle II Soap with Plasma Energy Water; where do I find out more about Miracle II Soap?

A:  Miracle II Soap is Nature’s Supernaturally balanced PH products Concentrated, Biodegradeble & Eloptic charged Minerals that Clean, Deodorize and can be  used Safely for the Whole Body and wherever cleaning is needed.  The PH of Miracle II soap is 9.4.   There are thousands of ways to safely use Miracle II for people plants and pets.  And while it is tough enough to clean a motor it is gentle enough to bathe a newborn baby.  The difference is how you dilute it.  Many people using Miracle II soap with Never Ending Plasma Energy Station water are finding that they are increasing the strength of the soap and being able to use a smaller amount.    Contact Lynn at for information on where to purchase Miracle II soap.

Q  from Isabelle:  I have your ancient sacred plant pads. Does the same protocol work with the pads? Does one set of pads have a set percentage? If I wanted to change the percentage of CBD, would I have to set up another set of pads with another jar? I was assuming a set of pads would have a set % of CBD, that is why I was curious what was the percentage set for my current set of pad?  Or, is it that every time I fill my jar with the current pads with new water, can I, at that point, set up my intention for % of CBD?   I hope I’m expressing myself clearly enough to be understood.

A:  Isabelle the percentage does not matter in plasma energy.  Ratios are determined by you.  For instance when using CO2 and ZnO plasma waters you may have a protocol that uses equal amounts twice a day and twice the amount of ZnO to CO2 at the end of the day.  It’s hard for people to wrap their heads around all this.
If you want the plasma energy of the ancient sacred plant to have a certain percentage of CBD and so forth, that is for you to determine when you set up your vial.  You have all the plasma energy elements of the plant.  Now you determine the ratios.  You may have your main jar and then separate jars with different ratios.  It is your intention.

Q from Paulette:  My concern is this.  My husband has lots of issues but the biggest one right now that has gotten worse is his Narcolepsy.  It has gotten quite bad. Is there something more we can do to help with this?

A: if  you have not done so yet take a 1/2 cup of water from your station, put it in a jar and label it ZnO2 – zinc oxide.  Take another 1/2 cup of water put it in a jar  and label it CO2.  Take another 1/2 cup of water, put it in a jar and label it CH3. Also, 2 more small jars with 1/4 cup water in each of them and label one of them amino acids and the other one hemoglobin.

After they sit over night take another jar of 1 cup of distilled water.  Add 3/4th cup of ZnO2 and 1/4th cup of CO2 but leave enough room at the top to add 1/4 teaspoon of CH3, 1/4th teaspoon of amino acids and 1/4th teaspoon of hemoglobin.  Then if there is room left, add distilled water.  Now label this jar “narcolepsy relief.”  Before you use any of the water in the jar, put a small amount in a very small jar that will act as your special vial of Narcolepsy Relief.  This is your ‘seed’ jar, just like all the vials on the energy station.  You can tape it to the side of the main jar you have labeled narcolepsy relief.

As you use water from the narcolepsy relief jar just add distilled water to it as the water in the jar and in your small ‘seed’ jar will always change the water you add to the energy of the narcolepsy relief water.   Drink 1/2 cup of the narcolepsy relief water every day morning, noon and night.. This works because all the energy fields of the above are already in your energy station.  You are using a majority of ZnO2 because that assists the emotions.  You have to assist the emotional reason for the narcolepsy before the condition changes. You can make some patches to put in a hat that he wears (baseball cap?).  You will make them small enough so that they fit inside the hat on either side.  One patch will be 3 times the thickness of the other patch.  See How to Make the Patches on the website,  Soak the paper napkins or paper towels with your narcolepsy relief water.  Also, wash your sheets and pillowcases and his shirts and tee shirts with an extra rinse to which you will add 1 cup of narcoplepsy releif water and let it soak for a couple of hours.  Then do the final spin and dry the clothing.  The energy will stay in the clothing.  There is no ‘expiration date’ and it doesn’t ‘fade.’  Washing your clothing in the same laundry is fine as this combination is effective for emotional support in people and pets.

Q from Paulette: I have washed out sheets in the plasma water and Ted uses a CPAP machine every  night so I have been filling it with plasma water every night also. But now I will change and use the narcolepsy water.  When I make the water for Ted, Do I need to keep the container away from (in another room) from the energy station?  I was under the understanding that the energy station and/or the water  from it would plasmatize everything around it.

A: Paul says it is not necessary to ‘separate’ them in different rooms.  Your power of intention for the use of the Narcolepsy relief can be written on the jar of water.  You are surrounded with plasma energy but remember the body takes only what it needs.
Q from Paulette:  May I order the vials for narcolepsy?
A: Paul has made two vials of the plasma energy for narcolepsy.  You will place one vial in a large container that you will use for drinking water and it will be one ounce of the water 3 times a day (morning, noon and night).  Once you have let your vial sit overnight in the large container that holds the vial plus the distilled water that you added to it, then you can take a cup of water out to add to your laundry.  Wash the sheets, pillowcases, towels and clothing in the water.  I do the complete wash cycle and then add an extra rinse.  Once the machine is filled with water with clothes soaking I add a cup of the plasma water and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours.  Then spin the clothes dry and put them in the dryer.  The energy fields do not have an ‘expiration date’ and will not ‘fade’ or ‘wear out.’ It’s okay to do this more than once if you don’t remember which clothes have been done and which haven’t been done.  It’s fine to do the laundry for anyone in the home in the water because our bodies only use the fields we need at any given time.
Take the 2nd vial and place it in a large spray bottle and add distilled water to it.  Once it has sat overnight you can spray your environment, a favorite tv chair, hats that are worn and so forth.  You can spray the car.  You can make a set of patches by spraying paper towel ( I like Bounty half sheets).  Spray around any room where a lot of time is spent.  Look on our website for how to make the patches.
Paul suggests that you make a breathing tube using the plasma energy.  You will get a large clear glass or plastic quart jar.  Then get some small diameter vinyl tubing at the hardware store or at a store that carries aquarium supplies.  You will get several feet of the tubing and coil it inside the jar with the ends hanging out either side of the jar.  Then you will add the narcolepsy relief plasma water from your large container of water to the jar and fill it almost to the top so that the vinyl tubing coils are covered with the water.  There is no water inside the coils.  The instructions say to put the vial in there, but you can fill it with water from the large container.  A good time for breathing is anytime there is TV time.  The more times the breathing unit is used during the day, the better.

Q from Marilyn outside the US (regarding the plasma energy station pads she ordered):  How much energy water do I have to pour down the well?  For how long do I let it sit before I start pumping water again?  What effect would this have on my water?  Water starts at 240 feet, down to 425 feet.  Pump is set mid way between these two depths.  Water is processed through a conditioner, but the conditioner does not filter out iron (bacteria) sulphur (bacteria) or sodium bicarbonate.  It is considered soft, good for cleaning and laundry.  It is potable, but the high bicarb content is not so desirable.  I get RO water in 5 gallon containers for cooking and drinking.  I am energizing it with the 2 pads, and then sending it through the Berkey.  Should I put it through the Berkey before energizing?  My and my neighbor’s health is improving.  He is off Lantis.  My BP has dropped more.  Answer when you can.  Thanks so much,  Marilyn

A:  My best answer on how much for the well….Jim and Lisa McDonald in Australia have hydroponic commercial lettuce gardens with several green houses and a fish pond.  When they started with plasma water in their circulating water system they hung one large plastic water bottle in the circulating water in the middle green house.  Their lettuce quality and yields went up significantly.  Look for their workshops on you tube.  I will eventually have their links on my website….eventually.

Once you put the water in the plasma energy fields start dispersing.  I put water in the local creek and my expectations and what I have been told are that the plasma water for peace went from here to the Yellowstone River to the Missouri River to the Mississippi River and on to the gulf.  Eventually the energy fields will mingle with the oceans.  And many people are doing this around the world.  You’re doing fine with the drinking water system.  I’m glad to hear of you and your neighbor’s health improvements!  thanks, Lynn

Q from Paula who ordered a Plasma Energy Station::  Hello thanks for your hard work for these items; I just learned about them.  I was on the site for research heard about gans and magrav last year but wasn’t ready.  I went to youtube for videos to make gans then went to ebay to order supplies and found you as I was getting ready to try to make my own. I was wondering vial 1 and 15 are the same, and 6 and 13 are the same.

plasma energy station patches

A: Paul rearranged the vials when we added more energy fields to them. So even though it may seem they are the same, they have extra things added in. 1 and 15 have different vitamins and herbs in them, and some that ‘overlap.’ CO2 is going to show up in more than one as it is an anchoring item when making some of the GANS. Paul did two food vials on purpose. The main purpose of the station in the beginning was to provide the plasma energy of food in case of a disaster when there was no food in the grocery store or your pantry.   While you are waiting for your package go to and read about ‘How to Use your Plasma Energy Station.’ You will find lots of information on the website, including the Testimonials, the FAQs and much, much more. Be sure to take time to watch 1st Montana Workshop and listen to the interview with John B Wells on Caravan to Midnight. Links are on the site.

Q from Alessandro from Italy: Since one year I’m following the plasma technology and I strongly feel I want to know deeper these applications.  I have studied electrotechnics and that is why I have approached this kind of technique.  Now I’m most interested in health, as my father  who is 85 years old, since 2 months began to suffer of senile dementia.  He is suffering of heart (he is regularly assuming a medicine named Cumadin), he also has difficulty on his short-term memory, on the eyesight and he can hardly stand on his legs.

I have done by myself Gans CO2 and CUO.  I have started giving him 1 tablespoon each day of CO2 and noticed a slight improvement on his short-term memory.  I also gave him CUO for a problem he got on his shoulder, but didn’t get any improvement.

I strongly believe he can improve withplasma technology but I’m not so experienced and don’t have any feedback from Italian people that can help me with these kind of problems.  I would like to have an advice from you on which Plasma Energy is more appropriate to buy from your website for this kind of diseases.

A: Alessandro, for the dementia he might benefit from drinking 2 oz of CO2 with a little CH3 followed by 6 oz of zinc oxide gans water three times a day.  Mix the same proportion and put in a spray bottle and spray hair, bedding, hats he wears, add to bath water, spray body after shower or bath.  Make a breathing device and add the same mixture of water for the tube to rest in.   Breathing Device:  Buy 7 to 8 feet of 3/16 – 3/8 vinyl/plastic tubing.  Coil it up and place it in a clear glass or plastic 1 to 2 quart jar, such as a mason jar.  Fill the jar with the water.  Breathe through the tube 2 hours or more a day.

Q:  Do you know if the Plasma Energy products that I’ll receive from USA will be going through the custom and will be x-rayed? And in the positive will the products be altered?

A: We don’t send vials of water; we send patches such as the ZnO, CH3 and CO2 that are described above that you will place on clear glass or plastic water jars.  That will be the water you can use for what is described above for your father.

Q: In order to give more energy to my father I would like to give him Gans of CH3 but I understood there are many ways to prepare it. Can you please advise me on the best way to do it?

A: As described by the scientists in his workshops he tells you exactly how to do that.  You will have to search on the Youtube videos.  It involves a Gans production using chicken wire mesh and a nano coated copper plate.

Q:  In order to have more mental acuity which Gans is more appropriate?

A: Alessandro, for the dementia he needs to drink 2 oz of CO2 with a little CH3 followed by 6 oz of zinc oxide gans water.  DO this three times a day.  Mix the same proportion and put in a spray bottle and spray hair, bedding, hats he wears, add to bath water, spray body after shower or bath.  Make a breathing device and add the same mixture of water for the tube to rest in.


Q.   Which are the appropriate Gans to improve the eyesight? Eventually can I give him a Gans drop water directly on the eyes?

A: the eye drops are a combination of 50 parts (drops or cc, whatever) of co2, 1 part copper oxide, 2 parts zinc oxide  and 2 parts CH3.  These are all plasma energy waters.

Q.  To assume calcium is it possible to prepare Gans food with veg food?

A: yes … the best way to get calcium gans is to use bones.  If you are using vegetables for the calcium gans use vegetables with high calcium content.  Mix this with equal amount of sodium hydroxide.  Pour hot boiling water over the vegetables and the sodium hydroxide.  Let it stand for at least 2 weeks, stirring it daily.  Then rinse thoroughly with distilled or filtered water 8 to 12 times until pH is 7 to 8.

Q:  We have seen dry Gans for sale and Liquid Plasma Gans. For dry Gans which kind of water should be added and what are the quantities? Liquid Plasma Gans can be used directly? And which kind of water should be used to add and for which quantities?

A: Use distilled or filtered water.  See the photos on our website that show the powdered gans in the bottom of jars of water and you will see how much water is added.

Q: I have seen on Youtube the 1st Montana workshop where you are talking about some pads. I didn’t understand very well the use of them, how to use and to energize them.

A: The pads are made from the gans waters.  Soak the paper towel pads thoroughly and let dry completely.  Then place them in plastic baggies and tape securely with clear packing tape.  Click here to view a video we made on making your own and click here to read our blog on how to make your own pain and peace pads.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads and Pain Pads

We do sell pads with various gans waters on them for out of the country people.  They can be sent in a letter or letters.  Send an email to for pricing as the only price on the website is for the Plasma Energy Station pads which are $97 US and not $197 as the vials cost.

Q from Matt:  I hope it is alright if I send you an email as I had just a few more questions after I have read furthermore on your site about the Energy Station that I received, and the full testimonials. I was wondering if the plastic container that you are using, is it a food container or a normal storage/clothing/item container as I was having a problem finding a food container (Walmart or Target) that was like that and only saw normal storage containers but they don’t state they are BPA free or if I need to worry about that (BPA)?

A: Many of the plasma energy fields in your plasma energy station water are the same fields to clean up land contamination and polluted rivers.  If you are especially worried about BPAs then get a glass container for your water.

Q: From my understanding and the testimonials, if I wanted to make some pain/health patches would I simply just use a folded paper towel and then fully wet it with the water that was plasmatized / energy charged from the container and then put it in a zip lock bag, or does it need to fully dried out and then put it in a zip lock bag and then that is all there is to it?

A: I always dry the pads completely and then put them in the baggies and tape them securely shut. See the link on the website on how to make the pads.  Many people have experienced that they get mold in the wet bags unless they add a little CuO energy water and seal the bags with a food sealer to get the air out.

Q: If one has health issues / cancer can you make a health / pain patch to put on that area with that CO2 + ZnO (kind of like I was mentioning above)?

A: yes, make two pads, one that is 3 times the thickness of the other so that you have a gradient.  The greater pad will give to the lesser pad to balance the energy and balance all the energy in between.  Be sure not to use any CH3 in the pad for cancer issues.  Also read the following page:

You can scroll down to More Uses for the Water and find out how to ‘reverse engineer’ from your plasma water into single jars or various waters that are part of the plasma energy station.

Q: I have heard that CO2 and ZnO is really good for health issues or to fight cancer, is the Energy Station able to make the energy charged water to be this type (intention)?

A: see above and also read the section on the Website about Intention.

Q:  Do you and Paul have the actual separated individual CO2 and ZnO gans that I could purchase or you could make for me to buy as people are recommending to have that actual one (in jar Gans at bottom and water above it) and to then take teaspoons out of the jar (never the actual gans sand like material) and to take that 2-3 times a day for cancer (if the Energy station would not work or the same)?

A:  Your plasma energy water that you separate as described above will give you the plasmatic fields that you are seeking from the gans water you are talking about.  You want the energy fields.  You could make a breathing device once you have the separate jars of plasma energy water.  What is important to realize is that even if your water container completely was out of water, all the energy fields are still there.

Q: When I was checking out the testimonials there was discussion about the Miracle II products but it mainly sounded like the Soap or the Gel in combination with the Energy Station water, I happen to have the Miracle II Neutralizer would I just take energy charged water from the Energy Station and then pour it in my cup and then also pour some Miracle II in the cup as well? Or does it need to both be in the Energy Station and to fully charge / energize and then to take it for the overall better effectiveness of the combination?

A:  As the testimonials tell you some people like to fully charge the whole bottle by putting in on or next to the plasma energy station.  Other people prefer to add the plasma water to the liquid soap.  For more information contact

Q: how do I make a breathing device?

A: you can purchase a hookah or make your own breathing system and put your plasma water in it.  you are breathing the fields of plasma and not the water. Here are instructions for making your own breathing system:

Use the water that addresses the conditions you are trying to improve.   You will add this water to the breathing device (hookah) of your choice that you can purchase locally or online.  The charged water is then placed in the bottom of the device and you breathe the air through a tube that passes through the water (you don’t breathe water, just the air).  The air you are breathing that is charged with plasma energy then goes to the lungs to support the emotion.  The center for the emotion is in the brain..   This method of breathing is being used for relief in various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and mental issues such as those brought on by stroke, Alzheimers and brain conditions in children.  This is non-toxic and suitable for any ages.  There are no medicines in the air or the water in the breathing tube but only the plasmatic fields.  See articles on these conditions on our web page How to Use Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  

Q: How could I use vials for joint and knee pain to make pads that can be used for joint and knee pain?

A:   We can do a vial of the combination of the gans in it to make the pads with.  The easiest way to use it would be to place it unopened (you never open the vials) into a clear plastic spray bottle.  Then the pads can be soaked with the spray and once they are completely dry they can be put inside plastic zip lock baggies.  The pads would be made as a set of 2 with one being 3x the thickness of the other.  That way you have a gradient between the two pads so that the plasma energy seeks to balance the pads and everything between them.  The plasma energy in the vial does not ‘wear out’ or expire.

Q? How frequently are eye drops used?

When Paul started with the eye drops he used them 3x daily.  Now he uses them 2x daily (a couple drops in each eye) and has about 90% reduction of the cataracts.  Because you are using the oil you will not be reading fine print for anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour (seems to vary with people).  Our son has ‘dry eye’ and says these drops are better than the most expensive drops he ever got to treat the dry eye.  Paul and I both use the eye drops on gums if there’s ever a sore gum (I occasionally ‘forget’ that I can’t eat cashews or pecans because my gums get inflamed and it clears the issue up usually within 24 hours).  My brother uses the eye drop formula on the surgical scars from skin cancer removal and has avoided lots of plastic surgery.

Q:  Can you explain how plasma energy is formed?

A:  go to pages 83 through 97 of the 177th Knowledge Seekers workshop for an explanation with graphics.  3 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds:

177th Knowledge Seekers Workshop 22nd June 2017.

177th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Q: Instead of purchasing the knee rings for pain am I able to purchase a vial so I can make knee patches as you have shown?

A: yes, we will add the vial to our products list for $57 in the coming days with all the plasma waters that are in the knee rings.  The same can be done for wrist rings.  The easiest way to use the vial would be to place it unopened (you never open the vials) into a clear plastic spray bottle.  Then the pads can be soaked with the spray and once they are completely dry they can be put inside plastic zip lock baggies.  The pads would be made as a set of 2 with one being 3x the thickness of the other.  That way you have a gradient between the two pads so that the plasma energy seeks to balance the pads and everything between them.

Q:  How frequently would someone use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Drops?

The Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Relief are used by many 2 times or 3 times a day.  Because you are using the oil you will not be reading fine print for anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour (seems to vary with people).  One individual with ‘dry eye’ says these drops are better than the most expensive drops he ever got to treat the dry eye.  Others report they are using the eye drops on inflamed gums with good results, another uses the eye drop formula on the surgical scars from skin cancer removal for fast healing.

Q: I am from Canada; can I get the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Vials?

A:  We do not ship any of the vials outside the US, but are happy to send a pair of  the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads so you can tape them onto your clear glass or plastic water dispenser.  We do the same for any vials that you order, for example the Never Ending Plasma Energy Insomnia Relief.  The pads will be made with the liquid plasma formula for the Insomnia Relief.  You can then affix them to the outside of the clear glass or plastic water dispenser.

Q: I am very interested in trying plasma energy. I’m not sure which one to begin with.  Thanks.

A:  The best way to get ‘immersed’ into the plasma energy that most people have found is to get started with the Plasma Energy Station.  First read about How to Use the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station on the website below.  There are a lot of applications for the energy in addition to the well being of you, your pets and your plants.  When you are ready you can place your order on the website and pay with Paypal (and you can use your debit or credit card through Paypal also) or with check or postal money order. 

Q: What if I do not have a bank account and cannot use Paypal to purchase products?

A:  Never Ending Plasma Energy Products may be purchased in several ways.  The first way is to go to our shopping page, select the products you want and check out.  You will have the option to pay with postal money order or checks, or through Paypal.  We prefer you not to pay by Paypal as they are holding your money for 21 days before they release it to us.  If you choose to pay with postal money order or check we will send you a free gift of either a Never Ending Plasma Energy Hand Sanitizer Vial or a Never Ending Plasma Energy Mosquito Spray Vial.  To expedite receiving your products you can send us the tracking number and the copy of your postal receipt by email. As soon as we receive that we will send your order with your free gift right away and provide you with our tracking number.  If you prefer to pay by personal or business check the process is the same as for the money orders except we will not send out your order until your check clears our bank first.  Please make checks out to Lynn Schmaltz.

Q: How do I order Miracle II soap products referred to in the Testimonials?

A:  Send an email to requesting information.


Q: Is there any place I can see more information about the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station?

A:  See 1st Montana Workshop  on You Tube by Paul and Lynn for more on plasma energy. Just go to you tube and enter “1st Montana Workshop.” Watch our video here.

Q: Isn’t CO2 causing global warming?

A: All living things on our planet are made of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen plus small amounts of many other elements.  Without carbon none of these living things can exist.  See for an excellent discussion on this.

Q: What kind of medicine is plasma energy?

A: Plasma energy is not ‘medicine’ and there are no added chemicals or medicines to plasma energy water. Plasma Energy water carries plasmatic fields (think of the fields of magnets) of the various natural elements. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes to promote well being of people, plants and animals (pets, birds, fish, horses, cattle, etc).

Q: Can I use Plasma Energy Solutions if I am on medication?

A: Plasma energy is not ‘medicine’ and there are no added chemicals or medicines to plasma energy water. Plasma Energy water carries plasmatic fields (think of the fields of magnets) of the various natural elements. When laboratory analyses are done on plasma energy water all that is found is water with no toxins or chemicals. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes to promote well being of people, plants and animals (pets, birds, fish, horses, cattle, etc). Plasmatic fields serve to balance the body’s natural plasmatic fields. University studies have shown solutions for various imbalances without the presence of any chemicals or toxins.

pet spray itching skin-odor

Q: How long does the plasma energy last in the solution I purchase?

A: According to the studies and information from the scientist who researchedplasma energy has been shown not to decay or lose any of its plasmatic field energy over time.

Q: If I have a plasma energy station filled with water, do I need to empty it on a routine basis and ‘clean it’?

A: The water in your station contains plasma energy that has been used to clean polluted rivers. There is no need to empty and clean it. Just continually add water to it as instructed and use its benefits every day.

Q: Is there printed information about Plasma Technology?

A: yes, over 70 public Knowledge Seekers’ Workshops (KSW) have been transcribed and can be found at The teachings from 130th KSW to 170th have been transcribed with screen shots from the video presentation as well as hyper links to various subjects in that workshop.

Q:  Can Plasma Energy Be Measured?

A.  Many people measure plasma energy fields by the use of dowsing rods as you see in the photo above or by pendulums.  An Aura vision expert showed the effects of the plasma energy on the auras of people  with a machine developed by a scientist in the US.  In the video that was recorded during a conference in Poland the machine was used to measure the effects of plasma energy devices on people attending the conference. The effects are shown before and after use of the plasma energy devices.  When we drink the water daily we become walking plasma containers.  As we balance our plasmatic fields think of the effect we have on those who are around us coming in contact with our plasmatic fields.

This is well demonstrated in the plasma energy application to the fields of one farmer who then has increased production, healthier plants, fewer pests and decreased used of pesticides and herbicides.  But as one farm has improvements, the plasma fields spread to neighboring farmers who may now understand why they are having a ‘good year.’ .


Q: How does the mosquito spray work?

A: Never Ending Plasma Energy mosquito spray is non-toxic and works by creating an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes who then leave to find a more hospitable environment. It can be used safely indoors and on your body. You can apply it generously to window screens, screen doors and around door frames as well as spraying throughout your home, your clothing and your camping tent and sleeping bag.

Q: How do the Never Ending Plasma Eye drops work?

A: The Never Ending Plasma Eye Drops balance the plasmatic fields of the natural substances of the eyes thereby bringing about normal, natural balance of the eye and surrounding tissues. Testimonial by Anthony: I have dry eyes and these drops work better than the most expensive drops I could find. Testimonial by Paul: After using the drops for 8 months the cataracts in both eyes are reduced by 85% according to my estimation. I can see better to drive at night and read and thread a needle without glasses.

hot tub vial

Q: How does the same plasma water work on people, plants and animals since they are all different?

A: 90% of all people, plants and animals are made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in different combinations to form the specific amino acids which make up the different proteins of their various bodies. Plasmatic fields restore the proper balance between the plasmatic fields of the various amino acids and return balance to the metabolic system.

Q: If the hand sanitizer contains no toxic chemicals how does it sanitize your hands?

A: the Never Ending Plasma Hand Sanitizer changes the environment of your hands so they are inhospitable to germs so they cannot multiply and expand. In experiments at the scientist’s foundation it has been found that the proper plasmatic fields have been shown to completely sanitize surgical instruments.

Q: Can the hand sanitizer be used for cleaning baby bottoms?

A: the Never Ending Plasma Hand Sanitizer is kind to baby’s skin as there are no chemicals or toxins for your baby’s delicate skin. You have a Never Ending Supply of plasma hand sanitizer for wiping cloths for your baby when sprayed on paper towels or your choice of material.

Q: I use a lot of lotion because of itching skin. How can water make my skin not itch?

A: The Never Ending Plasma for Itching Skin balances the plasmatic fields of the skin and a balanced skin does not itch. Testimonial from Paul: My skin has itched for years due to diabetes. After using the Itching Skin spray for a few days it no longer itches; I spray my body after every shower and I no longer have to use lotion.

Q: My dog scratches all the time because of itching skin. Will the Never Ending Plasma for Pet Spray for Itching help him?

A: As a veterinarian for over 30 years, Paul always recommended a high quality balanced dry dog food. If that does not get results he would recommend the Never Ending Plasma Energy Pet Spray for Itching. Spray it liberally on your dog to balance the plasmatic fields of the skin. Testimonial from Pat: plasma energy water for Charlie the dog brought relief to his itching feet and he is no longer chewing his feet, and they are not bleeding!


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

Any and all features, articles, workshops, videos, and discussion of the benefits of Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products are intended for educational purposes only and in no way should be taken as medical advice.  We encourage you to make health care decisions based upon personal research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family. You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products. The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance. If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes in order to help change conditions in your body.

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