How to Make Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station And How to Use The Plasma Energy Water

Yellow Packing-Charged with plasma energy during shipping. Save packing for later use.

Remove all packing material around the vials. Keep the foam pads as you can use those ‘charged’ pads for pain pads on knees, backs, and more.





station with vials
Apply vials to outside of container filled with distilled or filtered water

Attach the vials to the station of your choice with glue (hot glue gun, gorilla glue, whatever). If it will be in a ‘busy’ area put a row of clear packing tape over all the vials to prevent their being jarred lose.   People are using a variety of containers from clear glass ice tea containers that hold several gallons of water, to the see-through water jugs that hold up to 5 gallons of water.  Some prefer the tubs with lids as you see in the photo.  It’s your station and your choice!  The numbers on the vials are only there for Paul’s use when filling the vials and do not have to be placed in any certain order on your station.

Fill your plasma energy station with filtered water (or distilled if you don’t have filtered).  Be sure to put your intention on how you want your station to enhance the health and well being of you, your family, your pets and your plants.  Let the distilled water ‘charge’ overnight and then it’s ready to use.  When the distilled water goes to halfway, add more filtered or distilled water.  If a vial is broken accidentally keep it taped to the container.  The field plasma energy is still in the vial or the remnants of the vial.


The Plasma Energy Contained in Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Vials:

The following list is the plasma energy contained in each of the vials you’ll attach to your plasma energy station:

  • 1.  CO2 and vitamins
  • 2.  CO2, CuO2, Zn, CH3, CONH
  • 3.  Iodine with cobalt
  • 4.  Calcium
  • 5.  CuO2 (copper oxide)
  • 6.  Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu, ZnO, CH3
  • 7.  herbs, oils, vitamins
  • 8.  Au  (gold)
  • 9.  ZnO2
  • 10. CO2 with CH3
  • 11.  Ag (silver)
  • 12.  CH3
  • 13.  Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu, ZnO, CH3
  • 14. Thundergod Vine, Ayahuasca, Minerals (80+ minerals), hydration formula with Vit C, potassium, silica, oleic acid, crystalline energy, shiaga mushroom, hemp oil (you can look these up on the internet)
  • 15.  CO2 and Vitamins A, B’s, C, D, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Sodium, Potassium, Cayenne, Garlic, Rosehips, Papain, Bromelain, Chinese Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Kelp, L’Methionine
  • 16.  Himalayan Salt

Here is how Paul prepared the food vials. food

For several weeks when we prepared meals we would take a small portion and freeze it.  When we got enough meals together we thawed them, put them a tub and then Paul added water from the creek with sodium hydroxide and creek water.  That sat for more than a week.  Then he added  a zinc plate, and a copper plate with a current for a couple of days (to speed things up).  Then he rinsed it six times with water from the creek again.  Once the Ph was 7 he poured everything into a jar and let it settle. Neither Paul nor Lynn thought it looked very delicious at that point.

Paul’s Food GANS far right

Then Paul poured what was left into a large jar and rinsed it again with creek water after which he poured off the water and added CO2 liquid plasma and let it set until it settled for about 24 hours.  After that he poured the first CO2 liquid plasma off and added more CO2.  The final result was a jar with the settled GANS and liquid that was used to fill two small balls you see on the food station that have a tan color.   The food station was filled with filtered tap water.

About six weeks prior to doing all this, Lynn put liquid plasma in the creek before it reaches the city water works with a combination of CO2, CUO, and Zinc Oxide liquid plasma so that should be what we get through our tap water.

We started having our meals from it in June and serve our meals in a wine glass with 15 ml of the liquid meal plasma added to our glass with tap water we run through our Berkey water filter. wine glasses

We add some of our CO2, CUO, Zinc Oxide liquid plasma to that, and Lynn adds her vitamin liquid plasma to hers, while Paul continues to take his vitamins in pill form.  The food plasma energy is in the water we put in our glass…all the actual water gained from the process is in the vial on the outside of the plasma energy station. We have evolved to having 2 meals a day with water taken from the plasma energy station.  Then we eat a ‘dish’ meal for one of the meals.

When we first started both of us had very slight headaches for a couple of days possibly from physical withdrawal of caffeine.  Neither of us had gnawing hunger pangs that one generally feels with lack of food.  We kept up with our routines and also did our daily walks through the neighborhood and Lynn does her evening yoga-oxycise before bedtime.  Any feelings of deprivation were more emotional than physical and not going through the touching, smelling, tasting phases of a meal. Sometimes we choose not to intend the same meal for lunch or dinner.  Sometimes we intend breakfast, an afternoon snack and a dinner meal.

Finally Paul did the same process for the cat food.

ren and otter

Our two cats are now having ‘food’ liquid plasma added to their two water bowls sometimes with vitamin drops that Paul made from all the vitamins we take.  Lynn has cut the food in their dish in what they were being fed daily.   Paul has also done the same process for our friends’ dog.

As you can see we did the ‘shotgun buffet’ with the food gans rather than individual jars of each ingredient (not enough room for that many jars).  Besides we like the idea of picking and choosing from the menu.  Lynn calls it the ‘ultimate Mother’s Day Buffet.’   One of our friends who has a plasma energy station calls her ‘meals’ her special tonic water, intending that all that she needs at the time are provided for in her glass.  Our blessing when we sit down to our ‘meals’:  We rejoice in universal abundance and our Divine Creator within us and we extend the nourishment of this meal to any world wide who are in need of sustenance and willing to accept it.  It is done!   You may intend whatever you wish for your meal or you may simply give thanks that everything is in your water meal that your body needs at this meal.

more from Sandy...small vials and larger stations

But seriously, we wanted to know first hand that this works, so if we run into dicey times with earth changes and food supply we have a solution.  That is another reason for doing the vitamins, herbs and cat food.  Paul has done his medications the same way.   He has them ready for any emergency such as a disruption in supply.



Other things we have done with the plasma energy water includes pouring  water with the liquid plasma of the Peace Formula which is CO2 and Zinc with a little CH3 in a couple of the local creeks.    All of them flow into the Yellowstone River, which flows into the Missouri River, then into the Mississippi River and finally the Gulf of Mexico.

For Energy Supplementation:


Use the scoop and put two scoops of the water into a glass of water and drink it 3 times a day.  Use this to build stamina and energy.  For meal replacement or snack replacement put two scoops of the water into a glass of water and drink it for the meal or snack you want to replace.

chick.jpegFill the tub with water you normally drink to one inch from the top.  You can use the water from your pitcher if you want to.  When the tub is half full add more water.  If any of the vials lose their water, don’t worry…the plasmatic field is still in the vial and in the tub of water.  It’s fine to add this water to your pets’ water, and for watering your plants.

Chickens and livestock like the water and benefit from it also! 

Making Plasma Energy Station ‘To Go’ Pads

  1. Take water from you plasma energy station and soak paper towels. Let them dry completely.
  2. The paper towels are cut in half to the size of a paper napkin.
  3. You can make small wallet sizes or larger sizes that are the size of ½ of a luncheon napkin. Your sets will have 2 different sizes in them: size 1 is a ¼ of the size of the luncheon napkin.  Size 2 is the other ¾ of the paper towel folded to match the size of side.  You will then put them in baggies and tape them shut. Cut the ziplock portion of the baggie and use the remainder. Seal the baggie well with packing tape.   I print peel and stick labels with a brief set of instructions.
  4. The baggies are not equal in thickness. You will put one on each side of a clear glass or plastic container. The plasma energy on either side will balance the water between them.2 sizes of station pads

These are ideal for mailing to someone out of the country as mailing liquids overseas can be an issue.  They are also ideal for taking with you when you travel.  I carry the small set in my wallet and I have all the elements of the plasma energy station with me.  If I don’t have tape to apply to a drinking cup I’ll put them underneath.

Place pads 1 and 2 on either side of a clear glass or plastic water container…it can be a jar, a pitcher or even an ice tea dispenser with a spigot.  Clear plastic packing tape works fine.  If the plastic becomes ‘worn’ over time, place the whole works in a new plastic baggie, worn plastic and old, and tape it shut.  Let the water charge over night and then it’s ready to use.  You can put some of the charged water in a spray bottle if you don’t have a large syringe for soaking the paper towels.  Just soak them with the spray. Let them dry thoroughly before putting them in the baggies and taping them shut.

Your Plants Will Love The Plasma Energy Watersmaller morning glory picture

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  See how these morning glories have thrived with the plasma energy water.  Plants love to have their leaves sprayed with the water as well!



How to Use Your Plasma Energy Station Water:

Our intention is to bring information to people about plasma energy and in no way implies an endorsement for the information we present or of any products that we have created by the scientist who developed research and patents on aspects of plasma energy of his foundation.  This scientist said at one time:


Before when you had the flu they sold you one tablet and a million people had to buy the tablet.  Now by releasing these viruses they design they force the governments to buy millions of their tablets.  This is a new pattern if enforcement not on individuals, but on governments.  We saw this with Ebola.  Now we see another version of this in the Far East.  We have seen ‘designer viruses’ to force governments to pay huge amounts for the crises which have been created.  We have seen that with a new designer patent and with it we have seen the process with the governments panicking and trying to safeguard their citizens by buying huge doses of anti-virus that did not exist until the released the ‘designer virus’ and now you have to do something with it.

sick in bed

The scientist also said to go back to his teaching as this technology is built for viruses and is tailor-made for viruses.  One of the reasons that this technology is effective in the cancer is that it is another kind of virus that has huge power in respect to environment.  In space viruses exist as part of the addition to the attachment to the amino acid.  What happens is that you have the virus, or you have an energy pack which itself is the recipient and is vulnerable and has a spectrum of energies that can link with another energy pack which has no amino acid connection but can connect to the amino acid spectrum.  So then this becomes a virus.

The scientist shared in public teaching forums that with the understanding of the new system that you have in your hands which you only need in most cases is CO2.  The CO2 as a gans material and as a magnetic gravitational system sees the virus as its totality.  And they come on line of the carbon and they come on line of the carbon and the oxygen to lock on to the gravitational. Do you remember the law of the gans of the plasma? It’s very simple—the weaker takes the stronger, the stronger that it can become and balance between the two and in that process the effect of virus and the connection with amino acids changes and you break the bond. What you are left with in a way is your CO2 with the breakage of the bond.  (Pictures at 43.12 minutes)   so anytime you see any kind of viruses released, created we know the flu has been tested by Tepco with more than 100 results.

The scientist shared in public teachings that the Chinese tested different applications.  Now different flu which comes, what strength, the only thing you need the presence of liquid gans of CO2 and maybe in 2 to 3 large doses the minute you feel it.  Follow it with 3 to 5 days of the same dosage – 2 to 3 spoons of CO2 gans liquid plasma.  The virus should go.  You will have the sign of virus inside of you for a few days, but the effectiveness of the virus will go.  The way we dismantled the operation of the genetic modification of the seeds with gans as we have seen, you do the same thing with viruses.

In a discussion about the Zika virus on a public teaching it was said that it is carried by the Aedes mosquito and it was first discovered in Uganda or somewhere in Africa in the 1950s.  In the early days people caught the Zika virus and took a few days to recover and everything was okay.  But, now it seems that when it affects pregnant women the babies are born with anomalies.  it was disclosed that a famous foundation was involved with the patent of Zika virus which was a natural virus.  How the patent application came and then the virus presents itself is the same things that happened with Ebola. The scientist added that what is interesting is when you get any kind of flu or infection and the doctor says it’s a virus; just try the gans of CO2.  In some cases which is very severe you add 1 to 10 drops of copper oxide.  That means take 10 drops of liquid, take one drop out and add 1 drop of copper oxide plasma.  And you will find it very effective.  Coincidentally or accidentally the process for any virus for us it perfect.  The beauty of our work is that we have to take the opportunities like this to prove that the technology works in deep space.

The scientists requested that when we can see these kinds of viruses which are released into the environment or have been with us and suddenly take hold that his goes to the farmers.  If you have, and we have seen this with the reporting of several cases, if you have chicken or duck farms and you do farming of the birds which are vulnerable to these kinds of problems; we want to know what will happen if you add a small amount of CO2 continuously to your watering system for your birds.  Something that is very important for us to take further.

The scientist added in a public teaching that we have seen the use of antibiotics heavily in farming with cows.  We would like if you are a farmer to test the replacement of antibiotics and add the CO2 liquid plasma into the daily water of the animals.  First of all you won’t have to use antibiotics because what he and others were seeing in trials is that there is no need or application for the use of hormones and antibiotics.  If we can further confirm us this closes what has been introduced into the food chain and the introduction of antibiotics and now people are at the point that the antibiotics don’t work on them because they receive so much of it through their food chain that the body is immune to antibiotics.  It is not that we take so much of them but that so much is received through the digestive system.

In the public teaching the scientists continued that with this process we can create cleaner and healthier food.  When a doctor prescribes antibiotics it costs a lot of money from the capital investment point of view.  The CO2 gans costs you nothing and you can produce it on a continuous basis and you can feed it to the cattle.  Reduction in application and usage of antibiotics in farming is higher than in humans.  Huge amounts of antibiotics are used in the farming, especially in what we call captive farming where the animals are kept and imprisoned in boxes all their live and never see daylight so the environment are extremely infectious and vulnerable to problems.

The scientist said in his public teaching that losing huge numbers of animals, especially if you are raising birds and chickens.  He used to have a chicken farm and knew the losses and the pain of the financial damage.  There is a disease called glasgow and it is airborne where the birds get ‘drunk’ and these things can be stopped with the application of the gans water.  In winter time there are many injections given to the elderly to overcome the winter viruses so you can offer CO2 to the elderly in replacement of the injections.

The scientist added that now according to the international reports the reduction in the effectiveness of the injections to the elderly because they are becoming immune to it.  With the CO2 you cannot become immune to it because it is part of your structure and keeps the balance.  So as we enter the wintertime and elderly go to the doctors for injections for influenza, take the CO2 with it and you will see the same.  We are looking for the application of CO2 with a small amount of zinc oxide and copper oxide to replace the childhood injections that create mayhem in the body of the children.  We will put this proposal to governmental structures and we are now in the position that we can test ourselves for measles and mumps.

In the public teaching the scientist also said that when children are given injections for these then we see all the disabilities and everything else that comes such as autism.  We think that we can prove it can be eradicated by using the same gans materials without any side affects.  It needs to be done in a certain way.  It can literally stop the process.  We will promote this in the coming time in the health sections and in the channels that are available to the foundation. So we are looking at a total package development and not odd cases.  Today’s teaching literally goes around this development—that is the application of gans materials in respect to viruses.  In space we will not see any bacteria and very little if any will develop that we cannot handle.

The scientist also added not to forget we can handle bacteria easily because they are of the lower order.  We can use the same process for infection and food.  It is the viruses that are the energy packs that will link up with the body of the man in space and cause mayhem.  We have test grounds here with the diseases we know with infectious conditions caused by the viruses in attachment to the amino acids in the body of the man and we can see the changes.  If we can do, see, develop further the structure of how much with what, the world of medicine with the viruses gets sold and we leave the antibiotics with the doctors to describe.  What we see in the usage as the balance of the energy in environment prevails; we will see the reduction in the usage of antibiotics.  What we would like to see is the same process.

Another item shared by the scientist was to try to use the CO2 to wash your mouth instead of toothpaste.  You can use the CO2 for washing your mouth and you don’t need to spit it out; you can swallow it. It allows you to balance everything in your gums that stops the tooth decay and everything else. It balances the roots into the gums and can stop a lot of future development of dental problems. In the space I cannot ship you back to earth for dental treatment but if I can stop the rotting of the teeth by not letting the environment for that condition to be created, then accidentally you can break a tooth but you will have no disease.  If you use and understand this process you can even remedy the broken tooth in time.  We are not looking for a cure but for the change in the environment that does not allow the changes to take place to begin with.

Another health tip shared by the scientists was that if you eat a small piece of cheese to yourself or your children before you go to sleep, 3 or 4 times a week and you will see no tooth decay.  This becomes the biggest enemy of the dentists because they know it will work. If you have a dog or a cat or animals on the farm with tooth problems all you need to do is add cheese to the diet or CO2 liquid gans in their diet and you will find out that tooth decay will not exist any more. It’s a natural process. One of the biggest enemies of the body of the man and the increase in cancer, we see through toothpaste. I have explained this process many times.  You deplete the body and a huge amount is released and the body cannot release the huge amount available and it produces storage and that storage becomes center for the cancer and then you have mayhem in the body of the man.

In the public teaching the scientist added that this is a process and we are not fighting but we are balancing the field forces within the structure of the body of the man.  You get a flu infection the first reaction in the first hour, take 3 spoonfuls of the gans water of CO2 maybe with a drop of CuO gans water in it and repeat it 2 or 3 times a day.  As I said you will feel the temperature drop immediately. You might still have influence of the virus in you but as you drink  the body will discharge everything.  That is why you are drinking the water—you wash that (flu) energy out of your body.  You are literally discharge it.  This is important because now you see how you use the gans as a way of cleaning.  If you have children with a high temperature just wash their bodies from the knees down, the leg down with the CO2 liquid gans water. Just rub it and you will see the energy balance and the circulation will bring sudden temperature drop—better than alcohol or water.  It is balanced and there is no shock to it.


Be sure to read the Testimonials to see how others are using their Never Ending Plasma Energy Stations!

You may also review information about the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station in the workshop video below:



Once you are accustomed to using the water every day for people plants and pets, you can do more things with the water in your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station.  If you want to ‘isolate’ certain energies do as follows

  • Some of the protocols that follow use various separate liquid plasma.
  • If you need CO2, take a cup of water from your station and put it in a glass jar.  Add filtered water to it and label the jar with your intention and with a paper label that says “CO2”.
  • Do the same process if you need ZnO, CH3, Amino Acids or anything else described in the protocols that follow.
  • Then follow the directions in the protocols with the amounts of the water that you use from each jar.
  • When the jar is 2/3rds full add more filtered or distilled water.
  • Once you have charged water in the jar with your intention, that will always be what is contained in that jar.



In a public teaching the scientist discussed various diseases.  When you are given an MRI or whatever and you look at it and you see what I call the depletion in the physical structure of the brain, go back to the teaching of this morning where you learned to go from physicality to the soul and become non-dimensional and now you have to use your soul to feed the physicality for it to start allowing the arm which is paralyzed or the leg which put you in the wheelchair because you cannot walk, now you do the reverse. So in reality if you understood the teaching of today it is how as we did with the children last week to start creating according to the need of the man and balance the emotion, a new physical appearance so that you can walk again. The man in the wheelchair will develop the sense to be able to walk and to talk and if those of you who have been working closely with people with MS, you will see two ways, especially with the ILS behavior.

In the experience of the scientist he said that when working with people those, when you ask them and they talk and they cry and those, when you ask them they laugh. And you understand the ones that laugh do die faster with the disease. Those who cry when you ask them questions are those who stay in the wheelchair for a long time. So the emotion, the level of emotion in the brain of the man that receives from the soul has the direct affect in the speed of change in the cell and the physicality. In so many ways it has to be said if you suffer from MS, ILS and Alzheimer’s follow the same procedure as you did with the child with the lack of oxygen. How do you do it? Then find how you change your own process.
In his experience the scientists said that in this process you have to elevate the soul in the level of the emotion much higher. So what you need to do is very simple. You need to take the same as the child: double the amount of potassium (as the minimum daily requirement), double the amount of the daily dosage recommended for calcium. Do the same with the zinc and sometimes a little bit –3 xs for the magnesium because now you have to support the physical part to repair itself? And you do it at the point of both brain connection and the physical part of the body of the man. That is why you need 3x more magnesium, because magnesium is connected to the copper. So in that process you again need to go back because now you have become the creator. You need energy on the level of the amino acid of the division which comes in a way as B12 and the same as the child. You are producing new cells more rapidly and you need the same in the 2x or 3 xs more of the folic acid. But the difference comes with this that this time you take 3x the level of the CO2 and 5x the level of ZnO2 plasma water (we call liquid plasma). You are producing new cells more rapidly and you need the same in the 2x or 3x more of the folic acid. (Note: also add the Omega 3 with the EPA 2x). You have to change the speed of the connection and you have to speed up the elevation of both the soul, the physical soul of the physical part and the emotion connection of the physicality and the soul of the man. So if you take 3x a day the CO2 in 30 to 50ml even to 100ml because you are a heavier mass as an adult.
Morning  and Lunch:  100 ml CO2 100 ml CO2 100 ml CO2
Nighttime:  200ml ZnO2 200 ml ZnO2 300-500ml ZnO2
You are dealing with higher mass and not the child. So you need to consume 1.5 liters of the plasma water of the 2 gans during the day and you will find out you walk away from all conditions—gradually the disabilities of the brain which might and has manifested itself in the physicality dimension of the disability which you are used to.  What is recommended which is very easy to do is to put the liquid plasma of the ZnO2 and the CO2 and wash your hair just before you go to sleep. Just wet the head with it and you create a condition because now during the sleep time the physicality doesn’t have much function at the lower level and it allows the soul of the man in the dimension of itself without the need of the physicality to operate much deeper and much faster.  Then what you need to do is take the double zinc, potassium, calcium as recommended by the scientists and 3x the magnesium from 10 to 30 days. The body will take what it needs; your muscle tissues have to start understanding connecting the soul part to the its physical part which is copper too. That is why you need more magnesium to connect the physical part of the brain with the emotion. You are connecting the emotion of the physicality with the physical part of the physical body of the man.
The scientist shared in a public teaching that those of you who suffer from Alzheimer’s don’t need to take so much of the CO2 and ZnO2—you can reduce the gans to the double (200ml). We measure the base as 30ml per part morning, lunch and dinner. You don’t take any medicine; you just change the condition of your body.
He also shared that those of you who suffer from the physical part of the changes like MS and ILS, it would be good if you take equal measures of ZnO2 and CO2 (liquid gans) and just sweat your body 2 to 3 times a day to the point of disability where it needs the level of the emotion of the physical part of the body of the man is supported too. So as you understood and we taught all the time you have to understand that we work with the fields with this technology. So when you put the mixture of zinc and CO2 on your skin, you create the condition that now they start communicating. And it fulfills all the needs of all the cells within the structure of the physicality. You have to understand what you are doing and not just follow it blindly.
The scientist said that if the CO2 and zinc oxide can be mixed in equal measures and rubbed on the skin. It creates what we call the effect of the radar. What you drank as the water which is much stronger and that is why we do up to 5 xs more comes to the inside. In a way what goes through the structure and what you put outside the structure are trying to balance the fields between them. Feed the soul and the physicality of the cells of the physical part of the body of the man and you will find out you support the physical emotion, the brain structure and what is absorbed in the brain of the man by wetting your hair and allowing the transfer of energy through what is needed. In one way it is the same; the soul feeds more CO2 and ZnO2 on the cover of the body of the man on the head. In that process it repairs with the stronger going to the weaker and feeding the damaged cell part of the brain. You will find people with these diseases with the transformation of the energy and the transfer of the energy in the brain of the man will walk in no time.
In the public teaching the scientist also said that you build the brain cells as they come into operation and we see the change in physicality in so many ways to see no one with MLS or ILS or even those with brain damage. If someone has been in a car accident and has brain damage you can do this if you understand it correctly and restructure the brain of the man. This is what we are doing now with a girl and we see her walking out. After the accident (last July 6th) it was so bad after a month that the doctors put her in the section of the hospital in Italy where they just go to the mortuary afterwards. I explained this to her father and I said you have to save the life of your daughter by just following the instructions of how to use the ganses.
The scientist told the girl’s father that when they send people to that section that only two people ever came without the body pack from that section.  He said that this was the section where they send the final stage for the delivery of the soul of the man when the physicality is finished. It shook the father and he understood what they did and he has changed the direction of the physicality and the life of his daughter. And now she is back at home; she has started walking and at the moment she has added her arms. In a while she will tell us what she felt. This is all done with the whole understanding of the structure of the physicality. We are building the brain cells slowly, slowly to the condition of maturity. This is exactly what happens inside the womb of the mother with the brain of the child. But this time we have taken over the condition as she cannot feed herself.

The scientist added in the public teaching that it is the same for all of you who suffer from these brain damages, even with a stroke. You can follow the same. Then you will see the physicality changes as you build the essence of the soul of the physicality with the understanding of this position with the soul of the brain and with the soul of the man. That is what has to be understood. Those of you who suffer from MS and ILS, try this. It is just drinking the water. When you walk out of it, remember one thing. We have given the physicality freedom so that you understand the position of the soul. We see many people who come to the point of death, especially reversed from cancer and they become philanthropists because they have been there. They have to assess what they have done and what they achieved and what was missing in their process. When they are given a second chance they devote their lives to serving humanity.

The scientist said that as we see the teaching now merges the two sides: the soul as we understand more about its operation with the physicality part of the man. This brings now if you understand the physicality to create the soul and now you use the physicality to repair the soul. And once the man understands this then man decides how he manifests himself in every dimension of the universe. Maybe the disease of the man in the past has been the reason for the man to find his soul so that in the teaching of the present he understands and has no fear to go into space. Now he understands that he can create any part of the brain that he likes to manifest himself in different shapes or forms. But explain to them how, why, the reason for and how you did it. you will find out the doctors and the pharmaceutical become the doctors of the soul of the man as we have seen with some doctors (who study and use what they have learned about the plasma energy) and many others.

The scientist wondered in a public teaching when we will make the tablet for the soul and stop taking the tablet for the headache? We should actually do it with the zinc water—that is your ‘tablet.’ One of the best ways to support the elevation of the soul in the dimension of the physicality of the brain is to use potassium gans with zinc oxide. The development will be very rapid and people with ILS and MS—this is what they need more than anything else.  You mix on a ratio of 50 to 60% zinc oxide and 20% potassium and 20% CO2. and you will see fantastic results right away. People with Alzheimer’s will walk away. People with MS and ILS will just walk off in months. Don’t forget we just heard from Giovanni we fix the brain and now we have to fix the physicality. The physicality has been in the wheelchair for 10 years. how do you fix it? it takes a lot and it takes time. But when you wash with the same on the physical structure you will see the difference very rapidly. We have to find and understand there is a new, natural way without medicine so that you can change a lot of things.

The scientists shared this in a public teaching:

High Blood Pressure Protocol: 

  • Drink CO2 3 x a day  
  • Follow each time 10 minutes later with ZnO 
  • See more below.
High blood pressure is psychosomatic. In a way, what you feel in the soul you transfer into the emotion and the emotion in the direction with no interaction in a physical line of matter but through fields, creates the expansion of the emotion in the direction of the elements within the blood of the man.  So, in a way if you look at it in physical terms we say the blood vessels have certain volume that we cannot change.  On the other hand, blood has certain volume that we cannot change.  But in the physical terms when you, let’s say, boil water, it expands and it cannot fill more than what it is except that the volume of the liquid increases so we call that pressure. In the body of the man you are dealing with GaNS es. How come you get what you call ‘blood pressure?’ We know at the certain field strength , the field pressure increases interaction and it can increase dimensional change.   So, what this means is that the GaNS es in the  body of the man through the field pressure which is in the strength of the emotion of the man will create the condition that will show higher strength.  The higher strength is what we call in the physical dimension, ‘pressure’. This is a fine-tuning of transferring and understanding the knowledge.
The scientist added in the teaching:  So if you understand what we call blood pressure in the matter state and in the physical state and we put a machine on it to measure it, then to understand that the interaction of the fields of the emotion of the man allows the higher order strength fields to be operational in the body of the man in the GaNS
of the body, then you understand that that higher strength can come only from emotion which has no connection with the physicality or the line of nerves but in the fields or what you call the aura in the structure of the body of the man.  The higher order elements manifest themselves in transferring energy and this means we are dealing mainly with the magnetical fields of the plasma.  And this is the game we have not understood in the world of medicine and we call it blood pressure.
More that was taught by the scientist was that blood is the channel of the emotion of the man.  Blood is the channel where the liquid of the emotion transfers itself so the only thing that can increase the strength of it or bring a higher order is the emotion which comes from the inner sanctums of the soul of the man.  Then if we redefine the pressure then we define where it has changed and where it changed in the filtering of the emotion of the man from the soul to the physicality. In the second part of today, when I teach, we go to touch the very essence of the creation of the body of the man. I will teach about the soul and the essence of the soul and where it comes from.  Then you can listen to the second part and then come back and listen to this and you will understand.  When we understand the way that matter state has no interaction physically with the GaNS state of the matter then we understand what we call the blood pressure can only come through plasmatic fields, through what we call the GaNS of the body of the man in interaction with the field strength which the totality of the emotion has allowed to be released.  So, we are dealing mainly with the magnetical part of the structure of the plasma of the GaNS within the structure of the liquid of the body of the man. What does this mean? If you look at the structure of the blood what does it carry? It carries iron and this is the main structure of it so when you have emotion which is at the higher strength, usually you interact with the higher value which is the iron, and not with the nitrogen or the oxygen.  So, it means the filtering of the brain in the section that is involved in the matter state, releases the higher order … that is at the strength of iron. This allows the creation of the release or in a way the absorption of what we call in the matter state the pressure, but at the higher strength order of the plasma.
The scientist said further that if we understand this then we look to the people with blood pressure as we do with cancer. We have to look to see what is extended and more predominantly part of the blood, which has changed. All blood pressures do not come through one metal; they come through combination of it. Part of what we came from is sodium, which was instrumental in the creation of life.  Without it iron would never have linked up with hemoglobin; it would never have been created. It was an impossibility. So, in so many ways we look at the behavior of the salt, in reality, in allowing the huge release of energy in two directions or absorbed from the emotion of the cell of the body.  Then we understand why high blood pressure and low blood pressure is psychosomatic. What we feel emotionally we transfer this time in plasmatic strength back to our bodies.  So, once we understand this it is very easy. We need to introduce another element of the plasma into the system that is weaker in strength but it has the potential to play the higher power strength in the common denominator of the blood of the man, which is the oxygen part. When you take GaNS for blood pressure you play with the oxygen, where for example, Zinc at the higher order, stands in interacting in balance with the sodium and the iron within the structure of the plasma strength.  So, they don’t chemically interact; they magnetically connect and then you bring balance to the magnetical or magnetic matter in the liquid state of the body, which is the oxygen. You bring that into balance and with it you bring the whole structure within the blood of the man into balance.   So, what do you need for high blood pressure?  We know high blood pressure is psychosomatic so we know you need ZnO. At the same time, you need to connect the emotion with the physical part of the body because the volume that controls it is the oxygen.  So, you need the line of communication, which is carbon. What we have seen working effectively is if you take zinc oxide, and again the way we call it … in the Morning, Lunch time and in the Evening. Especially ZnO has to be taken the last thing before you sleep because at that point the line of the emotion of the fields can balance themselves. You take 30 ml and 60 ml of the liquid plasma of zinc:
The Protocol is: ZnO: 30 ml Morning, 30 ml Lunch, and 60 ml Evening.
You can even take slightly more than 60 ml at night. It depends on how
you feel to use it and you cover the emotional part of the whole process.
Then for it you need another part with CO2 and you do the same thing
with the CO2 but you do as follows:
CO2: 30 ml Morning, 30 ml Lunch, and 30 ml Evening.
The whole protocol is:
ZnO: 30 ml Morning, 30 ml Lunch, and 60 ml Evening
CO2: 30 ml Morning, 30 ml Lunch, and 30 ml Evening
The scientists taught that in a very simple and in a very short time you introduce balance
in the plasmatic condition of the blood of the man and some people find it in an easier way by mixing 80% of the liquid plasma of the Zinc GaNS with 20% of the liquid plasma of the CO2 in the breathing system we showed last week. Breathe 3 or 4 hours a day when you have time during the time of pleasure when are sitting and watching television. This will change a lot of things; this will change and bring the blood pressure down very, very rapidly because you satisfied the emotion in the strength that you needed it and that you wanted to be satisfied.  That is so easy to change.  It is the same as we showed with what we call the diabetes.
The scientist shared in a public teaching that diabetes, the blood sugar was in a different strength in a way of survival because it is the energy you need to survive. High blood pressure is connected to the salt of the body of the man, and to the oxidation part of the
body of the man.  In what we showed in the diabetes protocol last week where you use CH3 from the beginning for the first 2 weeks 1, it was to show that CH3 is the essence of the origin of the structure of life and where the first energy came from.  The first weeks when you take CH3 you teach the body of the man to go to balance and this is what is needed for the original energy that it came from.  And then this gradually goes back to what is already in the DNA and RNA of the body of the man, and it gets embedded.
The scientists also said that you have to realize why the GaNS technology is so effective in the world of health and medicine for the body of the man. The reason it is so effective is that everything is at a plasmatic level and not in the matter level. Everything  regarding the energy of the body of the man is transferred through plasmatic condition. And now for the first time we deal in what the body of the man is made of :plasma.  You will find these things work very effectively because we have understood what we are made of and we have analyzed each part of the body and what it is connected to.  Emotion is connected to zinc, muscle tissue is connected to the copper and blood is connected to iron. Breathing and emotion need the connection of the body of the man with oxygen.  So, we have found the elements and the in the other parts that we have understood more is that the connection is needed between each one as solid or what you call the metal state or what we call the transition states which are zinc or copper, with the CO2 and hydrogen. With these the body over our lifetime has decided to use magnesium in connection with the muscle tissue and emotion. We use potassium in another direction; calcium is used in  other directions for physically uprightness or stretching of the body and copper is used for the muscle tissue.  In essence we have found a lot of missing links and this allows us to bring a new dimension in the world of health. We know every matter, what we call metals, is connected through another semi-metal or whatever name you want to give it — potassium with one part and zinc with the other and calcium with another. So now we see the whole interaction.  When we decide to interact or get engaged with the change of the condition of the body, we have to look at what is affected and what is the link. Then 1 CH3 — we go 7 days and 14 days on each one.  Do CH3 alone for 2 weeks and discontinue.
Use CO2: Morning – 30 ml,    Lunch — 30ml,   and Evening — 30ml       —
we go 7 days and 14 days
Use ZnO: Morning –30 ml,    Lunch —  30ml,   and Evening  — 30ml
we go 7 days and 14 days
Use  —Morning — 30 ml,   Lunch — 30ml,    and Evening — 60ml
We have to operate through that link through the emotion.  Physicality will have no say when you can change the emotion which is connected with the soul of the man. That is where the source comes from.
Another thing taught by the scientists was that something which has been one of the menaces in the life of the man from the time of conception or from the time when we are born, is that when the father and the mother at the point of producing a child allow the sperm and egg to grow, the father’s responsibility diminishes because as we say, he has done his job. But the essence of feeding the new body starts a new commotion in the body of the mother. From the first second when the interaction takes place, this changes a lot of things; and a lot of positions change. For those women who go through the cycle of birth and bringing a new life, the expectation and dimension of the emotional strength can put and does put a huge drain on the emotional level. It happens in two ways: in the present world of medicine we call it post – natal depression.  Doctors and the world of science have not understood how this condition is created, and why this condition is created, and how come it happens to some women and not to all…and it does not happen to others.  What I was explaining, is that what is important is for the men to understand the problem that the women go through in the cycle of birth. As I said in the teaching in the past: us men and women all together, or as individuals, have never been taught anything in school or in teachings about the reality of life, and about how we as total as a group as being who we are, have not learned. We have never been taught or put to understand the reality of how everything works, or how we as people are responsible for a lot of things which we have done like creating a life, and we call it a child. And then we think when the child is born the mother is there and it is her job and responsibility. It is her point of giving birth and then in so many ways in giving birth we have done our jobs as men. We were there and we did what we had to do and we leave it to our partners to bear the life.  As men we have to understand a lot about women, and the women have to understand a lot about us. And a change and process happens at the time of birth. Prior to the time of birth at the conception until the point that the child is born, then in the present time they call it post-natal depression or they call it a change of hormones or whatever words we have been told to put to it or whatever fits as a man to be able to say he has nothing to do with me, or I don’t want to understand. In many cases women go through horrendous cycle and men never understood. Today as part of the health teaching I want to talk to open the eyes of the men into what their partners go through at the point of birth and during the process of birth, and then after with what we call post-natal depression. What this means is that it is very easy for us men and as we say, we have done our job. But for a woman the job does not finish and the job carries on. They have put their energy and you have to understand at the point of inception the child is part of the soul of the woman, and is connected to the soul of the woman. This is important that in that process the emotion and life of the child all has to interact with the life of both parents together . This means when life is created and a man goes through the process of birth, in that process we have to understand that we as beings have to go to the next step.  This means the mother goes through interaction between the life and the existence of her own, and in so many ways in understanding that the separation of the child, who has been inside the mother in physical terms by birth, cannot be accepted by the mother. We have given this different names but in fact what we have not understood is that at the time of separation of the child from the mother, where the fear of giving life during the cycle of pregnancy, and the fear of letting go of what the mother has so preciously kept for 9 months with her, and then not knowing if what you have created will stand the course of life, brings anxiety to the mother. This anxiety, which is totally emotional in dimension, will create mayhem in the soul of the woman. We call this transfer of energy from the soul to the child. When they give birth, they go through the fear of loss.  During the time of pregnancy, they live through the fear of would I be able to give life?  We are not in the subconscious of a woman and we do not see what they see. We do not see the anxiety that continues. Every step —if I fall what is going to happen, if I eat the wrong food what is going to happen? Is it happy? How am I doing? Will this child survive? How am I going to give this child an education?  Because to a woman the man is there but the woman works with the uncertainty knowing she has is there for it to make the changes without the father. These drain a lot from the soul of the woman.  And men do not see this.  Then they say she changed; she is different; she doesn’t do this or that. She has become very aggressive; she has become this or that.
The scientist continued in the public teaching that  because we haven’t understood with what I have just explained in the past few minutes, that women at this point of life need support in their souls. They need support for transfer of the energy. The post-natal depression is very much what I explained before; it is like blood pressure issue or diabetes. It is psychosomatic but it goes to the point of emotion and then it manifests itself in all sorts of things. We call it depression; we call it aggression or whatever we like to call it.  What do we do and how do we handle these cases? How do we support our partners or as physicians when we see post natal depression what do we need to do?  There is a process that has been developed by the foundation to go through the support of the whole structure. You don’t start supporting at the point of the birth. You start supporting at the point of what I call inception. You support at the point where you need to be that it can bring the change into the whole life.  This means, how do we do this and how do we support not only the soul of the mother but the soul of the child?  We support the emotion of the mother that it does not end up with what you call post natal depression.  What we have suggested is to support the emotional support of many mothers who need it.  They need to be there so that they can feel and understand the totality and be part of what it needs to be and they cannot be separated from the child. What we have seen, what we have, and what we go through, is that those who are responsible for the care of the mothers, or the mothers themselves, to learn how to support themselves and be able to increase the emotional strength and be able to support the birth so that after the birth there is no emotional depletion of the strength at the level of the soul, so that we don’t see what we call this post -natal depression.  What we have learned by experience over the years, by the change of the environment in what we call the processing, is that we enter the dimension in supporting the emotion and in supporting the physicality. What we have seen and what has been new for us in so many ways is that we do not see everything as you want. But we will see a new dimension in life where women can live a very comfortable life very easy, and how anxiously we can be there to support them, and how we can change it.
The scientist continued in his teaching that what we have seen is that by adding or by consuming GaNS of ZnO in a very moderate amount, about 30 to 60 ml at night, it helps quite a lot. We have seen the whole process that in allowing in a way to bathe with the GaNS of what we call ZnO at 30 to 60% and CO2, we can allow the calmness of the emotion and what we call the elevation of the soul.  What we have seen especially after the birth in increasing the ZnO to about 80% with 20% CH3 and CO2, we are able to develop a system and a way that we emotionally elevate the emotion of the woman so that she does not fall in the trap of what I call emotional distress and she can become able to support herself.  Those of you who go through this process of giving birth and being there will understand that this support is needed. For those who have been through it post natal depression causes havoc in the families. Some people go to extremes and some go very mildly so we don’t see it but it affects the life of the family. Post natal depression sometimes leads the mother to kill the child. We have seen it and we hear about it, because emotionally they cannot handle it. Some mothers batter their children.  Some mothers become aggressive towards their husbands. Some women withdraw from any kind of contact with the partner. And then this leads to all sorts of problems with the husbands who might get involved with another woman, getting involved to get confirmation of existence and satisfaction of the man and it brings all sorts of affairs and everything else.  All these can be stopped if men and women understand the need for the emotion of the soul of the man, from the time of the inception until months and months after the birth. The mother needs to be guided and supported. As I said my grandmother used to say making a child is not just shaking your trousers. It is the responsibility of the soul of both sides to see this. We were not educated and now that we know we have to educate the future generation. Now that we know we have to allow that the life of the future generation is not touched by the ignorance from the lack of knowledge and understanding, the need of the woman as she lives with all the fears.  We see this post-natal depression in a very heavy way with the women who have a girl as a child. We see deeper depression with women who were expecting to have a daughter or a son but they get the opposite sex.  Expectations to their own anticipation and their partner make them see themselves as a failure.  We are not in the heads of the mothers but in the way of supporting their emotion we can elevate to understand the beauty of what has been created. It is a very simple process that can stop a lot of problems.  A very simple process like using the GaNS waters for drinking or inhaling (the effects of) the liquid plasma of CH3, CO2 and ZnO … much more in the ZnO level, will solve a life time of problems.  And, this will give us a chance to change.
The scientist continued in his public teaching that you will see in the trials that we have explained before that women supported this way, men supported this way, all will end up in being able to live a normal life. It is not that you are going to become depressed; it is the way that if you have become you can reverse it. If you are going to be you can stop it. As we talked about the diabetes, now we can understand about one of the most important home wrecking conditions after giving birth, which is what we call post-natal depression.  It is a very simple process and it doesn’t cost a cent, but it can change a lot of problems in the future in the life of man.  In understanding that creating the condition, it will allow a lot of things to happen. It is us who have to understand and start to understand the real problems and not by taking tablets for anti -depression and God knows whatever has been put together because the world of science has not understood, is the anxiety of giving birth and the level of the soul which is shared by the child and the mother that leads to these conditions , which leads to depression or whatever you like to call. It is the job of the physicians who handle these things to understand it and recognize it. Once you recognize it then you will understand a simple process can change a lot of things.  A simple giving to the level that the mother is satisfied emotionally can change a lot of things for the future.  This is what we need to do and this is what the future for us as the human race and in a way what we need to accept as the totality of what we need to do. I have tried to be very precise with this. The biggest problem is when you come to this point the men don’t understand, because there is nothing physical to see. We see the feedback and the emotions of it.    It is not a broken arm that needs bandaging. When there is no bandage on it,  the men are blind to it.  If you have a headache, I cannot see it; it is you who takes the aspirin and the pharmaceutical. The problem is not mine (the man). But this headache lingers on in the soul and the emotion of the man or woman if it (support of the emotion) is not done for decades, years and months.  They say that some people come out of it. Why do they come out of it?  Because in the process of feeding they receive the amount of zinc through different processes so that it elevates the emotion and the soul. That is why they come out of it.  Now that we understand this process we can speed it up. We can help that it does not take place and happen. At the same time, we can allow it to exist within the coexistence of the life of the woman. This is where the problem is and this is where most of us as men are ignorant to this. We don’t see it but we would like to have what we had before the pregnancy, but it is not there.  We have to read the whole storybook. Many women link to this and many women have understood this because they or someone they know (who) has been through it.  This is why we in these teachings try to bring to light the whole process from the life of the man and not just GaNS making or something else. This is the job of the physicians to understand….  This is part of the problem which in these teachings we try to bring up so that we educate ourselves so we can educate the next generation and the ones who are around us.  If you are a physician, or if you are a woman, who have seen the changes in the characteristics or behavior from the time when you gave birth to a child, it might not happen with the first child. It could happen with the second child or whatever.   It happens worse with the women who go through abortion, because what might have been creates more pressure than what I have in my hand and I call it my child.  This is one of the problems that we as the human race have to go back and understand about the beginning of life, which we have ignored and we never understood.  This is what creates mayhem in a lot of homes. We’ve seen it… a ll of us who are adults and have been in society have seen men who go out because they don’t get attention because the wife is depressed and she is not what she used to be before.  It takes a man of steel to stay in the framework of a  marriage when such a process goes on, and then it usually ends up in divorce and everything else. It is a simple process; by adding to the emotion, the same as you did with the blood pressure and diabetes, you have changed a life.  This has to become our understanding and part of the totality of what we have never understood.
The scientist taught in another public teaching what was called  the ‘lack of oxygen’ (at birth) in the present world of medicine. In reality what we understand it is the change of environment from one position of life to another ; we call it switching. It changes a lot of things for a lot of people. I had the immense pleasure yesterday that made me rejoice being here and doing what I do. That was that yesterday I sat with a mother and a father and a daughter who is 15 years old. I have explained this to some of you. We had an interface with a mother, a woman we met for the business part of the foundation. The woman helped us in a very rapid way and then she asked us if we might be able to help with her 15-year-old daughter who is not more than 2 or 3 years old in her behavior. I met the family with the father. They are highly educated people and the elite of their society. And I saw the child and she couldn’t hold a bottle of milk shake mix. She had froth on her lips and her face from the milk shake. You could see that you have a woman going through the cycle of being 15 physically, but mentally not more than 2 or 3 years old. This was 2 ½ months ago. Later we had a meeting with her family and we met in a beautiful environment and the girl walked in.  We all knew her and we could see from where we were sitting that after 2 ½ months a girl walked in with the emotional age of 11 and full of joy. She is a totally different person. I had the pleasure sitting there with her parents, to hold her hand because she wanted to take me to see the swimming pool. And the joy of how the family is so happy because after 2 ½ to 3 months they have seen their baby start becoming a woman. She observed very closely how other women were dressed. At 2 ½ years emotional age it didn’t matter what she was wearing. Now she was very aware what she needed to wear this time. The mother said it was very strange; she chose the clothes she wanted to wear to come and see you.  I gave her something and she said, no that is too babyish — I want this. And then you see that what the pressure was on the family for 10 years has become a joy. I enjoyed and I said to all of us when I see this it touches the soul of the man.  Whatever we have been through to bring this technology to what and where it is was worth it.  Seeing not only the child change but seeing the relief of the family of all the things in their mind of who is going to look after this girl and what will be the next step for her?  Gradually in the next 3 to 6 months we will have a woman with us and it will be a pleasure. This is not the first time we have done this with this processing; we have done it many times and I showed you what needs to be done in the last teaching, because once we understand the process we can complete the process. Wisdom of the knowledge is the beauty of the knowledge and what you can change. If it is done in the right way, you can stop a lot of problems in the future. You can stop a lot of things that will not be there because we have already changed the course through the process of life. And this is what we are here for — to understand and to be able to change lives according to what life is and not according to what we have been told life has to be.  We have never understood or comprehended as a race what is the soul from.  What does it belong to and who dictates the condition of the soul, whether it
is the soul of a stone or the soul of a man. Life is precious in every shape or form, be it the life of a stone or the life of a man and the creatures of the universe. It is us who have to understand that the condition of life has been created, and the soul of the entity has accepted to be part of it.  It is our soul that dictates our position in the dimension of physicality.  The soul of the man is one; it is the soul that decides how to manifest itself in
the physicality and the dimension of a man or a woman. We cannot divide.  When the man decides and understands that we have reached another level of understanding that is higher than where we are, the soul of the man is the dictator of the terms of the physicality.  In the teachings of the last few weeks I have gone through this many times and you have tried to understand. I have created a lot of knowledge that is pigeonholed and it has to come out to be in one box.  Part of this is what is asked of being our souls. (1.55.44 garbled). We have never understood or comprehended as a race what is the soul from.  What does it belong to and who dictates the condition of the soul, whether it is the soul of a stone or the soul of a man. I keep on teaching you and sharing knowledge of the environment. You decide how you are going to look and how you are going to manifest yourself.  How are you going to have 10 fingers or 20 legs?  The condition of the environment and in respect to all the fields within that environment dictates the physical manifestation of the action of the soul.



The scientist gave this in a public teaching.  The process has nothing to do with cancer.  We are officially using this for diabetes.  Actually the Standards Board officers and FDA in one country are using this.  More or less 80% of the members of the FDA and Standards Board in that country are suffering with diabetes.   We have a huge number of our colleagues c who are suffering from it including security officers, soldiers and national security officers.  One of them was pre-amputation and now he is marching on the ground.  We see quite a change. This is the way we do it and the way we have set up. We got to the point that we actually make a carrier bag with the instructions and we give (it to) people who ask for diabetic pack.  Other people ask for the pack for high blood pressure and other processes.  For diabetic this is what we use and it seems to be working with this group of people.  We see people with diabetes with the advanced skin rashes changing and leaving.  We have seen the diabetic sores totally disappearing and the blood sugar goes back to normal to around 6 or 6.3.  Here is what we do:

We use CH3.  We use CO2 and we use ZnO.  You have to understand from KF plasmatic condition that diabetes is psychosomatic.  It has a reason for it; especially Type 1 is birth pressure control (1.57.39).  We use theses morning, lunch and evening.

This is all in milliliters and we suggest people do what they like.

CH3—we go 7 days and 14 days on each one.

1st 7 days  we go M–30 ml, L–30ml, and E– 30ml[1]

From 14 days it is M—30 ml and no more (no L, no E).

CO2—we go 7 days  and 14 days

1st 7 days we go M—30ml, L—30ml, and E—30ml

From 14 days it is M—30ml, L—30ml, and E—30ml

ZnO—we go 7 days and 14 days on each one.

1st 7 days we go M—30ml, L—30ml, and E—60ml[2]

From 14 days it is M—30ml, L—30ml, and E—60ml

(he says at 14 days: and this process can follow the 1st 7  days).

The scientist also added that another researcher does this slightly different than I do but we see the same final results.  Because diabetes is psychosomatic we use a high dosage of ZnO at night because if you are diabetic and you know when you wake up and take the (blood sugar) measurement and you know what the figure is and you have a problem.  This solves the problem and this high 60ml in the evening both 1st 7 days and following 14 days is a crucial part of the process.  At the beginning the CH3 of 30 ml Morning, Lunch and Evening is a crucial part of the process because you teach the body to replicate the original sugar and after 7 to 14 days to stop the CH3 at Lunch and Evening because you are just giving the reminder (Morning 30 ml).  You continuously need the CO2 as a line of connection because there is a lot of connection to be done and finally you use the ZnO with the emotion side.  We see huge success with this with the people who use this.  You have to use it for 3 to 6 months for the structure of the body to change.


The scientist also taught that they are using the gans water for blindness and eye damage and after a couple of years of total blindness.  We have seen that the people with the eye damage in the kind of level after a couple of years of total blindness start seeing.  You have to understand how you use and the way you use the gans materials because these are the ways that your life is balanced.   A large percentage of people in Africa are suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure.   We use another system of the waters with the high blood pressure and as I have said before we see a rapid drop of up to 50% in the first 3 to 5 days.  But it stays and you have to use it for a long time and that it becomes a process of your life.  The first time with the diabetic trials they showed 50% reduction in the first 12 months; but now, this system is much more successful.



The scientist taught in a public teaching that autism is the side effect of the present vaccinations. And anybody who stood against it has been killed or put in prison, or they are being told they are demented.   There is a process and you can reverse it. You have to understand the damage which is caused is from mercury through these injections.  What I advise is to try something very simple: try to feed your son with gans water of CO2 and zinc oxide, about 3 spoons a day for about a month and see if there are any changes.  You have to not only wash out the mercury infection or the containment; you have to rebalance the positioning.  In this way you have to make it as liquid water that you drink and a straw to breathe the air which is in the container of the CO2 and Zinc Oxide.  The problem is now we know and they have killed many people for this not to come to light as these vaccinations carry high dosages of mercury and they create the problems that come with mercury.  Two of my children have been affected by the same as you and I know exactly what you are talking about.   Those who promote this (MMR vaccinations) should be put in prison where they have no holes to be fed and we feed them these same MMR injections and see how they turn about after a few days.  I understand what you are talking about and thank you very much for bringing this up.  One of the solutions we see is to create the gans water of CO2 and Zinc Oxide because you have to elevate the physicality of the emotion with the physicality of the essence of the material.  If you have calcium oxide gans from bone marrow or from the bone you can add a small amount to it and just use the gans water and not the gans of it. You need to start the mixture and give him 2 to 3 spoonfuls a day and then you have to make him a straw.

The scientist told the man in the teaching that he understand exactly what you are suffering; he suffered the same thing withhis children and he wished he had known this.  Now they are in their 20s but we went through a lot with our children.  I hope this works and we have seen this working—you have to understand what happens.  At the time they get the injection the mercury works like a cancer and it attracts to its magnetic gravitational weight all the energy so because it is part of the magnesium calcium chain balance division, it takes energy from the growth of the cells in the brain.  So what you are doing is now you are triggering the growth (with the 3 spoons of recommended gans water daily).  What you have to do to treat the growth is this:  you need CO2, you need Zinc Oxide, you don’t use any CH3; it is not needed because the energy is there.   You need amino acid which is taken from the zinc. You need with it the understanding of creating the brain cells to be supporting it.  You need the calcium oxide which comes from the bone marrow and now from the bone.  There is a big difference.  The way to do this is to get a chicken bone and just cut the top where it is the soft part and that gives you what you are looking for.  Boil it and make a gans of it because that is not part of the bone structure.  Take the white bone off it.  When you get a chicken bone there is the soft bit at the top.  That is part that you make the gans of and it gives you the maximum because now it carries amino acid, calcium connected with the brain bone marrow.  And you need to do 4 parts CO2, 4 parts ZnO, and just a touch of the amino acid (CONH) and 2 parts calcium.  That is the ratio that you need. (4.11.52 minutes)

The scientist also taught that you do 3 to 4 spoons of water and not the gans of it; you don’t touch the gans.  You just give this 2 or 3 times a day, 3 or 4 spoons of water.   This is to buildup and with it you allow the emotional side to be built up with the Zinc on the physical part. This is supporting the physicality.  Then you make a straw that he can breathe through and put a pipe around it.  You fill the tube with the same mixture and you close it and like a straw, he can drink water out of it and make a cup with a football in it that the children look at when they are drinking.  He needs to breathe through this.  The damage done to the emotional neural system you repair also.  Then you need to make a gans patch with the same thing and just put it on his pillow when he sleeps for an hour or two at night hat you allow the elevation of it and the production of the cells of the brain.  And let me know.  It takes about 2 years to see the start of the reversal sometimes.  He is very young and you will catch up very quickly.  What has happened is that due to mercury in this injection mercury has taken a lot of energy instantaneously and it’s like the body goes into the death zone.  Like hypothermia, the body shuts the extremities to get to receive the blood and you get gangrene.   Because of the way this criminal liquid (mercury) has been put into the market and they use the mercury connection to it, this does the same thing on the emotional level so that it damages only the brain cells level.   Part of using the CO2, zinc oxide and amino acid allows you to wash it out.  You are literally washing the mercury out because it is still in the body.  Mercury stays attached to the body for decades.  Because in it they have put a link that attaches itself to the emotion.  It’s the fear of the body going to die.  Usually these children who show this within the first 24 hours they show respiratory problems and a high temperature.  The body shuts down with the fever to save itself, but it doesn’t turn itself back on again.  It’s a cancer.  This is the only way that I know that works.  You see your child gradually doing odd things; they come back into normality but how much damage there is depends on what the mercury has touched and how it has touched.  You have to understand what autism is.  It is not connecting to the information (the brain receives) and trying to analyze it. So it is a connection of the emotion that is lost that sits in the body of the man.  You have to understand the totality of the science.  Every cell of your body carries part of the interaction of the emotion of the brain, so when you drink, you do that.  When you breathe you support it.  You have to do the 3 at the same time.  This is very effective in most of the cases (of autism) that I have tested.  Do you understand.  There is no other solution.  It is a poisoning which you have to get out of the body of the man. And when you elevate the emotion side with the zinc, the mercury detaches itself and it cannot hold to the field and it releases.  If you get a doctor to measure the urine, you will see the discharge of mercury in the physical condition.   Thank you very much.  plasmasymbol33thumbnail_sticker-1inx3in-v


  • When the weather is turning cold many people get colds. If you have early symptoms like bad headaches, sore throat, you can spray CO2 GANS water round your hair line, on your forehead, front and back sides of your ears. The pain can go within minutes. But it can come back after half of an hour, you repeat the spraying again. The GANS water kills pains faster than pain tablets.
  • Besides, the CO2 can kill viruses like HIV, so influenza should not be so difficult.  You can always use a bit of lemon juice in the mouth.
  • And to make sure you prevent the cold take a drop of lavender essential oil rub under the nose and one drop in the mouth together with the CO2 liquid plasma water and you are safe.
  • Rub your hands with CO2 water to protect against cold and frostbite as CO2 liquid plasma water cannot freeze.
  • At the scientist’s suggestion you can plasmatize winter gloves, hats, scarves and socks with CO2 water added to an extra rinse cycle on your washing machine.  Add a cup of CO2 water and let each group soak in the CO2 for several hours and then  spin them out and dry them.  The scientist said this will prevent frostbite on fingers, toes, and more if you are in extremely cold climates.
  • Paul and Lynn put a small pill vial of CO2 water on their unheated front porch last winter.  It never froze, even during the week that the temperatures got below 22 degrees Fahrenheit!plasmasymbol33thumbnail_sticker-1inx3in-v


The scientist’s wife sent CH3, CO2 and CuO gans water to veterinary research center in the middle east

They make 4 groups of chicks and each group had 6 chicks

They give them plasma water and after 15 days had amazing results

Ist group of chicks: regular drinking water chicks– average weight was 400 grams

2nd group of chicks:  CO2 water — average weight was 460 grams

3rd group of chicks:  CO2 and CH3 water — average weight was 480 grams

4th group of chicks:  CO2, CH3 and CuO water — average weight was 462 grams


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state. The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

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