About Paul and Lynn and their Never Ending Plasma Energy Station

paul and lynn
Lynn and Paul with their cat Ren

Paul and Lynn lived in New Mexico and then Colorado for many years where Paul practiced veterinary medicine. Paul was one of the first veterinarians to study acupuncture for animals in the United States in the mid-70s. 

After retiring from veterinary medicine and moving to Montana Paul never lost interest in alternative therapies and started studying plasma energy technology as taught by nuclear atomic physicist and engineer  who has made information from many of his patents freely available to all who wish to learn about plasma energy.

Both Paul and Lynn started seeing benefits from using the plasma energy and developed their first plasma energy station in June, 2016 after studying the plasma technology for a couple of years.

station with vials
Paul and Lynn’s Plasma Energy Station they created by permanently attaching sealed vials filled with GANS water to the outside of a container of distilled water.

Lynn started transcribing the weekly workshops by the scientist.  Paul spent a good deal of time learning how to make the various GANS then applying his new knowledge.

 They decided to make a plasma energy station because they wanted to know first-hand if replacing refrigerator and pantry meals with liquid plasma water would work if we ran into dicey times with earth changes and disruption of food supply.  Would they have a solution? That is another reason for doing the vitamins, herbs and cat food. Paul has done medications the same way in the event there would ever be a disruption in supply due to some type of emergency.  Their results are described in this article “How to Make Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station And How to Use The Plasma Energy Water“.

a_002Lynn commented “We are having a great time doing this and learning as much as we can. We both think we’re having a lot more fun and much more interesting times than a lot of folks in their 70s.”

dowsing 30 feet away
Lynn testing the range of plasma energy strength by dowsing.

dowsing close

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