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Thank you for registering for my webinar series on Diabetes.  I will be sharing with you information I have gained over the last 35 years of living with type one Diabetes.  This information is what I have used to get myself on the healing path. 

I will explain how I transformed my life from debilitating kidney failure and living on a kidney transplant to a Blood Glucose of under 6 with no neuropathy; how I reversed cataract disease of my eyes (without surgery) and relieved my arthritic pain, along with relieving some other minor complications.

I will be going into detail of how I now live pain free and free from all the complications I once had from diabetes– except for my kidney failure, for which I have had a transplanted kidney since 2004. 

I also have an active imagination and a well-working brain and mind with no dementia at well over 79 years of age 🙂  

This series of webinars will begin on Monday, January 6th so mark your calendar.  We will send you reminder emails starting on January 3rd so you don’t forget.

If you have any friends or family that would benefit from this information please make sure to have them visit our website to register. If they register before December 29 they will also receive a free magnet.

Once the registration deadline is over these webinar videos will not be available to view for free nor will they receive a free magnet.

[Dr. Paul’s Diabetes Webinar Series]

Thank you again for registering for this webinar series I hope it brings you continued health and well-being.
Dr. Paul and Lynn

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