Dr. Pauls’ Nano-Coating and GANS Making Process

The process of nano coating is the most critical and necessary step in creating the GANS (gas in atomic nano solid state) of Metals including CO2, ZnO2, CuO2, Mg, Ag, and Au.  Common metals we use in our plasmatic fields are copper, magnesium, Zinc, silver and gold.  We also use nano-coated copper in the process of extracting CO2 from the air and collecting it in a solid state, thus the acronym, GANS.  CH3 which is a precursor of, or a rudimentary sugar is used as an energy booster and also requires nano-coated copper when creating it. 

If copper plates do not have enough layers of nano-coating on them, the copper becomes exposed and is manifested in the salt solution as a green powder which is undesirable for all but the copper GANS.  This nano-coating process seems redundant and prolonged but you cannot create proper GANS without a proper nano-coating. 

In this digital product you will get Dr. Paul’s step-by-step instructions, both written and video on making GANS.  This is the process he used after three years of trial and error.  Other people may use different processes but this is what Dr. Paul found that worked for him. He gives all the materials you need for proper nano-coating. 

The nano-coating videos are followed by several videos in which Dr. Paul explains and demonstrates the GANS making process that worked for him.  As he says in the video there are many, many videos you can find on GANS making.  He tried many different methods until he found what worked for him. He was thoughtful, methodical, and scientific in his research leading to his final method of GANS making.  Then he used his methods successfully for several years. 

Dr. Paul’s videos and explanations of his entire Nano-making and GANS-making method is $127.   You will receive links to all the videos that summarize his methods, some of which you will not find anywhere but in this digital product.  Thank you.