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This kit does not contain the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Solution Station Vials

Includes any Eight (8) products of your choice $97 or less each. (Kan-Sir and Super Woman Plus do not qualify)

BPA-free plastic vials containing the GANS waters will be sent once we have freezing  overnight temperatures so you don’t end up with broken glass vials caused by freezing temperatures. 

Pads will be sent outside the United States instead of the vials. 

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Watch our videos and read testimonials and FAQ for instructions.  Put the unopened vials on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container which is now plasma water.

Use only a clear, not opaque, glass or plastic container.  Most people glue the vials or pads onto outside of the container and then run clear packing tape around the container over all the vials just to keep them secure if they should get accidentally jostled.

Once the vials or pads are on the container then you will fill the container with distilled or filtered water.  In cases of emergency you can fill it with tap water….there are plasma energies included in the vials that have been used to clean polluted rivers and lakes.

Let the water in the container change over night and then you are ready to use it.  You cannot use too much of this water or ‘overdose’ on it; it is beneficial to the body and completely non-toxic.

Plasma energy does not ‘fade’ or ‘wash out.’  When the water in your container is at about 1/2 level then you will add more distilled or filtered water to it and let it change over night.  You may then carry the water from the container in your water bottles.  Be creative with the application of the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Vials or Pads to your container.

The large pads go on the outside of a clear glass or plastic container for your water for daily use and the small set of pads is your ‘to-go’ travel set.  These can be mailed outside the country.  Once you have the water “changed” with the pads on the outside of the container you can make more sets of pads for family and friends.  See our videos for instructions on how to make more pads.

When you order your Never Ending Plasma Energy Vials or Pads documents will be emailed to you to add to your knowledge.  Share the water with family and friends.  You can make plasma energy pads for them from the water from your container so they can create their own plasma water at home.

The GANS’ (gas in atomic nano state) and combination of GANS have been created over the last 2 years for use in the Never Ending Plasma Energy Solution Vials and Pads.  The liquid from the top of each jar of GANS is placed into the vials or pads included with your purchase.  The majority of the GANS took from 4 to 10 weeks to develop.  The Vials you use are never opened as the plasma energy fields will pass through the Vials or Pads into the water in your container.  The water inside the container is the only water that you will use.  You never come directly in contact with the GANS or the water in the Vials.