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Montana Inventors Create a Sustainable Source of
Health and Wellness for Worst-case Scenarios

Red Lodge, Montana – Thursday February 7th, 2019 — The founders of Plasma Energy Solution are becoming increasingly aware that impending natural and man-made disasters could disrupt or permanently alter human life.
Cataclysms such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, asteroid impacts, global warfare and nuclear winter can indefinitely halt the supply chain to populated areas. In such instances, when access to food and medicine becomes nonexistent, your survival is a matter of what steps you have taken before the fact.

Through extensive research based in biochemistry and nuclear physics, Dr. Paul Schmaltz and his wife Lynn have developed a detailed scientific process that generates and harnesses plasma energy for human optimization.

This procedure reduces nutrients, metals, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other elements to a mono-atomic state — creating what is known in the progressive science community as GANS (Gas In Atomic Nano Solid State).
Clinical studies have shown that isolated elements within GANS solutions emit magnetic fields. When placed adjacent to distilled water, these plasmatic fields have been scientifically proven to transfer their molecular imprint onto the water molecules. This enhanced water can then, when ingested, deliver the magnetic gravitational plasmatic energies from the elements in the GANS solution into the cells of the human body.
The compact, lightweight and easy-to-replicate nature of GANS can be especially important in disastrous scenarios where delivery of resources has been interrupted. Plasma energy water is also valuable to those who grow their own food and are suddenly living under diminished sunlight which can lead to a failed garden. The ramifications of little or no available food can be mitigated through the consumption of Plasma Energy Solution GANS-enhanced products.

Plasma Energy water is designed to deliver the magnetic gravitational plasmatic energies from the nutrients, minerals and elements to the cells of the human body. When this occurs, the body can achieve maximum health – and effectively regulate its own well-being.

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