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We Are Having Crazy Weather–Does Plasma Energy Provide Protective Energies Around Your Home?

In the same year as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Dominica in 2017, there were tornados in Mississippi. Following is information of what happened to one family during the tornado who had been gifted with plasma energy from Tommy Lee:

The family had contacted Tommy earlier in the summer because of the severe heat and because they had no air conditioning. Tommy Lee soaked sheets of paper in plasma energy station water and once they were dry, he mailed them to the family.

His instructions were for them to tape the papers in the windows of their house with the intention of having the house maintain a cooler temperature. The family called Tommy sometime later and told him their home had never gotten warmer than 72F.

Several months later the family once again contacted Tommy. Their town had been devastated by a tornado. This family’s home was untouched by the tornado, while the surrounding homes were flattened.

Lynn has often mentioned the protection of a property in Dominica at the time of Hurricane Maria that destroyed 90% of Dominica. One home and garden remained intact despite 200 mile an hour winds because of plasma energy their son had made and placed in their garden the previous year.

The Photo above is a screen shot from a video Tom Salas posted after he arrived in Dominica at his parents home 3 weeks after Hurricane Maria.

Within a 30+ foot radius of a jar of plasma water he placed in the garden everything was intact. The home was untouched. They did lose a couple of tool sheds outside that 30+ perimeter and all the plants and trees were stripped bare. What is important to realize is that plasma energy water carries memory and intention. Tom Salas had his plasma water intention for the well being of the garden and surrounding area for his parents’ home in Dominica.

In June, 2022 there was ‘the thousand year flood’ in Lynn’s town, Red Lodge, Montana. See the crude drawing below dated 08/24/2018 showing the placement of jars of plasma energy waters around where she lives. In 2021 Lynn had also taken a garden sprayer full of plasma energy water and sprayed the exterior of the buildings. The energy combinations she used were the Plasma Energy Station, Peace and New Tech Frequency Relief. On one side there are large evergreens and she couldn’t reach the building with the sprayer so she just sprayed all the trees. The small text at the bottom states: Used small jars 1 inch deep. 50-cent-sized lid filled with plasma energy station water.

Following is information from a blog Lynn wrote after the flood.

Lynn’s Report From Her Flooded Neighborhood in Red Lodge Montana North of Yellowstone.

Lynn discusses the June 12th, 2022 flooding in her neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana, one of the summer scenic gateways to Yellowstone National Park.

Rock Creek, 2 blocks from where she lives, flooded most of her side of town. Find out what happened and see some photos that she shares.

On the day before the flooding Lynn posted a video, ’06-12-2022—DO PLASMA ENERGIES HELP PEOPLE, PETS AND GARDENS?‘ Wow, was that prophetic.

Lynn’s video from June 12th, 2022 about whether there are protective qualities to plasma energies:

The link below shows many scenes from Red Lodge. Look for one with a green ‘gingerbread’ house with white trim and a white picket fence on the corner; it’s a block away from Lynn

You may have heard the expression, ‘don’t be scared…be prepared.’ When you know you have done the best you can to ride out a storm by having the proper supplies you don’t have to ‘run to somewhere.’

Obviously there are some conditions where you do need to get your bag and leave. But take inventory of what is happening and your situation. Ask yourself who or what feeds off your fear if you get into a panic and ‘run’.

Below are some pictures all within a block of where Lynn is. Neighbors were out helping neighbors and there were people coming from surrounding, unaffected areas to pitch in and help. Nobody asked them to do that…they just loaded up what they had that would be helpful and showed up.

0615-2022-Photos From Red Lodge Flood

The bridge 2 blocks east of Lynn held; it’s just to the right of the white roofed townhome see yellow arrow…the 2nd flooded street is ½ block east of Lynn…red roofed house midway on the right edge is at the corner by Lynn’s house…see red arrow.

½ block east of Lynn’s house on 06/14/2022 as flood waters start to subside:

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