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How To Set Up Your Plasma Energy Station

How To Set Up Your Plasma Energy Station

Here is a great video from Sean on how to set up your plasma energy station. One clarification from Lynn is about the energy flow.  The greater and the lesser is mainly when we are working through solid areas like knee joints, shoulders, etc.  These are not clear like the glass containers so you use the greater and the lesser idea with the energies.  With the clear glass or clear plastic there is no issue of getting the plasma energies into the container.  

Another thing Lynn suggests to people is that when their stations go down 1/3 just add some more distilled or filtered water (or whatever) and the water will charge quickly and you don’t have to wait 12 hours.

And here is one more item about the source water for the containers.  Over the years Lynn has had a couple of calls from people that their water started to stink or taste funky.  It is always when there is well water.  They will protest and say their well water is good but when they change things up they find out that there was an issue with the well water.   

Another thing was when someone said their container was growing algae.  They had it sitting on a window sill without a lid–a perfect set up if you want algae!  So have lids on the containers and you don’t need to put them in sunlight.  And if you don’t put a lid on the water because you think it needs to breathe, you could get opportunistic airborne contaminants that are looking for a new home.   

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Russell Means: America is Now the Reservation…Hear What Doctors Are Now Saying…The Queen Dying: The Passing of an Era and more…

We Were Warned Years Ago…

“America is now the reservation”… these words were from Russell Means, Lakota Sioux

This is why we have Be Brave and Heavenly Thunderbolt on special for you in September, 2022…See Our Home Page for More Information on our Specials

0917-2021 Russell Means…America is now the reservation

“They took away EVERYONE’S Rights You know the American people for too long have been an irresponsible free people. And even generation to generation as they become less free they don’t recognize it.

They have lost the ability of critical thought. In order to regain critical thought all you have to do is read your constitution. And then look at the laws that govern you, especially from the federal perspective.

It’s unconscionable to allow your freedoms to be taken away decade after decade after decade, year after year. I am very proud of this—my nation, the Lakota, were the first nation to militarily defeat the United states of America on the field of battle.

That resulted in the 1868 Sioux Treaty. Be that as it may, what has happened after they economically forced us into these prisoner of war camps by destroying our food supply and our rite of passage in our own land, they confined us to these and then they began practicing and perfecting their colonial tactics.

What has happened is now America because of the irresponsibility of your fore-bearers and the irresponsibility of yourselves, you are now on one huge Indian reservation.

All policies, all policies were bred, born and birthed on an Indian reservation and then exported to the world and now comes back on the backs of the American people.

You have a near perfect document. In the words of Benjamin Franklin in 1744 to a collection of colonists discussing freedom he said to them and I quote: if the nation to the north can form a near perfect union that has endured for centuries, why cannot we form a more perfect union?”

So, they are talking about the Iroquois confederacy. That’s where the constitution comes from.

In 1988 on the eve of the 200 year anniversary of the constitution it was the unanimous thank you by the congress of the United States—they sent in writing to the 6 nations of the Iroquois Confederacy thanking them for the input into the constitution and the formation of the United States of America.

So, you see the constitution is Indian Law and that is why I love it. You know, beginning in the 1840s, they started stripping away your freedoms by developing the corporation. You know, a piece of paper.

And then in the 1860s of course…during Lincoln when they declared martial law. Even after they ceased civil war martial law continued on for 3 to 4 years when there was no need to.

But in the 1870s was when Congress started giving the banks the right to rule and of course you go on to 1913, the beginning of the 20th century, they officially gave away the power of our economy to the banks. The banks can print our money for us.

According to our constitution the people should never allow their money to be printed by someone else. Hello! The issue of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and we’re intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system of America.

They have done such a bad job of it they are destroying themselves. It’s ludicrous at best! Welcome to the reservation with the reason we’ve become so materially minded that Americans no longer have a culture. They left their cultures behind.

Culture is about values and if you have value, you have culture. It has been proven from empire to empire that when you allow your human rights, your individual rights, to be usurped that is when empire grows and could care less.

People All Over The World Have Slumbered As We Were ‘Taken Over’ … by whom? You will find out in the video below…

Monopoly—Who Owns The World?

What Can You Do About All This?

Read What Sue Has To Say About Our Plasma Energy Station Water…

I finally got to drink a cup of my new water and it is truly amazing….

I hate drinking water but force myself to and I think I haven’t liked water because it has a “taste” aftertaste to it even tho it is purified or distilled it tastes icky…

But your water, it is AMAZING… I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and don’t want to, no desire, just want to drink more water… what’s the deal, unbelievable… can’t wait til my friend Jeanine comes over to taste it she will love it too!!!

Thanks for the way to make God’s Water, Heavenly Water!!!

Have Those Who ‘Own The World’ Over Usurped The Health And Freedom To Be Healthy?

See what one doctor has to say:

Dr. Paul Thomas Hires Outside Firm To Track Vaccinated Kids – Here’s What He Found! After He Went Public His License To Practice Was Taken Away…

The study is called Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination

Dr. Thomas:I hired an outside expert and we got every single data point for every patient born in my practice. 2700 were verified vaccinated and 560 unvaccinated. We age matched them and compared them and this is what we found:

Blue on the charts are the unvaccinated and orange lines on the charts represent the vaccinated. This speaks for itself. At all the slides I am presenting here are available. The top line represents the vaccinated; the bottom line represents the unvaccinated.

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergic Rhinitis
  3. Eczema
  4. Sinusitis
  5. Gastro enteritis
  6. Respiratory infections
  7. Otitis media
  8. Conjunctivitis
  9. Breathing issues
  10. Behavioral issues
  11. Add-ADHD—there was none in unvaccinated patients in 10 years in my practice.

I thought vaccines prevented infections! Vaccines shift the immune system to allergy and auto-immunity and you have more and more infections of other kinds. What was the response of the medical board to this landmark study? They yanked my license. You will hear that association does not need causation. That is the reason that the story of your vaccine injured child does not count. It was just a coincidence. I have explained the aluminum mechanism and there is another mechanism of too many vaccines too soon that immune activation that causes problems.

Here is the Mossman study and relative to the unvaccinated child, the vaccinated kids had 2x as much chronic illness, 3x as much eczema, 4x as much neural developmental autism, ADD, learning disabilities and 30x as much allergies. This is a published, peer-reviewed study.“

You can see his graphs here:

Dr. Thomas Cowan has written several books, including those on the role of water in our bodies, the heart and it’s role in the circulatory system and another on cancer. He has asked many questions. The discussion on this video covers ‘are there viruses?’

Here’s What Rob Has To Say About His Peace Energy Water…

I just realized something the other day. I’ve been feeling very peaceful. With my first order you gave me a vial of peace water. I hadn’t done any thing with it. But it seems like I didn’t need to.
Anyway I made some peace water and have in a spray bottle. I’ve sprayed around my doors and windows and also around my gate in the front
Then I thought let me spray in the backyard ( I have a small one ) squirrels have gone crazy this year digging up bulbs and running amok. So I spayed back there. I noticed they have calmed down. Now the test is to see if they leave plants alone.
I have still been mourning a friend that died. It’s been awhile. Rob

Heads Up About USPS And UPS Changes With Deliveries From A Driver In A Post To Steve Quayle

First let me say thank you Mr. Quayle for all your tireless effort in bringing the truth. I read your article about Fed Ex and you mention the USPS and UPS as well. Well I work for a private company that delivers the mail to small towns. They are cutting our routes by the end of the year. We have six routes and the USPS is taking one to two towns off of each route. It had been a big secret because they were afraid we’ll walk. Well now we know. They say Bryan, Texas and a town in Georgia are “tests”. I imagine they’ll be cutting my route pretty “bigly” because of the secrecy. The route carriers at these small towns will have to drive to Bryan and get their mail then drive back to their small town and deliver it. A total of 158 routes will have to go to Bryan. And we’ll just drive by those little towns and not stop. It’s insane. The owner of the company I work for doesn’t pay us what the route pays, for one, then they don’t pay us layover time and we have to sit with that truck for up to 7 hours after the morning run. Then there’s Amazon to deal with. We were told the other day that Amazon drivers take priority over the mail. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure the Lord will take care of me. I just wanted you to know how crazy it’s getting. And to vent a little, lol. It gets crazier but we don’t have all day.

What About The International Scene?

The Queen Dying: the passing of an era. See the Henry Gruver You Tube video. Henry Gruver Vision of the Destruction of America and England

The Foregoing Information Is Why I Keep Emphasizing For You To Be Prepared—‘don’t be scared!’ See Our September 2022 Specials on our Home Page to Help You Be Prepared

0910-2022—Can Peace Energy Help With Grief?

Lynn and Steph discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace helping with grief as well as disruptions.  Also hear why Sue call Plasma Energy Station Water Heavenly Water!

Don’t forget we have made changes for purchases which now include personal checks and US Postal money orders.  Find out why there is an advantage to using the US Postal money order.  If you use a postal money order be sure you have cash or a debit card for the purchase. 

Two recent interviews:

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Our September Be Brave Specials

September, 2022 Special!

Lynn has often said to be prepared, but not scared…

Lynn formulated Be Brave in honor of Dr. Paul who lived his bravery by encountering his life’s challenges, health or otherwise head on. September was Dr. Paul and Lynn’s wedding month and they celebrated it for 54 years together. Lynn has a saying taped up near her computer: a perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.

Here Are Our September Be Brave Specials:

Be Brave $167 Now $87


Be Brave Plus Heavenly Thunderbolt Package $444 Now $287

Offer good September 1, 2022 until September 30, 2022 at Midnight Pacific Time; not valid with any other offers or coupons

0829-2022—What Can You Do When The News Fills You With Anxiety?

Lynn and Steph discuss how our Plasma Energy Solution combinations can help with anxiety and fear that puts you in a fight or flight mode. Can Be Brave and Heavenly Thunderbolt help you?  Hear what Steph has to say about Heavenly Thunderbolt. 

0629-2020 How Can Plasma Energy Help You Be Brave?

Lynn and Steph talk about Never-Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave which provides a combination of energies to support your emotions as well as physical well-being. Help support your body when events around you put your body into a fight or flight mode. Support your emotions with the plasma energies found in Peace, Anxiety Relief and more.

1022-2020-October 2020 Special and Why Chilean Miner Survival Story Is Important For You

Lynn Schmaltz talks about Never-Ending Plasma Energy Be Brave and the Chilean Miners rescued ten years ago—how they survived for 70 days at 2100 feet underground and the cooperative efforts of many who facilitated their rescue. (note: the October 2020 special does not apply to the September 2022 special).

0807-2022—Venoms, Poxes, and Poisons—What Can You Do About Them?

Lynn discusses the gain of function and the cocktail of poxes and poisons presented with the gain of function in the experimental injections.  Plasma Energy Solution now has Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt.  Lynn also discusses the changes for purchases which now include personal checks and US Postal money orders.  Find out why there is an advantage to using the US Postal money order. 


Mass Medical Bankruptcy & Collapse Coming – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

By Greg Hunter On August 24, 2022 In Political Analysis 

By Greg Hunter’s 

In May, Dr. Elizabeth Eads revealed the CV19 vax was causing extreme disease.  Few doctors were sounding the alarm on the death and carnage from the bioweapon injections, and it’s going to get much worse before it’s over. 

Dr. Eads says, “Worldwide there are 10,000 deaths from these Covid vaccines daily.  That’s a culmination of data . . . collected from Israel, UK, Canada, the U.S. and Brazil.  So,10,000 a day and they are estimating we are already up to 12 million deaths worldwide.”   Dr. Eads thinks the death and injuries from the CV19 bioweapon will be orders of magnitude higher in the next five years.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the FDA and CDC see what is coming. 

According to Dr. Eads, “They know this.  They planned for it.  They knew the consequences.  They manipulated the vaccines as they went along and what was going into the vaccines . . . to make the booster shots more lethal. . . . Your immune system is absolutely destroyed with these shots.  

Every time you get a shot, you lose more of your immune system.  You lose 30% after the first shot, 60% to 70% after the second shot, 80% or more after the third shot, and you lose 100% of your immune system after the 4th shot.  You also have the propensity to develop vaccine induced aids.”

You can also get heart disease, blood clots, strokes, brain disease, extreme shingles and develop fast spreading extreme cancers, just to name a few of the effects of the bioweapon so-called vaccines, according to Dr. Eads.

Dr. Eads goes on to say, “People are waking up and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do to my immune system,’ and this is irreversible.  It’s irreversible because you cannot not turn off the intercellular mechanism.  You cannot turn off the nano particle system that is making these long clot-like structures in veins and arteries. . . .

There is no such thing as ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  These are side effects of the vaccine.  Nobody dies of ‘Sudden Death’ when they are otherwise healthy adults.  There is no such thing. . . .  Here are the numbers I pulled off Attorney Todd Callender’s site.  (He’s suing the U.S. military over the CV19 vax.) 

The all-cause mortality rate in the military is up 1,100%. . . . The top five life insurance companies are banding together and are going to file a class-action lawsuit against Big Pharma.”

That’s not all, according to Dr. Eads, as she sees not only Big Pharma liable for damages but hospitals, doctors, nurses, drug store chains and all sorts of people who helped make this bioweapon genocide possible.  Dr. Eads says, “You are talking about billions of dollars, and they are not going to be able to afford to pay out all these claims. . . .

It’s going to bankrupt Big Pharma, and Big Pharma will end up collapsing.  Hospitals will also end up collapsing because they were complicit in death by ventilators and remdesivir.  Mass medical bankruptcies are coming 100%.  This is going to be the collapse of the Rockefeller medical industry.”

Dr Eads says there are treatments that can help both the vaxed and unvaxed with removing harmful spike proteins.  Two she named are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  Dr. Eads says there are some other helpful treatments and procedures as well.

There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 1-hour and 19-minute interview.Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the worsening, and now obvious, effects of the CV19 bioweapon vax.


World in the Process of Bankrupting – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter On August 20, 2022 In Market Analysis 

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says, “nothing is getting better” and points out the proof is everywhere that we are clearly headed for a financial calamity, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Holter, who is also a precious metals broker, is seeing a big pick-up in business because big money is looking for a place to hide in the physical world.  

Holter explains, “We are getting more orders and larger orders.  I think this is natural because I think people know something is wrong, and when something is wrong, you want to get defensive.  I think people are finally making the connection the world is in the process of bankrupting, and you want your capital in something that cannot bankrupt.  By definition, that is gold and silver.”

Holter says evil is trying to take over everywhere. 

Holter contends, “The consensus is the fact that we have a 2nd Amendment and we still have guns here is the only reason they have not snapped the trap shut yet.  The United States is ‘the last bastion.’ 

Just look at Australia.  Look at New Zealand.  Look at Canada.  Look at Britain.  Can you have guns there?  No, they have taken them away.  What did they do?  They forced the population into lockdown.  They forced the population to get the jab.  The result is you are going to see the West vastly depopulated and degraded in the next 1, 2 or 5 years.  They have total control over their population.  Whereas, that is not the case yet in the U.S.”

Holter has long said when the overloaded debt system breaks, it will break “fast and ugly.”  “Credit will dry up overnight,” and “The world runs on credit,” according to Holter.  His math shows a dark time ahead even for the prepared. 

Holter explains, “All you have to do is wake up in the morning and read the news, and you know it has gotten worse than the day before.  That’s day after day.  I have talked about ‘Mad Max’ for several years.  When I first started talking about it, I got all kinds of grief, and they called me a nut case. 

It is certainly looking more and more now as the likely scenario.  It just goes back to the West and, including China, it is not in the West, but it too is extremely levered (or indebted).  When you over-lever a financial system, you over-lever an economy.  At some point, the only thing that can happen is something bad.  It’s either default or hyperinflation of the currency to pay the debt back.  As far as timing, I would be shocked if we make it through the end of this year and people would still consider the system normal.”

When the system does break, that’s when it turns “ugly.”  Holter explains, “As far as how are things going to work when this thing goes down?  My question would be is anything going to work?  Will your bank be open?  Will your broker be open?  Will there be a store open or a restaurant or any place to buy goods? 

That gets back to Jim Sinclair’s ‘Get out of the System’ (GOTS).  Become your own central banker.  Stock up on the things you think you are going to need.  Is it going to last two weeks or two years?  It could last two years. 

One thing for sure, our life in the United States is going to be drastically changed to a lower standard of living. . . . You are watching the breakdown in real time.”

There is much more in the 41 min interview. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 8.20.22.


Why did Lynn quit using Paypal and similar online systems? Why does she now suggest US Postal Money orders and personal checks?

Did you know a US Postal Money order is the same thing as cash? That’s why you have to purchase them with cash or a debit card…and they can be cashed for up to one year from the purchase date.

Reason 1: Paypal decided they could keep funds paid by you for 21 days, even though your order was sent to you within a day or two of receiving your order

Reason 2: 0826-2022-Deconomic Ninja

Paypal has changed their users’ service agreement – we are going to talk specifically about real estate. I think there are going to be some people who will be in a world of hurt soon because they will be issued 1099s. Even if you do not accept rent in Paypal understand that if you use 3rd party pay like Zell, vinmo, any of these, this will trickle to them eventually. As of July 28, 2022, Paypal stated they will remove the friends and family option for domestic payments in the business accounts and all payments will be subject to the seller fees. Why is this important?


Lynn has said in many past blogs and videos to get your plasma pantry and kitchen pantry stocked. Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara spells it across the board for paying attention:

and finally…..

Here is a touching song fitting for today by Norwegian singer, Sissel. This is what we strive for…Sissel from Norway July 2019 Salt Lake City

1.11.17 minutes Hymn of Freedom

When every heart joins every heart and together Yearns for liberty, that’s when we will be free,

When every hand joins every hand and together molds our destiny, that’s when we will be free,

Any hour, any day, the time soon will come, when men will live in dignity, that’s when we’ll be free…

When every man joins in our song and together sing in harmony, that’s when we’ll be free,

When every heart joins every heart and together yearns for liberty, that’s when we’ll be free,

When every hand joins every hand and together molds our destiny, that’s when we’ll be free,

Any hour, any day, the time soon will come when men will live in dignity, that’s when we’ll be free

When every man joins in our song and together sing in harmony, that’s when we’ll be free…

That’s when we’ll be free!

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Introducing…Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Garden!

Lynn and Steph spent several months researching to find replacements we take for granted in our local garden stores and creating GaNS for the Healthy Garden Series!

Here’s what we have for you:

  1. Super Soil
  2. Sea Essentials
  3. Natural Pest-Away

These will be sent to you in the individual vials for you to add to filtered or distilled water. Once you have set up that water you can add it to your watering can for indoor gardens and to your garden sprayers for outdoor gardens. Included in this information is Dr. Paul’s plasma energy garden set up and explanation.

  1. Super Soil Plasma Energies: $167
  • Carbon—this helps improve soil structure and soil moisture
  • Supports microbials
  • Improves soil porosity
  • Improves mineral nutrients uptake
  • Improves plant protection from parasites
  • Compost
  • Worm castings
  • CO2, ZNO2, CH3, B9, amino acids
  • Energies from New Tech Frequency Relief and Peace
  1. Sea Essentials: $77
  • Sea vegetables—bladderwrach, rockweed, kombu, sea lettuce
  • CO2, ZNO2, CH3, B9, amino acids
  • Alaska fish fertilizer with 18 kinds of amino acids, and more
  • Organic Kelp with vitamin, mineral and plant growth nutrient energies
  • Urea, an important part of the nitrogen cycle
  • Energies from New Tech Frequency Relief and Peace
  1. Natural Pest Away $67:
  • Chrysanthemum energies
  • CO2, ZNO2, CH3, B9, amino acids
  • Energies from New Tech Frequency Relief and Peace

Why do you want our Healthy Garden Essentials? Think about the information being discussed below from Steve Quayle’s website alerts and perhaps having a home garden will interest you more:

Steve, I just called several places for seeds, the Farm supply has put up their seeds, Terri the owner put away all the tomato seeds she said she’ll save me some. Called Lowes Hardware, and you will not believe this one, they threw out all their seed… read more

Good morning, I recently saw a post on Steve’s site regarding tomatoes and I have some confirmation on that. Last week I was in Walmart and forgot to pick up my puree, and sauce. So, we went back the next day, and the canned tomatoes went from 00.98… read more

Hi Steve, read your article on Montana freezers failing, Two days ago I was doing my weekly shopping at (Walmart) in Kingman Az. I had fish on my list and when I reached the freezer isle I realized the shelves were empty, I asked an employee and s… read more

In Sioux falls South Dakota, on Sunday 7/17/22 at around 10am, the power went out at Walmart for 10 seconds. The freezer lights went out. The Walmart manager said this happened the Sunday before as well and took power out to Target and Walgreens… read more

…I can tell you… THIS IS STEAMY BS!!!! ALL freezers have high temp alarm systems, connected to alarm companies. I’ve NEVER been in a large commercial freezer that had a forced vent system to outside air….a failed electric defrost termina… read more

Steve, I know you’ll get this info out to the people who will listen. Today around 4pm I received a call from my source at the Billings Regional Landfill that Sam’s Club was unloading now their 3rd roll off truck full of frozen foods. The full… read more

Following is the plasma energy plan for your garden. You can adapt this if you are growing indoors:

Here are the instructions for forming a plasma energy field in your garden. Prepare the vials from your Healthy Garden Series. You will do 5 sets of vials.

1. Set of Vials 2, 3, and 4 are put in clear plastic or clear glass quart jars; bury the jars up to ½ to ¾ of the height of the jar placed in an equilateral triangle;

2. Take a 5’ to 7’ vertical pole and place one clear plastic or clear glass quart jar at the top of the pole. Place Vial 1 set in this jar.

The equilateral triangle with the vial on the top of the post creates a plasmatic field dome effect that will greatly diminish or eliminate plants diseases and pests and nourish your plants for healthier and more abundant yields. There is no toxic energy. The plasma energy is simply creating a condition that the insects aren’t attracted to and they prefer to go elsewhere.

Vials 5 and 6 are used to energize water to spray on the leaves and shoots of the plants since they get 80% of their nourishment from the atmosphere and the plasmatic fields of the atmosphere. #5 and #6 are the same, so put one in a clear plastic jug and the other in a quart spray bottle and spray the plants 2 times a week or more if you have the time.

Refill the spray bottle from the plastic jug from your regular preferred water supply for the plants. When planting new seeds soak them 12 hours in this water before planting for healthy plants.

X – 2 Vials 2, 3 and 4 are placed in a clear glass X – 3

Or clear plastic jar and buried up to

½ to ¾ of the jar

X – 1

Vial #1 is placed

Atop a 5’ to 7’ vertical

Pole in the center

Of the garden

Vial #4

X – 4

0819-2022—New! How You Can Set Up Healthy Garden Plasma Energies—Super Soil, Sea Essentials and Natural Pest-Away

Lynn and Steph present our new Healthy Garden Plasma Energies and how to set up your indoor or outdoor garden vials.  Stay Healthy by growing your own pesticide, herbicide free foods in your indoor or outdoor garden!  Remember you purchase these vials one time and continue to make your Healthy Garden Plasma Energies without having to re-order.  This is just in time as supply chain issues continue in many area. 

Don’t forget we have made changes for purchases which now include personal checks and US Postal money orders.  Find out why there is an advantage to using the US Postal money order.  If you use a postal money order be sure you have cash or a debit card for the purchase. ********

Another New Video from Lynn and Steph:

0818-2022—How Do Plasma Energy Combinations Work With Your Body’s Energy Fields?

Lynn and Steph discuss how Plasma Energies enhance your body’s energy fields. Hear Steph’s perspective from doing body work for thirty years.

Plasma Energy Water Different Types of Plasma Water and Power of Intention 

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Lynn Shares a Dream, Bio-fields and Clif High’s GANS

Steph, Luke and I had a discussion today on the phone about plasma energy and the energy fields that are set up with it. GaNS is produced when we are breaking down energies from matter, whether it is metal, herbs or otherwise. GaNS is -gas in an atomic nano solid state.

So today it was interesting to read Clif High’s information on GANS. Even though I may not agree with his time line and all the information I suggest you read what GANS meant in the context of what he writes about.

You will want to watch for a video in a few days that Steph and I will do on her perspective of the bio-field from 30 years of massage therapy and energy work on people.

In the meantime be sure to see our specials this month—

Plasma Energy Station for $277 instead of $337

Our new Heavenly Thunderbolt ($277) for $187 as an introductory price.


This colony, Earth.

We’ve been invaded by Space Aliens!

This colony, Earth. Clif High, Aug 13, 2022

Six thousand years ago, more or less, Earth was invaded by Space Aliens.

They came down all around the planet, in the lands just north of the Tropic of Cancer. The Space Alien invasion arrived in a small, but heavily armed, force, with the clear intent to conquer and colonize Earth. They landed in Yucatan Peninsula. They landed in Macedonia, Sumer, India, China, and Japan, and elsewhere.

From these bases, their superior technology which included over 40 different types of flying war machines, they easily conquered the hunter-gatherer tribes inhabiting the area.

In each area thus conquered, the local tribes provided the name for the Space Aliens in their own language. Thus we know the Colonists as the Elohim, the Devas, the Theoae, the Anunaki, the Schin, and in all cases, in all languages those names became synonymous with ‘gods’.

Once the local tribes were conquered, the Space Aliens conscripted their local human population to go forth, and conquer other, more distant tribes of humans. They did so, with the occasional assistance of the Space Alien ‘lords’.

As the combat local to the landing sites faded away, the Space Alien overlords set about building vast complexes on the conquered territory. These were called GANS in their language, which our religious texts today, translate as ‘gardens’. These GANS were the Space Alien’s genetic material production laboratories. These GANS had ‘energy shields’ which prevented non-authorized access by the local populations of humans. It is thought now that the GANS enclosed several hundreds of square kilometers of area, rising several thousands of feet. These energy shields also provided both air, and light filtration.

The Space Alien overlords needed both. The light had to be moderated due to their biological needs for reduced levels of cosmic radiation of all forms. The air needed to be sterilized as it flowed into the GANS because the Space Aliens were vulnerable to earth bacteria to an extreme level.

As the GANS were stabilized, the Space Alien scientists and production crews came down to Colony Earth, and set to work. Their goal was to create a smart-enough, but not too smart, slave species.

The work in the GANS continued for approximately 2000 years.

It was difficult work, building an effective slave species from the local genetic base merged with part of the genetic material of the Space Alien Colonists. There were many wrong choices made, and species were created, then destroyed when they did not meet specifications. Some, including the Giants, escaped the GANS to roam about the land, but as these beings were engineered, and not native to this environment, they failed to thrive, all eventually succumbing to adverse conditions.

About 4000 years ago, a certain level of success in the engineering of the Colonists was achieved with the creation of the first of the ‘white people’. Variously, the Space Aliens had already, from the native brown humans, created Black, Yellow, Red, and then finally White people.

It was difficult work, and it would seem that the Space Alien Colonists stopped their genetic engineering with the creation of the white people. It is not known if this was due to their goal being achieved, or if external, adverse circumstances altered the direction of the Space Alien overlords’ efforts.

Shortly after their successful engineering of their slave species, the Space Alien Colonists left earth.

We don’t know, for sure, why they left.

There are hints, in our ancient literature, that rising cosmic radiation levels created conditions on Earth that greatly increased the risk to the Space Alien Colonists in the form of bacterial infection. The Space Alien overloads were very long lived, especially when protected by the filtration of the energy shields around the GANS. It is thought that they lived many thousands of years, perhaps, in a protected environment, into the 10’s of thousands of years. Though the Colonists were protected, and long lived, they were acutely afraid of death.

Out in the wild, that is, in the unprotected areas of Colony Earth, the Space Alien Colonists had need of extraordinary precautions to avoid bacterial infections of which, even minor ones were rapidly fatal.

About 4000 years ago, conditions changed here on Earth for the Colonists, and they left. The leaving was a mass exodus that was completed in a remarkably short period of time.

It is speculated that there was some level of failure of the GANS energy shields that prompted the Space Alien Colonists to flee.

The failure, and removal of the GANS structures allowed the engineered slave species the freedom to walk the Earth. As an engineered species, and non-native to this environment, the created Humans struggled to survive, though, they were successful.

It greatly aided the newly liberated slave species that the food stock animals and plants built by the Colonists to feed their slaves were very hardy within the Earth’s biosphere, spreading across the lands.

When the Space Alien Colonists left Earth, the managerial class of slaves, who were the go-between for the Space Aliens in their interaction with their created slave species, moved in to fill the power vacuum.

At that time, there was a concerted effort on the part of the managerial class of slaves to claim the power that had been held by the Space Alien Colonists.

The managers declared themselves a ‘priest’ class, moved the now absent Space Alien Overlords from a status of physical beings into a category of ‘transcendent omnipotent invisible gods’, and declared that they, the priests, were the only ones with ‘authority’, both here on Earth, over other members of the slave species, as well as with the intercession process of communication with the Space Alien overlords.

It was a sweet gig for the priest class. Too good, too soft & cushy of a position, to easily surrender. Thus the many ills associated with the implementation of religion can be seen to arise from these circumstances.

As also may be inferred, thus arose the human practice of Colonization, of War, as we practice it, of Law as it pertains to interactions between ourselves, and many, many other attributes of our lives here, in this resulting, now.

Civilization, as we know it now, is not a human invention. It was impressed upon the engineered descendants of the original hunter-gatherer tribes by the invading Colonists, both by pressure of force, and by cultural mimicry of the newly formed humans adopting the superior ways of the Space Alien Colonists over the tribal forms of their precedents who provided the base biological source for their genetics.

There have been other civilizations here on Earth. They existed prior to the coming of the Space Alien Colonists.

There have been other, modern humans, here on Earth, who built those civilizations. We are separated from them by the Great Ice Age.

Our antecedents, those hunter-gatherer tribes, were themselves a remnant of the previous ages of Humans, here on Earth. If it had not been for the impact of the Great Ice upon the previous Age of Man here on Earth, the Space Alien Colonists might not have had such an easy time of it with our ancestors.

Though the priest class will maintain that the Space Alien Colonists ‘created’ modern humans in their GANS laboratories, do not be deceived. The Space Aliens are not gods, they are tinkerers. They made small tweaks in humanity, they did not create us. Their goal was to make us just-smart-enough, and docile.

It did not quite work. Humans are far smarter than the Colonists wanted, and not close enough to docile to be able to be controlled, as our priest class is constantly complaining. Perhaps this contributed to the Exodus. Maybe, when we get our species collective ass out into space, and we find these Space Alien Colonists, we can ask them.

From Lynn:

This video is not for the faint of heart or the ‘normies.’ It is done by a young woman named Sabrina Wallace who explains about the chakras and the energy field as our bio-field. Her warnings are serious.

More about Sabrina:

These videos on this Odysse channel contain extremely important Information that will be found nowhere else. The information presented by Sabrina Wallace reveals information that is verifiable and documented by university textbooks that are currently being studied at numerous universities in North America.

The 802.15.4 and 802.15.6 frequency bands are the key to the Personal Area Networks and the Body Area Networks that have been structured to control every aspect of our lives. No one that I know of was aware of these issues that were outside the “black projects” of the “deep state”. Were you aware of this information?

From what I have learned… Sabrina is the genuine truth teller who has first hand knowledge of the truth of what is truly happening wirelessly to our human body parts… on earth because she lived through the “black projects” development phases as a “secret squirrel” child… that no one else that I know of is revealing. Please check this out for yourself. Knowledge that is hidden in plain sight.

Look for Sabrina Davis Wallace’s other videos and proofs on her Odysee channel: The human biofield is a body part, not an electromagnetic combustion series of sensors.

Finally I will ask your indulgence on this next part and share a dream I had.

In case this is truly a message that needs to be ‘delivered’ then I will do so, ignoring the rolling of eyes and comments like Man, she’s really over the edge on this one. I would rather look ‘foolish’ and deliver the message than keep quiet and find out later that I should have delivered the message.

I don’t have many dreams that I remember of Dr. Paul and I, but this one stood out the other day. It woke me up and I wrote it down immediately.

We are younger versions of ourselves in the dream. We are in a town or city getting ready to watch a parade. There are many people everywhere we go in trying to find a place to see the parade. We leave one area and go several blocks to another area. We leave the street area and end up walking through some buildings that look southwestern and are light brown stucco. We stop at one building with white doors and go inside. There are many people in there all talking with one another and it seems to be some type of meeting hall.

I leave the building and Paul stays there while I go up several blocks to see if there is any place to be able to see the parade. There are people everywhere so I make my way back to the area where I think the building is that we were in. The area is unfamiliar to me and I went several blocks winding through the neighborhood.

I finally come back to the brown building with the white door and when I go around the corner of the building Paul is either standing on a wall or a ladder carving a message into the stucco in big handwriting with a stone. I see the word Wednesday and he is writing other words.

When he comes down I ask him what he is doing and he says “ I have to warn the people”. I asked him where he heard about what is going on to warn about and he said he heard it from the old men talking inside the meeting hall. We go on around the building and don’t go back inside. We stand there in the middle of the crowd and hug and kiss. I see a young woman feeding a baby across the courtyard.

I tell Paul we need to go back inside and get his coat since he is always cold and he says he doesn’t need it this time. The people start singing a song that is probably a popular folk song that you might hear if you went to an ethnic festival such as Greek, Mexican or otherwise.

End of dream.


This dream was on August 11, 2022. On Thursday, August 5, 2022, 15 people were seriously injured when a driver ran his SUV through a parade celebrating the 100th Intertribal Indian Ceremonial in our hometown, Gallup, New Mexico.

My August 9th dream was after that event.


As I will always remind you, please have your kitchen pantry and your plasma energy pantry well supplied.


0815-2022—How Does GANS Differ From GaNS …And A Warning?

Lynn Schmaltz discusses some information out of past history where GANS when interpreted means Garden, a protective area in a certain culture.  And, does plasma water made from GaNS–Gas in the Atomic Nano Solid State—set up protective areas?  Also, hear an unusual Warning. 

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Greg Hunter Interviews Karen Kingston and Our Newest Product Heavenly Thunderbolt

New From Plasma Energy Solution: Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt

In early spring, 2022, information started coming out about the discovery of certain venoms from snakes and insects in the experimental CV injections. At the same time there were rumors of the introduction of ‘new’ pandemics that could be Ebola, small pox, and now today we keep hearing about ‘monkey pox.’

Lynn got busy and started researching what you could do about what could be coming next. The result is several hundred energies that are found in Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt!

Read the following reports and then look at the end of the reports to find out more about Heavenly Thunderbolt!

CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter On August 6, 2022 In Political Analysis  By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines.  Kingston has long said both covid and the vax were nothing more than bioweapons, and this past week in a first ever ‘Gain-of-Function’ Senate hearing, medical experts testifying agreed the CV19 virus was a bioweapon.   

Kingston explains, Specifically, they said the work that is done in ‘Gain-of-Function’ (CV19 and other deadly viruses being weaponized now) in the laboratory is strictly for war and the development of bioweapons. These are military grade weapons.  Dr. Kevin Esvelt said, ‘”The problem is that we are so used to thinking of pandemics as a health and safety issue that we have missed the national security implications of identifying viruses that could be deliberately unleashed to kill millions of people. . . .’

Kingston says the so-called “vaccines” treating CV19 are also “bioweapons,” and Big Pharma has been given a free hand with zero liability to have human experiments.  It’s all made possible by the “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) approved by Congress through the laws it passed. 

Kingston contends, “The Food and Drug Consumer Protection Act requires a 10-year timeline for most drugs and vaccines, and a 15-year timeline for viral gene-based therapies, which is what theses (CV19 vaccines) are. 

These were brought to market in 10 months, less than a year.  So, this is nothing short of a horrific experiment on the American people. . . . These mRNA injections created new markets for Big Pharma.  On top of that, this lipid nanoparticle technology is so dangerous, as is the mRNA, that it never would have gone through our consumer protection act laws, which are 10 to 15 years to bring the product to market.  So, they need to declare an emergency just like 9/11 where they overrode our privacy laws. 

They needed to override our drug safety laws in order to bring these products forward. . . . They are a trillion dollar market every year. . . .  In order for them to sustain this for mRNA and lipid nanoparticle technology and that is combined, well, that market can’t survive or thrive under the current FDA laws.  They need everything constantly to be under ‘Emergency Use Authorization.’ . . . .They need to go straight to humans by simply saying this may work and it may be effective.”

Now, we know the CV19 injections are not effective with Dr. Fauci and President Biden getting a total of four so-called “vaccines” each, and both still recently getting Covid.  Even Dr. Deborah Birx, who was one of the top Doctors on the Covid response team in the White House, now says, ‘I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection.  And I think we overplayed the vaccines. . .’  After nearly 600 million doses of CV19 vax in America alone, Dr. Birx admits she never thought the Vax would work??   What gives? 

Kingston says, “There are some things called non-prosecution agreements and plea bargaining when you are going to be brought in as an expert witness. . . . This would appear to be a plea-bargaining agreement from a legal perspective, I would say.  So, this is why she is coming forward, and likely she is having her sentence reduced for coming forward and telling the American public the truth about what happened.”

Kingston says the death totals and injury totals will be “significantly higher in the next five years,” because of the CV19 bioweapons being passed off as vaccines.  Kingston would not give a hard number. 

Kingston also predicted, “I think the infertility number is going to be jaw-dropping because these injections were designed to target women’s ovaries.  They were also designed to target the male reproductive system, as well.  I think that is going to be very, very alarming.”

There is much more in the 50-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she updates us about the bioweapon injections being forced on people, 8.06.22.

0806-2022-Steve Quayle and The Science Guy

Steve: “One of the greatest promises in the Bible is where God declares that in the mouth of two or three witnesses ‘let every word be established!” … The U.S. “Deep State” is conducting Gain-of-function, bio-weaponization of all known pathogens, bacteria, and viruses—with the direct goal of depopulating the planet.

…At about 2PM Easter Time on Friday, August 5th, Russia announced through Foreign Minister Igor Kirillov that Odessa and Kiev are now targeted for annihilation because of their bio-weapons labs—labs funded by the United States. Russian Intelligence now believes that the origin of Covid-19 and monkeypox came from the West, and they are furious. They believe that these sicknesses were brought to life by Dr. Franken-Fauci, his paid associates at the Wuhan Labs, and others elsewhere. I now understand why it is stated in the book of Jeremiah that nations rebelling against Almighty God become a ‘hissing sound’ in the ears of other nations. When all the news and evidence comes out that United states is GUILTY of causing the largest and most costly PLAN-demic and mass-murder in history, nations will not only hear a HISSING SOUND, they will use all power within their means to take us off the map.

What do you think the national response will be when it’s proven—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that secret bio-labs in the Ukraine, South America, Africa, and China were funded by the United States to create BIO-DEATH-WEAPONS? And that hundreds of millions of people are now either dead or dying because of these vaccines due to our gain-of-function research and the release of viral-weapons across the world?

Make no mistake, these secret bio-labs are hidden within other countries to hide them from U.S. voters and taxpayers. If Americans only knew what kind of sinister sickness was hard at work in these endeavors, and knew that their former “Land of the Free’ has been busy creating race specific, and even individual-specific genetic weapons capable of killing any targeted individual or group of individuals, anywhere in the world. What would be the reaction if these crimes were common knowledge among most citizens? It would be pure outrage, and shortly after: pure revenge. Will we see mass-civil-uprisings soon? The answer is: YES.

The heinous nature of these weapons should cause everyone to sit up and take notice, and then act. Make no mistake, these headlines (links in the article) are not Russian propaganda. It may come out soon that these secret bio-labs are making gene-specific and ethnic-haplo-group-specific, mass-terror-weapons. Imagine these facts coming to light in a world court. The United Nations and all Western nations may soon be called out for investigation. I stand by a statement made several years ago that before God allows Russia and China to destroy the United States, the Living God was going to reveal the sins of the leaders to the people and the people’s sins before a Holy God! I believe these revelations (that Rand Paul recently referred to) are pretty much a ‘government within our government,’ one operating in top secret without congressional oversight…

I believe the court of heaven has rendered its verdict on the United States and its evil leaders, rulers and military. They have been found planning the deaths of over 350 million people in the U.S. as referenced in the infamous Deagle Report—which states that by 2025 America’s population will be under 100 million—and heaven has found the GUILTY!

Read The Science Guy’s Top secret Gain-of-Function Research report. …I ask my brethren and countrymen to stand in the power of God’s might in imprecatory prayer. Stand against the evil one, against his followers, and against this plan for human extinction.

Jesus loves the redeemed and he made the statement that He ‘is with us until the end of the age.’ He has given us the power to overcome hell’s entities and their plans for destruction. Resist the devil and he will flee from you!”

The following is from The Science Guy:

Date: August 5, 2022 Subject: Congress Is Not Allowed To Know About TOP SECRET Gain Of Function Research Committee


This is why any and all sites or shows which speak about gain of function virus research will be silenced or removed.

Even main stream media is utterly silent about the topic which is their part to facilitate the genocide of the human race. main stream media is so afraid to talk about it because some reporters who researched the topic went missing before their report became public.

For this and other reasons the main stream media and others will brand all shows and websites online speaking about the topic as false data and big conspiracy etc.

If you are asking what does “Gain Of Function” mean in biological research here is what it means:

A particularly hot topic has been “gain-of-function” research, so let’s try to define that a bit. GoF work attempts to modify a biological pathway in a cell line or an organism in order to enhance or broaden the scope of some particular process. In virology, it generally refers to work that would help to understand how a particular virus might be able to mutate in the future under different conditions.

Under present circumstances, it particularly refers to seeing how a pathogen might be able to be changed or change on its own in ways that would cause more harm (like being a powerful bioweapon). Viruses are constantly mutating, and GoF work is at attempt to see around the corner and anticipate what might come next – and how likely (or unlikely) that might be to happen in the real world.


  • First is that Gain Of Function research is subject to treaty regulation, and one way to get around such a treaty is send money to one or more labs in other places in the world WHICH ARE NOT BOUND BY GAIN OF FUNCTION TREATY RESTRICTIONS !!!
  • Second is that you can deny at the highest levels that you are doing such research, and invite people to view your labs to inspect if they do not believe you.

This has lead the USA to do many types of bioweapons research in other countries in which it has fully funded biocontainment labs, and there is no congressional oversight of this work even though the USA Congress has approved the funds for this type of research.

What does all this mean to you ??

To be direct and blunt you are in fact paying for the research into bio-weapons which can in fact have you as the primary target.

Why does all this matter to you?

Let’s put it into a direct-to-the-point bullet list that shows how various types of gain of function research does affect you even if not this moment it will in the future:


1.1 Understanding how a virus jumps from host to host and enlarging the number of hosts the virus can jump to as well as increase the ways the virus can go from host to host.

1.2 Understanding how a virus mutates and introduce into the virus genetics ways to force rapid self mutation (change) in a virus which make it more resistant to vaccines because if in fact the virus changes its structure each time it jumps to another person then there is NO vaccine which can be developed to eradicate such a virus.

1.3 Understanding how a virus is transmitted and modify it’s genetics to increase the number of ways that the virus can spread. (examples: skin to skin touching, in water, in air, on a surface, and many more ways).

1.4 Understanding how a virus incubates in the person, and then modifying the genetics of the virus to change how the incubation time works and how long it is. Some examples are as follows:

1.4.1 Create what is called “silent incubation” in which the person who is infected is highly contagious even if he or she does not know they are infected.

1.4.2 Extend the length of time of the silent incubation to allow the virus to spread more rapidly to a wider group of people.

1.5 Understanding how a virus creates it’s pathogens (toxins etc.) and then changing the virus genetics to make the virus toxins more deadly and active.

1.6 Understanding how a virus can penetrate the immune system of the person, and make the genetic changes required to create a virus which can only infect 1 person or a specific group of people who have the matching genetic markers in their body.


2.1 Ukraine there were 46 known locations until the Russians destroyed some number of them. It is not known as of the moment how many are still functional because the Russians have stopped talking about what they have found and what has been destroyed to date.

2.2 China has 4 known virus labs which are in part paid for with dollars from the USA. The most well known of these labs is the Wuhan lab which is the home of what is called Covid.

2.3 There are also an as of yet unknown count of virus labs in Africa all working at bio safety level 4 or higher.

2.4 There are also virus labs in South America high in the mountains away from people and eyes. The precise count of labs is not yet known.

You should write letters and emails to RAND PAUL in Congress and demand that action should be taken. You should also pray and ask God’s forgiveness of your sins and to be your protection in this time of great evil because in the end Jesus is the only answer you need and Jesus is your life.

Finally hear what a young woman has to say about our biofield—our own energy fields around our bodies:

This summation by Sabrina sums up many of her previous video presentations and closes the door on several modern distractions that have taken our attention off what really matters most.

This was very well done. She talks the talk like an insider. Just think about this for a minute. The internet came out of nowhere. And when it was finally useful to the masses, everybody and their brother had launched websites.

View Post

Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt

Lynn’s Birthday Month Special Price — $187

Other discounts do not apply; Special lasts until midnight Pacific time August 31, 2022

Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt ($277) was formulated when the information started coming out that certain injections contained the venom of poisonous snakes and insects. It took almost 4 months to complete and contains the following ingredients and much more:

  • Valerian Root, passionflower herb powder, Kava Root powder, Hops Root powder, Skullcap herb powder, L’tyrosine, St. John’s Wort Herb powder, Rue herb powder (herb of grace), Rhodeoloa Root powder, L’Theanine, Selenium as sodium selenite;
  • Lactoferrin –helps regulate how well iron is absorbed into the body from the intestine. It also seems to protect against infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi;
  • Lumbrokinase is a complex enzyme preparation extracted from earthworms. Lumbrokinase can also be referred to as earthworm powder enzymes (EPE) or earthworm fibrinolytic enzymes (e-PPA);
  • Earthworms have been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and others. Lumbrokinase acts similarly to nattokinase, in that it has been proven to prevent and disperse blood clots. This means it has secondary fibrinolysis actions (blood clots which are dissipated by medication), but it is primarily a thrombolytic (cardiovascular) natural treatment, meaning that it helps to thin blood.
  • Sarracenia purpurea otherwise known as the pitcher plant—studies show this plant may act as another defensive measure against orthopoxvirus infections such as monkeypox; in the late 1800’s the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia proclaimed this plant a botanical –based remedy for smallpox.
  • Organic Sea vegetables, dulse palmanea palmate, bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosis), rockweed, Kombu, Sea Lettuce help with healthy thyroid and blood sugar as well as rich in veggie iodine;
  • Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from nattō, a popular Japanese breakfast dish made from fermented soybeans. Nattō has long been used in folk medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases and is believed to possess the same properties. Recent research has demonstrated that NK has potent fibrinolytic activity, antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, and lipid-lowering, antiplatelet, and neuro-protective effects;
  • Artemisia is commonly known as wormwood or sweet sagewort, Artemisia annua has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for fevers, inflammation, headaches, bleeding, and malaria. In vitro studies indicate that artemisinin, the active principle of A. annua, may be effective for protozoal infections including leishmaniasis;
  • Magnesium –necessary for supporting healthy cardiovascular function, promoting strong bones and teeth and maintaining the body’s healthy production of the antioxidant glutathione;
  • Chloride— prevents dehydration and maintains your body’s fluid balance as well as it supports healthy muscle function and relaxation;
  • Sodium— helps maintain fluid balance in the body and plays an important role in activating your thirst response, which lets your brain know when you need to drink more water;
  • Potassium— facilitates a wide range of bodily functions, such as muscle contraction, signal transduction (nerves) and protein and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Aloe, garlic bulb, barberry root, ginger root, senna leaf, cascara sagrada bark, turmeric root, clove bud—these energies gently and effectively cleanse the body of harmful substances that can cause symptoms associated with aging’ they also promote circulation, support healthy bowels and cleanse the colon, small intestines and bile ducts;
  • NAD-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide–NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is found in all cells and is essential to living. NAD bathes the brain’s cells in nutrients and the result is improved brain health and function. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme central to metabolism and is found in all living cells, NAD is called a dinucleotide because it consists of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. One nucleotide contains an adenine nucleobase and the other nicotinamides. The decline in NAD+ levels during aging has been linked to the development and progression of aging-related diseases, including atherosclerosis, arthritis, hypertension, cognitive decline, diabetes, and cancer;
  • Organic blessed thistle herb, malva leaf, organic marshmallow leaf, organic marshmallow root, persimmon extract, organic green tea, white tea, sarsaparilla root, moringa leaf, ginger root all help maintain health, cleanse your body from Intruders, maintain a healthy colon and digestion, helps maintain ideal body weight;
  • Elderberry –a traditional remedy for colds, flus, and other infections that contain strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power to help relieve rheumatism and other inflammation-linked conditions including tumors and skin cancers; elderberry also helps reduce serum insulin and liver cholesterol levels and is often used as a diuretic as well as for wound healing both in healing bone fractures;
  • Osha —a plant used as medicine by native Americans and Hispanic cultures for sore throat, bronchitis, cough, common cold, influenza and more and is a great immune system booster and lung cleanser;
  • Ashwaghanda—helps normalize cortisol levels thus reducing stress response and it also helps reduce inflammation, reduce cancer risks, improve memory and immune function and has anti-aging properties;
  • Manuka honey— can be helpful when it’s used on top of wounds and leg ulcers. Studies also show it might fight infection and boost healing and may shorten healing times in mild burns and surgical wounds; it may also help prevent gingivitis and other periodontal disease by reducing plaque buildup;
  • Essential oil energies from a combination that includes ylang ylang, and bergamot and more that neutralize negative energies and give a feeling of wholeness; also included are the energies from frankincense, black spruce, blue tansy, camphor wood, geranium that can help balance emotions and treat wounds and burns, plus reduce pain and sore muscles and help with better sleep; additional essential oil energies include clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, rosemary, black pepper to help the immune system;
  • Star anise—benefits include killing off bacteria and fungus, boosting heart health and providing antioxidants plus keeping blood sugars steady and is used for the extraction of shikimic acid;
  • Energies found in Never Ending Plasma Energy DNA Support, Healthy Joints and Skin, Healthy Collagen, Clear Mind, Detox, Inflammation Relief, Alzheimer’s Relief, Healthy Brain, Arthritis Relief, Healthy Pancreas, Healthy Heart, Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain, B9 Korean salt and glutathione.

Video: 0807-2022—Venoms, Poxes, and Poisons—What Can You Do About Them?

Lynn discusses the gain of function and the cocktail of poxes and poisons presented with the gain of function in the experimental injections.  Plasma Energy Solution now has Never Ending Plasma Energy Heavenly Thunderbolt.  Lynn also discusses the changes for purchases which now include personal checks and US Postal money orders.  Find out why there is an advantage to using the US Postal money order. 

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How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Why Has Lynn Discontinued Taking Credit/Debit Card Payments For Plasma Energy Purchases?

How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Lynn usually talks about how Plasma Energy Solution combinations can help your body come into balance so your body can heal itself. So why is she talking about your wallet?

If Lynn doesn’t take online debit/credit card payments is that as dumb a decision as providing you with products that you can share with your friends and family and Lynn ‘loses out’ on a purchase?


Does all this make us free—both in health and in money matters?

Are we in a financial system that doesn’t support the people who depend on it?

What are the alternatives? Many small businesses in your town as well as online businesses can be charged up to 8% of your purchase as ‘transaction fees.’

Would you give up 6% of your paycheck every month just for using your debit card? Let’s say your gross monthly pay is $4000 before deductions. Would you want to give up $240 of that every month? Oh gosh, doesn’t that add up to $2880 a year.

  1. How much gas does that purchase?
  2. How many groceries does that purchase?
  3. Didn’t you just give someone almost ¾’s of a whole month’s pay just for using your debit card.

This is what small business are having to do because people don’t want to be bothered with carrying money.

So, what if you want to make an online Plasma Energy Solution purchase and you are not in the US? Lynn has a way to address that issue and you simply send her an email at

Here’s some additional insight from Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter:

Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg Hunter Interview:

CAF: Small business is at the heart of democracy, freedom and family wealth. What it democracy and a healthy economy requires are happy, healthy, successful families that starts with good health.

(Notetaker: that is why we have our Plasma Energy Solution products for you. Also it is why Lynn recommends doing the Wim Hof breathing method for a few minutes daily . Wim Hof figured out what we can do at home, when we travel, for free for keeping our health. Here is the Solari interview with Wim Hof:

CAF: we share intelligence and this is how consciousness works. It is We who have to bring back the law. We are building digital concentration camps and we are financing them. We have the ability to wake up and stop building digital concentration camps and we can start building a free and inspired life.

We did a presentation where we walked through the steps you need to take to live in equity, financial equity and what you need to do to build a free and inspired life and break through the chains of the system.

We all have a parasite and we need to detox. If we can get the parasite out of our wallets, our minds and our bodies and enough of us do it we have a chance. The beauty of this is that as you help yourself and your community do this, we get stronger and the parasite gets weaker. Stop financing the digital concentration camps that will imprison us all and start financing your free and inspired life. If enough of us do this it snowballs.

GH: Get away from the big banks.

CAF: a good way to do this is to start using cash. Get analog and rebalance your life so it is not all digital. We started a year ago getting everybody to do ‘Cash Friday’ and now we are doing cash every day. What is amazing is the stories that happen. People start to talk to their local small businesses.

I have one subscriber who said she started to talk to her local business owner who said this business was losing $2500 a month to transaction fees from these payment systems. The woman said if we just get together and all pay cash, they make another $2500 a month. We also discovered the things we can give them back for recycling and they can save even more money. So we all got together and figured out how we can pay them cash.

CAF: if you want to have a revolution, start using cash. I can tell you it took awhile for businesses to figure out that vaccine passports and QR codes was all about stealing their business and now they understand!

From Greg Hunter’s interview notes:

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says we are at war with the Deep State globalists that want nothing short of total control over all of mankind.  Central bankers want a financial system that is a lawless criminal control syndicate where it’s legal for them to do whatever they want. 

It is simply a choice between tyranny and sovereignty, freedom or slavery.  We start with the foundational building block of tyranny, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that global bankers want to install in the financial system. 

CAF says, “It’s not a currency.  That’s what you need to understand.  What we are talking about is a control system that is going to be implemented in a global coup d’état, and we are in the middle of a global coup d’état.  That’s what is happing right now. 

Essentially, if you look at the central bankers, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and all the central bankers are trying to create a system where they are completely free of the laws of nation states and governments.  In other words, they are inserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want, including, as we know—genocide.”

CAF says to fight back against CBDC is to use cash.  Fitts says, “If you go to, you will see something that says, “Cash Every Day.”  Click the big red cap that says, “Make Cash Great Again.”  If you click on that, you will get three videos.  There are two videos I really want your audience to watch.  One is a 56 second video of the BIS general manger Augustin Carstens in October 2020 explaining with CBDC they will have central control and enforce them centrally.  It’s the only time in my life that I saw a central banker be 100% honest. 

The second video says “Financial Rebellion,” click it and you’ll get three minutes of a presentation by Richard Werner.  He is certainly the top scholar in the world on central banking. . . .  Richard explains that one of the top central bankers in Europe told him they are planning on chipping all of us.”

CAF says central bankers will ignore the U.S. Constitution, steal all of our assets like cash and gold but especially the land.  CAF contends they won’t be able to do this unless they take our guns and extinguish the Second Amendment.  CAF also talks about what she thinks will happen after the first of this year when it comes to inflation or deflation.

CAF says, “We are at war and we need a war strategy. . . . The ‘Great Reset’ will turn into the ‘Great Resist.”

CAF contends the good news is people are waking up and this evil criminal system can be stopped. 

CAF says, “Saint Paul said in Timothy, ‘Just stand and watch the divine go to work.’  They can’t do this.  Did you see what just happened in Ireland?  They tried to go all digital, and they had so many people cancel their accounts, they had to walk it back. . . . One thing the Bible makes clear is it will at times look hopeless, but it won’t be.  That’s why you have to stand.”

CAF tells of an elderly man telling a fellow passenger on a train that he was going to the city where the bank was that he had used all his life. He was going to shut the account because of their attempt to go all digital.

There is much more in the 1 hour and 10 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (7.30.22)

Video: How Can Plasma Energy Solution Help You Have A Healthy Wallet?

Lynn discusses why she has made changes regarding online payments—is that a dumb idea?  How can you help small businesses in your name that have a large ‘bite out of sales’ every month?  In a recent interview Catherine Austin Fitts said “we all have a parasite and we need to detox.  We can get the parasite out of our wallets, our minds and our bodies.  Start using cash.”  When Ireland banks told their customers they were going digital, many, many people closed their accounts.  The banks had to ‘walk that idea back.’

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Multiple Box Store Freezer Failures Lead to Wasted Food

0722-2022- From Steve Quayle…

Steve Quayle: We have arrived at this point: Denial of what is obvious will result in certain death. I have never seen such supposedly informed people refuse to accept what is happening right in front of them.

Example: some of the biggest food retailers in the country are claiming a collective ‘freezer failure’ coincidentally within days of each other, dumping TONS & TONS of food during a tragic charade. These kinds of actions, along with all the food plants blowing up, are meant to bring about a food crisis and take vital animal protein off the menu for American families. Their intentions could not be more obvious, but STILL—the majority of the sheeple in this country are asleep on their feet, fumbling around in a confused haze until they are to be led to the slaughter!

The photo above was sent from one of my contacts in Billings, Montana who was ON THE SCENE at the Billings dump. What he described to me was a ‘staggering amount of wasted food’ going up in flames as pallet after pallet was being sprayed with an incendiary fluid and set on fire before being bulldozed under the earth. Once I posted that picture as my Photo of the Day, people all over the country contracted me and reported that Walmarts, Shopko, Costco, and many other major grocery retailers near them were reporting ‘issues with food’ that required them to dump it all.

And here are the shocking photos sent to me by one reader in Washington. Look at all the empty shelves!

From Washington state reader:

Steve – I read your article about MT Walmart stores throwing freezer foods away and it’s also happening here in Longview, Washington. Our Walmart doesn’t have ANYTHING in their cold-sections; meat, eggs, milk, butter, etc — plus nearly their entire vegetable cold-area is gone!!!!  Here are the pictures!”

Steve continues:

So many people in the United States are living in a constant state of ZOMBIFIED denial, no matter what evidence is presented to them. Please understand what these photos and eye-witness reports mean. Stock up on supplies of all kinds as soon as possible. This PRIVATE BRIEFING should be raising the hair on the back of your neck. When we understand that the powers-that-be are Luciferian and want the extinction of the entire human race, then we must not wait—we must act now.

I’ve been impressed with Science Guy’s in-depth reports before (notetaker: see second attachment below) but this one included today is mind-boggling. Let me spell it out as clearly as I can: They’re going to push Luciferian “Goo-food’ onto a starving population—and the ingredients of which would make a chemistry department shake their heads in horror. Everything from cannibalized fetal and human stem cells to unknown toxins and poisons will be incorporated into their Vats-of-Destruction. Please read every bit of this report carefully because the end-result of all this wasted and dumped frozen food is so that they can replace it with their Franken-food across the nation.

Due to the amount of poisons in the JABS and other depopulation schemes, they will now resort to adding their deadly concoctions to this Goo-food, and this new slurry will make their vaccines seem like child’s play. The Globalists have come up with the ultimate killing method: they will starve humans into submission and then offer a hungry world a menu that will kill them or change their DNA forever!

The question I’m being asked more than ever is ”When does a human being, whose DNA has been tampered with, cease being a human?” I don’t have the exact answer, but I would advise everyone to avoid ANYTHING that could change what God created you to be. Woe to ‘Christian Leaders’ who steer their parishioners into taking the non-scientifically backed, injectable poisons, and into eating toxic foods. What will they tell their sheeple when they realize that they’ve just taken the bait that could out their salvation through Christ! Genesis 6:4 is now in full play as Jesus said it would be. Just like in Noah’s day, so will it be at the end-when all of creation became corrupted.

“Garbage in, garbage out…’ you’ve heard it said. Lucifer is providing a “Dinner for the Damned,’ meaning all those humans who are being manipulated into eating this ghastly Goo-food known as LAB-meat. Once again, the roller coaster to hell is speeding down the tracks and too many who claim to be “God’s People’ don’t recognize the ETERNAL ramifications of giving into their lies. They are ‘loving their lives unto death,’ but you have been warned! Synthetic meat and produce will be the new forbidden fruit as God’s blessing upon our once great nation is finally taken away…”


Date: July 20, 2022
Subject: Lab Grown Meat and the dangers in the concept at the core

First we had a mild revolution of plant based “meat replacements”, these products for the most part were plant material ground and flavored to taste like meat in an attempt to get meat lovers to go “vegan“ all vegetable. While there was some level of acceptance the buying public did not really buy into the concept so it is now a very minor part of the food industry.

In the mean time as the so called climate whiners complained about the gas and waste emissions from the farm animals being raised they began to demand answers like cutting meat from the diet of people (which people rebelled at) and then some folks dreamed up the idea of growing meat in a laboratory.

This meat is called (cultured meat), meaning that it was grown from a few cells in a bioreactor vat into a large mass which is called “Meat” because it looks like meat and for the most part behaves like meat, but it was never part of an animal. While in theory some people would argue for this type of meat being the “answer to the growing global need for meat protein of all types, fish, chicken, pork, and beef is to grow the meat cells in vats in the lab *unlike fish farming as an example, the cultured fish flesh is grown from some original fish cells in huge vats until large masses of cells called “lab cultured meat” appear.

There are some things you need to understand about the human body. It has been said that we are what we eat. This is more true than you may realize: Your stomach is the primary nerve center for your desires and cravings. If you doubt this think how do you decide what foods you will buy in the grocery store ? The answer is simple: Given a choice your stomach will connect with your brain and you will buy the food items that your STOMACH CRAVES. What does this mean to you when you have eaten various types of foods ? It means that your own body will push you to eating the same things repeatedly.

Another thing you may not realize is that your stomach is the nerve center for “body pleasing experiences and is linked to your brain to facilitate this behavior. There is a reason why cannibals remain cannibals, it is because their body rapidly becomes addicted to the flavors and feelings generated beyond flavor having to do with the fact that you indeed are better than the person you just ate. Such powerful feelings are managed and remembered by the DNA of the stomach and can and will drag you down the road of all types of evil without you understanding why you can not let go.

This is why the next round of “kill shots” will not come from an injection or a pill but in fact will come into you by way of your own mouth and stomach into your body. If you ask what is the “ADDICTION RATE AND SPEED” for cannibalism or cultured meats, that is not a currently known hard number of times eaten or amounts eaten but the MORE SIGNIFICANT QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF IS THIS: WHICH IS BETTER ? TO BE HUNGRY AND DIE OF HUNGER IF THAT IS WHAT YOU MUST DO TO REMAIN PURE BEFORE JESUS ? OR WILL YOU SURRENDER TO YOUR PHYSICAL HABITS AND SURRENDER YOUR SOUL FOR ETERNITY ?

Those are the bottom line questions you must ask yourself because only you can decide these things, no one else can decide these things for you.












How do you know what to look for and avoid these dangers at all costs ?

1 The first thing is to be informed about things, and for that we are presenting a list of known companies producing “laboratory cultured meat products” so you know to avoid their products no matter how good the label may make the products in the package sound.

2 The second thing is to understand why there is such sudden destruction of the frozen food storage units at the large store local level and WHY IT IS SO CRITICAL and what exactly that means to you as the consumer and eater of food.

Here are the meat food supply chain things which directly affect you:

2.1.1 From a standing start it takes a minimum of 60 days to grow, process, and deliver broiler chickens from the farm to your local grocery store if it is fresh.
NOTE: There is a time limit by which the store must sell the fresh chicken meat before throwing it out (based on food safety rules and laws) thus creating the need for a continuous flow of chicken meat from the farm to each store.
2.1.2 If the meat is frozen it is the same 60 days for delivery with the advantage that not all the meat needs to be sold by a specific listed time . Restocking the shelves is simply going to the large cold storage in back and getting more frozen chickens out and putting them out for display purchase.











This is not a complete list of companies making cultured meats around the world because the list is rapidly growing just like the list of covid 19 jab producers is still growing as companies see the profit in running down the hot track and emptying the pockets of the consumers either directly or indirectly through taxes and the company earns by doing the contracts for the government. In the case of cultured meat products people (investors and science people) smell money in the new regulations hitting farms world wide which will make the cultured meats in line with the higher costs of meats as the regulations tighten and as people are FORCED TO EAT CULTURED PROTEIN.


1 COMPANY NAME: Balletic Foods
1.1 LOCATION: California, United States
1.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
1.3 PRODUCTS: No current products on the market

2 COMPANY NAME: Because Animals
2.1 LOCATION: Illinois, United States
2.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
2.3 PRODUCTS: Cultured food products for pet dogs and cats

3.1 LOCATION: United States
3.2 FOUNDED IN: 2020
3.3 PRODUCTS: Biftek doesn’t make in vitro meat, instead they make growth mediums to sell to lab-grown meat manufacturers. In order to cultivate cells, they need to be exposed to growth medium in a bioreactor. There’s a lot of room to improve the current growth mediums (that usually relies on fetal bovine serum).

4.1 LOCATION: Texas, United States
4.2 FOUNDED IN: in startup phase
4.3 PRODUCTS: BioBQ is a Texas-based startup focusing on lab grown beef brisket for BBQ. They have a working prototype that is made without the use of FBS, and is currently fundraising to scale-up operations

5.1 LOCATION: California, United States
5.2 FOUNDED IN: in 2017
5.3 PRODUCTS: BlueNalu is aiming to be the global leader in cellular aquaculture (i.e. synthetic seafood).

6 COMPANY NAME: Bond Pet Foods
6.1 LOCATION: Denver, United States
6.2 FOUNDED IN: in 2015
6.3 PRODUCTS: Similar to Because Animals, Bond Pet Foods has started with plant-based dog food, but has been working on cultivated meat-based pet food for years.

7 COMPANY NAME: Finless Foods
7.1 LOCATION: California, United States
7.2 FOUNDED IN: in 2015
7.3 PRODUCTS: as the name suggests, Finless Foods is focusing on lab-grown seafood.

8.1 LOCATION: California, United States
8.2 FOUNDED IN: in 2015
8.3 PRODUCTS: GOOD Meat is a brand made by Eat Just (who also makes things like plant-based egg products). It seems like the company is ahead of most of its competitors on this list for now. The company’s cultured chicken was approved for sale in Singapore near the end of 2020, and they are also working with the FDA in the U.S. to build a process for regulatory approval of cultivated meat.

9 COMPANY NAME: UPSIDE Foods was originally Memphis Meats,
9.1 LOCATION: California, United States
9.3 PRODUCTS: Chicken
9.4 HUGE INVESTORS: It’s founded by cardiologist Uma Valeti, and has huge investors including:
9.4.1 Cargill and Tyson Foods
9.4.2 Bill Gates
9.4.3 Richard Branson
9.4.4 Kimbal Musk
9.4.5 John Mackey

10.1 LOCATION: California, United States
10.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
10.3 PRODUCTS: Bacon, sausage, meatballs While Mission Barns has created some labgrown meats, those are mostly proof of concept of their lab-grown fat technology. Traditional lab-grown meat so far is essentially pure protein, which results in not the greatest taste or structure. Mission Barns is creating lab-grown animal fat to add to traditional lab-grown meat.

11.1 LOCATION: California, United States
11.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
11.3 PRODUCTS: sausage New Age Meats is starting with making sausages because it’s “easy” compared to other types of meat (essentially shaping some ground meat in a casing), but is planning to expand over time.

12 COMPANY NAME: Pearlita Foods
12.1 LOCATION: North Carolina, United States
12.3 PRODUCTS: Oyster There’s very little information about Pearlita Foods available right now or their progress, other than that they are focused on making lab grown oysters. The main reason Pearlita is on this list is that it is one of the holdings of CULT Food Science.

13 COMPANY NAME: Wild Earth
13.1 LOCATION: Boulder, United States
13.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
13.3 PRODUCTS: They make plant-based pet food and plan to expand to pet food that’s made with cell based meat.
13.4 OTHER INFORMATION: Wild Earth has been pitched on Shark Tank and has Mark Cuban as an investor.

14 COMPANY NAME: Wild Type
14.1 LOCATION: California, United States
14.2 FOUNDED IN: 2016
14.3 PRODUCTS: Wild Type is another company trying to manufacture cell based seafood. It’s focusing on sushi-grade salmon to start with.

15 COMPANY NAME: Aleph Farms
15.1 LOCATION: Israel
15.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
15.3 PRODUCTS: Aleph Farms is the only startup found so far that’s specifically focusing on making lab-grown (and carbon neutral) steak.

16 COMPANY NAME: BioFood Systems
16.1 LOCATION: Israel
16.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
16.3 PRODUCTS: General lab-grown meat

17 COMPANY NAME: Future Meat Technologies
17.1 LOCATION: Israel
17.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
17.3 PRODUCTS: Chicken
17.4 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: According to the company, “Future Meat Technologies (FMT) is the first cultivated meat company to break the $5 cost barrier”. They’re attempting to scale production in order to make products even more affordable.

18.1 LOCATION: Israel
18.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
18.3 PRODUCTS: Beef, poultry

19.1 LOCATION: Israel
19.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
19.3 PRODUCTS: Beef, poultry The company is focusing on developing premium cuts of lab-grown meat, rather than ground meats like most others are. Their Belgium factory will 3D print realistic meats (i.e. both protein and fat).

20 COMPANY NAME: SuperMeat
20.1 LOCATION: Israel
20.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
20.3 PRODUCTS: SuperMeat is one of the first to establish supply to a restaurant. The restaurant “The Chicken” will serve chicken made by SuperMeat, located in Tel Aviv.

21 COMPANY NAME: Meatable
21.1 LOCATION: Netherlands
21.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
21.3 PRODUCTS: Meatable was one of the first startups to replace bovine serum while being able to improve the speed and cost of their lab-grown meats. They might be the first to make a lab grown meat that vegans might eat.

22 COMPANY NAME: Mosa Meat
22.1 LOCATION: Netherlands
22.2 FOUNDED IN: 2013
22.3 PRODUCTS: Beef (specializing in hamburgers)

23 COMPANY NAME: Shiok Meats
23.1 LOCATION: Singapore
23.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
23.3 PRODUCTS: Shiok Meats is the largest cultivated seafood company in Singapore and South-East Asia.

24 COMPANY NAME: Biotech Foods
24.1 LOCATION: Spain
24.2 FOUNDED IN: 2017
24.3 PRODUCTS: Biotech Foods has a proven product – Ethicameat – that they are trying to scale up at this point.

25 COMPANY NAME: Cubiq Foods
25.1 LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
25.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
25.3 PRODUCTS: Not sure if we should include Cubiq Foods or not because the company doesn’t produce meat. Instead, it makes lab-grown omega 3 supplements. Traditionally, omega 3 supplements are derived from fish (or algae for plant-based supplements).

26.1 LOCATION: France
26.3 PRODUCTS: GOURMEY is focusing on foie gras and poultry to start with, and then planning on expanding to other types of meat in the future.

27.1 LOCATION: Australia
27.3 PRODUCTS: If you’re looking for lab-grown kangaroo meat, it’s not surprising that an Australian-based company would be the first one to try and manufacture it. Note that the company has stated that it will expand to chicken and pork in the near future as well.

28 COMPANY NAME: Avant Meats
28.1 LOCATION: Hong Kong
28.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
28.3 PRODUCTS: Avant Meats claimed that in 2020 it was able to achieve a 90% cost reduction when it comes to cultivated fish fillet. It is planning on launching a pilot production plant in 2022 and scaling up from there.

29 COMPANY NAME: Higher Steaks
29.1 LOCATION: Cambridge, United Kingdom
29.2 FOUNDED IN: 2018
29.3 PRODUCTS: pork Higher Steaks is making pork products that are a mixture of cultivated meat and plant-based ingredients. For now, it’s most well known for its bacon and pork belly prototypes.

30 COMPANY NAME: Peace of Meat
30.1 LOCATION: Belgium
30.2 FOUNDED IN: 2020
30.3 PRODUCTS: Lab grown fat There’s very little information on this company, so it remains to be seen if it will be a real competitor to the other businesses on this list.

31 COMPANY NAME: Clear Meat
31.1 LOCATION: India
31.3 PRODUCTS: Chicken Clear Meat is the first lab-based meat company in India, although it seems like the company is still working on prototypes.

0723-2022—Lynn Shares Video Links On Recent Interview and Much More!

And here is another video of an interview with Sean with  about EMFs and how you can help people, pets and plants.  

Lynn provides a link to w a r n I n g from a f a r m e r: 

Lynn’s heads up on interview on youtube: 

You purchase any of our plasma energy solution combinations one time and you can use it from now on!  Once you have set your plasma energy water up, you can share some of it with family and  friends.  Look into some of our solutions like Plasma Energy Station, Super Immune Plus Sole Support, and Protection 5 With Pine Plus.  And look into our shungite pendants to help stay in balance in the electronic soup we live in! 

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Dr. Ardis on Nicotine and Stew Peters Interviews a Casket Salesman

PLASMA ENERGY LIVING WATER What it is and How to Use it

Plasma Energy Water Testimonial: More Energy, No Mosquitos and Protection Field

Sean with USAmedbeds has interviewed Lynn and Steph about Plasma Energy Solution products. Hear What Tommy and Diana Have to Say in this interview:

Lynn has transcribed several timely interviews you might also want to pay attention to.

Stew Peters: Casket Salesman Blows Whistle: Child Caskets Being Ordered in Bulk, Never Seen in Business Before

Stew Peters (SP): there is a fake reality where covid is dangerous to children and they use this to ruin children’s lives. They are locking them indoors, denying them real education and forcing them to wear bacteria-ridden filthy disgusting sharia face muzzles, and never see the faces of parents, teachers, peers, friends and team mates. It is disgusting and it is stunting physical and emotional development.

All this is not enough and now the Biden regime is obsessed with injecting children with this euthanasia shot from Pfizer and Moderna—shots that we know are dangerous and deadly who don’t work against the virus.

The disease the shots ‘protect’ against aren’t necessary for children and the side effects of these shots are worse for children than for adults.

Now there is another claim. Mick Haskell is a casket manufacturer in North America. They have received 2 bulk orders for sub 5-foot units (children size) in less than 6 months. Never in 30+ years of business have we ever sold child size coffins in bulk.

Stew Peters (SP): we predicted this could happen on this program. Who is ordering the child-sized caskets?

Mick Haddock (MH): we deal with distribution companies and not directly with funeral homes. We work with wholesale outlets who distribute globally for us. These are located all over North America and Costco is one of our leading brands.

They have multiple distribution hubs set up through North America and Canada. The smaller sized orders have never been so popular. All casket sales are up dramatically in the past two years. Call it what you will—magic or vaccine, but something is happening that is causing an unprecedented amount of deaths.

SP: this magic could be intentional demonic magic. It is my opinion that this is an intentional plot to kill people, and now kids, to make women infertile, men sterile and affect generations in the future. They knew this injection affected rat colonies for four generations. This is not an ‘adverse event, or accidental.’ This has intended consequences and now people are seeing it play out. Your tweet went viral, why do you think so?

MH: I think it strikes home and in the nitty gritty of a business like this, people do not want to accept facts. If I were to tell you we sell a handful of toddler caskets daily. It is a grim reminder and people shut this out. I have messages from people who were disgusted by what I said, but in some way or form they were interested in what I had to say. They were oblivious to it.

This is not talked about in this industry. The morticians, embalmers are not speaking as it is not a nice thing in our industry to talk about the dead. For me it is different as we deal with purchasers and not with people at a personal level.

SP: there is bad mojo in keeping your mouth shut when we see the entire world, especially children, under attack with a bioweapon. I applaud your speaking out and more people need to do that.

We need to get out of this whole ‘politically correct, acceptable norm’ because that apathy has led to the destruction of individual liberty and is now responsible for what looks like an upcoming starvation plot which is genocidal mass murder globally.

This euthanasia shot is now killing kids and people don’t order in bulk the child-sized caskets to have on display at their store or their funeral home. It’s safe to say they are being used, kids are being put into the ground at an astronomically larger rate than you are accustomed to seeing in the past.

MH: there is no value to storing these (child caskets) in a warehouse. When they are being ordered, they are being distributed right away and not sitting on shelves. It is undeniable that we are seeing an uptick in the youth caskets.

I also want to mention that the full sized caskets—all casket sales—are up.

SP: people are dropping dead all over the country and all over the world at rates we have never seen before. I want to go back to this—the average per year of professional athletes that collapse on the field is between 5 and 10, closer to 5 until 2021. We saw that jump to 300 in 2021. This is what we said it was going to be.

In a bulk order of child caskets, how many is that?

MH: if we went through an average of 50 or 60 a year, the last order was 200 and the next order after that was 250. We have now basically sold 5 years’ worth of stock in 7 months. Those are the numbers that people don’t want to hear.

SP: pray for these kids and their parents.


Laura Lynn (LL)and Dr. Brian Ardis (BA)—Deaths after Vax! Dr. Ardis on Nicotine

BA: Epoch times had a report on cases for covid, hospitalizations and deaths of Canadians from covid simply for the week of June 6, 2022 through June 14, 2022.

  • Covid 19 deaths: 7% of all deaths were from people unvaccinated for CV19.
  • 93% of those who died with CV19 were those who were fully vaxxed.
  • 50% of that 93% had 4 CV19 shots
  • 41% of those who died had 3CV19 shots
  • Of the 485 of those who died those were fully vaxxed out of 521 people
  • 242 of the 485 people had 4 CV19 shots
  • 200 of those 485 people had 3 CV19 shots

The number of shots is increasing the risk of death. Look at the actual cases of covid and those actually hospitalized in all of Canada from June 6 through June 14, 2022. First of all to all of you in Canada—DO NOT TRUST THESE SHOTS—THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE PROTECTION OF ANY KIND OF COVID.

Less than 10% of people not vaccinated are part of those who are covid cases, hospitalized or dying. The other 90% in all cases are those who are vaxxed, triple and quadruple vaxxed. The were 1041 cases hospitalized. Of those there were 938 who were vaccinated. That is 90% of those hospitalized for covid last month were the vaxxed…not the un-vaxxed. 74% of the hospitalized were quadruple vaxxed.

My wife’s 90-year-old mother got the first shot against the wishes of her neurologist. She promised she would not get any more. She actually got her 4th shot because everyone else in assisted living were getting them 2 months ago. Within one week she tested positive for CV19 and was locked in her place and quarantined for a week. There was no support staff, no compression socks, no showers, so we were going up there to take care of her.

LL: you kind of wonder if the shots don’t induce Covid somehow. This is such a common story: get the shot, get covid.

BA: there is one of 2 narratives: Remember they are using PCR tests and antigen tests to determine if someone is positive with covid. It’s either PCR or antigen. Then they are either doing one of two things: they are either putting what the PCR test and the antigen define as a positive test or assay—whatever they are looking for—they are putting it into you with these shots.


The shots themselves are damaging your immune system and not allowing you to remove successfully or quickly anything you are exposed to in the future that is then going to be diagnosed as Covid.

There are 2 philosophies here and one is by Luc Montaigne (he won the Nobel prize for discovering HIV) and he said a few months ago before he passed, he testified before Parliament, that these mRNA shots are destroying the immune system and they will continue to allow people in the future to be exposed and actually receive mutated versions of the virus. It will not help them avoid future infections. It will hurt them by destroying the immune system.

When you look at what Dr. Erik Embe, Sweden, said, he did not agree with Montaigne. He has been a microbiologist for 50 years. He said that by examining the Pfizer vaccine components in the shots under a microscope that it isn’t items or molecules in the Pfizer shot that are damaging the immune system that are going to be the problem. What is in the shots is causing disease and death of cells and organs in the human beings that will lead to hospitalization, symptoms and death.

It wasn’t the immune system that was being damaged. When Dr. Emby looked under the microscope inside the Pfizer vials there was actually an organism in the shot that was releasing particles into the Pfizer substrate under the actual microscope. He said that these particles, whatever the organism is releasing, these particles are what cause disease and death.

When asked he said he did not agree with Luc Montaigne. He said it was damaging the immune system to make us more susceptible to future variants. What Dr. Emby is saying is that the actual shots have substances in them that cause death and disease. Whatever the inflammatory markers are, they are going to happen when you damage cells in the body. That could be what they are finding and determining are symptoms of Covid, hospitalizing you with ’covid’ and ending up with death.

Dr. Emby said that with every shot, if we are introducing these things, with multiple booster shots, the more jabs, the more death that you will see. I would avoid these–they are a weapon or a poison of some sort.

If you watched the 17 minute interview with Dr. Erik Emby he showed under the microscope something that the investigative journalist asked him what it was. It was releasing and making disease causing particles and releasing it into the water of the Pfizer shot. He said he did not know what it was.

If you look at, it looks exactly like what is called a snake venom gland organoid. These are what they extract from venomous glands of snakes, and they take these glandular organisms called organoids and they have known for decades they can put it on a petri dish in a lab or in a vial and it will just sit there and make venom on its own. You don’t need the snake attached to it. It just sits there and makes it on its own.

What is amazing is that for an organoid to produce venom on its own, because it comes from a cold-blooded creature, they keep the labs at either refrigerator or freezer temperature. That is exactly what was required when they started shipping out all the mRNA shots. They said they had to be refrigerated or frozen. That is true of anything extracted from a reptile because they are cold-blooded creatures.

I am very suspicious that in the room temperature cooler the organoids can release venom all day long. If that is the case if you extract the organoids and inject them into someone warm blooded like us, or another mammal, researchers find that heat shock occurs at that moment and the organoids die and no longer produce venom.

The real problem if that is what in the shots that Dr. Erik Emby was looking at and describing, if that is the case the longer they sit in the refrigerator waiting to be injected into innocent Canadians or anyone around the world, they become more venomous and toxic as they sit there, regardless if it is venom, organoids or not, Erik Emby is watching and filming something being released into the vial all on its own, and he says they are generating particles that are toxic and deadly to the human body and no one should ever inject that into their body.

LL: that is absolutely terrifying. We get the worst possible news every time we turn around and we know that Pfizer knew with the testing that they were doing that these were dangerous. It is my understanding that 4 people died on the same day along with numerous others that died as they were testing and distributing these shots. This was in the initial testing phase. The MSM continues to lie to us and now in Canada they are trying to vaccinate the kids and nobody is saying a word.

BA: it’s pretty disgusting and I’ve been traveling and speaking all over the country. I was in Virginia Beach and just got back from Indianapolis this morning from the Red Pill Expo. I give these statistics when I am speaking. They want to vaccinate all the 0 to 4 year old children in the United States.

They have approved it. Of that age group since the beginning of the pandemic a total of 513 children in that age group died with Covid as designated by the CDC. Of all age groups CDC has reported dying of Covid, 90% of them had 4 combined co-morbidities or diseases before they were tested positive with Covid. Those could have actually been the cause of death and not necessarily the Covid.

Of the 513 children who died of ‘Covid’ 90% of them had four different diseases combined on average. That could be congenital defects, diabetes, autism, neurological disorders, all kinds of problems.

In the United States of America in the 0 to 4 age group alone there is a total of 19.7 million children in that age range. This is also true for every country watching this. Whatever the number is of the children 0 to 4 years old, 100% of those children have survived the entire pandemic for 2.5 years.

Why could you ever justify that you need to vaccinate them now? They already survived the pandemic. This is 100% of the surviving children we now have to mass vaccinate with an experimental drug. It is absurd. Of this number, 513 who died, divide that by 19.7 million children. The percentage of children who have died with covid is 0.000022 percent. Why in the world is there any justification to mass vaccinate children who have had a 99.99998 percent survival rate with Covid 19.

If you go from 40 years old and younger for Canada and America, that age range has exactly this number: 2.49 percent of those people who died with covid were younger than 40. Why are we forcing the entire age range of 0 to 40 if it only represents 2.49 percent. Those that died in the 2.49 percent group had an average of 4 other diseases.

I want to bring everyone up to speed and nobody is talking about it. It is of interest to me and people come up to me to talk about it. When I came out exposing the weaponizing of venoms and their connection to the moderate to severe hospitalizations and death surrounding covid, this weaponized venom. Italy confirmed there are 36 different venoms being found from animals in Covid 19 patients and not in anybody with no covid, pcr tests or symptoms.

When they found this they all discussed the same thing in China, in France and in Italy that the venoms attacked nicotinic acetyl choline receptors in the brain and suggested in early 2020 to all governments around the world that they should do nicotine studies using nicotine gum and patches or any other agents outside of smoking to see if that would actually prevent Covid 19 disease.

To this day smokers still represent 2% or less of all hospitalized patients world wide with covid 19. They observe there is some miraculous property of nicotine and it must be this nicotinic acetyl choline receptor. I just want you to know that God created you and put in your brain stem and in your brain nicotinic acetyl choline receptors that have an affinity to bind to or grab nicotine when it is present in your body over anything else that attaches itself to that receptor.

In order nicotine is the highest affinity, ivermectin is second, and venoms would be #3. If venoms attach to those receptors or ivermectin attaches and you put nicotine in the body, the receptors will let go of those venoms or ivermectin and grab nicotine. That is more protective than it is harmful. Nicotine has never been published to cause a human disease, ever. It is the chemicals mixed in the tobacco plants when they manufacture cigarettes that creates the problem.

We let the whole world know with the Watch the Water documentary and now we have a new documentary called Co-venom 19. I am in it and there are some government officials who train CIA agents, Dr. Tal Braun, and it is on you can watch it for free. We discuss the nicotine’s protective nature against covid.

We know covid is still going on and I just gave you stats. They are hospitalizing people, but mostly those who are vaccinated. If you want to protect yourself, I discussed that the whole world media lied to everybody in May of 2020 that smokers were being hospitalized and dying from Covid 19 than any other demographic. That was a flat-out lie. It is still a lie.

They are trying to get people to quit smoking, realizing that the smoking (nicotine) is blocking their intent of harm with their biological weapons. If you follow the hundreds of interviews I have done all over the planet for the last 8 weeks, I have been educating people on the protective nature of nicotine and melatonin hormone along with vitamin C and zinc, and why these work so well to prevent covid symptoms of any kind and their protective nature against venoms and spike proteins which were actually identified to be peptides of venoms from King Cobra and the Chinese Krait Snake.

If this is true, the governments have attempted to try to thwart human beings around the planet and in your countries from not being safe and living through covid 19. They want you scared to do their vaccine agenda and they have lied to you about nicotine.

In the US last week, the FDA decided to ban 3-cigarettes by the #1 manufacturer called Juul. They actually sell high amounts of nicotine that you just vape but it doesn’t have the chemicals from tobacco because it is tobacco-less. The FDA just banned all the sales of Juul E cigarettes so that cannot get nicotine from the vaping products.

Then the same week Joe Biden and his administration said, I am now going to restrict how much nicotine can be allowed by cigarette manufacturers to include in their cigarettes. Then the UK announced a smoke-free agenda in England by 2030. They came out with 4 things they are going to do from now till then to get rid of all cigarette sales and consumption in England by the year 2030.

What is the significance of the year 2030? It is their 2030 agenda and they want to reduce all nicotine sales and cigarette sales by 2030 and there is an intent behind that. I wanted to know this morning what Australia, New Zealand and Canada have done (about this) over the last couple of weeks regarding nicotine.

There is a smoke free agenda in New Zealand by 2025. I really don’t like smoking but there is a global attempt to reduce cigarette sales. Are governments around the world concerned about our health? If they were they would not be forcing you to vaccinate yourself to travel, keep your job, go to the university or whatever it is.

These vaccines are not safe and effective and they have been deploying them, coercing and bullying the whole world to get these shots. It is not because they love you; they want to hurt us.

Australia just came up with an upcoming nicotine E-Liquid importation ban starting October 1, 2021. I do not recommend vaping as I don’t like things going into the lungs. It’s only been a few weeks since I brought up nicotine gum and patches can be used as a prophylactic and as a treatment for covid. If you have long-haul symptoms you need to try the nicotine gum or patches.

Health Canada proposes new vape crackdowns on sale and ingredients disclosures. This was on June 17, 2022. There is an orchestrated attempt world wide—Canada, England, Australia, America—all are coming down trying to restrict the sales and supply chain of nicotine into our countries.

Why? They are not giving up this agenda. The WHO in 2020 said they are now investing over $100M to prevent and reduce by the year 2030 50% of all snakebite envenomation around the world. We exposed what it is that blocks venoms from being neuro-toxic to human beings whether the snake bites you, they inject it into you as a form of ‘vaccine’, or they aerosolize it like you will see in Co-venom 19 documentary.

We talk about venoms and the Dept. of Justice in America article in 2012 (2021?) that the venom showing up in Covid 19 patients can be aerosolized and used as a bio-terrorist weapon by dropping it from the air, or aerosolizing it from a can spraying venoms in the air. This would cause neuro-toxicity, respiratory failure, heart failure in people as they breathe in these venoms. We exposed all of this.

Here is a hint and it is fun to expose criminal activity and history—they are bound to repeat it. We go through this in the new Co-venom 19 documentary. Many people were shocked to find out in our Watch the Water Documentary, that I was worried they were actually putting venoms inside of water and just making us sick and calling it Covid 19.

Governments around the world in Scotland, England, France, around the world were writing me the next day. Oh my God, how did he know this? We were not even told. All the governments around the world had this on their sites but they were doing the same thing.

Water treatment site testing for covid as the only predictor of a respiratory virus outbreak in your town called Covid 19. In the Co-venom 19 Documentary the CIA was told to come in to Congress in the National Capitol Building in 1975. Congress made them disclose an experiment they were doing on innocent Americans who had no idea. The CIA disclosed to Congress that in 1975 they went to the FBI headquarters and dropped king cobra venom into their water supply. This was in 1975.

They only sent it to the water fountain water lines so that the employees on the various levels would drink the venom, get sick and go to the hospital. They had to tell Congress and the CIA was asked if their experiment was exposed and did they tell the people they had been poisoned with venom.

The CIA said they had not told them and even the people at the hospital could not figure out what had poisoned these people and they ‘got away with it’. These were federal employees who had no idea. The CIA was experimenting with venoms.

Congress asked them what they did after they put the venom in the water and made these people sick. CIA replied that they knew what to add to the water to denature the venom proteins to make them disappear so it was undetected after 2 hours. They did not have to filter it. They disclosed that there is a certain amount of chlorine they can saturate the water with that totally destroys the venom so it is undetected. They only had to do that for 2 hours.

This was 50 years ago. I proposed and my only worry was that governments around the world were only testing water at your water treatment facilities looking for ‘covid 19’ that the spike protein was identified by researchers in China to be venom peptides from two snakes—the Chinese King Cobra and the Chinese Krait Snake.

This is not something I have made up; this is something that I have since learned. It was actually explained to the US Congress in 1975. In the film I take you through all the documentation that the CIA had to disclose that they had realized they can weaponize venom, put it in water, and target our own federal employees.

We also disclose in the documentary that they have learned to aerosolize and weaponize venoms in the air as well as in the water. It doesn’t matter—they are weaponizing venom. Please take the precautions of what we tell you in the documentary that we know denatures venom and protects human beings as much as possible from envenomation.

Use vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and the things no one was really talking about—governments didn’t want you talking about it. Nicotine is protective #1 from these neurotoxins of venoms and covid, melatonin hormone, and vitamin D. And everyone please, the venoms, or covid 19 as a ‘viral infection’ if you want to consider that, cause blood clotting as a side effect. So do the vaccines—this is how they are killing people.

Please supplement NAC, N-acetyl cystine which is proven as a natural substance to stop the blood clotting cascades from poisons and venoms. In addition to NAC I suggest selenium at 200mcg. Do that everyday. I would hold on to nicotine and not use it, similar to ivermectin. I would not take it everyday. I would wait in case there are any symptoms that occur while taking the other things I’ve listed. Take them everyday to keep your health up.

Again: vitamin C at 5000mg daily, zinc with 50mg with food morning and night. If you have zinc with copper, it is 1mg of copper for every 20mg of zinc. That would be 5mg of copper a day. For the NAC take 500mg everyday and selenium would be 200mcg. There is also apple pectin powder which you can find on my site.

Apple pectin powder in combination with NAC and selenium tells the liver to make glutathione which is protective in all cells—poisons, toxins, viruses, you name it.

Covid is similar to flu and fevers and coughs are the first symptoms. if there is an outbreak in your town use 2mg of nicotine gum in the morning and evening and wear a nicotine patch. Take 5mg melatonin supplement in the evening and do this for a few days. All your symptoms will be gone while you are doing the other things I’ve suggested.

LL: we should have nicotine gum and patches on hand.

BA: you can become dependent on nicotine—it can become addictive. That is why I say to just do this when you have symptoms. Use it for a few days…no longer than a week.

If you have long-haulers covid, this is fascinating. The world has responded amazingly to this nicotine information, and people with long haulers symptoms and medical doctors who were struggling for 6 to 8 months after having covid, never fully recovering their energy and brain fog was still present, couldn’t get their oxygen above 94. They are all reporting that when they just chewed 2mg of nicotine in the morning and again in the evening, by evening for the first time their oxygen levels were up to 96% and 98% and their brain fog disappeared within an hour or two.

My wife Jane, whom you have met, had covid in November of 2020 and had lost her sense of smell and taste this whole time. 8 weeks ago I had her start chewing nicotine gum morning and evening. Just in the last 2 weeks all her taste and smell have returned. Nothing we tried before did it.

It is as if when you take nicotine and it binds to these neuro receptors it will grab the nicotine, kick out the venom, and then the body can restore it’s normal function for those sensory nerves.

There was a lady from Australia reported that after covid she lost her sense of taste and smell. We heard a lot of people had tinnitus, ringing in their ears, and hearing loss. This woman lost 100% of her hearing in her right ear after she got covid. After she saw the Watch the Water Documentary, she started chewing nicotine gum daily, 2mg in the morning and 2mg in the evening. On day 8 all of her hearing was restored in her right ear.

Everyone should get some nicotine. I just thought about this today when flying back from the Red Pill Expo. I just gave you statistics in Canada of what the vaccines, their performance, people getting covid, hospitalized and dying. Those who are vaccinated are ending up in hospitals 90% more and dying from covid in just one week in Canada last month, than the vaccinated.

I would like to propose that nicotine should be the vaccine for covid. If you get covid, just get some nicotine. It is the ‘new vaccine.’

LL: I like that; why not try that! We are in trouble—this is a concerted effort to kill us. People like Dennis Meadows of the Club of Rome openly put out videos on how to depopulate the world from 7 billion to 1 billion in a ‘peaceful’ way. These are crazy people that founded the WEF. Do you think we are in real trouble? We have psychopaths hell bent on destroying our families and communities. What do we do?

BA: Number 1: always my goal is to try to keep you as healthy and conscious as possible as to what the agenda is. If there are enough of us to fight against it and stay alive, I think we can revolt.

You are right; there is a massive amount of people who are psychopaths. But there are not as many of them as there are of us. By us I mean all the people that are not blinded and are awake. They are not more than us. There is a real plan of death, harm and misery that individuals are trying to orchestrate on the planet.

They are not done with us. I just want you to know I have gotten word that there are people who meet with the Pentagon weekly, and they already know the resurgence of Covid 19—the big one—is coming this fall.

It is going to be orchestrated and perpetrated by the actual vaccinated and not the unvaccinated. This is a great set up for harm and disease. They are not giving up this agenda—the powers that be are still doing it.

I know it feels awful. There are lots of medical doctors even in calls last week who are not just over covid. They think and are starting to articulate now that there is nothing that can be done.

The people in government just do not care about our lives. They feel there is no way they can get through to any one of them or find any of them who actually care about us to take a stand to protect the pregnant, the unborn, those who are born who are our children. It appears there is just this massive attempt to annihilate with a massive genocidal program.

I haven’t felt that we are doomed. When the FDA came out in April and said they were moving Remdesivir out of hospitals and approve it for newborns, the whole world called me to see how I felt about ‘they now want to murder children.’

This was my response: Yes! We are winning! We kept people from the hospitals and there are not enough people going in there. They never reached their numbers so now they are having to take Remdesivir out of the hospital setting.

On the same day, they said they are not going to do in and out of hospital treatment for Covid 19 for newborns. And now they are going to move it to nursing homes. The people in nursing homes don’t want to go to the hospital.

I got excited. We are winning—we kept people from going to the hospitals. Now they are moving into the private sector—don’t fall for it. When I see all this reaction in one week to try to stop nicotine sales of nicotine products in multiple countries around the world, I think I got their attention. And, I think we are winning.

I actually get excited. And then Boris Johnson says he is going to resign. Anthony Fauci said this week that this is his last pandemic and ‘he is getting tired.’ He just wants to go retire and write a book about covid 19. He can write all he wants—we are still going to expose his plot and I am very excited about it.

There are a lot of doctors and scientists putting pressure on these people. There are a lot of us exposing stuff. Ask me if I found it ironic that when I started saying that I was worried about venom in these shots, there are 2 people who created these shots. They were doing snake venom research for Anthony Fauci with mRNA gene editing therapy since 2009.

I showed all the documents that snake venom phsopho-diesterase was in the mRNA shots, since 2009. These two people that made these covid 19 shots for Pfizer and Moderna are the ones credited with creating it.

When I exposed that within one week both the CFO, the Chief Financial Officers, for both Pfizer and Moderna stepped down. What is weird about that is that these guys are the financial guys. There would be no reason for them to leave.

They have made more money and Moderna never had a product before this covid 19 shot. They are making record money. Why would the Moderna CFO be concerned? And then the Pfizer CFO stepped down. They openly admit they have never made more money off of one product or one drug than the covid 19 vaccines.

So why are the CFOs running? They can run all they want. I am still working with labs around the country to have them do mass spectometry and telling them what to use to look for venom in these shots. If it isn’t in there—great. What I really hope is in there for most of them would be sodium chloride only. That would mean that they are salt water and just a placebo.

Then the scam even gets worse. They are convincing you that you have immunity to covid 19 if you take our shots. But if there is nothing in them, then this is a horrible scam. They have convinced you that you cannot travel, go to the university, or live without these shots. It’s disgusting. And your children are not going to be able to go to school without these shots.

What if we find out that some of them are just saline water? And that they are placebos? Then this is a massive cover-up. And we know that there are lots we have to find that are causing injury and harm. Those will have poisons in them or they are injecting people with venoms, with venomous peptides.

Ti’s pretty awesome. If you really want to know what I think is happening with these shots, look up a disease process called serum sickness after anti-venom therapy. It is actually every described adverse event that you are seeing reported from the covid 19 shots. This disease has been around for a hundred years. They have known that it is a side effect of anti-venom therapy.

It is called serum sickness. The number one heart symptom side effect of serum sickness from anti-venom or venom therapy, like shots with venom, is myocarditis. This has been published since the late 1800s and this is the first time in history that everyone around the world knows what myocarditis is.

Cardiologists like Peter McCullough said he had never seen more than 3 cases in his illustrious career as a cardiologist. This serum sickness is one of the first things I found a couple of weeks ago. Then you will start to understand what you are actually looking at.

LL; I’m so grateful for the price you have paid personally. I know you get death threats, you are constantly under fire and yet you continue to keep doing what you are doing. I feel safer in this world and I want you to know that—you are watching out for us. I thank you that you are willing to tell the truth even though it is really tough…do you think we are winning? They are kind of running scared. We are getting information and putting them on notice.

BA: when I say we are winning I think we are winning against the agenda of covid which was to massively convince people that they are sick, dying and they had to sign up for a vaccine. When I say we are winning there has been enough resistance to that agenda of covid. They are not going to give up this agenda.

I think that eventually they will drop the covid 19 issue and they will go back and see what worked and did not work during the covid 19 pandemic and how they can accomplish their agenda better next time.

LL: thank you for all you are doing. Have you heard from Dr. Carrie Madej?

BA: I was texting her right after she came out of ICU from surgery. She was doing well and that was great to hear…

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WHAT WILL CAUSE A 5,000% INCREASE IN MORTALITY RATES IN 2022? Attorney Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Attorney Todd Callender


In this video above Lynn shares information in the synopsis she did of an interview with Todd Callender, US attorney, and Rheimer Fuellmich and His Assistant in Germany (see below). Todd Callender specializes in disabled rights and has worked in disability health and life insurance for more than 20 years. Among others things discussed are the disarming of people’s immune systems with 3 different proteins in the jab. He also discusses the effects of 16 gigahertz on the body whether from cell towers or ventilators. A link to the interview is below.

Mar 28, 2022 MUST WATCH INTERVIEW : Reiner Fuellmich Talks with Attorney Todd Callender 2nd Smartest Guy in the World.


Todd Callender has represented me, and is a friend. His knowledge of the law AND vaccines is profound.1 Attorney Todd Callender specializes in disabled rights and has worked in the disability health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years. He focuses on the international convergence of biomedical morbidity and mortality risks in the global, legal context. You discovered something very interesting when you worked with the US Dept. of Defense and the aftermath of the Covid injections.

Callender: thank you….the court of public opinion is yours….

Fuellmich: we cannot do this without the experts…

Callender: this all started for me 20 years ago when I was working in the vaccine industry. My family owned intellectual property rights to ….mass vaccination device and I spent 3 years in Cuba doing the 3rd phase clinical field trials. These are the same 3rd phase trials that are happening with these purported vaccines right now. I learned a lot about the vaccine industry and did business with the same people who are now executing on this genocide. I did understand that and that is why I filed suit against the DOD, Health and Human Services, FDA in August of last year when I saw what was happening including the pandemic bond that the IMF and the World Bank put together.

They used the $500 million claim on that bond denominated in SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). It was the first time they had made the SDRs into a crypto currency. When that happened it made sense to me that they were going to implement the 2005 internationals Health Regulations where they provide a global, homogenized to spot (?) to what it was they had created. When the use of force was authorized by Secretary Austin I realized that this was a military operation and it is a global military operation. It was being forcefully augmented.

I had to file suit and we did. As much as anything the point of filing the suit was to educate the US Military as to whether what they are purporting to do is illegal according to the Nuremburg Code and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and according to the International Convention on Human Rights and per the Uniform Code of Military Justice and US Statutes.

All of this is patently illegal and we all know that and I am shocked at how it is, but nobody in government in pretty much any country in the world seems to care with a few exceptions of Haiti, Tanzania, and a few others.

This is a very well co-ordinated genocide in progress. It made me dig a little deeper into how it is and what it is they are perceiving to achieve. It is a long way to getting to the point.

Is it the lipid nano particle delivery system, is it the pathogens in the lipid nano particles that interest you?

Fuellmich: the most important thing is a video clip of an interview with you and you told them about the excess mortality and I don’t know what caused this excess mortality. It must have something to do with these so-called vaccinations. It may be the lipid nano-particles, it may be the bio-protein, I don’t know.

Callender: I do know—it’s not even a question. Think of the lipid nano particles like little bombers and they are carrying payloads. Those payloads are glio-nucleotides, messenger RNA, and synthetic DNA. Those are the payloads for those little ‘bombers.’

In order to slip those little bombers past the human’s natural immunity, they had to disarm people’s immunities and they used 3 different HIV proteins—the GP120, the AD5 as an adjutant and the PP14. Those 3 proteins were injected into the humans for the purpose of allowing the lipid nano-particle bombers to go into the cells, deliver those payloads and then create synthetic DNA, the recombinant mRNA, and the recombanant DNA. So we know all that and we also know what the pathogens are that are delivered in at least some of the shots. It is in their patents.

What is particularly alarming in terms of all excess mortality and morbidity numbers is that the people that put these protease proteins into the shots disarmed people’s natural immunity. They gave them vaccine-induced AIDS and they didn’t give them anything to reverse it.

So now what you are seeing in terms of all-cause morbidity and mortality are numbers that I got out of the US Department of Defense (DOD) own data base called D-med. It is the Defense Medical Etiology (?) database.

Going back to my lawsuit with the DOD, I called several witnesses to testify in both the temporary restraining order and our preliminary injunction. One of them was Dr. Theresa Long, Dr. McCullough. We have come to understand with a group of medical experts and scientists that have come to our aid in understanding all of this. I can back up everything I am telling you with evidence and I’ll be happy to do that.

We could see a 1,100% increase in all-cause morbidity and mortality. That means that something systemic has caused these problems. You would see a natural increase in all-cause cancer, heart issues, inflammation issues, blood clotting. I can actually send you what that actually looks like. When you see all of them rising hundreds of percentiles, in a class of people who are physically fit, ages 18 to 45—these are all military people, there is only one cause for that. That is the destruction of their immune system. That is the vaccine-induced auto-immune deficiency syndrome. We know this now.

It is in the science all around us. The Israelis are ahead of everyone and have published papers on this. Everyone knows. The short answer to this thing is that everybody that got the shots was given some form or level of AIDS—auto immune deficiency.

The ones that got the one shot – it seems that they have about 30% of their natural immunity destroyed. By the time they get 3 shots, all their natural immunity is gone. We are seeing that with our doctors, the experts who are testifying, in their practices. This is including on-base and off-base doctor visits.

THE REAL EPIDEMIC IS NOW. I happen to be in the morbidity business and I am the CEO of a large insurance group. We underwrite morbidity risks, disabilities, accidents. Based on what we are seeing, the rates of excess mortality right now are 84%; the rates for excess for every kind of disease is at 1100%. We are expecting a 5,000 or so % increase in excess mortality for this year. This is an enormous number.

I don’t think that it is by coincidence, by the way, that Moderna has just now received licensure of their emergency use authorization of HIV vaccine. So they gave everyone AIDs and now here is your ‘salvation.’ This seems to be a multiple dose vaccine.

Almost worse than that, this ties into an electro-magnetic connection to all of this. We have seen that during the lockdown period of almost two years at least in the US and several other countries, there was a massive installation of 5G networks. It included every single public school in the United States, and most of the private schools.

Each one of those signals does different things and they can mimic the very same symptomology as Covid. For instance on Halloween night in 2019, Wuhan was the first city in the world to go 5G. they turned on 10,000 transmitters. Within days you had a massive problem of Chinese who were literally falling over dead. This is not exactly the same symptomology with Covid. You would see people standing on the street falling over dead.

It turns out that at the 60 gigahertz signal which is a 5G signal, that it is actually capable of separating oxygen into nitrogen. So according to our experts, some people literally standing on the street and through the targeting device known as their cell phone, they were able to rip the oxygen from the nitrogen and people were breathing nitrogen and not getting the oxygen and they were literally falling over dead.

5G is like a butcher knife. It is a dual-use item. You can use it to communicate and at the same time you can use it to kill. It so happens that a lot of the tests that we looked at in scientific world focused on the 18 Gigahertz signal. This interplays with the lipid nano-particles.

If you look at the patents of Moderna and Pfizer and I have not looked at Johnson & Johnson, all you have to do is type in pathogens. The covid pathogen itself was chimeric—it was part bacterial and part viral. We know that now.

The pathogens inside the lipid nano-particles, the ones that are created and are inside the lipid nano-particles, inside the vaccinated people right now, are also chimeric. In some cases they are Marburg mixed with e-coli. They are E-bola mixed with staphylococcus. When those lipid nano-particles are exposed to an 18 gigahertz signal, they swell and become porous. This means they will pour out those nucleotides, the proteins that cause people’s bodies to produce these pathogens.

That was the whole point of the mRNA technology. It was to genetically modify people for the purpose of having them produce the synthetic proteins. In the case of covid it was synthetic S-proteins. At the 18 gigahertz signal it will be other proteins that are the M-proteins. They also produce the same HIV proteins.

When the subjects of these shots are producing these synthetic proteins, these synthetic pathogens, they are actually shedding them on others. In the words of Bill Gates the vaccines were designed to be contagious.

When we look at what is going to be the next shoe to drop I can already tell you that it is Marburg. How do I know that? Because the Marburg provisions of the US Prep Act have already been put into action. Theoretically there is no Marburg in the US and has not been for some time.

How is it that in March, 2020, the Marburg provisions of the Prep Act were revoked which created funding for centers of Medicaid and Medicare services, CMS, in order to fund the goals of 42 CFR parts 70 and 71. That is the enabling statute for emergency public health for Health and Human Services.2 Look it up and in 2016 you will find that there is a mandate in the case of public health emergency to quarantine people, test people, and they basically have carte blanche marshal law. All constitutional rights are suspended and frankly, what rights you get are granted by the CDC.

When you look at the constructs of all these things, right now we intercepted and found there are (garbled) federal government to fund what we call the FEMA camps—they are quarantine centers. We actually stopped one in Cochise County, Arizona.

It is our contention that this 18 gighertz signal will be sent out at some point and it will produce the Marburg hemorrhagic fever results. They will use that as the pretext to fill and occupy these quarantine centers and the hospitals that are already murdering US persons to the tune of a million or so this last year. They will be used as receiving centers and why do I say the hospitals?

I am involved in trying to get people out of them. as part of my analysis in trying to help people escape the ICU, intensive care, I have stumbled on to a variety of things that are quite interesting from a legal perspective. In 2008, the US government merged public health with law enforcement with the judiciary and with corrections. All 4 of them are now under one roof.

I get these every single day and a typical example—these are hospital homicides—somebody will go to the hospital with a broken arm. They arrive with the ic10 international code and are mandatorily given, per the hospital’s protocols because they accept federal funding, a covid test. If the covid test comes back negative, they are given another covid test with a higher cycle rate. They invariably come back positive, and at that moment the patient is then moved to a covid ward where they are given an IV bag with Midazolam that is used for lethal injections. It tranquilizes the lungs and it lowers the oxygen absorption rate to about 70%.

That is then used at the pretext to move them into the ICU because of the 70% oxygen. They then add Remdesivir in that IV bag and invariably they end up on a ventilator which is operating and broadcasting on the 16 gigahertz signal. That is the same signal that separates oxygen from nitrogen. Then it is only a function of time until they die. When they get on ventilator, we haven’t had anybody get off.

My job in reference to all this is how do we stop people from being put into ICU and how do we get them out of the hospital? I am only getting about 50% of people out. Why is that? If I call the police and say the patient did not want Remdesivir, that is medical battery and we know we can swear out a criminal complaint. There is medical battery, medical imprisonment, and ____ imprisonment. The police refuse to investigate it. Early on we were able to get health, safety and welfare checks and the police would actually come and talk to the patients. That does not happen any more. Now the police show up and arrest the loved ones who are trying to be with their family. They drag them away.

This is where I came to understand that the hospitals and public health are part of the law enforcement apparatus. Similarly, when I sued the DOD and I got the responsive pleadings, it was as though the Dept. of Justice had responded to a different law suit. It didn’t make any sense to me who they were responding to. Elements of our case weren’t even in there.

It turns out that the judiciary has been combined and merged with public health and law enforcement. What we were seeing were canned pleadings. It was not different than when we would sue in a local court. One of the first cases was in Texas. There was a patient in ICU in Baylor University Hospital. We got a temporary restraining order and in order for us to get an outside doctor to come in and get this person. Within the next day the hospital lawyer showed up and threatened our judge with the unauthorized practice of medicine. The TRO (temporary restraining order) went away and our client was killed.

How do I know this patient was killed? I had another client go in another case, not with covid but with an aneurysm and was treated in the exact same format I am telling you about—Midazolam, Remdesivir, put into the covid ward and never had covid. They doped him up on morphine, fentanyl and a cocktail of drugs.

I called the hospital’s lawyer and said that we wanted to move him to other care. The hospital’s lawyer told me no, your client is going to die in our hospital. Those were his words; so I called the chief of Police who already had a case with 3 alleged felonies and a case number. I said to the Chief that I wanted to do a health, safety and welfare check on my client in the hospital. They are being treated as requested. The Chief said he was not going to go there. When I asked why he said that the city attorney said this was a civil matter and we are not going to deal with it.

I called the city attorney’s office and they won’t talk to me. I went back to the hospital’s lawyer and told him that this was criminal and I will pursue this criminally. He replied too bad, your client is going to die in our hospital. I filed a criminal complaint with the FBI and no one would investigate it. Our client died in that hospital from starvation. He weighed 78 pounds in the final autopsy. He was dehydrated, he was starved, he was high on fentanyl, morphine and several other drugs when they did the autopsy.

We will be pursuing that case for the purpose of breaking up the immunities that were granted under the PREP Act, the CMS waiver program, the CARE Act along with the same issues with the covid mandates. Where there is fraud we can destroy that and vitiate those protections. I intend to do this particular case on a criminal basis. We will start with the civil suit and get past the fraud and into the criminality and we will be able to blow those immunities away.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because this is a master plan that has been extraordinarily well co-ordinated from a legal perspective, a funding perspective, and from every government function you can imagine including the elimination of any constitutional or charter rights. That is by international law, and I encourage you to look at the 2005 International Health Regulations.

All of this arises from Agenda 21 which has 3 primary goals and they are the elimination of private property right which is communism. The second is the elimination of borders. You can see that by looking at the mass migration in the US and in Europe. They want to eliminate the borders because they want to eliminate sovereignty. The third plank of Agenda 21 is called sustainable development and it is mass depopulation. We are in all 3 of those phases right now and Klaus Schwab says you will own nothing and be happy. Sovereignty is being surrendered. Look at the OECD in 2016 they took the tax and fiscal policy of every member nation for themselves and they installed incompetent authorities that are managed by the OECD.

It no longer matters if you have a Prime Minister or a President because the OECD has the authority. Those two planks are already done. The third plank is mass depopulation and we are in it right now by virtue of hospital homicides and they will roll out the Marburg or Ebola—it doesn’t matter—its hemorrhagic fever.

The triggering mechanism will be the 18 gigahertz signaling and then the quarantine camps will be completely loaded. These people will pick and choose who they want to have as survivors. At the end of the day from the legal perspective there is a compelling and scary part to this.

There is a US Supreme Court case where we have the issue of legality. It is called the association of ____ pathology ____ a court case from 2013. This arises out of earlier cases on genetic engineering and right to the synthetic genome. On page 6 halfway down It starts with: it is also –the court finds that use of messenger RNA in particular creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genome that they create.

What does that mean? That means that everyone who got the shots whose mRNA converted their cells into producing spike proteins are now the chattel property of the intellectual property right holders—the patent holders. That is what this case means and it is good law in the United States. And there is hardly any other law around the world that speaks to it.

Look at plans from NASA and DARPA dating back to 2001 where they speak of hybrid humans that they will own and operate. This is the magnitude of what it is that we are up against.

This is about the end of humanity. We are talking about an extinction level event where the owners –and I’ll speak to that in a minute—have already pre-decided who is going to live, who is going to die, who is going to become a machine, who do we own. If you look at this from a genocide perspective we have a major _____ in the causation and the elements of our case. Homicide is the unlawful taking of a human life.

What is human defined as? Homo sapiens and these people are no longer homo sapiens and they are a new species _______ genesis. If they are no longer human, do they enjoy human rights? Do they enjoy the protections of the criminal code? My sense is no (they do not).

What can you do if you are property? These are chattel property. The 13th amendment of the United States outlaws slavery defined as the owning of a human. They found a way around that. In this particular case it is no different than being able to experiment on humanizing mice which already exist. That is what laboratories use. Now we have machinized genetically altered humans.

I know you probably have some questions.

Fuellmich: two things: the US Supreme court decision that you cited—is that the one from 2006?

Callender: no, it is 2013.

Fuellmich: can you give me the exact quote?

Callender: the styling is association for molecular pathology versus varied (?) genetics and I will give you the page 6 language.

It is also possible to create a DNA synthetic computer process similarly well known as _______. One such method begins with a messenger RNA molecule and uses the ______ properties of nucleotides to create a new synthetic DNA molecule (26.06 min). the result is an inverse RNA ______ and results in ownership rights in the United States in the genome.

That is good law because the US Congress has not written anything to overcome this. They have written a statute called the Genetic Anti-Discrimination Act. (GINA) however, there is nothing to replace this in terms of who owns the synthetic genome created by the mRNA.

Now we know that at least in the case of the Moderna shots and in the case of the Pfizer shots, both of which use mRNA that this is the result. I suspect that there is other more recent case law that would describe adenovirus vectors or genetic modification also being the same. There is a compendium on gene therapy; this whole industry is so well-developed right now.

There is a ‘Sears-Roebuck Catalogue’….are you familiar with these 3 inch thick catalogues they used to have? In the Compendium of Gene Therapy you can go to services and tell them that today you would like to have some ‘flying monkey’ genes. They can do that—they go to the computer and they stick it into a lipid nano particle and ‘shoot’ it out to you. That is how well this industry is already defined.

Fuellmich Assistant: this is really quite intense. If all this is reality how would these people identify their property? These vaccine passports might not be 100% true as some people might have the paper without having been vaccinated. Do you think there is something in the vaccine that makes it possible to detect from the outside with what they have been vaccinated with?

Callender: yes. We already know that. If you look at the exhibit for preliminary injunction, and I’ll send that to you, we actually did mass spectrometry on the Moderna and Pfizer shots. In it we found certain components that knew exactly what was described including a chemical compound called luciferase.

If you look up SM102 that I think is the Moderna shot and it is ALC1235 in the Pfizer shot—those have the components to understand who has taken the shot and who have not.

Of course you would have seen lots of other people who have done a variety of studies that people are now setting off Bluetooth signals and that has been well-verified. It appears, based on our mass spectrometry, that they did not actually include graphene oxide in the shots. What I have come to find instead is that they included all the base compounds in order for the bodies to produce their own graphene oxide.

One of our experts has testified that the use of electro-magnetic radiation, the EMF radiation that is coming out of your cell phone signals, will actually cause the growth at 300% increase in graphene hydroxide inside the human body. So all they have to do is put the base chemicals into the user, expose them to a certain level of magnetic radiation which are cell phones at a certain frequency and those people actually grow graphene hydroxide inside of them.

One of our experts is a mortician and you would have seen this when he couldn’t get the embalming fluid into the cadavers and this was in January of last year. He opened up their arms and their legs and pulled out these great giant sheets that were blood clots the length of a leg, but after the blood was washed away, they were actually sheets. Those components are ostensibly the graphene hydroxide.

It is happening and we know for a fact that there are autopsies that prove this. Science proves this and I believe Dr. Ryan Cole has quite a bit of that science as well. The short answer to your questions is “yes, we know that people are showing up to airports with fictitious vaccine passports and the customs agents already know that they are not vaccinated.

Here we are in the age of digitization so there is no way they could fake it.

Fuellmich Assistant: when our experts looked at the different vaccines they saw a variance of mixes of components. Sometimes there would be a bit more copper, rare earth or whatever. Do you think that serves as some sort of fingerprint? Why are there these different components? You just mentioned there might be different roles for the individual people who receive these shots? What is the difference in the variations of these?

Callender: good questions and the short answer is ‘yes.’ It is highly likely that is the case for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that these are phase 3 medical trials. In relation to the FDA regulations that govern these they have the opportunity in their testing in phase 3 to change the ingredients. This can happen until the final application with the FDA.

By the way the DOD was behind this. They are the ones that commissioned Pfizer and Moderna to do this. This was DOD originated in Test No. C451001. We have all the data. The phase 3 clinical trials were designed exactly as you describe them to test different components. We don’t even know.

For instance, if you were to look at the patents as it relates to the pathogens that were carried in the lipid nano particles, you would find 8 to 9 different patents. It appears to us that different people received different doses. Some of the highest mortality rates associated with a particular number from those vats bear out what you are saying. The problem we have is that the testers like Pfizer, Moderna and all the EUA (emergency use authorization) companies do not have to tell us what it is that they are testing until they finally get approval and then have labeling requirements

Fuellmich Assistant: here in Germany there are some regulations where there are not even any general labeling requirements anymore for the vaccines.

Callender: WOW!

Fuellmich Assistant: I don’t know if they have already taken the general use of this but there is the option in this regulation that you are not doing any labeling at all and you can use it after the minimum duration of the expiration dates. They can use it after that. Also, they are not obliged to keep any batches for future investigation.

Callender: what is the point of any regulation at all? Why even bother?

Fuellmich Assistant: it is claimed to be put into place because it is supposed to assist with the medical needs of the vaccines, to speed things up. That is the pretext for the producers.

Callender: I saw that and I noted that Cominerty was licensed in Germany for a year before they got the EUA approval in the United States. It is not approval, but approval of the vaccine itself but what it is they are going to do. I am shocked that there are no particular standards and you can just make it up. This goes back to my compendium ‘Sears Roebuck Catalogue’ of gene therapy. You can just order up whatever you want—your flying monkeys or whatever you want.

Fuellmich: does that mean the question “how bad does my law” doesn’t really play anymore? It’s not about the spike protein now; it’s about the lipid nano-particles and they are the same in every one of these lots?

Callender: they all have lipid nano-particles—AstroZenica or J&J or whatever. It is called hydrogel. All of them share the AD5 adjuvant. It seems that Sputnik and others also have this this AD5 adjuvant.

To answer your question in the disclosure to the FDA as to what these shots are made of, we have polyethylene glycol with all these other things that we picked up on mass spectrometry that showed that the ingredients of Moderna were the same as those of Pfizer. They just had different proportions of polyethylene glycol.

Other than that they were the same. What was different between the two shots is the programming mRNA adenovirus DNA to program the body. I think we have no clue what pathogens are inside those lipid nano particles. We just know that the pathogens exist and who gets what—we have no clue.

Some will show up with Ebola, some will show up with Marburg, some will show up covid—we just don’t know. They don’t have to tell anybody. 36.23 min.

Fuellmich: what affects the immune system is the mRNA, right?

Callender: the short answer is yes. There are 3 proteins—the GP120, AD5 is a recumbent mRNA, and there is the PP14 which is the protein that comes out of the pregnant woman’s placenta and this attacks the cancer T-cells. J&J and AstroZeneca use synthetic DNA versus Moderna and Pfizer that use mRNA. It accomplishes the same thing. 37.08

Fuellmich: in other words unless it is true that some of the lots were just placebos then everyone who got the shots is in danger.

Callender: that is right; they all have AIDS. You are correct.

Fuellmich Assistant: so what is the point of having all these additional shots like the boosters; in your opinion what do you think they are adding with the additional shots?

Callender: good—I think there are two elements of causation behind that—

I think a goal of the exercise is to destroy a person’s immune system. They give them the booster shots for the purpose of rolling in the EUA existing Moderna HIV shot. The reason for that is the control paradigm. .

When you look at the new frontier, the new war and you look at DARPA and the defense intelligence came up with, in terms of the frontier, the 4th world war. It is a biomechanical war. It is a genetically modified soldier or person.

Kim Jon Moon (N Korea) already did a demonstration last summer with his genetically modified super soldiers. That is the new battlefield. When you read some of the documents, the papers that governments have written about this ‘new’ battle frontier, there are constant software upgrades that happen to stay competitive in this brand new arms race.

My sense is that if someone has no immune system whatsoever, and they are required to get these new HIV vaccines once a month for the purpose of staying alive, those additional shots can act as software upgrades. (If you don’t get your shot every 30 days you are going to die). The hardware has already been implemented—people are made of graphene hydroxide and that is the ‘main frame.’ Bill Gates, Dr. Lieber and Dr. Venter (?), the creator of artificial life.

Once you have the modified ‘man machine’ how do you upgrade the software to keep competitive in the battle environment? That is what these papers talked about. My theory is that they will have to get monthly shots to stay alive and secondly to receive their software upgrades for whatever purpose they are assigned.

Fuellmich: the next war will just be reprogramming this artificial—- they will try to have programmers on both sides who are better for killing the other ones and so on. It’s like a computer game, like boys playing with computers. It is incredible and it is so stupid. It has nothing to do with life and nothing to do with human beings. It is just a stupid game.

Callender: that’s right and that is the point—they do not care about human life. As a matter of fact they hate humanity. They want us gone or whatever. When you understand the people behind this, I call them the owners. I do this because the people behind the BIS (bank of international settlements) already own the world money supply. They own the water supply, the food supply, the electricity supply, the labor supply—they own it all. The owners are all luciferians who hate humanity and they have the state goal to genetically modify every species on this planet starting with us.

Fuellmich: I think it is the last chance that we have that we make the understanding of the soldiers and the policeman of what is going on.

Callender: that is right. that is the key.

Fuellmich: they need them (soldiers and policemen). They are weak people and they ______ but it doesn’t give them strength. They have these obedient soldiers who take the jab and are altered. Even those who don’t have the jab, if they obey, they can go on doing these crimes. We have to inform policemen and soldiers what is going on. We have to tell them.

Callender: that is what I was trying to do and in March last year I wrote a formal criminal complaint based on crimes against humanity, genocide – we published it on our website that we built for this purpose called vaxxchoice.3 After drafting this and publishing it we had 20,000 downloads the first month. Angry moms against school boards went and filed with sheriff’s offices around the US and various countries because I was trying to achieve exactly what you are saying. I was trying to poison the well in the minds of the people who would be tasked with forcing these shots. It worked in some cases and it was also the reason why I sued the DOD.

I was trying to educate and did educate soldiers in the US military that these are illegal orders and here is why. Our plaintiffs class went from 200,000 to around 500,000 now. It is growing. The exact methodology that you are talking about is precisely what we attempted and it seems to be working to some extent.

Fuellmich Assistant: is this what you explained about the HIV shot—do you think this is mostly about control and getting you on the hook to survive? Is there anything that you could imagine that would be like an enhancement, like being better able to intake oxygen so you can live on the sea?

Callender: for sure—it’s not even a question. Around 2001 the US Government, the Dept. of Defense in particular went into the gene therapy business for exactly what it is that you are describing. In 2005 they got a special exclusion from the DOJ as it relates to informed consent. The DOJ said that for purposes of gene modification the FDA is no longer involved. Health and Human Services is involved. And for purposes of informed consent that we all know comes from Nuremburg, it no longer applies in the traditional sense.

All you have to do is let people know that you are doing genetic therapy. That means gene modification and you don’t even have to tell them. You just have to make it so they could find out. So the US military has been doing gene modification at least since 2005 for exactly what you have described—the super soldier program whether it is swimming under the ocean or flying—I don’t know.

It already exists and when you do a search and type in North Korea Super Soldiers you will see that Kim Jung Moon already brought his out and did a demonstration. They were beating these guys with sledge hammers to no avail.4 They seem to be puncture proof and extraordinarily durable. They are probably fast and require less food. So the answer is yes.

Fuellmich Assistant: this means that you can actually transform a previously normal human being during his or her lifetime into this special forces with special capabilities. It is not like for the next generation but immediately.

Callender: yes. It is now. There are some studies showing that they can download information straight into their brains. There was a case the army did several years ago. They took a regular soldier and downloaded information. He was out flying helicopters later that day. I happen to be a pilot and I can tell you that it takes a long time to master those skills. That technology already exists exactly as you have described.

Fuellmich: so Moderna wasn’t joking when they said that they could program human beings.

Callender: that is right and Charles Lieber was really the guy behind that and he is sitting in jail now. Look back to his 2009 Harvard study and he was able to anatomically weld transistors into the lipid nano particles. They can program them and move them around to become autonomous and he turned the nano particles into nanobots.

With those nanobots they are able to do exactly what you said. They can crawl around in the brain and see information, deliver their payloads to a particular part of the body. He was the man that made all that possible. He did this along with Craig Venter who was the guy who created synthetic life.5 He is the guy who sequenced the human genome. He was able 3 years ago to sever the heads of pigs and wait 3 days and then reanimate the heads. He did the study with ferrets relating to the coronavirus. They thought they had killed the ferrets and buried them. The ferrets came back to life and dug themselves out.

So there is this extra component also of ‘immortality’ if you can imagine that. I have the articles.

Fuellmich Assistant: that is really very, very freaky. Could you elaborate on biological graphene and what is the point of having this assemble in your body? Is it to kill you off with this 5G thing?

Callender: no, not at all. It does 3 things. First it is extraordinarily conductive. As I understand it from our experts, if a person with graphene hydroxide receives a signal such as a 2 gighertz signal, they will be able to produce a 1 terahertz signal outbound. They become a battery and Bill Gates actually has a patent on the human battery. So number one, they become electricity generators. Number two they become sources of intelligence and everything that person sees, hears and does is connected to the bionet of things that every other such person, every cell phone tower and the cloud. They all become biomachines. They are capable of detecting everything –sights, sounds, touch, taste all of that.

On top of that graphene happens to be the single most durable and strong substance on this planet. So when you see Kim Jong Moons super soldiers getting hit with sledge hammers to the head to no avail, that is why. You cannot even puncture graphene in its single molecular layer.

Lastly it is self-assembling. They call it teleferase. When you add an electrical current to graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide it naturally self-assembles and turns into a conductive circuit. You are getting all of these things out of the benefit of graphene. There are multiple uses.

I think the people they don’t want to use, they will just turn them off and they are gone.

Fuellmich Assistant: if we are looking at immortality for these creatures do you think they would still be breathing and how are they included in this program? Do you think they would like to stay normal human beings or is this not under what they wanted.

Callender: I don’t know the answer to that. My sense is that they do have a goal of immortality. How they achieve that immortality I do not know. What I do understand is that they want limited resources. Bill Gates says they want to get the number down to zero.

The Georgia Guidestones say they want 500 million and the goals of sustainable development is that they want a 95% reduction of the world’s population. My suspicion is that the ‘owners’ will want immortality. I don’t know if they will want the rest of the super powers or not.

Fuellmich: they didn’t succeed to the immortal computers now. We always have to have updates.

Callender: True. The Bible talks about this too. Those that have taken the Mark of the Beast will seek to die and not be able to. Are people who receive the shots going to be human or not? I don’t think so. One other thing to be aware of is that in the nanoparticles there is also the delivery of CRISPR technology which is a gene deletion program.

If you look at the serious adverse events, the Pfizer post-market study that came out of the FOIA request they had to disclose. The number one serious adverse event that came up was the 1P36 gene deletion syndrome. That is a congenital disease. It causes the loss of your frontal cortexes which are the reasoning, thinking behavior. It causes facial tics and it causes biting and things of that nature. The only way a person who was not born with that would get it is because there was a gene deletion that occurred in their bodies.

It also appears that they eliminated the VMat2 which is the God-gene and the PAX5 which is also related to people’s spirituality. It appears that those who got those particular gene-deletions will not be thinking and in fact they will act very zombie-like. They will have no connection to God, no remorse and no conscience whatsoever.

Fuellmich Assistant: some people say that they notice some doctors or healers have different behavior towards patients after the shots and are more aggressive and less spiritual. Some healers have told me that they are not able to reach these people anymore on a spiritual or an energetic level. Do you think that is connected to what you just said?

Callender: I do. I would highly suspect that those persons had already suffered the 1P36 gene deletion syndrome. What you describe is the very behavior that you would see as a result of that. It’s a notification. To be very clear with you what we do know is that these people have been really good at predictive programming. How many zombie movies have you seen in your life? If you look at Con Plan 8888 it is the US Government’s continuity of government plan in case of zombie apocalypse.

They describe 5 different types of zombies they might encounter. Every US agency that this applies to has had to provide robust protection for their computer systems and have undergone zombie apocalypse invasions. The CDC has had a zombie apocalypse preparedness page on their website for the last 5 years. Now they have turned it into a cartoon.

Go to Amazon web services and you will see there is a force majeure clause that if there is a zombie apocalypse they are not liable. There is too much talk about zombies for us to ignore the fact that the 1P36 gene deletion combined with the VMat2 and PAX5 deletion creates a zombie-like effect.

I think they are just telling us what they are doing. Switch on the 18 gigahertz and bang! You have a zombie apocalypse in process.

Fuellmich Assistant: I read that they claim that this is just for educational purposes and it is strategic game type of thing. It might be a pretext but it might be real that they want to drag the education…

Callender: I can absolutely guarantee you that if you were to look at conplan 8888 you will see that on the second page they stated exactly what you just said. This is just for purposes of exercise.

I am ex-military and I represent all these people in the military. The problem with that I understand how preparations for war are. You practice who you are going to fight and where you are going to fight. ALWAYS. If you look at the Con plan 8888 it has nothing to do with fighting ‘Equador’ or another country. It has to do with fighting 5 different types of genetically modified zombies. Some are vaccine zombies, some are radiation zombies, some are magic zombies—they have 5 different types of zombies they are prepared to fight. It has nothing to do with territory, ideology, counter insurgency—it is only about zombies. I understand what you were saying (about educational purposes) and I don’t believe it for a second.

Fuellmich Assistant: I have one last question—this shedding thing that spills over from one vaccinated person to another depending on what is inside, whether it is the spike protein. What are your ideas in regard to that? Is that a problem?

Callender: it is a problem and it is actually in the testing protocols published by Pfizer. In particular they talk about taking care of clinicians who are over-seeing the trials because of the shedding problem. When I describe the shedding problem it is actually worse than it sounds.

The person who received the gene modification is now producing the synthetic protein, the S-protein, and it is not a complete protein. It is a folded protein. That means that they are actually producing prions. Prions are what cause mad-cow disease. The guy who was in charge of AstroZeneca died a year ago of prion disease. So it is not just shedding these S-proteins that we can all be immune from if we have had covid. This is bigger and different shedding problem. It is a cognitive problem and prions6 eventually eat away at your brain.

Dr. Cole actually has a lot of good evidence on that. He has done a number of biopsies and found a number of prions in the tissues of exposed people and those who have had the shots. It is not just speculation on whether or not this is the case; it is a fact.

Fuellmich: when we have contact with proteins we may eat them, we may have contact on the skin, and our immune system recognizes that when they are strange and it defends us against proteins. I am not so much afraid of proteins; I am much more afraid of having those nano particulates being spread and entering the body by contact. I have not seen evidence that proteins can invade someone..

Callender: the prions can invade. The prions definitely can and there is no two ways about it. We have prion disease all across the US and mad-cow disease is in the deer and elk. I can promise you that prions are an issue. I understand your point on shedding otherwise.

Fuellmich: we know the prions from PSA and we know they can only make damage when they are incorporated. When they get into the body if we happened to eat them, it wouldn’t be very dangerous. We had very few cases although we had lots of cases of mad cow disease in the cows. Very few people had a problem and only those who got organ or tissue transplants got it. But this is a very rare thing. I don’t see an epidemic of prion diseases in Europe.

Callender: Ahh, what if it was a bodily fluid exchange like one person biting another. Would there be such an issue? I say that because that is one of the primary issues of the P136 gene deletion. In all the zombie apocalypse scenarios, you will see the multi-national forces all saying the same thing: the zombies are always biters.

Fuellmich: there is another thing. If you want to sell a weapon, you make it very serious that everyone need this weapon to defend against something. There is a lot of business behind it and you have to take away this interest to find out the truth. So this why I insist on asking critical questions on this.

Callender: they are good ones and I agree with your point entirely.

Fuellmich: they sell so many dangerous weapons because there are so many dangerous enemies and there are also many weapons not being used because the situation doesn’t come where they would be useful.

Callender: I wonder about that. If the owners didn’t spend so much time causing us to hate and fear each other would we spend so much on weapons? The owners have been in charge for 2000 years showing us this very same unlawful paradigm.

Fuellmich: it is the same as the corona vaxx—they make us afraid and the politicians buy something against the corona virus. This is what they do every time. 100.56 they do this with vaccines and they do it with weapons.

Callender: it’s the Hegelian Dialectic, as it is called.

Fuellmich Assistant: how many shots did they order for Germany in stock until 2029? Is that something that is going to be new stuff, ever evolving?

Callender: yes, I think so. On March 22, they had a convention in Texas on these lipid nano-particles. In the NASA warfare information they talk about the use of these nanoparticles to be able to be crop-dusted. They fly over cities, drop the nano particles that burrow into people’s lungs and this is all population control.

This is what they talk about. The event they had on March 22 to share the knowledge of mass production of these lipid nano-particles and whatever pathogens, whatever payloads they have to have. It is such numbers now they can fly over a city and put over everyone whatever they want.

Fuellmich: it is not the Sahara dust, but it is nanoparticles. It is nanobots. We could easily analyze the dust and find out what it is.

Callender: that is a super idea. They have been talking about smart dust for ages. It definitely exists and you won’t have a hard time finding it.

Fuellmich: as long as they have billions of people vaccinated (injected) they don’t need to spray something into the air. They just give it directly into the people.

Callender: I think so and I don’t know exactly why it is but my sense is that they needed to install the hardware first in people. There are 3300 commercial products including foods that already have these nanoparticles in them. If you are drinking a pepsi or a coke, you are ingesting nanoparticles. They are everywhere. But for whatever reason our body seems to have the ability to repel these with our natural immunity. My sense is they had to give people the HIV protein in order to disarm our natural immunity and that was the key part of this shot. Thereafter they can deliver their software any way that they want to but it is probably most efficient to shoot it in with the shot.

Fuellmich: wow, that is quite a horror show.

Callender: yes it is and I’m sorry that this is the case. I am going to send you a lot of information that backs up everything I say.

Fuellmich: please do that; we have to dig in. As horrific as it is, we have to know about it. We have to get into the details of this in order to be able to at least get an idea of how dangerous this is. Obviously it is very, very dangerous and what can we do about it? Have any of the scientists and doctors you work with come up with any ideas of how to counteract, how to flush this out of your system?

Callender: Dr. Lee (?) is actually one of the pioneers in all of this and she is working on it diligently to flush this out. I can tell you right now that with the early candidates are. My understanding is that chlorine dioxide strips away the transistors on the bots. It is fairly common and they call it the universal cure. I understand that carbon 60 will capture some of these nanobots. She is also talking about some chelated materials that they put into an IV. I’ll get her to talk to you.

All of my expert witnesses are volunteering and they are happy to talk to you and provide you with whatever you require. My experts are your experts. And, we have whistleblowers.

Fuellmich Assistant: I have one more question. We have the terrestrial 5G towers and we also have the satellites. So what is the difference?

Callender: I think it is a function of which frequency they are broadcasting. When we talk about 5G that is just a range of frequencies. 6 gigahertz up to 300 gigahertz and they do different things. They have different ranges. What is really troubling about this is that these 5G cell phone towers have 300 gigawatts of energy and that is 3 megawatts. 300,000 watts can run a city of 60,000 people. These are in each and everyone of these towers and they are beaming microwave energy which is the same stuff people with microwaves cook food.

They are beaming all the time and we have demonstrations of plants and animals and birds falling out of the sky from a singles as it is. These are the powerful ones, the strong ones. Apparently at this wave length they do not travel very far and they are easily obstructed. The ones in space may be called 5G but we really don’t know what frequency they are broadcasting on. The longer the wave, the further the distance these things travel.

We do know that there are supposed to be 28,000 of them up there covering every single area of this planet. It is also important to know that in 1976 the US government Defense Intelligence Agency already did all this work for us. They have already told us what frequencies do what things to people. A half a hertz can affect our mentality and if we are happy or sad. There are even payloads up to 300 megahertz.

You might have seen in Australia they use the active denial system with 96 gigahertz which actually burned the protestors. They literally cooked the protestors at about a 500 meter distance. The strength of the tower and the signal are really what guide where they are putting them and what it is that they do.

We don’t know what the ones in space are doing and we don’t even know what these are. In the United States there is no law on this. OSHA has some limits that if you are going to work around these things you have to wear protective gear to turn them off. Other than that, there is no protection. In fact when our law firm studied this we found out in 2019 that in many states they made it a crime for city council members to vote against the implementation of 5G. They have no standards whatsoever and they could cook us all day long and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

What can we do? If you look at Wuhan, 21 million people either ditched their cell phones or they terminated their 5G service in the month of November, 2019. That might be a guide to us. The experts are saying that our 5G phones are targeting systems. I think that is what the Chinese figured out. They ditched their phones.

It is that radiation poisoning that will mimic almost any disease you can think of. They can create (the symptoms) with this electro-magnetic radiation. I’ll send the Defense intelligence Agency information on the subject.

Fuellmich Assistant: is it possible to cure the effects of these towers if you were not of evil mind?

Callender: yes we have an expert by the name of John Waterman. We were on Caravan to Midnight with the intelligence report. I am trying my case in the court of public opinion on Saturday night. I called my expert witnesses to testify and that is what they did. John Waterman talked about the Royal Rife frequencies and the harmonics that cure. Other ones will kill you. We actually have that information as well. I am happy to share that and my experts are yours. The whole program is 3 hours of expert testimony. I’ll send that as well.

Fuellmich: very good; we must look into this and give this a deep dive because this is so important.

Fuellmich Assistant: thank you so much.

Callender: it is my pleasure. I also need to let you know that I am working on a legal basis to turn off the 5G towers. I think I can do it by virtue of criminal law and the Australians have had some success with it. I’ll keep you updated on what luck I am having but I am starting to get some traction, believe it or not, in the Department of Defense and various law enforcement agencies because they are coming to recognize this issue. The more we can all get this into the public mind, the more we can demand action and the higher success we have with stopping this with the laws that we already have.

Fuellmich: we will do the best we can; I think many millions will watch this—it is just incredible.

Callender: yes, I wish that weren’t so.

1 Notetaker: In some areas the words were garbled or not distinguishable. You will see ______ or ….. in those instances.

2 42 CFR Part 70 – INTERSTATE QUARANTINE | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal …

42 CFR Part 70 – INTERSTATE QUARANTINE. § 70.1 General definitions. § 70.2 Measures in the event of inadequate local control. § 70.3 All communicable diseases. § 70.4 Report of disease. § 70.5 Requirements relating to travelers under a Federal order of isolation, quarantine, or conditional release. § 70.6 Apprehension and detention of …

The Vaccine Debate – IVERMECTIN

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Planned, invented and created a bio-warfare weapon in joint collaboration with the Chinese government in Wuhan China called SARS-COV-2 (hereafter the “Covid Weapon”)


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Dear Vaxxchoice Family & Friends, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ Lao Tsu As we end this week, let’s realize that the corruption and vile actions of those responsible for the pandemic, and for the desperate attempts to further the fear mongering, and vaccine agenda are being exposed, and coming to light


LEGAL NOTICE TO: _____ Date: _____ By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to

File A Complaint

This is a model form Criminal Complaint and it is free and available for use by anyone in any jurisdiction. It can be

4 › news › world-news › watch-north-korean-soldiers-insane-strength-display-break-bricks-concrete-video Insane! North Korean ‘super soldiers’ punch through concrete

Oct 13, 2021The scene was part of a pain-defying drill put on by the North Korean army, for the opening of a defence exhibition this week that showcased the nuclear-armed country’s weapons. The soldiers – some…

5 Craig Venter creates synthetic life form – the Guardian

May 20, 2010Craig Venter creates synthetic life form Craig Venter and his team have built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporated it into a cell to make what they call the world’s first…

6 Notetaker discussed information on prions on experiments that CSU and CDC were doing in a mountain county in Colorado in the 1990s. Whirling disease in trout originated in this county; later sickly deer were brought to the county and kept in portable pens that were moved around the county. Hear what a retired veterinarian had to say about this. 0312-2021-What Are Prions And How Can Positive Energy Support Assist In Your Well Being?

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Latest Research Regarding Our Food Supply with an Interactive Map

In March 2020 Lynn Wrote About The Case For Drinking Plasma Energy Water…What Was That All About?

Dr. Thomas Cowan wrote the book CANCER and the New Biology of WATER, Dr. Cowan writes: “During sleep our body is unimpeded in its interaction with our physical body and that is when healing takes place”

It is time for more people to take seriously the gift of the plasma energy waters developed by Dr. Paul. Many of the remedies listed are found in various combinations made by Dr. Paul and Lynn and include Chaga Mushrooms, mistletoe, Burdock root, turmeric and the salt from quality sea water such as the Korean B9 salt.

We are over 70% water. What is the quality of water being put in your body? Lynn asked, Is your water full of pollutants, herbicides, pesticides, aluminum, mercury, chlorine, fluoride and other toxic metals? Can you change the quality of the water in your body if you are drinking plasma energy water combinations, cooking with the waters, using them in your laundry, and spraying them on your body?

But there is one more thing…Lynn and Dr. Paul and many others have experienced that they don’t require as much food as they did before drinking the Plasma Energy Station water. Why is this important? Are we going to experience food shortages in 2023? Now, more than ever the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station is an important addition for your well being!

Be sure to see our special for July, 2022 on the Plasma Energy Station following the article below. And find out how you can get our new Sole Support Turquoise Shungite Pendant on an adjustable leather cord with your Plasma Energy Station order!

Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants, Grocery Stores, etc. — Compares US Incidents to Global Trends

Read the excerpt of the message sent to The Gateway Pundit:

I have been doing extensive research regarding what is going on with the food supply. I have created an interactive map that will let you click on (or hover over) an icon and it will provide all of the details to what happened at that location, including a link to the article. (Please see attached example)

If I had any doubts about this being on purpose, that is completely gone at this point. It’s almost terrifying seeing what is going on and the majority of people have no idea. Every day something else happens to add to this list. Things are happening so quickly now, that it is mind boggling. Big Tech is covering most of these up or burying them so far down the feed that most people never see them. I have investigative skills that I have used my entire career so I know how to get around all of that or I would never have found what I have.

I had not heard of anyone looking up actual grocery store fires so that is what started me down this path. Once I saw how bad it was and the patterns that are happening it was clear what they are doing, and I am now convinced they are getting people to help with this just like they did with the election. I realize that not all of these are on purpose but once you see how big this is, it cannot be denied that something evil is going on and we are about to have our legs kicked out from under us.

I have over 600 instances so far (I have read or watched every article to confirm it) and I have many more that I am trying to add. Almost 400 of these are just in 2022.

I have so much more to add to this list and I’ve been working on it nonstop. When all the news outlets came out saying it wasn’t true it made me want to prove them all wrong so this has been my main priority for a couple of months now. People are going to starve if something is not done about this. I figure if I can help anyone at all by giving them a heads up (there are too many locations to say it’s a coincidence) so they can try to prepare for their families then it will be worth it.

It’s pretty terrifying when you see it all together.

TIME FRAME: 01/01/2021 – 06/20/2022

REASONS: Fire/Explosion, Disease, Permanently Closing, Vandalism, Hacked & Government Ordered

PROOF: Attached to each pin on the map has the Name, Location, Date, Reason & a Link to each article/video/news story (this is so they cannot explain it away)

TRENDS: Most buildings are either damaged or completely destroyed by fires or explosions, in the middle of the night & have no reason regarding what started the fire.

See below for the list of colors and what each one represents. The greenhouse, chemical plants, or food recalls are not yet included on this map.

  • FUSCIA – HACKED – Any company that produces food/gas/electricity/water that is hacked
  • WHITE – DESTROYED/EUTHANIZED/BANNED (Any food that is destroyed and/or banned OR when animals are euthanized due to disease)

Earlier this month, The Gateway Pundit published an article on a list of US-based food manufacturing plants that were destroyed, damaged or impacted by “accidental fires,” disease, or general causes from 2021 to 2022 under the Biden administration. These data were first published at Think Americana. By Jim Hoft
Published June 23, 2022 at 1:15pm
Below is the list:

  1. 1/11/21 A fire that destroyed 75,000-square-foot processing plant in Fayetteville
  2. 4/30/21 A fire ignited inside the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Monmouth, IL
  3. 7/25/21 Three-alarm fire at Kellogg plant in Memphis, 170 emergency personnel responded to the call
  4. 7/30/21 Firefighters on Friday battled a large fire at Tyson’s River Valley Ingredients plant in Hanceville, Alabama
  5. 8/23/21 Fire crews were called to the Patak Meat Production company on Ewing Road in Austell
  6. 9/13/21 A fire at the JBS beef plant in Grand Island, Neb., on Sunday night forced a halt to slaughter and fabrication lines
  7.  10/13/21 A five-alarm fire ripped through the Darigold butter production plant in Caldwell, ID
  8. 11/15/21  A woman is in custody following a fire at the Garrard County Food Pantry
  9. 11/29/21  A fire broke out around 5:30 p.m. at the Maid-Rite Steak Company meat processing plant
  10. 12/13/21 West Side food processing plant in San Antonio left with smoke damage after a fire
  11. 1/7/22 Damage to a poultry processing plant on Hamilton’s Mountain following an overnight fire
  12. 1/13/22 Firefighters worked for 12 hours to put a fire out at the Cargill-Nutrena plant in Lecompte, LA
  13. 1/31/22 a fertilizer plant with 600 tons of ammonium nitrate inside caught on fire on Cherry Street in Winston-Salem
  14. 2/3/22 A massive fire swept through Wisconsin River Meats in Mauston
  15. 2/3/22 At least 130 cows were killed in a fire at Percy Farm in Stowe
  16. 2/15/22 Bonanza Meat Company goes up in flames in El Paso, Texas
  17. 2/15/22 Nearly a week after the fire destroyed most of the Shearer’s Foods plant in Hermiston
  18. 2/16/22 A fire had broken at US largest soybean processing and biodiesel plant in Claypool, Indiana
  19. 2/18/22 An early morning fire tore through the milk parlor at Bess View Farm
  20. 2/19/22 Three people were injured, and one was hospitalized, after an ammonia leak at Lincoln Premium Poultry in Fremont
  21. 2/22/22 The Shearer’s Foods plant in Hermiston caught fire after a propane boiler exploded
  22. 2/28/22 A smoldering pile of sulfur quickly became a raging chemical fire at Nutrien Ag Solutions
  23. 2/28/22 A man was hurt after a fire broke out at the Shadow Brook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery
  24. 3/4/22 294,800 chickens destroyed at farm in Stoddard, Missouri
  25. 3/4/22 644,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
  26. 3/8/22 243,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in New Castle, Delaware
  27. 3/10/22 663,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, MD
  28. 3/10/22 915,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Taylor, IA
  29. 3/14/22 The blaze at 244 Meadow Drive was discovered shortly after 5 p.m. by farm owner Wayne Hoover
  30. 3/14/22 2,750,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Jefferson, Wisconsin
  31. 3/16/22 A fire at a Walmart warehouse distribution center in Plainfield, Indiana has cast a large plume of smoke visible throughout Indianapolis.
  32. 3/16/22 Nestle Food Plant extensively damaged in fire and new production destroyed Jonesboro, Arkansas
  33. 3/17/22 5,347,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Buena Vista, Iowa
  34. 3/17/22 147,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Kent, Delaware
  35. 3/18/22 315,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
  36. 3/22/22 172,000 Turkeys destroyed on farms in South Dakota
  37. 3/22/22 570,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
  38. 3/24/22 Fire fighters from numerous towns are battling a major fire at the McCrum potato processing facility in Belfast, Maine.
  39. 3/24/22 418,500 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
  40. 3/25/22 250,300 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Franklin, Iowa
  41. 3/26/22 311,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  42. 3/27/22 126,300 Turkeys destroyed in South Dakota
  43. 3/28/22 1,460,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Guthrie, Iowa
  44. 3/29/22 A massive fire burned 40,000 pounds of food meant to feed people in a food desert near Maricopa
  45. 3/31/22 A structure fire caused significant damage to a large portion of key fresh onion packing facilities in south Texas
  46. 3/31/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Osceola, Iowa
  47. 3/31/22 5,011,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Osceola, Iowa
  48. 4/6/22 281,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
  49. 4/9/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  50. 4/9/22 208,900 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  51. 4/12/22 89,700 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
  52. 4/12/22 1,746,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Dixon, Nebraska
  53. 4/12/22 259,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Minnesota
  54. 4/13/22 Fire destroys East Conway Beef & Pork Meat Market in Conway, New Hampshire
  55. 4/13/22 Plane crashes into Gem State Processing, Idaho potato and food processing plant
  56. 4/13/22 77,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  57. 4/14/22 Taylor Farms Food Processing plant burns down Salinas, California.
  58. 4/14/22 99,600 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  59. 4/15/22 1,380,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Lancaster, Minnesota
  60. 4/19/22 Azure Standard nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire in Dufur, Oregon
  61. 4/19/22 339,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  62. 4/19/22 58,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Montrose, Color
  63. 4/20/22 2,000,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Minnesota
  64. 4/21/22 A small plane crashed in the lot of a General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia
  65. 4/22/22 197,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  66. 4/23/22 200,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
  67. 4/25/22 1,501,200 chickens destroyed at egg farm Cache, Utah
  68. 4/26/22 307,400 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
  69. 4/27/22 2,118,000 chickens destroyed at farm Knox, Nebraska
  70. 4/28/22 Egg-laying facility in Iowa kills 5.3 million chickens, fires 200-plus workers
  71. 4/28/22 Allen Harim Foods processing plant killed nearly 2M chickens in Delaware
  72. 4/2822 110,700 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
  73. 4/29/22 5 million honeybees are dead after a flight carrying the pollinator insects from California to Alaska got diverted to Georgia
  74. 4/29/22 1,366,200 chickens destroyed at farm Weld Colorado
  75. 4/30/22 13,800 chickens destroyed at farm Sequoia Oklahoma
  76. 5/3/22 58,000 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
  77. 5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Beadle S Dakota
  78. 5/3/22 114,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  79. 5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Lyon Minnesota
  80. 5/7/22 20,100 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
  81. 5/10/22 72,300 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
  82. 5/10/22 61,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  83. 5/10/22 35,100 Turkeys destroyed Muskegon, Michigan
  84. 5/13/22 10,500 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
  85. 5/14/22 83,400 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  86. 5/17/22 79,00 chickens destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  87. 5/18/22 7,200 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  88. 5/19/22 Train carrying limestone derailed Jensen Beach FL
  89. 5/21/22 57,000 Turkeys destroyed on farm in Dakota Minnesota
  90. 5/23/22 4,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  91. 5/29/22 A Saturday night fire destroyed a poultry building at Forsman Farms in Howard Lake, Minnesota
  92. 5/31/22 3,000,000 chickens destroyed by fire at Forsman facility in Stockholm Township, Minnesota
  93. 6/2/22 30,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
  94. 6/7/22 A fire occurred Tuesday evening at the JBS meat packing plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin
  95. 6/8/22 Firefighters from Tangipahoa Fire District 1 respond to a fire at the Purina Feed Mill in Arcola, Louisiana
  96. 6/9/22 Irrigation water was canceled in California (the #1 producer of food in the US) and storage water flushed directly out to the delta.
  97. 6/12/22 Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down California Plant Due to High Costs
  98. 6/13/22 Fire Breaks Out at a Food Processing Plant West of Waupaca County in Wisconsin
  99. 6/14/22 Over 10,000 head of cattle have reportedly died in the recent Kansas heat wave (New)

With this ongoing problem in our food supply, a concerned citizen created an interactive map that will let you click on (or hover over) an icon and it will provide all of the details of what happened at that location, including a link to the article.


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Today my favorite delivery guy was here.  I asked if he had anything happen with the flooding.

He lives out of town, so his answer surprised me. He owns a house one block north of me that is a rental house.  There was no flooding there even though the neighboring houses had flooding.  How did that happen?

Several months ago I gave him some of our plasma energy.  He shared some with whoever lives in the rental house.  I had told him about the protective dome effect of plasma energy when I gave him the plasma energy vials.

So I asked today why he thought there was no flooding….with a big grin his answer was—plasma energy of course!

That made my day!  I had nothing to do with the outcome at the rental house other than originally giving him the plasma energy in the first place and he shared it with others.

I love it!


Lynn heard today about someone else whose home was not affected by the flood, even though the neighbor’s homes were.  Why?  The owner thinks it is because he had shared some of his plasma energy with  the people who lived in his rental home.  


Lynn and Steph share post-flood pictures and tell what happened with the flood that took out major parts of the street in front of Lynn’s house and the street half a block east of the house.  Lynn also shares what happened with flooding in the business next door and the neighbors behind her.  As many preppers will say, Don’t be scared, be prespared! 

The link below shows many scenes from Red Lodge.  Look for one with a green ‘gingerbread’ house with white trim and a white picket fence on the corner; it’s a block away from Lynn

Posted on

Lynn’s Report From Her Flooded Neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana North of Yellowstone National Park

Lynn discusses the June 12th, 2022 flooding in her neighborhood in Red Lodge, Montana, one of the summer scenic gateways to Yellowstone National Park.  On the day before the flooding Lynn posted a video, Do Plasma Energies Provide Protection Around You and Your Property? Wow, was that prophetic.  Rock Creek, two blocks from where she lives, flooded most of her side of town. Find out what happened and see some photos that she shares.   

The link below shows many scenes from Red Lodge.  Look for one with a green ‘gingerbread’ house with white trim and a white picket fence on the corner; it’s a block away from Lynn

Lynn’s video from June 12th and  whether there are protective qualities to plasma energies:

You may have heard the expression, ‘don’t be scared…be prepared.’ When you know you have done the best you can to ride out a storm by having the proper supplies you don’t have to ‘run to somewhere.’

Obviously there are some conditions where you do need to get your bag and leave. But take inventory of what is happening and your situation. Ask yourself who or what feeds off your fear if you get into a panic and ‘run’.

Below are some pictures all within a block of where Lynn is. Neighbors were out helping neighbors and there were people coming from surrounding, unaffected areas to pitch in and help. Nobody asked them to do that…they just loaded up what they had that would be helpful and showed up.

0615-2022-photos from Red Lodge flood

the bridge 2 blocks east of Lynn held; it’s just to the right of the white roofed townhome…the 2nd flooded street is ½ block east of Lynn…red roofed house midway on the right edge is at the corner by Lynn’s house…

½ block east of Lynn’s house on 0614-2022 as flood waters start to subside

View of the southeast corner of Lynn’s main level apartment….log building in front Is the Spectrum WiFi/Cable TV office

½ of street is gone on just past corner ½ block from Lynn’s– the storage lot of the cable office is surrounded by brown chain link fence on the right of the photo

Upstairs and garden level apartments across the street from Lynn

View to East from Lynn’s deck…very flat ground of the cable company next door to Lynn had no flooding. Blue house is on the corner ½ block away.

0614-2022 flood is subsiding

0615-2022–waters subsided back to the creek on 0615-2022. Corner is ½ block from Lynn’s home. The white car is on a part of the street that has washed out. The street at the far corner is devastated.

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Some Powerful Messages About Our Never-Ending Plasma Energy Waters

Several Testimonials and More

  10. WE END WITH HOPE……..


In this video above Lynn discusses the testimonials in this blog


“Thank you Lynn!!! I got my station setup from you & I can’t believe how amazing it is and has changed my life!! I was diagnosed with AHL & ADH clusters in my right breast from a core biopsy. Had lumpectomy surgery & all the clusters were gone! They only ended up taking a small amount of tissue where they had placed the clip from biopsy to know where to do lumpectomy and the tissue around the clip was healthy & not abnormal anymore!! I think if I had been drinking plasma station water for more than the 2 weeks after core biopsy I probably wouldn’t have needed lumpectomy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge & it seems to have affected my health in a positive way!!!!”


0225-2021-Q and A…energy around the house and property for protection

Q How specifically can we protect our property from  any wild storms (winds, floods etc) as is happening world-wide now using Plasma Energies? I read and saw that one picture in Dominica?? In testimonies section but there was no specifics what / how Plasma Energies protected his property. Are there other testimonies where protected from weather?

A: The plasma energy was in a jar in the center of the garden (in Dominica where 90% of the island was destroyed by Hurricane Maria). The protection was in a 30-ft radius out from the jar.

Q: Did you / Paul learn how to make ‘free’ energy  using a few of the plasmas that allows us to run electrical units like heaters, lights, etc.?

A: Some people claimed to have success making the free energy device. Paul made several attempts and then shifted his focus to using the energy for the well being of people, pets and plants. That was much more in alignment of who he was and how he had spent his life ….as a veterinarian, practicing acupuncture, and continued interest in Rife energy, orgone energy and much more.

Q: How are pyramids used to ‘enhance?’ plasma energies?

A: Paul made a Russian pyramid after reading the research on the effectiveness of the Russian pyramids. They have very large ones up to 70 feet tall over areas where they have their seeds for planting. The instructions for making it are from Charlie Ziese at

Q: I remember Dr Paul  said  build pyramid outside around your garden. He mentioned putting a container of some type of plasma energy water at the top of the pyramid.

A: You can create the pyramid effect in your garden by placing jars of plasma water in each corner and then placing another jar up high on a tree limb or on a stand in the center of the garden. Every garden configuration is different. You could use the Charlie Ziese information to configure your particular garden.


Q: What is Peace?

A: the following instructions and information were included with your peace vial: Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace has C02, Zn02, CH3, Amino Acids and Hg. Once you set up your jar of peace water with the unopened vial placed inside or attached to the outside of the jar, let it change overnight. Then it’s ready to use. Make patches of it and carry in your car, wallet, or purse. Be creative with the use…place it around the perimeter of your property if you wish to be in a peaceful ‘oasis’. Place your written intentions on peace patches. Be creative! A little peace goes a long ways!

Video: How About A Little More Peace In Your Life?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Never Ending Plasma Energy Peace and how you, your pets and your environment can benefit from having the plasma energy water of Peace. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos. We appreciate your subscribing and giving us a thumbs up! Be sure to see our special on our home page!

Our Intention and Invitation We Put Into Our Plasma Energy Waters :

All plasma energy that originated from Paul and Lynn’s efforts joins every other bit of plasma energy that originated from their efforts wherever that plasma energy is in the world—on the land, in the waters of the rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and in the clouds above. All that plasma energy brings Paul and Lynn’s intention everywhere on, above, around and below the surface of Planet Earth that all living beings are filled with love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being with the ethics and morality to support the love, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and well-being of all living beings on Planet Earth including the living being, our home—Planet Earth. All of like intentions are invited to join this Intention.


0405-2021—Some feedback on the Anxiety Relief. 

“Every 5 or so years my Doctor wants me to have an MRI and because I have claustrophobia the process is emotionally draining and frightening especially because they put my head in a full face covering mask which is screwed in to hold it in place. The thought of moving into that narrow tunnel unable to move and getting loud noises was panic inducing.  

I used the anxiety relief water and 2 days before my appointment I was drinking about 2L worth and on the day of the MRI I had already had 1L of it and even took one last sip before moving into that room. 

The radiologist put the mask on and I went into the tunnel. This time I imagined myself that I had a layer of shungite between myself and the MRI and 20min later my scans were complete. I did not feel panic (like other times) and was calm, I did not feel fear (like other times), my heart rate was normal, I didn’t use the panic button (like other times). 

5 years ago the appointment took just over an hour as I kept pressing the panic button which the radiologist needed to stop and take you out and rearrange you and put you back in. Last time I had such panic I cried during the process.

This time it felt quick and I had no panic, no tears and apart from feeling tired due to the build up of knowing it was coming I was fine and slept well that night.  Thank you, I really appreciate these healing remedies that make such a difference to everyday life. “




From Yexxxx (Russian is her first language) on 0611-2019

“Dear Lynn and Paul 

Last October I started with Russian plasma as an Experiment. I had no idea what it meant or what it was. I just tried, either the emperor would have cloth on or not …I would see. By December I could get up from kneeling without thinking “old age , 67, what do you expect”,  My knees were not creaking. My skin became more rosy. But what it meant spending every 5 weeks 70 dollars on new drops. So I decided to look deeper into plasma and found your website. I was thrilled to hear that once you buy the plasma it’s endlessly reproducing itself, and I bought one of the combination packs, thinking it might help  family and friends too, as it addressed so many different issues. I was very skeptical as Lynn said she would send me plasma on paper towels instead of in vials. Another risk taking.

By the arrival of the paper towels I took my pendulum out, which I had been using for all kinds of things, mainly on herbs and natural pills over thirty years. I tend to look for patterns and quantity. The pattern on the Russian plasma water was the same as what the pattern showed me in the paper towels and it radiated out to 30’. I was relieved and started to drink the basic plasma now also in heated form, coffee, soup , tea…got a big tub. I sprayed it on my plants, sprayed it on cloth, still a little quizzy whether it would really stay in ,even if washed or cooked etc. I continue to check, because it was hard to belief. Friends started to use it for pain in patch form. One friend broke her arm and it greatly reduced her pain. 

More time went by and by January I thought, wait a minute, maybe this Plasma is real, essential food? But I would only know, if I tried. I never stopped my coffee, or tea and made myself everyday one miso soup. I did not feel cold, even when it was in the middle of winter. I was not fasting that got clear. I lost some weight, even got myself first time in my life a scale…this was an adventure. I was not creating a new religion, was just curious.

I knew I was not ready yet to become a breatherian, needed still more physicalness. Even to allow some hunger, and not automatically reaching for food was interesting. Now it is early June; last month I decided I needed one meal a day, more specifically…eating when truly hungry, once a day.

I decided to not grow a garden and just forage my greens, obviously making them tasty with spices and oils etc. Meanwhile, I was even eating cattails and pokeweed which I always avoided. I never liked Japanese knotweed, but now I feel like I can create meals in a way which would please me. Chickweed, sorrels and of course dandelions, lovage and nettles are my daily food…and if I go out with friends I eat normal, no meat, but dine royally with wine and beer, sometimes a dessert. I barely had gone to the supermarket for myself, coffee and half and half, cat and bird food, and my garbage bin is heavily reduced which pleases me.

I read on your blog that some people use miracle 2 soap. Now I use the (coconut?) cream, enrich it with a fresh avocado, plasma water and a tablespoon of bio-plasma, schuesslers cell salt which feels amazing on my skin. Another thing I noticed, whatever old age spots tried to creep in on the surface of my hands…are gone. I use the soap, and spray my roses which always get buggy with plasma water and a little soap, so far so good.  I am practically plasmerized, needless to say.

Love and appreciation from Yexxxx”

Testimonial on Lyme Disease: Thank you for showing us Lynn and Paul.

Note from Lynn in 2019:

Yexxxx contacted us this spring and asked if we could make a GANS of the herbs and homeopathics she had used to get over Lyme Disease. We said we would do that if she sent us the ingredients which she did. Paul started a GANS that too over 2 months to complete. We then sent half of the GANS that was produced to Yexxxx and we kept the other half so we can make it available to others. The ingredients can be found at

Here in the eastern parts of the United States we are infested with Ticks and all kinds of creatures which carry Lyme, and I send Lynn and Paul herbs and homeopathic medicine to create a plasma with Lyme medicine. I have no idea how to use it yet, but will figure it out, once it arrives. We shall see, hope it will work.” 

Love and appreciation from Yexxxx”

From Lynn and Paul to Yexxxx:

Hi and thank you so much for your sharing….it’s always good for people to hear the words and experiences of others in addition to what we tell them! With the Lyme Relief I would suggest that you make a separate jar of Lyme Relief water with the vial placed on it or in it. Once you have that it is ready to share with others.  Then if you wish, you can add it to your plasma energy station.  Remember as we have many energies in the station the body will use what it needs at any given time and ignore the rest.

“I should also tell you that I got bitten 6 times in June, used Lyme plasma as it was indicated,….and it is now the 23rd of September and I show zero symptoms. Usually symptoms start after 6 weeks. I took no other medication…this is amazing. Too bad, It’s almost too simple and cheap to believe. Well it sure works for me….. All the best to you, forever gratefully yours, Yxxxxxna”


0611-2020—Question on Eye formula

Q: help…im ready to try the eye drops, but questions…I had mild face skin cancer 10 years ago, now okay but is that a Problem about the 1 per cent (CH3- a booster for the energies) you say In video might be dangerous?

A: The eye formula was not an issue for either Paul or me as both of us have done treatment for skin cancer. (Note: the recommendation regarding CH3 is to not use it on pads that one might put on a cancerous tumor).

Q: …I’m not very smart about having to mix the spring water with olive oil? What kind Oil? …then do I shake the bottle then take out some into a small container then take eye dropper in smaller container? Do you sell eye droppers! I live in tiny town, hard to find things ….

A: Use olive oil that DOES NOT have a pepper note. We have used Bel O’lio extra light olive oil. If the oil has a pepper note it stings the eyes. You can use an organic avocado, coconut or other type of oil….your choice. The oil keeps the plasma energy presence on the eyes longer…when you blink the oil that is on the lower part of the eye moves across the eye again. Water and saline dissipate faster. You will used distilled or filtered water. Get a small plastic travel bottle to put the oil in. Shake it before you use it and then let it separate. Take the oil off the top with an eye dropper. Look online if your local store doesn’t have eye droppers. We keep the eye dropper and oil in a dish, ready to use. (Note: spring water refers to fresh mountain or hillside ground springs…it does not mean labeled ‘spring water’ found in grocery stores).

Q: Sounds scary with oil if my eye will get foggy for ten minutes.

A: I use the drops daily and just don’t plan to read fine print for 10 minutes or so. This varies for different people. You may get some of the drops on your face if you blink as you are putting the drops in. That’s fine….use it as you would a lotion and spread it on your face.

Q: sure it is safe….

A: Dr. Paul and I both used it for several years and I continue to use it. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it is ‘safe’ or not.

Q: will a clear glass big mouth “ball” jar work?

A: That will work fine for your ‘mother source’ of eye formula. Affix the glass vial to the jar or put it in the jar and put the lid on the jar. Let it sit for 12 hours. Then you are ready to fill your small eye drop container 2/3rd with this water and 1/3rd with the oil.

Here are the instructions that are sent:

Your Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Drop Pads or vial will be taped to the outside of a clear glass or plastic jar. (if you have a vial you will tape the vial to the outside of the jar. Do not open the vial). Do not use a ceramic, metal or opaque container. You never open the patches—leave them in the plastic. Fill the jar with distilled or filtered water and let it sit overnight the first time you are going to use the water.

Get a small clear glass spice bottles or something similar in size. You will need an eyedropper.  Fill that small bottle to 2/3rds from the top with your water from your large container. Then fill the last 1/3 with olive oil or any good quality oil such as fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil or castor oil. If you use olive oil, be sure to check the olive oil that it does not have ‘pepper notes’ as that will sting. We found extra virgin olive oil to be the best after experiencing a ‘peppery’ olive oil that stung. If you happen to get an oil that stings, set that bottle aside and use it for skin scrapes, burns and so forth.

Let your drops sit overnight the first time you make them. In the morning you will shake the small bottle of eye drops you have made vigorously and then let them sit for about 10 minutes to let the water and oil separate.  When they are separated then place the eye dropper in the Oil part only (no water) and put 2 drops of the ‘plasmatic oil’ in each eye. 

You can do this 2 or 3 times a day. When the drops get below 2/3rds of the original amount add more distilled water to it.  When the oil gets below 1/2 of the original amount add more olive oil. You only have to leave the drops ‘charging’ overnight the first time.  Once you add water or oil, shake vigorously and let it ‘charge’ for about 1/2 hour.  Your vision may be blurry for reading for 15 minutes to over an hour. Print these instructions out and keep with the eye drops.

This combination has been used successfully by people with cataracts, dry eye and floaters. Be consistent. Severe conditions will take awhile. Paul’s cataracts did not change for 6 months and then they started getting smaller until they were gone after using the drops twice daily for a year. And, he was able to read the fine print without glasses.

Video: Can You Enjoy Old Age Without Cataracts or Deteriorating Vision Problems?

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz discuss Paul’s success in eliminating his cataracts without surgery by using Never Ending Plasma Energy Eye Formula to offset blindness that often goes along with Type 1 diabetes. Dr. Paul just had his 79th birthday and renewed his drivers’ license in April with no glasses, no contacts, and no surgery!


From a veteran on 0709-2019: “Thank you both once again. I have received and began utilizing the plasma energy anxiety relief and it works wonders, thank you both once again

Video: FAQs and Testimonials from Plasma Energy Solution Part 4 08-18-2019

Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials regarding beekeepers, Plasma Energy Station, creating an oasis, plasma in the garden, and more. They share information of people using plasma energy station water that has provided pain relief and bringing balance to the body. Dr. Paul and Lynn also talk about the energy fields that emit from the plasma energy.


A message from Wxxxx about Ella, the Guinea Pig:

“Hi, I’d like to order another plasma energy station. I ordered it all last year but its all still in the box-here’s what happened: I put the box on top of my guinea pig Ella’s cage. She was around 10 years old and dying of cancer, she had a large tumor, probably a sarcoma on her lower back. She was lethargic, losing weight and losing her appetite. I was planning on having to put her to sleep. Once I put the box of GANS material there she started to improve. The tumor gradually went away and she recovered fully. I have never moved the box since, so I need to re-order. She is back to her sweet happy self at an advanced age for a guinea pig.”


September 30, 2018

W: “I love the plasma energy water!  In the short time I have been drinking it, it has changed my life!  I feel so much better, and have much more energy! I am a social worker who works with homeless people who have a chronic mental health diagnosis.  My program provides apartments for the people, and I help rebuild their lives.  I have given some of my people a gallon or two of the water, and they all love it too!  In fact, one of my clients went to another client’s apartment and asked him if he had “any of that water left over” because she couldn’t wait for me to bring her the next gallon.  If my clients are “fighting” over this water, it’s gotta be good!

Lynn: Thank you W!  I know you have plenty to do but what if you get a few of the clients to make patches with water you take them. Then everyone could have the water.  If they watch the first and second videos they will have more ideas in how to use the water. If they make extra pads they could give you some to carry with you as you are working with even more clients. 

   1. To make the patches they need a roll of Bounty paper towels, some medium strength packing tape, some quart sized zip lock bags and a marking pen to write 1 of 2 pads and 2 of 2 pads on each pair. If you were up to it you could soak the paper towels and let them dry overnight at your house and then just hand out the paper towels, baggies, tape and instructions. 

   2.  Do the 1/2 sheets of the Bounty paper folded in half and in half again so they are half the size of a lunch napkin.  Take 2 sheets at a time.

   3.  Cut the zip lock off a quart sized baggie.    

   4.  Cut 1/2 of one sheet and put it with the other sheet.  That is 1 of 2 pads that is 3 thicknesses and 3/4 of the total that you. on the bottom write 1 o2 2. Slide this into one side of your baggie.

   5. Take the remaining small sheet that is 1/4 of the total.  On the bottom write 2 of 2 on the baggie.  Slide that into the baggie.

   6.  Now fold the open side of the baggie over so you can seal it shut.

   7.  Cut the baggie in half with the 3/4s pad in one half and the 1/4 pad in the other half of the baggie.  Now tape all those edges shut.  I always do extra tape all the way around to give the pad container extra strength.

   8. Now have people put this on their container of water.  I realize that distilled or filtered water may not be in the budget for these folks.  We work with what we have.

   9.  Let the new plasma energy water container sit overnight and then it is ready to use.  They can put some of the water in a spray bottle and spray it on sore joints or injuries.  They can spray around their doors and windows to discourage insects from moving in to live with them.  They can spray it on their clothes, towels and sheets and let it dry.  They can drink it, cook with it, make coffee, tea and soup with it.  I told a friend of mine to spray his balconies on his apartment to encourage having good neighbors. 

The easiest way I’ve found to soak the towels is to stack the halves and then spray the one on top with a spray bottle filled with plasma water.  Set it to the side and do the next, then the next and so forth.  I hang them over plastic hangers, two to a hanger and let them dry overnight.  I label a baggie ‘Plasma Energy Station” and put them all in the baggie.  Then as I need to make them I take two halves and follow the process I gave you in the earlier email.

W: “Thanks!  I think this is much easier to do than to haul water around to my clients.  Our “deal” was for them to give me a gallon of distilled water.  I would add it to my plasma water station and then I would re-bottle it in a clear container and return it to them later.  The good news is that they can use food stamps to buy distilled water if they don’t have the money. I am so excited for my clients!  I’ve worked in the mental health field for around 30 years, and I have never seen anything work as dramatically as the plasma energy water! The best part is that this is something that my clients can afford, and they actually want to drink it.

Lynn: okay so this is even better.  They just need to add distilled water to the clear plasma energy container of their choice (clear glass or clear plastic) as they use it.  Once it is set up they can just add water when it goes down 1/3 to 1/2.  Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and it’s good to use. Thanks W, It really warms our hearts to hear of so many people benefiting from the plasma energy station water!

More on October 2nd:

W: “I wanted you to know that I just got off the phone with one of my clients.  She is on disability for physical and mental health issues.  I gave her 2 gallons of the plasma energy water late last week.  Before she started drinking the water she was in such severe pain that she wanted to give up on life. This morning, she called me and sounded a lot more happier than I have ever heard her.  She was telling me all the things she had done this morning.  She told me that the water had given her more energy and that for the first time in years, she did not take any pain medications yesterday. She was also excited to hear that she could use the containers that I had given her to make a continual supply.  It made my day, and I hope it makes yours, too!

Lynn: W, that really makes my day!  I spent yesterday in the Billings airport trying to get to Albuquerque to see my 98 year old mother who had a stroke on Friday. She has refused to use the water or anything I have tried to send such as water treated scarves, gloves etc.  I have 2 local brothers and an out-of state sister who are using the water.  Three more siblings are disinterested.  When I visited in May I tried to set something up and was told she didn’t want any clutter on the kitchen counter.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink….things have improved for my mother.  My trip will happen at a later time I’m thrilled to hear about improvements such as you wrote today!  And we get testimonies all the time of how people, pets and plants are helped.  They always make my day and thank you for sharing.  Making lives and conditions better is what this is all about for us!  And we are certainly no strangers to skepticism as Paul was one of the first veterinarians in the US to use acupuncture in mid-70s.  People said it was bogus and all ‘in your head.’  His reply was that he was treating horses at the race track and used only acupuncture and no drugs.  He ‘won’ the debate when he had one futurity winner and 2 derby winners in the richest quarter horse races in the country.  So when people tell me this is bogus I generally laugh and tell them I ‘met them 40 years ago when they pooh-poohed acupuncture.’  As we all know it became a common place, valued treatment over the years. Thanks again, Lynn


0918-2020—about plasma energy products from Hope

“My name is Hope and I have been using the Plasma energy products for about 2-3 years now.  A girlfriend got me interested in them and I started using them and have felt such a difference.

I first started with the Plasma Energy Station and felt an immediate boost in energy and increased vitality.  I have since bought many of the others and have them in separate containers so they are now my “Mother Source”.  With my Mother source, I can make vials for others and they will then have a “mother source”.  

I have been in the alternative medicine field as an independent rep for almost 30 years and call on the Alternative medicine practitioners (MD’s, DO’s, LAc etc) in Southern CA, AZ and NV.  I presently represent a company with 2 lines of German Biological Medicine, and another with a wonderful line of probiotics and Enzymes.  I have given many of the practitioners vials of the Plasma Energy solution GANS and they now use it and give it to many of their patients.

Some of the experiences I have had with the GANS:

I am very sensitive to EMF’s so I ordered the New Tech frequency.  I have a meter that I use to check for EMF’s. I noticed an increased amount in my bedroom and was getting a high reading.  I washed my sheets – put them in a 2nd rinse and added 1-2 cups of the New Tech frequency to the rinse cycle, let them sit for 2 hours or so and dried them and put them on the bed.  The reading on the meter was now close to zero. Apparently the plasmatic field neutralized all the EMF frequencies. I also do the same with the dogs’ beds and their blankets.

I was bitten by a lyme tick about 5 years ago.  I made the choice to treat it naturally.  The LYME RELIEF GANS has made an incredible difference for me and my ability to overcome the different co-infections.  I gave a vial to one of my accounts that has many Lyme patients. One of her patients recently called her and said of all the products she had given them, the Lyme Relief seemed to help the most.

I gave the CLEAR MIND to one of my friends with an ADD/ADHD child and it has made an incredible difference with the Childs ability to think clearly and concentrate.  I use it daily and make my coffee with it in the morning.

I also have the Super Human and Kan-Sir and drink them daily.  I had reoccurring issues with EBV and the VIRUS RELIEF has made a big difference with that.

I think one of the very important aspects of getting the desired results from the GANS is making a positive intention prior to drinking it.  The GANS plasma water seems to hold that intention and it manifests while drinking it. When I drink the VIRUS RELIEF I may say, “all viruses are now detached from my cells and go into the plasma field to be neutralized”.  Make the intention you want and then drink the water and experience it manifesting.

I had given some of the Plasma Energy vials to one of my accounts that is a holistic veterinarian.  She has a big ranch in North Phoenix.  She had hers set up in the barn.  She called one day and said the javelinas (a type of wild boar) had come into her barn, created a big mess and shattered her containers with the GANS in it.

I made her some more and took it up to her.  I also made her 4 separate vials and told her to put them in each corner of the barn with a strong intention that they would never enter again.  She has since told me that they would come into her property but never go near the barn.  Powerful intention and Powerful GANS.  

There are so many stories I have had with these and they are so positive.  So many of my accounts have now seen the benefits and are recommending these GANS formulas to their patients.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

Blessings, Hope

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Dr. Lee Merritt: Effective, Tried and True Treatments That Really Work

Can I refrain from saying I told you so?

We formulated our Kan-Sir product several years ago—what’s in it? Fenbendazole energies. We also have Ivermectin and Fenbendazole energies in several of our recent combinations like Super Immune Plus, and Protection 5 Plus.

I came out with a video a month ago about Urine Therapy. Now here it is in an online health seminar and Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Ed Group both talk about the benefits of it below.

Bonus Episode Effective: Tried-and-True Treatments that Really Work with Dr. Lee Merritt

LM: I had contacts who had been at Ft. Detrick….when this whole (CV) thing started.

Jonathan: any other protocols –spiritual or practical that you think are helpful?

LM: the practical—we just watched this big lecture on drinking your own urine. I know it sounds crazy but people should look into it. If I had taken the vaccine, this is what I would be doing.

The concept of uro-therapy has been around for a long time; it is has been studied by the AMA before they became completely evil and corrupt. It has been studied by doctors going way back and it isn’t just voodoo. Your urine is a reflection of you as an individual; it’s a reflection of your cancer as an individual entity. As the cancer mutates, it mutates, so what you are putting off in urine mutates. That is why it is being used as a basis for cancer therapy very successfully.

If you are not sick with anything bad but you just took this vaccine, theoretically it should work the same way. Your body recognizes this stuff and it puts out some reaction to it and that reaction all goes into your urine. I would tell people to study this.

Dr. Bhuttar and Dr. Ed Group are going to put the syllabus together. This vast amount of literature has been purposefully hidden for most people to get. They are going to try to make it available to doctors and people. I think that is really important.

I like carbon 60—I have a bunch of this on my website. Carbon 60 is a carbon molecule that can help get rid of a lot of heavy metals. Presumably it can remove some of this graphene and some of the stuff that comes along with it.

When you take these agents (injections) you see the free-flow of the red blood cells turn into a string-like formation. This helps get rid of that in days. The string-like formations may be one reason we are seeing the clotting.

There are charged Cat-ion that strip the charges from the red blood cells and the C60 is an electron donor. These bucky balls of carbon are huge electron donors. In nature this is what the shungite is all about.

Fulvic acid has something to do with stopping parasites. They really don’t want us to have anything that is an anti-parasitic such as hydroxychloraquine and ivermectin. The Chinese just came out and said they think they have an antidote for this vaccine. They did not use the injections on their military.

They said in the meantime to take ivermetin and artemsia which is wormwood, anti-parasitic. Think of the people that are having cancer break out all over after taking these injections. Here’s a dirty little secret—people with cancer have parasites. I have heard doctors say that 100% had parasites.

In a recent study they did an autopsy on 10 MS patients and 100% of them had parasites in the brain. A lot of things that we think are one disease—maybe even cancer with the masses you break out with, could be parasite egg sacks. There is a lot of evidence for that.

Here are a couple of possibilities—you take the vaccine that damages your immune system and now it can no longer keep these parasites in check. The egg sacks start growing and we call it cancer. It is not normal cancer we are seeing. We are seeing it in multiple places in young people.

The neurologic diseases can also be caused by parasites. We see people going down hill with these diseases after the injection. I think everyone benefits by treating themselves for parasites. If you are Egyptian or European you can find someone who knows how to do this. I can guarantee that most middle class and above people in Egypt are treated for parasites. Egypt is known for the parasitologists who are at the top of the academics.

We were always told that parasites are a 3rd world problem; it is not. It you have to deworm your dogs, you have to deworm yourselves.

Jonathan: also don’t green harvested black walnut shell tinctures trap parasites within an hour?

LM: the problem you have is those get rid of the live parasites; there are micro and macro parasites. The egg sacks of the parasites are the problems. Personally I like fenbendazole that people are now using for cancer treatments. That is the under-ground treatment for cancer and you can go to and read all about it. You can find this on website. You can buy it as a horse paste. It gets after the cysts.

Another one is when Dr. Carrie Madej started talking about the hydra in the vaccine. Hydra laneous was artificially created and patented. There is hydra vulgaris which is the wild hydra.

It is a common contaminant in aquariums. The aquarium people use a common chemical called nitus oxinide (?) which is an unbelievable anti-parasitical. Years ago in the navy I was treating for b-tapeworm. We could use 3 days of treatment and the tapeworm was gone.

I looked it up and the 3 experimental drugs on the NIH website for CV are remdesivir (to make it look good), ivermectin, and nitis oxinide (?). It’s easy to take and you have to get it from an overseas pharmacy.

Parasites are big—super big. You don’t even need to test for them. Still take a monthly prophylactic. People knew in the old days that we had to be treated for parasites.

Dr. Edward Group, DC: the beautiful thing about urine therapy is that you can do it with any other healing modality out there. To me it is the number 1 healing modality in the world because it is generated specifically for you by you and there are 6 God particles in there no one has ever identified and we don’t know what they are.

There are definitely some things in there that will help you progress 100 to 1000 times more rapidly. You can do the urine therapy in conjunction with anything else.

Jonathan: there are 2500 identified minerals and molecules in urine.

EG: there are now over 3500 identified in urine and it changes on minute to minute, even second to second basis. You change your environment constantly. You get in the car and go to the mall. Maybe you are breathing different air, you touched something. That is a reason why the urine changes all the time.

Every time you go to the restroom you could (collect) drink 2 to 3 ounces of your own urine. You are literally getting all the antibodies that you need to adapt to any environment you might be in.

Jonathan: isn’t your body getting rid of waste products when you urinate?

EG: the way the body gets rid of waste is through the skin—that is your largest detoxification organ. If you analyze sweat and some toxins that come out, that is the largest area for toxins to come out. You would not drink sweat. You breathe chemicals and toxins out and you defecate chemicals and toxins outs.

Your urine is completely sterile and only life-giving substances come out. You don’t have life-giving things coming out through your skin or the fecal matter. Well, there are some life-giving things in fecal matter and there are fecal matter transplants that are helping save people’s lives. That is another topic.

Life comes out through the penis and vagina—the penis has sperm; the vagina is where the babies come out, your penis creates life and you have stem cells. That has been proven scientifically. Stem cells are living life that create life. Urine has been proven to have stem cells that create and transform into every single organ in the body.

Urea is a compound in urine that has anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties. It has anti-microbial properties to it. It can help regenerate and restructure as well as prevent and kill harmful organisms. It is one of the many components in urine.

We are able to see metabolytes, toxins that are coming out in our urine, but they are not toxic anymore. The liver will break those things down, almost into a homeopathic form.

Let’s just say you have mercury metabolytes in your urine. You can see it. If you drink that, it is like a homeopathic and it tells your body that you have mercury in your body. Focus on removing that mercury—it is a signal mechanism.

The conjugate, broken down forms of mercury will not go back into your system. Even if they did they will not cause harm—they will go into your fecal matter and you will eliminate those.

Over time as you drink your urine, as you look at those metabolytes in your urine, they will be getting less and less. Even if there are thousands of tiny fragments of chemicals and prescription medications, and what you are breathing in from the air, those are going into your body and telling your body to remove those or to bind them and eliminate them from your system. So it’s a feedback loop.

Jonathan:—the taste—it sounds not pleasant.

EG: the reason why it isn’t pleasant for most people is because they are toxic. If you taste it, and it tastes nasty, gross, salty or really bad, that is a signal that is telling you that is what is happening inside of your toxic body.

Jonathan: first morning urine often smells bad to people.

EG: most of the time your urine will not smell badly when it comes out unless it sat for 30 minutes to an hour. If it smells bad immediately, that means you have lots of issues going on in your system. The reason why you are smelling it is the signal that your body is giving you saying you need to cleanse and you need to heal and detoxify.

If you have a headache that is your body giving you a signal. We don’t always listen to them.

Jonathan: should you detox before drinking your urine?

EG: you can but I recommend to start slowly, the urine will detox slowly. You can start with 1 to 3 ounces of urine and then go through the intestinal, liver, gall bladder, chemical, heavy metal cleansing and parasite cleansing.

While you are cleansing go see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, sit in an infrared sauna. It’s good to sweat as much as you can. Urine therapy is powerful as detoxing. If you have skin rashes that will be in the first month of doing the urine therapy. That is okay; that is part of the healing process.

This bonus section ended on 6-7-2022.

Read my previous blog regarding urine therapy below:

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The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong


Lynn discusses notes from bonus webinar interviews with Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Ed Group regarding urine therapy.  Until recently it was difficult to find information on urine therapy in the United States.  Information for that remedy was removed from public access with the advent of big pharma and the AMA around the time of WWI.  

There is a link below to an earlier video done by Lynn.  Why would you want to know this?  What if there are supply chain shortages in supplements and medications?  Then what?  What else can you do to maintain good health?  See Lynn’s May 23rd video about therapies that have been removed from public information since the early 1900s.  Learn how you can take care of yourself in the event of supply chain issues with medications and supplements!


Lynn discusses several  energy devices said to reverse some health issues and why you want to research them.  Do they have modulators or dampers for controlling the amount of energy?  Do they have automatic shut-off valves?  Are you overdoing it with the amount of time that you are using them?  Why do you want to add plasma energies to your drinking water?  Can you share what you make with other family and friends so they can make their own drinking water set up? 


Lynn reminds you to be prepared in your food pantry and your plasma energy pantry—have you read or heard about all the food plants that have had fires? Lynn shares an email she received along with her response that includes information about a very interesting, readily available, inexpensive therapy that can be used along with plasma energy combinations. Whoa! Did she really give that response?? Yep—and, she walks her talk. Find out what this is all about.

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Interview With Sean of USAmedbed.COM Plus More Insanity By Dr. Cole Plus Holistic Remedies

Lynn and Sean discuss Plasma Energy and the many uses for our Plasma Energy Living Water combinations.

And be sure to take advantage of some special pricing!

19 Vax Absolute Insanity – Dr. Ryan Cole

By Greg Hunter On June 4, 2022 In Political Analysis (Saturday Night Post)

Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has treated more than 500,000 patients, and he is an expert in postmortem examination.  Dr. Cole has a long resume, including a five-year stint at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Cole was one of the very first doctors to come out and question the entire Covid19 narrative and the extreme push for CV19 vaccine injections for all.  He has been attacked relentlessly and lost half his medical diagnostic business, but he’s still fighting and telling the truth about the huge lies and deadly mistakes by the medical establishment, especially when pushing the CV19 injections. 

Dr. Cole says, “I know there was a lot of coercion, which is very unfortunate because it’s not what we do in medicine, yet, for whatever reason, we went into this mass psychosis societally and said, hey, it’s great to experiment on an entire world population, which is absolute insanity. . .

So, we are using a dangerous gene-based product without long term safety studies.  A lot of people have received it.  We are seeing damage and autoimmune disease.  We are seeing death from all causes at increased rates. . . . Scientifically, we are at the beginning . . . . as we go through the complexed mechanisms of what this is doing to the body, I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. 

My warning to humanity is don’t get another one of these (CV19 vaccines).  It’s a dose dependent poison curve.  The more you get, the worse off you are going to be. . . . This is immunological insanity.  We need to stop this . . . . Plus, that persistent mRNA, we don’t know when that turns off, and we know that is causing all this immune harm.  We need to stop this immediately.  We need to stop the FDA and CDC and what they are pushing. . . . We need to wake up and acknowledge there is vaccine harm.”

Dr. Cole goes on to explain, “This shot was a mistake.  We rolled it out on humanity as an experiment.  We were told it was approved, safe and effective, and they lied to humanity.  The problem is it’s a nuclear bomb platform.  It’s a Lipid Nanoparticle plus a modified mRNA that you can’t turn off.  It’s a nuclear bomb, and we don’t know the long-term safety and outcomes.”

Dr. Cole is seeing dramatic increases in all types of illness such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems and autoimmune disease to name a few.  Dr. Cole says, “We are damaging the immune system.  Why are so many people getting sick with other things right now?  Because their immune system is suppressed. . . . Is there malicious intent behind what they are doing?  I can’t prove that.  Do I think with all the harm we are seeing that there are very unfortunate characters knowing that they are doing harm to people?  Yeah, I do.  Genocide for profit are strong words, but it’s hard to argue with it at this point.  We are seeing so much harm, and we are not seeing anybody stopping it.”

What is the trend line for injuries and deaths from the CV19 injections?  Dr. Cole says, “The trend line is going up.  We can see that in the data . . . and it is considerable.  We are seeing that the people who have gotten the shots are getting Covid at higher rates and other diseases at higher ratesWe are seeing all-cause mortality, those who have gotten too many shots, are dying at a much higher rate.”

One thing that is getting stopped is scientific investigations in the form of autopsies.  Dr. Cole says only a few thousand autopsies have been done on people killed by the CV19 vax, and there should have been100,000 autopsies done by now.  Dr. Cole points out, “Autopsies are how we learn about disease.  When Dr. Fauci said publicly early on ‘don’t do autopsies,’ I thought because you are covering up the findings.   You can’t find for that for which you don’t look. . . . To deny this opportunity to the professionals and scientists of the world, or to tell them not to do autopsies, that’s corrupt.”

Dr. Cole says anyone who has a family member, especially a young family member, with an unexplained or mysterious death, should demand an autopsy to find out if the CV19 vax killed your loved one.

There is much more information in the one-hour and eight-minute interview. Join Greg Hunter of as he goes one-on-one with pathologists Dr. Ryan Cole, as he exposes the covid lies that will cost millions their lives.

COVID Jab Spike Remains in Body, Affects DNA: 1 Holistic Way to Repair DNA and Reduce Spike Damage

BY DR. YUHONG DONG AND HEALTH 1+1 TIME JUNE 3, 2022 (From Epoch Times Article)

A Stanford University study found that spike proteins were still present in the body 60 days after vaccination. On the other hand, some studies have found that COVID-19 vaccines and spike proteins may affect human DNA. So how can we reduce spike protein damage and repair our DNA?
The impact of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike proteins on human health has been a topic of growing interest recently.

Pfizer’s pharmacokinetic study submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that in vaccinated animals, the vaccine’s spike proteins were widely distributed in organs other than the injection site, including the spleen, liver, bone marrow, adrenal glands, and lymph. This experiment cannot be conducted in humans due to the harmful nature of isotope labeling, but it can be used as a reference. There are many other studies that show the vaccine spike proteins’ presence in multiple organs of the body.

Then, how long do the vaccine components remain in the human body?

In March 2022, the Department of Pathology at Stanford University and other research institutes published a report in the journal Cell, providing preliminary data on the amount of time the COVID-19 vaccines stay in the human body.

According to this report, there were seven subjects, who had all received a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine. Their lymph node tissues were taken at regular intervals, and the main site of sampling was the germinal centers (GC) of the lymph nodes. The germinal center is a very important functional area of the human lymph nodes, and an area where B cells are active and produce antibodies.

If some vaccine components are left here, they may suppress immune cells and cause autoimmune diseases. The test results showed that vaccine mRNA was detected in the lymph nodes by in-situ hybridization from the seventh day after vaccination until the 60th day. From day 16 to day 60 after vaccination, residual spike proteins were detected in the lymph nodes of the subjects.

Since the study was only conducted over a two-month period, data are not yet available on how long the vaccines remain in the body. However, it is known that the vaccines stay in the body’s lymph nodes for at least two months after vaccination, which may be why many people experience adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines for several months.

mRNA Vaccines Alter Human DNA

As previously mentioned, the spike proteins can cause various kinds of damage to the body’s immune cells, including autoimmune diseases, paralysis, sudden death and other serious adverse events. In fact, the spike proteins can cause even deeper damage. It has been found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus and mRNA vaccines may affect cellular genes, integrate into the genomes, and change the genetic code of human life.

How do mRNA vaccines integrate into genomes? This is still a mystery. Maybe this has to do with the spike proteins’ damage to cellular DNA’s self-repair ability.

The genes of the human body are very important and hold the code of life, so the damage to human DNA from vaccines requires special attention. So, what can be done to reduce spike protein damage? Before we get to that, let’s talk about human DNA, the most critical and mysterious structure in our bodies—one which many people don’t really understand. Over the past several decades, many breakthroughs have been made in the study of DNA, not only in terms of structure and biochemistry, but also in terms of other phenomena and patterns.

The Amazing Properties of DNA

DNA fragments can materialize in water without raw material. Professor Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the AIDS virus, HIV, performed an experiment on DNA that was published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS).

Professor Montagnier placed a sealed test tube A containing Mycoplasma pirum (a microorganism) DNA in a mu-metal cage (for sensitive electronic equipment shielding), next to a sealed test tube B containing distilled water. Test tube B did not contain any basic raw material that could be used to form DNA.

He placed a copper solenoid around test tubes A and B with a low intensity electric current oscillating at 7 Hz, and left them at room temperature. After 18 hours, an astonishing event occurred: DNA was detected in the sealed test tube B, which originally contained only water and no DNA material, and the DNA sequence was 98 percent similar to that in test tube A. To check the reliability of the test, Professor Montagnier repeated the test 12 times, and the test results turned out to be identical.

In addition to Mycoplasma pirum, Professor Montagnier repeated the same test with DNA from another bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi (the pathogen that causes Lyme disease), and the results were the same.

Later, Russian scientist Peter Gariaev, an expert in wave genetics, repeated the same experiment and published the results in the DNA Decipher Journal in 2014.

An important criterion for determining the reliability of scientific laws is reproducibility. That is, the ability to produce the same results with different experimenters, different laboratories, and different raw materials.

Both Prof. Montagnier and Prof. Gariaev concluded that sequence fragments of DNA can be created under the effect of an electromagnetic field, which is a type of energy. And this indicates that DNA has properties of energy.

“Laser-eating” DNA and its phantom image

Professor Peter Gariaev went on to conduct other related DNA experiments. He once shone a weak laser beam at a single frequency on a DNA sample placed in a quartz cuvette, which would not block the laser, and discovered that the DNA acted like a sponge that absorbed the laser and “ate” it.

Then, as the professor prepared to end the experiment, he moved the quartz cuvette containing the DNA sample aside. At this moment, something shocking happened: although the DNA had been removed, the spiral of light was still spinning in place, as if the DNA were still inside the cuvette.

This experiment suggests that DNA not only absorbs photons, but may also have the properties of an energy field that has a residual effect in our visible dimension. This is what scientists call the phantom effect of DNA.

The electromagnetic energy of DNA can also be “remembered” by water, as a low-frequency electromagnetic field can still be detected in the water filtrate, after the DNA containing bacteria has been removed.

These experiments illustrate from different perspectives that DNA is not only a molecular structure, but it also has quantasome and electromagnetic energy field properties.

Professor Gariaev’s book “Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic-Wave Genome: Theory and Practice” states in its introduction that this “lays the foundations of a new field of science – the study and application of the quantum and electromagnetic nature of the genome, as a holistic continuum, facilitating instantaneous metabolic control throughout an organism.” These new discoveries pave the way for what humanity has long dreamed about: “distant and non-operative healing, organ regeneration, significant extension of human lifespan” and many others.

We often refer to the human body as having a bioenergy field. These scientific experiments suggest that human DNA has electromagnetic energy properties, and that DNA is an energy body. Then, it is natural that the human body has an electromagnetic energy field.

There is much research conducted by scientists in different fields that are consistent with one another and prove that the human body has an energy field.

Human Body has Energy, and Thoughts and Emotions can Change Energy and DNA

Biophysicists have also discovered that the human body can spontaneously emit electrons and photons, producing a glow that is invisible to the naked eye.

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian, a technician in the former Soviet Union, invented a technique called “Kirlian Photography.” When using this technique, a person is placed in an electromagnetic field, and the electrons and photons emitted by the human body can be photographed through the excitation of the electromagnetic field.

In 1995, Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov’s team invented the first digital Kirlian Photography–the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV).

In GDV images, a healthy or calm person has a strong energy field with a rounded periphery. However, when someone is emotionally agitated, the energy field appeared to have been “spiked.” And when there is a health problem, a person’s energy field shows holes, gaps, and other abnormalities. And different energy abnormalities were shown to correspond to different organs, thus reflecting the source of illness.

There is also an intriguing image showing rock and roll music being harmful to the human body. When a person with a minor emotional problem listened to rock music, the damage to his energy field became more pronounced.

Human emotions can change the body’s energy field, and the human mind can also change the state of DNA.

In 1996, Dr. Glen Rein, a biochemist at the University of London in the UK, presented a paper at the International Forum on New Science held in Denver, Colorado. In the paper, he pointed out that human intentions could affect the winding and unwinding of the two strands that make up the DNA helix. The double helix structure of DNA resembles an old-fashioned telephone wire. When a DNA gene is expressed, the DNA will unwind; and when a DNA finishes copying itself, it winds into a helix. The DNA’s state of winding or unwinding can be measured by a type of physical instrument.

In the experiment, Dr. Rein removed the DNA from cells in human placentas and placed it in water. He then asked several individuals to try to wind or unwind the DNA with their thoughts. It was discovered that the rate of change in the DNA’s state by conscious intention was between 2 percent and 10 percent, which is a significant change compared to 1.1 percent in the control group without conscious intention. This experiment suggests that the human mind can change the DNA’s state of winding or unwinding.

DNA has properties of energy. So if thoughts can change the DNA’s state of winding or unwinding, they can theoretically change the body’s energy field as well.

Improving Energy Field and Reversing Damage Caused by Spike Proteins
As aforementioned, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and vaccines’ spike proteins can cause deep damage to the body, affecting the body’s DNA and potentially altering the body’s bioenergetic field. To completely undo the DNA damage caused by the spike proteins, a bioenergetic approach is needed.

Dr. David Hawkins, a leading American psychiatrist, has discovered through decades of research that there are corresponding energetic vibrational frequencies for various emotional and mental states in humans.

  • Shame, blame, despair, pessimism, anxiety, greed, hate, and scorn–these thoughts bring negative energy, are harmful to life, and are not conducive to improving the side effects of vaccines.
  • Energy turns positive when courage is generated.
  • Positive energy is generated by emotions of affirmation, trust, optimism, forgiveness, understanding, love, and peace.
  • The highest energy is full consciousness or enlightenment.

There is a saying that goes, “With people who really do have a health problem, 70 percent of it is psychological and 30 percent physical.” Even if there are side effects after vaccination, it may be possible to improve them at a deep level through a good state of mind.

Traditional qigong (including meditation) is called mindfulness in the West, and it is a method of fitness. Part of this method is to regulate the mind, to get rid of distractions, and to make the mind more positive and calm, so that it can promote healing by regulating the body’s biofield.

Dr. Beverly Rubik, a biophysicist, conducted a pilot study on the effects of qigong on the human energy field, by taking GDV images of the middle fingers of Parkinson’s patients’ hands before and after they practiced qigong (in traditional Chinese medicine, the middle finger corresponds to the human brain). It was discovered that before practicing qigong, the patients’ GDV images were damaged and irregular; and after practicing qigong, they became significantly more complete and regular.

Theoretically speaking, if we can adjust the conscious intention in the process of practicing qigong, enhance positive thinking, improve the human biofield, it will be natural to enhance our overall healing ability, including the ability of DNA self-repair, so as to resist the damage caused by spike proteins.

4 Ways to Improve the Harmful Effects of Spike Proteins on the Human Body

The FDA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO) have not yet published articles or reports acknowledging the negative effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on human health. The following are several ways to help the body enhance its self-healing power and restore disrupted immunity based on known pathological mechanisms, clinical observations and scientific experiments.

We have previously described how to:
• inhibit the binding of spike proteins to human cells with drugs of natural origin;

This is a fourth method, which can enhance the body’s positive energy, adjust our thoughts, mindset or spiritual intention, repair DNA, and remove genetic toxicity. Reciting a nine Chinese character mantra has healed severe dyspnea in a 73-year old woman and similar effects were reported by many other patients. We can also use standing exercises and meditation to adjust the body’s energy field and cleanse the body of harmful substances in a deeper and holistic way, so that the body can recover faster. There are different detoxification methods for different levels, and we can use them selectively according to our specific situation, so that we can restore our body to health.

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What Happens When There is No Baby Formula And Mom Cannot Nurse?

What Can Replace It?

Lynn tells what went into ‘homemade’ baby formula for her younger siblings in the 1940s and 1950s….

Lynn remembers helping to make several bottles of baby formula at a time when her younger siblings were infants. This might be handy to know when allegedly baby formula is being sent to our southern border. She has a second recipe of what one of her friends said she used for her children when she wasn’t able to nurse.

  1. One can of condensed pet milk (or other brand)
  2. 2 tbs. karo syrup
  3. 16 oz. tap water

The second recipe is:

  1. One can of condensed carnation milk (or other brand)
  2. 2 tbs. honey
  3. 16 oz. tap water

As Lynn recalls the formula was put in bottles, the nipples went in upside down in the top of the bottle of milk, with the cover and screw caps then put in place. These were placed in a large pan of water and sterilized. After they cooled they were put in the refrigerator until needed. Back in the day no one used distilled or filtered water…it all just came out of the tap.

What if you cannot find farm fresh milk nearby or canned milk or didn’t want to use canned milk? You could check to see if some of the online prep stores still have Milk Powder. Hoosier Farms is a brand of Milk Powder. At different times Health Ranger Store and Simply Clean Foods have offered milk powders. As always Lynn suggests that you use discernment with this information and do your own research especially on milk choices and availability.

One last thing…Lynn remembers the stories of her dad born in 1912, being a frail, colicky baby (note: he lived to be 102 years old). Life finally settled down for his family when they gave him sweetened condensed milk as his baby formula. The nearest doctor was a couple days’ horse drawn wagon or horse-drawn buggy from the family trading post on the Navajo Reservation to the nearest town with a doctor. People had to figure out things for themselves.

How would Lynn make the quality of home-made baby formula even better today? Lynn would use Plasma Energy Station water made with filtered, distilled, or reverse osmosis water. The Plasma Energy Station water is living water filled with over 400 energies from vitamins, minerals, herbs, and much, much more. It gives you living water to add to the baby formula. All our bodies, babies and adults, will only use the energies needed by that body at any given time.

If you would like to get 30% off on the $337 Plasma Energy Station (the Basic Preparedness Kit) that makes the price $235.90. You can do that by sending a US Postal money order to Lynn. No other checks, money orders or cashier’s checks qualify for the 30% deduction.

Remember that with all our Plasma Energy Solution combinations you can share water placed in a vial from the mother source of water you make with the vials or pairs of pads you ordered. This is a great way for families to save money: go together on your purchase. Here are the savings:

  • Cost for one family = $235.90
  • 2 families split the cots = $127.95
  • 3 families split the cost = $78.63 cost
  • 4 families split the cost = $58.97

Contact for an invoice and mailing information for the US Postal money order.

More information on baby formula:

Formula ingredients for homemade raw milk-based formula:

(step by step recipe on page 602 of “Nourishing Traditions”) see link below

*Makes 36 ounces

2 cups of whole fat raw milk, from Pasture-fed cows
¼ cup of home made liquid whey
4 tablespoons of Lactose
¼ teaspoon Bifidobacterium infantis
2 tablespoons of good quality cream (can be pasteurized but NOT ultra pasteurized, or UHT)
½ teaspoon of high vitamin cod liver oil (or 1 teaspoon of regular cod liver oil)
¼ teaspoon of high vitamin butter oil (optional)
1 teaspoon of unrefined sunflower oil
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons of coconut oil
2 teaspoons of Frontier brand nutritional yeast flakes
2 teaspoons of gelatin
1 7/8 cups of filtered water
¼ teaspoon of acerola powder

Note: you may take out the yeast and the gelatin if baby demonstrates sensitivities

Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Formula – Domestic Version by:

Click Link Here to Purchase This Kit: Radiant Life



Lynn and Steph discuss the Baby Formula Crisis that is taking place in our country.  Lynn shares a baby formula recipe used by her mother in the 1940s and 1950s with 8 children.  By adding Never Ending Plasma Energy Station waters you can add energies of vitamins, minerals and much more.  Our bodies only use the energies they need at any given time.  And don’t forget you, your pets and plants will all benefit from the water!  See the breakdown in savings and watch our second short video on how to save more that Lynn and Steph did on 05/13/2022. 


Lynn and Steph review the return of our 30% off $avings on Plasma Energy Solution products.  Watch to find out how you can have big savings!  Also be sure to watch our other video we did on 05/13/2022 regarding baby formula and how you can save big with the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station so you can provide living water as part of your baby’s formula! 


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What Could A War In Asia And Europe Do To Affect Me?

Here are the brutal answers1

Chinese made products for the giant companies:

  • 1. 95% of all medicines used in the USA are made in China including insulin and other critical drugs.
  • 2. Things which you do not think about much:
    • Huge volumes of electronic parts that go into products you see on the shelves today
    • Clothes
    • Toys
    • Furniture
    • Hard goods
    • Power tools (YES EVEN THE FAMOUS USA BRANDS) made in China
    • Car and Truck tires
    • FOOD from China—what you say—we do not import food from China who does not have enough to feed its own people. WRONG!!! There are many food items brought in from China. Read the package labels before buying
    • What would happen to you personally if all these things got cut off due to war with China or huge Chinese lockdowns because of pandemic fears in China?

The above information is why Lynn constantly adds to the Plasma Energy Solution combinations for you, your pets and your plants’ well being.

What is in the works?

  1. The gans of non-gmo, no herbicide and no pesticide Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins
  2. Another gans in development is Poison KK Relief. If you have followed Lynn’s blogs, you will know why this is being developed
  3. And finally we have some special gans in the works for your gardens. They will not be ready for your spring planting but will come in time to support your late summer gardens and your indoor plants.

1Date: May 5, 2022 Subject: Coming War in Asia why and what does it mean for the USA as well; this information is provided from The Science Guy through Steve Quayle, GenSix Productions Membership content– Steve Quayle: “Ladies & gentlemen, I will be brief in today’s BRIEFING because I want you to focus on the latest Special PDF Report from Science Guy. Prepare to be rattled to your core! While they have been distracting us with the blue and yellow of Ukraine, and divorce trials of the stupid-rich and famous, China & North Korea are preparing to drag the USA and most of the world into a savage war…

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The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong

Notes from The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong

Introduction: John says, Intelligent members of the public are growing more and more distrustful of orthodox medical methods. Many people ask the following:

1. For over 50 years orthodox cancer researchers have occupied themselves with the cause and cures of malignancy, yet still only suggest nothing better than the knife, radium or X-rays.

2. Why after letters from many doctors in the British Medical Journal testifying to the highly unsatisfactory results of radium treatment is it still boosted in this country and elsewhere?

3. Why when effective treatments for cancer have been discovered either by a qualified doctors or by practitioners of unorthodox schools have they not been recognized by the Cancer Research Ring, which still asks the public to donate large sums toward the discovery of a cure.

In ‘modern medicine’ many things prevail which are to be deplored:

  1. The torture of animals for experimentation and for the preparation of sera and vaccines
  2. The fostering of fear in the public mind by means of advertising
  3. Commercialism of vested interests which ought to play no part in healing the sick
  4. A narrow spirited element of trade unionism which suggests that the patients exist for the doctors instead of vice versa.

References to medical failures are unavoidable and are made in no spirit of hostility towards doctors…I have no secret remedy or patent medicine to sell. Although a layman, I am only following the policy required from all reputable members of the Medical Profession themselves to make no secret of any discovery which may prove useful in curing mankind. In many cases the treatment can be carried out at home without any financial outlay whatever. 1

John describes a man who had 10 different doctors diagnoses and treatments for headaches, none worked and at the end the man still had the headaches.

From the book One Thousand Notable Things, published in England, Scotland and Ireland had the following citation:

  • A universal and excellent remedy for all distempers inward and outward—Drink your own water in the morning nine days together and it cures the scurvy, makes the body lightsome and cheerful.
  • It is good against the dropsy and jaundice, drunk as stated above.
  • Wash your ears with it warm and it is good against deafness, noises, and most other ailments in the ears.
  • Wash your eyes with your own water and it cures sore eyes and clears and strengthens the sight.
  • Wash and rub your hands with it and it takes away numbness, chaps and sores and makes the joints limber.
  • Wash any green wound with it and it is an extraordinary good thing.
  • Wash any part that itches and it takes it (the itch) away.
  • Wash the fundament and it is good against piles and other sores.

Another quote from Salmon’s English Physician, published in 1695:

Urine is taken from human kind and most four-footed animals; but the former is that which is chiefly used in Physick and Chemistry. It is the serum or watery part of the blood, which being diverted by the emulgent arteries to the veins is there separated, and by the ferment of the parts, converted into urine…Man’s or woman’s urine is hot, dry, dissolving, cleansing, discussing, resists putrefaction; used inwardly against obstructions of the liver, spleen, gall as also against the Dropsie2, Jaundice, Stoppage of the terms in women, the Plague and all manner of malign fevers.

Outwardly (applied) it cleanses the skin and softens it by washing it therewith, especially being warm, or new made. Cleanses, heals and dries up wounds, though made with poisoned weapons. Cures dandruff, scurf, and bathed upon the pulses, cools the heat of fevers. Is excellent against trembling, numbness and the palsy, and bathed upon the region of the spleen, urine eases the pains thereof.

The virtues of the volatile salts of urine—it powerfully absorbs acids and destroys the very root of most diseases in human bodies. It opens all obstructions of…Reins, Dysentery and Womb, purifies the whole mass of Blood and Humors cures….Callexia….rheumatism and Hypochrondriac diseases, and is given with admirable success in Epilepsies, Vertigoes, Apoplexies, Convulsions, Lythargies, Migraine, Palsies, Lameness, Numbness, loss of the use of limbs, atrophies, vapors, fits of the mother, and most cold and moist diseases of the head, brain, nerves, joints and womb. (Leucorrhoea should be added to this list.)

It opens obstructions of the reins and urinary passages, dissolves tartarous coagulations in those parts, breaks and expels stone and gravel.

It is a specific remedy against Dysuria, Ischuria and all obstructions of Urine whatsoever.”

Writing in Candide, Prof. Jean rostande repeatedly stresses the biological significance of those substances known as hormones:

“A recent discovery regarding the activity of hormones has completely revolutionized their study—viz. that certain of them filter through the kidney to pass out in the urine. Multiple hypophysical hormones, the hormones of the adrenal and hormones of the sexual glands, have been found in normal urine…The discovery of hormone-urinology has had far-reaching consequences. Urine provides a practically unlimited quantity of basic matter…From the therapeutic point of view it is possible to envisage the use of these human hormones as apparently capable of exercising great power over the human organism…”

Mr. Ellis Barker wrote: “Our body distils the most wonderful medicines and provides the most perfect serums and anti-bodies.”

Maurice Wilson, who made attempts to climb Mount Everest, ascribed his immunity from ordinary ills and his astonishing stamina to his many fasts on urine only, plus external friction (skin rubbing) with urine. The Llamas of Tibet and the yogis with whom he associated prior to his attempt, claim to live to a great age by means of the use of urine. By the same means they can also traverse deserts inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

Between the 1860s to the 1870s the drinking of one’s own urine was a well-known cure for jaundice, and some doctors had the courage to prescribe it. The grandfather of one of the patients of John Armstrong said his grandfather had cured him of an attack of jaundice by urging him, on the advice of a doctor, to drink all the urine he passed during the four days of his illness.

Among gypsies, the health-giving properties of urine have been known for centuries. Cow’s urine has been taken in large quantities for the cure of Bright’s disease3, dropsy and other afflictions. The wiser of the ancient Greeks used nothing but urine for the treatment of wounds. The Eskimos adopted the same measures.

W.H. Baxter. J.P., of Leeds and Harrogate took his own urines and wrote numerous pamphlets …”:

Mr. Baxter, who lived to a ripe old age, declaring that he had cured himself of a cancerous growth by applying his own urine in the form of compresses, and by drinking his own urine neat. He further declared that he had cured himself of other complaints by these simple means. Mr. Baxter contended that urine is the finest antiseptic that exists, and, having made this discovery, he formed the daily habit of drinking three tumblers full as a prophylactic against disease. He maintained that if autogenous urine is taken in this way, the more innocuous it becomes. He applied it to his eyes as a strengthening lotion, and used it , after shaving, for his complexion. He also advocated its external use for wounds, swellings, boils, etc. As an aperient he declared it to be unsurpassed.”4

John Armstrong treated Mr. Baxter for a short time and said he fasted on urine and water only. This fasting is an essential part of the treatment in serious disease conditions,

How can it be right to take back into the body something which the body is apparently discarding? What do we find in Nature?

Instead of “scientific” manures, the dead leaves are put back into the soil, the resultant flowers are the most fragrant, the fruits the sweeter, and the trees the healthier. On the other hand, where the soil is for some reason deprived of these chemical substances produced by the dead leaves, etc. then the trees which grow in that soil are disfigured by excrescences, which I think, quite aptly have been called tree-cancers. Dead leaves are the very opposite of useless and should be dug back into the soil instead of being swept away by the gardener. Taste the Iceni Produce is grown from soil treated on the principle that all that comes from the soil should be put back into the soil. Rotting dead leaves provide the most valuable mineral salts for the soil—one of the most essential being potash. Even the ashes of burnt dead leaves and burnt wood (charcoal) are of great value. Why shouldn’t a principle that applies throughout Nature not apply to the human body (with certain reservations).

Contents of urine provided by Prof. Jean Rostand:

Urea N. (nitrogen) 682, Urea 1459

Creatinine N. 36, Creatinine 97.2

Uric acid N. 12.3, Uric acid 36.9

Amino N. 9.7, Ammonia N 57

Sodium 212, Potassium 137

Calcium 19.5, Magnesium 11.3

Chloride 314, Chloride 314

Total sulphate 91, Inorganic sulphate 83

Inorganic phosphate 127, pH 6.4

Total acidity as C.C. N/10 acid 27.8

Note: Dr. G. S. Cotton of Temple Texas wrote to me that urine also contains “Alontain” (c4H6.03N.4).

Here is an article from the American Journal Liberty (January 22nd, 1938) by a man in his late twenties who relates his attempts to get rid of persistent headaches by consulting no less than ten doctors in succession and at the end of this he still had the headaches.

  • The first doctor told him he had an obstruction in his nose and must see a nose specialist;
  • The second told him there was nothing the matter with his nose but he must see an oculist;
  • The third told him he had low blood pressure and must have injections;
  • The fourth told him he had high blood pressure and must diet himself to lower it;
  • The fifth told him his liver was enlarged and he must have electrical treatment;
  • The sixth told him his liver was not enlarged but it secreted insufficient bile;
  • The seventh told him his pituitary gland was not functioning properly and he must have glandular injections;
  • The eighth told him he was suffering from intestinal poisoning and must cut down his eating and smoking;
  • The ninth told him that his was a case of nervous debility and he must take some pills;
  • The tenth told him there was nothing really the matter with him and his headaches were just headaches.

Sooner or later the doctors reject the simple remedy (urine therapy) no matter how efficacious the simple remedy has proven to be.

A final objection of urine intake raised by the fastidious with no argument against the therapeutic value, is that the taste must be ‘utterly revolting’.

This assumption is incorrect, the taste of healthy urine is not nearly as objectionable as Epsom salts. Fresh morning urine is merely somewhat bitter and salty. The more frequently it is taken the more innocuous it becomes and it might vary from day to day and from hour to hour according to the food which have been eaten. Even the urine passed in some serious diseases is not as obnoxious to taste as its appearances may suggest. Urine, on being taken into the body, is filtered; it becomes purer and purer even in the course of one day’s living upon it, plus tap-water, if required.5

John Armstrong writes:

My first patient was myself. When I was 34 during the last war, I presented myself for medical examination …and was rejected by four examining doctors on the grounds that I was consumptive…I was urged to put myself under the care of a physician. I consulted a specialist…who told me I was more a catarrhal subject than a consumptive one and advised plenty of fresh air, sunshine and nourishing diet. I followed his advice and in one year put on 28 lbs. in weight… I consulted another specialist who informed me that both my lungs were affected and …I was consumptive and must keep up my strength on a diet right in sugars and starches. Finally, diabetes set in, and was placed on a new and drastic regime, consisting of fasting on 6 half pints daily of cold water…for 4 days, on the fifth and two following days I was permitted a ‘snack’…and told to chew every morsel of it to such a degree that it produced a very sore mouth, aching teeth, swollen gums and a swollen tongue.

I had insomnia, frayed nerves and great irritability of temper. I continued the regime for 16 weeks without a break….the cough, catarrhal conditions disappeared as well as sciatica. After 2 years of this treatment, I lost faith in doctors and began a series of ventures on my own, against their advice.

There came a moment when feeling very weak and ill I recalled the text in Proverbs V which runs, “Drink waters out of thine own cistern.” This reminded me of a father who gave his young daughter her own urine to drink when she was suffering from diphtheria with the result that he cured her in 3 days.

I had asked a doctor how he could tell from my urine that my lungs and pancreas were diseased and wasting. And I said to him, “If I am losing vital tissue and sugar through my urine, then why not drink the urine and replace these elements in that way?” The doctor replied that the organs could not assimilate ‘dead matter.” I have since proven that to be nothing but a theoretical fallacy.

I fasted for forty-five days on nothing but urine and tap water despite the doctor saying eleven days without food was the limit to which a human being could go. I rubbed urine on my body which is a very important factor in the cure. I broke my fast on raw beef, and it gave me no discomfort beyond a ravenous hunger. I ate cautiously for a time and continued to drink my own urine, noticing that its changes in temperature, quantity, taste, depended almost entirely on what I ate or drank and the amount of exercise I took.

At the end of the treatment if felt and was “an entirely new man.” I weighed 140 lbs., was full of vim, looked about eleven years younger than I actually was and had a skin like a young girl’s. I was thirty-six at the time and am now over sixty. By drinking every drop of water that I pass, living on a well-balanced diet, and never eating more food daily than I consider the body requires, I look and feel much younger than most men of my age, and keep free from those major and minor ailments to which the body is said to be heir.

From the Notetaker:

This came from Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, on May 9, 2022 from the Alliance For Natural Health:

Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) bill that threatens tens of thousands of products has officially been introduced. We need all hands on deck to oppose it. Action Alert!

Sen. Dick Durbin has launched his supplement attack by introducing his “Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022” with Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy.

The bill threatens fines and jailtime for companies that do not comply. If a company does not submit the proper information, in the correct form, by the proper date, the supplement is considered misbranded. For the first offense, violators can be imprisoned for one year and fined $1,000 dollars; for the second offense, violators can be imprisoned for three years and fined $10,000. Given the safety record of supplements that will be detailed below, the punishments here hardly seem to fit the crime.

This bill creates a lose-lose situation for consumers and supplement companies: if companies don’t comply, they face fines and jail time; if they do comply, companies are orchestrating their own demise by giving the FDA the list it needs to sweep the market of as many as 41,000 supplements that do not comply with the agency’s overreaching (and incomplete) “new supplement” guidance. Supplement companies lose, the economy suffers, and consumers lose access to critical health products.

It’s bad, but it may not even be the biggest threat to your supplements right now. Separately, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, is independently moving forward with plans to attach a similar mandatory product registration provision for supplements to the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that must pass by the end of September. Durbin’s policy, then, has twice the chance of success because it is moving forward on two distinct paths.

Why are more supplement regulations such a priority for these federal authorities? Supplements are overwhelmingly safe. According to the FDA, in 2021, the agency received 2,400 adverse event reports related to dietary supplements. To put this in context, according to the FDA’s adverse event database, in 2021 the FDA received a total of 2,333,453 adverse event reports. That means that dietary supplements make up 0.1% of the adverse event reports to the FDA. National reports consistently show zero deaths from dietary supplements; according to the FDA’s database, in 2021 alone drugs killed 187,750 Americans.

That supplements are the products getting federal attention speaks to the power of the drug industry lobby and the willingness of elected officials and FDA officials to do their bidding. We cannot let these forces succeed in undermining our ability to stay healthy, naturally.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose mandatory product listing for supplements. Please send your message immediately

The following are excerpts from multiple urine/water therapy treatments:

p. 31—there were 33 different cures of gangrene

p. 34—for the urine fast, drink urine and sip 6 pints of cold water daily

p. 35—poultice of old urine on gangrene

p. 37 1912: Dr. Forbes-Ross treated cancer with potash salts successfully with a balanced diet

p. 40: cancer treated with urine fasting and compresses successfully. John Armstrong says: “hundreds of trifling lumps are treated surgically and cancer eventually developed; the surest way to invite malignancy is the mutilation of the female breast; operations deal with the effects and do not remove cause of disease from the body”

p. 50—using urine/water fasting for treating cancer is child’s play to deal with compared to the after effects of radium

p. 53—drinking urine breaks up congestion in every part of the body

p. 54—rub urine on the body—face and neck are important as well as the feet; urine is skin food

p. 56—‘food’ for sick people is urine—they should not be forced to eat as that food cannot be assimilated

p. 58 Luois Kuhane: “all disease is from an encumbrance of foreign matter in the body; it is absurd to treat organs separately”

p. 64—rub others who need it with your own urine; this is important—rub the face, neck and feet and after rubbing wash down with plain warm water

p. 65—Doctor in Britain said that serums and vaccines are responsible for increase in heart disease and cancer; these measures may permit longer but not stronger life;

Dr. S. S. Goldwater, NY Commissioner of Hospitals stated in 1944: chronic diseases are growing at such a rate that America may become a nation of invalids

p. 66–the most deadly germs are harmless in a healthy body demonstrated by doctors who drank and had IV injections of deadly Asiatic cholera and never got sick

p. 69—Fever is a curative process to burn up toxins; how many people bring down fever with wonder drugs and then die of heart trouble

p. 69—all urine passed is drunk in urine/water fast; this method provided success in treating malaria, scarlet fever, flu, chickenpox, rheumatic fever, diphtheria

p. 69—lost tissue is replaced by urine therapy; the state of urine from tissue loss may be foul and thick as a result of the lost salts and tissues

p. 70—orchitis (swollen testicles) patient couldn’t pass urine so John had him drink a pint of John’s urine; finally the patient passed foul urine but drank it—on the 4th the patient passed 22 pints in 24 hours and drank it all; the fast was broken when a well-meaning doctor gave him 1 TBS wheat in the water and the therapy had to be started over as the symptoms returned; staying with the protocol resulted in complete cure

p. 77—urine therapy is effective for wounds

p. 78—one year old bullet wound was cured in 7 days; fresh wounds heal in 3 to 4 days even if done by rusty nails, fish bones, etc; when wounds are interfered with ‘medically’ healing will take 10 to 18 days

p. 81—bedwetting caused by nerves, anemia or worm infested children; 9 year old boy completely cured after 11 days; other cures included heavy, frequent menstrual, tendency to deafness, nasal catarrh—some required up to 28 days of urine/water fasting

p. 82—nephritis cured with a 30 day urine water fast

p. 82—colitis—discharge, mucous included a mother, daughter and son—all vegetarians—cured after a 4 to 8 day fast and recommendation they needed to have some flesh food in their vegetarian diet

p. 83—splinter in iris of the eye was removed and patient fasted on water and urine for several weeks; eye healed and the sight was perfect

p. 83—psoriasis, eczema, and lupus are all curable with urine therapy as well as rheumatic fever in which there was urine/water fast plus skin rubbing with urine for a complete cure in one month

p. 83—pyorrhea—patient drank urine and used some as mouthwash and was cured in 9 weeks

p. 84—obesity = badly functioning glands caused by toxins and processed foods; urine fast cleanses blood tissues and brings normalcy to disordered glands

p. 85—prostate cure—wash with ½ pint of urine each morning and drink plus light breakfast with a cure in one month

p. 85—complete cure of bronchial asthma

p. 86—overactive thyroid and drug treatment for 25 years resulted with gangrene on both hands; used urine compresses for hands, urine/water fast and healed in 3 weeks and the woman could knit again

p. 86—rash on arms for 3 years—rubbed with urine, no fasting required and rash disappeared in 3 weeks

p. 90+–flu—3 to 8 days urine/water fast, same for pneumonia and pleurisy—also appendicitis; take all urine passed during the day

acute case of flu with fever—complete urine fast is essential; instincts of the body and the organs rebel against food which acts like poison

10 day urine fast dissolves film of cataracts; eyes are part of the body—treat the body as a whole; glaucoma will respond to urine/water fast in 28 days if no surgery was done before

Rheumatism—fast 10 to 12 days with urine rubbing and urine packs also; choose foods carefully and no alcohol or condiments

Arthritis—10 days urine fast minimum plus daily urine rubbings; if person is crippled there is little prospect of cure

Diseased kidney—large stone—urine and several days a week water fasting; x-ray showed the stone was gone

Nature’s immunization scheme for animals is licking resulting in homeopathic doses of urine

p. 97—colds—unbalanced diets, too much starch and insufficient mineral salts produce catarrh; fast on urine and cold water—no medications—cleared in 12 hours; a fast on cold water only will clear a cold in 24-48 hours; if you ‘feed a cold’ with food you will have to starve a fever; doing urine/water fast prevents development of flu/pneumonia

Suppressed colds with medicine are the most fruitful and common basis of a long list of major disease—inflammation of mucous membranes is alarm bell that interior needs a cleaning process. Fast results with urine/water fasting—okay to go to 20 pints in 24 hours

Excess dietary starch clogs the system and inhibits normal functioning and produces catarrh—there is deficiency of chloride of potash, phosphate of lime, sulphate of lime and if throat is infected phosphate of iron

p. 102—animal therapy—John’s grandfather fasted cows, horses, and dogs up to a month on water and cow’s urine—cured a cow with tetanus with urine of that cow and other cows and water; the cow lost its hair and weight but recovered, regained weight and hair on grass feeding in 2 months

p. 103—to treat a dog, fasten the leash to a tree and syringe the head with human urine; as the urine drips over the dog’s face it will lap it up; the animal will fast until sense of smell returns

When hens quit laying John fasted them for 4 days and one week—switched feed to whole grain wheat; hens had to pick the wheat out of ashes; also gave them raw greens twice a day, plus grass in the orchard; average eggs were 250 a week from the 60 hens

p. 104—injured foal leg—bound the wound with soft wool cloth under 3-ply flexible wood—filled the space between the wood and flesh with cow dung, drew it tight at the bottom with broad tape and let the foal have her run; twice a day he poured urine into the top of the poultice to keep the properties of the dung active—did this for a fortnight and the wound was totally healed

p. 107—mix old and new urine and warm it up but never boil it for compresses and rubbing—store in bottles—pour some in a flat bottom bowl and place hands on top of the urine and rub patient’s skin with hands; the urine will not drop on the floor when you access it in the flat-bottomed bowl

Making compresses cloths soaked in urine are placed over the site—keep moist by adding urine as needed and use on boils, burns, wounds, lumps, swellings do not rub the skin where there are suspicious lumps

Most important places to rub are the face, neck and feet as well as the head; this is essential in giving the patient nourishment when fasting; urine is wonderful skin food; dry rubs and water rubs are not as effective as urine rubs6 which rebuild wasted tissues; if patient is weak or emaciate then use some packs for the skin for the urine to absorb

p. 109—non-urine packs—poultices—can be harmful; bed sores on one patient were healed with John’s saliva; poultice on the arm was stopped and after there was some improvement the urine/water fast was begun

John had heart palpitations when urine fasting until he started putting urine on his head, face, neck and feet:

Matthew V1, 17: when thou fasteth anoint thy head and wash the face”

p. 111—TB arises in all countries with food shortages (1914-1918)

p. 112—the cause of disease is an ill-balanced diet

p. 113—sudden changes in diet to having no meat can be disastrous; proper diet includes meat, poultry, eggs, fish, salads, steamed vegetables, whole-wheat bread, fresh fruit in season, brown unpolished rice, butter in moderation and honey; avoid all tinned foods, twice cooked foods, processed denatured foods, white flour, white sugar, white rice, pasteurized milk; avoid condiments; white sugar is an acid producing agent—if you give calves pasteurized milk they die—give it to rats and they do not reproduce; it is a form of birth control

p. 115—one glass of urine when you wake up and one glass during the day and then one meal a day is sufficient

Do not combine medicines with urine fast; that can be dangerous; urine therapy costs nothing and can be used by rich and poor people; clinics that do urine therapy could be of great convenience to those who could afford them

p. 124—most people die of the doctor and not the disease; the advantage of urine therapy is its simplicity that anyone can use without telling what they are doing; it is specific for health and is a prophylaxis against a number of annoying trifles

p. 125—some thousands of people know nothing equals urine for chapped hands, blisters, stings, sores; there is nothing equal to old urine for these plus barber’s rash, wool-sorters disease, perspiring feet, hair loss, dandruff, gargling with fresh urine prevents and cures clergyman’s throat7

Drinking autogenous8 urine daily helps with evacuation; it costs nothing except self-discipline

Healing waters of a river in India that people traveled to bathe in and drink was tested and found to have weak urine properties

p. 126—some severe arthritic and diabetic conditions have not yielded to urine therapy; growths, tumors and cataracts respond quickly

John did not take his chances with cases that might have relatives that would interfere at a point that could be fatal; only doctors are allowed to experiment on patients with knife or drugs; diagnoses before treatment is a drawback and limitation of allopathy.

The only prerequisite for urine therapy is to refrain from foods like animals do—use urine and water and let Nature determine when the bowels move—even if not for 19 days—it gives hemorrhoids time to heal

p. 134—what state will the human blood be in after it has been inoculated with all these poisons as ‘preventatives’; unless we assert our democratic rights, we may be forced with autocracy that goes under the name of Science –John Armstrong, 1971.

Additional John Armstrong Comments:

The lay public has been influenced by prevailing ‘facts’ and it’s ignorant. Members demand the latest and most up to date treatments; if they don’t get a bottle of pills they are not getting ‘their money’s worth.’ Despite unpleasantness and after pain many people enjoy operations as an opportunity of self-dramatisation. The desire to be fussed over, coddled and commiserated is a sign of morbidity and denotes an absence of true health.

Most of the troubles of the world are directly or indirectly due to the same cause. Men who foment wars are not normal, healthy human beings:

  • Julius Caesar—epileptic
  • Napoleon –died of stomach cancer
  • Hitler –neurothenic
  • Goebbels—club foot
  • Goring—obese and at one time a drug addict
  • Kaiser Wilhelm—born with physical deformity

When human beings register high percentage of health they feel at peace with the world and have no wish to slaughter and persecute their fellow or exalt themselves above others.

Health means inner happiness and a feeling of contentment with one’s lot and an absence of fantastic ambitions such as those from which self-appointed leaders have suffered and at what cost to humanity!

Before there can be well-being for all , there will need to be a vast reformation in prevailing practices and in methods of instructing the masses how to be well and keep well.

Reformers will be regarded as cranks. The cranks of one generation become the wise men of a later generation.

I will be labeled a crank. Will a single one of the medical profession critics be able to substantiate his theoretical condemnations by saying truthfully that he has tried the method (urine therapy) over a long period of years if at all and found it wanting? I think not one…

A law has been passed making it illegal for any but a qualified medical practitioner to declare that he can cure specific diseases—cancer being one—so all the cases discussed (in the book) were before the passing of the law. The therapy described is an entirely drugless system of healing and is specific for health and not for any given disease. Diagnosis plays no practical part in the treatments. Various disorders proved amenable to the general treatment…John W. Armstrong, 1944

Disease becomes a vested interest and consciously or unconsciously the doctors foster it as such. It is quite a common observation that doctors produce disease. Moreover, the whole system and philosophy of our dealing with disease is mistaken’—Dr. W. H. White

Lynn: all these treatments described took place from the time of WWI until 1944. Should things happen with interruption in supply chain of drugs and mediations and the lack of available medical treatment today in 2022, this therapy may be something to pursue. The therapy would definitely be enhanced by the use of the plasma energy waters that are made available to others by Plasma Energy Solution. Keep in mind that our bodies are 70+ percent water.

Consider what may take place if there are food shortages. Many people using the plasma energy waters experience not having to eat as much. Dr. Paul and Lynn experimented with substituting meals for ten days with plasma energy water. We ended up eating 3 ‘dish meals’ during that time. There was no loss of energy, no headaches, no dizziness and we kept up our daily walks and work schedules.

The hardest part of this was the social conditioning of food—preparing it, smelling it, tasting it, eating it. We resorted to pouring our glass of water for our ‘meal’, blessing it, and then decide what ‘energies’ of food we wanted it to have.

With the plasma energy waters Dr. Paul experienced lower blood pressure and was able to stop blood pressure medication. He was able to lower his insulin injections for type 1 diabetes (onset at age 44) and eliminated cataracts with persistent daily usage with the eye drops he formulated with plasma energies. His transplanted kidney function improved to the point that the lab reports were similar to the day after the transplant 15 years before.

Dr. Paul outlived his family genetics despite having type 1 diabetes and a kidney transplant and lived to be 79 years old. He renewed his drivers’ license on his 79th birthday without glasses, contact lenses, or cataract surgery. Ultimately he said he was just wearing out, which is pretty evident in the videos that we did together. As he explained, diabetes, insulin and transplant medications takes a toll on all parts of the body.

At the age of 78 Lynn takes no medications and continues with innovations with Plasma Energy Solution. Her eyes have improved — floaters have diminished in size to something with ‘fins and tails’ to occasional dots that she rarely notices. It is extremely rare for her to get sick. She had a cold for couple of days in 2020. Others who got sick that summer were often sick for several weeks.

Lynn did the research of this information and provided the typed notes. She continues to research and does several blogs a month based on her research. Her research also results in the new Plasma Energy combinations such as Protection 5 With Pine Plus, Shedding Relief, Energy Balancer, Glutathione, Healthy Super Human, Super Sleep and many more, including those combinations for dogs, cats and your plants.

Pay attention to John Armstrong’s words –they were spoken in 1944—78 years ago and are most predictive of the situations people on our planet find themselves today.

There is another book with excellent information written by Martha M. Christie, Your Own Perfect Medicine.

She writes:

This is an extraordinary natural healing substance PRODUCED BY OUR OWN BODIES that modern medical science has proven to be one of the most powerful natural medicines known to man.

Unlike many other natural medical therapies, this method requires no monetary investment or doctors’ intervention and can be easily accessed and used at any time.

The extensive medical research findings on this natural medicine have never been compiled and released to the general public before now, but those who have been fortunate enough to hear about this medicine and use it have found that it can produce often astounding healing even when all other therapies have failed.

This book tells of the doctors, medical researchers and the hundreds of other people who have used this extraordinary medicine throughout our century to cure a huge variety of common illnesses and to combat even the most incurable diseases. This is the extraordinary untold story of a natural healing substance so remarkable that it can only be called our own perfect medicine.

Martha tells of her own serious chronic illness that started when she was 12 and continued into her 40s. she suffered through operations for tumors for years and drugs and other unsuccessful therapies. When she began her urine therapy she got almost instantaneous relief from incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week her severe abdominal and pelvic pain was gone. Chronic cystitis and yeast infections (internal and external) soon disappeared and food allergies, exhaustion, and digestive problems all began to heal.

After a few more months of the therapy she noticed her colds, flu, sore throats, and viral symptoms that had resurfaced and become chronic after surgeries rarely happened. Her hair which had fallen out in handfuls after her fifth surgery became thick and lustrous, her weight normalized and her energy and strength increased that she was able to work again. She hiked 4 miles that summer, could swim and even ride horseback or on bicycles for hours at a time after 30 years of nonstop, chronic illness.

There are many reports from doctors and clinics of a wide ranges of illnesses and conditions that were healed with urine therapy in this book.

p. 115: Dr. H. M. Free in 1975 wrote: In general most of us have no idea that urine is an extraordinary body fluid derived from the blood that is filled with hundreds of health supporting ingredients—but, for that matter, this is a fact that scientists themselves have only begun to fully understand within the last few decades.

This therapy has been used for thousands of years. Information about it has been suppressed as have many natural therapies since the 1920s and the advent of the AMA and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Dunne reported the following procedure for preparing a homeopathic dose of urine used by Dr. Fife, and had produced remarkable healing:

  1. To 5 mls (1/6 of an ounce) of distilled water in a sterile bottle add one drop of fresh urine.
  2. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously 50 times (this is the first dilution).
  3. Take one drop of this mix and add to another 5 mls (1/6 oz) of distilled water; shake 50 times.
  4. Take one drop of this mix and add to 5 mls (1/6 oz) of 80 to 90 proof vodka which acts as a preservative.
  5. Place three drops under the tongue hourly until there is obvious improvement or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. as improvement progresses, lengthen the interval between treatments. After 3 days, suspend treatment to avoid pushing the immune system. Treatment is resumed if progress remains static or relapse occurs.

Lynn’s note: Expect me to practice what I preach. I prepared the homeopathic preparation above and used our Plasma Energy Water instead of distilled water. I used more than one drop. According to John Armstrong’s information I do not see the need to discontinue after 3 days if using this as prophylaxis. Many of the same successful techniques described in the foregoing notes used by John Armstrong are described in this book. You can research online to find out how to make non-alcohol tinctures.

Finally, here is something to think about that has been in front of us. If you have paid attention you may have discovered that sometimes we are told only part of an event. Consider the following and decide what you think:

Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights (Matthew 4:2) Were we told the whole story about his fasting?

John Armstrong describes the longest, successful treatment that was 101 days of urine/water fasting. Consider the people who have survived ‘lost at sea’ on their own urine.

From Lynn:

Finally, I will tell of the inventor, Mel Littrell, whom I met in the early 2000s when he was in his 80s. He had patents in the US and South Africa on a method for extracting water from air. He was going to make a presentation to the City of Los Angeles. The day before the presentation several thugs jumped him. In the melee’ one of the thugs was killed and this man was accused of murder.

Mel was sentenced to prison and sent to the condemned part of the prison in Florence, Arizona that had been closed due to E-coli contamination. For 6 weeks he drank his own urine to survive. Mel was finally given a prescription for bottled water by a prison doctor. When his sentence was completed he was not released from prison and it took another year for him to research and file a Writ of Mandamus with the court that had sentenced him.

I have encouraged you over the last two years to keep adding to your kitchen pantry and plasma energy pantry. I now encourage you to add this information to all that you collect for you and your family’s well-being in the coming times…

Don’t delay! Lynn

1 See books published by John Murray for Mr. Ellis Barker; also by Mr. Cyril Scott in his Doctors, Disease and Health and Victory Over Cancer and The Cauldron of Disease by Are Waerland.

2 Dropsy: the dropsy illness is characterized by the swelling of the feed and ankles, with possible puffiness visible in the hands and face. Other symptoms from the underlying cause can also appear such as Distention of the extremeities. Changes in the skin of the affected region such as tightness.

3 Bright’s disease is kidney diseases that are called chronic nephritis in modern medicine. It was characterized by swelling and the presence of albumin in the urine and frequently accompanied by high blood pressure and heart disease.

4 See Doctors, Disease and Health, by Cyril Scott

5 The transcriber of these notes does not use tap water, but instead uses plasma energy filtered or distilled water. See

6 Many of the urine rubbings on patients took several hours a day and John was sometimes assisted by nurses or family members.

7 Definition of clergyman’s sore throat : chronic inflammation of the pharynx often occurring in persons who habitually overstrain or misuse the voice (as in public speaking)

8 autogenous / ( ɔːˈtɒdʒɪnəs) / adjective originating within the bodyCompare heterogenous denoting a vaccine made from bacteria obtained from the patient’s own body self-generated; self-produced denoting a weld in which the filler metal and the parent metal are of similar composition Derived forms of autogenous autogenously, adverb

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Food Plant Fires_Dr. Jane Ruby Update and More



-Another Food Plant Catches Fire in Virginia Amid Wave of Destroyed Food Facilities

-Another food processing facility has caught fire in Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday, amid a spate of mysterious food plant accidents taking place across America.

-The latest incident took place at the Perdue Farms grain processing facility, where a soybean tank was found ablaze by plant workers.

From WTKR 3:

Firefighters received a call at 501 Barnes Road at 8:41 p.m. after a plant operator at Perdue acknowledged and verified a fire at the location. All employees from the area were evacuated.

When crews arrived they found a large soybean processing tank with flames showing from the top. Firefighters climbed multiple flights of stairs using multiple hose lines to battle the fire.

The fire was called under control at 9:48 p.m. with no injuries reported.

Soybean products must now be removed from the tank to verify the fire is completely extinguished.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries and the plant manager claims the fire will not hinder the plant’s daily operations.

Over the last several weeks alone, dozens of food processing facilities have been damaged or destroyed in fires, plane crashes, and other curious incidents across the U.S.

This disastrous trend of destroyed industrial food plants coinciding with already rising food costs and supply chain issues prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson to question the timing of these accidents.

Tucker Carlson: Alarming number of disasters at food plants@TuckerCarlson #FoodShortages

Miss Francis (@bymissfrancis) April 27, 2022

More Food Processing Fires Just Happened………

Now let’s go to a county of around 9,000 people in Montana.  Bridger is between Cody, Wyoming and Billings, Montana.  Here are 3 things that happened last week in Bridger, population 800 +

  1. The restaurant section of a local casino:  Two people were killed in a morning fire–one who worked there and one who was a customer.
  2. The local grocery store owner got out of his truck to put some trash in the dumpster; his truck went from neutral with the engine running to go fast enough to crash through the back of the store and the truck was inside the store when it finally stopped.
  3. Local woman ran over her husband.

Wow…all in one little town?  There are those who are flocking away from the blue states and blue cities to quiet little towns. Wonder what made the town not so quiet last week?  

Just a side note … people in the area will have to grocery shop in Cody, Wyoming, 60+ miles away or almost 60 miles the other direction to Billings.  There is a Family Dollar store there for some grocery shopping. Or, they can drive to Red Lodge: Bridger is located 28 miles northeast of Red Lodge,

In addition to what is reported in the video here are two oddities: a plane flew into the general mills plant in Georgia ……and a plane flew into a potato processing plant in Idaho.  

Does anybody wonder if these were ‘just accidents’, suicidal small plane pilots, or a system take over of the airplane?  Could there be a system takeover of a truck in Bridger?  

Just food for thought…no pun intended on the food part.  How does YOUR pantry look?  Oh, I forgot … everything is ‘normal.’

And today there is information on the death of 5 million bees due to an airline ‘shipping mistake.’

Animal & Food Supply Tragedy As 5 Million Bees Perish At An Airport Due To Supply Chain Issues

Dr. Jane Ruby Show 0502-2022

35 minutes on food plants

And finally here is an email sent to Lynn:

I was a targeted individual and was used as a guinea pig for what is now being given to people in mass. 12+ years ago I had a pathology appointment in a hospital, on the way there I was set upon by a demonic orderly, very unsettling. I continued to my appointment where the lab looked closed, lights were off and no nurses were present, I was about to leave when a man in a suit came up to me and told me they were still open and that he was the only nurse on today. I followed him, he took my bloods and then I went home.

The next couple of weeks I was attacked by frequencies, I was aware that these attacks were from a mobile unit since I could tell the frequencies were moving. I finally found the van that these frequencies were coming from, approached them and they drove up on my next door neighbor’s lawn as they drove off extremely erratically and I never saw them again.

These attacks activated morgellon’s inside of me and I have been dealing with a very large network (like cabling) throughout my whole body. I’ve been led, become aware of and connected to so very much since this has happened to me. I knew about the graphene, I knew about 5G and I knew what was going to take place to fool and finally take hold of the people and it has all come to pass. I’ve been trying to heal ever since and although I have gone through what has felt like hell, I have not given up hope and still try to find answers to healing. I do my best to warn others and am doing my best to prepare and create a safe haven for as many people as possible.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might assist in my healing from this?. I have tried everything, and when I say that I mean everything, that is not an understatement in the slightest. I would really appreciate any kind of assistance and information that might be of benefit to me. Thank you. Kind regards, X—-.

Lynn’s response to this individual may surprise you…

thanks for contacting us.  I’m sorry for what you have been through.  You might find some of our plasma energy waters helpful.  Here is what I would do if I were you.  Read the documents I send and see if anything resonates with you.

Then I heartily suggest that you consider plasma energy combined with urine therapy.  I know it sounds like a stretch but urine therapy is a treatment that been used for thousands of years and then suppressed by AMA and big pharma in the 1900s.

Stop and think….why would the body bother to filter out all impurities in the blood through the kidneys and then just get rid of it?  There is a book called Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha M. Christy.  There are several ways to use your own urine as your own medicine.  You can combine it with plasma energy water and make a tincture using 80 or 90 proof vodka or other alcohol. You could also research and make the tincture using vinegar. The use of the tincture is for the timid.

I looked into this because I know there will be many who cannot get their meds in the coming times because of ‘supply chain’ interruptions.  I met a man twenty years ago who had patent on taking water out of the air.  He was going to show his patent to city of LA when he was attacked by thugs.  In the attack one of the thugs was killed and this man was sent to a federal prison in Arizona and placed in the condemned wing that had ecoli.  For 6 weeks he drank his own urine to survive until he got a doctor to write a prescription for bottled water.  He was not released when his sentence was over and it took him another year to study and write up the writ of mandamus to be released.  THAT is why I’m investigating the urine therapy.

People who live near beaches know that if someone is stung by a jellyfish you need to put human urine on the sting right away.

So, look over the information and see if it’s something you would do.  The plasma energy station, energy balancer and new tech frequency relief might be a place to start…it’s what I would do if I were in your situation for starters.  I am not a doctor, and we don’t prescribe as you see in our information below. thanks, Lynn

(Lynn’s note: I practice what I preach. I’m not afraid to do the full-blown urine therapy but I decided to start with the tincture approach and evaluate that first since I know there are some who will prefer this approach.)



Total Sale Price: $177 (Save $84)

This offer is not good with any other coupons or offers and expires at midnight on May 31, 2022 Pacific Time.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Balancer: (97): This plasma energy is for the benefit of people, pets and plants in an environment with negative energies and negative energy broadcasts. This has been combined using various energies found in Be Brave, New Tech Frequency Relief, Peace, Plasma Energy Station, Positive Energy Support, Sole Support, Super Immune with Pine Plus Support and DNA Support plus garlic and cloves.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Glutathione ($97): contains the energy of high quality Glutathione, plus the energies of Osha root, chincona bard, wild uva ursi leaf, Montana hops flower, wild juniper leaf, wild juniper berry, cranberries, orange, B9 Korean Salt, Amino Acids, Hemoglobin and CH3.

Glutathione helps the body to:

  • remove toxins
  • protect against chronic illness
  • decrease muscle damage
  • increase strength and endurance
  • recycle antioxidants
  • control inflammation
  • detoxify the body

Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Shungite Pendant with Multiple Stones: Certain energies and the effect of shungite combinations on the torsion fields that are beneficial to the body and help support your body while living in an ‘electronic soup.’ Never Ending Plasma Energy Positive Energy Support energies have also been added to these

Shungite Pendants include the supporting properties of Amazonite, Fluorite and Lapis. Positive Energy Support has energies to help balance anxiety and fight or flight mode, plus the supporting energies of ivermectin, D3, Vit C, Zinc, silver, gold and much more along with the supporting energies for keeping your mouth–your gums and teeth healthy!


Lynn reminds you to be prepared in your food pantry and your plasma energy pantry—have you read or heard about all the food plants that have had fires?  Lynn shares an email she received along with her response that includes information about a very interesting, readily available, inexpensive therapy that can be used along with plasma energy combinations.  Whoa! Did she really give that response??  Yep—and, she walks her talk.  Find out what this is all about.  

0816-2019-Plasma Energy …What Is The Best Way To Start Using It? Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian and plasma scientist, and Lynn Schmaltz present the Best Way to Start Using Plasma Energy. They also talk about placing energy fields around your home for a ‘dome effect.’

0727-2019- Can Plasma Energy Plant Spray Replace Harmful Products Used in Gardens and On farms? Dr. Paul Schmaltz and Lynn Schmaltz share information on how you can use Never Ending Plasma Energy Plant Spray.  Find out how you can use this to replace herbicides and pesticides with harmful chemicals in your garden or on your farm. 

0707-2019-Are You Ready for a Disaster or a Shortage with your Never Ending Plasma Energy First Aid Kit? Dr. Paul Schmaltz, retired veterinarian, and Lynn Schmaltz explain what is in the Never Ending Plasma Energy First Aid Solution. There are some basic plasma energy vials you can have to address first aid situations in a disaster or a shortage.

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Dr. Jane Ruby Show 04-22-2022

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane reveals the work of South African microscopy expert and naturopath, Dr. Zandre Botha, connecting facts and revealing the evidence to support snake venom proteineous organoids, or…the development of synthetic substrates that are made to retain the toxic activity of snake venom and she reviews all of it with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam AND the deadly bioweapon shots. And a special Friday Ask Dr. Jane along with Mike Dillon from to review air safety for you and your family.

JR: The first pictures and videos of snake venom peptides and Dr. Ardis returns. On todays show I will reveal the work of Microscopy expert and Naturopath who has connected the facts to support the inclusion of snake venom peptide, in other words substrates that were developed to actually retain the toxic activity of snake venom.

JR: I’ll take you through these pictures and videos with Dr. Ardis who recently called the world’s attention to this diabolical basis for the covid scam and the deadly bioweapon shots.

JR: thank you for being with me again, Dr. Ardis. We know that we have some really important things to discuss.

Dr. Brian Ardis (BA): I am so excited; haven’t you just been thrilled since you got this information:?

JR: yes, I want to let people know that over the weekend we have been working with Dr Zandre Botha from South Africa who stepped forward to talk to Dr. Aridis and me and to bring together some connections that she has made.

JR: could you define what we are talking about when we talk about snake venom in the shots and in the illnesses. Let’s define it properly.

BA: …it was exciting to see her put together answers she has had from working with her patients and the slides she has done for the last year. And she called attention to things on the slides that she did not understand. To define this snake venom peptides are what research titles ‘toxin like peptides’ that have been found and isolated in CV19 patients but not in those who are not positive CV19 patients. They define them as toxin-like peptides.

BA: These are little bitty sequences of genetic material that are actually identical and can be synthetically made with sequence identical aspects and portions of snake venom. Toxins are called venome specific toxins and there are 19 of them found in the venom of vipers such as king cobra, marine snails, and starfish.

JR: we are going to show people how we have seen the snake venom peptides through Dr. Botha’s help and several other scientists that work with her we will show there is evidence of these synthetic snake venom peptides in the Pfizer vials that have been examined. We will see what she found when she exposed healthy red blood cells from a human being to this poison.

JR: we will see the evidence, and this is not an accident, that the peptides retained the toxic effects when mixed with human blood. It’s not the only thing in the vials. People are asking if it was snake venom or graphene. I have always said that they can have many different things in these vials at any given time. They have a 50% leeway the FDA and the EMA gave them for putting anything they want into the vials. It could be combinations of the snake venom peptides with all these other substances that we have revealed on this show many times before.

JR: we will look at picture #1: (4.33 min) titled ‘venom LYS 49.’. Dr. Botha showed us that this is taken from the internet and titled “established cytotoxicity of snake venom in the cardiac tissue of a rat.’ Look at the green fluorescent pictures on the bottom with a ‘stringy’ look to it. That is snake venom peptide. Correct?

BA: yes, and I want to explain something this PLA2 mytoxin, and myo means muscle toxin, was originally discovered in king cobra venom. And it is actually what scientists and doctors are using now as a biomarker for mortality of CV19 patients.

JR: Wow. I want people to remember these pictures in picture 1 of these 2 structures because you are going to see them again in other real situations. Picture #2 is what we have entitled “Pfizer vial with venom’. This is Dr. Botha’s picture from an examination of an undiluted Pfizer vial that she has put on a plate and looked at under a microscope. Doesn’t the bar-like shape look pretty similar structurally to the green shapes in photo #1? (5.50 min)

BA: I couldn’t believe this when she showed us this. As soon as she put this on the screen you have to imagine by looking at the 1st picture that it looks like green crystal straws with broken edges. The image under a microscope looks like this crystal glass green structure, broken/fragmented. This is what venom looks like under a microscope in the blood of someone.

JR: right and many people have asked if it was there the whole time, why didn’t we see it? We were looking at it but we didn’t know what we were looking at. That is what Dr. Botha said. She said that until Dr. Ardis came out all that incredible evidence that the majority of people jumping to conclusions have not watched and that is Mike Adams 3 part interview with Dr. Ardis. They watched part of it. Even Pierre Kory said he only watched a half of it. Try watching segments 2 and 3 where Dr. Ardis lays out step by step the incredible articles, pharmaceutical documentation.

JR: slide #3 (7/01 min) called establishment of organoid cultures for snake venom. I thought it was important to share this with people what we brought out with Dr. Botha. In the upper level it talks about going from actual snake venom to synthesizing through to these organoids which are these peptides

JR: pay attention as this progresses. Look at the 2nd row—you see the organoids which Dr. Botha said they originally looked like air bubbles to her. But there was something wrong—they were quite air bubbles. Remember, she is a microscopy expert.

BA: I want the world to know, people thought that I was originally saying they were milking snakes into cups and pouring the venom into your water. I did not say that. They can actually synthetically make any venom in a lab. And they have been using this organoid technology from snake venom glands and it will actually make and generate its own venom over and over again.

BA: here’s what I did not know. When Dr. Botha started putting up pictures of all of this, I already knew about it. CNN reported in January, 2020, in the first month of this ‘pandemic’ that snake venom could now be made in a lab. They don’t even need the snakes. They talked about this actual technology in laboratories around the world. When she showed us these slides I about fell out of my chair because in my mind it didn’t get this evil until I saw this.

BA: I am not the microbiology expert or the one with the microscopes. But when you look at all the side effects that people are reporting from the shots, how can you not now finally get excited that it looks everything like the deadly, toxic, neurological, blood toxic, and cyto-toxins of venoms?

JR: right, and what Dr. Botha is linking to what you have been laying out is that this process of these snake venom peptides create these organoids. Those organoids independently start to spew out replicating activity of snake venom toxicity.

JR: picture #4 (9.29 minutes) is developing venom organoids which are the bubble-like structures that Dr. Ardis just referred to. Now I’ll jump beyond that and get to what Dr. Botha actually found and show us.

JR: Picture #5 (9.47 min) is side-by-side and entitled Organoids Online vs. South African Pfizer vial. This is the way I reference them. What you are looking at on the right is from the Hubrak Institute and was found online where they are showing you Venom-producing snake organoids developed in the lab. To the left is Dr. Botha’s microscopy photograph …

BA: when she showed me that image on the left, I looked at it and ‘got into the camera’ and OMG—it looks like an organoid. I looked at her and said I didn’t think it could possibly be that evil—are they actually just putting that in your body? She said that is what it looked like to her and she was as shocked as I was.

JR: the evil is unbelievable. I am going to tell you something as someone who spent 20 years in ‘pharma’. There is no excuse for this and the fact that they are silent is very dangerous to me. this is an industry that is very touchy and they are very picky about who says what and they are very sensitive to external or public opinion.

JR: I want to show photo #6 (11.04 min) and this is the video of the Pfizer vial, undiluted, from Dr. Botha. We will play about 10 seconds of this 12 minute video. These round structures are the organoids. This is undiluted and it is hydrated and moving around.

JR: Then I want to take you to picture #7 (11.35 min) and this is a still picture. This is to explain what these organoid snake-like pepsin toxins do to your red blood cells. I believe this photo is from the internet. This shows that the majority of the red blood cells which should be perfectly round without the poky things coming out of them. The red blood cells have been damaged as shown in the photo and it is called E-chinocytosis which can be from a number of other things. When you have snake venom peptides in the area of the red blood cells and they start to behave like this you can pretty much believe that it is coming from that.

JR: let me show the bombshell photo which is #8 (12.30 min) and I will explain what this is. Then I want Dr. Ardis to weigh in. You can see Dr. Ardis, myself and Dr. Botha in the right side of the screen. We definitely met. On the left is Dr. Zandre Botha’s healthy blood. It is a sampling of her red blood cells on a plate. Then when you look at it to the right, she took a droplet of the undiluted Pfizer vial in which she has identified the snake venom peptide structures that we matched to internet images.

JR: look at what it did to her blood. I asked her how long this took and she said it was about 5 to 10 minutes…

BA: she said it was less than 5 minutes.

JR: what you see is gross rubio-stacking of the red blood cells. They have lost their negative charge and instead of repelling each other they are clumping together. They are becoming E-chinocytoic and they have these poky shapes now.

BA: the most incredible thing for me was that after she watched Stew Peters’ Watch The Water show and looked at a few other interviews I did about the snake venom connection to even possibly the vaccines, she took her own blood, which is the blood on the left. She looked at it and everything looked normal. We went through the cells on the image of her blood cells with her. Then she added one drop of Pfizer vial vaccine and this is what happened to her blood cells.

BA: she had already looked on line and typed in – this isn’t like rocket science – what does snake venom do to red blood cells under a microscope. And she got this image. 8a at 14.19 min. So then she wanted to test it on her own.

BA: If this isn’t shocking to everyone around the world to even go look and see if it’s possible that either the shots or CV19 are behaving exactly like snake venom, or actually have snake venom or snake-venom like peptides in them. If it is not even worth it for you to go look, this is what is happening in people’s blood and they are dying. 1

JR: either disprove this with your own evidence, or move on and start supporting Dr. Ardis. Science does not proceed on ‘consensus.’ It proceeds on the empirical method. And that is to continue to replicate (findings) and continue to dig. If you don’t have a better explanation then you are just controlled opposition trying to disparage Dr. Ardis without good reason. That is a warning to all you front-line doctors out there who jumped ahead of this ..just disprove it if you don’t believe it.

BA: just put a lens on for a moment and look at whatever it is that you are working on with covid, have been alarmed about with covid or the ‘vaxx’, or the symptoms. Put the lens of snake venom on and the possibility that those might be connected. You are going to be shocked as I was for the last 4 months, 16 hours a day that everything, including information like this that I didn’t even think to look for. I never went online and asked what snake venom looks like in the blood of a patient. I didn’t look into a microscope—I don’t look into microscopes but scientists do.

BA: this is finally answering as it did for this great Dr. Botha who was wondering what those green crystals were in the blood for the last year. She has been bashed for ‘disinformation’ and she was seeing it and didn’t know what it was. The moment she went online and asked what snake venom looked like in the blood under the microscope and saw that, it immediately made sense to her.

JR: yes; she has been seeing this for many months but said she was not a particle expert. I’m going to play a few seconds of the video of the blood mixed with the Pfizer vial (16.34 min). This is when she mixed her blood on the slide with a drop of the Pfizer undiluted vial. You can see the red blood cells moving and clumping in real time. The borders on this is where the material is.

JR: we will have Dr. Ardis on as Dr Botha has many more videos, many more pictures and we will get some chemical analysis. Anything you want to add before you leave?

BA: I love you, we love you and we are trying to save the world and make sense out of madness. It has been nothing but maddening trying to put the pieces together , Remember, the media is mass controlled and they have only wanted you to look at a certain story, a certain reality they want you to see, and it is NOT that reality.

BA: I am just trying to open your minds to the fact that they have been lying to you the whole time. They have been and you have been convinced. The lie is even more evil than you realize. They are using snake venom peptides and Cono snail peptides called alpha snail toxins and we are going to show you. The world is unraveling this mystery. We need to hold people accountable for lying to you.

JR: no question about that. Do you have one last thought about some RNA codes in addition to this that may integrate these animals’ genome into our genome? 18.27

BA: Yes, Drew Wiseman and Catarine Caranko at the Univ of Pennsylvania are the ones who co-created these mRNA shots. You have to understand the studies I have from 2009 that I went through with Mike Adams were on the method of doing gene editing therapies and the whole studies were funded by NIAID department of Anthony Fauci. Since 2009 in their research funded by Anthony Fauci they have been using a substance called snake venom phosphodiesterase for gene editing therapy using mRNA and to cleave your RNA and DNA and to insert an mRNA gene. That is what they used.

BA: so the two people who created these shots for over a decade have been funded by Anthony Fauci to use snake venom in the development of gene editing therapy. And then they created these shots. At the same time there is mRNA research, mRNA from snake venom wrapped in nanoparticle hydrogel and added dyna beads to get this to assimilate, be more stable and get it into your cells. Yes I am worried—it looks under a microscope that there is snake venom in these shots. The effects on your red blood cells are identical to snake venom. Watch the videos.

BA: what if they are using this mRNA that was from snake venom in 2012 was found to be the most stable in nature and then started wrapping with nanoparticle hydrogel to make it even more stable. That means that it lasted 38 years. It was in storage for 38 years. Snake venom stays in your body for up to 10 years. Could you imagine one booster shot after another that has snake venom peptides in there.

BA: what is going to happen to you? You are showing these little videos right now to the world. This is showing you what is going to happen to you one shot after another.

JR: if you survive it.

BA: yes! There has been no deadlier experiment world wide on 5 billion people so far than this. Do you want to know why there are so many people dying and so many people diseased? Look at ALL the side effects—ALL of them can be directly related to snake venom, snake venom peptides, conotoxina from marine venomous snails that are more venomous and deadly than king cobras.

BA: as you are about to learn this coming week they have been using conotoxins from marine snails which is lethal, combining it with king cobra venom, putting it in ice and shooting it at people to kill them. The CIA has been doing this since the 1970s.

JR: this is a rogue portion of our government that is doing this to all of us in the world.

BA: the technology has been around for years to weaponize individual peptides. Remember, there are 19 venome specific toxins found in king cobra venom and other vipers. In addition to the 19 since the 1970s since 2005 by Dr. Brian Frye, and then in 2020 by Genintech. Each of these people and organizations isolated from the venoms in vipers and king cobras that there are exactly 19 venome-specific that individually target and kill an organ in your body as ‘the prey.’ 21.53

BA: isn’t it funny when they call this CV19 when they have had 40 years’ knowledge that there are exactly 19 of these. My entire view is that you could call this entire pandemic COVENOM 19. They are putting this in your face that they have been doing this research and isolating this for years. They are targeting people with specific underlying pre-conditions, co-morbidities –diabetics, heart failure patients, obesity patients, liver failure or liver inflammatory condition patients as well as kidney patients, neurological patients.

BA: When you can isolate these individual peptides and create them in a lab then you can target specific people. They are killing the elderly in nursing homes and the hospitals. They are targeting the sick. Listen to the reports from OneAmerica who says there has been a 40% increase in deaths in the working class alone, since the shots came out in the first 3/4ths of 2021. They have individual, weaponized venoms that they are putting in the shots that are going to target certain people and not others.

JR: we have all done our best and you have been at the forefront to prevent people from getting these and not to get additional ones, and to protect themselves . Thank you for everything you are doing and coming on and doing this on the show. This will be huge for people to understand and this will move this forward. What you have already done has catapulted the understanding so far forward.

JR: let’s go through a couple of additional pictures. We will play video #10 again and this is Dr. Zandre Botha’s blood after she dropped the undiluted Pfizer vial material with what she identified as snake venom peptides. The red blood cells should not be clumping like that. It’s a miracle there is any movement of the red blood cells and it is a testament to the cells trying to survive.

JR: then I will go to picture 11 (24.49 min) and this is titled “living person, post-jab’ and is of a man in his fifties with no prior co-morbidities and no medical conditions of any kind and he was not taking any medicine. You can see what looks to be the snake venom type material in his blood. He is post-jab and has taken 2 Pfizer shots and this material is readily visible in his blood. The blood cells that are closest to this material are starting to stack. If you look closely there are a couple of blood cells nearby where you can see the E-cynochitosis or the horns coming out of those red blood cells that are in the immediate area of this poison.

JR: our last video is a youtube video of the Indian –a 42 second video (28.15 minutes). It is the video ‘Venom Clotting” from a cobra ..I wanted you to see this at the end here. There is strong evidence that this is not anything to joke around about.

JR: I am very concerned about those front line doctors that just jumped out before looking at all the information and the data and without even calling Dr. Ardis. They disparaged him, called him mentally ill, labeled him which is reprehensible. Medical doctors know damn well they should not have done that. They are making a diagnosis without examining someone by blurting out ‘mental illness, or manic episode’ as Dr. Pierre Kory did. He did this against Dr. Ardis without even speaking with him first.

JR: I would caution against that and I would caution the general public to keep an open mind, to verify everything you can and go online yourself and look these things up just like Dr. Zandre Botha did. Only she brought her many years’ microscopy expertise, certification and experience to try to tie some of this together.

JR: in a way she was ‘spooked’ but also relieved and she said she was able to find some possible answers to what she has been seeing all these months that nobody else could figure out.


 From Notetaker:

What Snake Venom Does To Your Blood?

It can trigger lots of tiny blood clots and then when the venom punches holes in blood vessels causing them to leak, there is nothing left to stem the flow and the patient bleeds to death. Other venoms can increase blood pressure, decrease blood pressure, prevent bleeding or create it.Sep 13, 2015

Does snake venom destroy blood? Continued bottom of page 12

Hemotoxins cause hemolysis, the destruction of red blood cells (erythrocytes), or induce blood coagulation (clotting, e.g. mucrocetin). A common family of hemotoxins includes snake venom metalloproteinases such as mucrolysin.

Does snake venom make blood thicker?

A single drop of venom (from a Russell’s viper) is dripped onto a petri dish of blood, and in seconds the blood clots into a thick chunk of solid matter.” That about sums it up. … Plus you get to watch venom drip out of a viper’s fangs.

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Latest Info From Dr. Jane Ruby, Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston and much more…


For Months Lynn Has Encouraged You To Stock Your Food Pantry and Your Plasma Energy ‘Pantry’. What Happens When The Supply Chain for Food, Medicines, Supplements, Garden Supplies Fails?

Are You Being Played By The Media?

Here Are Two New Videos From Lynn. Find The Special For “The Protectors” Good until April 30, 2022 Pacific Time Midnight In One Of The Videos


Lynn discusses several recent interviews that are providing evidence of snake venom peptides and/or constructed peptides that mimic this venom that are now being found in some of the jabs. Why do some ‘experts’ ridicule this information –do they have anything to do with a very old term, ‘jesuitism.’ See Links below. Be sure to listen to find out some excellent savings for you in April, 2022!


Stew Peters(SP) and Dr. Brian Ardis (BA) 0413-2022- Snake Venom and Rabies Virus? click the image below to watch this video

also on the same show you will find this interview:

0414-2022-Stew Peters (SP) and Biblical Scholar David Jose (DJ)

0419-2022-Stew Peters (SP) and Jane Ruby (JR) venom in the vaxx

SP: an anonymous scientist has provided Dr. Jane Ruby with photographic evidence of snake venom contained in undiluted Pfizer vaccine vials and damage to red blood cells caused by the vaxx.

JR: Sat. morning I received a phone call from this scientist who will remain anonymous while they gather more evidence. What I have seen has just been incredible. They have identified king cobra related venom in an undiluted Pfizer vial using frequencies which is very common to separate out chemicals.

JR: what they tell me is that they have identified it and it is a synthetic version called snake venom organoids. (.57 minutes) what these peopled ended up doing was taking some human blood from a live person and took the droplets of these living blood cells from the undiluted Pfizer vial. This method is called in-vitro procedure. They dropped it on the red blood cells. (1.21 minutes)

JR: this is what happens to the red blood cells. These shapes you are looking at are not new. We have been looking at them for many months. We just didn’t put them together until Dr. Ardis came out with the snake venom information.

JR: it turns the red blood cells into what is called ecinocytosis and these are not ‘spikes’ on the blood cells, but these little triangula, pointy shapes that appear on these red blood cells. They sink in, they are damaged and this is very, very common in the blood of people who have been poisoned by viper type snake venom.

JR: this particular vial was marked to the king cobra and they showed this blood evidence that I am showing you and they talked about these snake gland organoids. I am doing an entire segment on this on the Dr. Jane Ruby show.

JR: the organoids will look familiar to you also because many scientists over the months—a long list of scientists.

SP: none of this is surprising. Dr. Ardis brought forward all kinds of studies and research papers and articles to support his theory. Mike Adams did a 3 hour long sit down interview with Dr. Ardis. It was a technical interview and he went more into depth with even more documentation. What is surprising to me is the communist-style attack from alternative medicine front-line doctors and also other people in the political world.

JR: Absolutely. Stew, I was most shocked by someone I respected prior to this, Dr. Pierre Kory, who has come out publicly with a very smug, sarcastic critique of Dr. Ardis. He admits that he only watched half of the Mike Adams interviews.

JR: Secondly he actually accuses Dr. Ardis of having a ‘manic episode.’ This is infuriating. He has not talked to Dr. Ardis, he did not look at all the evidence.

JR: I have said to people to watch very, very carefully who comes out from the front line of doctors and experts, in our group and tries to disparage and denounce Dr. Ardis especially without seeing the evidence Dr. Ardis’ work and all his postulations. Note from Lynn: More of this transcribed interview to come in the next few days…



Lynn discusses what nicotine has to do with patent information shared by Karen Kingston on venom peptides. She also shares statistics on coal fired plants and media disinfo given to people in our country. She shares an excellent savings for you for the remainder of April, 2022 on “The Protectors.” Be prepared and check the videos below regarding that:

1–Stew Peters Karen Kingston short interview with Karen’s pointed questions. Regarding patents–0420-2022

2–William Mount =short video on grain ships leaving the country….

3—Are Arson Teams Burning Down American Food Production Infrastructure—Mike Adams (go to around 40 minutes for a list of fires)

( At about the 33+ minute mark) from Michael Snyder blog regarding food loss production due to lack of fertilizer for rice and wheat. 6 Breadbaskets provide 2/3rds of food production globally and Ukraine/Russia usually provided 30% of wheat exports and 6% of sunflowers. Wheat prices are skyrocketing and have gone up 20% in one month from March to April. These prices will continue to skyrocket. 69% of total US Wheat production is in drought areas—82% of Kansas and Colorado and 99% of Texas and Montana are in drought. Russia/Ukraine are the largest exporters of corn. 28 million birds-chickens and turkeys are being killed.

Michael Snyder mentions Azure Standard headquarters was burned. Black Conservative Patriot has done good work. Here is a list of all the fires targeting food plants and food distribution hubs in less than a year:

  • Dried milk plant: Idaho
  • Food Processing Plant: San Antonio (Dec).
  • JBS Beef Plant: (Dec)
  • Mississippi Poultry Feed Mill boiler exploded (Dec)
  • Hamilton Mountain Poultry Processing Plant Fire (Jan)
  • LaCompte Feed Mill Fire: Louisiana (Jan)
  • Bonanza Meat Plant Fire: El Paso (Feb)
  • Sherer’s Food Plant Fire: Oregon (Feb)
  • Malston, Wisconsin River Meats Fire (Feb)
  • Food Bank in Maricopa County, Arizona Fire-50,000 lbs. food destroyed (Mar)
  • Nestle Fire: Arkansas (Mar)
  • Walmart Distribution Center Fire (Mar)
  • Penobscot Potato Processing Plant Fire: Maine (Mar)
  • Sherbrook, Canada Food Processing Plant Fire (Apr)
  • Fire Grain Elevator Plant Fire: Kansas (Apr)
  • Fertilizer Plant (Apr)
  • Azure Standard (Apr)
  • Food Plant: Salinas, Calif (Apr)
  • Small Plane crashed into General Mills Plant in Covington, Georgia

Mike: are these all just coincidences? And now Union Pacific railroad is halting deliveries of fertilizer and grain to the cattle herds? And now ‘bird flu’ for millions of turkeys and chickens?

Mike: is there an engineered destruction of the food structure in America? This is a pattern and is there organized arson teams for destroying the infrastructure of food delivery/ will this contribute to scarcity and panic when the harvest numbers start coming in this May and June? How will there be enough food to feed people through 2022 and the winter of 2023? We only have a rolling 90-day supply of food on the planet at any given time. That just got hugely disrupted. Fertilizer production requires natural gas and that is now cut off by Russia.

Mike: we are living where we can still get a loaf of bread under $5 and you can find the bread. That is going to be gone in just a few months. Bread will double if you can find it. Are people still assuming that price increases are only temporary?

Mike: expect crazy high prices, food scarcity and total disruption of the supply chain including the food. Do that math. Only China has been stockpiling grains and prepping.


Are You Being Told The Truth About the Green New Deal? Look At The Following Stats:

How Many Coal Fired Power Plants are There in the World —Green New Deal???

  • The EU has 468 – & building 27 more… Total 495
  • Turkey has 56 – & building 93 more.. Total 149
  • South Africa has 79 – & building 24 more… Total 103
  • India has 589 – & building 446 more… Total 1035
  • Philippines has 19 – & building 60 more… Total 79
  • South Korea has 58 – & building 26 more… Total 84
  • Japan has 90 – & building 45 more… Total 135
  • China has 2,363 – & building 1,171 more… Total = 3,534
  • That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries
  • USA has 15 – & building 0 more… Total = 15.

7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections – Karen Kingston

(There is much more in the 58 min interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she talks about the demonic injections being forced on people worldwide on 4.19.22.

Karen Kingston (KK)and Greg Hunter (GH)

GH: let’s start with the term bioweapon…it is actually the term in the paperwork.

KK: we are being lied to at such a level that it is difficult to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told that these injections were vaccines. When you look at the patent they call them bioweapons, toxins, and agents of chemical bio-warfare. Specifically there is a 2017 patent related to what they call vaccine.

KK: the title is Vaccine Nanotechnology. The word vaccine is in there. This was issued on January 10, 2017, and is owned by the NIH. When you read this patent under section 9 it clearly states: in some embodiments the small molecules are toxins—a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare.

KK: in the patent they further explain that they are going to inject people with bioweapons. In May, 2021 in an email to influencers I stated that the master patent for a liquid nanoparticle encapsulations and mRNA vaccines to the mainstream media and other influencers. These vaccines are gain-of-function weaponized chimeric (multi-species) viruses and toxins. I used the word toxin and did not use the words ‘weakened virus’ or ‘vaccine’—I used the word toxin and a toxin is a poison.

KK: a toxin can be venomous poison. I said that these are bioweapons under the guise of of mRNA vaccines. I used the word toxin and that wasn’t just that I was opining. I read the ingredients and these sound like toxins. —in section 0402 of the master world-wide patent, for the mRNA lipid nanotechnology it states: in some embodiments the prophylaxis is a cyto-toxin. A cytotoxin or cytotoxic agent includes any agent that is detrimental to cells. That is any agent that can kill yourselves or annihilate yourselves. They can cause your cells to clot together and become sticky and jelly-like.

KK: anything that can annihilate and destroy your cells is a toxin and that was not my opinion. These were the words from the document filed with our government in the US Patent office.

GH: there has been talk that there are a couple of types of shedding—one is a viral shedding which has been proven 251 times according to Oxford University. There is another type of shedding you talked about that the CDC is so worried about with pregnant women—shedding from people who have been vaxxed can cause miscarriages and birth defects. That is another shedding and it’s a spike protein. But there is more than one spike protein. Can you talk about that?

KK: again, it is difficult to provide clarification on the current situation that the medical tyranny has over the American population and the global citizens. Everything that we are told was a lie…absolutely everything. We were told in theory that mRNA is man-made, modified _____ nucleic acid. It is a single virus that is man-made or recreated from a virus. In theory it is supposed to be injected into your bloodstream and penetrate the cytoplasm of your cells and just produce a spike protein, which is a small section of the —– virus.

KK: what if that whole story was a lie? I say that because we are told the mRNA produces just a small sequence of the virus that is called the spike protein. Through my research I found separate patents for the spike protein. There are 7 clearly different spike proteins in the actual patent. This is patent for the spike protein (6.18 minutes) that is produced allegedly by the SARSCV2 virus. It should be part of the SARSCV2 virus and it should not have its own separate patent.

KK: in the patent you can see that there are 3 versions of it in the pre-imposed confirmation sheets (6.34 minutes). Then there are another 4 versions of the spike protein. Understand that they all do different things for the patent for the research. So understand that the fingernail on my pinkie finger is part of the pinkie finger and that is part of my hand. Why would this fingernail be considered separate from me?

KK: the SARSCV2 protein is part of the whole sequence. From an intellectual property argument and legal argument, unless it was different from the full sequence, it shouldn’t be able to be separated out and created into a separate patent.

KK: if you read the scientists, Dr. Barney Brown (NIAID) and Jason McClellan (Moderna), after the mRNA produced the spike protein, they then ‘jimmied’ it up. They said they added no prolines to it. So they added additional amino acid chains to it. Were those amino acids poisons and toxins? They also used cryo which is liquid nitrogen to freeze the spike protein.

KK: so they made sure that when the spike protein was produced by the mRNA, that is not what the patent is for. The patent is for the spike protein that is produced by the mRNA and then it was modified by the scientists and then frozen using cryo. So why do the vaccine vials need to be kept between -60 degrees and -90 degrees Celsius?

KK: Unless the spike protein in and of itself is a separate toxin that was created separately with its own patent and its own licensing agreement and it needs to be kept frozen in order for it to stay stable and be able to do the damage that it does. The spike protein does have its own separate patent. It does have its own separate licensing agreement including licensing agreements to non-mRNA vaccine companies like J and J who are not supposed to be producing the spike proteins.

KK: It has to be kept at that frozen temperature or it becomes un-stabilized and partially because the spike protein is not made up of anything that you would traditionally find in a mammal. According to the research out of the Univ. of Pittsburg when they sequence those individuals out of Europe who became very ill with severe covid, they said that this does not look like multi-system inflammatory syndrome. They said it looked like toxic shock syndrome. It looks like they were poisoned.

KK: so these scientists in Pittsburg sequenced the parts of the spike protein that cause reactive tenicities that look like a super-antigen or a super poison. They sequenced out peptides of what they would find in cobra venom, in krait venom, in the rabies virus and specifically in the bacterial called staphylococcal interoxin B which is a very disease-causing type of bacteria that is typically found in the rabies envelope and they found glycol-protein 120.

KK: the Pittsburg researchers were not listening to the narrative saying this came from a bat and then maybe to a pangolin, or some other mammal and then jumped to humans. The researchers said this thing looks like a venomous poison and they started looking for poisons and they found them.

GH: there are 6 other spike proteins.

KK: yes, that is either the S2 spike protein which I believe is in the Moderna vaccine, but then there is also the Wuhan Institute of Virology SP2 spike protein, which according to the biological application for Pfizer in the SARSCV2 sequence there, produces the Wuhan Institute of Virology S2 Spike protein. The question is do these ‘vaccines’ contain lipid nano-particle encapsulated toxins that are being called spike proteins? Are there different ones in different vials?

GH: so some of the ‘vaccines’ have some spike proteins that are some type of poison. Other ones make scar tissues on your heart and organs—is that right? Talk about some of the damaging things from the other spike proteins.

KK: yes, one of the spike proteins is called PEVDV that stands for porcine epidemic viral diarrhea virus protein. That means that it causes extreme gastro-intestinal inflammation. It was originally studied in pigs and then they used embryonic cells and immunized mice and then they were now able to get this virus and spike protein that causes massive GI upset, diarrhea in piglets to the point of dehydration and death. So this spike protein would bind more to your GI tract. 12 min

KK: I don’t think there are any cases of children in the US dying of GI dehydration. This would be more optimal bioweapon to unleash in a 3rd world country where you could blame it on the water supply.

KK: there is another spike protein that is called the OC43S-2P spike protein that was originally from cattle. We were talking about the 229ES-2C spike protein and that binds to the lining of the respiratory system and would cause inflammation in the respiratory system. The SP2-1 would cause more damage in your cardio-vascular system.

GH: your research shows that if you get Shot 1, 2, boosters, you are likely getting a cocktail of spike proteins.

KK: I am hypothesizing on the fact that the spike proteins have separate patents. They have separate licensing deals and the scientists jimmied the spike proteins independent of the mRNA viral sequence and then froze it with cryo. I am saying in some of what they are calling ‘vaccines’, yes people are more than likely being injected with mRNA that then maybe producing these spike proteins. But they could also be injected directly with lipid nano particle encapsulated spike proteins.

KK: so the spike proteins could be made separately and frozen separately and then encapsulated and put in the formulation. That is what I am saying. Keep in mind that the world patent that you can find on the Moderna website, in section 80, it says that in some embodiments the nanotechnology can include a delivery device that can deliver an agent or a toxin over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or years.

KK: it is plausible and possible and the studies show that they can make the spike proteins independent in a lab, freeze them with cryo, and encapsulate them with the lipid nano particles and those particles have a delivery device that are timed to release the toxin in the body either immediately or over time. And the CDC guideline for Pfizer vaccine say that these need to be kept at -60 to -90 degree Celsius temperatures for storage purposes and that is more than ‘frozen.’ These are sub-Arctic temperatures. They can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks and they also cannot be exposed to light.

KK: it would appear that the shape of the spike proteins was made in a lab and then it has to be frozen with liquid nitrogen or whatever the cryo system is and then it needs to be stored at that frozen temperature. Room temperature will have the spike protein starting to disintegrate. So whether it is mRNA or the spike protein, keep in mind that mRNA is very unstable.

KK: in theory the scientific community was very excited about mRNA gene editing technology, but they said that sunlight, room temperature can kill it. It is very unstable. It is the same thing with the spike protein. MRNA produces the spike protein but the spike protein is very unstable—it can fold, it can disintegrate. Look at the early studies from 2020 and those who were ‘naturally’ infected with the full sequence of SARSCV2 virus, it was found that the spike protein didn’t stay in their bodies that long.

KK: a study in 2016 by Eco-Alliance said they finalized the human/bat coronoa virus in Wuhan. If it could get into somebody’s body it could do damage, but the virus quickly weakened in human to human transmission. It was not of ‘pandemic’ potential. They need the lipid nano-particles to encapsulate the mRNA to hijack the cells, and even if the cells produce the spike protein, the scientists said they couldn’t ‘count on the mRNA to do its job’ and create a stable spike protein.

KK: so did the scientists at NIH create a spike protein that they are calling a toxin, freeze it, encapsulate that and stick that in the vials and inject people directly with the bioweapon. This is important for legal reasons. If every lawsuit says people were injected with mRNA that then produces a toxin which is the spike protein, but then it turns out that the toxin was in there independent of the mRNA …

GH: Oh, it is not a Vaxx!

KK: it is not a vaxx—it is a direct bioweapon. The mRNA is not needed to produce the bioweapon by being injected directly. What is needed is the nano-particles. I have study after study, peer reviewed and no-peer reviewed journals, of the scientific community, NIH, Moderna saying ‘they love these lipid nano-particles from Artbitus and Acuitus out of Washington DC. They did not know how to get to the genetic-editing material out of people, they didn’t know how to get spike proteins from different species including reptiles…but we can literally use this lipid nano-particle technology to deliver anything to anybody.

KK: Eco Alliance says the same thing in their pitch to DARPA when they talked about the ‘bat coronavirus.’ First they said they were going to make the humanized/bat coronavirus and inoculate the bat. By using lipid nano-particles they would encapsulate the virus and then spray the bats down, give them something to eat, or somehow put it on their paws or skin. But they said they needed the lipid nano-particles to do this. The spike protein is a toxin that needs to be kept at zub-zero temperatures.

KK: Enviromet is supposed to be anti-bacteria, so why would they spray that at my son’s school and why would it look like stuff that comes out of a fire extinguisher? Why did you see footage of them spraying in Wuhan in 2020 with ‘sanitizing’ spray. The mist of that looks like something coming out of a fire extinguisher.

GH: they are particles.

KK: they are lipid nano-particles that are kept at very cold temperatures to deliver a bioweapon.

GH: you said in a past interview that this was very unstable so they wrap it in a lipid nano-particle which is hydrogel, which is graphene. And the graphene is poison in and of itself.

KK: yes, graphene oxide is toxic to humans at certain levels. It is not meant to be in our bodies. You can look at historical water reclamation studies where they are using zeolite to get graphene oxide out of the water supply. If there is too much of it in the water, it is toxic.

KK: I am not worried if there is evidence of snake venom in the water supply. But there are going to be contracts to start redoing the piping of our water systems, we know that they contaminated it before with other materials and metals. The last thing is that we want to make sure that they are not contaminating the water supply in the future with graphene oxide. With the electro-magnetic fields it can respond to signals like 5G. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.

KK: this is like the Cures Act that was passed and signed by Obama in 2016 annihilating all the safety regulations for pharmaceutical and medical device products under an experiment. They basically eliminated the independent safety review board standards. We want to make sure that our government is not passing laws that allow corporations to harm, disable, disfigure Americans.

GH: you go to get a vaxx and they say what it is and in this is the mRNA, but there could be multiple different patented spike proteins totally separate from the vaccine. Is that what you are telling me?

KK: absolutely there can be. First of all why are there 7 different configurations of the spike protein from different animals and different viruses? Second, why does it have a different patent? Third, Geovax, the holding company which HHS licensed has all the technology patents and why did they need separate licensing deals with J and J, Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax and with Puravax. I believe that J&J and Puravax are non mRNA vaccines, so why do they have a license deal with Geovax to produce a spike protein if their vaccine doesn’t have the mRNA to produce the spike protein?

GH: so this is an ‘addendum’ to the vaccine they want to put in there along with the vaccine.

KK: the mRNA produces a spike protein. The scientists at NIAID and Moderna took that spike protein, jimmied it up and then they froze it and made it’s own separate patent and separate licensing deals for it. It is separate from the mRNA that is producing the spike protein in your body, but is that spike protein being produced in your body the same spike protein that is in the patent? The answer is ‘no’ because what is being produced in your body isn’t being automatically frozen with liquid nitrogen that would have to be produced in your body. That I am aware but who knows what they can do today? I don’t believe that we are producing liquid nitrogen in our bodies at this time.

GH: these things can attack your body in multiple different ways in multiple organs. Dr Ryan Cole is saying that at least 20 times the amount of cancer is showing up that are very aggressive. He is seeing more pericarditis and myocarditis. Justin Bieber’s wife had a stroke and now we have all these unexplained deaths with people around 50 years old. They don’t list anything as the cause of death. Is this all related to the injections?

KK: it is and the challenge is that we were told a story about a ‘novel’ corona virus, the very, very long story. If it is fictitious it is a very long made up story.

GH: what they could have been releasing instead of a virus is spike proteins.

KK: they could have been releasing—let’s just call them bioweapons that were synthetically created from venom and rabies virus. They created a bioweapon and encapsulated it in a lipid nanoparticle which is a bioweapon delivery system. There could have been a bioweapon attack and it could have been put in something that the people ate at the Wuhan market, which was a seafood market. It could have been put in the ice and that is how people got poisoned.

KK: In Lombardy, Italy there could have been an aerosol version or poisoning with lipid nano-particles in people’s food. This is a bioweapon and a poison. I remember the young actor in NY City who went to the ER with a high fever. Within several hours he had multiple limbs amputated because of blood clotting and then he died from massive organ failure very quickly. This is not from a virus that causes respiratory infection. This is a bioweapon just like the KGB or CIA would use weapons to kill enemies of the nation. That is what it is.

KK: I know that sounds insane but when you read the patents that is what they are describing. We are calling something a spike protein and may be a chemical agent, a biowarfare weapon. These are not my words, these are the words in the patents.

GH: how bad do you think this is going to get? Clif High said this would peak in 2024 and every year will be worse. There will be all-cause mortalities from heart attacks to car wrecks, plus strokes, autoimmune disease, cancer. They are talking about insurance companies not covering anybody who has been vaccinated/injected. How bad do you think this is going to get? What is your ‘handicap’? How many millions are going to die from this?

KK: it is going to take us years—decades to figure out what people were injected with. More information is coming forward. Depending on what people were injected with depends on the level of disease, disability and death that are going to occur. If you read Unrestricted Warfare from the CCP, they talk about using bioweapons and America is the ‘great enemy.’ They know they cannot go head to head with the military, but I think the overall strategy was not cause mass death of Americans the way to take out the enemy? It is better to weaken the people. We are all at war now. If you kill a soldier with a sniper shot, the soldier is dead. But if the soldier is injured –and now we have been attacked by bioweapons so people are developing cancers or certain forms of paralysis.

KK: now you need multiple members of families and resources to take care of them—that is more detrimental to our nation, economy and our strength and productivity than simply having people die.

GH: do you think Loren Austin, secretary of defense knows or should know this? According to Dr. Pierre Kory, he is in contact with Lt. Col. Theresa Long, the M.D. who ascertains if people can fly, go to war and/or are battle ready to do so. She said that in one military base in NC, 80 marines died from the vaxx. How can you push this if you care about America and the readiness of our military?

KK: I said a month ago that Americans are betrayed and lied to by General Milley and Lloyd Austin. They are enemies of our nation and enemies of our constitution. There is no reason why they don’t have access to the data I have access to or why they are not listening to the medical doctor from the US Naval who talked about the deaths—LT. Col. Theresa Long.

KK: they should spend more time listening to her, reading the patents and the data and less time worrying about ‘whiteness’ and transgenderism. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you wonder what someone’s intentions are, just take a look at the outcomes. If under General Milley and Lloyd Austin the men and women in our military are becoming disabled, disfigured and killed—that is their intention.

GH: do you think this fall will become worse as some doctors are saying. The MSM keeps covering this up and protect the ‘abusers.’

KK: things are going to get worse. We know that glycoprotein 120, the envelope for HIV is part of the sequence of the SARSCV2 virus and spike protein. The job of the HIV envelope is to wipe out your white blood cells , the CD4 and CDE cells. That is your first line of defense and that is why there is vaccine-associated induced immune deficiency disease. People’s immune systems are getting weaker.

GH: I had Dr. Elizabeth Eads on and she said that the data is out there in the UK, Canada, Israel, that it is destroying your immune system.

KK: on June 21, 2020, the FDA ordered Pfizer to do an additional analysis post the 2 months data they submitted for authorization and approval. What they did is when they compared the placebo group who got injected later than the original group, Pfizer and the FDA concluded that the risk from infection from CV19 increases over time after a second dose of the jab. They concluded that your immune system weakens over time after you have gotten two doses.

KK: I know it is in VAERS, publications and the patents, put it is in their own damn words. I am furious. Pfizer and FDA said when you get the 2nd shot, over time your immune system is going to become weaker. That was in June and in August the FDA approved that ‘vaccine‘.’

GH: yes, the booster.

KK: yes, people’s immune systems are getting weaker. If you go into the patents cancers are popping up. Yes, because your immune system is being wiped out and doesn’t have the signaling and the functioning properly to stop the progression and growth of cancer cells and remove them from the body. It is not able to allow for the natural cell death to happen in epotosis. That is inhibited.

KK: but the sequence for this HeLa cancer virus is in there which is known as the immortal virus1. It was patented in the 1950s or the 1960s and is the most aggressive form of cancer cell known and that sequence is in the master patent for the mRNA vaccine.

KK: HIV glycoprotein 120 allows hijacking not just the cytoplasm but of the nucleus to then create new genetic codes, so people are being injected with the genetic seed to produce the most aggressive form of cancer out there. That would explain how adults are going from being perfectly healthy to all of a sudden having these aggressive stage 4 cancers in different parts of their bodies—colon cancer, breast cancer, myeleoma, and forms of very aggressive bone cancer. There are very poor prognoses and the survival rate is very low and short.

GH: someone said their dad was totally healthy and within 2 or 3 months after getting the shot he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

KK: there are so many stories and people are passing away from being healthy. A friend’s father died of cardiovascular complications but the autopsy showed stage 4 cancer. We are at war and the enemy is not just using one form of attack. If you are on the battlefield it’s not just like they are only using machine guns, or only tanks, or only mustard gas or grenades. What is in those vials is not just mRNA; it is not just spike protein separate from mRNA, not just genetic sequences from cancers, reptiles, HIV, rodent leukemia. What is in the vials is demonic and it needs to stop.

GH: I asked how long the graphene oxide lasts and you said it was indestructible and was 17 times stronger than steel. How long do these mRNA wrapped in lipid particles last?

KK: graphene oxide is very interesting and there is something called genetically engineered hydrogel. This is combined with AI (artificial intelligence) I wasn’t into the graphene oxide because everyone was focused on the environment and what could be recycled. I looked into how to destroy graphene oxide and it is 1700 times stronger than titanium, it has over 4000 degree temperature boiling point, and it appears to be indestructible.

GH: if you are injected with graphene oxide how long does it last in your body?

KK: if there was naturally found graphene oxide in the water supply, theoretically through zeolite supplement it would be able to absorb and attach to the graphene in your body and remove through your kidneys and urine. But this is genetically engineered hydrogel graphene oxide. According to the document Genetically engineered graphene oxide hydrogel, not only is it indestructible and you cannot remove it from your body, but through biosynthesis, the calcium in your body the genetically engineered hydrogel can then produce more genetically engineered hydrogel substance in your body by using your own calcium.

1 The Importance of HeLa Cells | Johns … – Hopkins Medicine › henriettalacks › importance-of-hela-cells.html

The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks The Importance of HeLa Cells Among the important scientific discoveries of the last century was the first immortal human cell line known as “HeLa” — a remarkably durable and prolific line of cells obtained during the treatment of Henrietta’s cancer by Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. George Gey in 1951.

GH: can the graphene oxide hurt your organs?

KK: absolutely, it can. It actually conducts a positive charge or a negative charge. So what kind of damage can that do to cells around it?

The concept of the globalists –whether it’s Elon Musk using neuro-links or Gaale Ehlrich who filed a patent in the US and Israel to use graphene oxide to create a network within your body is to connect to the internet, to use synapses in your brain and nerve fibers that can connect directly to the neuro servers or the internet, or vice versus. So information can be transmitted to and from a server, or you can send and receive information from other individuals. The idea is that you are all connected.

GH: these are in patents?

KK: the patent that Ehlrich filed had the provision granted March 31, 2021 and officially granted in August, 2021. That is in that patent.

KK: but the neural in neuro-link, I don’t have the patents. But Elon Musk goes on platforms and explains the concept of neurolink is to connect the human brain to the internet because he says that we are already a cyborg by using the cell phones. It is slow to type in information so it is easier if we could somehow incorporate everything that is in the phone into our brains and he says the neurolinks can be delivered through an injection by using a self-assembling technology robot that is more than 24 microns that can then thread 1000 strings and rewire parts of your brain so you can be connected to the internet. This is all online.

KK: there are a lot of things that have been done in the dark that are now coming to light, both in the biotech industry as well as in cybertech and AI industry. In my opinion it is our worst nightmare come true because biotech, AI and cybertech have now converged. In biotech you now have scientists playing ‘God’ by using the genetic sequencing of human beings from CRISPR technology. Now they are creating their own species or their new types of chimeric, multi-species humans.

KK: that is horrible; that is playing “God” in biotech. In cyber and AI they are playing ‘God” they figured out computer codes and codes that are more intelligent than man, and in the scientist’s words, they have ‘godlike intelligence’ and ‘godlike’ power. Biotech says the same thing and now those industries have converged. What we have is a group of scientists and industry leaders playing ‘God’ and it is not our God, it is Satan, the father of lies and destruction.

KK: before the father of destruction can destroy God’s children, he must deceive and we have all been greatly deceived.

KK: Look at Lloyd Austin and General Milley mandating the vaccines—look at the outcome. They are mandating this to destroy our military and to kill the men and women who took an oath to protect our nation and our constitution. They are the enemies against America.

GH: Ivermectin—Pierre Kory says ivermectin is the baseline drug. Can people help themselves with Ivermectin?

KK: according to all the research I’ve looked at and all the experts I have spoken to, think of Ivermectin as your baseline foundation to fight against these bioweapons. It has strong anti-viral properties, anti-parasitic properties and it is a natural fortifier of your immune system without causing overstimulation of your immune system and that is really important.

GH: Dr. Kory says ivermectin binds the spike proteins and removes them.

KK: scientifically that is valid and makes perfect sense.

GH: how about the spike proteins that are injected and have their own special patent?

KK: I have no idea. I will send you the study. They have snake venom, strong bacterial agents. NAC, L’systine. Another is NAD-l-systine fortifies your cells and cytoplasma around your cells that keep things from getting into your cells that should not be there, and it slows down viral replication such as in HIV. And improves the signaling of cells to properly communicate.

KK: how are states allowing their residents to be injected? They have the authority to ban the vaccine from their states if there is no threat from CV19. They can ban the vaccine from the states. Take a look at Greenich Bio Sciences case study and how they had to struggle to get their product available in every state for epilepsy after FDA approval because of state laws.

GH: so you say these governors could stop this right now. DeSantis could say that the virus is not a threat to public health and governors could say it is not longer a threat and they can ban the biological agents out of the state and you cannot get injected with an experimental, biological agent that is being called the CV19 in the state.

GH: you could be getting 7 separate patented spike proteins along with your mRNA injection. You could get something put into the mix separate from the vaccine.

KK: yes, exactly. Why are people having severe gastro intestinal effects from being exposed to the virus or the vaccine? That is the sequence from the pig epidemic diarrhea virus that is put into the patent. So people are having different symptoms from different disease because they are different diseases.

KK: the spike protein is supposed to be produced by the mRNA. According to the research and the patent, the spike protein exists independent from the mRNA and is frozen and can be encapsulated in