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Why Would You Want D.N.A. Support? 

Following information is from Greg Hunter,, weekly news wrap-up on April 2, 2021:


Are you a team player who is now involved in an experimental drug trial?

More than 99 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and more than 56 million people—17% of the nation’s population—have been fully vaccinated, according to CDC………

Vaccine makers have zero liability and the mRNA will change your DNA…..

Over 100 Fully Vaccinated People in Washington State Test Positive for Covid-19

That number represents 0.01 percent of people in the state who have been fully vaccinated against the Covid-19

Eight of the patients required hospitalization and two, both over 80 years old with underlying health issues, died.  All contracted the virus more than 2 weeks after being fully vaccinated.

Chief Science Officer and VP of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, talked to America’s Frontline Doctors and said:

‘It’s ‘entirely possible’ that vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’  The good news is that there are multiple  (non-vaccine) choices available such as hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, budesonide (inhaled steroid used in asthmatics), and oral Vitamin D, zinc, azithromycin, etc.  these reduce the severity to such an extent that this virus did not need to become a public health crisis. 

‘I can only deduce the (vaccines) will be used for nefarious purposes.  For example, if someone wished to kill or harm a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the system being put in place right now will enable it. 

‘It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.

‘There will be more shots.  Don’t take them.  If you had a shot, don’t take another one.  If you had both shots, they will tell you to ‘top off’ your vaccines.  Don’t do it. You have already made the mistake of taking the shots.  Don’t take any more.’[1]


Study:  CDC Overstated Covid-19 Deaths….in the Epoch Times March 24, 2021.


Number of Pregnant Women suffering Miscarriage after having Covid Vaccine increases by 483% in just 7 weeks


We’re saddened to report that the eighth update on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme has seen yet another increase in the number of women suffering the heartbreak of losing an unborn child.

The Government have released weekly reports on adverse reactions to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, the first of which covered data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 through to the 24th January 2021. Their latest report (find it here), which is the eighth to be released covers data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 through to the 14th March 2021.

Just seven weeks separate the first and eighth report, and the shocking increase in the number of women losing their unborn and newborn child in that time due to having either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is appalling.

This was the Governments own advice upon emergency approval of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine –

There are no or limited amount of data from the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.  Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is not recommended during pregnancy.
For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination. In addition, women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.

We told you about this back in December, as the Governments own advice also included comments on breast-feeding and fertility which were as follows –

It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is excreted in human milk. A risk to the newborns/infants cannot be excluded. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 should not be used during breast-feeding.

It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.

It is because of this advice released by the UK Government that we were so shocked to see in the first released report of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 24th January 2021 a total of 4 women had suffered a miscarriage as a result of having the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

As well as a total of 2 women losing their unborn child as result of having the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

We’re still unable to answer why these women were given one of the Covid vaccines against the Governments own advice. But what’s truly shocking is how much this number has increased in the 7 weeks that have unfolded since.

According to the eighth report released by the UK Government on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 14th March 2021, there has been a 550% increase since the 24th January in the number of women who have lost their unborn child after having the Pfizer vaccine, bringing the total to 26. This is devastating.

Sadly there is also 1 report of a premature baby sadly dying after the mother had the Pfizer vaccine.

The AstraZeneca jab has also caused unnecessary pain to expectant mothers. As of the 14th March there has been a 350% increase since the 24th January in the number of women to suffer a miscarriage, bringing the total to 9.

The question is why are we seeing these numbers when the Governments own advice was that pregnant women should not have the vaccine?

Well we started digging and found that the Government has since updated it’s original advice to the following –

4.6 Fertility, pregnancy and lactation
There is limited experience with use of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in pregnant women.
Animal studies do not indicate direct or indirect harmful effects with respect to pregnancy, embryo/fetal development, parturition or post-natal development. Administration of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in pregnancy should only be considered when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and fetus.

This is criminal! We dread to think what sort of numbers of these events we will see in the weeks to come.

Informed consent is important, we don’t believe these women were informed in the slightest, and now they will have to suffer the eternal pain of losing their unborn or newborn child.

[1] Greg Hunter, a true journalist, vets all his sources.

24.28 minutes:

Note: Mike Adams reported on April 1, 2021 on his Natural News Situation Report that an infant died after nursing from a new mother who was vaccinated.  The mother received her 2nd dose last Wednesday.  On Thursday her breast fed baby was covered in a head to toe rash and by that night he was inconsolable and declining so they went to the ER. The baby was diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic perpura and had elevated liver enzymes.  He was hospitalized and various treatments were begun but he continued to decline and he passed away last night.

Here we have an infant apparently killed by the ‘vaccine’ that was given to the infant’s mother because she is breast feeding.  What does that tell you?  We should already know that babies get a lot of immunity from mother’s milk and that is why it is so important… mother’s milk contains both active immune components and passive immune components for the baby.  The baby ingests components that boosts the baby’s immunity to ‘jump start’ the baby’s immune system which kicks into more of an active mode as the infant ages.  But if you are vaccinating the mother with a vaccine, and who knows what is in it, it gets into the breast milk. 

That vaccine ends up being ingested by the baby and the baby can be killed.  Keep this in mind when you understand that vaccine companies now claim to be running experiments on infants as young as 6 months old.  They are experimenting on young babies and this is a crime against humanity.  These vaccine company CEOs and executives should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.  They should be prosecuted, punished if found guilty and held accountable for destroying the lives of infants…  this is a holocaust in 2021 now as a vaccine holocaust except that today’s corporations know exactly what they are doing.  They know they are using human beings for medical experiments which are supposed to have been outlawed after the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis.

0403-2021—Dr. Vernon Coleman:

If you have been watching my videos for the last year you will know that my predictions and interpretations have been absolutely accurate.  Now more than ever I need your help; unless we work together, we are doomed.  We need to reach millions with this video.  The big platforms and major media have banned me and I cannot reach those millions without you.  I believe this is the most important video I will ever make and the most important you will ever see.  Do nothing for the next few days but send this video to everyone you know or don’t know who has an email address.  And send it to every journalist whose email address you can find.

Do you remember the video in which Bill and Melinda Gates sat and smirked when they talked about how the next pandemic would make people sit up and take notice? I think I know now what is going to happen.  We all know that the evil elite, the Agenda 21 and Great Reset promoters have all along intended to kill between 90 and 95% of the world population.  Sadly I feel it is probably too late to save many of those who have had the vaccine. Millions are doomed and I fear that many will die when they next come into contact with the corona virus. 

But something has gone seriously wrong with the plans of the elite.  The result is that those of us who have not had the vaccine appear to be in serious danger too. We need to keep our immune systems in tip-top condition by eating wisely and taking vitamin D supplements and at some point we may need to keep away from those who have had the vaccine.  They are, I believe, a very real danger to the survival of the human species. 

For longer than I like to think about it I have been warning about the dangers of the Covid19 vaccines.  I know that they really shouldn’t be called vaccines.  One official definition has been changed to accommodate them. But if I call them gene therapy, then the people we are trying to reach who have been told they are vaccines won’t know what I am talking about. Almost a year ago I warned that the reason that the corona virus risk was being exaggerated was partly to set up a mandatory vaccination program.

The Covid19 fake pandemic was created in part to find an excuse for the vaccines rather than the vaccine being created as a solution to the alleged threat posed by Covid19.  I have been warning for months that the experimental vaccines are dangerous and produce many potentially deadly side effects.  The celebrities, many doctors are wrong in providing assurance and I think I was right in saying that the vaccines could kill more people than the Covid19. 

It now seems likely that the vaccines may be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions who have not been vaccinated.  My long term thinking has always been that the Covid19 fraud was planned with a purpose to kill as many of the elderly and the frail as possible.  And of course to introduce mandatory vaccinations.  That is what I said in my first video in mid-March, 2020.  It is still available on Brandnewtube.  There was of course the plan to destroy and then reinvent the economy to satisfy the requirements of agenda 21 and the great reset.

Days after that first video appeared, I was furiously attacked on the internet.  My Wikipedia entry was dramatically changed.  Details of all my books, tv series and columns were removed. I was described as a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist.’  No one every said who I had been discredited by.  I made a video explaining just how the Wikipedia entry was altered in order to demonize and discredit.  Many others who questioned the official line on Covid19 have suffered the same way.  The BBC and the national press joined in to attack those who dared to question the official line by airing unacceptable truths.

Now if fear the genocidal lunatics, the horseman of the apocalypse who planned this fraud are leading us into Armageddon.  I have long believed that the architects of this fraud expected that millions would die.  However I now believe that the evil minds who created this fraud dramatically underestimated the danger of the experimental vaccines which they have been promoting with such vigor. 

Millions who have received one of the Covid19 vaccines may die as a result of those vaccinations.  I’ll explain how and why in a moment.  The fraud started with the wild predictions made by Ferguson of the Imperial College.  Ferguson is a mathematical modeler with an appalling track record.  The people planning the fraud knew that Ferguson’s predictions were absurd.  They must have known that his track record was embarrassingly bad.  Nevertheless his predictions were used as an excuse for the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks, and the closure of schools and hospital departments. This was all utter madness.  The logical thing to do was to isolate individuals who had the infection in the same way that people with the flu are told to stay home and to protect the most vulnerable people, largely the elderly with heart or chest disorders.

But the politicians and the advisors did everything wrong and those who questioned what was happening were demonized and silenced.  The fact is that the immune systems of healthy people are bolstered through interactions with others…healthy children and young adults have very powerful immune systems.

It is really only the elderly and the frail who are threatened by the new virus.  And yet the world’s politicians and advisors deliberately led us into a mass vaccination program.  The public were originally assured that only through a huge vaccination program could they possibly win back some of their lost freedom. This was always dangerous nonsense.

The experimental vaccines that were approved so quickly were never going to do what people were told they would do. The vaccines were not designed to prevent infection or transmission; vaccines don’t stop people from getting the Covid19, they stop them from transmitting it if they do get it.  The vaccines may help limit the seriousness of the symptoms for some of those who are injected.  That is not what most people believe.  The vast majority of people who have been vaccinated believe they have been protected against the infection.  It was another fraud. 

Apart from the rather important fact that they do not do what people think that they do, there are 3 huge problems with the vaccines:

  • The first problem of course is that these vaccines are experimental and have already proved to be desperately dangerous, killing many people already and producing serious adverse effects.  The size of this particular problem could be judged by the fact that even the authorities admit there may be 1 in 100 vaccine related deaths. ​​​And serious injuries will be reported and it is impossible to predict how many will die of allergic problems, heart problems, strokes, neurological problems, or how many will be blinded or paralyzed.  There is a list on my website of people known to be injured or killed by the vaccine and it’s a terrifying list to read.  The death toll is terrifying but most authorities keep insisting that these are all coincidences.  When someone died within 60 or 28 days of positive Covid19 test, even if the test result was false, they were automatically treated as a Covid19 death to push up the figures.  But when healthy people die within hours of the vaccinations the deaths are just dismissed as coincidences.  What a lot of tragic coincidences there have been.
  • The second problem is the immune system problem known as pathogenic priming or cytokine storm. What happens is the immune system of the person who has been vaccinated will be primed to respond in a very dramatic way if that individual comes into contact with the virus in the future.  The result can be catastrophic and this is what I fear will happen in the autumn and next winter. The people who have had the vaccine are going to be in real trouble when they next come into contact with the Coronavirus. Their immune systems will over-react and that is why there will be lots of deaths.  
    • Patients haven’t been sufficiently warned about this problem although the evidence was published in the international Journal of Clinical Practice for October, 2020.  The paper describes informed consent disclosure of trial subjects of risk of Covid19 vaccines worsening clinical disease.  There has been no informed consent for patients and I suspect that most doctors remain ignorant of the risks.  Patients are being told that there are no dangers with these vaccines.  The elderly and those with poor immune systems are particularly likely to be killed. 
    • ​​​​​​​What will give you a poor immune system?  Wearing a mask, being isolated from other people, not getting enough sunshine are 3 of these causes.  Drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much tobacco while under house arrest doesn’t help. I fear the extra deaths will occur in the autumn when vaccinated individuals are most likely to be exposed to the virus. The coronavirus spreads most rapidly in autumn and winter.   As a result of the illnesses and deaths that will take place, governments will start promoting the next round of vaccinations.
    • ​​​​​​​There will be much talk of mutations and new hurriedly prepared experimental vaccines will be produced and heavily promoted by celebrities who don’t know anything about medicine nor vaccines.  Doctors who understand the dangers and have doubts, will as usual, be silenced.   Amazingly I believe the people behind this fraud were aware that this would happen and it was part of their evil plan. They knew there would be an increase in deaths in the autumn and the next winter.  They always planned to blame the deaths on a new version of Covid19, one of the many thousands of mutations that will be around in the autumn.  I have long suspected that they would be promoting vaccinations every couple of months or even every month or so. My original use of the word hoax in March, 2020, was intended to criticize the response to a flu-like virus infection.  The response I believed then and I believe now was wildly exaggerated. 
    • ​​​​I suspect this is what Bill and Melinda Gates were smirking about when they implied that we might not take the first pandemic seriously, but that we would treat the pandemic far more seriously. 
    • ​​​​I believe that they and the others involved in the fraud assumed that they would be perfectly safe because they wouldn’t actually have the vaccine. I suspect many elite celebrities were given placebos instead of one of the experimental vaccines.  They were never at risk of being killed or severely injured by the vaccine by developing pathogenic priming and then being incredibly vulnerable the next time they came in contact with the virus infection.  I think the elite thought they were safe and they developed a plan that would result in millions of deaths but would not harm them.  I believe they made a HUGE, crucial mistake which brings us to the 3rd problem.  
  • I don’t think they expected this problem. This problem has been outlined by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who is an eminent vaccine specialist.  I was originally skeptical by what he said because he originally worked for GAVI and the Gates Foundation.  He is the last person in the world who could be described as being opposed to vaccinations.  Dr. Bossche has pointed out that the vaccines currently being used are the wrong weapons to use for this war against a virus infection.  Disastrously by giving vaccines to millions, we are teaching the virus how to mutate and to become stronger and more deadly.  Trying to devise new vaccines for new mutations simply makes things worse because the scientists can’t possibly get ahead of the mutated viruses.  The people who have been vaccinated are now sharing mutated viruses with those around them.  The mutations are becoming stronger and deadlier.  Ending the lockdowns will be perfectly timed to ensure that new mutations of the Covid19 virus are spread far and wide.
    • ​​​​​​​There is another associated problem too.  Normally our bodies contain white blood cells which help us defeat infection…cells called NK cells.  NK stands for natural killers and they help kill the invading bad cells.  Once the NK cells have done their work, antibodies appear to clean up the mess.  Dr. Bossche explains that the Covid19 vaccines are triggering the production of very specific antibodies which compete with the natural defenses of the individuals who have had the vaccines.  The natural defense systems of those who are being vaccinated are being suppressed because the specific antibodies which are produced by the vaccine just take over.  These specific antibodies, the ones produced by the vaccines are permanent; they are there forever within the bodies of the people who have been vaccinated. 
    • ​​​​The disastrous result is that the natural immune systems of the tens of hundreds of millions who are having the vaccines are being effectively destroyed.  Their immune systems will not be able to fight any mutated variation of the virus which develops within their bodies.  Those mutated viruses can spread out into the community.  I believe this is why new virus variations are appearing in areas where the vaccine has been given to lots of people. 

​​​​The bottom line is that giving the vaccines will give the virus the opportunity to become infinitely more dangerous. Every vaccinated individual has the potential to become a mass murderer because their bodies are becoming laboratories making lethal viruses.  And worse still, some of the vaccinated individuals may become asymptomatic carriers spreading lethal viruses around them.  The people who have had the vaccine won’t people to the mutations because their immune systems have been taken over by an artificial defense system given to them by the vaccine and designed to combat the original form of the original Covid19 virus. 

​​​​​​​The vaccinated individuals are going to be very much at risk when the new mutations start to spread.  Their bodies are permanently and exclusively geared to defend against a form of the virus which is rapidly becoming out of date. Getting new vaccines will not help because the mutated virus will not be vulnerable.  The scientists who are making the vaccines won’t be able to get ahead of the mutating virus.  This should have been foreseen as this is the problem that explains why flu vaccines often don’t work.  The politicians and their advisors will lie and blame those who have not had the vaccine for the development of new mutations and for the rising deaths that are going to take place.

If Dr. Bossche is right, and I believe he is, then it is the vaccinated individual who threatens mankind. There will be a major threat to anyone who has been vaccinated.  But there will also be a threat to the unvaccinated because the viruses they are shedding are going to be more dangerous than the original one.  We are in very dangerous territory.  If we don’t stop this vaccine program now, then it is no exaggeration to say that the very future of mankind is at risk. 

Is this what was in the mind of those trying to sell us the Great Reset? I don’t know; maybe their aim all along was to kill us all or maybe their evil plots just got out of hand.  In the UK Ferguson, Hancock Whitney (?) and Valance have always seemed to me to be entirely the wrong people to lead the nation’s response.  In the USA I believe that Fauci was the wrong person.  I feared all along that they were picked because they were the wrong people.  Everything they have done has been wrong for us and right for them and the evil Cabal that promotes Agenda 21 and the Great Reset.

The insistence on suppressing free debate has led us directly into this abyss.  None of these people should have been allowed this control over our lives but by suppressing all opposition as it has never been done before and suppressing the facts the main stream media and the media giants have made it infinitely worse.  Do they think they are going to be safe?  There is a real risk that instead of killing 90 to 95% of the people, as the evil elite originally desired, they could kill everyone by mistake and wipe out mankind. 

We have very little time to save ourselves and we have to boost our immune systems and ironically it is possible that we will need to keep away from the people who have been vaccinated.  I will do a video in the next week or so on how you can boost your immune system.

Now do you see why this is the most important video I have made?  I believe this is the most important video you have ever seen.  I cannot reach the main stream media which simply suppresses the truth and refuses any debate or discussion.  Youtube will not take any videos which question anything promoted by the evil establishment. Send this video to doctors, journalists, friends and share it.  Maybe we can persuade people in power that they are not immune to the disaster which lies ahead. This will be my last video for a few days. 

I hope Dr. Bossche is wrong; I hope I am wrong but everything in this video needs serious investigation. If these fears are not publicized and investigated then we will know for absolutely certain that the plan is to kill as many of us as possible. There can be no other conclusion.  Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.  Please spread my videos.  This record has not been monetized and none of my videos have ever been monetized.  Thank you to Brandnewtube for providing the platform and congratualtions to Muhammed Butt and Brandnewtube.  I think they have been in trouble with youtube recently and that is always a sign that you are on the side of the angels.  Don’t forget to watch my friend Dr. Colin Barnes’ amazing videos. Listen to Richie Allen’s radio show. Please visit my website and

Finally, it may feel like difficult times, please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up.  When they are awake they will stay awake. Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.  Thank you for watching and please, please share this video with everyone you know and everyone you don’t know.  It’s our only chance.    

What are your thoughts?

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