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Watch our video regarding shungite here: and our shungite blog here

This package includes the following:

  • New Tech Frequency Relief Vial which includes:
    • shungite,
    • C60,
    • Silver Gans,
    • epazote,
    • green tea,
    • star of anise,
    • nutmeg,
    • milk thistle, and more.
  • Shungite powder treated with Silver GANS water-Enough treated Shungite powder for one hive entrance
  • and 6 Shungite stones

Beekeepers are frustrated due to the loss of colonies of honey bees.  Causes vary, but include WiFi from many sources around us, environmental toxins such as glyphosate, mites and beetles.  Sprays and poisons for parasites are also harmful for bees and there is no known remedy regarding the EMFs from Cell phone towers and WiFi.  Genetic modification of bees has been tried at the University of Pennsylvania for building immunity to toxins and parasites, but it has been found that it does not last from one year to the next and the bees revert back to their prior genetic profile with subsequent generations.

There is now a product call “Shungite” which is only available in one place on earth in Karelia, Russia. This Shungite contains almost all of the elements on the periodic table of elements but with a very high carbon content of over 90%.  Some of these carbon molecules are in the form of C60 also called “Bucky Balls” or “Fullerenes.” C60 is just now being scientifically investigated but has been found to extend the life of mice, eliminate cancer and poor eyesight in mice, and has the impact of general good health and well being.

Beekeepers using shungite have reported colony growth by large numbers, great increases in honey yield, no parasites and stronger and more active bees.  All this occurs with no insecticides or toxins of any kind.  There is more information regarding Shungite on YouTube under “Cosmic Reality” and “Shungite Bees.”  This information includes that silver is used to enhance the “Shungite” powder and how to use the Shungite stones and powder to make bees healthy, happy and productive.  You can order the Shungite from Russia.  Expect it to take several weeks and expect the shipping to cost about double the amount of the products.  The Shungite powder you’ll receive from them is not treated with silver.

Plasma Energy Solution offers the Shungite powder treated with silver as well as Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief vials which you can use as the ‘starter’ for making all the water you might want for misting your bee boxes. The Shungite powder you receive from Plasma Energy Solution is treated with Never Ending Plasma Energy Silver GANS (gas in an atomic nano solid state) water and Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief GANS water.

If you have additional questions please email us at and include your phone number.  Paul Schmaltz, DVM, will give you more information and details of how to use these products.  You can tell by our modest pricing that our main motivation is not making money, but helping beekeeper entrepreneurs and our environment.

Instructions: Your Never Ending Plasma Energy New Tech Frequency Relief  vial you use as the ‘starter’ for making all the water you might want for misting your bee boxes.

  1. Place the closed vial inside or taped to the outside of a clear glass or clear plastic container. Be sure to label your jar as the ink on vials could eventually disappear.  If you have patches place them on either side of a clear glass or clear plastic container.  Clear packing tape is a good choice for securing vials and patches.
  2. Add distilled or filtered water to the jar and let it sit overnight the first time you are going to use it.  Then when you add water you can let it sit for several hours and then it is ready to use.
  3. If you want to create a spray bottle or make more patches just use the water from inside your jar.
  4. Never open the closed vials-that way the GANS inside them is Never-Ending.
  5. Once you have set up the separate jar, you can always get a small vial and add that to your Plasma Energy Station if you have one.


Bob in Florida is a beekeeper who called us when he lost a large colony of bees.  We sent Bob the Shungite products listed in our Beekeeper Package.  When he got the New Tech Frequency Relief Vial and set up his water container with the vial, he let it sit over night.  Then he opened the boxes of the collapsed colony and found the problem—a huge beetle infestation.  He sprayed the inside of the collapsed colony boxes with the beetles in them.  When he checked on the boxes a week later all but about 5 of over 500 beetles were dead.  In the meantime he misted his other bee hives and reported the bees were happy and active.