Healthy Kidney


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Healthy Kidneys vial or pads contain the gans of

CO2, CH3, ZnO2, stem cell, Hg, Korean B9 salt gans, amino acids.

Put your vial or pads on a clear glass or clear plastic container and let it sit overnight before using it the first time.  Once you have it set up just add water as you need to at night and let it recharge.  You can make a set of pads to wear in the middle of the back at the belt line and right over the belly button.  You may have to devise a cumberband (made of a silk scarf?) to hold the pads in place during the day or you can try tape if it doesn’t irritate your skin.  Use the water to spray the sheets and clothing that come in contact with these areas of the body.

Also you can add a cup of the water to your laundry rinse cycle and soak for about an hour and then spin and dry as usual.  You only have to add it to the laundry once and it will stay in the clothing.  You can put some of the water in a spray bottle to spray on your body after showering or bathing.  You can also just spray directly on to clothing, front and back, that comes in contact with the belt line areas described.

Drinking the water can also help to bring balance to your body.

What Is In Healthy Kidneys?


Lynn Schmaltz talks about the ingredients of Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Kidneys.