Dog Food Plasma Energy Water


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Plasma energy for Dogs took over 3 months to develop and has the ingredients of selected quality dog food, plus Korean Salt GANS, Amino Acids, and Hemoglobin.  Place the vial on the outside of a jar of distilled or filtered water.  Dog Food Plasma Energy Water is meant for use in emergencies when you are unable to purchase or acquire the food you generally give your dog(s). The combination is to support your dog’s health with the plasma energies provided.  These ingredients are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state.  Remember that dogs are very good at training their people and will not be happy to see the bottom of their dish.  Introduce the Dog Food GANS by making it their drinking water and slowly scale back their food if they are over weight.  Use the Dog Food Plasma Energy water as a means of cutting back and not necessarily cutting out the foods your dogs are used to eating unless there is an emergency. It will not ‘wear out’ and does not have an ‘expiration’ date.  You can share the water in vials with others for their dogs and not lose potency.