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Never Ending Plasma Energy D. N. A. Support is meant to be used with your intention to support your DNA whether you have taken experimental biologicals  (some call them vaccines), a swab test, or neither but wishing to maintain the gift of your DNA you were born with.

If you have all the plasma energies mentioned in this information, then you can make D. N. A. Support.  Here is what you will do:

  1. Take a large glass container and add 70ml (1/4th cup) of all the ingredients listed.
  2. You don’t have a separate vial of B9 Korean Salt, so add another 1/4th cup of the Plasma Energy Station water. Then add the frequencies, your intention and follow the rest of the instructions.

Here is what Harvard researchers said about DNA as storage at https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/134672-harvard-cracks-dna-storage-crams-700-terabytes-of-data-into-a-single-gram

          “What modern scientists are calling worthless DNA is anything but…You are a breathing walking hard drive with trillions of terabytes of data on your biological hard drive…one gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes (7000 gigabytes) of data.  That means there is enough room for information storage in a smidgen of DNA that would fit on the tip of a frog’s tail.”

The following plasma energies are included in Never Ending Plasma Energy DNA Support:

  • Plasma Energy Station water,
  • Alzheimer’s Relief,
  • Anxiety Relief,
  • B9 Korean Salt,
  • Clean Mouth,
  • Clear Mind,
  • Detox,
  • Dewormer (fenbendazole),
  • Healthy Genes,
  • Healthy Gut,
  • Healthy Heart,
  • Healthy Lung,
  • Immune Support,
  • Inflammation Relief,
  • Ivermectin (2020+ Support),
  • Life Force,
  • Lung Support,
  • New Tech Frequency Relief,
  • Peace.

This represents many hundreds of energies including those of gold, silver, CO2, ZnO, CuO2, and many, many more energies of herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, foods, plants, South American herbs and roots, North American herbs and roots.

How to set up your D. N. A. Support:

  1. Add your vial (or pair of pads) to a clear glass or clear plastic container of distilled or filtered water. (High quality, no pollutants well water can be used also as well as mountain spring water).
  2. Let it sit overnight and play the tones from the links provided at the end of these instructions if you wish.
  3. Once it sits overnight, separate the water into separate jars if there are multiple family members and pets—one for each individual. Set each of the separate jars up with filtered or distilled water and add a small vial (or attach a pair of pads you have made from the original container of your DNA Support).  Put the name of each individual on each jar.
  4. After that has sat for 8 hours or more, place a small vial of saliva from the family member. For pets you can use some of the drinking water out of their water dish.  Let this sit for another 8 hours.
  5. Write or type your intention for what you want the DNA Support to do and tape this to the outside of each container with clear packing tape. Example of intention: _____ (your name) DNA: this holds my best version of my DNA and over rides any energies or anything that would be non-beneficial to me spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally.”
  6. After this has sat for 8 hours it is ready to drink. Drink at least one half to one cup of this water 2 to 3 times daily.  You can just add some of this water to your pet’s drinking water whenever you are adding water.
  7. When your container is 2/3rds full add more distilled water and always continue to do that. You can wait about 30 minutes before drinking some of the water.  If you let the jar get below half, add the distilled or filtered water and let it sit for an hour.
  8. Play the Tone of 396 for releasing fear and 528 for DNA repair near your containers of DNA Support. Links are in the following information.
  9. https://meditativemind.org/benefits-of-music-based-on-7-solfeggio-frequencies/
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goyZbut_KFY&t=34s