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Never-Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Bladder contains CO2, ZnO, Inflammation Relief and B9 Korean Salt GANS.


Place the closed vial of GANS water on or into a clear container filled with distilled, filtered or good quality spring water.  Let the container sit for several hours and once the filtered water inside the container has ‘changed’ then you can put some of the ‘changed’ water into a spray bottle to spray on the front of your body and on the back of your body in the general area where the bladder is located (right above the pubic bone).


Add more filtered water as needed to the container with the vial in it, but never open the vial inside the container or use the water inside the vial.  Only use the water inside the container. You can also make pads to wear inside your clothing.  Watch our video on how to make pads. You can also drink the ‘changed’ water in amounts you think are appropriate for your body.  Start with 1/3 cup 3 times a day and increase or decrease as you feel is proper.