Never-Ending Plasma Energy Memory Support

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Never Ending Plasma Energy Memory Relief contains the energies of the gans of ZnO, CO2, CH3, potassium, magnesium, B9 Korean Salt, Amino Acids and hemoglobin and other proprietary herbs.  You will place the Memory Relief patches on either side of a clear glass or plastic container.  It is fine to tape them on with clear plastic tape.  You will use your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Water in all your cooking and making of coffee, tea and soups.

1 review for Never-Ending Plasma Energy Memory Support

  1. Michael Joy

    I have memory and have not yet used it. I also have Clear Mind. I would like to see ingredients and protocol please. How is Memory intended to work to heal what causes memory laps. How is it different from Clear mind? Thank you

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