Tinnitus Relief


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Never Ending Plasma Energy Tinnitus Relief  ingredients:

The gans of  

Vitamins C,



Folic Acid,

B-12 plus garlic,


olive leaf,

Hawthorne berry,

buchu leaves,

uva ursi,

juniper berry, and

green tea extract with

assorted herbs. 

Place the unopened vial on or inside a clear glass or plastic jar.  Let it sit overnight and it is ready to drink several times a day.  Make a small jar of ear drops.  Put 2/3rds of your Tinnitus Relief plasma water and 1/3rd of a good quality organic oil such as olive, avocado, jojoba, castor bean, or other oil of your choice.  Shake the bottle well and let the drops sit overnight the first night.  The next day before using the drops shake them and let the oil and water separate.  Then put several drops of the oil in your ears and massage gently.