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Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus is a GANS combination made of:

  • herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, teas, and roots and the plasma energies of the following GANS:
  • Healthy Genes,
  • Healthy Gut,
  • Healthy Thyroid,
  • Peace,
  • Clear Mind,
  • Kan-Sir,
  • Parasite and
  • Inflammation Relief plus Amino Acids, Hg,
  • and the GANS of B9 Korean Salt.  What makes B9 Korean Salt special is that before Dr. Paul made a GANS of it, it was been baked nine times in Bamboo. Korean Salt is said to contain all that is found on the periodic table. Then Dr. Paul made a GANS of that.

You can put Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus vial or patches on (or in for a vial) a large clear glass or plastic container filled with filtered or distilled water. For the men in the family use this as your drinking water all day.  You can add it to your water bottle for the day as well as to any beverages you mix with water during the day.  You can also wash any of your bedding, blankets and clothing and then do an additional rinse and add a cup of the Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus to a second rinse in the washing machine. Let everything soak for about two hours in the rinse water with the plasma water, then spin and dry as usual. Once you have laundered these items in the plasma energy water you don’t need to repeat it. The plasma energy does not ‘wash’ out and it does not ‘expire’.

You can put some of the Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus water in spray bottle and spray it around the area where you sleep as well as your favorite reading or TV chair.  Spray some of the water on yourself after you bathe or shower and put some of this water in your bath water.   You can make vials or patches for others with your Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus water and it does not lose potency.  They can do the same with their Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Man Plus.

Lynn Schmaltz explains what makes Super Man Plus a good choice for people who are being careful with their budgets.  She shares the important combinations of GANS that make up Super Man Plus which provides a combination of energies to support your emotions as well as your physical well being.


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