About Paul and Lynn and their Never Ending Plasma Energy Station

About the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station

Paul and Lynn lived in New Mexico and then Colorado for many years where Paul practiced veterinary medicine.  Paul was one of the first veterinarians to study acupuncture for animals in the United States in the mid-70s.  After retiring from veterinary medicine and moving to Montana Paul never lost interest in alternative therapies and started studying plasma energy technology as taught by nuclear atomic physicist and engineer, Mehran Keshe, who has made information from many of his patents freely available to all who wish to learn about plasma energy.

Both Paul and Lynn started seeing benefits from using the plasma energy and developed their first plasma energy station in June, 2016 after studying the Keshe Technology for a couple of years.  Paul spent a good deal of time learning how to and making the different GANS.  Lynn started transcribing the weekly Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers workshops and has posted many of the recent links to the workshops on this website.

paul final photo

Every part of the GANS making process for the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station has been done with intention.  When you receive Vials for a Never Ending Plasma Energy Station or products they have been created, packaged and mailed to you with the intention that they are there to assist with better conditions for people receiving them as well as their plants, pets and surroundings.  As you assemble the container for your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station or other products magnify this intention with your own intention of the outcome you wish for.  Your wish is your intention and when it is stated it becomes your command.

final gans picture

Intention is one of the most powerful gifts we have been given by our soul’s Creator.  Mehran Keshe who has shared his knowledge and patents of plasma energy freely with anyone in the world with a desire to learn has spoken often of always using intention with the plasma energy.  As a nuclear scientist he always used prayerful intention before starting work on nuclear reactors.  (Read more about Intention on our Intention page).

About the plasma energy in your plasma energy station: The following list is the plasma energy that is in each of the vials attached to your plasma energy station:

  1.  Vial 1: CO2, Multi-vitamins (See vial 15 for list);   Vial 2: CO2 (carbon dioxide, Cu (copper), Zn (zinc), CH3 (original sugar that provided energy when our lives started), CONH (Amino Acids);    Vial 3:   Iodine with cobalt;    Vial 4: Calcium;    Vial 5: CuO2 (copper oxide);    Vial 6: Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu  (copper), ZnO, CH3;    Vial 7: several dozen assorted herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and vitamins;    Vial 8: Au (gold);    Vial 9: ZnO2 (zinc oxide); Vial 10: CO2 with CH3;    Vial 11: Ag (silver);    Vial 12: Parasitacide;    Vial 13: Food gans and Amino Acid of CO2, Cu  (copper), ZnO, CH3;    Vial 14- thundergod vine, ayahuasca, 80 + minerals, hydration formula with Vitamin C, potassium, silica, oleic acid, crystalline energy, shiaga mushroom, hemp oil (you can look these items up on the internet);    Vial 15: CO2 and Vitamins A, Bs’, C, D, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Sodium, Potassium, Cayenne, Garlic, Rosehips, Papain, Bromelain, Chinese Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Kelp, L’Methionine;    Vial 16: Himalayan Salt.

There are two main ways of creating the GANS.  One is to use the caustic method as was done with the food GANS and many of the vitamin/herb GANS.  The other way is to produce the CO2, ZnO, CH3, and more with the process using nano coated plates in the tubs as shown below.  Both processes can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on the GANS being made.  Below you see one of the methods.  In the bottom of the containers you see some powder forming.  This is the powder that you see in the jars of white powder on the left below.  Different combinations of materials will provide different powders.  The jar on the right has materials that were created with the caustic method.  All the waters that go in the vials come from the tops of the jars.  When a couple of inches of water is removed, then more water is added.  The jars are then shaken and the powder material at the bottom acts like a filter and the plasma fields are then dispersed throughout the jar of water.  Even if all the water left the vials for some reason, the fields would still be there.  For example a broken vial would never be discarded but just taped together and continued to be used as all the plasma energy fields are still there.


parasite cleanse

When asked if there was a big difference between nano materials and GANS in the 173rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop May 25, 2017, Mr. Keshe answered: Nano material is the connection of matter to its physical condition.  GANS is when the material is independent of any of the physicality.  It is the Soul of the element.  When you go from the matter state, nano is the transition.  The Soul which gives of itself is the GANS.  There was a large section towards the end of the video where Arthur in Scotland share the used of imagination in materials he is working with.  You can go to www.keshefoundation.org to find the link for the video to the workshop.

Here is how Paul prepared the food vials. For several weeks when we prepared meals we would take a small portion and freeze it. When we got enough meals together we thawed them and Paul crushed them up, blended them and then put them in a tub.  He added water from the creek with sodium hydroxide. Every day it was stirred up and mixed well.  That sat for two weeks. Then it was rinsed six times with water from the creek again.


Once the pH was 7 he poured everything into a jar and let it settle.  Then he poured off the water and added CO2 liquid plasma and let it settle until it settled for about 24 hours. After that he poured the first CO2 liquid plasma off and added more CO2.

The final result was a jar with the settled GANS and liquid that was used to fill two small vials you see on the food station that have a light tan color. The food station was filled with filtered tap water. About six weeks prior to doing all this, Lynn put liquid plasma in the creek before it reaches the city water works with a combination of CO2, CUO, and Zinc Oxide liquid plasma so that should enhance what we get through our tap water.

We started having our meals from it in June and serve our meals in a wine glass with 20-30 ml of the liquid meal plasma added to our glass with tap water we run through our Berkey water filter.  The food plasma energy is in the water we put in our glass…all the actual water gained from the process is in the vial on the outside of the plasma energy station along with the plasma energy of all the other vial contents.  We did this for 10 days with one meal every 3 days.


All this has now evolved to our having 2 meals a day with water taken from the plasma energy station. Then we eat a ‘dish’ meal for one of the meals. When we first started both of us had slight headaches for a couple of days possibly from physical withdrawal of caffeine. Neither of us had gnawing hunger pangs that one generally feels with lack of food. We kept up with our routines and also did our daily walks through the neighborhood and Lynn does her evening yoga-oxycise before bedtime. Any feelings of deprivation were less physical and more emotional from not going through the touching, smelling, tasting phases of a meal.

Sometimes we choose not to intend the same meal for lunch or dinner. Sometimes we intend breakfast, an afternoon snack and a dinner meal. Finally Paul did the same process for the cat food. Our two cats are now having ‘food’ liquid plasma added to their two water bowls sometimes with vitamin drops that Paul made from all the vitamins we take. Lynn has cut the food in their dish to about almost half of what they were being fed twice a day. So far there are no cats sitting on her to wake her up to feed them. When they do pester for food it is often because the bowl is empty and it is the duty of their human to keep them from seeing the bottom of the bowl.

Lynn final

As you can see we did the ‘shotgun buffet’ with the food GANS rather than individual jars of each ingredient (not enough room for that many jars). Besides we like the idea of picking and choosing from the menu. Lynn calls it the ‘ultimate Mother’s Day Buffet.’ One of our friends who has a plasma energy station calls her ‘meals’ her special tonic water, intending that all that she needs at the time are provided for in her glass.

Our blessing when we sit down to our ‘meals’:  We rejoice in universal abundance and our Divine Creator within us and we extend the nourishment of this meal to all those world wide who are in need of sustenance and willing to accept it. It is done!

But seriously, we wanted to know first hand that replacing refrigerator and pantry meals with liquid plasma water works, so if we run into dicey times with earth changes and food supply we have a solution. That is another reason for doing the vitamins, herbs and cat food. Paul has done medications the same way in the event there would ever be a disruption in supply due to some type of emergency.

more from Sandy...small vials and larger stations

We are having a great time doing this and learning as much as we can. We both think we’re having a lot more fun and much more interesting times than a lot of folks in their 70s. There was some initial weight loss for both of us and then the weight stabilized at the right time for Paul and sooner for Lynn than she would have liked. (She will have to stop intending bread and such!) Other uses for the plasma energy water include using a certain formulation of drops in and around our eyes, Paul for cataracts and Lynn for floaters (plus lazy eye, astigmatism, near sightedness….that could take awhile because all but the floaters have been conditions for over 70 years). Paul says the cataracts have reduced by 85 percent since he started on the drops and he came out the other day and read some very fine print—without glasses.

hand sanitizer

Other things we have done with the plasma energy water was when Lynn poured water with the liquid plasma of the peace formula which is CO2 and Zinc with a little CH3 in the creek; she did the two that merge and come through town. She was on an outing with a group and took the same liquid plasma and did another river 30 miles away. All of them flow into the Yellowstone River, which flows into the Missouri River, then into the Mississippi River and finally the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately the oceans of the world.

For anyone trying to ‘lose’ weight think about this: when you lose something it is always trying to ‘find’ you. So instead you might intend and say: I was the perfect weight and have the perfect fat for my age, my height and my bone structure. I was 100% healthy. Any excess fat was provided to anyone world wide in need of the energy from it, who was willing to accept it. It is Done!  Now then, you gave it away and it never has to come looking for you again!

Paul has made all the GANS for these and assembled the stations.  We have sent 75 plasma energy stations to people around the US. Here are the states where people have plasma energy stations in the US:  Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, New Jersey, and Tennessee.  People have come up with many different ways to use the vials for their energy stations as you see below.


What started as food station has much capability with the plasma water in each of the vials. So if one is going to need some CO2 then with intention they can take a scoop of water from the station and designate it as CO2 or it is 1/2 CO2, 1/2 ZnO, or whatever you wish/intend/imagine.  You take a jar and label it with CO2 and put 1/2 cup of water from you Never Ending Plasma Energy Station and then add distilled or filtered water.  You may do the same with ZnO and other GANSES you wish to have separately.  When you have these separate GANS you can use them to change different conditions.

You can take these GANS and make your own pain pens and health pads. Use the liquid plasma from your Never Ending Plasma Energy Station and make health pads, gloves for arthritic hands, masks to breathe through (like painters masks) and memory scarves. I started the memory scarves for my mother who is 96 years old with short term memory issues. I knew she wouldn’t wear paper towel pads soaked in CO2 and ZnO so I soaked scarves she could wear on her head instead.


Now we have testimonials from people who are helping those with memory issues by washing their sheets and bed clothes and then doing an extra rinse cycle and placing a cup of plasma water in the rinse water.  Leave it sit for a couple of hours, then spin and dry.  The plasma energy will stay in the bed clothes no matter how many times they are washed and dried.  We have made hundreds of health pads and have handed them out to people or mailed them to people, including a veterans group where we live.

For energy supplementation: Use the scoop and put two scoops of the water into a glass of water and drink it 3 times a day. Use this to build stamina and energy. For meal replacement or snack replacement put two scoops of the water into a glass of water and drink it for the meal or snack you want to replace. Fill the energy station with water you normally drink to one inch from the top. You can use the water from your pitcher if you want to. When the tub is half full add more water. If any of the vials lose their water, don’t worry…the plasmatic fields are still in the vial and in the tub of water. It is okay to add this water to pets’ water and water your plants with it.

You can take the water from the Never Ending Plasma Energy Station and soak paper towels with the station water.  We have dowsed the energy fields of the energy station and large and small pads made with the plasma water from the energy station.   All three showed energy fields of more than 30 feet no matter what size–from the large station to the smallest pads.  When I start with the dousing rods they are pointing at the pads in a parallel position.  As I move back they expand out showing the energy field. When I got about 30 feet away the rods closed again to the parallel position.

2 sizes of station pads

dowsing close

dowsing 30 feet away

Here is a question we had about the different things used in making the GANS.

Are the copper, rusty nails and other metals used in the GANS harmful to the body?    I have a chemical minded niece who feels she has to be able to explain why these solutions are not harmful to the body?    And the answer is: We are not using ‘matter’ as chemists use when they measure, stir, formulate, etc.  We are using the ENERGY from the plasmatic fields of the copper, rusty nail and other metal.  None of the MATTER ever comes in contact with our bodies.  We only use the energy that was emitted and captured from the MATTER in the GANS making process. 

And then there was a following statement about the niece:  She has been using the CO 2 zinc oxide and after a month is not having to take as many pain pills for her arthritis.    She was scheduled for an operation and postponed it.  


It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. The GANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state.  The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS.

Any and all features, articles, workshops, videos, and discussion of the benefits of Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products are intended for educational purposes only and in no way should be taken as medical advice.  We encourage you to make health care decisions based upon personal research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family.  You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products.  The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance.  If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists.  We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes  in order to help change conditions in your body.