How Do I Order For Delivery Outside of the US?

If you live outside the US just send an email to us and we will send you an invoice that you can pay through Paypal.  Your email can be sent as follows or

Just indicate in the email what you are interested in ordering.

Never Ending Plasma Energy Station Pads and Pain Pads

Please note that we do not send vials outside the country.  What we do is send patches with the same plasma energy water that is on the vials.  They are dried thoroughly and then encased in a plastic bag and taped securely with clear packing tape.   Plasma energy does not ‘wear out’ or have an expiration date.  Should the plastic become worn, you simply put the whole patch and original plastic into a new bag and tape securely.


Lynn explains how to do this on how-to-make-plasma-energy-pads-video

Your order will be sent in a first class letter.  We have sent these patches to England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,  Sweden, Austria, Germany, Holland, and Tasmania.


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