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1989 – American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing. Russell Means in his later years did weekly videos.  He would often tell Americans that they were the ‘new reservation.’

His discussion over 20 years ago could be a contemporary discussion today across America. 


Apocalypse HOPI  Prophecy is Coming True/ Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman (Kangi Duta)      



0805-2021-Humanity vs. Inhumanity—What Did The Ancients Warn Us About Thousands Of Years Ago ?

Lynn Schmaltz has provided 6 Booms that range from Rheiner Fullmich, to Stew Peters and Canadian, Patrick King to  Dr. Bryan Ardis, and finally Ben.  For perspective on what appears to be darkness everywhere you turn, there is wisdom from The Emerald Tablets.  What were humans warned about thousands of years ago that is going on today?  


How Can You Set Up An Energy Field Of Peace Around Your Home and Property?  Lynn Schmaltz shares how she uses NEVER ENDING PLASMA ENERGY PEACE around her home and her property.


      LIGHT is they ultimate end, O my brother; seek and find ever the LIGHT on the way.  Seek not the valley of shadow and LIGHT will only appear.

In the video Humanity vs Inhumanity Lynn shares the wisdom that says to avoid the angles.  Think about the angles today:

  1. Graphene oxide has an angular structure that invades the cells, ultimately causing damage to the cells and the organs.
  2. Graphene oxide is highly toxic to humans and may be used to create electrical and frequency conductivity.
  3. Is ill health as a result of the jab caused by graphene oxide and prion angles taking over the body?
  4. In addition to robbing healthy is the jab for robbing the body of its soul?
  5. Some of the jabs have mRNA that can invade the structure of the cells and change the original DNA message.
  6. If DNA is a gift that accompanies our souls granted to us by our Divine Creator, do the changes caused by the mRNA break our DNA connection to our soul and ultimately to God as our Divine Creator?

Is there remedy for all this in the circle as stated in The Emerald Tablets: only the CIRCLE will give you protection.  What is circular?

  1. The sun
  2. Oxygen (think O2 or O and O)
  3. Look up the Wim Hof Breathing technique…circular breathing he calls it
  4. Laugh!  Your mouth opens to a large ‘O’ and lets the laughter lose.
  5. Read about the effect of shungite, silver and magnets on the (circular) torsion fields of the body and how they can alter the non-beneficial torsion fields.  You can find information at on the shungite magnets and New Tech Frequency Relief.  See the round shungite pendants.

Your head is round—even when it is bowed in prayer.


Paul and Lynn – from 20192 Videos on Shungite and Our New Tech Frequency Relief …a good review!

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