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Lynn Schmaltz has provided 6 Booms that range from Rheiner Fullmich, to Stew Peters and Canadian, Patrick King to  Dr. Bryan Ardis, and finally Ben.  For perspective on what appears to be darkness everywhere you turn, there is wisdom from The Emerald Tablets.  What were humans warned about thousands of years ago that is going on today?  


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BOOM #1!

Graphene Oxide Hydrogel: Injecting Synthetic mRNA Into Every Cell  by Lee Austin   August 3, 2021


BOOM #2!

Governments are Agents of Pfizer– The contract says that there is no limit to the immunity from prosecution bestowed upon Pfizer even if the company commits fraud

Ehdan Biber, an information-security expert, discovered a Pfizer confidential government contract on an Albanian website that is so heavily biased that it literally converts governments into agents of Pfizer. Biber wrote that Ivermectin, an anti-parasite medicine that has been used successfully in several countries against COVID, was suppressed because the Pfizer contract requires that, even if a drug is found to treat COVID-19 effectively, the contract to continue buying products from Pfizer cannot be voided. The contract requires governments to commit to paying for the products even if they are not shipped on time, and no products may be returned. Governments must acknowledge that the effectiveness and potential adverse effects and injuries are unknown. The contract is written to supersede any local law of the state. It stipulates that the “‘Purchaser (meaning the government) hereby agrees to indemnify, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS Pfizer, BioNTech (and) their Affiliates…from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses…’ The contract says that there is no limit to the immunity from prosecution bestowed upon Pfizer even if the company commits fraud. Finally, if the purchasing government fails to enforce these defenses on behalf of Pfizer, a court in New York has the authority and capacity to take the physical assets of that country and transfer them to Pfizer. One of the most stunning clauses stipulates: “If there are any laws or regulations in your country under which Pfizer could be prosecuted, you agree to CHANGE THE LAW OR REGULATION to close that off.” -GEG

video interview vetting the Pfizer contracts


BOOM #3!

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich 500,000 Americans have died from this experimental vaccine

Dear friends,

Something is happening.  The entrenched front ot of the makers of corona is crumbling and dissolving .  that is because of the power of us—the power of humanity is greater than the power of those on the other side—the in-humans.  Humanity with emotions will always prevail. Over digitalization and artificial intelligence.

I say this after the Berlin corona investigative committee has since its inception on July 10, 2020, heard testimony from more than 110 highly respected experts from all over the world on the questions of

  • How dangerous is the virus,
  • How dangerous are the anti-corona measures to human life and health and to the economy
  • And how realizable is the Drosten PCR test underlying all these measures worldwide. 

In the meantime even the WHO has conceded that the virus whether it is fully or semi-artificial or natural is no more dangerous than the common flu with an infection mortality rate of .14 percent. And accordingly, Singapore agrees and has removed all measures.

These measures are as deadly and destructive as a 3rd World War would be and the Drosten PCR test which was declared by the WHO under the control of Bill Gates and the Chinese as the gold standard for detecting infections is an outrageous fraud. 

First, a PCR test per se cannot detect infections.

Second, the Drosten PCR test with 45 cycles of amplification has been said to show 100% false positives as so-called corona cases because from 24 cycles on the test lacks anything even remotely scientific. And at 35 cycles it produces at least 97% false positives according to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice-president of Pfizer.

Only these so-called cases which have in reality been faked with the help of this test with the basis of determination of a public health emergency of international concern in February, 2020. The acronym, by the way for Public Health Emergency of International Concern is PHEIC, pronounced FAKE.

This determination of a public health emergency of international concern was needed by the global alliance of the pharmaceutical industry and tech industries in order to achieve the goal of so-called vaccinations which was their true, stated intention right from the beginning.

Only on the basis of this public health international emergency concern, that is on the basis of this stated emergency is it possible at all according to the rules of the WHO to use untested drugs on humans by way of this emergency approval. All other steps—the social distancing, the lockdowns, the mask mandates, etc., served only to give the population firstly a visible reason for an otherwise illusionary panic, created solely through psychological operations and secondly to subjugate them so that they would ultimately agree even to the so-called vaccinations.

In reality of course, these ‘vaccinations’ are experimental gene therapies without any scientific study as a basis. There is neither a reason nor a necessity for them.

Firstly, there is no evidence of a pandemic; only the fake Drosten PCR test with its false tests is responsible for the public health emergency of international concern as explained above.

Secondly, there are effective alternative treatment methods and as a rule, the human immune system is very well equipped to fight viruses, even man-made viruses.

Apart from that the vaccinations lack any effectiveness as a very recent study by Science Files has just proven concerning Biontech Pfizer. On top of all this, these shots are extremely dangerous as the latest official figures from the US prove. There, according to VAERS, the official register for adverse events after vaccination, 45,000 people have died after vaccination in 180 days since the beginning of these so-called vaccinations.

However, as our colleague Tom Renz learned from a whistleblower, these numbers were kept secret and false numbers were given, namely only about 11,000 deaths after vaccination.  Even worse, in normal times it can be assumed that only between 1 and 10% of all the real vaccination adverse events are reported at all.

But we do not have normal times.  The main stream media and the politicians which are both under the control of the global corporations and the global NGOs (non-government organizations) are doing everything in their power to make registration of vaccination adverse events as difficult as possible. So that in truth we are in all likelihood looking at approximately 500,000 dead after vaccination in the US alone.

This puts the other side in a panic because this is not part of their plan. That is why this other empathy and emotionless side now drops all masks. In France for example the government is threatening to make vaccinations mandatory and introduce compulsory vaccination.  In the US the president wants to censor even private communications even if it concerns completely correct statements, whose only problem is that they are not in line with the official, fraudulent line as announced by the government.

In the meantime in India, South Africa, the US, Canada, and France, very large legal battles have been set in motion or are now being set in motion.  In Portugal, Austria and Germany excellent court decisions have come down stating that the completely unsuitable Drosten PCR test cannot be the basis for any anti-corona measures. 

The Berlin Corona Investigative Committee only now ha collected extremely incriminating evidence which proves that was never about health.  Rather, “Mr. Global” as former investment banker and US Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts calls the global corporations, the NGOs and their backers—Mr. Global is exclusively pursuing these goals with their measures.  Destruction of regional economies to make the world population dependent on global supply chain, shifting the wealth of the worlds’ population from the bottom to the very top, that is, to the super rich, and population reduction which means genocide and gaining control over the remaining population.

We are obviously dealing here with megalomaniac, psychopaths and sociopaths who should have been stopped a long time ago. Now the time has come for this. That is why millions of people are demonstrating all over the world today. 

One other aspect needs to be emphasized.  In addition to our legal work and in addition to our efforts in shining a bright light on these dark truths, there is a 3rd  level, namely the spiritual, religious, or cosmic—call it what you will—level. This level is crucial.  This is what a story shows us which a German doctor told us last week.  He wanted to withdraw money at an ATM and went to a lobby of a bank for that purpose.  He saw an elderly woman wearing a mask who fearfully backed away from him because he was not wearing a mask.  She said he had to wear a mask because otherwise she was afraid of infecting herself and then her husband.

The doctor told her no, she should not be afraid. And then he went up to her, took off her mask and took her in his arms. The woman began to cry and said that no one had hugged her for more than a year. That is what this is all about.  It is humanity versus inhumanity.  We are human.  We can laugh, cry, sing, dance and hug. The other side can’t. because the other side has no access to the spiritual side.

Therefore, without any doubt the other, dark side will lose this inhuman battle against life and creation.

BOOM #4!

Stew Peters and Patrick King, Canadian from Alberta In December 5, 2020 we held a rally to celebrate our 200th week of protesting on a Saturday morning.  I was targeted because of my voice and I got a ticket of $1200.  On May the 4, 2021 I finally had a court hearing and I requested the isolation of the SARS COV2 virus; I wanted it isolated and not in a lab setting or a PCR test.  They shut him out of the court for May 18.  At that point I was told the judge had to advocate for me and at that time she allowed top subpoena Dena Henshaw who is our Medical Officer of Health for Alberta.  My defense was that I needed proof that they had isolated the SARS COV2 virus and therefore the science would give you the backing for your public health act.

Stew: in plain and simple terms it is prove to me that a pandemic exists.

Patrick:  100% and if they did that, they were right and I’ll put the mask on.  When I subpoenaed her an officer showed up at my door and said he needed my address. Then he said he needed the email address that was already on my correspondence, along with the address he was standing at.  You already have it.  Then he said he needed my telephone number and I asked him if he wanted the one he called me on all the time. He finally said he was there to tell me my court case cancelled.

I called the court house and rescheduled it.   Then I was subpoenaed by Dena Henshaw’s lawyers for a Sunday morning hearing.  I had to be in closed chambers in less than 24 hours with the attorneys and the judges.  This was odd and it was a procedural violation as you cannot serve a subpoena less than 24 hours before court. I knew they were up to something dirty.  I got to court the next day and I called procedural violation 100%. They agreed it was a violation so I suggested we adjourn until Wednesday, July 24.  The judge said they couldn’t and I said that was a procedural violation.  When that happened the lawyers spoke up and said that Mr. King was requesting evidence that they cannot get. 

In the document I sent you (shown on screen at 5.31 minutes) it says: The CMOH (Chief Medical Officer of Health) Has No Material Evidence: Mr. King has no evidence showing that the evidence sought from the CMOH is likely to be material to the Provinical Court..for his defense.

This basically means that everything on Schedule A, the isolation of SARS COV2 virus, that needed to be 100% isolated in order to base their scientific facts on the public health acts.  They did not have that.  I said that I wanted it on the record that the Chief Medical Officer of Health did not have the material I had requested.  The judge said yes.

I lost the subpoena on Dena Henshaw and that is okay.  What had happened was the procedural violation and then the court bamboozled me and sent me in the wrong direction.  That was a violation of my rights.  I went in on the 24th and there were Attorney General prosecutors from Ottawa in the courtroom.  Now my statement states Her Majesty The Queen vs. Patrick King instead of Patrick King vs. Dena Henshaw.

So where is my accuser?  If the Queen is my accuser I get to address my accuser. They found out that everything I did was phenomenal.  I still remember the look on their faces.  I reiterated again that the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Alberta, Dena Henshaw, NHS, and the Alberta Provincial Government do not have the material evidence I request for the isolation of SARS COV2.  The clerk and stenographer’s jaws dropped.

Stew: this is so simple when you think about it.  You have taught the world exactly what they need to do to liberate themselves.  We  will have to battle uphill with a compromised and corrupt judiciary.  You have to find a judge that will rule impartially.

Patrick: in my closing remarks I looked at the judge and said, ‘thank you very much.’ And the same to the attorneys, and the team from Ottawa to came to hear about my $1200 ticket.  “thank you to each one of you. You taught me everything I need to know to be the loudest, proactive candidate for everyone across Canada, North America and the world.  Now we know exactly what you guys are doing to us.  We have it on the record; we have the proof.” 

Patrick: I said I would teach people exactly what we need to do.  They got me on a jurisdictional challenge which the judge advocated for me to subpoena Dena Henshaw because she had to.  But what she did not do was to tell me the appropriate direction to go to so I used the Justice of the Peace to sign the subpoena.  A judge needs to sign the subpoena.  There is a point, the Rook vs. Alberta case where they summoned everybody who had violated covid rules.

Patrick: what we have done is laid the foundation for everyone’s court case now. Everybody needs to challenge the Public Health Act in your provinces, in your states or wherever you are.  File a challenge to the health acts.  By doing that the judge has no recourse and has to subpoena the health officials that are responsible for this.

Stew: I want to make sure everyone understands the magnitude of this.  It is not about a $1200 fine or ticket. This is about ending covid.  The narrative is dead. The virus has never been isolated and its existence cannot be proven.  Therefore, you cannot force me to do anything in the name of something that is non-existent.  That means no ‘vaccine’, no mask, no social distancing, no limiting the gatherings, my kids can return to school and my small business can remain open.  That is the magnitude of this.

Patrick: it is so empowering because we got it on the record.  Afterwards they said, the science doesn’t matter.  At the top of the Alberta Public Health Act it says, I, Dena Henshaw formulate this public health act under the COVID19 pandemic.  That means you would have to have the prove and the science in order to write that public health act for the Covid19 pandemic.  They wrote and said on the record in the court of law that you don’t have the material evidence.  They said that ‘the science doesn’t matter.’  I responded that THE SCIENCEE HAS TO MATTER. This is not about your public opinions, your personal preference and I don’t care who is pulling your strings. 

 By saying I, Dena Henshaw,….she will go down in the bust. That is why they do this. They knew the whole time that this was never isolated.   It all comes down to result of a one world organization making sure that they have power over everybody across the globe.  They are attempting to bankrupt our country under the guise of a false pandemic.  Everyone is following along like a sheep.

The implications of this and the repercussion of this will be devastating.  We are attempting to stop this under professional literature and presentations.  I am just one person, but if I don’t do something what does that make me? 

Stew: yes, especially as a father to two children.

Patrick: there’s something more.  My oldest son, 17 years old, is double vaxxed.  It killed me; I tried to fight him on it.  They are about to take our families away; they have taken our rights and our livelihoods and they are trying to censor what we say.  I am probably the most censored Canadian out there and I am blocked in every way.  When they do that, you know you are doing the right thing.  My son is smart and has the opportunity to go to the university in Tokyo.  I get why he did that.  But there are millions of kids out there and adults that think they need to get this to travel. That is fault.  In Australia police are attacking people and sticking needles in their arms.  There is military presence going to communities.

Start following what is going on; this is the end game. We are behind the 8-ball but we are on the right track.  Alberta is now saying no mask mandates and they are retracting everything they said.  Kids are going to school with no masks.  They have pulled the pin. 

Stew: we are not the mainstream media, but we will post all the documents at  I am receiving countless emails about people having to get this shot to keep their jobs.  People are being fired, students worried about going back to school.  We are #3 in the alternative podcasts.


BOOM #5!

Remdesivir | COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

Remdesivir is an intravenous nucleotide prodrug of an adenosine analog. Remdesivir binds to the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and inhibits viral replication through premature termination of RNA transcription.

The following notes are from a conversation between 4 German attorneys, 1 German doctor, and American doctor, Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Dr. Ardis:  Rendesivir was recommended by Fauci. HE knew it was a failure in a study on using it for ebola with only patients, and no controls. It is deadly, creates kidney and multi-organ failure.  It is toxic.   Victims of CV19 wer people who were treated in the wrong way.  People were killed by the treatment recommended; this is called genocide. It was the only drug in the US allowed to be used for treating CV19.

The CDC pushed out papers in March 2020 to every hospital in the US on how to diagnose cases of CV19.  They stated that if patients had flu-like symptoms and tested positive for A or B, tested negative for pneumonia, and then the PCR test was done that was negative for Covid, they were to ask the patient what city he lived in.  If that city had positive covid cases then the hospital could list this patient as positive for covid. They also said they would pay 20% more for every Medicare patient.

40% suffered 4 side effects: acute kidney failures, 22 % suffered multiple organ failure, septic shock and hypotension.  The symptoms of rendesivir poisoning matches the CV19 symptoms.  80% had to be taken off the drug because they were dying from the drug poisoning. 

When the kidneys cannot remove water, then the water fills the abdominal cavity, and then water will saturate the lungs. The doctors were looking at X-rays and saying it was secondary pneumonia; it was pulmonary edema, not pneumonia.  People were drowning from their own water; their lungs were filling with water and they were drowning to death.  Patients have their bodies pumped full of poison and their bodies fill with fluid from the IVs. 

Doctors need to be better trained for what water looks like in the lungs and what pneumonia looks like in the lungs. Pneumonia has a cauliflower appearance in the X-rays and pulmonary edema looks like a straight line of water and shows as opacity in the lungs.  With whole heart failure there is lower pressure and you have water in the heart and the lungs.

Go to RENZ.LAW.COM.  Thomas Renz is suing the Dept of Health and Human Services over the CDC exaggerating cases for CV19 and allowing a new code for cause of illness (CV19) in 2020.  The CDC documents are in there. 

German Doctor: circulation in the body is like an 8. The blood goes through the lungs and gets oxygen and goes to the left side of the body and is pumped again. If there is heart failure the water is always in front of the pump.  If you have failure of the right side of the heart you have water in the body with swollen legs.  Failure of the left heart will show edema in the lungs.  You can also distinguish this with laboratory tests; it is not so difficult to distinguish this.

Rheiner Fullmich:  I am speechless; this is barbaric.

Dr. Ardis: there are multiple lawsuits filed and several injunctions to stop the emergency use authorization of vaccinating children.  This is primarily around the vaccines and how they exaggerated the covid cases.  Also, the plausible causes of covid deaths and the actual confirmed covid deaths are in the lawsuits plus the mixture of the 2 having one diagnosis code and that was the first time ever that was done.  That was to exaggerate covid deaths.  

We have lawyers with and Americans Frontline Doctors who are all together working to defend people against the onslaught on senseless murder. 

Fullmich: we are in touch with all of them; we are in touch with Thomas Renz and Dr. Simone Gold.  The entire world must know about this lockstep approach; they are killing people.

Dr. Ardis: there is huge censorship right now against the medical doctors and the attorneys who are speaking the truth.  We don’t want this pushed onto 5-year-olds children.  Also, the FDA had an internal meeting on October 22, 2020 where rendesivir was thrown on all Americans and was untested, unapproved and not successful as an antiviral of any kind. Now they are going to release all these vaccines. 

The FDA had an internal meeting with the Center for Biologics, Experiments and Research. They presented to all the FDA heads a 25-slide presentation 2 months before the shots ever came out in December. Slide 16 informs of the side effects and adverse events they knew would be reported to the FDA.  They passed over this quickly.  The FDA is aware that over 110 diseases will be started by these shots that will start being reported to the government as side effects to the shots.  They include death and miscarriages in pregnant women.  This was on that documentation.

RUMBLE timed out and the video could not be completed.


BOOM #6!

A commercial from 1976 provides the MSM and advertising script for today:

Money is the motivation behind most conspiracies. The things we are going through right now are not new, but they are much worse. If you don’t want your eyes to be open, then don’t watch this video.

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