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The vial contains the plasma energy of CO2, CuO2, plasma energy station water, CH3, ZnO, Amino Acids and Hemoglobin.  Many tell us they enjoy a relaxing hot tub experience and some are able to reduce the amount of chemicals they use in the hot tub.  Place the unopened vial inside a large clear glass or plastic container, add distilled or filtered water and let it change overnight.  Pour the changed water into a second plastic water bottle (or any plastic bottle that size) and hang it in the hot tub or let it float in the hot tub.  Keep your first plastic bottle and vial for your backup.  Also make a second bottle of charged water as a bottle for enjoying that relaxing bath soak.  Just let the bottle sit or float in your bath water.  For removing toxins some people like to add some Miracle II soap and take a nice long soothing soak.  Look under Q and A for information on ordering Miracle II soap.  The plasmatic fields in this vial alter the plasmatic fields of the hot tub water or your bath water, creating a balanced field in which to soak allowing your body to seek its normal healthy condition.