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The Vial or Pads contain the plasma energy water combination to relieve inflammation and/or infection.  The combination of plasma water includes the GANS of

  1. copper oxide,
  2. ancient sacred plant,
  3. plasma energy station water,
  4. calcium,
  5. zinc oxide,
  6. CO2,
  7. CH3,
  8. potassium,
  9. magnesium,
  10. Korean bamboo salt,
  11. amino acid, and
  12. hemoglobin.

You never open the vial.  Put the unopened vial inside or on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container.

You’ll have a Never Ending supply you can use as mouth wash or as an ingredient in toothpaste.  Take some of the water from your container and put it in a spray bottle.  Keep that handy in your work area and spray your mouth frequently during the day.  For those of you who like a bit of flavor you could add some essential oil of cloves or peppermint.

You can make your own completely non-toxic tooth paste using coconut oil, baking soda, salt, peppermint oil and other ingredients.  Look online for recipes. Some people add zeolite, diatomaceous earth and charcoal (a tiny amount of charcoal goes a long ways and you may have to get used to the gray color when you add charcoal).  Give your toothpaste the extra boost by adding some Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth water from your container to it.  If you use a water pik you can add some Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth to your reservoir.

Lynn makes a large batch of toothpaste and refrigerates it until she needs to refill her toothpaste container.

You can make your own completely non-toxic mouthwash.  Look for online recipes.  Lynn uses a recipe she has made for years with colloidal silver, food grade hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and now she adds Never Ending Plasma Energy Clean Mouth.  No more ‘bathing’ of the throat and mouth with harsh alcohol and other chemicals!

If you have gum issues in your mouth, keep a spray bottle filled with the changed water from container with the vial in it.  Spray your mouth multiple times during the day.  Lynn had an interesting thing happen with the spray.  She loves pecans and they do not love her and she gets mouth blisters.  She ate some stuffed dates recently that had pecans in them–she was testing!  She ate 5 halves with pecans and sprayed her mouth when she got home.  She never had the blister reaction!