Never Ending Plasma Energy Toothache Relief


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This Vial or Pads contains the plasma energy of

  1. CH3,
  2. CO2,
  3. Mg,
  4. ZnO,
  5. CuO,
  6. Iodine,
  7. Amino Acids and
  8. Hemoglobin. 

Put the unopened vial inside or on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container.

Whenever the container gets half full just add more filtered or distilled water to the container and let it change for an hour. 

Place some of the water from the container on a gauze pad and place on the gum area above or below the affected tooth.  Use fresh pads after each meal.  Drink 1/3 to ½ cup of the water three times a day, or as often as you like while seeking relief.


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