Plants, Indoor and Outdoor-Never-Ending Plasma Energy


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The vial with CO2, CH3, and Plasma Energy Station Water; watch your healthy indoor and outdoor plants thrive and extend their leaves and flowers towards the sunlight!   Your plants have never been so happy!  There are no toxic chemicals or ingredients and this is safe for use on the fruits and vegetables in your garden.  Place the unopened vial in a large clear plastic container and add filtered water to it.  If your container is outdoors it is fine to add garden water to it.  Use the water from the container to spray or mist your plants and refill from your main container when your sprayer is 1/2 full.  Let it charge over night and it’s ready to use again.  People have found they are able to reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers by creating an environment their plants love and pests no longer enjoy!