Headache Relief


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This Vial or Pad contains

  1. CO2,
  2. CH3,
  3. ZnO,
  4. Ca,
  5. B9,
  6. Amino Acids, and
  7. Hemoglobin
  8. Plasma energy station water

Put the unopened vial inside or on the outside of a large container or place the pads on the outside of a large container and add filtered or distilled water to the container.  Let it change over night.  Then use the water from inside your container.

You only have to add more distilled or filtered water when the container is 1/2 full.

For additional relief make patches using the water to place in your hat or soak a scarf in the water to wear. Make a breathing device with the water and also make a spray bottle from the water to spray the headache area of the head.

Drink a lot of this water when a headache occurs. You can add an extra rinse when you wash pillowcases and add one cup of this water to the rinse and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then spin and dry.

Do NOT use this water if you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor. There are separate waters that are used in that case and you may email us at plasmaenergysolution@gmail.com to inquire about that.