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Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Senior is an amazing combination of the plasma energy of Algae combo;

  • mildronate;
  • lion’s mane’ NAD+;
  • nattokinase;
  • berberine;
  • ashwagandha;
  • bacopa;
  • cinnamon oil;
  • n-acetyl cysteine;
  • maca;
  • moringa;
  • chaga;
  • sulforaphane;
  • cordyceps;
  • quercetin;
  • hawthorn;
  • revestrol. 

In addition there is the GANS of the energies found in Never Ending Plasma Energy Virus Relief which are found in Anxiety Relief, Cold/Flu Relief, Life Force, Lung Support and New Tech Frequency Relief  plus Amino Acids and Hg. 

Those additional plasma energies (GANS–gas in atomic nano solid state) include CuO, ZnO, Shungite, silver, gold, CBD and C60.  There are additional plasma energies from minerals, salts, leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs, and teas from various plants to help the body bring balance to itself and maintain beneficial frequencies.  Korean B9 salt plasma energy is included and has over 70 minerals and there many studies done in Korea show the efficacy of the B9 salt.

More plasma energies are found from some of the ingredients in Lung Support which was formulated from ancient Oriental herbs costing over $1,000. There are also certain plasma energies found in Anxiety Relief and Life Force, one of which is star anise which has been used by Asians for centuries for addressing symptoms of viruses.

With plasma energies found in New Tech Frequency Relief you have the combination of plasma energies of shungite and silver which can help to address frequencies such as those found in wifi, radiation and 4G and higher.  Dr. Paul addressed this combination in a video.  0916-2019  Plasma Energy–Can plasma energy, shungite, silver gans and magnets balance conditions caused by glyphosate, 5G and Wifi?  And, what about ‘organic’ foods?

Directions for using your Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Senior vial or pads:   Place the vial or pair of pads on the outside of a clear glass or clear plastic jar with a lid.  You can also place the glass vial inside the jar.   Do NOT open the vial and do NOT use an opaque glass, plastic, metal or crockery container.  Use filtered or distilled water and fill the jar.  Let the water sit for 8 to 12 hours the first time you fill the jar.  Then the plasma water in the jar is ready to use and you can drink it, spray it on masks, bandanas, clothing, whatever you decide needs the water.  Drink the water.  Once the water is set up you can use some of your ‘mother source’ and share with others.

Plasma Energy is like sunshine on a sunny day.  If the sun shines early in North Carolina, then across the country and finally in Arizona it doesn’t wear out.  It just keeps on shining. Plasma Energy does the same.  When you receive a vial from us, it is not a ‘lesser’ energy.  When you give someone a vial from your jar of Healthy Senior it is not a ‘lesser’ energy and the same if they give a vial to someone else.  That is why we have named this Never Ending Plasma Energy Healthy Senior.