Lung Support


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Never Ending Plasma Energy Lung Support contains:

  • plasma energy of the GANS of CO2,
  • Zn,
  • Inflammation Relief (Ancient Sacred Plant),
  • Korean B9 salt,
  • Amino Acids,
  • Hemoglobin and leaves, roots, rhizomes, bulbs,
  • tea from various plants including Yam,
  • Kelp,
  • Lily,
  • Mulberry,
  • Tangerine,
  • American Ginseng,
  • Reishi Mushroom and more.

Once you set up your jar of Lung Support water with the unopened vial placed inside or attached to the outside of the jar, let it change overnight.  Then it’s ready to use.  Drink some of the water several times a day. Put some of the water in a small vial and put inside a spray bottle and use the spray on your chest throughout the day.  Spray your pillow and let it dry thoroughly.  Spray any shirts or tee shirts you wear.  Be creative!  The energy doesn’t wear out or have an ‘expiration date.’